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Adventists and the Military, Part I

Keith Phillips

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    9:30 AM
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Colorado was the phone began like this move around the room like an engineer first thing we are from so I have a general idea is through two sessions I might want call on your ask you a question and so will set back over here widget engine and drive away from Fresno saying okay Loma Linda Santa Rosa where bank to Rogers in Canada speaking on this from Vancouver actually new legal or Redlands was overwhelmed Sacramento and she someone happened to her she is not feeling well and so the second session room for two months this is the first presentation will be foundational when he was laying a foundation on the second one we make a practical application in the Lord has really blessed with this presentation at the interviewee is a beautiful Santa Barbara Boston New Mexico John and John take New Mexico KRS well let's begin with a quarter premise by father got rescued that you would bless each and everyone to understand please make this presentation clearly we want to honor your name one of the life of Jesus Oakley bless each and every one of us in Jesus name amen we have today recorded in the military seven thousand soldiers bearing arms him in the early nineteen hundreds when the government asks each denomination the sun chaplains archers said no why would archers I know for a cover that can someone loan military preach a gospel message the whole gospel message that we breach absolutely as we RSS up the question while the doctors note that you can see how we get so far that now we are soldiers in the military bearing arms that means they are trained to kill someone bypassed they only kill the enemy will initially question who your enemy when God say you're anyone's Iraq either your enemy is not we are angry on a favorite sports team I know they made a winter that is when you say we all we want you to use it we say the United States all happens and we were doing as we're doing that but who are your enemies I will budget for my Bible says pray for us and I'm still waiting for someone to show me the consistency of shooting someone I pray for them at the same time I have a story about holes in the second session with such a story as that someone praises somebody someone shoot some is consistent with the gospel what we preach is my sister the whole world except those where war with the United States now there was an exception twenty all will is little something to cover whatever the draft versus voluntary a theocracy the sixth commandment with the sixth amendment and I shall not kill will learn from the nineteen fifties and evangelicals wanted to be more patriotic they were in the Bible and the way they want to change the system out for a nice night shall not kill it or not shall not murder and is that a correct translation of the tax under the fourth amendment is remember the Sabbath day can you join the military and can you get interests of certain job for you will not have to kill all first when you join located in San that's universal soldier before you might have all the computer skills in the world and that's all you might knew when it comes time toward your first submission your first obligation is to be a soldier and a second one is the fourth commandment can we keep the Sabbath some issues that will govern also charges position a noncombatant see the church 's position on chaplaincy Revelation thirteen the role and purpose of the military and identity crisis in our disclaimer out before we go any further as that I'm not here to convince anyone would join the military payment I want to even hear them saying passed bills that you join the military are going to hell and you're an evil person you hear that for me amen amen amen means I agree so amen and an adult and I also want to make another disclaimer the mouse is enough fifteen in your love is love one another that's coming someone wanted to we got a hold me to her two amen most of them were love one another command so no matter what I say here your loved payment I love you would you do that no matter what I say you are to love me so and also there is an identity crisis in the Seventh-day Adventist church draft versus voluntary if you are enlisted in the military voluntarily voluntarily enlist in the military you lose all of your rights now forever seven half years in the military I got on the military as an NCO as a noncommissioned officer saw I'm not a novice in this area and then so when you enlist in the military you lose all your rights when you are dressed that you still retain some of those rights now what is happiness I just did a presentation trial Canada Kingsway and I we had some non- combat in CRR are all people were conscientious objectors in the second world war and they would not bear arms and they would not fight and these men were persecuted from their own country because they wonder they were sent to all work camps labor was very hot summer even beat out misunderstood chastising -year-old family Y because they want to be like Jesus Lieberman Angela Herbert just how does they were dressed there's a difference however the Army in the military will drop some scenarios try to see if your inconsistent in your theology and will cover that while we hear so you lose all your rights and how many were at last argue I see in Minnesota my book has been out for like two months and markedly remarkably markedly said the ACM I will ministry told him that when you join the military now you will have to bear arms and you will have to work on the Sabbath one thing that all along now ACM is backing it up address for your interest in the United States into World War I legislation was enacted granting entire exemption from combat duty and the bearing of arms to all conscientious objectors the general classification covers noncombatant organizations therefore by congressional action some of them as are included among those who are guaranteed exemption from combat duty during war on the basis of religious training and belief so we go on we used to being these registrar 's office not from elementary question as a pastor I have someone that wants to hold her on fire for the Lord and they want to be like Jesus there work is a lesson will require that you work on the Sabbath is the music that you write a letter to talk my boss Rush North Shore is going talk to the Los Angeles as a matter of conscience and conviction vaguely than seventy off Sabbath this is no matter of all an opinion but that it's a command from God and they want to live up to how God is leading out of this whole scenario is not an end in their losses this to me but you have another seventy administered medicine in Inverness for over ten years now you're working on the sand usually the conflict this is a new the only place where we can there is a place we can break the Sabbath and we can kill legitimately and the church as no recourse to join the military what is okay or late charges in one of the lawyers that the soldier Hall of Fame monetary anemone but vigilance there's a real question ourselves whether this is right or wrong payment why did our church say no at first then the government respected what happened now we met with Department of General conference on chaplain ministry our church is no because there is a mingling of church and state will one be a part of that we cannot take our message in this final hour of verses three a theocracy the pastor went on the Old Testament when God commanded them to go to what will America question when you're can judge felt that it would judge whether someone saying anybody who was elected to you know who God is the only one that can so you'll just know when God says to Israel the short bodily van look-alikes not have judgments of ethically they were lost and God use Israel as a tool how to do that he communicated to the prophet or a communiqué and the priest from the early follow what's I would like approved your order we disapproved remember that I remember AI the story they are when Israel Visigoth Council level AI whether they went there with a little zip and they got beat up white back because it is a gut counsel got not tell them to go to war with a payment so a theocracy if you believe that you believe it is wrong to want to take human life in war how do you explain the wars of the Old Testament in which God commanded Israel to engage with things like what him I was now at Sinai to be taken into peculiar relation to the most high to be incorporated as a church and a nation under the government of God is assuming gotten jobs where they came or not there was on a meager theocracy amen once on David became king more than two hundred block we got law showing that they were subservient to God but they still had ahead I meant to be incorporated as a church and a nation under the government of God the message to Moses for the people was ESC when I did under the Egyptians and how library you want legal wings and brought you unto myself now therefore you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant then you should be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people for all her videos my throat is not so as everything is through your brunette salt of the earth this is means everything I and that includes people that means you and me all of us belong to God and you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation mulls return again and having some and elders of Israel and repeated to them the divine message the answer was on the Lord hath sad when will one day no account was all reports window will keep his commandments were duly dollars and then they do know they did not know they did say not they entered into a solemn covenant with God pledging themselves to exhaustion as the ruler by which they became in a special sense of subjects of his authority that's patriotic Prophets page three oh three okay the Lord foresaw that Israel would desire again him for a change in the principles upon which the state was founded the king was to be the one vice parents of the most high God was to be recognized as the head of the wife the nation and his law was to be enforced as the supreme law of the land now got so this got ordered when the viewer he foresaw that he was in over the role of the accident he was going to away with a theocracy he says this about profane wicked prince of Israel whose Vegas when iniquity shall happen and thus saith the Lord God removed the diagram and take off the crown they shall not be the same exalt him that is low in the basin that is high I will overturn overturn overturn is it and it shall be no more until he come he come whose right it is and I will give it to him God or Ebersol that he would overcome overthrow or do away with the theocracy so it came about was made subject to Babylon and Medo Persia Greece and then roll I would be with me enough of pastor when the disastrous in the light of my prediction that the opposite was limited to a duration to the time of the first event of Christ reprisals on trial the people declared of Jesus we would not have this man to reign over us in nineteen fourteen pilot asked the question of the Jews shall I crucify your King was the reply the reply was we have no king what we are looking but who Caesar John nineteen fifteen by choosing a will or the Jewish nation that completely withdrawn from the theocracy they had finally rejected God as their King and God was thereby compelled to reject them as his peculiar nation the theocracy come to expand him us was that it should be no more until Christ comes in sets up his literal invisible kingdom on earth and then it shall be given to him this will not take place however until after the second Advent of Christ then he just sit on the throne of his father David and shall reign for ever and ever so when the theocracy as I went when they announced they had no king but who so if you proceed is over with elementary question how can you guarantee that when you lift up that cold steel shoulders long desk operated semi automatic rifle then you pull that trigger you guarantee that that's a enemy of God and that person which is already lost can you guarantee that you can't guarantee that she did what that's the question that you just guarantee that the enemy of God why would you put your familiar later in the second presentation of a chaplain in the military he's a tight with his purposes you may hear witnesses testimonies from soldiers on the other yesterday powerful to hear testimony from soldiers in the value the role of the chaplain the military even be blowing your mouse to draw indisputably gentlemanly and I was removable knowledge am I going with this intention that he wants to save souls amen that's his attention and praise God Rogers but my question is what is the military 's purpose for that chapter CNN says it might be best but he's going to fulfill the military purpose you have no military purpose is that he legitimizes killing is not an afterthought a measure has all the self-awareness of no particular soldier you cannot have it and the command horn cost you your life or your true anger talk to your condition has a new camisole undergoing the combat hesitate to pull the trigger so you have a conscience seared Catholic chaplain he comes in and he says what was other November funds away Nazi Germany here you will mile within the field of combat moves there is a so we know when he was overthrown so I turned thirty for this I was establishing all that pretty much much eighteen thirty six a certain John eighteen thirty six hundred Bible my little eighteen thirty six John chapter eighteen and verse thirty six said millionaire and we are one very upset and would be using our Bibles here John eighteen thirty six the Bible says this Jesus answers that my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants through one clinician question that anytime there was a time we should be fighting conditioning for Jesus Christ amen and what you say no good liking a lot of what as I said before about the weapon that Peter had well is as if my kingdom were of this world and on much of his life when Jesus told Peter put on by so for those who live by the sword shall now that sword he had a new of a linguistic study in the language it was just the knife used for hunting remember scanning things it wasn't like a big long wrong so okay I want to leave here with that idea in your mind it was for hunting so God says if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight let's continue on with attacks that I said I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence using my kingdoms now this world so listen to here join the military and were always fighting or fighting off all of a war right now spiritually he was in Iraq because of that where the church militant that doesn't mean were fighting a physical war but a spiritual war and then join another military is fighting on two fronts as unwise as it limits request show your records help bring more were seven MLS for shooting a seminary menace was a run-up society the past what I buy one your message is what what what what what about that war will let God worry about that but we wonder if it is United States what happened to one hundred region this message and young and you like in Jeremiah twenty four Gospels he allowed miserable in the captivity for their own good eleven going to captivity for their own good they would level housing for their own good always allow than one would effectively feel bothersome that separated them from their garden and no longer within the production got some shots of the new emendation to protect was unable back home to most people to pay statement is so good that you want all one in the forgetting that what I have so much fun don't want to go home about us I occupy I was just job was to continue away when we hear more extreme selfishness on all your stuff is welcome to Google budget on know the Bible says occupied telecom should I get back we go rooms just after the amen and so Jesus is my St. John's wort is fighting for the people of the world the world amen so implications in the days of the theocracy is was first to inquire of God and await his command before going into battle today however God does not command armies of the earth consequently the Christian should never be sure if you destroy human life that he would be doing God 's will certainly he could never do so with the assured a conviction that he was carrying out a direct command of God is no way you can know that you really is not what you could pull a trigger now I had a couple people at work in the backing figure was nineteen ninety nine we were in Detroit and two girls that's were in Rwanda during the time of that persecution they think we made learning to read about the metadata everything their schedule and just outside their door there was a season before being killed her mother was hiding a in the woods and her dad and I was in the country of the talk as they were looking for him to kill and when the mastering was over they went outside and they shall pass and can you imagine when that did there my feelings are to talk to his euros in trust anybody and what is the biggest problem we had with these people coming back from Iraq soldiers in Iraq when he gone sailor imagined that doesn't undermine this unnatural coupling constant emotional blood levels living in the bat we were shooting people join people why you think it's so easy to go do that because I think Bittman desensitized to the value of life and that's what has to happen when you join the military you have desensitized the value likely inevitable after I remember we went out the basic training Jacqueline Wilson that was was we learn what these videos Bentley who watch these movies in the top heart communist dictatorships when you order these movie you have everyone was an American installation so you'll be on hold after a seven-day notice message capable of driving while in Saigon is when people attribute good payment by sometimes notice that something I believe your mountain bike insurance and a malevolent there is a real eye opener that will e-mail send all will him all same the malevolent rear testimonies of soldiers that live in this brief single day so we see here we cannot guarantee that as recommended in the absence of such direct command seven MS Johnson conscientiously believe that they should not bear arms global war on missions of the structure but rather believe that their mission is the same as that of their master as he stated in these words the Son of Man has not come to destroy men's lives what do I say them and as he is so are we in this world studies and denominational principles not amassing government relationships now I want you to listen to this I got some video clips of as a chaplain is a current chaplain in the military now listen what he's saying the soldiers and Bauman give you a little biblical study and I shall not kill versus I shall not murder and were trying to sort out and not to know is is is a you and you and they said you were as wise counsel now tell me you and I say this is the time you time to heal in time to an now the Bible and always at home you have the new King James version of New England version and build your Bible say the nicest twenty six lymphocyte now shall not murder but that's not correct rendition prove it to you with their daughters Evangelicals want to become mainstream they want to say let's incorporate you want to buy this one in the will him us how they tried it with me another one which means this is a killing without justification amen hello Mister question when you read the command thou shalt not murder and message up to twenty how do you know what that means where the contractual avenues in the new understanding of what that means is there is there no North American Deuteronomy chapter five so you will know what what what context got the same thing with other biblical references Lehman Islam as a name as we use the whole Bible amen there's lots of the solo study on this the sixth amendment is a matter not kill thou shall not murder not an issue to be resolved simply by going to the commentators and looking at the majority if we proceed along these lines and murder would definitely win the disciples were not humble man without what and when what so we know we can just buy what she says in acts of apostles a seventy seven we know that the disciples had no weapon so we can will also appear to do what you have weapon that was promoting a man that we know that God allowed killing when he came to food amen that was justified but John God say about her not monetization I cannot kill what does that mean well grandson and let analysts analysis of the burglar saw its forty seven times mentioned in the Old Testament Exodus twenty thirteen and running by something lack context in order to clarify the meaning also problems twenty two thirteen Jeremiah seven nine was a port you do not have a clear find so we just read it and say okay this is what the meaning minus we understand okay good so we have what will Saul Ross on thinking that this is a refuge of Portage la Prairie says thirty three of those occurrences are using connection with the season refugee family members it is a refuge that you killed asked are you kill some keyword you would hopefully make it to the city of refuge for relative to you opinion the right to take your life amen and then you know that the patient the priest would investigate whether there was a mistake to our car or whatever and then either it wasn't in the people that forgive you you would say there don't reside in your forgiven and you can both see refuge and well eleven times for intentional slaying of another human being i.e. murder only in the human life without just calls that's murder and what Evangelicals are saying no but we go to war and utilization show them that's not murder that's just killing the so we can be mainstream that make sense no yellow computer during the deer in the headlight look for what they're saying is was a visual war whatever government here and in and in your end in war to kill somebody that's not murder that's just killing so your justify but that's not true terminology on the water so willing to look at other contexts in which Islamic context their nineteen times Mason is a rescue devices to indicate that the taking of human life i.e. manslaughter or killing them the following is another thing you get this all in my book I pledge allegiance Alejandra prayed for a great article theological article about her not sure also Elkhart Muniz a good job him sherbet in our last saw been three additional buses number thirty five twelve twenty seven and thirty the context indicates the broader term kill would be more appropriate since my sock here cannot be limited to murder us in twenty two over thirty three appearances in the city of refuge passages easily translated as killed rather than murder because the context is all encompassing amen murder is direct to justice is without just cause for killing covers all of that so now so that I shall not kill find out what is that mean in the context separate from the season refuse and I'm nicely translated as murder for contractual reasons others could refer to murder but there's not enough evidence to conclude unequivocally that these were premeditated so it would be better to translate them as Q all encompassing now who's to say whether your your justify protecting human life can you make a decision whose on one mission mail make a decision absolutely no new manuscript evidence supporting a ship and killed to murder linguistically and theologically killed is the preferable translation why the change for evangelicals the desire to become mainstream churches the close connection with military is an influence of culture led to a change of the wording of the sixth amendment as well as a change in his practice because before the nineteen hundreds and shortly after nineteen hundred Protestant churches were against any question going to war with that was that it is not that way now is it him absolutely swarm of the fourth commandment what about the Sabbath candles enjoy the knowledge of making the Sabbath answer is maybe yes maybe the ACM and master administrators now came out and said no you cannot keep the Sabbath you will break us up but pastor will be bringing maybe one or two under a basic training and my recruiters that you know their honest man and when you stand as I had never been Britain's abolition what happened if you lost your life that may knew a break in the sun you want to take the risk I was a governance is only wanted to one young lady you will understand that about the Sabbath saving lives and that would be okay Seabright one two another was getting a resentment nightlife suggestions on the question can I put on the uniform and served up same time in the appendices of this book I have the back from your baptismal mouse and whatever the back of the mouth of daily Julian who measured the country you have baptismal balls when you will not station and you give your old legitimate argument to defend this country I have it ready I do not approve the book my book you read that and then read your baptismal mouse as you can have the mesh can do it impossible that's why has the title of the book as I pledge allegiance to who can you have dual allegiances the restaurant was thirty one says that what you were to render under our country allegiances up like as yet until another one also I will raise when that's coming in so we got to be careful how we driven that you do not have a legal right to worship on Sabbath is the commander who decides whether your accommodations can be met nor how's Lindsay a window that some people not in normal percent manual bus on the analysis of my soldiers and they were many similar chart on Rodriguez I wait out your but as soon as your knowledge you make sure that you detail in the Mac hearing it to work now they have a all right to disregard that command not because they said in their mouths they will obey the commands of any business plan over them and hold them once they get there the visit will know that in this instance or recommending to all senior leaders of the woman only the commanders of failures and now he returned back on their life but yourself in that situation so can you do it I don't really begin religious requirements calls major conflict of military training military mission requirements unit cohesion and bonding or are in conflict with safety or the greater good of the unit the accommodations need not be made the local commander is the one who makes that determination you understand so we all went to Midwest when new field exercises I say with you depending on what the mission now this country is at war I see how easy think it is over in Iraq to keep the Sabbath is pretty good to go there Friday and I'm Kamal the presentation all leaves the Sunday when the wind is will Islam worship on Friday to Sunday only I get the woman they were days that we next and when I know that I have no self who determines whether someone is working on the Sabbath the commander because you wear their uniform and remember when you volunteer not voluntarily enlist in the military nuclear family rights all of them but we've got history channel that doesn't mean that they're not unlatching okay I will not listen to some of these unconscious inductors World War II when they said about Internet arms they only can take filming that the sergeants and commanders in the business somebody broke in your house and was wiping your one would you do that to drag-and-drop easy to listen to now young men and women usually that is one time is about the thing about someone look at my wife all the time wrong and while someone looking up and down all the time praise him what his attitude over the coming of the glycols and I think the GM can stop him anyway it wasn't until and as a flat may think that they watch everything that the relationship will not know is I'm not doing anything how the white of making the managers walk around wasn't someone look at the precondition is why you are behind on the bottom of the house in which someone bright and laughing with you that there's autonomously CNN and other new junction with regular makeup is not as nice and shined in their writing and what lesson awakened my house him I recommend my house the more ways than that presented to where's the fun was raising him that when you what happened I don't know what happened and I hadn't actually been in the good news is that they usually use with a metal thermal applications like martial arts venue martial arts random brain spiritualism I have a friend named the size of passing out manga I was training him could not go any higher because he had to find five people in the world that were as good as he was to fight going higher and there was a Bible life there is and by people like in the world 's busiest subentity came the conclusion we got now I know why he was training me to be one of those people there is not five people live in the world that as bad as he is today yet looking back on it spiritual this guy to count like two hundred times for the punching doctor we went to thought your punch encounter not want to fruitful but that's what you wait for last-second dismal the conduct you can lay Hannah know whenever the things that we left it was working on bullets he was coming out from the sound that butts are movable specimens found some guys to allow present spiritual peace it was the role that he would sell better watched someone disappear from this person and he would literally disappear was why I have the tools they use it but just in case all the facts was the only using you have to have a war like-minded men is that some friends when I watched Manny as he was teaching also been nice as you over me but he suddenly went into combat mode is placed third at half then I just changed and I said I was and what my guy says they took him years ago walking into a room in one of practice I knew how you can take everybody out and known as a Christian mindset walk into a room and not even in the second while the tools they not been the only use amendment is only the train saving the military will train you what when you're sure welcome in the love everybody that makes us want to be willing should invest in your personal law of everybody nominally but I had some wonderful that your agreement is unnatural but that's totally opposed to the gospel is that what Jesus did absolutely now so can you give us Absalom Julie Rivera nine thousand seven observant situation becomes particularly critical during periods of training which normally one five or one half days a week including Friday night and Saturday morning you will be faced with Sabbath training during basic in all branches of active duty you will have several challenges and nearly every assignment because the military is a twenty four seven operation and then hope the story and military member in the order to do any lawful task at any time while in military service to refuse to obey a lawful order of a superior officer or supervisor is an offense punishable under military law in time of war and shoot you on-site if you disobey a lot for me because what you're doing the cauldron on within the ranks and you causing you to be lost in the so you okay you call people 's life in the military stance that's what your conscience has to be smeared and others insist to me on the back of value like to get this credit life depending on what nationality you are or where you live incredible message there is virtually no way to avoid some training or make up training on Sabbath initial phases of basic furthermore there are other training events that can last up to ten days and others that can last between thirty three and thirty days which will be a problem for Sabbath keepers keep in mind the fact that no one can guarantee you sat us all you will have some training on the first use was amazing and all of the branches while things make these up later they may also become more difficult much will depend on what you do and the unit to which you are assigned in short it depends on many variables over which you will have no no control so can you join the military did the Sabbath absolutely not now however I will sound the way I usually just as well one gentleman 's gentleman the military is not the same all years and I'm not sure what you go so what you want to watch again wakening also when you want to bring you imagine the guy you met exceptions here and there of course we remember actually saw theological issues by individual convictions and the majority ruled more by the word of God the past I see you and your feelings and educated by the word of God industry Raymond because you feel doesn't make it right love young girls and young men they all love to make a feed your doesn't mean it is right so because of this finite and Peter and the other apostles answered and said we ought to obey who to the as a seconds the militant place and if you want your Microsoft somehow our church is hands-on not my churches some obligor does that hands-off you can do it anywhere else is a consistent God 's word must recognize above all human legislation was in the suit action apostles page sixty nine she says that God 's word must be recognized as the book on human legislation may not saith the Lord is not to be set aside for a wide boy thus saith the video on the misjudgment ligatures or on-demand music is no doubt in my mind I'm here to say without limiting the sometimes is since we got humanity try to run a divine charge that we make some mistakes amen the thing that we can converse and we can work together as people come in the later I have a presentation at the Benson and an enemy disclaimer first while blaming the claim of biblical claim that also you love me information on recommended that you agree with Iraq anyone not agree with that anyone say that only the pastor criminal John fourteen John chapter fifty okay the policies are long as long as you remember that leader of some networking alone okay so they were clear and so God 's word must be recognizes above all human legislation unless the Lord is not present a site where that's a pejorative for us saying the state and men which are disposition of noncombatants he said documents believe that in this world of sin where war is unavoidable make uniform the best service to their fellow men enter the country by ministering to human welfare rather than by fighting to take human life they desire to render the very greatest service within their capacities to their fellow man and to the government the service of saving life than what we talk about the next real quick the madness wouldn't believe their intention right place at Limon and that is where a person joins the Army wants a doughnut I believe he wants to save life is a man of SLN on Watson pastor know that during a time of one or more of the ministers also is a computer of operation the fear of war filled with conference so what he does legal 's authors it is true sense was that I think of the woman you normally are naturally what the most wounded when they are there was a geyser when you get what Saudis are Pomona required on it he was truly there to stabilize weak it was either on know he worked will look to people that I knew beside the one helping one of their soldiers doesn't offset that problem any compromise with not just about enough and Desmond Doss do I believe that God will bless Desmond Dobson watched over Devon ostensibly why was I believe that we gladly give my example absolutely not using my example amen remise the little village with the mezzanine admitting that I don't know but that's not my responsibility was as nice as my example in the library by no but he will Jesus Christ is a net little blue dots that will probably belong absolutely unbelievable and noncontingent and one was for adding then any workflows were at a man praise God and on the man or not man enjoys a military because I don't know because I spent over cement his militant I know now when you join the military in any capacity should look at why they didn't want chaplains in the military bodies and over the government probably was still stands today was my sisters when it comes in their guess is that the military 's expectations of him regardless of what they feel exultation militaries of the unreasonableness as possible he'll a lot bands him up and get them back by the expectations of the military when the chaplain application the military in this film care of your righteous person can us in the Sierra conscience of the soldier and my next him always as well I can will set my next presentation rattlers at ten forty five video clips of soldiers and chaplains can advertise with the job and therefore no criminal in a way that applications of all the military project was this if you have a problem telling somebody come and form you in on the teacher that got been our sizable Hindu business here the conscience of the soldier have videotape to check nothing more right now he's in the field operation is located exactly when you listen to his right and you're missing statements compatible with the national now Satan 's intentions in the wrong place in the pleasure doesn't judge will not act and the only gotten but I know the expectations of the military and he will fulfill the role so that men does not believe in this world of sin where was unavoidable they can perform the best service to their fellow man enter the country by ministering to begin one for relevant fighting back destroying life soldiers was not some men who take not in that position do so because they believe they should follow the teachings and example out there who put this on them as a student drafted in as a lot of grounds on another shoot somebody in the command of the second half is a linear bearing arms you see what this is and how black is number one dozen that was when I was speaking with conviction and I'm glad in the Bible how can a man is not in a man whose strength of the God is able to employ him one other person like that don't you publish and not as the negligent employee Raymond in the middle is a analysis of an international man he's been working pretty as unsought honor is nothing then a matter I now have a recourse one is not practicing wanting to understand the eligibility of my regulators were done with it will let me that is not practicing seven then he went on sing person with married my wife what he wants right I don't know I'm not maybe to be allowed to be in the liturgy help me out so we can all the Masters example amen so here's on this lens the love however is not exclusive it does not stop with my brother and I with our neighbors with our friends it is to be manifested even to our enemies Matthew five forty three forty five among those things that Jesus declared to be incompatible with Christian conduct physical retaliation and revenge he will not return for IMO the pursuits of peace are to be met in engagements of Christians in revenge for injuries done is never to be characterized a follower of Christ enemies instead of being killed I can be fat and love he will not be met with the moment overcome with what the sort of urban to the follower of Christ Christ sermons are not defined their welfare is not flush and welfare nor other weapons material weapons when injury is not a Christian is to suffer it to synchronize this offering for righteousness sake is a Christian duty in a world of people and opposition to Christ it is him or what with patients is carried out these teachings in his own life he was one of the top consequently the best commentary on words and it is his life just as the best interpretation of his life is his words when he was reviled reviled not again when he was injured he did not retaliate when the soldiers crucified him he prayed father forgive them for they know not what was to even say Lord lay not this sin to their child back the way of Christ the reason for Christmas and this was not was that he came into the world to save man by his atonement and establishes Jordan by his example this church was to be founded and built on those same principles of love self-sacrifice patience and faith which characterize his divine he enjoyed all this not because he was without power to resist and prevent it but my brother was over here using the punch a guy they knew the military and I got again the philosophy back and apologize to the best two months of what would I stop and listen processes no one ever wins and more amen amen and no one ever wins a fight there's always casualties whether you think you are not still the casualty amen so no one ever wins in war there's always casualties example five essential principle of his kingdom papers let us follow us out to practice as the foundational principle of their life in this command where all the host of heaven but he did not call on them to sum up the foregoing seven address for service commission statement this at the base of the Civil War all the way up to nineteen fifty four annual counsel were not combatants he was voted as official position of the denomination however during the Vietnam War the church and to revisit the previous statement about this is the church 's statement right here in about three minutes now this is all just history the next session is to be all that you don't want to miss it you have really good time this is the jugular when the government and ascended Masters Elizabeth we watch the news from your your your denomination nor what all the churches listen to lectures that government employment and remuneration from Outlook funds for the teaching of religion is a violation of biblical principles regarding what someone wears uniform being paid by them yet trying from the church of the same time as the applicant address the military anyone think beyond regional possible that your disposition is to complete separation of church and state as stated by the General conference committee of Jennifer and I might join what clergy employed by the government could not preach the full gospel message for this prophetic tolerable measure can you announce the change so much now that the chaplain was a listen here I know what Warburg do not represent changes in our cake illness and mobilization Joseph should color productive division course you can't do that embarrassment would arise from the chaplains who would have to defend the church is not in possession and at the same time fulfill their function as more morale builders encourage the soldiers who fight you learn that the next session is almost the moment arms presenting two different messages the purpose of minutes him us him onto the Mustang cared for by the camp has to plan the possibility of some amendment chaplains being placed on the submit menace our place is very remote general conference committee from Chicago is not in the military Eagles on the naval base all atomic breaches and doesn't infringe the whole gospel message amen so we have to look at that and say listen should I be in the military can I join the military newspaper got the same time only a loan this is Newsnight on numerous C- generation you would like to learn more about G1 the defendant in a done life back on board like this is an online service www. audio versus nonwork


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