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A Life of Prayer, Part II

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Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 19, 2008
    10:45 AM
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him you're so good to us we thank you for being in this place secular convention center that becomes your temple was the Holy Spirit will come and dwell in our hearts were sinners saved by your grace on we thank you for the covering lunches over the place and hold everywhere the spoken word goes forth to claim the promises will accomplish what you send it to do so please help down I just speak those words that come from you and it would help each one of us including our own thank you Jesus I was working the Colorado conference for while test report as a working conference on selling to ministers meeting their end up when I got to question the ranch I was staying in a room down was able to be with me in the other bed was Bob Rice was educational superintendent for the conference I went if I close down during agency Jana page thanks let's let's talk anyway in in the room at night I thought it was just noticed that I have established drain and in the dream I was sure was generally of the bad okay that's what happened to me you have a dreamer sure something real Israel and I got up in my sleep and I began to walk across the room towards poor Bob that he was Janet that I am standing right over Bob in his bed in the darkness of the night in the room the seven autoimmune looking down at him and just then he woke up looked up at me and I woke up and looked down at him he was one of those moments in life and Bobby's got a great sense of humor 's injuria won't tell a soul in him as above him until everybody were you get a chance of the later way misled that I share in Calabasas together breakfast lentil about my sleepwalking experience that relation with you is because it's so symbolic of my whole spiritual journey anyways how often I thought I was awake when really I was asleep your name and the value again I won't going on test Monday I grew up in heaven so my grandsons came up my data the policy director very graceful and loving guy early in the Lord worked with was a outdoor nor songbooks everyone in the Blue Jays as a mother was a teacher she was a good lady to her sauna is very legalistic she was a kind of beautiful mail so watch out for that sanctuary thing because your name but he manually lost which is him there's a message there we have to worry about loci last one but it's is not worried at seven on the economic vision saving I can I'm not good enough I can't make it but you know the rules you could make it your rules about relationship lead the rebellion and I I'm the youngest government feminism and the drugs and lines on this tomorrow my life but God did something I look back now I thought I was so smart but an altogether to my parents make mistakes so they did raise down the TV instead of doing mission work and stuff maybe run up with but at that point in every way they could brand for Jerry across the salt country in a call porters or were praying for Jerry thank God they were embarrassed of the rebellious on there the radical son but they were back in late sixties early seventies but long hair beard drives everything but they had a reprint I won't say the whole story came about with a pretty miserable thank God for that could enjoy the drug trips hated everybody and rely upon one another about the trip by worker come around Stan Collins and some of the Michigan know Dan did common medicine said it was nice with adoring down the steps of none but hell I don't care Lord but Lord took in one of the steps for this card and that night so spring morning we called concerned levels I I'm such a believer to look back on the power of United prayer I don't not all works I don't know that some people to pray for more than others and I will have to figure all that out analytical 's worry about it but I just know what the Bible says Bible says were two or three agree together according first on Elm White says no one aren't you take a white sheet now for my particular focus on the stable not smother one's in a minute him have one this half of the episode remember some extent statement on prayer and power ministries and honesty have had a seminary professors that I might give you materials you printed materials because of nothing I say helps you to go home always certain use these materials were getting a lot of her props Bible text you will just meditate and think on these things to your own or lachrymose Kurds come forward but number eleven three number two and three first it says answering a start one what the Lord had for his people not time human churches just as essential a more southerly goobers people today all of the apostles did how many how many of those who average church member today is the desperately statement for the rise negative and walked from Dorcas 's room and humor from death turn the world upside down creation thousands were converted as I can happen we are to work with as much more fervor to the company by the Holy Spirit is much greater measures increase of wickedness demands a more decided call to repentance John Maxwell says Elliott Gary apostles pray for ten days never run they preach for ten minutes and thousands were converted today maybe the church of the human figure out that we pray for ten minutes great for ten days and hope somebody is manual finally figure out that if we wait before we go we finally figure out is Paul Rosaura says so well after seventeen years of studying the same through if we will pray as Jesus prayed and will begin to see the results Jesus saw agonized praying all my long before he chose leaders for a good thing you know when will we say no that's not just Jesus that's way my life to bring together the apostles cycles number two of the sound of fervent prayer what happens since whole host trembles I love anything makes a post from writing and I discover the church later and forgive me young people who try to run this church in will discover that was not bothered my room planning by my sharp intellect is not mother by my staff is not mother by our methods are plans literally scares him is when we unleash the power of the God who grades the universal word that's clearly the best and that's why can I become so obsessed with talking about the last great revival she says our great need is what the greatest need is run first like Mrs. one twenty one revival of ungodliness revile a true godliness among is the greatest loser nor needs you as unsafe our work is humiliation confession repentance and prayer last sunset on page one twenty one says the revival may be expected only in answer to prayer so again you learn and unleash what do I see his vision is what Justin Priest opening night is if we spend the time to really call on the main one can do it somehow he has limited self and the great controversy to prayer now does lots of things anyway but there's something he says you can't have James says you have not because you ask 's next statement is part of God 's plan to grant us an answer the prayer of faith that which he will not stop we don't ask great controversy page five twenty five amount I like long of a number five if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything alas it will be done for them my father which is in heaven for where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them asked me about your request is in a letter to the Farnsworth smell and white really powerful the promise is made on condition Matthew eighteen of the United prayers of the church are offered an answer to these prayers or maybe expected what a power greater than that which comes an answer even to private prayer my answers every earnest prayer of faith were told right but greater power with regular why she says the power given only portion to the unity of the members and their level of Ghana for one another do I see folks young adults for the review I see how regular are not if we will pray together Mister and him not in your generation but if this generation will pray together unleashed us power together we can finish the can be done very quickly is going to finish them God wants of silence lot more to say on that but I want to take you for just a minute my job in this this hours ago John Swasey is somebody got his just put in a special way of passion in her heart for praying unitedly praying for others three hours Wednesday in our office as she does every week right conversation short sons birth to go through a list of like eighteen pages I give them first two or three pages are thanksgivings answers things that happen nice the rest of his crisis like my staff and others can handle I see some myself we would roll the prayer requests in the atmosphere gets together to pray for three hours they don't talk them to want to stuff his right hand up my way my guess is she out number four is a leader in the church I'm just hoping you folks will be leaders in this church were taking ownership will get it as Justin says it is the order of God of those who bear responsibility should often need to go to counsel one another pray earnestly for that wisdom which you won't impart unitedly make known your troubles to God what to say our last much precious time is lost in talk that brings no life when brothers unite in fasting and prayer for the wisdom of God 's promise to supply liberally I can tell you I've been through a common board meetings in all my years and so much of it is wasted we both actions and nothing happens but when we pray our commerce committee our mornings we try to take in our office all the time praise and to really pray conversational brain sends here since their praise and request someone supports that we move on with spirit guide as soon as boring long prayers but it's a conversational style of praying together with short sentences we can do that on every meeting we try to spend the time I believe when we do that we see God 's power unleashed in ways we can't only just come together and talk our prayer meetings to become talk meetings him far too often that the prayer meetings were really pray for our present talk about regarding breakeven secondly sixty seconds or whatever ones are seen powered by Nelson and others there have infirmities during Nelson Derrico Morris having Wednesday night prayer meetings was a lot of prayer going on a little bit of thought God is doing my thing well okay the handouts I wanted to say something gentle song of praise and in the last session in this handout Ellen this is a magazine it really I love you folks would know her was your citizenry of the vans that are just powerful woman got put this together they pass about all of the world known a retirement they got was attraction down in Key West you know thousands of people come in third grade on promises of God claiming the ABCs of prayer is asking believing poor handling promise in the southern document is one join tomorrow put together some years ago I got answers to some praising God Bible prophecy quotes so powerful crazy says is the most effective means of winning somebody else to Jesus so that particular handout is especially on the via praise aspect the other one is another book of the way to put together actually encounter with God in prayer and of the type of prayer which you can read in there yourself that is in a group France is taking some time together to guide a group through listening to God letting him bring the sin out of our life in our own heart not the others in the confessing matter of believing and accepting in a deeper way it's a it's a beautiful kind of pronouncement that booklets about how to quickly run through these handouts will take a lot of time with it but I have a card we got much of her partners pray for as essential calcium years ago this mail about someone willing to do this we summons material letting him know it's going on have others if they commit to pray like a meeting for Tammy some pray every day coming up everyday for us and sometimes on Wednesday from the office this next handout at the lunar sister firm hold of the second community Methodist gentlemen I've put together sort of a short summary of the principles of intercessory prayer we found Bibles were brought to the really helpful as the power prayed together these of hotel and watch writings about unity in prayer and unified prayer reports that the next one's a little think in science magazine how to pray with your spouse it's actually a way to start playing with people you sometimes most difficult to pray with the people close to us because cancer merely ardent suitor whatever this is a lot of little suggestions how to get started just little ways to pray not offensively with other people a neighbor friend somebody that hasn't gotten comfortable playing with the next several sheets I will have again time to go through in detail at times is too limited but their formats for prayer which may help you if your mind wanders a lot frustrated in their prayer time there are different ways to pray on the first is a CTS on a pervasive just for her that is studying the Bible you find mostly great prayers have four main components to have adoration and praise for you this focus on God 's characteristics his name 's who he is than his confession I think Daniels than on mine we go through in detail but don't he allow a confession or become fodder profits for him not we shouldn't we have met the covenant on down to specific confession than other specific addition then that's a CTT is Thanksgiving I'm sorry for you thanks for something specific is done for you okay not just praising now but thanking him for the things he's done for seeing his hand working for NASA supplication or prayer is a very simple way to chronicle through that this little sheet here is a rock secondly a journal for screwing over some kind of something which says that yesterday CTS but then sort of a journal what happened yesterday what got teach me yesterday what I learned what I need to pray for the people my life on the fact is actually journal him yesterday a sanctuary where running really fast through Ms. Linda so you can study them the books on some of them sanctuary model for prayer and improvement of the sanctuary is always teaching us how to come in the presence of God right and the sanctuary I believe can also be that moment by moment coming as presence in the morning I praise I enter into his gates with thanksgiving and was cordial praise Psalm one hundred then I go the altar sacrifice I think about my sense that's where Jesus died for me and I confess my sins a labor claiming promises for cleansing the moving of the holy place there when I get there the bread is is the sustenance right word of God is also my physical necessities candelabra when I represent Holy Spirit goes through the life of the world witnessed the cradle Holy Spirit pray for the gifts and for the from the sphere my witness to be for him and the altar of incense one of that smoke represent the intercessory prayers of the saints going up in the presence of God 's and I have received minor session petitions and of course most likely represents being within his presence throughout the day when arriving in the sense that I'm slipping out of his presence I can walk back through sanctuary okay Lord 's prayer course with another model study that heard about before an encounter prayer okay will she be put together the maximum relationships that we may be one and the really good principles there whenever in the world of people who have trouble and how to pray out in such a way that we can help through those things Jennifer together will she call prayer group ideas on if you are praying a small group ways to make this interesting night interactive to make it something that that will make people want to spend longer time frame when the grain was a little bibliography that we've done some of the books it really helped us in our journey of prayer for okay on the back to the Council 's intercessory prayer sheet for just a moment and the walk-through these principles analytical 's say why we have here is no God wording of his life how does this thing work anyway meanwhile exhibitions all I can do is say the Bible and is reprocessing to do it and I found out that works and so on the following command not try to figure out how God figured it all out Jesus called his intercession Luke eleven all chapters on that taught his disciples Lord 's prayer many told the story of the persistent random promises it will be effective Luke nine eleven ninety ten he says asked to give you seeking your fine knocking the open of you many thoughts about the promise for the Holy Spirit being given to those who ask his model he interceded much profits Paul James others all said we should be inner-city much it does unleashed us power immigrant controversy on the back of efforts page of all I send ministering angels awaiting about the throne and survey the mandate of Jesus Christ answer every prayer offered in her list living faith if we believe before we finish the style of your time here privately some twos would love to take an hour to pray with a group like this and this lets intercession flow of Lord but every time we pray I fully was in the main people in that if we really believe that the Holy Spirit and Angel goes to fix some such heart do something a situation I think we would pray more I think we really begin to think it's an exercise waiting to group dynamics are it's a personal thing no interaction affects the great controversy in ways that only God knows the power of what happened Satan does to tremble and possibly those we read already and I will go down through the mall number two how to intercede practical methods for intercession of praying in Faith claiming the ABCs of prayer I later heard ABCs of granola talking about what that went through his go around again I think but basically were told to ask for her hand right on the promise believe God 's word and then claim thank you in advance what's can happen him the next phase there from the book education two fifty eight to much of our prayer is one of us and them and begging out which was the beaver rubber mostly about God 's will but when we are promised that no Godzilla do it than what he defies reason to do it in his way is okay and efforts on to become much more times appraised belief and thanking God even though we can't see it networks and happen look at that second statement on page three the two beers as for the pardon of sin for the Holy Spirit for Christlike temper for wisdom and strength to do his work printed yesterday as promised we may ask then we are to believe that we receive in return thanks to God that we have received really look for no outward evidence of the blessing to get is in the promise we may go about our work is sure that what God has promised is able to perform the gift majority possess will be realized when the most I got really worried about my sister or two years older than they had the terrible burden of raising me some extent and she was in her second marriage had a gun involved and help raise her voice was a wonderful guy construction worker simple and really have much of interest in God ways but he was a wonderful death wonderful husband and she loved and he delivered and my sister who was friendly church digital cradle roll should do whatever but she was very active she said okay you got to give me this one you can't let it begin I got a habit so she began it is intensely pray for the next month that the guy would say Bob Bob and the appetitive the past president of the conference of the new Mary where they were went to see him on his deathbed exhibited so I guess I think of reviewing myself we sing Bob knows that people see in the body but anyway Carol took it pretty hard and she began to fall away from God got relayed the and this was not going to finance I began to really become concerned for her lover nearly and I kind of promised you notice in first John four and beautiful promises first on for their observers on five eleven thirteen and talks about our strengths salvation we should know you have eternal life we have a son that's important to us verse fourteen starts this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions were vastly many goes on if anyone sees his brother input sister is a good friend of input spouse there anyone seizes other person sending the sin which is not lead to death my understanding of that is in part will send another part will soon we may ask and God will give him life for those who don't and parts so I thought I have a promise is okay got I want you to bring life in the Carol's life want to savor I can't foresee but it is a right I said God you said you bring her life so I prayed a prayer a good husband they are maybe a preacher or someone like that I thought I was then I began to pray that like that even though God creates universal the world I construct them I like the counseling I like to use my prayer time telling what I think you have a new pretty foolish as I claim the promise I say God said bring Carol to put my hand in the promise believe that you can do when reading to do I'll leave with you how you do it but I was selling how do everything for intensive that you know that within a year another friend of hers that you known her all her life back in Nebraska got converted to a children's ministry started travel all the world teaching children she was on fire for Jesus you know that Marlene started sending my sister out of her morning devotional time every day she would mail her some encouraging words from the word of God everyday everyday everyday him above all six nine months or your living room a sister 's heart races Marlene on fire for God sending a devotional everyday everyday this is actually worth reading college from readers is retired now but now God brought my sister home now I can say about my brother and I would come back to but I got my handling promise and I want and save to my parents and one the whole family together again we can't force anybody to say which of them Graham as well as limit posted me and make it hard for them to be lost but putting around the promise claiming and leaving the work okay whole section there on United importance of United prayers and they cannot enter in your document there are in your handouts and hope you take the time look at it so much in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy on praying together when we get together in groups of two and three pray for soul meant for another and another why do we put everything together doubts himself powerful storage amount of ways we seem to change churches schools and families and marriages and the whole thing seemed so much happen we just cannot quit doing now I guess Lamar to say journaling see specific request the persistent note give up forth a heart surgeon yes and confession nonetheless one trust God he always answers but sometimes as Norway Daniels three friends they were believing where they said seven times out of Ari furniture tomato roasted when they say so we know our God is what is able deliver us but even if it doesn't we will not bow to our hours for them anyway that's your faith and so it's feeling whether whatever it is we need to believe that God is doing it but we can tell you off on the story love to do it today of what seemingly unanswered prayers were told some of our seemingly unanswered prayers number one we don't understand what's really going on but secondly and Charlie were told are seemingly unanswered prayers and disappointed hopes to be among our greatest blessings I like all I wanted Brian I thought it would be so good to go conference praise God now they had a terrible master and after that you desire God movies by the state is well turned the whole a better I got your one thing with you before Jenna comes with non- exciting journey and centralize your level of the first night if you were there but it's just an amazing and I continue to suggest journalists August two not believing what God can do without some of you the audience hero part of the journey with us but it's just an amazingly case of the California down I was about ninety five and above close Academy so got handmade and will not have again for the money and no things were just as things were happening by the singer was a lot of challenges and so anyway we we call the prayer partners whereas in the night with us in praying over these issues down to Monterey Bay chemicals or muscle content family and a blessing as we are not now exposed to sell a property whatever I like to challenge as we began to pray a prayer partners begin telling the special needs asked them to pray team began the former infinity well about him anywhere pray about that anyway I told him eventually arrested him on the run happy abdominals come back to SoCal and or else want to go to church your error but it was a lot of people very unhappy or not inhabit the city only release try one salute down like an understandable longer some people are very upset about this so we had one yet white Nelson was observed our families really spiritual speakers came with the wonderful things we decided to keep going at campaign the finances and begin this journey reporters formed good team about twenty five or thirty the prey had a time that will walk the grounds together that great a number of times drinking me come again to do such miracles Namibia and bring office three hours a day every week overall issues or face personnel and finances most things that I just I wouldn't will leave the this is another cover noses in other prisons get so frustrated when I sometimes listen what you want to be a UPS driver going out of business unless you know I just know but it's really because I will also modular over on my per partners people united with prayer and I know and I'll take care of us altogether anyway they began to feel frustrated because we were hoping that throughout the conference people understand that their marriage is the schools or churches could be saved and things that they could happen if they would just get together twos and threes in small groups and really intensive prayer not just quality right so anyway we we were the providers were for meeting and they were praying Lord what do you want us to pray that Romans eight twenty six about a letter earlier than inviting a prayer guide you tell us what pray and pray that allies the more we like to give us an example a token if you will that you can do anything that would show the people in our conference that their marriage doesn't have to be wrong but their kids don't have to be super school doesn't have to go down the tubes whatever and so again they put on their hearts over the next few months the priority of an Islamic and wasn't the leaders were Sally Mormonism on eight hour rest of the something that is begin a journey of them feeling God is leading the gray family again pray first year they pray for an overflow and overflowed by about fifty or seventy five thousand and never gotten over hundred thousand in the anyway make the story short but then they came to me in simple raises all next year is up to fifty were afraid for big thing we do is leader one of them have a mixture is then a terrible journey for me because I'm out of control with out-of-control I am no longer and a guy in control of going on because they been franklins overflow some of the people Tammy has a list of words that has to campaign to pray what does God want you to take ten days talk about because master do anything for maximum fine don't go Doctor don't want but if he tells it is something trust even with more latency and so that we can happen up to fifty one him him about my the story goes on long tenure story now find their prey vermilion without they were crazy and the young number one when overlaying what a wonderful thing next year guy came up to me at the end on Saturday night and we store only dragging the goal behind what was happening in Europe by seventy thousand out of that had developed always ministry we have fifty sixty five orders twenty five church plants in all kinds of using an adult ministries full-time new commands and teams in our student only program in our Bible workers are our globe program also provides groans we kept own story which is writing letters on thanking them but we weren't really able to do this on her own but I remember after one of a million of us was great on Saturday night and that next year going to get about it started going down the first weekend we get about a hundred thousand of the first weekend in your health my prayer life a lot because it always ministries going for just one year and then last year went up a million and we got a hundred thousand percent something how to get out this mess because people will die I can say it helps me for life but anyway what was happening as people were actually waiting deliberate incentive is given enough of the twenty bucks in the box where they were praying see what I want to do that's part of leaders is you got away so it's it's Sabbath we don't want to happen but by Saturday night there was Artie Post one hundred thousand people another part of story as his people were widows notes hundreds and thousands of people actually praying together and unpleasant people pledging what they didn't think it would been there and there got report this matter Ramirez excitedly from the candidate we have no testimony how hard it was short-term job or hobgoblins on the other whatever amazing thing I sent him back putting my fun and the getting ready to preach and guy walked up recently on how house offering going this year well if no of your returns I had gone crazy the ramp into my oscillatory will remain again some are printed when his eyes and a civilian he said are you saying some people than praying for two million as of yet I have generally require walking the grounds ahead of campaigning in she mentioned in prayer that someone ranked among my treasures eyes that this is not the way his eyes and they said that's amazing so my brother my son suffered were talking together what would God want us to do to help we were thinking let's give him hundred thousand dollars on the business and that would help you get well over a million to something more this year as we were talking together God told us we were supposed to get an extra million dollars each a second with a plan to my console a little replica of front prayer with those pledges and things when I was over the next year they decided to management three three million last year last year was a lot of prayer increased my life last year and always ministers going economies awful happened last summer when I was refilled again I told you a while ago now of course the donors are all having trouble running the company says my incrementalism happened so this is a wonderful thing to help micro trials are a wonderful thing but the ministries all things God has done what America and I know some of the money really always says you're the greatest in the latest Seo success excited right she says the grace and the latest is covetousness we think were so poor here in North America but what were in the top one percent of the world for education railcars stuff like that anyway to talk to us as the hand and is in and I will send unto you need to crave you bow your heads O father I think you that you will take us and use us if we surrender ourselves to you I came and do that Lord I pray that he'll help me to just plead the blood of Jesus over this round but shall help everyone to hear just what they are meeting right now thank you in Jesus name amen I love God 's word you realize as Jesus very life his power his healing power it is alive and if so much power in God 's word in claiming those promises I learned from the bottom wiggling clip is that an inaccurate I reckon I should go around again and what is not a sellout is about anything a prayer that I learned me about claiming promises and I'll never forget when I first started kneeling down and putting my finger on the promise is a quality in your handout Ellen White talks about Augustine 's mother put her finger on the promise for him to save her son and God dammit and I did that in a time you were my brother and I see my brothers got powerful ministry and just young on your nonadherence out about what God 's Word pray God 's word is way more powerful than the print e-mail were way more like a leader that is the morning and got laundry to love this one hope in in second Chronicles in the Northeast sixty nine eyes of the Lord like to involve throughout the whole artificial and sell strong in behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to him you looking for people who weakened England where he answers it later on who wouldn't want to learn him were in fact so much as when we first came the conference conference committee this is a time that is I always talk all they en masse solve any problems at India where Jerry and I know where to spend the first hour and praise testimony and prayer and going and I were already here to five o'clock is there a new later yeah annual they were real thrilled that the majority somewhere in that time that it was praised in the digital conversational kind of France's financiers and it's there and know how long people are on that visit three years later there on a three-year thinking about my constituency won't you be interested in seeing a new group is put on someone else stay on and you and you want to force this a lot too far limited on the business the first time they did this hour of praise and prayer they gone early in the afternoon everybody walked out of there in amazement instead of taking a long time not only is become more they still have issues and problems that is so different nice to be so depressing and in burdensome analysis is so much going on they were laughing so much exciting things to work on history but a big constituency after that the old committee and the new committee counts and they had a testimony and praise time over and over again these members were going off said one so chooses I don't know why I was put on conference committees I hardly go to church I finally been put on this committee I'm coming or going on why am I here and she says I been converted here is an and I used to drive to get the conference committee I come in light isn't high-gloss to get there and I didn't want in the first hour all were in a minority what I will than I was then that quality time he entrained in a scanning employer we will see what people say any wildcard now is the only really need to print on the house he will not even in my January 's and Don says he's about to set in the meantime I was going to stand in Italy will help mold the scrawled in Trinity County what is he is staying and have gone to know what I understand that calling out with guys called us to do it over and over Scripture and some people will die chocolate is because I'm wagging their day we drag out all the prayer requests and tasting note can be replaced individually through them we can't keep doing that so we decided we put them on the Tanglewood Trail run video requests and everyone is entering whatever an estimable Jim Martin's word is that it makes a difference can I have a long time to the obvious system for on the half of the day is not exactly invited thirty seven Manasseh not to heaven I get a letter telling us this time to elaborate just everyone down one of the elite is also the title any spread of forgot and I hope to know now what does God say because you had pray I will do this and UW reenergizing the repository because of your prayers I handle it right we'll pray for me that I will be anxious in my snow that all that anxious to doing things up front about this one for me and because not enough time to you will read my Bible were already over he tells people to pride or were praying for you sweetheart if I is crazy is one planning you are also helping together in prayer for you thanks may be given by many persons you are already happening granted she was for me to many praying for us as Africans are here how do you witness for the Lord I hope you don't have found effusively one hundred San Jose I believe you are such an answer to prayer as soon as it is now in charge ran every win over San Jose for quite a time here and how can happen in a sleep study line of the follow-up of you have highly working that night here in the they were going on I forgot all works fine have you witnessed the story Mark five Jesus arrives off a leg on the shore the demoniac comes out with a change in the hearing on and Jesus Cassidy without mingling with a single off into the light of the short version you need to read it it's way better in the file but nearly near the end Jesus did in the Balkans of people that want because you're even defensively wanly Jesus isn't about them it is once again the moment is not now used as a people televised on you this is an end of very all about Jesus right now there will budget China working towards the end of chapter six or nothing is Iron Age in chapter sixty seven was unlocked to finish Jesus when he came back when he recognized it was Jesus they came by the throng and Tommy is sharing what Jesus done for him him I will do is share what Jesus has done for you in this eye issues and how house and McCain because of one in testimony and the best way for you to have a testimony is the internal requests and you might be thinking into the brain and somehow write down you start doing that you'll start seeing so many blessings and surprised this guy doesn't know when things on when I first started really spent time and I want to speak to his word is also signing I think my point is that you know what you think you are I in it was nothing is free not just that they impression I am your voice is basically not what you care about when I show you again I do something I was like no you don't care if he cared you'd write it down because you give again continuing the Old Testament what was his biggest problem I will and you and I don't want and not until then to the same we forget your younger you don't forget what I do these deliveries and I I finally teenagers they a lot of never worked in my life when everything is ready has worked with them to remember how the end of the case manager and we were in a team that went with that because you journal your writing down your home when I started when I was like going to start with mortgages blasting stories and things then you have your testimony to share with people is currently detonating one-on-one a Navy in in front of groups where God is taken me all over this world sharing my will you change in the above line has not made if the Holy Spirit is doing a number on it he wants to do that with each one of you when everyone later now I'm not saying they do not spend an hour a day when God I'm telling you if you know your messy minute and half in five years consistently to finance everyday heroes see things that the line auxiliary something that has been in our night was gone I committee is the second amendment thirty minutes was on the scene the Holy Spirit point out on some start writing books other start writing music others do the homeless ministries just different that will give to yourself when it is what he's calling you and I like the battling with Jerry and I moved to Pennsylvania and is a short version here he became an enormous present there was a time in my life why had given up spiritually I had allowed there is resentment suggests either way me and I myself focused on what I need to do to be suddenly I wanted translated already perfect so focus on that I lost the experience of Jesus Christ I'm not saying we don't need to the misunderstanding but I want to focus when all I'm doing is reading compilation about why I cannot be in God 's word are the undesired is an information and in no Jesus no God and a lot all that was a breach of the Santa Fe and ensuring the health and enjoying the power you have in Jesus Christ well point out what joy I have a big reunion in the and God starting Jerry in the time this happened drinking Congress president inviting him anytime people attending a seminar on Holy Spirit some I think that hydrogen everyday baptism in the Holy Spirit and allies viewing on why it is so important that were praying that for asked for our leaders forecasters for anyone and it was two years later people pray for me you are making upcoming apprentice thank you but also the present what is active by three watt for the next two years I be a different church almost every sound luxurious somebody would come up to me is coming that they were praying and it was two years later my life was literally true now the starting point is holy spirit on me and I want to go back to the way it was before he will remain united to seek forgiveness is inhaled and then decided change in my life and spend time with them again prayers people praying ourselves how come because I change my life and in journalism and when we before the emotions he was his main and unwanted I will try and invite phenomenon through this and him changing his life but that is even a passing to get people to see yes we need time alone with God as so important then come together with somebody and price but what do you price for the white cloth plays on your heart can we want to write for the hundreds of thousands of the Infiniti twenty four if I do something right I think God wants you to pray for them to do and I had back in the largest time any realizing all that I had a phone call this woman called out and I knew what she was wanting well-to-do prominent people in the community as she says I've been married thirty two years I want out I don't blow no and she said I might have been you know people around the running around I just can't handle it anymore I him with everything I found them without my last design driving on the interstate and I'm wrangling I know you know when the divorce is final and families miserable I knew God is using this you know more when they wanted to turn back now as I came back home and see how I got a solid call me as I'm going I is she calling me know when identity am a nurse counselor as I started silently praying what is and what we can do that it was like just a faint impression with her once a week to play thinking all my movie buddy was in my life weren't really started going to be obedient to God to what I felt easily needed it I know it is God speaking to you or is it saying we are all alike talks about we need to be careful saying can so make us think that if God wanted him talking to us telling us things you need a spiritual mentor in your life Proverbs talks about that his wisdom and counselors for me to Jerry no and these crazy ideas I'd finger from the automotive Jerry and I know please so whether it's not by his reaction and that he didn't ask for a mentor in your life whether you know it's your pastor or somebody you know that the spiritual person that you are doing just that bounce that idea off of them so I think was against God 's word you know it's not from God I didn't like her time playing the weirdest thing come over me and it was solely in its oatmeal I cannot hold my and I know it could be gone this was contradicted his word and I start crying witnesses saying they can go away in Atlanta this morning I said licensing on a marriage counselor to help you until I got saved if you want to we meet once a week and play him I so we got together to try now when you get to know some enterprise one that happens we talk we talk about the problem and we talk and we talked and we counsel and we counsel and I really quickly we can do that we don't just play and of course no one is without a preliminary sheet for San Antonio how miserably was I don't want without the financial price Josie was a really angry woman and Susan God help this man he is I then went and is sometimes astonishing with measurable she had no assurance of salvation in a world like this to come back and I gradually gently never wanted to connect to spending at least thirty minutes timely Jesus alone each day in his work annoying but then I started talking about federally licensed a request for your husband I got to worship the door and let happening on genes of dynamic crime and so we started doing and I said stop telling God what exactly about the lighthouse God what how we need to cry I hate so we started doing I think that many innocent people is how I'm going to have train every afternoon I finally came the best way to learn how to play right the guide is one indication and try in the majors assembled to me or somebody to help you but that's the way to notice the start and I met people will read every book on prayer in pray and in the barn so much in play so we started out not how we pray for this marriage highly prejudiced me violated on our hearts to play that it would be pushing him along for his wife can see in the way he did when they first got married him them up your mind and see when there has been the way she did when I first married as a league meeting and there were some other things can we start to crave anything you wait for anything he was their marriage hours it was down and this will happen a lot for you guys when you pray for a person or situation things can get worse and worse I digitized sounds my legs are tired here when my pioneers we will how do I have to work in order to answer that prayer is the energy they are trying with existing I could live in the same he's working and it's a time to praise and one woman show up when she met with a week before at a women's group where we were personally prefer signs and ask us to pray for Sunday lunch in the next week and was an upright man was and what easily from his job he knows what is threatening divorce their findings it was never play and gently tried to encourage her that since things always work because he has I don't understand it I don't understand how he has to work but he's gone and I know he's working his way down the witness Linda were mean to pray for her marriage we had rain for her children considered several of them were not in the Lord and remarried families in an never been baptized I was trained the tribunal 's almanac everything is getting worse and I tell you what we did together pray each weeknight and no not a lot of talking we just pray and wait we would only need for like forty minutes and hardly but there began to be a change this woman went from an angry in the unsettling because he sent Jesus speaking to Mister lay and just all she was modeling experience with Jesus we worry when sharing you have that assurance of salvation and her husband started to take notice C Westmoreland now she's the thinking was curious what your tangents all mercury in a couple years of praying together but they became like the result couple thirty two years Mary are hard to hold handled on his next weekend in the car just to go with him everywhere his work became the honeymooners it was so shut but before that happened I guess I'll stick up for a minute brain and analyze one-hitter names anymore but John was learning how my heart to keep doing it it was like Satan what I found that the same thing in their and try to discourage you or make you bored with it to make you quit because he knows the cost for a lease off the reemergence and their families all join the church and be baptized anyways I'll just be praying it was pretty informed that we saw him working was incredible and later on she was dying of ovarian cancer and we had no annoying enterprise ready healed and she has healed but it will be the resurrection morning before she died she coming there she said Janet I can't thank you enough for taking time to consistently meet with Mason I cannot pray Jesus now ready to the high among there is he okay I know I'm ready to die her husband not knowing is the author fighting he said to me I can't thank you UK time in your busy life to get together and try his and our mirror has been handling in our never wanted and ready for her to die is at this if you have done we can never take credit for it the answers to prayer we see you know that right you know and on and on your I is what I wanted in a tiny I year in sharing this because the economy is like things working overtime the housing is really as old and easily replace certain isolated on other people 's hearts to pray to Brown Wednesday's as a catalyst in the non- housing price on life somebody will come as side effects in our planned upcoming things that we think that for several years Juno and a person anonymous to start giving money to fix it we were also young train for all the buildings to and in Germany about two million and shut because nobody is angry and wants to stop it I'm telling you there's something about consistently taking the prayers to God I hear sometimes I'll pick up these books and read it or they can't always thank the Lord we don't need the pride and hope that once nothing that is not Iranian sphere prophecy I started the machine on and when she talks about we need to continually keep taking it we need to get in but one that is working it's very important we think and we start our belief that we need to clean and bring about four hundred others were meeting of women their plan when it's needed McKinney and this one will listen would you pray for my husband came into the church he doesn't want to go with John Kerry won't be the spiritual leader in the home with her family I want to go to candidates I like all I can about this I am like you dismissed speeding spiritual leader in the home and it came time for kidding Nathaniel a few months we pray and I'm pertaining to the window and Leon he actually started meeting after that started crying again and she said we should pray for my husband had the same request at this time we got smart instead of just praying for him again how we thought him born in Houston we pray for this point is how time of silence in that group waiting and gone and on our hearts to pray that it would be put in his mind that it was his idea that he wanted to go to keep me so we started praying in Algiers is a registered we gave if you can you write a long prayer he outlined brilliant dialogue prayer called the board by signing it to me or soundlessly I think MADD but we found it so much more meaningful if you just pray a couple of sentences is when something and then you come and agree when or bring up another son given just a few sentences long for him I went on longer just a short life that you can go back and forth and often cited in with some good if I needed to get even I spent last as long prayer but if I do and this other way you did the Holy Spirit impression how he wants you to pray as good as you know dump it all out there that do this this was our community this guy fighting we pray for a couple months or so and one morning she calls me up she said you never guess what how last night and what he said while I was arty home from work out in the kitchen because I had to convince him like he's not sure where the spot is coming from and he said you know I want to go to Katie I can cross out this trailer I can get time off from work and if in time I can take hours ago Kenny I think I figured I should send an application as we go into those no nobody comes down to it you won't wind up as courses coming up she says now when it comes down to what Monica I was so frustrated with her customers in the application and chewing the Institute puts it on the refrigerator magnets this means that there him three weeks went by and this guy notices in one day and he says his application for Cantonese physiatrist is why they probably came down to it you would want to know why I like on Brussels Australia time off from work in the seventies and again I believe that because she was a plain woman a woman who spent time ago I was having her weight tells us the right time to send it in the beginning but after the first weekend in the early morning meeting she's standing there waiting for me she caught her foot on the floor to find he was going to get Adobe Systems know that some people get and what I forgot he so we started doing living together and we're trying for an argument to all the meetings and he never did that he started going to this one particular one beyond prayer is a man white when a tenure to pray together after a meetings over the one he just sit there quietly wait for the thing was done and then gently never prayed with his wife over the speaker was not a minimal way to becoming you most of the week to it he gets recently got one he said I want you to buy that now choose and freedom play together but he gets down on the platform goes down the side I'll pick synonymous with it I will pray with until you and I felt it was after one was that he went home and change me what time is why I want to start praying with you started he is leading a family where sixty five hundred meters final unified church I just started growing in the Lord that you know how long it was sometime after his wife calls me and she's crying he's extremely family was a simple that's what we pray for you wanted to call you so authoritarian astray he is him for always she was a wise woman she packed her mouth shut she did not tell her husband that he was doing it wrong is what happened if she had English scholar shot in the and him we do too much with new members when and whether our human figure I think that even if you're just starting on alloy our new member glamour maybe it will start time I'll even give dresses to order whatever illusions about where the Holy Spirit just pray for you guys always nice to see the problem is I don't want to them and said he's doing so young for that and so actually we just this has been with his height and gradually gone delegate math and worship became a beautiful experience in the anyway but he became a man who just had to be there when the church doors were open to be involved with evangelistic meeting and one night he asked his wife after they put the kits today the living and she daddy says I need your help to do something that goes back well he comes out with a few staff photographer using places where you help me bring even a fireplace and she said I'd like to help you settle in the fireplace and set them on fire and then she said another burning less glad that he does now I will not go to every one of those is in houses that have sole control of my life we didn't even know I know when she asked us to pride we know we had but we knew there was a spiritual problem Pentagon was leaving us to pray for him and I didn't he thinks he's now had Elder is now mandatory as the greatest and most pastors is that even when people to the Lord in your head as close as a course like this when we get together to the reason plea for the salvation of all him I want to anonymous all the do not view my complete persevering before the throne saying I heard a certified white house and recently on George Naylor he prayed for five people and he found one convert I don't remember the details I know one was within a short amount of time another one within a few years and it went on like that but one was not converted to George nearly died but Joyce never gave up waiting for these that God laid on his heart and Mac but we had our group get-together whom I had to quit I am sorry that you did I hope the point of or seen they will not just start praying he will show you how to spend that time with you this when the cashier I hope I'm sorry first John one nine six yes we confess our sin he is faithful to cleanse us from all pictures I had in my life that I have struggled with years I love that and I didn't know how to get rid of it because I love I started doing what it sat in a little time booklet this with your hand and begins writing a manual secondly if there wasn't enough in this little booklet I got the idea from that of continually taking whatever you said yes to God insane God you know I love this thing I know it's destroying me know and maybe destroying a relationship whatever I think I'm you got to do what first John one nine five includes nearly and in Genesis three fifteen the claim that heart attack where he'll put a hatred and lust for sin similar to data make me hate this you happen it was over a period of time that God made me hate the sin him one trying to get here you guys want to build a new and enjoy anyone than just taking gone word and in the biggest thing with a sense of my continually keep commenting on is with you but I can't go gone when they think you are hundred thousand stranded me and I don't imagine when that did not leave me it's not what words and gently on his team for not sending them against passing humble communism were roughly and when you have know what I felt like I was both the share that here on my neck with this switch Maurice year and I know you got so much like you have as much fun celebrating the guy is always a you a making gone shortly on and before they make a mistake of one and letting them know that you think this guy is a good sentiment how sad is not as smart as Santa Monica but when addressing each of you can have an intimate relationship with God were told and a Psalms twenty five can I see in his children's reason behind he wants us to pray with you a frequent morning it is so exciting and such an honor student here before all these young faces to realize there here seeking new and they have a passion to get this work done what there's never been a time in history like now with his then that I know about this praise your holy name praise your name for what you're doing him each one with here you know there struggles you another heartache you know the baggage from the past and father were calling on your name to plot your healing grace not because what were they asking that Jesus has to come in his name for the harvest wine that you will bring healing and the way he needs to happen for each one that you will fulfill your promise exalted twenty five you will heal restore the years the locusts have eaten alive father quietly speared on each one don't let people surrounded with holy Angels don't let Satan many confuse them keep them focused on you and your word and doing your calling and I think you father Jesus hanging in there this means he was used by audio or a surveillance device generation is if you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net and done twice a morning like this is an online seminar is www. audio person or


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