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Medical Missionary Work- Part 1

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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Then responsibility. As I think of this meeting together this morning with some of the leaders of our work here in Wildwood. God has promised wonder who things to those who meet his condition that as we do not know what the Lord will do for us if we will come into line. And that's what we want is becoming the line and stay in my first chronic oath the twelfth chapter. And the thirty second verse of this sceptre tells of the gathering on the children of Israel then the king mentions the tribes one by one May twenty second verse and says Court at that time day by day there came to David Kay helping him and it was a great hole to God but in the midst of the report of the different tribes in the thirty second verse comes this interesting statement concerning the min of a sticker of the children of a sticker of which were men that had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do. They heads of them were two hundred. And all their brethren were at their command. There is a relation between the two facts stated here. Take the last from the first. All their brethren were at their command and. That indicates unity cooperation. Good organisation good functioning does it is that the way we wanted to hear. But what's the other fact. Stated earlier in the various the heads knew what to do. Is that what a head for he hated knows what to do you know in order to know what to do. What does it say these men had understanding of a lot. Of that time. Did you ever wake up in the night in a look at your watch. What for his that why you. To see whether to roll over and go back to sleep or to see whether to is time to get out. And my correct. We've all had that experience many did in looking at the prophetic clock. Gives insight as to present duty and we can never understand how to run a sanitarium for God. Unless we know what time it is done. What Time Is It in It was always easy to say it's the last hour and it is. But I want us to think about this. Against the backdrop of the stream of ties here time has been running on for six thousand years. We're down here in the end of times. We think of a cross where you think of the eight hundred forty four. When Jesus centered the most holy. And we know they had no anything because of coming into us is. We think of the Clones of probation. And here we are in this little remnant of time just before the close of probation. While Jesus is still in the sanctuary or know what he's got after. Why has he allowed the six thousand here. Why is he waiting now. When chronologically his coming should have been long ago. Although he's waiting for the fruit to be right that correct. We all understand that men I say I am. I'm assuming. The fact that all of us here this morning. Are well informed on the hundreds of matters. And not take time to prove everything. We refer to. Rather I want to talk with you about the implications in application to what we know. But if it in a point in these studies we have together. We touch points that you are not sure make a note of that. Give me opportunity to give you references that will support those statements. Oh I pray that all of us. Maybe men that have an understanding of the times. To know what Israel ought to do. The coming of Jesus is not delayed because men had not yet visited the moon. He could have come before that. And I correct. There that this number of things that even the remnant people of God are thinking about today. It has no bearing on the coming of these. There's one thing. If Christ is waiting to make ready a people prepared for them to make ready a people prepared for the last. Look the first chapter. Gives that concerning the Work Commission as John the Baptist. And there were kids. Today what his work was back there. No this is the mission of the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary. I suppose you have read our article in last week's review. Died says to what was given at the four counts. I suggest you read that and ponder over it. Now just because of. It's a dent if occasion with this please. But because of our identification. Yours and mine. But the great truth is that Christ is in the sanctuary and must be until his people learn to quit breaking His Law breaking his heart. I was impressed by something mid October Hanson The sharing with me. They did for yesterday's. He'd been pondering over those wonderful statements in education to sixty three. On the suffering of Jesus not being confined to the cross. But rather the cross is a revelation to our dial. Senses of the pain that from its very inception. Sin has brought to the heart of. Oh Heaven. Suffered in Christ's agony. But that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity. Every departure from the right. Every deed of cruel and every savior of humanity to reach his ideal. Brings grief to him. Dr Hansen is telling me that he had noted much of this before but as a thing that struck him. The Sabbath as he pondered over the page. Was that statement. Every saviour of humanity to reach his ideal brings grief to here so there's more to this thing. Dear Ones. Than merely quitting some scenes feeling or lie or anger. Anything like that. Higher than the highest human thought can read. Is God's. I deal for his children. Do we think that we have yet reached the idea. Person institution line oh we would read it. Now let's look at the implications of that. That means that we need still to be change. Is that right. Do you know it's a hard thing to Cheney human the. This is the problem that God has been up against for six thousand he. And nearly all the fruit. Drops off the tree before it's right. What I mean is nearly everybody dies before its character is splitting. He may be justified all along the way. He may be see it like the thief on the cross or like menace. Like a lot of other people but. Christ is hungry. To see a generation of saints who fully reflect his image. This is our destiny. This is our car. And this is why we're here it was. This is not an extension of the Red Cross or the Public Health Service. The good is is the work those organizations are doing. No no we are an extension of the work as Jesus in the most holy place to make ready a people prepared for the law. Now what does. Sanitarium. Have to do with this making ready a peep. As far as seeding people like Jesus saved the thief on the cross that could be done without knowledge of hell and health principles. Could it have been loaded to do people in various ages been saved without knowing anything about the said. Or health reform. Sure. Was cumber up things in this confused age. Why not do a lot of Billy Graham. And some of these imitator is within the remnant church. And just simply as the saying is preach Christ and make it simple and just help people who accept Jesus come to the altar and give their hearts to God and receive. Don't miss it. The assurance of eternal life. That's seen here all right from then on you say you're not at first base you've made a home run. You're in court. If you get interested in five day plans for weight control clinics or heartbeats it might make you live a little better and a little longer in this world find Sure. But that all that is not a matter of salvation. Now my telling the truth and what I've said the last minute or not it's a mixture is. It's a mixture. It's the truth of that's the way a lot of people thinking. But it's not the truth that that's the message for this hour the Misses for this hour is to make ready a people prepared for the last in the does Paul's infers the saloon five. Turn to the first this alone and five twenty three. What is to be preserved blameless to the communities. The whole man. All there is a. So the message for this hour deals with the body. As well as the mind and spirit. Why. Because dear for it. And then this is a truth that Seventh Day Adventists understand that the popular churches. Don't know it all because of their immortal soul doctors. You see to then the spirit of man is something separate from the buddy. And it can soften space and live independence. Of this corpus initial. If you get a coronary in diving. He go to heaven all the faster and the implications of that are not pretty but you and I believe that what we see we see with eyes that are made of flesh and blood. What we hear. We hear with the years that are made of flesh and blood and what we think. We think with a brain that used to be bread and potatoes and milk and beans on the table right. And live a question of whether those brain cells have a part of our part hawg has spiritual significance. Right. And so with exercise and all the rest. And so those whom one has wisely. Noted. Our doctrine of the state of the day. Has implications in Ireland or standing of the state of the living. The two are linked together. There are two sides of one kind and. So our doctrines eventually stickling have applications. In our practical life. This is why we have sanitary no. Let's note a beautiful reason for all this. Turn in your medical ministry to page two hundred twenty one. The third paragraph from the first dawn a reason. The human mind should become intelligent in regard to the physical structure here Joe home guy has given a specimen of him self. Four man was made in the image of God. What is a human being to twenty one of medical ministry. What is a human being. Yes but what is it calling here. A specimen. Specimen of himself. Here over as given and specimen of a new cell. Nah no wonder the devil works to degrade and destroy. Do you thought man. And we're working with God to restore that. Ourselves and those for whom we live in so our work is not merely to patch up. Don't miss it. To patch up for men and women so they can keep on transgressing the laws. Our job is to reach some people who will appreciate the opportunity to be restarted to that wonderful image. This is why we teach as well as he'll know. On those campus. God has given as an opportunity to not merely teach these things but to demonstrate can we are here. As a family it together. Living. What we teach and thank God we are. As we've already indicated. We see room for improvement right. And it is some of these rooms for improvement that I would like to explore with you in these early morning session. What can we do. To be more like a pad and. Dear friends. If we will come into line. There is no limit to what God wants to do. Oh he's a. Turn now to page fifteen. Of medical ministry. Bottom of page fifteen you may say why then why not then take hold of the work and heal the sick as Christ did I answer you are not ready. What is the inference here. Yet. Now turn over and we'll get the end. In plain English. There must be a reformation throughout our ranks. The people most reach a higher standard before we can expect the power of God to be manifested in a Mark manner for the evening of the see if we will take hold of the master. Take hold of all the power he has given us the salvation of God will be revealed. When you read the next sentence with me. Let me tell you that the sick will be healed. When we have to come to God in the right way. You notice she goes right on in the practical application we thank God that we have the medical missionary work wherever we carry the gospel we can teach the people how to take care of themselves. These few pages in this first chapter healing power and source are strong. On the practical balance between faith and works. Into sizing the importance of prayer in the healing of the sick but into sizing also the importance of health education and health rates on health practice. Let's put it this way. There are miracles that God wants to work in these rooms. In this institution. That cannot be worked. Until we reach a higher experience than we have yet rings. Now we've seen some miracles. Through the years. And I know that day by day the power of God is manifested in these halls and rooms. But folks. We want nor than we have don't we. Oh yes. We won the oil and while we appreciate all the research work that medical science is doing in the great universities and laboratories. We know that the answer to Earth's ills will never come to that channel. It takes a miracle. And God never intended that we should get so why. That all we have to do is turn to a certain prescription or a certain program. And that's it. You know he intended that all the way through. We should feel our humble. Dependence upon God. Our humble. Dependence upon God. You know I want to don't you saw the shame it would be to get to where we could do it without him. Page two thirty five to thirty five. Here is a sentence that just stands out like it was written in the letters of gold. On the page. The first sentence of the first paragraph. The for personal religion for all physicians in the sick room is essential to success in giving the simple treatment without drugs said tells me anything. It tells me this. That infidels and modernists can't get the same success with our methods that you and I can get if we're close to God that what is said. Well dear friends this is something you me not be able to demonstrate in the laboratory. But you can demonstrate it in human experience. Think up higher than the highest human thought can reach. Is God's ideal for his chin. Thank God for the going up. Personally and institutional But can we do. That's what we're gathered here to study. I invite your personal study. At the moment we have for studies. Schedule this morning. Thursday morning. Next Monday and Wednesday morning. We can have more later if you wait. I invite you to think and pray alone with God. What can I do. Each one of us to lift things. What can we do as a group. There's no limit to what can be done. If this little group that are represented here this morning. Set their hearts heaven no limit. Many of you are home hands. That is you have people in your home. That are looking to you for leadership. Many of you are department. That means you have students and others. Looking to you for leadership. Many of you are dealing directly with patients. Again. That means people are looking to you for leverage. Many of you are leaders in the church elders. Deacons dignities Sabbath school teachers. So full and so in these various phases of activity. You are leaders. There's nobody here this morning that isn't leading in some of those activities and some of you are leading in all of all brothers and sisters. What a glorious opportune. What a glorious opportunity to be linked with one hand with the Throne of God and with the other hand reaching out to help people. Well that's what we're doing day by day has that's what we're doing day by day. Now for a few minutes. I'd like to make a few practical suggestions for you to think about. We can look at it more fully. I'd like to suggest. That we have a potential. In this group right here this. If there were nobody else on this campus. A potential in soul winning. That we are receiving only there a meager returns from. I hesitate to approach this mathematical way but it's a simple way to do it. Let's see there are two four six and twelve fourteen. Of his hearing this morning. Suppose each person here this morning. One one soul to Christ in this message in one hundred seventy five. We can't win in a less than that can we could win Mark Oaten way that if we win any we'll win. One. Well somebody says Brother frizzy the nature of my work is such that I'm helping to keep the whole program going and the program well when somebody. That's what somebody else things to somebody else. But it's a sickle that reaps the grain and the sickle is a hand to right now. We're seeking to be practical and frank in this little group and I want to give you opportunity. Another morning to express and things yourself. You may or. Some of you want to say something this morning. But here's a question that I'd like to raise. Is there anybody here this morning that was more active in soul winning before you came to Wildwood than you are now. And not asking you to arrange that I've seen it happen right here on this can't. It's possible for it to have is that what we want you know. Now I know there are opportunities for soul winning right here in the institution and on the campus very well. That used. After all the matter of where we raise potatoes or strawberries is secondary to the question of are we raising them. She. If we're producing a school where we are in our home. In the institution. Fine. There are several great reasons why God gave us a field or along with Institution. Looking at it just simply from a medical standpoint. God's great program. Rather than for filling this sanitarium. To overflowing. Is a strong field program running all the time. Out in the homes of the people. That's his recipe. That's his method of shall I say advertising. The institution. Now we're doing quite a bit of that. Thank up. We have these wonderful five day plans and other community there. But none of these things that we do in reaching the masses. Can take the place of the follow up work and the preliminary work. Both both pretty level and preliminary and follow up of actually visiting the people in their homes. The patients who come to the Senate Terry and then go back to Chattanooga. Or any place within reach. They need to be followed up with this. They need to see that we're interested in them not just when their patients in our beds are on our trail where interested in them is people afterwards. When there's no pay for that. And there are thousands of others that need to be reached that have never walked these hall. Some of them will. If we go out where they are. I want to lay that on your hearts this moment. And I was greatly cheered in the simply last Thursday night. To hear some of you tell us during sing the schedules. So that people will have more time for this sort of thing. I want to challenge. The leaders to take the lead. If this little meeting this morning. If all it accomplished. Was for a number of you to get the burden to do something definite already in the field office campus. Once a week on a regular basis and take a student or a fellow worker with you folks. This would have been a wonderful meet it wonderful meeting. This is more than inspiration. It's inspiration to harness to getting something done. When you think about that. Now. If you need assignment. Talk to Brother boy. Brother Niemeyer brother Steve Koch sister vital. And if you can't get to them. Talk to me. I want to help every one of you to get harnessed up. And if you say I am so busy doing things that have to be done here. Talk with God about it. I have no desire to regiment anybody. Not at all. This is not something that we can do with that way. The lard must lead on your heart. But if we will do this work in the field. God will not only fail. Our institution and our campus to overflowing with people that need help and the kind of people we can best help. Spiritual into Kasia. He will give to each of us are richer experience. Because this is what happens. Deal. This is a lot of life. The bread is multiplied. As we give it away. Our own souls are blessed as we become the channel. Now. We have four minutes with somebody express whatever the market is putting your heart this morning. Either on something that's been said or something that was what have you gotten this morning in the heart by God's grace we're going to do about the time Christians this is assuming you have some serious. Moon. Time. When I was in recent times. If I got curious and confident and rid of. And this is a sample of what I says to call them Sister carpenter. Then could grow to say that more to have Tony her create an incentive enough on doors and that would be growing. But this is or were ten times more important to good of people they are they know and that they have contacted here is patients and follow them up worse they can do in a very beautiful way because they've had contact with in the here. There's something for all of us both of them to hear our voices as before I came here. I was not active in selling and never given by the Great. Lever first or worse during the last practice to write an essay Xolair that even with the rather than the precious. I want him to be here in the room go out and. If a young man with the been doing. And I've been trying to do it. We're going to buy them and my bird and fled with the name with vendor or lack by date but trying to do the least two or three of them. And we had a team set up but the Lord of the way they needed way. With the ration of the study and then you through the windings I'm sorry to hear. There may be somebody here that would like very much to roll a brother boy going on some work. Talent letting neural highrise. We're going to try to close on top. Let stacked know your all has many things to do. Threshers Lord this Mrs Ford died last and teaches hall with one hand on Jesus. To reach out the other souls that need him right here in this building in our will and out as far as guys spiritual rethink what this media was brought to you by audio person. 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