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Medical Missionary Work- Part 3

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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I word. And listen to the vice of the Spirit speaking through the inspired pages of the spirit of inspiration come upon us all. Really think that the same voice spoke in the long will. Can speak. Wrongs to speak to each one of us here for my master. For there is this little time that we are together the spawning shouted sing with the rethink the second chronic close the twenty fifth chapter. We have a very interesting story. You know. The Bible says that hard things so ever were written for time. Were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures. But have home. When those twenty third chapter Second Chronicles. We read about the experience of them and when the first verse. Gathered all Juda together. And they had three hundred thousand. Choice minute to go forth to war and then decide that he hired a hundredth of him in about or out of Israel. For one hundred talents of silver. No notice he had three hundred thousand. Hard. From the neighbor. Apostate Israel. The hundred thousand or four hundred talents and seven thirds. But there came a man of God to him saying own king Let not the army of Israel go with the. For the Lord is not with Israel. To it with all the children of the free. But if our go do it be strong for the battle. God shall make the fall before the end and for God. Power to help. And to cast down. And then Messiah said to the man of God But Rod shall we do for the hundred talents which I've given to the army of Israel. And the man of God answered. The lard is able to give them much more than that now there are several lessons that throng and on and says we read. First he should of us counsel of God when or. This for a second. It isn't a good thing to confederate. Not only with the word. But even with those who bear the name of the people of God. When because of their apostasy The Lord is not when we need a great deal of does certain men to know how to apply this. In a way that is not bigoted and narrow on the one hand or too broad on the other the third thing we notice here is that even when we have gotten into a hard situation. Thank God we can back out. Now we need that. You know a lot of people that build cars put a reverse gear in the car. There are times when the only way out is to back up. Can you back out or leaders should never back up the line as I was a leader. But the Spirit of Prophecy set them aside. You had better back out of it all that he says looked all in one it we've invested all money away for already and as prophet said I know about that the Lord is able to give you much more than pays to listen to The Spirit of Prophecy. Even when it means to back up and back out. Right. No you notice the result of it was. Runs that were not allowed to go or their anger was greatly came up. And they didn't like it at all and at any rate God blessed and. He went ahead with the program as God planned. No this morning. I'd like to have a sling for a little a bar person that are of following the Lord. On the grid and flower here in second prong approach let's go to the twentieth chapter in the twentieth verse. Here's another wonderful story. This is when will I be them and then came again for you to enjoy ha setout sought the larder earnestly and. The Lord heard him for going to put singers before the army as they went out. That was part of the twentieth verse here hasa thought said Hear me or what you are doing inhabitants of Jerusalem. Believe in the lard your god. So shall you be a stock. You need is profits so sure to prosper. How does prosperity come. In the sling to the profit. The sting to the price and God is given us in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy. So much pressure. Counts. And. This is what he wants to study. I'm so glad for this book medical ministry aren't you paid sixty two on page sixty one. Bottom of the page. I'm instructed to say. The dishing mean I'm instructed to say this in some idea that popped into our head. I am instructed to say that in our educational work there is to be no compromise. In order to meet the world's standards. Cards commandment keeping people are not to unite with a were to carry various lines of work according to World of plans and worldly ways to our people are now being tested in the So whether they will obtain their wisdom from the greatest teacher the world ever knew or seek of a god of X. or. Let us determine that we shall not be tied by so much as a friend to the education policy is those who do not deserve the balance of God and who will not hearken to his command. Down below the middle of the page. There is danger. In their attaching themselves to really an institution and working on to the ministrations of worldly physician. How this is why we have a toehold seven think God in the stack is that right fit and there is danger. Have we reached the time when literally thousands of our people are not afraid of this danger. All we have scar is an institution where the world in the church are all mixed up. We've come to a time and it's to weep about. When it's considered a wonderful gold I have a certain percentage of the total Step Seven that. The sector of a total. Has long since then surrendered. As impractical. Impossible. But now there was. Let me ask yourself if he would all agree. In the answer to this is merely a having the name on the church book. Is that to go. What is the reason for having a total as that. Isn't it so that every one is a living. Vibrant Christian. Capable of receiving from Jesus and passing on to the patient. In the student. Isn't that it had a new notice in what we read from Second Chronicles their point of thought that God did not want. Even the children of easy for him to go without army of to them since they had their golden calves. That they were worship. And I want to tell you something friend. There's too many members of the remnant church and too many institutions of the are in the church that are worshipping golden cad. And God says be careful. Don't get into that. Don't assume that that kind of help is what you need. No no no I don't. I'll be frank with you I don't know all the reasons why our minds are led to this snow. And I doubt if anybody here does. But I have found by long. Stereos that God often burdens our minds to study something to get his Freddie for something with a want of need a few minutes later or days or weeks later and. As I saw somewhere this quaint little way of putting it. The best time to prevent an accident is before it happened. And if you and I will study the spirit of prophecy and be afraid of early education. And we're Lunesta to shine and we're only physicians and were educated. They mean in the war we do. God wants to make news from the place. Truly and center. From which light really did him in a direction. So I want to measure up. I'm sorry. Minutes. So that I've been you know. You take in this matter. Flow in the English lead to look up something a little book that. The burden. And then the land. Formals printed in their little press. This is carbon medical events in this quick Reiber. And there were several numbers of that this tiny little. But but but in it. Much of it is quotation from the testimony of that Sister Wives of the bird. I want to read just a little here this morning. And let me say so but I will be misunderstood I do not have any specific thing in the mind. For one thing. I'm not sufficiently acquainted with Arlene quick meant that we have to be a judge. Number two I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable. To know what we need. And what is most important. So I'm not in any way. Sitting on the judgment seat when I read that having said that let me say I believe the reason the logging the warnings is because somewhere written that somewhere along the line and we have a have a corner of her room somebody happens to run against. How do you approve. Where you can move. There are going to write out of the two reasons One is somebody read and put against your report. But the basic reason is you have a hot coal. With. When we listen to the words of the Spirit of Prophecy. We see inward and that person either. Irritation. We can read wonder whether or not we have of course knew that my top our rooms and should be such that I had her the ray of the. Who JAG to us. So with this in mind I read. The this was written back in one thousand six when they were just starting to learn that perceptual days I've had of writing to you if you want to reconcile the business and number of private the medical event in those bribery the pages. Some of you that would like to have that extra copy for her several days I've thought of writing to you know I may have written to you regarding the equipment of your treatment for clearing that I have not I will come right to the point where we were at the Paradise Valley Senate and we were conducted to the new treatment room. One room was a labrat look at it up with electrical appliances or giving the patients treatment. That night I was instructed by some connected with the institution were introducing things for the treatment of this equipment. No one was conversing with the doctors and with great earnestness was never never carried out your wonder. There have been various mechanical devices. Brought into the treatment rooms that are expensive. Several things were mentioned that have been brought into the Senate which were not and this is the amount of money. Heard some of these machines cause. And the hour which must be paid to the one robber should be taken into consideration. No I'm reading this about a creek McGrew I'm trusting the Holy Spirit. Quiet all our work to our printing work in our tape recording work to every phase of our operation. I know what it means to quantum on those places when there was no mechanical equipment of any kind. Many of these three rows I've probably get in again with a new. And hundreds of these rows I've gone on up and down with the hope I've seen students. Many of them in the corner of the little gather her Winkle who wrote a tell her no tractor. No. All new power and. And those credit the now. I'd love to have assumed of our torture program the misunderstanding. I don't mean that I cry was a big paper I've been a child that can equip Quitman that isn't what I'm getting her to think brink. We want to keep in the first. We're preparing students to work right up to the Clintons of probation that right. Second. Beings mechanical things cost money. That's got to be earned some way. Add to the cost the expensive equipment. Whether in the print shop of paper card and the promise of creating the groom a medical who still lives at all that costs money. Costs and than Kaufman heard the more sophisticated our equipment. The more we narrow down the number of people who comes home and if people can drive a tractor. It isn't so easy to turn everybody has heard almost anybody can be turned loose with a whole heart a spade new See what I mean. The very purpose another reason for all of the simpler methods. Modern seven to fifteen more we run a company. Broaden the length to use implement it in the treatment of this. In all we do because that way he gets the go. He gets the globe. So. Sister by continuing on writing failed at the. No I am certain the care should be taken in purchasing electrical and Spearman's and cost to the mechanic and fix to low. Slowly brother Burton move slowly brother burden. And do not trust a man who suppose that they understand that his ascension and who launched our there and spending money across many things that require experts to hand. Someone has to put the solution is for the you know. Mother who had this. Libbers pounds soaking devised this when this when this and then Prine eleven. He had such a bunch of them so let us go how she was getting along and he said fine and said that she had to go to work to pay the money of her the maintenance and then to keep them operating room smile at that but the people that have the Pope a bit of them small and maintenance a valid reason get in the home. In the institution. It takes a lot of movement. Right. And it will be all his time going so we've come to regret that and puter. But work is going to be thinking. In another direction. That most simplicity. I read on several times I've been instructed but much agree elaborate cos the mentioning the used in giving cretins did not happen the work as much as is suppose. Just riveted. We do not get so good results as with the simple appliances we used in our early your experience with application the water in various simple way. The great blessing. High slab more to say about these matters later but I wish now to say that all patients should keep out of doors as much as possible. Many of the benefit by sleeping in the open air and those the Southern Californian heaps of patients out of doors as much as possible and give them cheering happy talks in the parlor with simple reading and Bible lessons easy to be understood virtue of being an encouragement to the soul who noticed the sperms to work is to be kept off simple. Talk on how hurtful. And do not you my brother become burden to bear in so many lines that you cannot take the simple lessons of hell Purple Rose. Notice this next statement commanders. Units inside. Those who go from the Senate Harry. Should go so well instructed that they can teach others limited to proving their family who had a girl. For every patient read in the book for every screwed her those who go from the Senate Harry and should go so well and stop the they can teach others the methods of creating their times. Notice how she comes back to it again and again. There is danger of spending product too much money on machinery and appliances. That patients can never use in their home lessons. Here is a fine strainer to put. Let me reword the pair of how the lesson I get from it. I should say rather than power of the lesson I get is the more we can use equipment that the patient can use when he goes home. The near reaching the subject. Had right things and all the surprise all along or nearly think of our students going out he. We want in our medical work in our agricultural work in everything he's of our program. As far as possible to use the equipment which people can use in West Virginia and Colorado. In Canada and sending in the text them I correct in the Don't misunderstand me. I don't want to be in the stream. And I don't want anybody here to. But I'll tell you one thing. I don't think we are very close to that. I think our human pendent and. And the influence of the education which we briefed see is to get us too close to the other days. With this that this is war and so there is a day here was spending far too much money on machinery and appliances. The patients can there ever be huge in their home us who should rather be taught how to regulate the died. So that the living machine that it will be will work in harmony and who are interested in the next and those of nine hundred six. Let them become intelligent. In regard to the importance of laying aside course its and sharpening their skirts. Such lessons will be with the women more valuable than that kind of them. All right now I leave that. And then I repeat what I said before I read and I have no particular thing as a target. The particular piece of equipment. In any of those the barber that I am hitting first thing I'm not acquainted enough would be quick second. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what we need in the pod we don't need. Purple Herman's will help us all as leaders hear them small to get a renewed vision of the beauty of simplicity. And the importance of creating art students in Memphis. Which they can you. In the jungles of Central America and. You know. Appalachian as well as being able to meet. Patients ever greater that we got here on the town hall right now my life could little for another experience. Another lesson. This is about Rivera. First things. Kratz chapter. If we remember that. Because of the. Path of Solomon. Things went from bad to worse in the turtle Kingdom of Israel and the nard had to allow the kingdom to be divided up the time of the death of Solomon. The perceptive and cause of this was the arrogant nature of the young King three a bone. As he took the throne. There when the Ten Tribes revoke the rebel on the symbol and all the army to grow up and fight and bring back. Who penned tribes. Twenty second verse the word of the lard word of God came under shimmy are the men of God speak under remember on the son of Solomon king of Juda number all the house of youth and Benjamin and to the remnant of the people same branch Seth a large who shall not go off nor fight against your brethren. The children of the return every man to his house for this thing is. The darkened Court of the word of the lard in return for the part recording to the words that are here is another case where a whole army was a sim ready to Groton fight. One than a prophet. Not the king. Not approved. Profit. Stood up and Akane and his council and send a whole army. Stop there has put in her Valleri apostasy. Sometimes they showed quite a bit of respect for the spirit of prophecy did a lot happier as to do it with it now. What was the council. Cried her going for their brethren. That's one thing. Bill five and Vince Tippett You know. One of the things I think a large fall in the development and progress of the work is the God again and again is impressed our hearts with this lesson. Not quieting. Our bread. There have been times when reports said been circulating that were seemingly damaging to the work we could have gotten our governments called a white paper. When presented our case. And document. Him cleared ourselves. Of the charge. But pilot might have stopped. Certain rumors. Who would read it put us in the position of seeming to attack others in the effort to defend ourselves. Both more than one offshoot his facts. Hangup. Kep Wildwood from growing that are now dear ones were in a moment. Favored attitude. Than many people who used to raise their eyebrows. When they heard the name while. But now let the hearts of Thanksgiving. But as all things in the moment of prosperity for learn. Stray danger one of the greatest blessings Todd wants is to cherish is the lesson of unity. Respect for and love for the church. In that fleeting. Respect for and love for our fellow workers on this campus. The leadership here in various life and respect for and love for our fellow workers. Cat heard over the country and over the world is represented in these next. We are not divided. Hall wrong by the wing in this poem says using the illustrations and physiology interested in kids. One member suffers what about me off so I pray that God will give us all in our deepest our. Greg love her people. His people. For Granted love his people. Now the world has its motivation for for there were owed deliberate living creeds upon the motivation of selfishness or competition. An enterprising sales manager in the world. Will say who is stuck now are going to give a prize to the salesman that sells enormous Chevrolets this month. Not so they all work to do well to get the most. The knowledge. If you and I are salesman on that team and I see you. Talking to a run of my customers. How do I think. Yeah. I don't bother that problem. He not. I'm about to close a deal on him. You see what I mean everything Renault and then like that most the into the of our lead. God were homely will. But somebody says the Brethren have made any responsible for a certain institution or a certain department of that institution. Indeed. What fall. Not to exploiting anybody. Not to build up yourself. At the expense of the. If you and I are leaders we are to be leaders in the lull. Leaders in generosity. But hard sell I do for the hundred talents of silver. That I've extended hard resident to read in that opening past. The lard is able to give the month lot of than this. I share with you. An interesting statement. In manuscript ninety six nineteen to hear the prophets. There is a sentiment among our people opposed by some it is true but held by many that each one connected with God's service may be sharp keen and designing in order to make the best possible showing indicating that his line of work is a success. Those who continue to hold her this idea will be bitterly disappointed when at the judgment they find that they have no place in the kingdom of God for our principles will never prevail in heaven not run Fred of selfishness is to be brought into any part of God's service in his work upon the earth. We are to be shrewd managers brother. Whether in the hospital the nutrition center in the press the tape recordings or in our home where to be shrewd learned that hatch prudent. Don't miss it is to be exercised in saving. That which would be wasted. Rather than whittling something off of somebody else. To build up my department. My face of the work. My institution. New see the difference. This is the difference between Heaven and Hell this or this is. I'm to be careful. Never wasting a nickel. But when I see an opportunity to advantage myself. Person other my department at the expense of some other person personally or his department. I'm to lean in the third store action. The whole rather pary the other party. Suspect. This is the prince. There are many statements on this page. And then says foundational in our total medical missionary program. The very essence. Through medical missionary work involved and love is not selfish. Further Ron's let's be very careful in all our departments to say. But never at the expense of our bedroom. When we have opportunity where we can mean little to little ladder and. Let's lean in the direction. General then what about the hundred talents of service. Rod is able to give you much more than that much more than. SR right tells about her. Lady over in Australia that embrace the true. And she needed help. And she has a patient and then finally she came and stayed with sister wife. Sister right took her into a home without any charge because they do women need to survive in writing about. For years I've had these things presented before me and I can. Ten thousand times more prosperity. The rest upon the families and institutions who will work on these principles. And does represent the character. Our interests. Small things onto a great prince. One is simplicity. Generosity. Simplicity simplicity and this media was brought to you by are you a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like more about audio or.


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