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Mercy and Truth Are Joined

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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Well airing the rustling of the league has returned to the text in the Bible. Horton thing is what God speaking through this book. Not there were ninety six. For are there are no Mark Twain. But it was once like. Was there for John together. Let's not put asunder. But God puts together man is not to separate. And there are some things that belong together because God is put them together. Turned out of it is his son we're going to read Psalm and I want you to look for some things that put together this friends were in the world and were in a generation when everything that God has put together the devil is trying to put asunder. The home obviously is one thing but that isn't the only thing that God has joined together. Says separate at work trying to segregate banged a fragment trying to decimate trying to get one way from something is this union anarchy that's his program. But go join together. Put asunder. It is some I'm going to read me a response of they all read the verse. First second and so on Lord does. Been favorable on to the land that was brought back the captivity of Jacob. Alright alright alright. Taken away all the Iraq has turned eyes fell from the fierceness of the night. Well the big bang theory with us forever. Well called all signing good to all generations. Show us the time or say oh lord and grant us does salvation. Oh Oh surely. His salvation is not then the theory that Gloria. Made well in our life. Through vel sprang out of the or rightist shall look down from heaven right. Shall go over for him and shall set us in the way of his. All you noticed two great crates are attributes that are said to meet together. In the tenth verse. And in the beautiful repetition of Hebrew portray the thought. Mirza say truth. Met together. Right to snow. Kissed each other another the translations puts it this way loving kind of has met together. Love and Truth in other words are joined together in God's program. Bible translated love and fidelity. Have come together. Justice and Peace. And another translation to love and loyalty and me. Right to snip. No embrace. No I was on the meeting of these two great attributes because the devil has been trying for six thousand years. To separate these two attributes. We may call them justice and mercy. We may call them truth and love. One emphasizes prick to the line. Character of God. The other emphasizes the mercy forgiving kind. And the devil is trying to do us. Separate them but what God has joined together that not man put asunder and nor on. No on truly understands one side of the character of God on this matter unless he understand the other the two are not disassociate. They are not antagonistic. Won election of the other. Mercy and truth are met together. Writes isness and piece of kissed each other they've embraced. This was wonderful and glorious and it demonstrated that the crawl. Here was a complete manifestation of the character of God. That's across justice and mercy. Love and troth met an embrace. I wanted to notice a most vivid presentation of this meeting. Then selected messages. Book one page three forty nine. This is a most of the line presentation. The grace of Christ and the love of God or inseparable. But is inseparable me. You can't separate the devil says I'll cry just watch me. God says you cannot do it. You cannot do it. Which do you vote call God or think you think they can be separated. Tell you my friend there are many things passing for the gospel today that's separate. And then you separate then you really have neither one when you get through on tell you that the grace of Christ and the love of God are inseparable. Jesus mercy and truth are met together. Right to snow sent these have kissed each other in his life and character. You not only reveals the character of God but the possibility of man. He was the representative of God and the example of humanity. He presented to the world what humanity might become when united by phase within it. Notice he was not only a substitute. He was that certain. But he was a demonstration of what By the grace of God can they rot in our lives. Aren't you glad he was the representative of God and examiner's humanity presented doesn't word what humanity might become when united by faith with the THEN it. Now comes the sublime presentation of what happened at the cross. The only because in Son of God took a bone in the nature of man and stablished his cross between earth and heaven. Through the cross and then was drawn to God and God to man man was drawn to God and God to man. Where are you drawn to God for the girl. In what sense. Could it be that God is gone to men through the crawl. God love man or because of the call. They love man more after the cross and therefore no. Well then in what sense in this sense for it at the cross God saw a way. He demonstrated the way he revealed the way and gone. Representing justice upon the throne of the universe. Saw way. That man could be pardoned. Without in any sense weakening the structure and justice of the universe. He saw how man could be forgiven without setting this. The laws. He saw how he could bend toward the repenting sinner without in any sense except ing or condoning the sin. That's what God still at the girl who's across man was drawn to God and God to man. Justice. Move from its position. And the heavenly host the arm is of the holding this group. Near to the cross by bowing with reverence for at the cross justice who is satisfied cries to on the cross. Bore everything that justice requires cries tasted death for every man. He pay that he paid my rent or I am so thankful for that Love-R. into for it. Justice move from its position and the heaven little the arm is a hole in the groove near to the cross bowing with reverence for at the crawl justice. Was satisfied. Then in desire the ages for it is spent seven sixty two again. Is wonderful thoughts are beautifully expressed. Seven sixty two. God's love has been expressed in his justice. No less than N. is mercy. I've pondered over the state. On my page I've drawn a ring around those words no less. That means something. We think of the mercy of God is revealing is love. And what is that mercy. Infinite mercy. As we say in the song. Grey's that is greater than all hours. And then printed love. Revealed in an infinite mercy. But this is the God's love is been expressed in is justice. No less than in is mercy. Justice. Just as much an expression of God's love is mercy. Now. To do so if we don't comprehend that. Should I say if we don't agree with it that's what I mean I think what's the matter. We need a different view of justice. Or else we need a different view of mercy or God's love has been expressed in his justice no on less than in his mercy. And if we understand God or right we see God's love and his justice as well as God's love in His mercy. Justice is the foundation of is thrown in the fruit of his love is the word suffering today because of a permissive attitude toward law breaking criminals roaming. I always and going through the streets of our cities making a life saving both country and city. Because my friend. There is only one chance and several that the criminal ever be call it is called There is only one chance and several that he'll ever be convicted. And if he's convicted there's only one chance in several that he'll sell for the penalty. To the nth degree. And so the law of averages is all on the side of the criminal and love break. Man has become so soft. So primitive that the criminal. High handed rebel that defies the law. The justice of God. It recognizes that the law. Must be enforced and that with that is wrapped up in order the entire universe. What shall we say then of a gospel is so-called gospel which would present. Bart. Presenting obedience of cries as something which is a substitute for man's will be. Cries for man. And then go is free and is free to continue and transgress. You can go right on breaking the law but you say. Because of the sacrifice of Christ. My friend that is not the gospel. That is not the God of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation from the sea for everyone that believe and in the Gospel. God's love is revealed and is justice. No less than in his mercy. Shows this is the foundation of his throne in the protocol is love. It had been Satan's purpose to divorce mercy from truth and justice. Interesting word divorce. Are opening text was speaking of the right in the groom the husband in the why. There are no more train but one. For God to join together let not men but asunder. But do we call it. When one of the other part it gets a legal separation from the other divorce. And that's been the devil's purpose to divorce. Mercy from truth and justice. That's been a thing all down through. And he's working at it just as he's working overtime to fail the divorce courts of our land. So he is working to separate in the mind of man the concept of mercy and the concept of justice. It was say this purpose to divorce mercy from truth and justice. Sought to prove that the right business of God's law is an enemy to pee but Christ. That in God's plan together. The one cannot exist without the other. Well I think that's wonderful. There would be no mercy. No real mercy no lasting mercy. No worthwhile mercy no effective Mercy Mercy God's justice could be set aside an equal. There would be no justice. Norio justice God's mercy could be the one cannot exist without the other. And then the prophet coats this wonderful text which we read here from some eighty five. And I want you're looking at it there the tenth first. Let's read it again together all together. Together right there. Oh I think that's beautiful don't you pray. And the bride and groom are John in the waiting. Sometimes the not only joined this is a picture here. Mersin through together right or of my friends between justice and mercy in the character. And what God is joined together let not men put asunder. Now. This must be true in our experience. Prove the revelation of God's will that we may know it right is a demonstration of God's Will doing. Cruel. Knowing God's will right just doing it. Response. The leading the truth. There right is both a made possible through the gift of pride. The True. John fourteen six. Been man against the spirit. They get to write his rights to the Senate that covers great trends Gratian it's best of the pen it. Right. Which not only covers am very mind that the right of the law might be fulfilled in the wrong. Not up to the spirit. And this right to screw. Just this revelation of the will of God in knowing it and doing it is not something against the love or instead of love. Love is not a substitute for right. Neither is faith a substitute for right. Man's response to God truth and love is an expression of man's response to God's love men did in obedience. So turn to going to the fifth chapter verses five and six. Or we spirits. Wait for the hope of right. For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision of a live thing a thing nor uncircumcision but which work by the thought of a month's worth something what get something down. But it went work at Bi-Lo life all you mean faith work. Sure. It was made to work for it you know people knew that there was the machine they get from the fact that it doesn't work but they do it again make a very strong stand. That doesn't work that won't work they can't work. It was Paul is right and there are many thing that I think that is it's worth something get something done is they've which work. But I love. And that doesn't mean to run off and try to work without either faith or love that will work for us. That's a legal aid. That's what people in there. And they see somebody seeking to keep the commandments of God in the faith and. They say that's legal and. They don't understand the legal. Legalism is trying to do right. Without God. Trying to be right says without forgiving grandson the sanctifying grace of Jesus Christ. Trying to keep it all without the end Welling spirit in the sprinkling of the blood of the turnover not of first Peter. The first chapter. I want to see. It's impossible to do that but it doesn't mean that it's impossible to do it the right me anything God says can be done. Brain. But do you say rather word of the King is there is no as many as received him to then gave he power. First Peter the first chapter in the second for Peter's writing a pistol. To the people of God scattered throughout various parts of the world and that includes us right and was written for our admonition. Second verse. Lect according to the fore knowledge of God the Father. Through sanctification of the Spirit unto all obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. So this precious Grace. Unto obedience that's the purpose of it. Fall in Romans one five reading the margin calls that they will be the end so it does save all of a yes if it doesn't obey it is NOT think it's present. Jesus Injun seventeen seventeen. Thank God then through the with the word is true and I was meditating on some of these texts. I was thinking about the beautiful rainbow. What color the rainbow. It's all covered in it in a full yellow green and Violet merging and blending But you know all those colors and don't miss it a ray of light out here in the morning sun right. Or in screamed. Remember every one of them has read it every one is aren't and everyone all the other come. They're all in it or somebody. Well I can't see it there anyway. You got this. Shower in the right position. Reference to your eye in the sun the rain drops like a little prison. Writing up the life. Color. You can do the same with a little prism. Refract the light. Ragged up in the cutter the rainbow. The drops of water don't add any content. They merely show you how do you ever a ray of light. And I telling the truth. That's the way it is doctoring. Doctoring the eye doctor you tell me if I'm getting it right because your heart's friend. At the crawl across the temple of wrath against broke up. The designed justice and mercy were seen to be an expression of the Infinite Love of God and around the throne forever. No rain. That represent the union of justice and mercy. In the plan of salvation. But go on together let not men put asunder. All my friends I'm afraid I'm afraid of it in which would attempt to emphasize one that the expense of the other who is in a message which seeks to pit one against the other. Any message which would her. Against those who would join both of the. We need Bill. We need the white light not merely a red. But it is red white right. Not merely blue although it is moving. White light is not yellow. Although it includes yellow white light. Include the red blue and yellow and all the various combinations of the are in the purple. The Green. Beautiful is and so it is with the character of God and it's all summed up in that one word love for God is love. And as we do that character. And as we bring it to the prism of Calvary. And see the justice in the mercy. The life and the day. The glory and the shame. The for given is the justification the sanctification the right does this imputed in the right system is imparted. As we see all these colors as it were of the white light of God's character. That is not seek to run all but one of those colors and say this is it I've got the whole thing or you don't have the whole thing is the whole thing my for meaning of recolour of the rainbow. Make the white light of God's perfect carry. The the the the the the the the both. This media was brought to you by audiotape a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free certain audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio. Like to listen more sermon audio. Top or.


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