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Purified & Preserved

Danielle Harrison


What exactly does it mean to abide with Jesus? And how must we work together with Him in the preservation of purity? In "Purified and Preserved" Danielle Harrison outlines these points, striving to make them vivid and tangible for those who are also hungering and thirsting after righteousness.


Danielle Harrison

Involved in "Into His Light" Ministries and Associate of "Coming Out Ministries"




  • August 15, 2015
    8:00 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father. I'm thankful that you've brought each and every one of us here this morning. And that you have a special message to speak to us not only through this presentation but by all of the presentations that have been put together and Lord we're told in the spirit of prophecy that. Because the enemy is a life on this earth and he has seen what I have put together. And he has also seen the things that each person here has been struggling with he will do all that he can to distract in the very moment that the information that is being presented is needed the most. And so Lord I pray that he would not be permitted to come here. But G.'s us who has already won the victory on the cross. Would be in control. And that only holy angels from heaven would be permitted in this room in this building and pray for all of the people who are in this hotel and and working in this hotel. Who don't know you Lord May they see you in a this weekend. And maybe be a witness to those around us. Lord. This morning as we look at the topic of victory over sin and abiding in Christ. Lord I pray that you will speak to us. Maybe things that we've heard before but in a way that's a different. That we haven't heard them in a way that we haven't heard them before and more and I just pray that for each and every person here you will make these concepts tangible. To them something that they can graft. That they can feel that they can see that they can understand. And may you be glorified Lord Me Jesus. Be the center of every word I speak. And may He be seen in Jesus name in men. So like I said we're going to be looking at victory over sin and abiding in Christ and we. We hear that all throughout our lives and we know that we need that. But what exactly does that mean for me. How does that apply for me in my life in my journey. Well I left off yesterday at the point of my baptism. And I talked a little bit last night how God has brought me into full time ministry now. And how he's led me all the way in that but he's also led me forward. In the maintenance of the victory that he established. For me at that baptism or before that baptism. So let's go ahead and dive right in. You know. Like I said I had given my heart and life completely. To Jesus. And I said Lord in the victory that you have a stablished me in. I need you to keep me because I've I've made promises to myself before and I know that I can't keep those promises and. I made a new covenant with the Lord and and asked him to move me forward in that purity So for those of you who weren't here early yesterday. To hear that I had were a white dress. All day before my baptism in a red dress on earth. Excuse me a red dress all day before my baptism. And a white dress all day after my baptism to symbolize that cleansing that God had given to me. And so some people say how. How can this kind of a transformation take place. How can something of this magnitude. Be maintained. When I in my life have continued to return to the sins that I have confessed and repented of. And I can tell you that. It's only by the power of God. And that's what we've been looking at here right just as by faith means that only God can establish and maintain that kind of a victory. And so. Now as we're moving forward. We realize that a butterfly cannot bring forth that amazing transformation of going from from Caterpillar into the chrysalis. And being totally reformed into a whole new creature right he he cannot in any way shape or form. Make himself into a butterfly. All he can do is submit himself to the work that God is doing. He has to he has to lay himself down in that position of surrender and allow the Lord to to pull his skin off and recreate him from the inside out. And then he becomes what God intended for him to be. And this is the process that we're entering into in right just missed by face and his very nature now being a butterfly a creature that no longer creeps on the earth but flies in the air. His very nature is the evidence of the fact that he has made that surrender and he's continued in that surrender. Until that transformation was complete. And every point to that I came to have victory on in my life. Came of the result of having a new perspective. So I'm going to ask you now what do you see when you look at this photo. Don't be shy. Yes So some people see the faces. And some people see the copyright. And some people will see one and not see the other until it's mentioned. Some will see both at first but once you've seen both of the images I think you can't unsee them and they're both there. And they're both recognizable to you even if they weren't at first. And I think that this shows that God created our minds to function in different ways while. I might see the faces in you might see the cup and we might not see it from each other's perspective at first you know God gave us different perspectives and different. Enjoyment and desire so that everything gets done right. But he desires for us to come to see things from his perspective. And as I obtain the. The perspective of God When I came to see the things in my life. From God's perspective. When I came to see my sin as sin. And something that was only injuring me and that I needed to be free from only then was he able to move me forward into the process of being liberated from that. Only when I saw how I needed to be free from this thing and that. I couldn't hang on to the love that I had for it was he able to move me forward into this relationship with Jesus. And so here is an example of one of those things that God gave me a new perspective on a paradigm shift right. I had become a Christian and I was sitting there and I was thinking. You know I'm going to go read the commandments. You know where we're familiar with the commandments but how often do we just sit down and read them right. So I decided I was going to do that and I'm reading and that I shall not kill now shall not steal that shalt not covet right. And and this fog process came into my mind that says Danielle you've been you've been putting the emphasis in the wrong place. Because so often we look at the commandments and we see the shout not. At that I shall nod. And we put the emphasis on the not right. But God desires forest. To see the in for sis. In a different place. Because God wants us to realize that we shall not kill. We shall not steal. We shall not lie. We shall not commit adultery we shall be free from these things that are injuring us that are separating us from him. And when we start putting the emphasis on the shall then the commandments aren't just rules to keep us from the things in life that. That I should be able to practice as a human being no now we see that God is issuing these as liberating statements as promises that we can be free from these things that we set us in this world. That is so damaging to us. And as we we start to see the things in our life and conviction comes in as we realize that these things are injuring us. They're injuring those around us and and there injuring Jesus there injuring God who has poured out his whole life and everything within him to to give us that promise victory. That God gives us and conviction. But you see when. When we live in this world that teaches us to live by our feelings while your heart. Listen to your Harley your heart. Side. We don't want to. We don't want to submit to that conviction that. That hurts. I met with a girl. A few weeks ago. And she was sixteen and she had been abused by someone in the church and as a result she had come to be really confused about her sexuality. And she had started a relationship with one of her girlfriends and. We were just talking. And I said. Do you believe in the Bible as true and real. And she said that while she had an experience Jesus is something that was real in her heart and her life. She did believe that the Bible was true. So I said. How would you feel about just us looking at some of what the Bible has to say about same sex relationships and she says sure we can do that. So as I started to read some of the verses with her in a very non-threatening way and I had opened up my history to her so she knew where I was coming from. I just opened up the scriptures and we looked at them together and she was like wow. I have never seen that before I did not know that was in the Bible. Even though she had been going to church for a long time right before she had had been abused and stopped going. And as she saw it from God's perspective and we went to Romans one and I said let's look at the descriptive words that God uses to. So we can see how God looks at this topic. She looked at them and she was just like. I could see in her face the conviction array. And I said how. What are you thinking. How do you feel and she says I feel bad. And I said well why do you feel bad she says. I realize I've made a huge mistake. And I said well only you know what's happening right now is. God has created this safety zone within which we can be. We can be safe and when we when we go outside of God's will when we accept that safety zone we go into an area of life experiences that those things in giraffes. And so. Because of sin. God shows us in Genesis three. That he had to bring thorns and for this world right. And so. God has the lines are narrow path to heaven with a hedge. And he's placed thorns on that hedge. And what's happening honey is that you've you've gone off the past. You're going the wrong way and you're getting into that hedge. And you're being prepped by those thorns. And the world tries to teach us to to listen to our feelings and so you're going to want to turn away from God. You're going to want to feel ashamed you're going to want to turn away from him but you know what you don't have to do that this prick this conviction is a gift from God He has placed those thorns there. As a gift to you to show you that you're going in the wrong direction. And to show you that you can turn back onto the right path. And from that conviction you can turn to God not from him. So we run away from the convictions for a lot of different reeling with a lot of different reasons right a lot of different feelings. Cause us to turn away from those convictions you know we have pride we have selfishness we have to feel fear of failure. But when we when we push through that conviction and we. We turn away from God because of that conviction. It brings a lot of other things into our life to more shame or guilt. Sometimes even anger. Restlessness resent him and and. It just causes this vicious cycle. Within us. So. So I hope that this can become vivid to you that when you have that conviction you can turn to God and not from him. And I think we've kind of covered this already in our talks. It's a spirit of prophecy says that no man can empty himself of self. We can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work. Then the language of our soul will be Lord. Take my heart. For I cannot give it. It is via property keep it pure. For I cannot keep it for the saved me. In spite of myself. My weak. Un-Christ like self. Mould me. Fashion me. Raised me into a pure and holy atmosphere which is where the rich current of the I love. Can flow through my soul. Let this be the prayer of your soul today. Let this be the prayer in our hearts. Every moment of every day. To realize that in everything we need Jesus. And we cannot venture forth. For even a moment. Without him. And as we are walking through this process of conviction and surrender and repentance meaning turning away from that hedges Fornes and going back on to the. The middle of the path to straighten their own path it's it can be painful. It's not easy to experience that prick it's not easy to pull away from those things that. That we've grown addicted to and dependent upon. It's definitely not easy and it reminds me of how. When I started to learn about gardening and. And I would see how they would prune the tomato plants he would tell us we would have to pluck off these parts of the plants with. He called them the suckers. Pull off the suckers and I said you know because I was all into energy healing and everything was energy and. I was studying about auras and stuff at the time it was like. But you're injuring the plant. You know you're supposed to be caring for the plant how can you. How can you be injuring the plant and so I didn't understand it. And the husbandman has to go out into his field and his orchard and he have to prune away the branches on the trees right but this did not make sense to me until I started to understand that if you have all of these unfruitful areas. On the plant. Basically what's happening is all a lot of the energy is going to those extra branches those extra vines. Those extra leaves that aren't really going to render any fruit. So if you clip those away. And you take away those unproductive branches that means you're going to have bigger fruit. You're going to have sweeter fruit. And this is what God is doing in your life. He's trying to prune away the things out of your life that are unproductive. So that he can make you more fruitful for the kingdom of heaven. And so if we can realise this when. When God is saying look at this this action that you're doing this thing that you're participating in. It's it's casting a weight on the wrong sky. Side of the scale. Because everything we do cash to wait for eternity for for God or for the world. And he's trying to say look this is. This is on the wrong side of the scale he's trying to help you to realize that by this action you're becoming more fruitful for the world. But if you. If you go back to him you can be more fruitful for eternity for your own soul and for those around you because you're not just impacting your own eternity but you're also influencing those around you as well for heaven or for how. So God was showing me. God was showing me from this very experience that I can trust him that he only calls me to give something up if it means he has something better and store. Isn't that a beautiful picture. But you know what we have to have. We have to have that journey that continues with God. Right because by face. The people stepped into the Red Sea and it wasn't until they stepped into the water that a parted right it was by faith that they were able to journey into that path across the Red Sea But what would have happened if they if they got to the middle and they said. All praise God he loves me just the way that I am. You know and they kind of sat down and and had a picnic there. And they just stayed there right what happened. Does it stay open forever. When the right the see a closed behind them. That was what kept the enemy away. And so we have to continue on that journey over to the other side. Because the fee is going to close behind us and and faith without works is that we're told that in in jeans to twenty. And so we do have a part to play and. We have to continue to walk forward saying to pick a sion is not gained by happy. Flight of feeling but it is a result of country. Constantly dying to sin and constantly living. To Christ. So long a certain range. We show have self to subdue be fighting sin. To overcome. And so long as life shall last. There will be no stopping place. And no point. Which we can reach and say that I have fully attained. Think if occasion as a result of a life long walk. Of obedience. So this. This passage of Tulsa us. That part of thing to the cation is obedience. And that obedience is obtained through continual surrender to God's will and to his way. And we have to choose him. In each moment itself arises and that temptation comes back again. Some people think alike and like I said yesterday in my. My testimony I talked about how you know I came out of the water in my baptism. Choking up water and said even when I'm dying I'm still trying to live right. Some people think that once they give their heart to Jesus they become a Christian that. You know we're just going to be on that escalator to heaven and it's all going to be easy and God's just going to pave the way riots. But it doesn't always work like that because life is a battle. We're in a war zone right. We're in a war to show. All of the universe. The character of God. The Spirit of Truth and white will quicken and renew us by its mysterious working for all our spiritual improvement comes from God and not from ourselves. The true worker will have divine power in aid. But the idle. The Idler will not be sustained by the Spirit of God. So arse are part is to respond to the evidences of God in our life and to corrupt overrate with him on the journey home. You know the Hiker's Guide. It won't get you there right it won't. It would make the track for you. But it will show you the way to get to the summit. If you will follow it. Right. So our journey as Christians. If it isn't. It isn't an escalator. It's. It's a monumental track. It's a journey. It has highs and lows it has it has valleys and hills. And we might have to stand alone at times. But if we keep our sights on Jesus if we keep our eyes on the prize on the goal then. Christ will bring us there. He will keep us on the way. And I learned this while I was out at that health center and I was taking the seeds and putting them in the soil and watching them sprout and seeing the full circle experience right and I learned that the CD uses all of the energy contained within itself. To create the to coddle Eden's. That's what those first two leaves are called. So the all of the energy contained within the seed sends down the roots and pushes up those first two Kartel Eden's. And then the plant starts to the seed starts to gain its inner journey from the sun. And that's what causes the plant to grow through photosynthesis right. And so we use all of the energy within ourselves to reach up our to first Carl Levin's right fit and to reach out to Christ and then that's how we receive the power and the energy to to have the victory. So. All you have to do is use your energy towards. All the energy that you have to reach towards God. And in different times in different ways all that energy means different things. And for me on my walk all that energy means something different to to an infant who is just learning how to walk right. We're called to a higher standard as we have greater light. God is calling us higher he's he's calling us from glory to glory. Right because he wants to manifest the perfect character of his son. Within us. That is the fruit. That we show the universe. His true character through this is this is my dad in his little vineyard he doesn't have a a vineyard he has a vine. But to this is him. Very pleased with his fruits. And I see a piece in his face as he's looking at this fruit and he's grateful for all the efforts that he's put forward now to have a harvest. Right. And so let's talk more deeply about abiding in Jesus what that really means. Believe that you no longer need to live according to your feelings and old nature but that you can live for what God wants for us this set of reckoning must happen not just once but every time the trigger comes. Whether that trigger is a threatening situation and enticing idea. And emotion and the impulse whatever swells within us. Every time that temptation is. Every time we are tempted to and indulge in old habit we must recommit our lives and repurpose in our hearts at that moment that we are a new creature. And that Jesus will C.F. through. As we persistently continue in faith to deny the old response and practice the new healthy one. The day will come when that old and godly have it will have been phased out of our life. It has been overcome and replaced by a Christ like habit. That will never need changing. Isn't that a beautiful promise. That's from the book. The vocal response therapy. And that's by Dan Gabbert and it's a really good resource for anyone that is really wanting to know how to respond by Christ in Earth's situations of the vocal response therapy by Dan Gabbert and as we're in training into this process of of responding in a new way every time the trigger comes we're actually creating a physical rewiring within our brain science is shown that the the neurotransmitters in our brain that we use. They become strengthened it's like a muscle every time we use that neurotransmitter that neural pathway. It becomes strengthened. But every time we cease to use that pathway. It becomes less more weak becomes more and more weak. And as we cease to use those pathways they actually atrophy and die. Those neural pathways that we don't use anymore. They're dead and they're gone. So there is actually something physical happening within our brain. And that really helped me to understand why. Every act. Cast its weight. Right. Because if we continue to indulge we're not allowing our brain to have that transformation and something else of science has found really helped me to understand this. It shows that the average cry. Craving. Last about three and a half minutes. So that's average some last longer some are over quick. Or but the average craving last three and a half minutes and it takes an average of forty five days. To create a new habit in your brain. So now I am. I'm able to say OK. This temptation is coming in and I'm going to turn to Christ. And I'm going to abide with him right. Can I spin. The next three and a half minutes with Jesus. Can I do that. Yes I can. I can. And if I know that if I do that every time the temptation comes in within about forty five days I'll have a new route established within my brain. Right. So this kind of brings the mountain that you can never summit into a molehill that you can easily step over right. I can abide with Christ. For the next three and a half minutes. Isn't that a powerful thought. I thought this was so beautiful and this has really helped me to stay on the path of righteousness. Those who are watching on to prayer and searching the scriptures daily with an earnest desire to know when do the will of God will not be led astray by any of the deceptions of Satan. When I read this passage. It was powerful because it says. We will not be led astray by any of the deceptions of thing that doesn't say some more wonder if you were the ones that you're really aware of it says in the. And it shows us the part that we can play right it says watching on to prayer. Searching the scriptures daily and keeping an earnest desire to know and do the will of God. I think that this is something tangible that we can know when do in practice. To keep us on that path and I think that these are the kind of promises that we need to dig for that we need to search for that we need to read for. You know we need to be searching the scriptures daily so that we can find these power passages that help us to know how to stay on the path and make it real for us make it tangible for us. And as much as I encourage you to read the Scriptures. And that's where our power is found we also have been given a priceless gift of the Spirit of Prophecy and. You know some of some of our young people in the church today they're not really sure. You know they've they've kind of been beat over the head with Alan Light and they're like whatever they don't want to hear it. You know. But when I started reading these these books for myself I couldn't help but know that they're inspired. There is something about these writings. They are so beautiful and they're very vivid. And they make it tangible for us. They make it something that we can grasp that we can see that we can here she put you in the place and she help should understand and. And for us young people we have very special counsel that it can help us be established and maintained on the journey of purity. Adventist home. Messages to young people. Letters to young lovers. And the compilation testimonies on sexual behavior. Adultery and divorce how many of you have even heard of that compilation. A few was. There's a lot of you that haven't. You know I I didn't even know there was a compilation like that she has given us a lot of counsel on these things. So. So abide in the Scriptures daily and search the spirit of prophecy and you will not be lot of stray. As long as you have that earnest desire to know and do the will of God. Let's look now at how the act of violating God's law begins in the mind. We have to become mindful of our thoughts. It's easy to allow things to roll around in our brain that we don't even realize we're thinking. Right. And so we have to. We have to become mindful of our thoughts and understanding the cause to affect the latter has really helped me to understand why this is important and you know we have this. This selfish path that. That we walk on you know. And it starts with sensory input. Because what we are exposed to sways our thoughts right. And if we are. If we're having selfish. Sensory input. Then we are. We are being swayed by Satan flies and we can look it at selfish. Sensory input. As the seeds of Satan lies. Satan's lies right. And then. If we if we realize that our that the sensory input. Guides our thoughts. And we can look at the thought as the water the water that that causes those seeds to to sprout right to germinate. And then the thoughts lead to actions and. And our actions are kind of like the sunlight. That cultivates the plans and and gives it the strength to continue to grow. Writing. And then we have our habits. And our habits are like the flowers. That show. What has been cultivated in our lives. And then we have our character. And the character really is the fruit of the matter. Right. And so if we have selfish. Sensory input we're going to have selfish thoughts with should lead to selfish actions that cultivate selfish habits and bring forth a selfish character. And we're told that our character is the only thing that we take to heaven with us right. So our character determines our destiny. And so we have to continue to dig up every root of unbelief. When the poisonous plants are pulled up. They cease to grow. For want of nourishment. In word and action. The soul must have the precious plants of faith and love put in the soil of the heart. And in Thrones there. So have you ever gone up to a planet just plucked off the leaves. And then wondered why the plant keeps growing. You can't just focus on the habit the habit the habit. You have to go back to the root. You have to go back to the sensory input. And the thoughts that you're thinking and realize that only when you. When you pull it up from the root. When you really be able to experience that victory that you're hungering and thirsting for. You have to realize that you're not just in a physical battle of what you're wrestling with in your temptation. You are in a spiritual warfare. And there is a power working behind the scenes if we could see all of the angels in this room. Right. We don't realize how much of a battle were in spiritually so trying become mindful of that trying to keep yourself. Realizing that you are in a spiritual battle. And that this isn't just something that's right in front of you. You cannot allow yourself to believe the lies that the enemy whispers and share into your mind. Because he's going to try and tell you oh you don't need to change he's going to try and tell you oh you haven't changed. He's going to try and tell you oh it's OK. In this instance in this circumstance he's going to try and get you to compromise. And he's going to try and conjured to reason through and justify what you're doing. But if it's something coming into your mind that is against the expressed will of God you can know that that thought is not from him it's from the enemy. And if it's from same than. You don't have to say oh my god my thought. No you don't have to own that five. You don't have to accept it as your own you can say this is not mine. I will not accept it I'm going to leave it here and I'm going to choose to think instead. What the Lord says. I'm going to claim his promises that he has given in His word because what did God use to create the universe. His words he spoke. And it was so it stood fast when he commanded right. And so when we start incorporating the words of God the promises of God into our prayers we are tapping into a power greater than we could ever. Fabens. Constant war against the carnal mind must be maintained. And we must be aided by the refining influence of the grace of God will watch which will attract the mind upward and help it you waited to meditate on pure and holy things. So if we have beautiful. Godly holy influences coming into our mind. The Finn three in puts from God. Then that will plant his seat and our mind. And our our thoughts will. Water those seeds and our actions will be the sunlight upon those seeds and. And our habits will show the flowers and our character will show the fruit of God seed being planted in our mind. And that will lead us into a holy. Destiny. So we're told that we must guard the avenues of the soul. We can just become mindful of our thoughts we also have to guard the avenues of the soul. We're told that we have to be well Sentinel. And a sentinel is basically a got a guard that stands watch as a soldier that stands watch so we have to put a soldier at each one of the posts through which information can enter into our minds. This is a. This is a powerful quote here you will have to become a faithful sentinel over your eyes ears and all your senses. If you would control your mind and prevent faint and corrupt thoughts from staining your soul. The power of grace alone can accomplish this most desirable work. And you know. My view can buy it. It's not what save face me right. Practicing the eight Laws of health it's not what saves me. And neither just dress reform or following courtship principles. Neither does abstaining from watching television or being very selective about the music that I listen to these things aren't my salvation but you know what they are tool that. Keep my mind pure and clean. They are tools that keep my thoughts stayed on holy things and you know God has helped me to realize that I can use these principles. In my in might moments of temptation. Whenever something. Of fact comes in and I am tempted. I have to make a physical action I have to get up and walk away from where I am and not just sit there and and be in that same place. If I physically get up and walk away it's easier for my thoughts to change. And I start claiming the promises of God. And I go and I get a drink of water and. And if I physically make an action not just in my mind but also in my body. It's easier to to switch the past and switch the track. And then if you know that that's not an average craving in that three and a half minutes isn't over and and. You know I I'm claiming the promises but my mind keeps slipping back we'll all get outside and I'll go for a walk. I'll get out in the fresh air and in the sunlight and get some exercise and be out in nature. And look around and say God what are you trying to teach me through your object lessons here in your story book. And you know I'm probably less apt to act out in certain ways to find out in a public area right. And then. If I you know if I get out and I go I take my Bible and I start reading those promises and I. And I start reading in the spirit of prophecy. You know I take. I take a book with me and I sit down and I spend some quiet time communing with the Lord and this is. This is something that. That has helped me. You know we can we can use these principles. Because we know that they give us a clear mind. And a stronger will right. So we can incorporate them into something that we can use. And it's not what saves us it's not with sanctifies us. It's not what gives us our righteousness but they are tools that God has given to equip us on the journey home. And so I just want to share something here that God has really used to make this. Become a lot more vivid for me. And I'm just going to come down here to my closing statement because just have a couple. Just have a couple things to skip over there but this is really really helped me on my journey. My pastor. The with the one who baptized me. He. He shared this with me he says you know. When my son was born. And he started to get stronger and he's started the kind again strengthened he would hold on to the couch and he started to walk a little bit and. And then you know the day came when Cause I took that first step out and he he let go of the couch. And he actually started to walk. And then guess what happened. He fell down right. He fell down and he said. I didn't run over to him and say oh you are a hopeless cause you'll never get it right at that rate. What kind of a person would do that right. You see that that anticipation and that joy and then excitement upon that mother's face. What does a parent do. When their child takes that first step. They rejoice right. That's And I have three seventeen tells us that God rejoices over us who's singing. And that's what he does when we take the step in the in the right direction when we make the effort in the right direction even if we fall down. God is rejoicing over us with singing and Proverbs twenty four sixteen says that a just man fall is seven times. But rises up again right. While the wicked fall into mischief now what's the difference between the righteous and the wicked. Right that they both follow. They both fell. But the right just man continued to get back up and try again. And that's what God is calling us to do. And this illustration was made perfect. As I have experienced the life of my little niece had Dafa. When she came into the picture she was only five pounds. She was she was tiny. But she was perfect. I mean you know she. They were like oh no she's only five pounds US isn't good. But when she came out. She was. I mean she was full term and we realized at the end of the pregnancy that she wasn't growing at the rate that she should have and. When she came. They said she needs to come today. And when she came out. She was so perfect in the placenta was perfect it was small too but it was also perfect and they were they didn't even do any analysis or anything they were like oh OK. Perfect Baby and. You know. I when I worked at that. That little girl. And I saw her little fingers and her little toes and she was so tiny but she was so perfect trained. And then as she started to get bigger and she started to crawl she was still tiny the. She was still perfect. And she was making her best effort as she could and had Dasso when she started to learn how to walk I have never seen a child who has had this much joy when she would fall down here inches belly laugh and she'd get right back up again and she keeps on trying and Daddy was right there to pick her up and help her back up again you know. And that little girl would just keep on going until her little legs had no more strength to try and she just had to physically take a little break. You know and this is the kind of walk that God wants us to have. He wants us to believe that we are. He is there to keep us from falling to catch us but if we fall down to just joy that the Lord is there and that his grace is sufficient and to get right back up and keep on going. And this your head back to turn five. And you know what he's still a tiny. But my have to ask is perfect and I've seen her. Start to learn how to ride her bike. And you know she's learning without training wheels and that's just a beautiful thing to see her progress and and to to grow you know and I love her data and she's always been perfect to me but you know what. I don't want her to stay five forever. I want her to keep on going I want her to keep on growing and I want to see her. Become a beautiful young lady and I. And I want to see her walk down the aisle and. You know stay pure until marriage and have that. That one man that she's done it God's way. And let him. Him lead in their relationship and leave them together and you know. Honestly I'd rather see Jesus come before that happens. But I am enjoying the process of watching had asked the grow along the way and this is how God is rejoicing over you with singing. This is how God is watching you in your journey and you know what as. As we grow older. And as we practice the art of walking with Jesus. And it becomes more natural to us right. And we fall. Less and less often. If you tell that little toddler who's just trying to learn how to walk the some day you're going to do this every day and you're not even to think twice about it. Can you imagine how overwhelming that is in their mind. But now we do it every day we would we don't even think twice and. Every now and then we might trip and fall and rely go man and such a hindrance but we didn't realize that God was allowing us to learn how to become a natural thing to walk with Jesus and to reflect him. And to have his righteousness along the way. Right. So maybe. Today you just want to say Lord I want to enter into this. Sanctified walk. And I want to have a greater renewed faith that you are able to keep me from falling like like we read in Jude twenty four and twenty five. He is able to keep us from falling. And all we have to do is enter into that praise with him and a walk with him and he's going to do that right. So if you want to just continue on that journey today you want to say Lord. Even though I felt even if it was last night I'm getting back up and I'm walking with you if you want to settle in your mind the determination to stay on this path. And not press through that hedge of thorns and to that. That realm that will only when Joe I want to ask you this stand up. Dear Heavenly Father Lord. There's something beautiful and amazing that happens when we start to really see things from your perspective. Lord there. These things that you have given to me in my life that have helped me to really see things the way that you do Lord I I am grateful for it and I pray that today. Through my my selfish un-Christ like self that somehow a little of that was able to shine through the word. And Lord I pray that today. These people have seen something. At least one thing that they've never seen before that has given them greater courage to stay on the journey. And Lord. Each and every one of us as well as we have stand. Taken a stand in this room to to just continue this walk with you Lord. We ask that you would bring these. These object lessons back to our mind in the moment that we need them the most award. And we ask for you to bring those people in our lives that need these promises. So that we can share them. These promises with them. Also and bring them to our mind. When they need our per the most because Lord one thing that I didn't mention is that. As we enter into the work of being the hands and feet of Jesus. This is when our focus is taken off of self. And that we are able to to be more like him because he wasn't focused on self and. And so help us Lord to to be the hands and feet of Jesus so that we're not so overwhelmed by the things in our own world. But what that were were stayed on the path by by experiencing these things in our lives in a way that we can share him with others. So thank you Lord for this time for Paris now for Sabbath school and for church and. And for the rest of the C.Y.C. morning. In Jesus' name we pray with this media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about how do you believe you would like to listen to more sermon leave. W W W. Audio first or.


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