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Trials and Their Object

Wesley Sifflet


We all face incredibly trials and difficulties that may discourage us and even challenge our faith. Paul was the one who said that Christ was living in him, yet he was subject to many trials. If Christ abides in us, why are we suffering like this? Why does it seem temptations come to us even more? When Christ abides in us, what is the true purpose of trials? What will be our response when we are faced with the storms of life? You will explore the answers to these important questions in this session.


Wesley Sifflet

Student, LaSalle College 




  • August 15, 2015
    3:00 PM


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What come. This is the session where we are talking about trials and their objects. If you are looking for has. Session. You are in the wrong place. This is where we talk about trials in our lives I'm not in forty five minutes. We're going to try to cover. I guess. The basic of. Why we are going six. Through so much. What kind of agenda. The enemy has for you and me. And what kind of agenda. God has for us in those time in those trials. So before we start legist our heads and pray. Father in heaven. This time we come to your throne and pray that you will speak to our hearts that this not be demonstration of verses far. Theory. Let this be an experience with you that everything that will be said and will be will see through your would be an encouraging aspect. In our lives. So Father. Teachers. This afternoon on what you have. And what you want to accomplish in our lives. Thank you for listening and thank you for using the one who's speaking right now in Jesus' name and man. So one thing that is happening in in the world. Is this. Who knows a person that is not going through problems. I guess. Everybody is going through something right. So what we are hearing right now is that people are going through a lot of tribulation. Lot of problems lot of situation that the. This seems not to be able to handle and. We have all kind of family problems. Famine we have right now we have terrorists. We have people killing each of the parents especially in care back. Heard. You read the news. Almost every week. There is people missing and a couple of weeks ago I was reading the newspaper you have two fathers. Different places. That got into a situation. Problem with their wives and they take it on the children killing both die. Kill the children. In different places. So we are having a lot of stewardship happening before us. And now when we look at Christian. We seems to see that there is nothing different right. So me a Christian that is not going through problems as well. Term accretion that is not looking for a job to me a Christian. Show me a question that has no financial problem has no dad size. Couple of them has no debts. That's good for his gut. And who doesn't have a problem in relationships or in health. So it seems that the world has the same problem as Christian. What makes us different. Then why would a person comes from the world and become a Christian. While he he or she will still have the same problem. When she was over he was in the world. What makes Christian different. Today. And now when we look at the Bible. Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse eleven. And then German twenty nine verse eleven it says. I guess it is a verse. That is world known that many question will quote that to you for I know the thoughts that I think towards you said the Lord. Thought of peace and not of evil. To give you an X. and expected. What. And so when we look at this verse. We understand that God has what. He has a plan for us what kind of plan. Tribulation. Problems. Difficulties sufferings trials peace. A plan of peace. Now when we look at that part of this. Sex. We understand Hagar has a plan for me. But it is a plan of peace. But when I look in my life I don't see peace. It's always happening that. When I get home or I get to work. And I get into this world when I open the newspaper. It's the great controversy happening. So what kind of. What kind of plan is this that piece. But when I look around. This is no peace. I'm still going through my my my mental sufferings I'm still going through my problem in has I'm still going through. Problems with presence in the church. I'm soo going with my problems with jobs. So what kind of plan is that it seems that I'm going through a way that is a little bit controversy here and you my thing that I'm going against God but like someone says just listen for the end of the just detention to the conclusion of the message. All right. So we understand our God has a plan a plan of peace. But when we look around we don't see that peace. We don't see that plan. It seems that people has this mentality that. If you become Christian god has a plan for you and peace will follow. Many people will go through to give Bible studies. And to try to convince people that Christianity is the best things happening to people. But as we know ourselves. Are we not fooling people around all lying to people because we know we understand that being Christian is not an easy things right. Sometimes you have to face your own family. Sometimes you have to do to leave or change friends you. Sometimes you have to change. People that you used to hang out. Sometimes in even to change your job because sometimes before you meet cries. You're working on the Sabbath. Right. But we understand all this. And it seems that we get into that mode to present. People that everything is cool in Christianity. Everything is OK. As soon as you become Christian you get back ties the plans you and get you out of that water. Everything will be fine. If Christian was easy and cool and very peaceful. Everybody would be Christian. But now it seems that we are trying to see something different in the Word of God through trials. Romans chapter eight. We're going to turn to a couple of verses. Today. I guess a guys have your Bibles eight. You imagine. All right because you're going to use it a lot. So now another verse that passes. And we know that all things. Romans. Aid verse twenty eight. Well known verse and we know that offerings work together for good to them that love God. To them who of the called according to His purpose. Know what. What part is saying here. He is that all things work together for what for good. What does all include all over all. Exclude few things. All include. All right. OK. But does it mean that when I'm going through those trials suffering mental dilemma. Or difficulties that I'm happening. That is happening in my life. Is it still of things work together for good. Always still. This kind of question that with said our good is our good. It's our good. What happened when those situation hit us hard. Like I said many people think that. Becoming Christian. It's something that is. That is cool and easy. But I guess. When we move along with see that it is there's something important that we. We have to understand US question. Then we understand what kind of peace God is trying to say when he says I have a plan of peace. There we will understand that Christianity is. If you want to say it is because God has provided everything. So that we can go through. Now John to up to fifteen. Even Jesus says He says that this is not something that I'm calling you to. It's not something that telling me to be my. My disciples but I don't want to hide you that there is something that. Going to happen to you. I just want. Don't want you to be in the darkness. All right. John Chapter fifteen verse eighteen. And it says if the world hate you. You know that it hated me before. Before it hit a due if you were of the world the world would love it's on. But because we are not of the world. I have chosen. You out of the world therefore the world hit if you. Now. Verse twenty. Remember the word that I said and to you. THE SERVANT. Is not greater than he is than his load or master. If they have persecuted. Me. They will also persecute you. If they have kept my saying they would keep yours. Also. So now what Jesus is saying. You are my disciple you are my followers. I don't want you to be in the in darkness of what. What can happen or what will happen to you. I just want to show you something. Tell you something. If I'm your master. And they have persecuted me. Guess what they going to do with the servants. Guess what they've been going to do with the disciples. Guess what they going to do with the followers of Christ. So I don't want you to be in darkness I don't want you to be surprised by it but you have to understand Christianity. When you start following Christ. There is something that is happening. You have changed direction. When you use to walk in the world. Used to walk with the world. Now when you turn to become a Christian you are walking against the world. So when you walk. Against the flow. Sometimes you bump into people right. When you have a road. Full of people going in one direction and you want to get to the other side. You bump in many people. And you know what's the problem sometimes you bump into people that are also call. Christian. And that's one thing brothers and sisters. We are not here to just follow the crowd. And this is what's happening in many places right now is that people are checking the when see where everybody is going. And just follow. They don't see. At the end what's happening. But when we decide to follow Christ with all our hearts with all our mind and with all our soul. We need to take another direction. And that this is where we are being persecuted. We are having so much. Problems. Now. When when when Jesus is saying. We are being persecuted because we are not of the world. The World. Basically we're going to be persecuted by the world. Right. But who is the prince of the world. All right John fourteen verse thirty. So we are saying that in this case. We are suggesting that the prince of this world is behind the people to persecute who signed to persecute Christ and to persecuted. To persecute to despise the Supt samples of Christ. Now let's think for a moment. What is the purpose of Satan. When he sends fry all sufferings. Afflictions for problems in our lives. He is the one who originated. Problem. In this world right. So if we turn to Genesis Chapter three. This is a book and a chapter that I love. Because there's lot of things that you can learn from Chuck. Of the three. Genesis stuff the three verse verse for genesis of the three. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you story. When I talk about people. When we decide to follow Christ. And we turn and we move against the flow. There is something that is that happens as world. I remember when I was. I was about to see young. I'm still young but younger. Back home I come from Moorish a small island. Very nice. If you have Google. You can Google it. After. The place where I used to live. Was almost like a village or country few. If you will. If you want. There's a lot of trees. Fruit that grows in your backyard. You have mango you have a house staff roots you have jackfruit you have bannana. And so what we use what we used to do. As children. We used to sometimes. If I feel like doing it I will climb the tree. Take a mango. Taken by. It's not ripe. I just leave it on the tree. And let the birds. Do the rest. Or maybe I'll come back a few days after to see if it is right and then I'll eat the whole thing right. So what will happen sometimes is. We would walk and go to places maybe there is a neighbour or someone that has a mango tree that is called. It's like an apple but it is a mango. I don't know if you ever saw that but it's really good sweet. Best mango ever. All right. So this is one of things that we. I used to love. But it's not in my backyard. It's seen somebody else. Backyard. Right. So what we used to do as children check out is if everybody is not home. So what we used to do is to throw rocks. Or maybe take a stick and try to get some mangoes out of the tree. So then if it is ripe with it like this. If it is not ripe will do like a salad with it you know when I'm done. It's so. So it's it's it's really good. Now I'm thinking. Do you think that. I will go to a tree that is not bearing fruit juice. Throw rocks. No I'm going to a tree that bear fruit is to throw rocks. When a Christian is walking with Christ. Was he supposed to bear fruit what kind of food. Mango. The fruit of the Spirit. So now like I said who will receive rocks. Those that bear fruit or those that don't bear fruit. So. So don't be. Don't be surprised that you are getting something wrapped or stick or anything. Because reason why you're having all of this it's because you're blaring some foods that people on appearing. So now. Genesis chapter three verse four. And the serpent said. To and to the woman you're showing not. Surely died. We know all this. This tax we know it by heart we know we heard a lot of preaching about this. But this particular verse. Brought a lot of things in the my mind right. So now it's not a physical suffering that he is that she is going. But a mental suffering. Why. Because now she is questioning God there is a trial that is going there is going in he in her mind. What was going on in her mind. God said. Don't eat. You'll die. The servant says eat. You want die. So this is a battle that is happening in her mind. And the end result is. You know what happened. She trusted. The devil. So here's one purpose of the enemy. Try to create confusion in your mind. God is not the author of confusion. Try to create confusion in your mind and try to make you. This believe in God's word. And he tried it with Eve. He succeeded. And today. We are seeing the same pattern repeating. Right. But in is mine. This is. This is not a physical problem she was not having a family in isn't known. It was just a battle in her mind that who should I trust God. All this suffering. And he was able to be to succeed in this. Now. When we read. Another text. Job Job. Is about the job. All right. Verse fourteen talk to one job to one. All right. OK for them time. And it says. There came a misandrist and to job. And said. The auctions were ploughing and asses. Sitting beside them. And the sea being Sabean's upon them and took them away. You. They have slain the servants with the edge of the sword and. I only Imus keep a long to tell the. Now when he was what he was yet speaking there came another another and said the fire of God has fallen from heaven and has burnt up. The sheep. And the servants and consume them. And I only escape alone to tell you why he was it speaking yet came. Also another. And said the DNS made out three bands and fell upon the camels and have carried them away. Year. And slain the servants. With the edge of the sword and I am or nice or nice Capel or an intent to tell the. Now while he was yet speaking he what happened next is that a win came and blow the tent where all of Job's children were and kill them all. And he was only one servant who was able to escape to come and tell. Job. Right. So this is what's happening in the story. So certain got permission with God. To a flick. Joke. Now. Do you see the reason why he wanted to a fig job. What was the reason why you wanted to afflict or to get a job. Curse God. He said if I touch him he will curse you. If I touch him. If I. Such whatever he has he will he would question your face. And you see what's happening in those verses that we just read. If you look carefully you will see that there is two problems that the servant came to problems happen because of other nations. Sabean's and Collins. And the two problems that came that came also was wonder fire of God and the win from the east who created the win who made the win right. God. So which means. What satan is trying to show job. Job here. Job. Job. Here he is trying to tell him see. Other nations attacking you but God. Also is doing his part so that you can be miserable. Seeing those aspects of how the tribulation the problems happen to job. We understand that satan. Tries. Everything. To get one man to curse God. He can kill a whole length of these. He can kill all the servants can kill all the job's children. Just to get a man to curse God. And since the beginning he is trying to get people to curse or to point to God that He is the. The one fault. Because in Genesis three. If you when we continue to read. The men with say it's the woman the woman with is the serpent. At the end who created the serpent was God. So that's why so many times when when when problems happening in our own lives. The only person that we turn to. Point a finger is to most of the time is God. Even people in the world when something. What they call. Acts of God they will it will just bring something to to accuse God of being unjust or not loving god. And the problem is is still among Christian. That sometimes when things. And lives get rough. Instead of turning to God and seek her. What we do. Which is accuse him. That's why when we read the texts. In March of the for the storm on the lake. When when Peter came to the crisis said keris not. If if I'm going through. If you are sick for example. All right. You know sick or maybe. I'm sick and I call you and I tell you. Doc era not care S. not that I'm sick. How would you take it. Do you think it's a good question I'm not asking or I'm just saying. You don't care about me or you just live me there alone. Whereas you just let live. Left me here to die. That's why you're not caring about me. And also in the book of. If I'm not mistaken. It's in in in look where Mary was doing a lot of things in the kitchen and. She came and asked Jesus Jesus. The carriage not that my sister's not helping me. Even in the small activities that we do at home. There is something that we can accuse God our of. Is it. Our case but what God is trying to do in those situations. Was it and has his own agenda. Of trying to get you curse God Westry. What was it and has his own agenda of trying to get you to use or abandon God as a Christian how should we see it as QUESTION Do we have the same mind as the world. Or should we have the same mind as. Paul. Let's read one text first current in of the ten. Always together. Know. OK. First Corinthians up to ten. Verse thirteen. All right so. It says first Grinch in verse thirteen. There has no temptation to continue. Such as is common to men. But God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted. Above that able but will with the temptation. Also make a way to escape that ye may be able to bear it. So now what. What Paul is trying to say in this in this text. What is he saying in this text. He's saying. Yes. First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen. All right Paul. Chap is saying in this verse that everything that happens to you temptation. Or what ever it is. God will not send you something that you cannot overcome. So which means that when God is sending you something or you are going through something. It is something that is already been measured by God and God knows that you can go through it. But you don't know about it. That's why God is trying to show you that hey. There is some capacity in you. I just want to show you what you can do what. Where I can bring you in those trials. There's a saying. A quote from somebody who said. If your life is like going through hell. Through hell keep walking. Keep walking. Sooner or later. It would be over. Because God has already measure and know how long you can take it. How long that there is when I was looking at that tax. I was thinking to myself. Unlike when people give up in times of trial. They don't really know what the arc of people. Of that's what we are missing we we don't know what we're capable of. That's why God needs to bring something and show you what we are people of all or maybe sometimes Will Shortz. What out defects or drugs that we need to get rid of. Yes it's true. But what he's trying to say is that we can overcome whatever comes to us. We can overcome by God's grace in man. So here's one quote from the Spirit of Prophecy. It's taken from early writings. Wonderful book. If you have a chance to read the book read. All right. It's taken from Chapter seven. Early writings. And the chapters called The Trial of our faith. This is a court that. I find really interesting. And powerful. She said. It is the. Wait for those whose following with me it's the first second third paragraph. All right. It says God how shown me that he gave his people. Bitter Cup. To drink. What kind of cup. Bitter group. All right. To purify and cleanse them. Why was the purpose of that bitter cup. To purifying cleanse them. It is a bitter. Draw out. And they can make it still mall bitter right who can make it more bitter. We. We can. And they can make it more bitter by murmuring complaining. And we pining pining me. Means feel discontent in a comfortable don't like it. All right. We can make it more bitter. But those who receive it. Thus must have another drought for the first does not have its design. Upon design. Effect upon the heart. And if the second does not effect the work. Then they must have another and another. Until he does a design effect. Or they will be left filthy him pew in heart. I saw that this bitter cup can be sweetened by patients and Durrance and prayer. And that it will have its design. Effect upon the hearts of those who thus receive it. And God will be honored and glorified early writings of the seven. The trial of our faith. So in this. When God is bringing brings you in those kind of situation. He's not trying to do to do put a trap or. Try to punish you or something. In fact there's courts that says she said. People my thing that when we are going through trials that God is punishing us. No it's not punishment. He's just trying to work in us to try to to remove all these things that he doesn't mean you don't. We don't need to get to heaven. So instead of thinking about Christianity. Of a training school. We still think that Christianity is something that's cool. And easy. So this is a training school where we are trying to get to heaven where we are being trained to be in the service of God. Right. So now. What she also says that it can be Sweden. It is possible that this bitter cup can be sweet and it is written by what by patients in durance in prayer. Three things that can change our situation. Even if it is hard. Even if it is difficult. It's still possible to go through it by God's grace. Let me ask you a question. When you want to have all ridged Jews. What do you do. By. Store. OK. As good as the easiest way. But if you have all injuries. Where do you have to squeeze them. Right. You have to screw them. If you want. Apple juice. You screw them as well. But how do you get Christ in a Christian. Use in STEM right. But the trials that we go through this is those that. Press and squeeze us so that cries. Can come out. The cart of Christ can come out of us. That's the purpose of God so that we can reflect the character of cries all look like Christ. Not physically. But in character. So this is the purpose of God of trying to get us. Not get us in trouble. But give the permissions that we can go through some trials and suffering and. One of the quote that people that. She said she said when will we look back at those trials with. That's it that's it. All these haven't just for that. That's why the gates of heaven we. We will take our crown with would say. No it's not it's not. We don't deserve that crown. Because this small suffering it's just nothing. So. Paul not Paul. Peter goes in that same direction. And he said in first Peter chapter four verse twelve. FIRST SPIRIT of the four verse twelve. All right. First spirits up to four verse twelve. And it says beloved think it not strange. Concerning the fiery trial. Which is to try you. As do some strange things happen. And to you. But with joy in as much as the are partakers of Christ's suffering that when his glory shall be revealed. You may be glad also with exceeding joy. Peter saying. Don't don't think that it is strange that you are going through trials that fiery trials that we are going through. I don't think that this is you will be taken by surprise because you think Christianity was coughing. But what you have to understand is that we need to be partakers of Christ suffering. So that we can be partakers of cries. Glory. But before we get to the glory. We need. The suffering and. And one of things that. It was interested. I was interested in is that. Peter said. Rejoice. Rejoice in suffering. Be happy in suffering. Let let's turn our Bible in acts up to five. I will show you something. When I read those stakes. Sometimes I smile them like I'm like would I be able to do that. But it is something that is interesting and powerful ours world because we understand that it is only through the Spirit of God and of full commitment to God that you are able to do it right. Chapter five. Verse forty. All right so this is the context is Peter was arrested because he was preaching Christ and verse forty says to him they were agreed they were trying to get. Peter and the other disciples that was there to not preach about Jesus and verse forty and to him the. Agreed. And when they had called the disciple and beaten. Beaten them. They commanded that they should not speak. In the name of Jesus and let them go. And they departed from the presence of the council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer. Shame for he's name. Did you see what just happened in that text. His the text is saying that those disciples. They agreed with the disciples and then bring them. And then let them go the less the council been left where they were imprisoned right. But when they were living. What the Bible says. There were enjoy thing. They were happy. This is a Peter said hey you got beaten to me too high five my word was so it was. It is something that you can't imagine Would you be able. You just got bitten or. I don't know just come out of of some where I was difficult for you and just rejoiced like that. What can give you that rejoicing spirit. In this time. Like. It is is hard to understand that those people. Just got bitten. I remember when I was caught. What I got bit it was not a happy thing. You know school in islands and other countries the work against Canadian law. Especially its cool and sometimes it's really shameful. Because you are getting bitten in front of your friends. So when you come back to your place you're going like this you can't even sit. You sit like this on your chair. But I don't rejoice. But when I think about those disciple getting beaten and. And then live this place rejoicing. I'm like this. Something wrong with that. You can't have that kind of spirit. Now let me show you something else. I died. And we show you something else and then we will move a bit faster. Seven corrent in top the second Trenton. Chapter eleven second climb to Chapter. I Verse twenty fourth. And it says. Second currents in Sept eleventh was twenty four of the Jews five times received. I forty stripes. Save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods. Once was I store fries I suffered. Shipwrecked and night. And a day. Have I been in the Deep in journeying often in perils of waters in Paris of robbers in Paris. By my own countryman in pairs by the heaven in Paris in the city paras in the world in this. In prose in the sea improves among false brethren in were innocent painfulness in watch. Watching often and hunger and thirst in fasting. Often in called and Nicholas beside those things we. That are without that which come upon me daily. The care of the churches. So if you break down. That those verses and you make a list. What Paul went through. I wonder when I look at that. When I look at that takes our thinking. This is interesting. What if we include that in the Baptist small volves. Do you think that mean Christian would be Christian today. Would would get into that water to to fill get getting baptized. Because like we said before. Jesus is saying. If the world. Hospice secured to me Don't Think You Can Have It is it is going to be the same thing. Now Paul understood it. And he gave it an account of what happened to him. Now if we put that in our Baptist and will. Wow. When you see it when when when people are saying. Do you believe in the treated you believe in the Adventist Church the believing that. In this and that everybody is a yes and then the fourteenth. I think it's thirteen right. Is it thirty or thirty. I think it's thirty eight right. So let's just say the fourteenth. Is this. Knowing that being a Christian you Mike. Being strived or beating or being put in prison being in Paris being accused falsely being in Macon is being in hunger in verse. Also I don't know. Meeting false brethren. What would you would you would be your answer. Would you still get baptized. If you look at Paul's when Jesus told an unused to go and see Paul. God Jesus said. I have chosen him to bear to bear. The message to the Gentiles. But he continue and says. I will show him how much he should suffer for my namesake. What we have to understand brothers and sisters. Is that is true that Christianity is not the easiest things. On the earth. We might not have the coolest ride. Ever of our lives. We may not have peril of rose on us on a road where we're walking. We might have it. Difficult since the beginning and till now. But one thing that this person has gone through which is Paul. There is a lot. He was. He was left for dead after being stoned. Like it is. He went through a lot. When we look at the life of Jesus. It's the same thing. He was bitten he was. He was he was abused he was he. He was thirsty he was hungry people was accusing him Fosli. He was betrayed by one of his disciple he was rejected by his own people. The same thing. He said if they did this to me. They will do it to you. And we have an example from the Word of God which is Paul himself telling his story. But yet Paul says in first says. So is a loan each in its up to five verse eighteen. What does seventeen says. We know about Christ for seventy says. Pray without. Without ceasing and the said eighteen says he said rejoice when everything. How could that man going through so much and still say. Rejoice. How could that man go. There is another text that I'm going not going to open it but you can take note of it in. It's in current in second conscience up to one verse eight to ten. Paul said. I just don't want to be ignorant about trouble time that we went through. He said. At some point. We we we let go of everything. Of everything that we had. Because it was just us. And death. It was he was just waiting for death. And he said you know what we have come to the point where we don't trust ourselves. But trust God. What we have done so far is to build something until now. We understand that everybody is having. Not having an easy life. We understand that problems. Happen to everybody. Trials suffering. Affliction. Temptation. Everybody has that same problem. Even Christians but how question can be different. How is it possible that question are going through the same thing. And all the question that we may ask ourselves are we doing the same thing that the world is doing. Now when we get to this understanding that there is somebody who's working behind the scene just to get us. Accuse God denying God. Betray God or meme. Or even because God. We know that he has an agenda or a purpose was sending you. Of these things. Now we understand also that when God. When I love to use that. That that phrase. When Satan is working hard on you to get you down or to put you down. When. When you are down on your feet and you can go do nor more. He finished his sentence his his his his diary. About you and put. Sebastian said. In England we say full stop. But here in America was a period pretty a period when Satan reach. To that point. In his own diary and says he is done. He is finish. You know what God can do with that. For stop or period. As we call it. He can change it and make it a calmer and continue with another story with you. That's how God works because he has another plan for you in this time. In those situations. One of the things that we understood from Genesis and job. Is that if we don't trust God and what he says with Take the way out. We will soon leave. Will soon. Abandon the race. I'm so. Let me read something to you before we finish. It's taken from factory art and profit. Give you the pitch. One second. The page is one twenty nine. Org or. The pitch is one twenty nine. It says a fiction perfecting it. For correct and development. God has always tried his people in the furnace. Of affliction. What he he he always do. Try his people in the furnace of affliction. It is in the heat of the furnace that the draft is paraded from the true. Gold of Christian character. Jesus watches. The tests. He knows what is needed to purify precious metal that. It may reflect the radiance of his love. It is by close. Testing trials that God disciplines his servants. He sees that some have powers that which may be used in the advancement of his work. And he put these person up on trial in his providence he brings them into position that test their character and reveal defects and weaknesses that have been hidden from their own knowledge. So we go through suffering trials and tribulations. Why just. It's not because God doesn't want us anymore nor. It's because he has a purpose because he sees in you and me that there is potential of accomplishing something that's why before you get to that point of working for him and with him. He just need to get rid of something in your life. You know the saying of people especially women. You have to suffer to be beautiful. I don't know if this is a same phrase. Here you have gone in French right. So yeah. This is the French version. But in all it to be where God wants us to be there is some suffering that we need to do. That's why. The reason why God means to do that is because he don't want any anybody to bring any baggage with with him or her in heaven. He just wants you to get everything. Pushed aside and just trust in His Word. Even if we don't see beyond what we are seeing right now. Even if we don't see that there's an end to our problems. As lot of things that we can talk about on this issue. But God sometimes use those situation. To bring us out of something. Let me tell you a story. As I close to a thousand eight was two thousand and eight. I when I when I got married. I. My wife is yours you can. She can confirm what I'm saying. I was working and sow side of the Sabbath. I was at church and meetings in the afternoon. Lake really involved in church and Sunday as we were going to do missionary work. Right. So the whole day so every every day I was busy. You know working for God trying to find solution because I was personal ministry and inside a school as well. So really involved and also prayer department. In the church. So really involved in the church. Now. Into doesn't vary. I got to visit to come to Canada. So my family was supposed to come and meet me in Canada. After that. So we were not able to come together because my wife was pregnant. And where we went to do the medical tests. She told my wife. If you want we can do an abortion. And you can get your visa right away. So we choose not to. That's why I came my little boy. Right. So I asked her that she did her tests. And then the paper came. She was not granted the visa to come and meet me here in Canada I was here in Canada. So we tried again. And it didn't work. They didn't give us. So for five years I was here in Canada studying and after studying. Our was a study. I worked. But during the that five years that I was here. I I can tell you how many times I I went on my knees and couldn't bear the fact that my family is not here. Aegis crying. Why. Sometimes Why is this happening to me. Why would God. No not let my family to be here. And sometimes you will get frustrated more because you think that. OK you're here you're working for God. And then the person next to you get both Cirie from the school. And you know you're a Christian your child of God you didn't get it. So all these time. The only thing that God was saying not the only thing couple things. One thing that God was trying to teach me. Is to take care of my family. I was working five days a week. Sabbath. Are was a church. Every time. Morning afternoon I have meetings. Sunday I was not at home. When was the time with my family. It was none. But I was working for God. I was doing God's work. But the problem is I didn't. Pause long enough to understand that there is another work that needs to be done at home and. When God. We prayed before we came to Canada. But when I came here. He started to put that in my heart that. What you were doing. I need to bring you here. I didn't understand it the first two years. Because I was thinking and focusing of my on my own problems and and try to understand why. This is happening why we didn't get the visitor to understand. I truly believe that God needed to bring me through that make me understand that you need to kill your family. If. Sometimes we talk to me and my wife. And we understand that if I was going this. If I continued like this. We would and to have get a get a divorce. It would have gone so that far. And I was for me. You can ask I was like some kind of dictators a dictator at home. True story. But it seems that he needed to of these five years to teach me. And change my mind said because me not going all. Spending time with my family at home. Was not really in my mind. It was just church. Work. Meetings. And then Sunday. Mission and work whereas my family is dying without knowing Christ. Without. Well my children growing up. Not knowing the three engines message. That's the point where I needed to go through. And one time when I read the second court. I really understood that there was a purpose of me being here other than to change my mindset to change my understanding of family. To change. Me and to change couple things that needed to be change. There are things that I didn't know that I had. I was surprised that I have it in those moments alone. But one thing. There is for sure. Others and sisters God will never bring you to a temptation to a trial. To suffering to an affliction. If you had not measure it before. If he does. If he sees that you can go through with it. He won't give it to you. And when I read that takes I understand that. God knew that I was that I would be able to go through it. We would be able to go through it. Then he led this happened. I don't know what kind of sufferings you have what kind of trials what kind of situation you have have financial family problems. But one thing's for sure. Just remember that God will never give you something that you can't handle. That's why when we open the texts. Our bubble text was Jeremy. Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse eleven. When it says I have a plan of peace and expected hope for you. He was not what we saw that. When I look at my life I don't see that peace. But when we understand that God has prepared a way out or has already measured it. We understand that his plan is a plan of peace. Because he already measured. He already knows what we can do what we can do. That's why we are going for it. So my prayer for each of us this afternoon. It's true that we didn't have more time to talk about of things. But one thing is for sure. What God is sending to our lives. Will help us to get through eternity. Remember that. Let's all stand and. And with us with the word of prayer. Father in heaven. This is a privilege to know that there is a God who measures. Everything. Even our temptation. Even our suffering. Even our trials. Before you even allow it in our lives. It gives us hope father. In peace knowing that you are God. That will never send us something that we can't handle. But father in this situation instead. Sometimes instead of focusing and trusting in your own word. We trust in our own effort and strength. We focus on our own understanding in theory. Theory. Understanding of your word. We focus on on that kind of experience that is like a cloud that will disappear soon. We focus on all knowledge of how to get out of this situation but instead we should have focus on you. So Father as we see all these people through the Bible who went through a lot of things. And still say. Rejoice in all things. Please father. We don't know how to rejoice in those situations. It's hard sometimes to to pray with you in times of trouble. Sometimes we don't even feel like doing it as we have heard the sermon. And the messages. Create in us. This desire to praise you. In of things. Father please. You know. Everyone here in this who are the words that has come out of my mouth. And the words that we just read. Let it be a words that will reach the heart of everyone's here. So that when we get to the point that we are going through something we can just remember that we are those things are preparing us for eternity. And remind us Father. That you will never never give us something that we can't handle. Thank you so much for being such a good God for us. Thank you so much for preparing us and giving us all the tools that we need to overcome. How to slowed to trust in you to love you more. And to let our lives. The guided by you. Thank you for listening to a prayer. Thank you also for listening to our hearts are people here that is crying from the bottom of their heart to you at this time. Because of their situation. Please please reveal yourselves to us through this conference. And every day in Jesus' name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. done. Audio verse or.


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