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Sebastien Braxton


We need to abide constantly in Jesus in order to walk in the right paths. Oftentimes, we experience very high moments especially when we attend youth conference. However, the fact still remains that if we don't not chose to surrender to God, we are choosing to be against him.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • August 16, 2015
    10:00 AM


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Our Father. An OG and what a joy that it is to be in your presence again. David saying. In the saw him stand in your presence are pleasures for every morning and. Lord we pray that. Because you have given us so much already. That you will give us one more thing. That is a grateful heart. We pray valid at this morning as weeks ploy or word one more time. That your spirit would abide upon a sword in that sweet sweet spirit. Would revive us again. And when we leave this place that we would have that piece that belongs into the saints in those who place their entire trust in Jesus Lord in the subdued spirit of our hearts at this moment. Pray that you would speak to us as every other voices hushed. And we trust father that you would use this man who is nothing. And Father that you would speak through me and that you would speak to me. This is our prayer. And we trust that you help this to be arts perience. As we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus's name. Him and take your Bibles and turn to the Gospel of Luke Chapter eleven. Very grateful to hear what Jonathan shared. I know spin are supporting this movement in a very strong pillar in Canada for a long time. So we continue to pray for him and his family. No it's not easy burden to carry. And so yeah. It's a blessing. Luke Chapter eleven. Now Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. He cast out. The demon from the men. And so the Bible says in verse fourteen. And he was casting out a demon and it was mute. So it was when the demon had gone out that the mute spoke and the multitude marveled but some of them said. He cast out demons by be eligible. The ruler of the demons. Others testing him from him. A sign from heaven. But he knowing their thought said to them every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and a house divided against a house falls. If Satan. Also is divided against himself. How will his kingdom stand. Because you say I cast out demons by the Else of them. And if I cast out demons by the else above by home to your sons counted amount. Therefore they will be your judges. But if I cast out demons with the finger of God. Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. What a strong men. Fully armed guards his own palace. His goods on in peace but when a stronger than he comes upon him and overcomes him. He takes from him all his armour in which he trusted and divides the spoils. He who is not with me is against me. And he who does not gather with me. Scans. What an unclean spirit goes out of a man. He goes through dry places. Seeking rest. And finding none he says I will return to my house from which I came. And when he comes he finds it swept and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits. More wicked than himself. And they enter in dwell there. In the last State of that man is worse than the first. What I was a kid I remember this commercial that my brother and sister and I used to laugh about all the time. It was a commercial about car protection. And so basically it was a commercial of this carnage. Parking Structure and kind of dark and shadowy and you see this figure why with the mask on all black running to check this Carney finds this is nice beautiful Mercedes or B.M.W. whatever it was. And he goes up to the car he's the scaling the car and as you stars. Of almost about to touch the car the car starts talking. And he says protected by viper stand back. Right so the guy jumps back from the car he. He takes off and runs and then they end the commercial they say was protecting your car. Right now we used to make fun of the fact that the car talks protected by viper right so we still joke with each other when we try to fight. And my sister would say Protection five. And we started getting aggressive a sibling. But suffice it to say that even in our day right we have these things now in cars where they get you the little key thing right. And when you lock your car you hit it twice it makes a little beeping sound. And it's funny that we do those things because not because you actually have a car alarm on your car it just makes it seem like you have a car alarm on your carcasses beats. But there's actually no car loan. And a lot of people you know they get out their car they want to make sure right there walking away did I click that thing twice. So the button to the group the believe OK. And I was like everybody knows don't mess with my car because you heard these two big Stephen A We all know that you actually don't have a car to look at and these are the measures that people will take to protect their vehicles. You think about A.D.T. and other companies that are selling to US security reminding us that hey don't you know there's X. amount of sex offenders in your community. Don't you know that X. amount of people are released from prison every year just because they're overflowing. How are you going to protect your family. So the sell you on this piece of this is need of security. Yes you have what you have. But how do you keep this thing secure. So this is why A.T.T. is the best as soon as the alarm goes off it will automatically phone the police. And you'll get an update on your phone and we have an afternoon out. So even if you're out on a date night and your kids are home with the babysitter you get alarmed boom it's right there on your cell phone and you can actually look at the camera of what's going on around your house. They actually just caught a football player. American football player who. One of his good friends. Was breaking into his house and stealing. And he was out at a party he got the alarm thing on his phone and he's looking at the video and it's a picture of his friend who was just with him at the party. And so he go he's watching him go through wrist of watching him go to leave the place. Obviously cause police to catch the guy. He's arrested. And these are the measures that people will take to protect their house. And they sell us on these things. So not just the car not just the house. But now. There was a time when it was considered to be a little bit. Much that your kid would have a cell phone. I don't know if I'm dating myself right now. But that doesn't matter to me because when I was growing up I remember when kids first are getting pagers in middle school. So you go to school your mom would be paging if you don't call back if you don't respond it's like oh no where are you OK why don't you respond I paged. So you get this like twelve year old kid walking with a sting on your hip. Xbox in all the time your mom's calling you. And you better respond and back then we have pay phones against and we have those is much more. And this was a way for parents to say at the time where kidnapping was really big as if it just started like in the one nine hundred eighty S.. Then just started I see these. But for some reason they were selling again on the technology you need a pager than a cellphone or you need a cell phone your kid should be able you should call right away where are you what are you doing to stay on the phone with me until you get home. And I remember thinking as a kid I'm like minutes a little much. You're like twelve years old ten years over the cellphone. I mean now kids away more to cell phones. And we use these measures to protect our children. But see. The question of this passage is not so much about how do you protect your car how do you protect your home. How do you protect your children. This quest the question of this passage is how do you protect your soap. What can you do to keep the devil. Out and stay out. Because a lot of times our circumstances are really illustrated by this particular parable of what Jesus is trying to get across. And so when we talk about rightness by faith and we surrender our lives and some of us have come to this altar. We've brought all to Jesus We asked him Lord take me out of this mess. We've come to Christ and said Give me a hunger and thirst for righteousness. We've asked him to give us a hatred for sin. And yes this is cast. Sitting out of your life in my life. But the question is how do you secure. To make sure he doesn't get back in. And so immediately right this is what we call. The concept that as soon as a person is justified. Automatically think if occasion begins. You see. L.-Y. describes in desire villages that. When the soul cast itself upon Jesus. He gives it a new heart and a new spirit. And she says the new spirit takes possession of the new heart. And Jesus looks at your heart and he says he establishes in the soul as his own Citadel. His own castle. His own palace. And then she says. And he will know no other power in it save his own. We should have said Amen to that. That's what happened when you came to this alter your sturdy. You became an annexation to the kingdom of Christ. You became the next province of the kingdom of heaven and crisis this is now under my protection under the armies of heaven under my leadership. I will know no other power in the soul save my own new heart. New spirit. And then is if you add. And I'm going to cause you to walk a mile with us you're not going to cause yourself. I'm going to cause you to walk among ways. But the question is after Jesus did that last night. How then do we go forward from there. I want you to notice the parable. That Jesus gives. Beginning in verse twenty one he's talking about casting out demons. He says in verse twenty one when a strong man. Fully armed guards his own palace. His goods are was in peace. So first I want you to notice that the man has a palace. Right. It doesn't say as a house. It doesn't say as a location. It doesn't say just has a nice little villa. Out there on the beach. We're talking about a palace. And what is a palace. A palace is what a place where who dwells kings. So this is a royal space right to something valuable. This is the. The center of the government of whatever is around this thing right under your arm remember when I was going when I went to preach in Paris. To do and eventually submitting. And my wife came about a weekly. And after my wife came I my wife has been to France like multiple times. And so she's like Oh papa you gotta go to this in the she tell me also is a need to go to Babe I'm not a tourist. I'm not into this in Paris was like super dirty to me I'm like. I don't even like this there was smoke everywhere. Was going to stay in the hotel knowledge. But I was I OK fine I understand you don't like this you don't like it but the one place you have to go to is the palace of her side and I'm like why she says listen. When she sees you realize you will be on. She's a you'll be shocked. To think of how much love just gardens have gardens in the gardens go back like hundreds of acres. One guarded. Inside the palace. And the decorations and all of this. You know for King Louis the forty's and you're like oh man I'm I guess true I guess I would like to see the Palace of Versailles. So listen. If you're talking about a palace. And he says going to strong men. Fully armed right guards his palace. His goods are in peace. So he recognizes. He has something valuable Are you with me. He realized I go this is a palace and I realize some people are going to try and test me. So first of all notice this is not a weak men. Are you with me. Right this is not some oh yeah low level I mean this guy is a joke thinking. You know you. I remember going to places. When I was in the world and you see these guys walk out the security guards in the do like half my size. And I'm thinking to myself. OK what are you protecting like dude life. Four foot something you know I WOULD YOU LIKE A hundred thirty pounds. And so we would joke with ourselves. You know we're out there and in games and in the streets like this guy. And literally the cops would not come if someone called. In my neighborhood it was automatically assume you call the police will take at least two hours. Because the police would say we're going to wait for the gang activity to die down and then we will make our way out there and say OK what's going on here. Who saw something it's like we called you two hours ago. But because police officers are aware that I'm not going near me and my partner enters like sixty gang members. Completely loaded with A K forty seven all kinds of other weapons. And I'm a promise a pleased freeze. What are they going to start lightness dude up with all kind of bullets is like listen. That cop has a family to. Two not going to rush into the neighborhood but you get a call in Beverly Hills to be there in five minutes. Because Beverly Hills. So when you when you recognize that listen up something valuable you take precautions. To do this in so here's this man. He's a strong man he's not some weak men. And the Bible says not only see a strong men. The Bible says that he's fully armed. He's ready for combat he's got. Whatever he has around this palace. I want you to envision in your own soul right. Here you come to a circumstance where. Here you are protecting apology or goods in all these different things and. You've got a little weapon set up and we have our little devices right like remember when Daniel in which any so we were scratching of the C.D.'s we were doing the stuff. You just fully armed. But you know what happens. The Bible says that he guards his own palace. And notice. It's the person who owns the palace. Who's guarding it. So basically he's likely to take this and you have to take me down. And he's a strong man and the Bible says his goods on peace. But then you know what happens. Verse twenty two the word but is what we call in English the humbling conjunction. We say all you know if you talk to some girl you're like hey I was thinking you know we can get to know each other better she's like you know really nice guy. Sebastian I really appreciate your sermons and everything. But once that comes it doesn't matter what she said before right is what comes after. But I think we should just remain friends. OK. The Humbling. Conjunction. So the Bible says but when I was stronger than who then he. What if you do. He comes upon him. So here is a strong man. Right. Guarding his palace is good for him peace and all the sudden who shows up. Stronger Than he are you with me. And as a stronger than he comes upon him and overcomes him. He takes from him all his armor in which he was trusted. He comes in using yellow weapons. Your long. Tactics. Your little this in a dissing doing anything against me. I want you to listen to a statement from Sister want. This was she says she says there are conscientious souls that trust partly to God and partly to themselves. They do not look to God to be kept by his power. But depend upon watchfulness against temptation. And the performance of certain duties for acceptance with him. There are no victories in this kind of faith. There are how many victories. There are no victories. She says such persons toil to no purpose. They toil. To no purpose let's finish it. She says their souls are in continued bondage. And they find no rest until their burdens are laid at the feet of Jesus. And I'm going to say the second statement for later. But there's one more statement I want to bring up and deserve a just and a picture of some profit she says the statement was in her writings about Cain and Abel. And then she says it. Later on and commenting on this. In desire of ages she says. Wherever the principle is held that men can save himself by his own works. There is no barrier to sin. I'm going to say that again. Wherever the principle is held that men can save himself by his own works. There is no barrier to sin. You are strong men guarding your palace. Here you are thinking yeah I'm going to trust in this and I got my countability groups. And I got my you know covenant eyes. And I got this and I got that and are. I got all my little things put out there. But here's the reality says look if you think you're going to save yourself you think you're going to deliver yourself by your own words there will be no barrier to sin. Let's reverse the counselor. So people who believe that they can save themselves by their own works. Will go to any lengths in sin. Are you tracking what I'm saying. So we think to ourselves that this holding a Russian a spy works. Is not so bad because you won't be saved. It's bad because of how evil you can become so evil that you would crucify the Lord. Because those are the people that killed him. This was the right is not by works. Response. In fact righteousness by works. Is evidence by the very fact of the very rebellion of Lucifer. Why do we need the law. Why do we need God we are all holy within ourselves. We don't need God to direct us. We can direct ourselves we are holy beings. This is why Lucifer fights against the law. And right then and there he thinks he's going to be righteous. In himself. You think you are intrinsically holy. And I cannot tell you right the time would fail me to talk of all the fanatical movements. L M I met in her day. Holy flesh this. People believe in their already sanctified. Therefore we can be nude and have sex all kinds of crazy stuff. This all the movies she's meeting in her writings in her ministry of the fanaticism. Of what these people can go to say Oh yes. Because we're already sanctified Therefore NO NO NO NO NO remember laying into the dust the glory of men and men do. God doing for you what it is not in your power to do for yourself. So in this passage the Bible is talking about here you are as a strong men guarding a palace your goods aren't peace but guess what when a stronger than he comes upon you guess what happens. Overcomes you. And you know the first he takes away. Is the armor in which you trusted. So you know how many times many of us we prevent ourselves from sin. By the community of people around us. Let me roll with these people let me. Because let me let me tell you it is not a shock that when people stop serving in E.C. Y.C. leadership or volunteer in or in a local church office and they fall into foolishness. That's not a shock. Because a lot of us were depending on the group. To keep us holy. We're just going with the group think everyone is doing it so therefore we're going on and it's strong listen peer pressure is serious. On both sides. But a nobody save by peer pressure. There is no right reason is by peer pressure. So if I just stay rolling if I stay rowing That's why God breaks of communities all the time. That's why he separated Joseph from his father. Go on down to Egypt. And you know when Joseph first got to Egypt Alan Light writes I didn't even know this until I was going to a difficult time in my life a few years ago. And I was studying the life of Joseph. And she writes and preacher oxen prophet she says. For a time. Joseph gave himself up to uncontrollable grief. You don't get that in the Bible. You look at those you're like men. I wish I could be like this brother Joseph is going through this but the Lord was with juices. I'm like Lord I'm trying to get to this place right now. But as I'm going to a similar experience is Joseph the trail of friends pain and all these different things I'm thinking. How does Brother do it in a really preachers and prophet says. Well for a time. He gave himself up to uncontrollable grief. Separated from my father my own brother sold me as a slave dragged down miles and miles in Egypt sold as somebody who's property. For a while this land is weeping is crying he's frustrated. He's just in grief. But eventually somehow he got back up. And we get the spirits are we get but here's the point. It's like. Here's this man who was human but soon as you trust in this thing. Here the devil comes on the take away the armor and if you trust some of us are trusting. You know an audio verse gets me frustrated. Young people like Eminem on our universe to listen I will listen to audio verse and it's not against I'm not against audio verse they're my good friends. And God is using them in issues no question on that. But there becomes a line when people are on audio verse. Every single sermon that is posted. They just get the pod cast downloader just some and after sermon after some of my When do you study the Bible. When do you grapple with the truth. It's nice to be spoon fed for a while but after a while you say Look men. I mean my own experience with the Word of God. And guess what our doctrines are teaching these sermons and you listen to an audio verse. That's the was a study in a night in one hour. People don't get up and start preaching Well it's real preachers. You were in the Bible for a while you were studying you were reading you were living you're trying to apply this to your life. As you apply to you realize this is the real struggle. So then when I start preaching on a subject I'm like. I know what it's like to feel like God is an exception. And then to go back to the Bible and Elmo says listen. You don't need to focus on what's failing around you you need to focus on what's going on in your life she says listen. When you are discouraged. When you think you can't go on she says take your Bible. Fall upon your knees. She says here Lord Your word is pledged. She says Throw all your weight upon his promises. All your weight upon his promises. And every one of them will be fulfilled. Been at that place. But in this sense. God will take away the goods or the devil when he comes he will take away the good in which you trust it. When the stronger than he comes. So now this palace that you had this beautiful edifice devil comes in starts making a mess of your life. Comes in all this and you start thinking things you weren't thinking saying things you weren't thinking before breaking off relationships having conflict. Internal external conflict. No arrests no peace. And as a stronger than he comes upon him and overcomes the many takes from him all his arm which he trusted. And he devised the spoons. We're going to use this for the kingdom of darkness we're going to use this for the kingdom of darkness. We're going to use that for the King this is yours this is yours we were uses for lust. We will use this for Genesee we're going to use this to bring problems in the church. So discord among brethren who are uses to frustrate your mom or your dad so that their burdens are multiplied. Here's a double just this will. This how we're going to run this thing out and I'm in control of this life now that I'm involved. So as soon as man falls into sin this is exactly what happened in the fall of man. So soon as a stronger then he comes. The very fact of the matter that he's stronger than him. It's not only that he couldn't even resist him. But that well. Now that he is oppressed he can't even free himself. Are you with me. The power is not in himself. To liberate himself. Are you tracking with him but the reality was his mistake was in recognizing the wrong Security system. He thought this NG would keep is how secure. He thought this NG would keep his car seat not this having a cell phone would keep kids safe. But the reality is he was trusting in the wrong Security system. So that's cutest. This morning what security system are you trusting can see this is the practical aspect of righteousness my faith. It's nice that your believe in Christ right you so then what are you trusting in to secure your soul. When you leave this place what do you think is going to keep you faithful. What do you think is going to keep the devil out of your life. And my life. So as he as he takes away these things the beautiful thing about it is is that not only right. Is the devil comes. Now the story starts over southern devil came in my life. Took away the armor which I trusted. And now he is the strong man. And what a strong man guards his palace. His goods are in peace. But praise the Lord. There is a stronger than he. So there now the Devils rockin havoc in your life are you thinking. I can't take this is like Egypt in bondage who in the world is going to defeat Pharaoh in my life. Who in the world and every time a preacher comes every time a Bible study happens every time someone says let me prepare you. That's Moses coming to pharaohs court saying Let My People Go. But you see if there are non-stop or not a look at who is your god the rational been. But you see. At this point in time right as soon as your life and my life. Are becoming under the captivity of sitting we're under the bondage of sin. There's a strong men guarding the palace in and just going to let you go. I was canvassing doing big books rather selling the the huge sets. Ten book sets. The Bible stories all these different things. And so I remember coming to the street and it woman had like a milkman truck outside of a place. Now Mike I don't even know people still had milkmen delivering actual milk. To their house I couldn't believe it. So as I walked up and preying on my Our Lord give me the words you know. I walk of us are talking to this woman. And I'm like man you know here. I'm offering these books. And usually what I do when I'm doing big books because the really expensive. I start kind of testing people to see you know. Shock them with the finances. You know see what they say. If I'm thinking like OK or they're probably not going to pay four hundred dollars for books. So then as I'm showing our young with the blue box or a company or the other Jada and she's like OK well how much are these books. And I'm like Well ma'am you know the pen in which you're looking for you know. Four hundred. Seven hundred dollars. She's like I don't know if I'll be able to do that today as if that's OK We have samples supplied the megabucks. So my what we have the great controversy this was like twenty dollars. No problem. Right that's actually a sales tactic. That's for training really John it incident. So as I go on my wall these are just samples twenty dollars right twenty dollars sounds like extremely cheap compared to four hundred dollars. So she looked at the book. And she's like Nah No I'm pretty sure I'm good enough my woman would usually go to I don't go to church with me to go to churches I've been to church in twenty something years. And I said woman you definitely love this book great controversy this was the book that led me to Christ and led my my faith to come to God and to realize a lot of the hypocrisy in the church and she says oh no already understand those things I'm like No no ma'am you don't understand right. You know. For example you know we're talking about American prophecies like I know Revelation thirteen. My what you said what she was like Revelation thirteen is clearly in the Bible and my woman this is washy also talking about Babylon and this she's like I know right. It's the merging of church and state. I'm like. Are you some of the event or she's like what is a seven day event is. I'm cutting yourself. So she comes back and she's like. Yeah yob study these things in my Bible I was going to church in twenty twenty five years I feel like they don't preach the truth all these different things. So I said ma'am. Listen. I said. If you're talking to me about the things that you're saying I'm telling you these things are in this book and I think it's going to expand your understanding. And I said are so many troops tied in that of Bless my heart I think it will bless your heart. So she said you know you're very passionate young men I believe you. I believe she says Excuse me let me go in house and get some some change. I might change OK So she comes out with these jars of coins. And she's like I'm going to count out. You know fifteen dollars in change. And this is not quarters. Some live what. So we said on our porch. And she says Sebastian. I'm going to tell you a story while I count this change. Some I OK. Sure we'll make the time pass by right. And so I'm in a big booking so. I mean it's nice to have a seat for a while. So I sit down she starts selling me the story. She's counting up the chain she says you know when I was one thousand. When I was young my mother raised me to be to follow Jesus. And she said you know when I got eighteen one thousand and thirty straying from the word doing my own thing. And she said I got involved with a group called The Way. And she said you know I got a volatile missing really interesting and passionate in creative. And they told me that while I was a member of their group. Once I joined them and I went to the initiation or whatever they call it that isn't but it's really an initiation and. She said then I get to Guardian Angels. And so she was like yeah I was like all this is fascination I was nineteen. I went to the initiation and then soon as I went to the initial. I saw the two angels on the you saw them she's like yeah I could see them everywhere I was so she says they were like the shadowy figures and they would be everywhere I was a they would be there on the left on the right. Sometimes up ahead of me. All these everything's I'm like OK this is interesting. Then she says. You know one day. I was walking in a neighborhood and I saw my guardian angel. Push a lady's dog into the street. She's like our weight that's not right there going into wouldn't do that. And then she saw Joe was on the back of a child that was fighting another child. As if this thing was like egging this kid on. And so she was kind of like this so she went back to her house and she was thinking. Lord. I don't how think this is Christian. And she said she was so terrified because she thinking well if they're not. Guardian angels the what are the. There are only one option. She's like these are demons following me around everywhere. And I surrender myself to this. So she said one thing on underscore is I'm afraid. And she says you know Sebastian at this point I went to my house and she said I was laying on my bed at night. And I was thinking how am I going to get out of this how my going to get out of this is she said. All the sudden the words of my mother came back to me. And she said my mother told me at a young age she said you know. If you ever leave the Lord. She says Who Always except you back. If you come back. He will always accept you back. So she said I sat on my bed and I started praying I says she said. You know our own A mother told her to say. Jesus I'm yours. Take me. I'm yours. So she started praying this prayer on a bit. And she says then the angels of Putin room and said there was a third one. And she says while she was praying this period in a came down from the ceiling and they were like standing on her chest pressing her into the mattress right. She said she didn't get any sleep all night. But she said Sebastian there's something I want to tell you by this time she got tears in her eyes. And she says. I'm telling you this story. Because I want you to remember as you continue to do your work and you continue to go door to door as you continue to serve the Lord that Jesus is more powerful than Seton. She says that's why I'm here telling you this right now. And as I listen to the store and I went back. That now as I look at this text it reminds me of the fact that listen we oftentimes are like this woman we get ourselves in a mess. We get ourselves stuck in sin. And yet we think all men the strong man is keeping his goods. There's no way I'm going to be free from this and the blessing is that Jesus is the stronger than he. It doesn't matter how bad it doesn't matter how strong it doesn't matter his goods in which he trusted. So when Jesus comes into your life and my life is like listen. I am stronger than you and Christ will literally tear down the strongholds of Satan all his armor in which he trusted. These things you can you can hold the soul. While Now it's all going to fall. But you see the blessing of the passages that once we surrender to Christ. There is no one stronger than he that is the blessing of the passage. So that listen. Where can I go to install the correct security system in the so I can go right down to Jesus. And as I go to Chrysler say Lord. I'm yours. Take me on yours. I can't even give you my heart but take my heart because I can't even give it. And as I come as other myself you can change your thoughts you can change your heart you can control your intellect says you can't control your affections. But you can choose to serve him. And as we choose to serve him. We've given ourselves over to him in Jesus would know no other power in the soul. Save his own. And the beauty is there is no Sean good than. So then the question is if crisis come into my life and UPS are under my salute him. And there is no stronger than he had all in the world. Does the devil. I want you to notice the next verse in verse twenty three. The Bible says He who is now with me is one against me. And he who does not gather with me scatters this kind of enigmatic. You just tell me this parable about the strong men are stronger than here now you're like oh he's are not with me he's against me. OK why are you saying that will see the next part explains. The answer to our question. Verse twenty four. When an unclean spirit goes out of a man. And why does he go out of women. Because Jesus cast them out. You invited Jesus in. And Jesus is stronger than he. Whatever in unclean spirit is in our lives. Christ is stronger than a sting. Cast him out. So it says when Uncle spray goes out of a man. He goes through dry places. Seeking what. Rest. Do you recognize that these aren't conspiracy or restless. Until they're causing your own restlessness. They want you to have no peace they want you to be stressed out they want you to be all questioning God they want you to be doubting. They want you to be consuming stuff you shouldn't be consuming they want you to feel good and they're looking for a place. So he says he's going to dry places seeking rest and finding none. He finds no one. So you know what he says themself. He says. I will return where to my house I want you know this is language. Our return to my house. So here is this demon or says listen. You've been dealing with jealousy for a long time. You've been delivered anger you are dealing with lost. Human don't know what i dollars tree. You can deal with ambition and pride and self aggrandizement. Listen. That's basically my house of live there for a long time so he as he is is finding no rest is I you know I'm going to go back. This tells us brothers and sisters that. Whatever you were delivered from this we can. Whatever you will deliver FROM next. Last week and whatever going to be delivered from next week don't think that's the last time you will see it. It will come back. So you're like oh yeah praise a lawyer you got me victory over this. But I'm going to come back. I will return to my house. And then he says. Our return to my house from which I came. Verse twenty six. Verse twenty five. And when he comes he finds it was swept and was put in order what does that tell you it was before he left this thing was a mess are you with me. Soon as the devil comes in people become all confused in their souls. I mean this think about the things people believe. I wonder when I was talking to my brother before he came into the church. We were talking much arms again as watching his history channel like is equal I basically God is like an alien. Right he came in and like. Because it's like the Circle A wheel was in a wheel. So is based like a flying saucer. And he's got these beings coming down right in the he's like Oh Son of Man daughter the second me this sounds like an alien encountered. You know Area fifty one and I'm like whoa whoa. But these are this is what happens when the devil is in our so the stuff is not in order it doesn't even make sense. People start getting confused not only that he says it's full of mess and Mark. In the soul. Dirty thoughts. They're ready ideas all the sudden selfish concepts. And the ugliness that comes in. But remember this was a palace. What I tell you is he didn't come to take this palace. Because he just wants to keep the palace and keep it nice and beautiful no no no no that's not what he's coming. He's coming into Still to kill him to destroy. He was a terrorist in down and how does he do that because in a house divided against itself is brought to dissolution. His whole goal is to cause us to start making self destructive decisions. When you when I get involved in sin when you and I are getting involved in all kind of foolishness and mass. And we want to do our own thing. What do we stop destructive behaviors. That's what it is. But you see will like to look at it that way because we're getting pleasure out of it. But as they say right. Night time of pleasure. Leads to a lifetime of pain. Solid takes one time you like on just going to indulge. You know many people are addicted to heroin never recovered because the first time. Cocaine meth. Ecstasy sex. Pornography. You can go on and on down the line. All the addictions all the struggles people have you like man if you just never did at one time you would even be in a situation. So he comes back but you know what's interesting in verse twenty six The Bible says that he goes and he takes with him. Seven other spirits. More wicked than himself I don't even know there are degrees of wickedness. So whatever. Listen is the truth though. He said listen. You thought you had problems with just watching pornography on the ticket to the next level. When you come back in is gone be worse this time. You thought you were just rotten with physical boundaries you know we shouldn't be kissing in our relationship. When you come back is gone be worse this time. Now you talk about oral sex. You thought it was so bear with your temper last Sunday some are going to come in swinging blows. You thought this was bad your jealousy and struggle now we're going to take this is a whole next level. Seven other spirits. More wicked than himself. So here's the point he comes back he finds it swept and garnished. And he goes back. And notice what the Bible says. And they enter and well there. And the last State of that man is worse than the first but here's the question. How could they enter their. Jesus came. They were cast out. Are you following me. They were looking for any says I'm a return to my house. So wait a minute. Why would you even think you could return to your house of Jesus casual and there's no stronger than he. Because when you roll up on that palace and Jesus is guarding his palace. Guess what his good will always be in peace. I'll take that one Him and his good will always be in peace. Jesus owns this thing. You can't even think this is why it's so funny that the devil if you thought he could take the throne of God. Are you ever going to tack Christ going to take the sting. You don't know who you're dealing with. You don't know who you're dealing with. That's why the other angels were reasoning Lucifer. Here's your Creator. Listen. God could blink and you will not exist. Hearing up to speak a word he just has to think it healed told you by the word of his power. All things. It is by Him all things considered the reason why you are not spreading apart. Is because of Christ. And you actually attack him. So we know that when he is coming back. Why would he think he could come back and enter this place. If Jesus is there and there is no shrunk isn't he. Well the answer is in. Matthew Chapter twelve. So keep your finger here. Or to one of those string things in Luke going to look in Matthew Chapter twelve going to start a verse forty three. Matthew Chapter twelve. Verse forty three. The Bible says when an unclean spirit goes out of a man. He goes through dry places seeking rest and finds none looks the same. Then he says I'll return to my house from which I came. And when he comes he finds it was empty. Swept and put in order. Do you notice Matthew added a word look did not. What was that word. Empty. So he says I'm going to return to my house. So he's coming any thinking OK I'm going to go back and go back to this place and. You know what he comes up and start looking. He realizes Jesus is cars not in the driveway. He said wait a minute to start looking in the windows he realized Jesus's furniture is moved out. He realizes on the mailbox it doesn't say the Lord Jesus Christ King of Heaven and Earth. Lord of Lords. Doesn't say that so is are all these a living here anymore. All no problem. Let me go get seven other spirits. So in other words how did he know to come back. Because the demon knows that listen. I know how Christians can be. He says I know the situation well I'm walking are can't find anything way. Let's go back to where we used to be because you know Christians have this tendency to invite guilt to solve their immediate. So let's go back and check in a test this one one more time. Yeah she came E.C. Y C Yeah she came to the altar she surrendered all to Jesus and. He cast us out. Yes she's free and the sun shall make you free indeed. But guess what a soon as she has got everything put in order and swept a report of the currents and decorated and as he got that so put an aura she's thinking clearly now she's got gives and she's speaking in doing music for the Lord enough she's got influence is a leader. But she won't as Jesus the state. She sent Jesus packing on his way. So when he comes back. He's a crisis. No no it's not a crisis now here crisis not. Still here. So in other words when Jesus says He that is not with me is was so in other words what is Christ why does he bring up this verse. You know why he's bringing it up. He quotes those words to make the point that if you don't ask Jesus to stay. You say Whoa. The devil is not in their right. Because he came back and found it was empty. So price is not abiding. The D.M. is not an ear. This is a position of neutrality. In other words as they have always said the man who wrote the book Night. Was talking about the Holocaust. And when he received the Nobel Prize. The PUA surprise I think it was with a Nobel Prize for that. When he gave a speech he said. My experience has always thought us. That neutrality does not help the weak. It only helps the oppressor. In other words. When we don't ask Jesus to stay we always this is how some of us think about it. Lord come in solve my problems when things are really bad OK now you can move on our run things from here thanks a lot Christ. You can pack your things. We think Jesus is like an in-law that comes to visit. Helps us out with the baby OK now things are good you can go home now. But when the devil comes back says Have you forgotten that the demon is stronger than you. So you install the security system sort of protecting kick in is due down and then you took out the security system. So the point is there is no neutrality in other words you don't have to actively choose the devil to be on the side of the devil. You just have to neglect to choose Jesus. Because if you're now with me. What are you against me. Do you understand the implications of the statement. You don't have to be against Jesus to be against Jesus. You don't have to choose satan. To be ruled by Satan the Devil will take you into ways. You willingly surrender. Or you just don't choose to surrender to Jesus. So the message is very simple brothers and sisters. When at demon comes back to the soul and he finds it empty. Swept and put in order. He says all this guy's trying to be neutral. He's not with Jesus. He didn't ask Jesus to stay. He's one of those crisis Christians call on Jesus in crisis thank you so much. Back to our regularly scheduled program. He's a you're one of those Christians that. What I call a commercial Christian. After these messages will be right back. That's exactly how we look at sermons. And that's exactly the title of my sermon. After these messages will be right back. Oh yeah I came to Kingston. Listen to the preaching of the word seminar. But after these messages will be right back. Go home drive all go to your house back to your university back to your dorm. Back to your family. More of the same business as usual. So basically we are commercial Christians. Because after these messages. Prison the world. Were exult. Amen that was such a blessing. Oh I was inspired. All I gave my heart to Christ. Oh I came to the altar but will be right back. And so the answer to our problem is not just to invite Jesus to come in and kick all the on clean spirits out of our souls. It is not just about asking Jesus. To do for us. What we do not have the power to do for ourselves. It is about daily. Asking Jesus. To do for us we don't have the power to do for us because I can tell you right now the peace you felt when you surrendered. The joy that came into your heart when you gave all to Christ. Listen if you want the joy to abide. It is the answer is not get rid of the problem the entries keep Jesus. Because as long as Jesus is ruling your soul in my so your good will be kept in peace. No matter the storms. No matter the trials no matter the difficulties no matter the failures. That's why the song says when the oceans rise and thunders roar. I will soar with you. Above the stone. Why cause you are king over the flood. I WILL BE STILL AND KNOW you are God. We leave this conference. It's not about Lord justify me thank you for saving me. Thank you for Deliver me from this it thank you for bringing me out of my mess. And now that Jesus starts cleaning up your heart. Cleaning up your life. Cleaning up your soul turning you back into the palace. That we were meant to be. And now everything's clean. And in order. The question is what will you do which is what will you do Jesus then. And I pray that what you will do is use a crown him. Asking that I'm going to do. Yes he saved you this we can. Yes he deliver do this we can sure. Thank you yes he saved you yes he deliberately this we can. But now tomorrow morning. What do you do on Monday. What do you do want to see what you do on Wednesday. You leave this conference you go home. You go to your bed you go to your career prayer closet. And you say crown Him Lord. Of My Life. You go to your prayer cloth and you say Jesus. I want you to stay. You do what the disciples did on the road to amaze once they realized abide with us. That's what our song comes from the say Lord. Abide With Me fast falls the even tide. The darkness deepens. Lord with me. Applied. When other helpers. Fail and comfort food. I try I'm still if you abide with me. How can we lock up our souls not just coming to Christ and asking for deliverance. It is saying to Jesus. I want you to stay. I'm here. I want to crown. You deliver this palace. You cleaned it up. You swept it. You put it in order. You garnished it. Who better to be king. I couldn't defend my own soul. I couldn't keep him out. I couldn't deliver myself. Therefore I'm relinquishing the crown. Over to you who can defend us. Not only defend us. But keep us. And so Paul will use the words as you have received the Lord Jesus Christ. So walk in him. How did you receive Jesus by faith. So walk the world Walkmans live. So how do you stay in Jesus wanting to get right with God is another thing the stay right with God. After these messages will be right back. Maybe there's someone here. That agrees with me. Agrees with me that I'm not trying to be a commercial Christian. I'm not trying to be a Christian. Which I get go to the messages go to the conference. Do my devotion but after these messages. I'll be writing. But I want to be a Christian. That when I have heard these messages when my heart has been touched when I have surrendered to Christ. I'm asking the city. And I'm going to ask him to stay as a guest. Masculist a as a king. And I'm going to crown him with many crumbs every head is about every I schools. To invitations this morning. Someone says You know what Lord. I've been a commercial Christian. I know how many youth conferences you've been to. I don't know how many revival weekend you have attended. I don't know how many small groups of Bible studies you've been inspired by and been touched. And you find your life going flimflam back and forth. But today. Crisis saying look it's time for you to stop being a commercial Christian. After these messages. I'll be right back to the same old stuff. We want to say Lord. You have delivered me. You have saved me. You are stronger than he is today. I'm coming to bring you a crown. I'm asking you to apply. You come into crisis and Lord look at what you've done for me in me around me. I want you to stay with us your prayer I want to punch a distance if you say Lord. I'm asking you to stay. My second invitation. So the person that says. There is something that is come back into my life. Jesus delivered me. I was free. But then this. Unclean spirit came back into my life. And the reality is I was worse than from the beginning. And so today this is your opportunity to come. Once again to the stronger than he and the say Lord. I'm in a worse situation than I was before. And so today I need two things from you Jesus. I need you to not only come in right now. And I need you to break the bonds that Satan has brought into my life. But I also need you to stay and clean up this mess that my heart is an easy to clean up my mind and if you clean up my spirit. Because there was something I had victory over but it's creeping back into my life. And so I need to come back because I realize I didn't ask you this thing that's your promotion to meet me at this altar. There's something that is come back into your life. That Jesus had delivered you from. You said look I don't ask you to stay. And that's why these things come back into my life. And so I'm asking that you come. Break the bonds of the strongmen take away the armor in which he trusts. Divide those spoils. Energy to clean up my heart and clean up my spirit. Clean up my mind because of allowed these things to come back the demon has returned and I thought I could be neutral. I thought I didn't have to choose. The devil or Christ to rule my life I could rule my life that I could depend upon myself. Forgetting that there's a stronger than me. So here I am praying that you sweep my soul that you will put my heart. In order and father that you would free me again. But this time. I want you to stay. I want you to stay and watch the new with me as we pray. Father in heaven. We're so grateful to learn this morning. That justification by faith is laying into the dust. The glory of men. In Jesus. Doing for us. That which is not in our power to do for ourselves. We are thankful this morning Lord that we can be reminded again that yes we are srong but there is a stronger than law that the devil is walking about as a roaring lion and father there is no power in us to resist him. But Father. Even though we may be in bondage and we may have fallen we're so grateful today. That there's a stronger than he father that there is a warrior out there that is stronger than him. Who is not coming to oppress us but to deliver us. The Lord He is a warrior that fights for the weak and defense the poor. He looks upon the downtrodden in those who are broken and of a country heart he looks at those who shoulders in bodies and frame are crushing beneath the load of an unbearable amount of sins and guilt and shame. And when he comes he overcomes the strong men in our lives. And so Lord. We have stood to say. We don't want to be commercial Christians in him. We don't want to situation with after these messages which is going to be right back to what we were doing. All were praying and asking Father is that you would Leaders lead us forward. Because we want you to say we want you to abide. We want to make a daily experience of trusting in Jesus. To find it is wheat to trust him. And Father many of us has come to this all to because there are things in our lives that we were free from. But they're coming back. And as they're coming back into our lives it is not because Christ is National on it is not because Christ is not powerful but is because we don't ask a mistake. So now Father we pray the. Now it has come back with seven other spirits more wicked than itself. We pray that you would vanish. All of them. We pray that you were taken troll of this palace this soul Palace. And Lord we need you to sweep our souls. We need you to clean up our spirits and fathers. When it's all said and done. You restored us to that piece that you've promised. We come now to bring you the crown. And we need you to be the Lord of our lives. We want you to be our king. We want you to be our defender. We want you to be our strong man. We want you to be our palace in our city. We love you and we thank you that Jesus is not only able. But willing. And so Lord we can rise from our knees. Just now with the peace of God knowing. With assurance. Tech Christ will know no other power in our soul save his own that our greatest fear is not that you would fail. But that we would fail to trust you. That we would trust to ourselves. And that we would cast you out as Lord. Thank you Father. For such love. Thank you for such a blessing and thank you father. For teaching us where we have gone wrong. Now help us to be faithful. Until the very end is our prayer in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about our universe or if you'd like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. done. Our users. Dot org.


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