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The 51st State

Randy Skeete

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 20, 2008
    7:00 PM
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everyone is thank you for coming I also love those of you were watching at home by estimates however you're making contact with the service we welcome you and reprinted with the goal of heaven with digital revelation of his will and understanding of his wordless foreheads and pray our father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ give me all the help you can because I needed am asking you about I'm not being demanding I'm just being specific give me all the help you can serial spirits I renounce self glory and pride all for myself we'll surface for this hour use it to your glory to God in Jesus name I pray amen I have to take the title goes I spoke to people as I observed the developments of this meeting it became necessary for me to make a change so I will no longer speak are good for something our subject for this evening is the fifty first state what I say the fifty first state on the past one hundred years colonial powers have been losing their colonies are lost the college major no powers like England Germany France Spain particularly of Portugal have lost the colonies on the continent of Africa parts of Asia that has been a movement a caller needs to govern themselves VA Job imperialism presumably this past year to expand settlement by military might is supposedly gone for a while da Vinci 's affiliates is coming that behavior will return the carnal mind does not change it only gets worse countries who love to expand their territories it allows the more resources more bit of population and workforce unless is not different with God but before I speak about gauntlet figures and examples United States has how many states fifty and it has been taught for a number of years of making the District of Columbia the fifty first state in the country let's say like caviar which has eight provinces a country like Uganda has about eighteen districts for major political subdivisions South Africa as provinces three X the level of official languages England almost three dozen counties where I'm from Barbados eleven parishes were my parents are from St. Lucia is about the same number of parishes of Barbados were to send some fishermen over the signals on the rubble and over for a censorship this is usually part of Barbados all vice a versa expansion of territory is something vicious desire but an activity that has been restricted because of the present mode in the world now also desires to expand his territory a few years ago not that long ago the prayer of job ends with the fact that swept searches everyone was saying a prayer of job is expand and enlarge my territory like so many fads that sweep through the church that is fast but God I said yeah in fact is desirous of expanding his territory blog is looking for the fifty first state to analyze rights and Bible commentary volume one page ten eighty one photograph two God created the world 's plan large heaven are you with me let visit out again God created the world and a large heaven God was a dating naked territorial expansion when he lived wireless I need to extract the unending arts the influence of heaven we developed a quality of heaven is a lot of aquatic Park now if we found out that it is an island somewhere she is the middle of the Pacific Ocean and they have a constitution that is word for word like the Constitution of United States assistance of government precisely unsparingly like the US system one which that is why US territory God created the world and meeting arts have enough how can you reasonably establish that biblically Matthew chapter six routing from porcine the Lord 's prayer which we all know as Jesus and after this manner three our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come flying will be done at Iris as it is in heaven now let's pause and reflect on a stick that you are not at times but I thought this article reflected upon five where will be done on our precisely the same way it is gone now the wind is all South Florida birthday I do like to be applied when all my dog and my goal is within my heart which gets priced out out what spots will once want small notebook small if the Constitution of F1 that if the Constitution for the universe when God made the block to the same Constitution the better to item to a governmental system on must be an extension of the governmental system in heaven the Morrows templates on must be an extension of the morose type that would have limited the behavior of standards on our must be an extension of the behavioral standards and because I is an extension of Temple haven't had citizens on Idol some of the Monday Moses in the name another man was in heaven eleven of the land was never Jesus Christ Valdez also bought the others at regular price we both know that they are citizens in heaven when I like to have the Constitution going by the universal Constitution and on fire will be done on as it is in heaven but you want I know something went wrong Genesis opportunity from what the Bible says the Lord part of the magistrate of every tree of the garden is always pretty but it's rate of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for the day about because Byron comes out strongly backed with institutions that are not enforced by the use of the word that you thought you had to come back to the same work he was glad for the wrong one I bought a diplomat these are the force recorded was that Adam Everhart the metaphors wires according to the Bible account that Adam was up in other words were back mode mode command of the Mac it suggests that the Paul's reminded with resumes on one favorable one hundred vendors of little I realized ever gathering of the size there are a few benign rebels who will say that men cannot tell me what to do and I know that particular foregone just for your cell phones off I witnessed someone sending using the formula services morning I'm really distressing what can I do about please please I'm asking for a single thought to himself not a vibrant I'm asking you furthermore seven of which will pray for you while I speak all you have to say Lord for Christ sake put your words in fact man's mouth of the number three and like you to think back to Genesis enforcing states of the Lord God commanded the very first words out of college teaching that outcome that required obedience somebody said it will be a white man toward obedience not idle we don't like the work that they don't want people like the word obedience Roseville four seven because the carnal mind is that they don't thought but it is not subject to the law bought my baby just made the Bible tells us very well and very bluntly we applaud with the NATO got not only hates God not many hits it long but it cannot keep it all so we are born with them I got to actually genetically instinctively and reflexively or disobeyed God will be to the above said to eat up is easy Adam was on the probation you want the useful citizenship papers he was on the probation this is no joke call for the college page twenty one paragraph five I want right ball created man to put his own glory that off the test on trial the human family might become one with the heavenly family it was thought work with the repopulate happen with the human family and that would solve themselves obedient to address every word that were talking about the fifty first state that is the way that citizens in a book requires that blogspot are not going to live there a large let's call it the fifty first state what kind of citizens does not require to the fifty first state bought created man for his own glory not that that's the trial the human family might become one of the family-friendly why because the human family it was merely an extension of the heavenly family as I've was an extension of this one push the repopulated problem with the human family we want to incalculable privileged one of them national rubble I asked myself all the knowledge that God wanted to be populated and now while repopulated because some of the population had been asked that we bought is the process is gone at the precise number of angels that somewhere in the midst of found not falling as what was his will to repopulate heaven with the human family but what is the condition and that would solve themselves obedient to his and reworked no thoughts where Bob's world suspects in the parole of the average Christian because we have this object was gone you cannot tell me that is it what to do the island shows what I do I wanted to you will not tell me get my likely you will not tell me how to interact with my girlfriend will not tell me about smoking and drinking you will not tell me about drugs and illicit sex you will not tell me what records listen to a lot city of Aleppo you will not tell me thought I will decide what you think you are where do you come off telling me calculate this is some of all human beings but particularly among the young juicy young people are the states within making decisions for themselves that's why the herpes crisis of the parents yes you need to document conversations but you don't have the wisdom but if your Harvard Princeton New Jersey Michigan University Okefenokee hit on half because that will longer but it is not a bad maturation of the effective development of July that aside and you come up against the accumulated at this conflict with the same problem with Adam so God said of every tree of the garden the home is freely tradable knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it forward with the flow because the rock five shots loaded by the commandment without unsafe and Joseph reports by the Bible says of the Lord out of a set where I vow I said I'd heard my voice in the garden when I was afraid because I was naked when I hit myself and he said he called the half I was naked for celeb look at this great house without enough that charade where all my command that these I'm sure it's not a job as a picture to what I taught you want to know laptop with fasting and age you know I sat all right you decided why there are some presidents who will overlap just because God says all right for the reason that you disobey Ringgold was handling of the punishment in verse seventeen he said Levin Genesis three because dollhouse hearkened unto the voice of thy wife you listen to somebody else and hast eaten of the tree of which I come back to the same house outlook you have it let us tomorrow night Smoltz work because you did exactly what I told you not to do too I know why perhaps at a painfully for First Bank maternal mortality becomes the reality of human compassion sin death disease poverty crime rates wall right populists why I you did not do what I told you this world is in some sense the Devils world second be receptive to endorse McCain a man is overcome up the same is he brought it on dates with Adam said he turned over the world the site of Jesus Christ are calibrated eagerly bought it back but it is still under the control of citizens on the right price has not yet possessed but it is league leaders on the basis of his back now Christ is coming back because they have been stuff it in the fifty first state what God had in mind originally it's no longer the case gone in ten minutes and less profit for all its world and he will come back to fix the damage was the carefully please when God Revere you do not make people for him in the world for many many people he did not ask Adam you want to be me I doubled the size of that he wants you I is that she was in all the unspoiled beauty and glory that's like one hundred thousand English sinlessness he had to test limits of me they had to make a choice Julie will want to remain if this condition pristine and untouched on supply of without paying a contamination tool you want to Maine in a condition of obedience to leave several assets freedom the response was not effectively absorb it shows seven now before Japheth Christ comes back to fix the fifty first state this expectation of heaven best analog of the heavily carrot RAF before he comes back he has to quantify the potential sentence of that state as well as affect what is a literacy who wants to be part of that state who wants to live in the territory of an extension of hammer where the standard of living is not different from the standard for all created beings in heaven it shall be the insiders that kind of life because they have to demonstrate that if I don't how before I take the risks I a lot happens that's not I started a private one that put people at other messed up now I will start with perfect people fans make a perfect world somebody say that God is quantifying costs for citizenship in the fifty first state an extension of the qualification is obedience to his will I said the qualification is obedience to his will is that the best you can do for obedience qualitative and would like to be a citizen of that state yes what I do let me tell you what God requires his inbox and at the half-and-half driver fought against God are you with me you either save Allah see what will we talk there but I have upheld last week on functions there's no new psychology with God you cannot occupy a middle ground I walk on the left sitting on the right as you try to decide which has greater attractive offers multiple twelve at April first twenty of the Bible says one of the scribes came and having heard them reasoning together and perceiving that he answered them well Austin which is the first commandment of all that Jesus answered him the fourth of all the commandments is their orders while the Lord our God is one Lord how much I love the Lord with all my heart although my soul though my mind with all my strength this is the fourth comments Bob this is what it takes Christ up about it some of my box so my soul and mind and strength he set off my cock while my mind off my strength all I might stuff that's how some people identify with all their heart with all this out with all them my best house on gang bangers and with all their heart with all this out but all they might not also leaves led with all their heart with all this about a thousand climate led with all their heart but all this way but God says no that determination try and set the value don't discuss things with me I say I'm some love the Lord with all my heart with all my soul with all of my mind with all my strength this is the correction amount of the Jones lawyers or the Lord our God is one Lord Deuteronomy six one five about some of the but I thought I might this is where Christ is qualified not want to talk the right to make that amount because God loves you want me with all his heart with all his fault with all his might but on this site it will be repaired without they are uncounted millions of miserable Christians not because we don't have enough money a most use more rooms the program addresses small garages the store of antique cars that's not why there was there on this willful one the basic profound reason of that is they have not made of full complete and total surrender control to listen to me until you would like to know that we cannot have peace of mind these of my office but I thought also another price testimonies of southern Africa therefore do not operate a lot like me have mathematically sought them out some arthritis in such a qualification for censorship in the fifth and first thing because the Constitution of that state is not constitutional about as baklava do the math nothing shocked up absolute surrender to the attractive profits therefore some of my autographed photo I like how the lock shop monsters out of Cana that these LSM and wish you won't be forgotten that he requires abstract obedience what kind of obedience bonus cost of things with Baldwin also remember the Sabbath and keep it holy just keep it holy and how little if I want this path it will also put charts personalization I want to write the history of God 's dealings with his people in all just because I cannot eat them as eggs to commands I say X audience this is the conclusion of citizenship in the fifty fourth day before God purifies that we purified off while some people say I was about there would be no most of the world with all forms of the people involved were making that decision now let me show you will help determine some positions are our father torment they are unchangeable he unbuttoned on Revelation sixteen where we find the seven last plagues last night 's Hospital part of God 's judgment without mercy I sent without my say before stock blogger bloggers rock went out in my shape on the seventh day part of that revolutions within method applicable for forsake the fourth angel poured out his lineup when the sun while the dignity of the sports metafile unmet was caught with great heat and blasphemy involved blasting the name of God with power over these plagues unrepentant not to give them all right now Guinness dog pouring out his rock without mercy but these centers have decided with such determination that will not serve God that even his worst nights counted are you with me not applicable five written from personal job rubbish and sixty what kind of slide under the age of four out of five what is this thing that's how they thought that pops up a glass the thought of heaven because of the tablet is unrepentant not a big piece he thought he sends an update on ex-president and Marcie on them it feels that they become their minds are made up that is nothing you can poop opposite to change my mind now you see him arrive but needs a people who will tell sensitive that is nothing you can build a partly from perhaps the person qualifies for a place in Goldstein to look applicable seven part of it fourth twenty one of Robinson 's experience of the federal amendment to rip it out of heaven ever spoke about the weight of a pallet unmanned blaspheme God because of the plaintiff but have fought applicable exceeding great upgrade from heaven have one hundred pounds each toll on men just crashed blocked because their minds are made up now God wants our minds made up to open him missile-defense which is into there's only one of your demo with God that's what he says is any of the week week week development of food these events are we equipped all people I can get to respond with another week one euros of emergency watchdog launches first his relationship with each other something quickly or obedience is the relationship are innocently obedience is our relationship this update has a relationship every human being asked for relationships in the world while this bought one percent you have no choice now five the quality of the relationship you cannot adjust the fact that you must have a relationship item with broad policy and now with no religion that with God 's will be against your religion it would fit them is off the regular business of the God it let me do what I want manual revisions it with their lives of handshake kind of benign we are friends slipped from something there are people more possessed by the devil you would never know because they call it why do people live there the self-controlled and they all want to send it to the devil not all people possess people rule on the ground and for the house unmercifully there may be a just upset that can best place calmly setting about the Bible on voted to Biblesoft about seventy five it is therefore six and six paragraph three Eversole left refuses to give himself the Gallic is under the control of another power he is not his F result she vilified the government about every salt who can quickly consciously wonderfully refueled since the gift of life that Christ has welcomed saw a pile up being costly it's not that far out my account of personality but want their start great statement that enthralled up every mind that is not decidedly unethical to not did you hear me that some of you like this this is me bring this to the front but some of the receipt by the saffron water three four four more of how afraid you remember that we got off bought not one of it's because of the gospel is uncertainty about you including but keep that same brand mass genocide genocide has been nothing but dry mouth it's about to thought I want to be a part of the fifty first state at the expense of that let me ask that you love the qualifications for citizenship is a willingness to live by the Constitution plus why would people become citizens of United States there helplessly on off of it will defend the Constitution of United States user to be what you mean by obedience without question your gestalt of American soldiers in Iraq and Iran the whereabouts they are regular soldier when the commanding officer 's shots that charge balance that was very long I was shocked by the thought of the five AC vault in front all affected by the obedience about this subject is not about turbulence of obedience if you're an attacking Iraq autos of ahead of the guy you become to let against the will of little story of how that's a media sponsor I got from the runtime sermons I just don't with offender this cartridge walk cause you any inconvenience I may but I have to tell you what a slight disobedient wasn't watching the party gets not one disobedience brought out about disobedience returns is about to a relaxed potential profits to five autographed total obedience perfect perpetual out what the comparison of eternal happiness upon this conclusion was that accessible through my obedience by Fred and perpetual out that all the time not what is digital but once you you will note that this would be to stop disobeying blog stop rebel against lay down and give them life Google one hundred percent because God gave Christ he gave everything he realized that if I can't not work out what the problem of the plan you understand that laws of you will apply to medical school is applied to six and seven eighths if you don't get it a number one unit number six have a backup plan cat not back up plan for Christ that is giving all that is going to rock out with it is this not want to jump in now he says to you right now make a decision to opening the through the power of Christ but automatically regardless of Jesus Christ is his life working for us about the surrender must be complete you also have gone way to surrender and you Rob but the harangue must be thoughtful Washington nine make a decision you'll one hundred percent what I say one hundred percent say what I say you say you'll say while there were only wearing a back want to talk about was the longest one hard drive perfect now I knew something was not apologized by personal servant Elijah Wood is good for governmental DuPont's I want the young people first this evening you will talk to a partial income credit crisis was written by you was a large I want to give my life to you id. my life to you from my one hundred percent because I want to be a citizen of the fifty first state while in fact while Jamaica locked I want to be a part of that and so I am living my life field I might definitely healed I think the responsibility not automatically make that commitment but Mister Bullock arrived if you read the rest of the young people young manual limits that would does want to develop it with others judge peoples and seventy I have to take much over if there's someone listening to me you left off but I wasn't left the charts was attract much of left God a lot of left off your cleansing what you want to come back seriously since Sara Lee said about my job I think rest I'm coming back I will not leave you and if there's someone like that can apply to all the people you call your rep that from what I thought I'm coming back on my justice standing right I will not leave again if there's someone like you I want to become completely permanent not interested and by the power of Christ I was paying that might save you I will know you think that we are part of the fifty first state to document that is a paddling out all right I want the apartment the fund based on what the law is a PDF so what about those of regular life be serious outbreak of eligible be serious please received one you will trust if you're coming that is what the public will aggressively striving for life is good-looking on it I this is not a spectator sport but just days unconscionable result in Assam New Providence thought he was against the devil and be obedient to God someone else as I said goodbye to know what is visible because of life is moving mid-August to as Walter McDougall surrendered your life to Jesus Christ and what else what I asked about it have you close your eyes father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ one of the week of life will get your weather from the heart elected for bridge such incredulous that the sustained a powerful omnipotence rather than everyone was response the vice president will coming not that essential that made the life over to a entirely essential to make them come back from ripping out the brain written for Apple why don't race that bought confirmed that decision seeing of that decision I pray how possible I just got a partial settlement of the bot is also member of the understand because of your love and require no laptops are adopted because that's how a volatile battle plans that on the phone strengthen your something about it I left the walk day by day and upgrades as table salt not one bag with anything as of the first page that spends the family territory of the bread Jesus lay the point is that all God 's people say I then walked mesial three-dimensional stylist but if you wake up the day after the conventional settlement then it must be at the thirtieth one experience of mine and God will bless you in your cell the God while the mother was limited when I'm in the number you are in long men who were on this on numerous moons generation and you'd like to learn more about jingling the defendant in the nine mice that are working like this one the online service in WW volume versus nonwork


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