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Answers From Babylon

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • October 15, 2015
    10:04 AM
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It had stood the test of time. God's book. The bible relevant in today's complex world. It is rich sharing messages all around the world. We began the series. Philosophy to Killie's heal. Asking the question of the ages. Does God exist. Now in our quest to answer that all important question. We discovered two essential principles. The first is this. We must adopt the attitude of the Inquirer. Rather than the attitude of the skeptic. Or the believer. You see skeptics and believers both allow their assumptions. To skew the data and their interpretation of that data. And thus this lead skeptics to disbelieve in the face of reasonable evidence. And on the opposite side of the coin assumptions. Lead believe or to believe. Even though big questions remain. However an honest. Inquirer. Will accept. Reasonable evidence. Even if some questions remain. And consequently inquirers base their decisions on the weight of the evidence. Now the second. Essential principle we discovered and talked about is that the most objective definition of certainty is based on statistical probability. Now practically speaking this means that the lower the probability. The garage. Or the certainty is. If that thing. Actually comes true. Unfortunately. Knowledge alone that is derived through. Reason. Sensory Perception. Intuition feelings. Experience. History and the experts. Is just not sufficient enough to ground the question of God's existence. It is this second principle of proper billet T.V. in combination with that knowledge. That becomes the key. Now when we applied these two principles to the question of God's existence. We concluded that the weight of evidence. Decidedly points to the reality of his existence. Thus in spite of questions that may still remain. We conclude that the difficulties of belief. Are great but the absurdities of unbelief. Are even greater. In addition to asking the grand question of God's existence. We also noted that the reality of God's existence doesn't solve all of the contradictory things that are said about him. Now those contradictory things are said by philosophers. Theologians and books and voices of the world's great religions and worldviews. It is important then for us to apply the principle of probability theory. To the various claims. Advanced by philosophers. Theologians and the books in voices of the world's great religions and worldviews. So that we can settle the question of authority and inspiration. What we found through the use of probability theory is that the only book that can be trusted. Is the Old and New Testament scriptures. Of the Bible. They can be trusted because they invite the Enquirer. To test these writings. Through what is called predictive prophecy. In today's program and in the weeks to come. We will analyze the Bible and its predictive prophecy. We will apply the principles of probability. To study the Bible. Most particularly the Book of Daniel. In fact. Daniel is so filled with predictive prophecy. We will study. Each one of the chapters. Now as we do this we will draw attention to the relevant themes within this small but powerful book by connecting them with the certainty that we have discovered through probability. Now the Book of Daniel itself. Begins with two very improbable events. Of probability that can be tested. The first is the empire of Babylon. Rising to power. The second is an age old prophecy of seventy years. That is connected with the Babylonian rise to supremacy and its subsequent demise. First let's look at Babylon's rise to power. Another writer of the Old Testament by the name of Jeremiah. Wrote some amazing things concerning Babylon. He was a contemporary of Daniel and served in Jerusalem. Now in approximately the year six zero five B.C.. The prophet Jeremiah wrote in chapter twenty five verses one through eleven of the book that bears his name. That six S. fully predicted that Babylon would come against Jerusalem and against all the nations around Jerusalem and destroy them. Here's what the book of Jeremiah records in Jeremiah. Chapter twenty five. Verses eight through Levan therefore. Thus says the LORD of hosts. Because you have not heard my words. Behold. I will send and take all the families of the North says the Lord and never can as are the king of Babylon. My servant. And will bring them against this land. Against its inhabitants and against these nations. All around and will. Utterly destroy them and make them. And astonishment. Hissing and a perpetual desolation. Moreover I will take from them. The voice of mirth. And the voice of gladness. The voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride. The sound of the mill stones. And the light of the land. And this whole land shall be a desolation. And in astonishment. And these nations. Shall serve the king of Babylon. Seventy years. And in an amazing turn of historical events. The Bible. Records direct fulfillment of Jeremiah's prophecy. Daniel records. Babylon's conquest of Jerusalem. In Daniel Chapter one Verse is one and two. This took place in six zero five B.C.. And this is what the Bible says In Daniel one one in two in the third year of the reign of joy Achim king of Juda never can as or king of Babylon. Came to Jerusalem and beseech did. And the Lord gave joy Achim of Judah. Into his hand with some of the articles of the house of God which he carried into the land of Shiner to the house of his gods. And he brought the articles. Into the treasure house. Of his god. Jeremiah predicted that Babylon would not only conquer Jerusalem. But that it would also conquer the surrounding nations. In order for this to take place. BABYLON would have to displace two extremely powerful nations who were military superpowers for centuries. Those two superpowers that I'm referring to a Syria and Egypt during the early days of Jeremiah's ministry. The two great powers of a Syria and Egypt. Were struggling for supremacy with. BABYLON emerging as a strong contender. Now the empire of Assyria had reached its peak. But was now on the decline. Under the leadership of Asher Bana polarized and six twenty seven B.C.. However the fate of a Syria was in SEAL. Until the fall of Nineveh and six twelve B. C. to the Babylonians who were under the leadership of. Nabal pilaster Egypt meanwhile under the leadership of Pharaoh Nico the second. Wouldn't let Babylon's arise. Go one challenged. Although Babylon experience than almost meteoric rise in power in Egypt would stand in her way. Egypt had thrown off the Assyrian yoke. And they were endeavouring to regain their former glory and dominance in the Near East. Egypt first experience victory over King Josiah. Of Juda around six zero nine B.C.. Then Egypt came into possession of Judea. And they also occupied Syria. They also occupied parts of northern Mesopotamia. Unlike a Syria however which was definitely on the decline. Egypt was far from defeated. In fact one might conclude that they were strengthening. It is in fact the decline of a Syria. That provided Pharaoh Nico and Egypt. With the opportunity to assert their independence from Assyria and to a stablished the twenty six dynasty. The result of this amazing twist of events. Was a revived sense of national pride and continued political power that had continued for over a century. And now the political vacuum left after the fall of min of a gave Egypt the opportunity to really stablish that dominance. As an empire and western Asia. And so on his way through Palestine. Toward Iran. Pharaoh Nico defeated the troops of Judah and killed. KING. Josiah in the battle of McG. it oh. You can read about this event. Because it's recorded in Second Kings twenty three twenty nine to thirty and also in Second Chronicles thirty five twenty to twenty seven. But after defeating Judah Pharaoh Nikko then went north. To go against the Babylonians. The battle would take place in Syria and Pharaoh Nikko sought out to strengthen the Empire. With his headquarters at KARK a mesh. On the Euphrates River. However as we read in Jeremiah twenty five eight through eleven. The prophet Jeremiah. Pointed out that it would be. Babylon who would conquer. And this challenge by the Egyptians was met by never can as are general. And eventual king of Babylon. There at KARK a mesh. The Babylonians decisively defeat of the Egyptians and is what is called The Battle of car commish the battle took place in six zero five B.C.. As crown prince of Babylon. Never can as or was about to capitalize on his victory by going down into Egypt to destroy it. However he received word that his father Nabal pilaster had died. And so as a result. Never can as are swiftly took the desert route back to Babylon. It was the far more difficult route to take. And there. He secured the throne. And he was named king of Babylon. The amazing thing friends. Is this the defeat of the Syria. And later of Egypt. Successfully fulfills. Jeremiah's prophecy that Babylon. Would not just conquer Jerusalem. But that it would also conquer. The two superpowers. On its rise to supremacy. God asks that his word be tested. And this prophecy was fulfilled in detail. This prophecy then forms the background. For the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem. In six zero five B.C. where Daniel and his three friends were taken captive and brought back to Babylon. Along with the rise of Babylonian supremacy. Jeremiah also predicted something that is even more improbable. Then just this Babylonian supremacy. During his and Daniel's time. On the account of the sins of Jerusalem. God speaking through Jeremiah four told that his people would be captives in Babylon. For seventy years earlier we quoted Jeremiah twenty five eight through twelve. With such a prediction. However this prophecy is also recorded in Jeremiah twenty nine ten. It is very interesting to note. Several years after Jeremiah had spoken these words. There were false prophets in Babylon. Declaring that the Jewish captives would speedily return back to their homes in Judah. In response to this. Jerrold. Maya pronounces. The V's words in Jeremiah twenty nine five through ninth. Build houses and dwell in them. Plant gardens in eight their fruit. Take wives in begat sons and daughters and take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands. So that they may bear sons and daughters. That they may be increased there and not diminished. And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive and pray to the Lord for it for in its peace. You will have peace for thus says the LORD of hosts. The God of Israel do not let your profits. And your diviners who are in your myths deceive you. Nor listen to your dreams which you. Cause to be dreamed for they prophesied falsely to you in my name. I have not sent them. Says the Lord. He concludes in Jeremiah twenty nine ten with these words for thus says the Lord. After seventy years are completed at Babylon. I will visit you and perform my good word toward you and cause you to return to this place. So let's look at all the events that surround this time period. What we find is that they reveal the highly improbable nature of the things that are all connected with this. Seventy year prophecy. The first is that the prediction that Babylon would rise to power against such powerful foes like a jet that of Syria. Second. Jerusalem would be defeated. Leading to the deportation of many Jews. Including Daniel and his friends. Third. Contrary to the opinion of many. Jeremiah counseled the Jews in Babylon. To build houses and to marry. Because they would remain there in captivity for seventy years and forth. The release of the Jews from their captivity. Was also connected with the destruction of Babylon. You see in addition. Notice what Jeremiah says. In Jeremiah twenty five. Versus twelve and thirteen. Then it will come to pass when seventy years are completed. That I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation. The land of the Kal DNS for their iniquity says the Lord. And I will make it a perpetual desolation. So I will bring on that land. All my words which I have personnel just against it. All that is written in this book which. Jeremiah has prophesied concerning all the nations is not only does the Lord. Through Jeremiah. Predict the Babylonian rise to power. But here God also predicts the time that. Babylon will fall. That coincides with the time that God will bring his people back home. Now think about this. It's one thing to predict the rise of Babylon. Amidst unlikely circumstances. Yet the probability of guessing its demise. Seventy years later. Is another thing altogether. Especially since many considered the city of Babylon. To be impregnable. Now much more could be said about Babylon's fall. But we will save that for a future time. The first chapter of Daniel is but the start of a remarkable book that is written for the mind. That is crying out for certainty. It is written with the honest Inquirer in mind. Who is seeking something that they can hold onto in a world that seems to have lost its very foundation as the principles of this book which outlined true success in life. Have been rejected by many nations and civilizations. Including Babylon. However we are seeing over and over again that we can trust the principles of this book because they have for a foundation. The highly improbable events for told by God Himself. That come true and demonstrate it certainty. And this was the foundation that Daniel had as he was taken captive into Babylon. Just imagine for a moment. Being taken from your home. Forced to live in a foreign place. Having your name changed. Being sent to a foreign school. Having your ability to reproduce and carrying on your name. Taken away from you. And then an attempt to change. The very simplicity of what you eat. There is no need to imagine it. Because that is exactly what happened to Daniel and his three friends. Now they are named in Daniel one verse six. And their names are Daniel. Hanna Naya Michele and Azariah. Each of their names chosen by their parents. Because of their faithfulness to God as followers of God. However as a part of the brainwashing procedure of Babylon. Their names were changed to Bell to shatter. Shadrack me shakin Abednego. And those names respectively. Acknowledged the foreign gods of Babylon. Daniel and his friends however they were at peace with all these changes. All these changes except for one. Daniel and his three friends were not at peace with the change in diet in fact Daniel Chapter one. And verse eight tells us why they weren't at peace. But Daniel. Purposed in his heart that he would not defile him self with the portion of the king's delicacies. Nor with the wine which he drank one should notice a particular word in the text. Defile. They did not want to defile themselves in the original language this word literally means to pollute. To desecrate or to stain. You see Daniel and his three friends. They had spent their lives. As inquirers of God that experience God and now they would once again. Put him to the test. DANIEL His three friends would have had several problems with the king's food. Number one the food was likely comprised of unclean animals which were strictly forbidden by God to eat. Secondly the animals that were killed were not humanely killed. As prescribed by God. And thirdly the serving of alcohol and feasting of the king's table. Would have not been in line with the principle of temperance that these young gentleman had been brought up with. So they asked for a test. They asked to be prescribed a meal plan. Of all events doubles or Paul says the Bible calls it. And water. And by the way this was no accident. As Daniel was asking to be returned to God's original Garden of Eden diet. Now the guard didn't know if that was such a great idea. But Daniel. Asked for ten days. And then a test could be administered. It's interesting to note that the New England Journal of Medicine. Calls this the first ever. Clinical trial. Daniel and his three friends. At the end of the ten day test. Are found to be healthier. On their vegetable diet. And they continued on in that plan. During their time in Babylon. Then it's interesting. Final exams for university came. And the Bible states something fascinating in Daniel one nineteen in twenty. Then the King interviewed them. And among them all. None was found like Daniel Hanna Naya Michel and Azariah. Therefore they serve before the king. And in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which decay examine them. He found them. Ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his Rome. Now let me ask you a question. How probable is it that. For young Hebrew slaves would rise to the top of their class in Babylon. Which was at the time. The world's most we now university is true success a matter of chance. Or are there enduring principles that one must understand and put into practice. Where do the principles of success come from and what are they based on. Is it essential for one to have all the advantages that wealth and genius can offer. In order to be truly successful. Know. There simply must be a willingness. A willingness to be obedient to God's plan. God's way. Versus society's way. God's way. Versus the king's way. Dear friend. An honest inquiry. Must begin to conclude. God does exist and his way. Our best. Heavenly Father. Thank you that you have given us the evidence. So we might believe in Jesus name Amen. Tire free one today physiotherapist. And you can wait here for sure is a few ways to keep our bodies limber into Iraq I'm a bad. I often the aches and pains that we experience. And because I must or are typed. But I've read that too acting is a wonderful way to keep our muscles. And our joints nice and flexible and correct. Can you comment a little bit about that shot you know. When we walking amongst our legs are the main generator the force of the exercise. So after a good walk when we feel refreshed and we worked a little. We need to face stretch those out to prevent any joint Sonus I can take in your show us a few exercises. Certainly can we can use something as simple as a chair to do the exercises. Dredging. And I'm going to show you first of all the quadriceps stretch. So bad I just want to face forward with your right hand on the chair you. And what we're going to do bad is going to lift your left foot right place about Heine and grab the ankle with the hand. Before we do anything else bad we're going to just draw the color in gently. And what should start to feel a nice stretch through here and see an hour going to begin to pull that need to watch the back wall and as you do so I don't want to see any movement up here. OK. To common areas with this or to arch the back and over compress the spine at the back or to allow the need to drift out. We're not going to allow that to happen instead we're going to just allow a thirty second nice stretch. And that gives a time for the tissues to elongate want to thirty seconds is up we can gently lower the foot bank down right those a good stretch. You felt that it is the next track you're going to do Bev I'm going to get you into this position. And we're going to stretch the left calf or show you how to do that. These are familiar to us but there are common mistakes we can make. We want to make sure that the foot is nicely pointed forwards. The other important thing here is that the knee remains fully locked back. And that he'll does not begin to ride up off the floor we need to heal fully down. Once that they should have a nice gentle stretch through there. And again a twenty to thirty second rule is going to apply. With a slow gentle release at the end of the final stretch Bev is really for the muscles at the back of the sign these are called a hamstring muscles. So I'm going to ask you to just step sideways. Place your left heel up on the chair here. You're going to just gently lean forward. At the waist. That fine. And you're going to keep the foot gently pulled up yes that and it gets here you feel that stretch coming on again and gentle thirty second rule applies. Don't be too overaggressive with this it should be that first Gentles stretch that you feel. Don't bounce that's a common. Stake I see don't bounce. Give the tissues time to elongate. And you can a feel fine after exercise when you run through these gentle stretches point out that I can feel the throttle ready to thank you so much for showing us those exercises. N.G.O.s how. I hope you stay limber and you so that's important because the next hour. Friend I would like to offer you a D.V.D. of today's program. Philosophies. Achilles heel. Answers from Babylon. Here's the information you need for today's offer to request today's offer. Just log on to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca. If you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight hundred eight call I.I. W.. Or if you wish. You may write to us at. It is written. Box twenty ten Oshawa Ontario one eight seven before. Friend thank you so much for watching. Join us again next week for the continuation of this series. Until then remember. It is a written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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