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The Deplorable Disease of the Doublemind

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries




  • October 24, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Thank you so much Lord for your goodness and your grace and your love and for allowing us to be here in this place to study your word. To contemplate heavenly seems to be challenge by the spoken. Written Word. And our Lord we just asked that as we open your word that our hearts and minds will be open to receive it. That you would bring revival that will result in a reformation and a restoration of our lives. Please their God speak to us and give a spiritual ears to hear your voice and bless us lawyers our prayer in Christ name Amen. And Vita take your Bible and open with me to the Book of James. Chapter one. As we get our study this morning entitled The deplorable disease of the double mind. We're going to change chapter one and as you're turning their allow me to quickly review the things that we've been studying especially on our first night here at G Y C S E. We talked about our seem intitled here we stand. And we contemplated that question in the Book of Revelation Chapter six where describes the second coming of Christ where the heavens depart as a scroll in the mountains and islands are shaken and moved out of their place. And it describes a group of people from every walk of life running and seeking to hide from the face of him who sits on the throne from King Jesus. These are group of people who are falling and failing when the Lord comes they're not ready. They're filled with fear. Instead of love for God. And then the cry and question of desperation. Rings from their lips they asked the question for the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stand and. We learned that that's the only thing that's going to matter on this day. Nothing else will matter everything that seems so important to us in the here now. Will fade into the eternal in significance. The only thing that will count the only thing that will matter is are we ready. And are we standing for this great. And awesome day. And then we saw that that's how Revelation Chapter six closes with that question. Who shall be able to stand. And that question is answered when you follow the context into the next chapter four in the seven chapter revelation it describes a final generation a group of people who are standing. And they are ready. When the winds of strife and trouble. Are blown. And so this morning. We just want to go a little bit further in finding the answer to the question who should be able to stand. We also learned that Jesus answered that question. Who shall be able to stand. When he told that metaphor about the wise man who built his house upon the rock it says that the rain descended in the floods came and the when Blue upon that house. And it stood firm because they had a solid firm foundation. The foundation was the rock. And Jesus said that that man who had that foundation whose faith was able to withstand the storm in the testing time. Jesus said that that man was a wise man. And so this morning we want to go a little bit further and ask the question what does it mean to be a wise man. Now fear wise that means you must have one. Wisdom of the chief characteristic of Why. is the man is that man has wisdom. And so if we want to be standing in the last days we must be wise men and women. We need to have the wisdom of the Lord and so the question is how do we get this wisdom that enables us to stand in the last dates. All we have to do is acts. James Chapter one. And verse five tells us. If any of you. Lacks wisdom. Let him work. Let him ask of God who gives to all men liberally and upgrade not. And it shall be given to him. So that I was his all we need to do it is asked But how shall we ass verse six. But let him ask in faith. Nothing. Wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea. Driven with the wind and tossed about. Let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the low for a double minded man he was going to. A double minded man the Bible says is unstable. In all of his ways. So we see in this passage brother James tells us that wisdom is only given to the stable minded man of the double minded man. But the stable minded man who asked. In faith without anything wavering. This man is sturdy and strong and say you both in his faith. He is not tossed here in there and everywhere. But the winds of strife in the winds of his circumstances. This man is on moved by the storm. Because his house. Rest upon that firm foundation. And today friends. That's the type of young people that God is calling us to be one that does not waver. One that is not easily moved by circumstances. One does not easily move by his own carnal flesh of the Bible contrasts. The man that does not waver. With the double minded man who is like the wave of the city that is tossed here in there. By the wind. And this man the Bible says is a double minded man on stable or unreliable or. That's relating and fluctuating and inconsistent in incontinent. In all of his ways. Here's the man that is trying to serve God with a double mind trying to serve two masters. Trying to please. Both sides trying to hold on to God with one hand and the world with the other hand. And this individual is the lukewarm Christian. Half hearted. Double minded. Wishy washy. And the Bible says that this man will not receive the wisdom of God. And without it they will not be able to stand in the last days. And so today we want to find out what does it mean to be kewl word from this deplorable. Disease. The disease. Of double minded it's easy many people find discipleship dipping difficult because we're trying to serve God. With a double mind. We're trying to serve two masters. And that is one of the problems of the Laodicean church. Bible says that there are not hot nor they code but they are one. Lukewarm they're not wicked and they don't consider themselves. Right just or. They consider themselves righteous but not in the eyes of the Lord. They are double minded and those were seeking to serve God with this type of mine isn't attempting is attempting an in possibility for Jesus said no man can serve two masters. I call it. Schizo friend a spiritual it. The deplorable disease. Of the double mine. And friends the the inconsistency is of our lives in the unstableness of our lives is or is simply a symptom of this disease of double minded is in so I want to be cured from this disease Emma I want spiritual stability and consistency in my spiritual walk in so what we're going to do this morning is we want to examine a character in the Bible. A patient who suffered from this terrible disease. So that we might learn from his mistakes. He's somewhat of a background character in the Bible we don't hear so much a lot about him but his life is a story that teaches us how to either fail or exile in life. I invite you to go by but now turn with me to the Book of Genesis Chapter forty nine. Genesis the first with the Bible. Chapter forty nine we find the prophet. The man of God. Jacob who became Israel. He's on his deathbed. He's about to die. And before he does he gathers his sons together and he hints to prophesied over their future. And over their life. And as Jacob gathers systems notice what it says in Genesis forty nine beginning with Verse one. If you're there and if you're ready to study the Bible would you please say meant. It says and Jacob called his sons and said Gather together. That I may tell you what shall be for you in the last days. So here we find Jacob is on his deathbed. He gathers his sons together to speak his final words now. When a person comes down to die when they're about to die and when they know it. Usually their last words are well thought out. And will chose this man has had an entire lifetime to think about what he would say now. And the words that. Of a person on his deathbed is is usually not frivolous in and fluffy. Usually it's. Well thought out. His words are well chosen. And what Jacob Jacob is about to say to his sons. He's hoping will make a lasting. And even an everlasting impression. He calls them. Not only as their father. But he calls them as the prophet of the Lord and beginning at the L.D.S. down to the young is. He begins to give to his sons. The words that the Lord had given him to give and notice what he said concerning his firstborn son. Which is the character. This patient that suffered from the disease. Of double minded has noticed what he says concerning root verse three. Ruthann you are my firstborn. My might and the beginning of my strength. The excellence of dignity. And the excellence the of power. Here we find Jacob. Begins by telling and describing. To Rubin a what Rubin. Should have been as the first born son. He friends the first born was to be the representative of the father's might and power and wisdom and shrink. And whenever a family had a son a firstborn son. It brought a great sense of pride and joy because now the family name will be carried on. And when you study the. The birth right blessing in the Bible. That usually went to the first born son. The birthright blessing included. Inheriting the official authority of the Father. Inheriting most of the father's possessions in this family the firstborn would become the leading tribe of all all the children. And in this family also the firstborn would become the progenitor of the promise see the coming Messiah. That was to be given to remove it. And so we see that that rule didn't he was to receive all of this his future seems to be set and secure its bright everything seems to be all good. It should have been for Reuben at least as the firstborn son. But as Jacob begins to think about the chew character of his first born. I can imagine him as a father. Tears welling up in his eye. Because he realizes that which Rubin. Should have been. He was not his life was one that did not reach its full potential. And now. Jacob has detailed the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to his son. Rooted is the love for his son. Compelled him to give the whole message. Even though this next part was an uncomfortable thing to say. And friends don't miss that point that. True love never seeks to cover up truth. But are always seeks to make truth playing. Why because Jesus said If we know the truth the truth will make us free. It's even better than being set free. The truth will make us free and friends many people in our day and age would rather believe. A beautiful lie. Than a difficult truth. And many people think that love is just patting someone on the back and telling them that it's all good. But friends. It's a tragedy to be sick and people. And you not realize it. And so Ruben was spiritually sick and so. Jacob had to tell him what what is true condition was because I me tell you friends. The only way the truth can make us free. Or I should say before the truth can make us free. We first must recognize the lie that's holding us in bondage. Only when we see the lie that holds us in slaves. Then the truth can make us free. And so. Jacob continues and notice what he says in verse four. Here's Rubens character. On a stable as water. You shall not X. a will because you went up to your father's bed then you defiled it. He went up to my couch. And that's how the prophecy over Ruben's life ends. Jacobs says Rubin you're unstable like water. Wishy washy back and forth. You're like a wave of the sea. Driven with the win and tossed about easily moved by your own circumstances. Your inconsistent. Your unstable or vacillating compromising rationalizing. And because of this character that you've developed. You will not excel in life. She ruins characters one that fits the description of an individual wants to please both sides and serve two masters. Double minded and lukewarm and friends as the condition of the Laodicean church. And perhaps you can relate with that in a very personal way. This morning. Reuben was easily moved by his own emotions. Easy when Jacob was mourning over the loss of his wife Rachel. Bible says that Rubin instead of comforting his father and ministering to his father and relieving his father's sufferings. Instead of doing that Robin went to sleep with his father's concubine. He claimed to be a son a key talk like a son. But instead of being a true son he was living for him self. Can you relate with that. Perhaps you can think about people in the church group who's like that it's people who are lukewarm at some times they live a certain way and at other times they live very differently depending on who they're surrounded by. Depending on who they're with the at the certain way in church but another times in class or other context the act very differently and they live very differently. This is a double minded individual and maybe you can think about people like that but friends I want to encourage just as weak. Contemplate the character Rubin. Let's look in our own hearts. Let's examine our own lives. And instead of looking around let's look within and let's ask the Lord Lord. Is that I is that I. Let's take a deeper look at ourselves in the character Ruben Shelley Rubin's double mindedness and his instability in his inconsistency is are clearly demonstrated in the story of his life. That's going to bother to The Book of Genesis Chapter thirty seven where we find a few An example of the double minded. Character of Israel's first born son. We're going to Genesis Chapter thirty nine. And as you're turning there. It's the story of how Rubin dealt with with his brothers in the dealing with the youngest Joseph. And you remember friends the story of Joseph how he went to minister to his brothers who are in the few the character of Joseph his beautiful. His life is a type of Jesus Christ. In fact this story has strong parallels to the mission of Christ and I want you to notice them with me as I mentioned. The father Jayco sends his son Joseph. Into the field. To minister to his brothers. And to bring them some bread and as. Joe's just approaches his brothers in the field to bring them some bread to minister to them. The Bible says that they looked upon him. And they envy him. Joseph came to his own but its own received Him not instead of receiving him as a brother. They counted him as an enemy. They saw the Coat of Many Colors. And they did not like that row because they didn't have one themselves. They didn't like the role that he was wearing. Excited their jealousy and their envy. And so the Bible says that the brothers of just of came together. And they said we need to get rid of him and so what happened. They stripped him of his coat of many cousins. They threw him into an empty pitch. And they sold him. For some silver coins. But in eventually Josel came out of that pit it was like a resurrection and to Providence he was led to the place right next to the at the right hand of the throne or affair. When the famine came. The brothers of Joseph were in trouble. And so now they come to Egypt they come to Joseph of not realizing really who he is. But they bought all the need to Joseph. And they call Him Lord. And the one that they that they rejected and threw into a pit and sold for silver coins. Ended up being their Lord and Savior that sound familiar. And that's exactly what the Lord Jesus is done for us. The Heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus to the field of the world to bring to us the bread of life but when Jesus came. We looked upon him as an enemy. We saw all the role but righteousness. We saw the period of his character. And we did not want it because it was an open rebuke to our impurity. And so we stripped him of his robe. We cast him into the pit we showed him for silver coins. But he came up out of that pit. Resurrected to the right hand of the throne of God. And when it's all been said and done every knee shall bow and every come will confess that Jesus is the lore and so what. The brothers of Joseph. Did to him with the sons of Jacob did to Joseph we have done to Jesus and be forty before the. The brothers could carry out their plan. Rubin. Step in to intervene notice what it says in Genesis thirty seven. And verse twenty one. Genesis thirty seven years twenty one The Bible says but a Reuben heard it he heard the evil plots of his brothers. Reuben heard it and delivered him out of their hands. And he said Let us not heal. Here is the at first we see Rubin stepping in and doing the right thing. He said let's not Q And Rubin should have stopped right there but unfortunately he kept running his maps. And notice what happens in verse twenty two. He introduces a compromise. To pacify their hatred. Rubin said. Shadid. No blood but and that's were he spoke too much. But let cast him into the pit which is in the wilderness and lay not a hand on him that he might deliver him out of their hands and bring him back to their father here we find. JELA Reuben as the eldest brother should have protected. His youngest brother. It is a brotherly instinct to protect those who are younger and weaker than we are at Reuben was the one that was supposed to be in charge. I mean he was the L.D.S. He was the first born. Reuben had the authority. But he lacked the courage. He wanted to do the right thing. But he did not want to displease his brothers. He was afraid to stand up and stand out. And to speak up and speak out. And because of his instability. Because of his rationalizing character. Instead of rebuke in their say tonic schemes. He introduced a compromise. He said let us. Notice he did not say you. He said. Us. He did not want to disassociate himself with a crime. And let us not kill him because of Joseph was that he couldn't bring him back to the Father. But instead here's the compromise cast him into a pit. He said this thinking to himself. Later on I would deliver my brother from the pit. Bring him back to my father. And I will appear as the Save your. And I can do it without displeasing my other brothers. He wanted to do the right thing. Without disturbing the dissenters. He wanted to please his brothers. And still appear like the savior. The Rubin is attempting an impossibility for it is impossible to please man and still look like Jesus friends. But have you ever done this in your life. Ever tried to please others and yet still try to be a Christian. Looking like Christ's maybe you've Lloyd your standards. At some point in your life. Because you want to fit in with the popular crap maybe you kept quiet at school. And you did not speak up when opportunity came. Because you were so concerned about how other people would view you. If you spoke up for Christ. And the truth. And you did not speak up because you were afraid of being rejected. You are afraid of looking like a weakling. In front of others. And as a result. You kept silent. Maybe as a parent you gave in to your child's wishes because you wanted to be their friend. Instead of being their parent or maybe you have been ignoring God's call in your life because to listen to God's call in your life. Would bring you would put you at odds with the expectations of your parents. And the expectations of others. Maybe began to work on the Sabbath to secure that job promotion. Put aside your commitment to maintain a superficial peace with a loved one or maybe as a young person. You gave yourself away. You gave too much to your boyfriend. Because you are afraid to lose him. It's impossible to please men. And still be a servant of Christ's because Jesus said no man can serve two masters. Easy compromise. Uncorrected all eventually lead to complete apostasy. And that's what happened in the story of Rubin. If I've noticed what it says in verse twenty nine the next. Down the story says. Verse twenty nine. Then Ruben return to the pit. And in G. D. Joseph was not in the pit. And he tore his clothes. And he turned to his brothers and said the lad is no more. And where shall I go. Reuben realize that his plan did not work. So now. Because his back is against the water now because Joe's of has been sold or ready. Rubin. Now realizes that it's compromise. Led to the complete beach trail of his brother. And now he's compelled to cover his sin. With more sin. This is just one example of the character Ruben we find that he is rationalizing and and compromising his unstable and unreliable. Easily moved by his own circumstances. And because of this friends. He did not extend. He did not have the preeminence he did not succeed in life in fact you can just do a word search on the word Rubin and. And just see what the Bible says concerning him. Rubin this prophecy from Jacob you will not excel is demonstrated very clearly in the life of Reuben in his lineage and legacy that he left to the world's. Reuben had no profits. That came from him. No judges and knocking only a few warriors. He left behind a compromising example of the his children. And a following in fact turn of me to the Book of Numbers. Chapter thirty two numbers which at that I say. Numbers thirty two. Notice the example that he left his children numbers up to thirty two. Notice what it says in verse fourteen and. In this passage we find that the Israelites are wandering through the wilderness. God is wanting to bring them all the way across the River Jordan and into the Promised Land. But as they are wandering in the wilderness. It was the tribe. A Rubin. That got tired of walking with got. They they they they said they looked at the fertile fields of the wilderness. And they said to Moses can't we just have our inheritance. On this side of Jordan. We're tired of walk. Let's just stay right here you can gold. You can go ahead of us and. And we're just content with the wilderness experience. They thought that the wilderness was better than the promise land. They walked by sight. Instead of by faith. That's the character Ruben stunts. Character many of us. Sometimes we think that the wilderness of this world is more fun and more pleasing and more pleasurable than the promised land in heaven. And many times we want to stay right here we want to build up our lives here in this world. We're walking by sight. Instead of by faith. They thought the wilderness was better and so they said let's just receive our inheritance here. And Moses responds in verse fourteen. Of numbers. Thirty two and he says and look. You have arisen in your father's plates. A brood of sinful men to increase still more the fierce anger of the Lord against Israel. They were copying the character of their father Reuben on stable as water another example in the Book of Numbers Chapter sixteen you can write it down read it later on but it was the sons of Rubin Dayton and I Byrom. The let out in the rebellion against moles. As the sons of the Firstborn. They thought themselves worthy of leadership in Israel. They thought to themselves were the sons of the Firstborn. We deserve to be leaders. We can govern ourselves. And so because of their peroxide. They lifted up themselves. And Bible says that Pride goes before a fall. You member the story. The ground. Opened up and consume all these children are Reuben days in a nearby room and those who followed them. Here we find that. That Rubens character. And the character of his children. Is that of wavering in vacillating uncompromising. It's a fit description of the lives that. That many times. We have lived. As the Church of Laodicea. Can you relate with that this morning. Do you find yourself fitting. The character Reuben trying to serve two masters employees to sigh. It's friends if we do this. We're not going to excel in life. What kind of faith. Do you have is it a faith that stance that remains for. When the testing times come or that one that folds very easily when the winds begin to blow or kind of faith. The you have friends let us pray that God will make a strong and stable Christians. That we will not be like Rubin trying to please. Both sides and serve two masters that we would stay focused. We would serve God not with the double mind but with a mind that is single to the glory of God. A mind that is focused. Because if we serve God with a double mind. We're not going to excel. We're not going to succeed. And as a result we will never truly be happy. We're always going to be restless. Like a wave of the sea driven here and there. Restlessness. But is there any hope for Reuben. And when when you read Jacob's prophecy. It seems like his prosthetic fate is set. You're not going to excel. Period. But can Reuben ever be released from this reputation. Is there any hope is the genesis ends with that prophecy. You were not Excel. But it's interesting that when you go to the Book of Revelation. You find something very different. Concerning what it said about rooted in Genesis you will not Excel. But when you go to Revelation. You find a revelation of hope. Remember the question. In Revelation six. Verse seventeen. For the great the of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stand. That's the question that chapter six closes with. But then Revelation Chapter seven if you turn there with me. It then describes a group of people who are standing firm. They are stable. And they are strong in the last days. And notice their description and Revelation Chapter seven. Beginning with Verse thirteen. Revelation seven thirteen it sense. And one of the elders answered saying to me Who are these arrayed in white robes. Where they come from. And he said to me sir you know. He said to me these are the ones that who have come out of great tribulation and wash their robes and made them white in the plot of land. Therefore there before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple. And he that sits on the throne shall dwell among them. They shun other hunger anymore nor thirst any more the sunshine not strike them nor any heat for the lamb was in the midst of the throne. Will shepherd them. And lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. Friends I want to be a part of this group of people how much you. Not they're not going to hunger or thirst any more they were there will be able to live in the light of the Risen land. Lamp drop the ceaseless ages of eternity. And so it describes these group of people. They are the answer to the question. Who shall be able to stand. And then if you read in verse five. It describes the number one hundred forty four thousand and twelve thousand coming from the tribe of guess to a Rubin Prentiss interest in the beginning Reuben your unstable you're not going to excel because if you're you're you're you're you're compromising rationalizing character. But in Revelation. We find that Rubens name is counted amongst those who are standing and sealed and saved in the last days. If you read Revelation twenty one verse twelve. You see Johnson the Holy City New Jerusalem. With twelve gate. And above. Each one of those eight. Is the name of one of the children of Israel. Rubin has his name on one of those games. How could this be in the beginning you're not going to excel. But in Revelation. His name is glorified and immortalised friends. That shows us a very beautiful truth in that is this. It doesn't matter so much how you begin. But how you end. You may have a a terrible. Beginning. But friends it does not matter how you begin. What matters is how you're going to end it doesn't matter where you came from. It matters on where you're going from this point forward to your life may be dark. Your past may be sinful. But we serve a God that is in the business of restoration. A god of new beginning. When you jump into your vehicle. You'll notice that in front of you is a large. When shoot is never a large when she would end in and then you find a small rearview mirror. And that rearview mirror is very small in comparison to the windshield and. And you know why. For the simple reason that that which is behind you is not as important as that which is in front of you. We may have dark past but we have a glorious future in Jesus. Every saint has a pass. But thank God that every sinner. Has a future in Christ's. I have experienced this myself friend. You heard a bit about my testimony. I grew up in a broken home never going to church totally ignorant of spiritual things. And because I did not have a strong spiritual foundation. I started breaking into people's houses and burglarizing and becoming a compulsive thief into a chronic and a druggie burning up my brain cells and chasing the world. Growing up in brokenness. But I'm happy to tell you that I stand before you here today because there is a God in heaven that is in the business. Every store in brokenness. Is your family broken Are your parents going through a divorce. Are you overwhelmed because you have massive school loans to repay. Are you struggling with your greats. Having problem with your earthly relationships. Are you having to do you have an addiction in your life. Things you're doing behind closed doors that no one knows about but God and. And you're struggling against it. And you want to be free. But you feel so empty. You feel so dirty. You feel so broken or friends the good news is this it does not matter what happen in the path. God wants to give us a new beginning. Even this morning. The God of Ruben is a God of second chances. And a god of new beginnings. And so we find that in the beginning. You were not Excel. But at the end he is counted as those who are immortalized and glorified and what made the difference. What brought about a change in Ruben's eternal destiny. And what will bring a change in your destiny or turn to be quickly now to the Book of Deuteronomy Chapter thirty three. As we discover what made a change in Ruben's life. And was going to make a change in our lives. Deuteronomy. What chapter we're going to. We're almost finish. Deuteronomy Chapter thirty three. And here's what happened here is what made a change in Reuben in Deuteronomy thirty three we find another profit on his deathbed this time it's most. And just like Jacob gathered his sons to prophesied upon their lives. Now Moses is gathering the leaders of the tribes of Israel to his side. And if you can stop prophesied over each one of the tribes of Israel. And I want you notice what he says concerning Reuben. Deuteronomy thirty three verse one. The Bible sense. Now this is the blessing which with which Moses the man of God Bless the children of Israel before his dance and notice. What is said of Rubin. Jumping down to verse six. And I hope and pray that these words hit you like it hits me. Here's what the prophet said. Let Rubin. Lead. That Rubin live and not die. Nor let his men. Diffuse. Here we find something amazing. A blessing. Is pronounced. Upon RUBIN Yes Rubin your unstable. Unreliable and inconsistent. And because of your compromising rationalizing spirit. You're not going to excel. And because of that you deserve to die. You deserve to be left alone. But God said Let Rubin. Live because we serve a God that does not give us what we deserve. He gives us what we need. And that's mercy and a second chance. Yes we've lived a double life with a double mine. Yes we are the Church of Laodicea the lukewarm once. And we deserve to be left alone friends we deserve nothing from God but death. We deserve just to be put on the side. But we serve a God Princess says that Rubin. And you put your name right there. Let Ashley live. Let Tony live. Let Ben live. Let Allison live. Put your name there. God is pleading. Let my children live. And we can live because HE DIED FOR US AND his death. His second there. Gives us a second chance. Why is there a seeming contradiction. Jacob said you're not going to excel. But Moses says let Ruben live. It seems to be a contradiction. What brought about a change from it's me now to the book of Judge it's chapter fun. Here's what brought about the change prints from you will not excel to let him live. Judges chapter five. And notice what it says in verse sixteen. Judges five sixteen. The bible says his what made the difference. Why a boat is now amongst the sheep folks to hear the bleatings of the flocks for the divisions of Rubinar. There were one. Great searching. Of heart. It's what brought about a change. In the tribal Ruben. Bible says that began to search their hearts and upon the searching. Of their hearts. Their eyes became focus their minds became clear. Now they began. They began to see their wretchedness and their need of Christ. Right just as and they realize that the same God that brought about a firm rebuke. You will not explode because of instability is the same got. That brings hope and pardon. And forgiveness. They realize that the god of Reuben is a God of second chances. And they realized that it was not too late for God to change their eternal destiny. And that ought to encourage each one of us this morning. Ima friends in this and to typical day of atonement. That's the work that we've got is called us to do. To search our hearts. To take inventory of our lives. To examine the foundation of which were building. Our life upon. And to make sure that if not the sinking sand. But the solid rock is time to examine ourselves to search our hearts to go a little deeper. Because friends how is Destiny changed. How is Destiny determined. Watch me carefully. In order to answer how destinies change we first must know how destiny is determined it's so it's like this it is our mind that produces our thoughts and our feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are made manifest in our words and actions. Words and actions form. Our habits. Our habits make up our character. And it's our character that determines our destiny. In other words. Our destiny is determined by our character. Our character is made up of our habits. Our habits are simply the result of our words and actions which are the result of our thoughts and feelings. So in order to change destiny. We must let God change our character. Our habits. Our words and actions. Our thoughts and feelings. But you go down to the root. It all begins with the mine. And that's why the Bible says we need to search our hearts. To think clearly to examine our sales. In light of eternity. To consider the decisions that we make day by day and if. If those decisions are being based upon a solid rock foundation. Or the sinking set. If you want God to change your destiny. Let God change your mind. Who are you using your mind to the good news is there is mercy for Rubin and Laodicea alike. But the condition. Bible says the nominations three Verse forty. Let us Church and examine our ways and turn back to the Lord synchronous their teen says examine yourself. Whether you are truly in the faith and then it says in Psalms one hundred thirty nine verse twenty three and twenty four and we close with this. This is the prayer that I invite you to pray with me today. Psalms one thirty nine twenty three and twenty four The Bible says. Search me of God and know my heart. Try me. And know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked. Way. In me and lead me in the way. Everlasting that your president. Is that your desire or out of time. And as we close. Lots more we can say about Reuben. But the thing I want you to remember friends. Is a even though we've made mistakes even though we've tried to serve two masters even though we are worthy of the prophecy you will not Excel. There's a god that wants to change your eternal destiny. A god that wants to give you a brand new character. Brand new habits brand new thoughts and feelings. A brand new heart. And I want to encourage you don't live a life that when you come to the end of it you're filled with regrets. Don't live your life. Building upon the sinking sand foundation of your own desires. But let's build our life. Upon the solid rock foundation the Lord Jesus. The Living Word. As well as the written word. So that when he comes in the closets. We will be counted amongst those wise men who have the wisdom that are stable and strong. And that will be able to stand in the final winds begin to blow our to be like that which you. Is So I invite you. If you want to join me in that prayer Lord search my heart to refocus our lives. To make us ready for his coming invite you to stand with me as we close this morning with a word or prayer. Let us pray sir just so god and know our hearts. Trius at North ought and Lord reveal to us. Any wicked. Way that is in its And lead us in the way everlasting Father forgive us for being so much like Reuben double minded. Unstable. Inconsistent. Many times we have experienced a roller coaster religion. Schizo phrenic spirituality. Forgive us Lord for being so concerned about what other people think about it's. Instead of what you have declared already. Concerning ups. Forgive us Lord for the times that we've tried to please ourselves and please you at the same time Lord we ask. And we acknowledge that we are worthy of the prophecy that we want to excel. But we thank you so much there got our hearts are filled and overwhelmed with gratitude that you're the God that changes destiny. You're the God they brings a new beginning. A second chance and father we receive it today. We asked your lord that you please reveal to us what it is that is stopping us from living life to the full from reaching our full potential revealed to us that see in that secret in our lives. That is that is stealing the joy that you want us to have. And that's making us all restless. I pray Lord that you would please remove it from our hearts and give us your righteousness. Give us your holiness. Give us the mind of Christ. So that we can have the destiny of Christ. Thank you Lord for here in this present you for the time that we spent together and father as we've heard this solemn message. As we leave this place today help us to take that sense of solemnity in our hearts that sense of conviction. But also Lord May we go out with joy. Knowing that Jesus is our friend. That you're a God of mercy and forgiveness and pardon. And that today. We can live a new life in crisis that we can be amongst that people who will stand. When you come. Thank you for that hope. Thank you for that is your last post the rest of the Sabbath is our prayer in Jesus' name that all of God's forgiven Rubin's say this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon. Please visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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