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At the Crossroads: The Cross, the Healthcare Crisis, and Power for Lasting Change

Todd Guthrie


Obtaining lasting change in health habits is one of the major obstacles facing providers and patients today. Power to change for the better only comes from our Creator, who revealed this power in His life and in His ultimate gift through the cross. 




  • Outline the current challenge in obtaining lasting healthy behavioral change
  • Discuss the recognition of this crying need by healthcare funding agencies

  • Illustrate how Dr. Luke’s view of the cross can impact motivation and

    identity for long-term, lasting change. 


Todd Guthrie

Orthopedic Surgeon, Mt. Shasta, California



  • October 29, 2015
    7:30 PM


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Well our topic is evening. Is have to cross roads. The title of the conference. Cross training. We want to be trained by the cross the cross the health care crisis and power for lasting change so quickly are out why are our goals for this our objectives for this lecture. You get C.M.E. credit for this by the way. So hopefully you'll learn something. Political in your medical practice or dental practice. I'll find the courage to Alan's impact obtaining lasting healthy behavioral change. Discuss the recognition of this crying need by health care funding agencies and explore how Dr Luke's view of the cross. Can impact motivation and identity. For long term lasting change. So here's the objectives that we have. You know there are many websites that point out what the problems are here's one. Haply named health care problems dot org. And the information that follows in the next four slides is his coli did. On this website for mother I think RELIABLE SOURCES. So let's just touch on a few data points so we can grasp the magnitude of the uphill problem we face. On the road to better health. For patients. The United States is fast becoming one of the worst health care systems in the world where the only industrialized nation that does not provide some over some form of universal health health care to its citizens. One of the highest rates for health care expenditures now. We're trying to remedy that. But. Not always easy. None of that's news for you I'm sure well. Health care expenditures. Highest of any developed country. Not spending the money efficiently. Prescription prices. Still under patent protection. Thirty five to fifty five percent higher. One of the biggest the most costly aspects of health care is the treatment of chronic disease. It's hard to make insurable insurance affordable. Without changing how conic diseases treated. Seventy five percent of total health care spending in the United States in two thousand and seven went toward the treatment of chronic disease. Seventy five percent. That's a lot of money. Probably half of all chronic diseases are linked preventable problems causing smoking obesity. Physical activity. Because it will inactivity. Numerous studies have shown that when patients with chronic diseases focus on their health and get involved in their own care. Their health improves and health expenses. Decrease as often tell my patients. High believe that no health care plan. The Obamacare or whatever the next president's care or. No health care plan can solve are unsustainable trajectory and less It addresses the underlying causes of disease. At the level of individual responsibility. So the problem is clear. Right. Unfortunately for those who wrestle with such thing. The solution is not so clear so. So much for the magnitude of the challenge we face now. Let's go to our second objective. Is there national recognition of the need for new creative approaches in health care. The National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services. That's the alphabet soup up there. They're suggesting a road map of sorts. Where we might choose to explore some other options. We know that the Bible validates true science. Dr Natalie who you heard from earlier has aptly called our attention. In previous elections that he's given to the data showing the need for comprehensive self-control. So you look at the title of this funding opportunity. Translating basic behavioral and social science discoveries into interventions to improve health related behaviors can carry between the lines what they're looking for right. Here are some of the thoughts. And where they're willing to invest their tax dollars and mine. Behavior such as smoking sedentary lifestyles unhealthy dietary intake. Alcohol or seventh's of user dependence and poor adherents to medical and behavioral treatment. Are major contributors to cardiovascular disease cancer type two diabetes and other chronic this condition for example a combination of excess energy intake a lack of physical activity. Read metabolic syndrome in the U.S. population over the past several decades has produced a rapid rise in obesity. That threatens to reverse recent gains in life expectancy. All of these behaviors need to change right. And personal comprehensive self-control is probably the biggest bang for the research buck. If you can buy that last estimate forty percent of premature deaths can be attributed to preventable behavioral factors and therefore they quote this. Cross their throat are two thousand and seven the single greatest opportunity to improve health and reduce premature death lies in personal behavior. Can you by personal behavior. So far it seems we're unable to get the behavioral changes we're after study such as the trials of hypertension. Prevention weight loss maintenance. And the Diabetes Prevention Program have shown that behavioral interventions. Can improve behavior and prevent disease. So that's the good news. However. Even the most successful behavior change interventions are limited and their ability to do significant long term. Behavioral changes in the majority of adults often change occurs only for the highly motivated and is limited to a set a single health behavior. Rather than multiple behaviors. Furthermore he when individuals committed to behavioral change. Find it hard to maintain healthy behavioral patterns over time. For example most smoking studies show a pattern of relapse and cessation that may continue for years and each chapter in the Bible. Come to mind. Romans seven. Exceptions to this pattern. Have been found in preventive interventions such as the nurse home visitation program that is shown lasting long term effects. In addition some prevention search suggest that the greatest gains can be made with those at most risk. But even the successes are not as common as they should be. And this points to the need for innovative high quality behavioral research which is needed in both the prevention and intervention. Areas. So this is the and I each wanted to throw money at research projects that will induce long term change so we need innovative high quality research. There's money behind this assessment. So they go on to say. We use the analogy of drug surgical techniques medical devices. We need to also develop more powerful health related behavioral interventions. About these are dependent on our understanding of human behavior. And then translating that knowledge it into a more effective interventions with enduring effect. So then they go on to give some suggestions as to where areas of research that might be considered. Following intended only is only as conceptual examples of the types of topics and approaches relevant to the proposed. FOIA an FOIA stands for funding opportunity announcement to make an announcement and here's where we could throw some money. If you're willing to convince us that you can spend it wisely. In your research. Translate basic research on learning cognition information processing. Cetera. To do what. Encourage adherence to self monitoring goal setting. Other behavioral strategies. Neuro imaging studies. Find out what's actually going on in the brain. Physiologically development. Novel approach is to change behaviors based on that make use of system science and modeling techniques. Network Analysis. Cetera. Constructing system level interventions. Now. If you read between the lines here what are they looking for. What's the general thrust. Brain level research. Encouraging inherent systems level. There was a whole person and a whole person system is what they're looking at interventions. They want us to translate. Laboratory or observational studies into new avenues for intervention or prevention by developing intervention that Target executive functioning a behavioral control. Emotional behavioral self-regulation what's executive function Dr Natalie. That's the frontal lobe. What is self-regulation that's comprehensive self-control. Right. They're also looking for new paradigms of science. Now the paradigms they suggest I don't know chaos theory non-linear models Well I think we might have a non-linear model will talk about that and a bit to address the unpredictability of behavior. To construct interventions that foster motivation for behavioral change. And strategies that maximize chances for non-linear non-rational change. And they get the idea of tipping points. What you read tipping point. Interestingly. So non-linear non-rational change. That sounds something like something almost miraculous or a singular the singularity of of life right. Where things will change motivation changes. So the harmful things. Diet alcohol substance consumption developmental exposures. All of these things can affect the epigenetic regulation of the genetic blueprint. So they say what looking for basic research on epigenetic processes. To develop interventions that change behaviour and affecting activity. Perhaps from what generation to generation. Use research concerning genetic predispositions to behave. To behaviour to develop novel approaches of intervention or to enhance existing approaches so. Epigenetics. That's a practical application of the health message for proper D.N.A. function. Transcription modulation and to effect the best. Executive function frontal lobe function. Possible for long term behavioral changes. Motivation to use these findings from behavioral economics and their economic to develop more potent forms frequency and duration of reinforcements we're encouraging and discouraging behavior. So you can use money. Can use peer pressure. Different things. Use findings that impulsivity emotional dysregulation delay discounting risk taking behavior for better design interventions that prevent cravings. Promote delayed gratification and improve individual's abilities to cope with stimuli. Eliciting on healthy behavior. Some type of reward based reinforce that we might ask What is the ultimate reward. The second paragraph here the last paragraph. And sounding like they're asking for a solution. They want to solution to the battle of Romans seven. A long lasting solution. Well let's look at some research. Up this alley. This paper BIOS. Oysterman and others focuses on social identity and health. Here's what they say. People do not always take action to promote health and gauging instead of some healthy habits reporting fatalism about health. Can help myself. One a port mechanism underlying these patterns involve identity based motivation. The process by which the content of social identities influences beliefs about in group goals and strategies. So what's who identify with. What are they doing. That's what I do. If Americans are to move beyond wishing for health. Our studies suggest that it is important for social identities to change from including on healthy lifestyle behaviors as in group defining. If health disparities are to be reduced. All Americans must be healthy behaviors as in group defining. Well that's a pretty lofty goal isn't everybody I'm an American therefore I live a healthy lifestyle which identities matter. So if you're going to have an identity which is in a group defining what identities really work according to their research. Some identities are more likely to be situationally Q than others so a broader identity. For example female is more likely be cute than a narrower and like. I'm a professor gender and race ethnicity are both brought in also often psychological psychologically. Salient that is they they are important for thought process. Gender and race ethnicity. In addition to gender and race ethnicity other identities are cute when they are meaningfully distinctive in context. OK. This principle may be the key. At the beginning there. Broader identities are the most effective Think of this in the context of the gospel. The broadest most meaningfully distinctive identity possible. Will be the most effective for lasting change. They go on to say. In this other article. Identity based motivation is a theoretical model that focuses attention on the motivational pull toward identity can grow an action. Identity can grow at cognitive procedures. Built on prior theories. So they work. They're looking at this from a behavioral social logical standpoint. But look at what they're saying. It moves beyond purely cognitive models how are people thinking. By integrating the perspective with modern and goal theories which propose that once. It's. Instantiated goals can be situationally cute outside of conscious awareness. And without systemic processing so. When you have a healthy behavior and you want to keep it going. You don't want to have to consciously be thinking about it right. You want to have it become automatic. This is what I do. This is who I am. This is just how I react. This is how I eat for how exercised this how I drink water. So these modern social social researchers are interested in exploring this theory of identity based motivation. You know cognition has to do with the head outside conscious awareness. We might say that has to do with the heart. And they want to see something that connects the heart and the head in ways that end up in practical. Long term success. From an identity based motivation perspective both personal and social identities matter. Specifically the identity based motivation model expands operant Hopper till that sorry Hopper ational a zation of identities from two components to three. Based on memberships and beliefs. Expand to action readiness and procedure readiness that is. It's not just who I am. What I believe. It's not what I belong to it it. How does that impact my life. How does that actually effect change in my life. Do we see some of these concepts laid out in Scripture how about these. I delight to do your will. Oh my God and your law is within my heart. Some forty were saved for this one. And what agreement have the temple of God with high dose for your the temple of the Living God as God It said I will dwell in them and walk in them. And I will be their God and they shall be my people talk about motivation. Talk about a hard change with hot amount of good behavior of God is in you. Crisis in you and he's walking. He's behaving. How's that for identity management at a new identity. Therefore if anyone is in Christ. He is a new creation. All things have passed away behold all things have become new. Can you do any better than a new creation. Here's a quote from one of our favorite authors and I think. Sin can triumph only by enslaving the mind. Christ came to our world to break. The power of Satan and emancipate the will of man he came to proclaim liberty to the captives. And under the heavy burden sent to let the oppressed go free without at least as Isaiah fifty eight language. And he calls upon us to cooperate with him by entering his service wearing his yoke. Lifting his burdens. And if we consent. He will do what he can and will so identify himself with our thought. And aim so blend. Our hearts and minds into conformity with his will that when obeying Him we shall. But be carrying out. What our own impulses. The will refine and sanctify will find its highest delight in doing his service. Signs of the times over nineteen eighteen. Ninety six. Well. Back to our researchers identity matters. Because it influences what actions people take. And how they make sense of the world. So depending on how it's constructed it could be helpful or harmful but identity really matters. For good or for ill. It really is true. And as Christians we should know this text really well for as an Adam. All die. Even so in Christ shall all be made to lives. So let's explore a third objective. For this lecture in the time we have left. Identity based motivation. In the context of medical missionary work with the help of Dr Luke. First we might take a look again at our marching orders as administering or identity as administers found in the three angels messages in the sense that range of messages her a template for success in the powerful identity based motivation. Change that we are patients all need here is the patient and Durrance something long lasting. Here's the faith of Jesus. Someone believed in me that I can change. And I believe that I can change. The honoring of the Creator God who created me and so can recreate me and has the power to have me fit into his creation in a way that will honor him. And our worship of the one who gave his only son. So that all might be saved as they will pulling them out of Babilon of the confusion that the lie. Represents paralleling the aspects of the three and as messages. We just reviewed. We can find that inductor Lukes narrative. Surrounding the cross their details. Unique to his narrative that may outline some of the keys to identity based motivation. In terms of the crossed. First of all the story will go over these in more detail but the story of Peter and the faith of Jesus toward Peter. Secondly in the had a tutor forgiveness for sense of ignorance. Thirdly and the closeness the near Innes of salvation the readiness of salvation for any and all. At any stage in their life. And lastly the transformative teaching. That comes for the word where the whole paradigm shift can happen in a short time. When people are led to see Christ for who he is in the word. So I've outlined this has you see the acronym. People like acronyms in the medical field at least I don't know about Dennis but when you're trying to learn something in medical school it's easier to learn it if you have something to hang it on to so think of it this way. We're all subject. We've all been subject to the trauma of sin. How many trauma taler just do we have here from there with the fast examine trauma. Right focused. Abdominal. Sun a graphic right. What is a tea stand for Eric. What test. Yes good. So fast treatment are faster that way Sion all of the Center on the cross of Christ and it'll ever be old around this sacrifice for all humanity. So first. To this story. And this story is found only in the Gospel of Luke. Dr Luke. And the Lord said Simon Simon indeed. Satan has asked for you that he may fifth you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. And when you have returned to me strengthen your brethren. Now Jesus knew. Some things about Peter that Peter didn't know about himself. But he still had faith in Peter. And he still. Told Peter that. Peter would succeed. The first key to I've been an identity based management is having a new identity. Ready for us to take. Peter didn't know he needed a new identity. But Jesus had one for him. No matter that Peter was blind to the transformation that he needed. He had someone who believed that he could and would change be recreated into the new man through the cross of Christ the faith that Jesus expressed for Peter's future was key in the transformation. The Cross and brought to Peter. Luke is the only Gospel writer. Also the records in verse sixty one of the same chapter. And the Lord turned and looked at Peter. In that look of Jesus was love and compassion for Peter no condemnation. It was the non-verbal communication. I still have faith in you Peter. Remember. I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. But how does God look at you. How does he look at me and Christ. How a doctor or a dentist a pastor. How any of us. Looks at those who are failing. So important. It's because God has faith in us creative fate. We can also exercise faith in those to whom we minister as we speak His word to them. Faith. Awakens faith. Look at this statement from lift him up page to twenty one. Talking about the faith of Jesus. Through faith. Everyone can if he will become one with Christ in His obedience and his service. One and identity. Each word each action is a work for God here is faith in God and faith in men. And here's the source of this fate. Christ would never have given his life for the human race that he had not faced in the souls for whom he died he knew that a large number would respond to the love he had expressed for humanity. So love is the motivation. Love is the power. Faith is the expression. And that creative faith speaks to us in the cross and to all those to whom we minister. That things can change for them for the love of Christ compels us because we judge of us. This is how we see it that if one died for all that all died. And he died for all that those who live should live no longer for themselves but for Him who died for them and rose again. Therefore from now on we regard no one according to the flesh. He will know we have known Christ according to the flesh yet now we know him thus no longer secular the in five fourteen to sixteen. Talking about the identity change that the gospel brings when we see the cross for what it is. Christ died the death of all men. Paul died in him. When we grasp something of the dimensions of the gospel of what God has already done for everyone by uniting his son and identifying. So closely. Completely with our humanity. We see God We see ourselves. We see others an entirely new way. Not in the flesh. What's in this for me. What can I get out of you. But I see good things here for you and you. And you. I see a new you. The third angel's message is the proclamation of the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus Christ. The commandments of God have been proclaimed with the faith of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed by seventy AD minutes as of equal importance. The law in the Gospel going hand in hand. I cannot find language to express this subject in its fullness. You see the parallel between the research on the mind in the heart. Faith of Jesus in the law. LONG The cost will. Yes the law points us to Christ but Christ is the one with the faith in us with the power for us to change. If we have proclaimed this message. The faith of Jesus. As equally important that is motivation as equally important with the commandments of behavior. As we should have the healthcare crisis might not exist. As it does today. We are told that Christ would have come here this. If we had been about our business. Properly. And I firmly believe that as we look to expand the medical missionary work to what it should be. This is the direction we must take. But that takes a certain attitude. Also noticed. Very thoughtfully I believe by Dr Luke. The attitude of forgiveness. Then Jesus said Father forgive them for they do not know what they do again Luke is the only Gospel writer. That records. Jesus saying this is a prayer. So we don't Jesus's attitude. Jesus was a Sin bearer he was identifying so closely with us that he gave himself to bear the consequences of sin in our fallen humanity. In order to create and himself a new identity we need. Putting to death the old man. Creating the new. Removing the enmity. Like he did for Israel and calling for repentance and some sense. He blotted out like a thick cloud. Our transgressions. By burying them in self and like a cloud your sins return to me for every deemed you so here and I say he's saying I blotted out your sins now come back. That's quite an attitude. All things are of God who has reconciled us to himself to Jesus Christ. And it's given us the ministry of reconciliation. That is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself not imputing their trespasses to them and is committed to us. The word of reconciliation. This attitude that God reveals and Christ beckons for our response in taking his identity. As our own. This is the broadest identity possible. And thus the most powerful. For identity based motivation. It is an attitude a hard motivation that comes from God the Father who was in Christ. Not imputing our sins against us. Before we repented. He was doing that at the cross. God revealed his true identity is to character in Christ who was the second hand and were counseled in fees and for twenty four that we put on the new man right created in Christ Jesus. So we have the faith of Jesus. We have an attitude of forgiveness. As part of Dr loops. Luke's prescription. Now on to salvation the S. and R. acronym. This is the story of the thief. On the cross. Now other gospel writers. Record Matthew and Mark record that both thieves and issue of the reviled Jesus so they know that there were two thieves. But they don't tell us the rest of the story. Luke records that one of these these came to a census. Based on what he was seeing in Christ. Remember this was a convicted criminal. At the very end of his death row experience. He would see that there's no hope for somebody so far gone. But as soon as the request came there was immediate response. Then he said to Jesus Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom. And Jesus said to him he replied immediately. Surely I say to you today. He will be with me in paradise. Sorry and with the comma. Verse forty six hall so records. Jesus I think. Further witness to this man. Because the thief died before or after Jesus. After what were Jesus's last words. Father that I hand. I commit. My spirit. My identity as yours. So even in death. Jesus was able to increase the faith I believe that the. All that God has ever really wanted for us. It's for us to experience to agree to take into our own lives. The reconciliation he already accomplished for us in Christ. On the cross cross Christ was the gospel. He was wonder for our transgressions and Bruce for our iniquities by His stripes we are healed. Salvation the SO teria for which we get soteriology set right. Or saving act of God appears to all men. As we are told and Secretary of the two eleven. He took our identity so that we might have hit anyone at any time. Can have a new identity. Now then. We are ambassadors for Christ as medical missionaries as though God were pleading through us we implore you on Christ behalf be reconciled to God. Take your new identity based motivation and run with it for he made him who knew no sin to be sent for us that we might become the right distance of God in him. The dying thief had one cancer patient. The dying lifestyle wreck of a diabetic. Anyone can not just have a new identity. But be a new creation. Anyone who believes the divine mandate that we all died the death to the old man in him in Christ has the right to experience the practical outworking of his life. Where there is life there is hope. We should share this motivating encouraging truth in all of our outreach to everyone especially in our medical missionary work if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. All things have passed away behold all things have become new. That's the word of God. If you believe it. Then we should be able to tell our patients that we believe it for them. Finally transformative teaching perty this interesting story. On the Road to make us it's actually a fairly long story they could probably have two or three sermons. Out of the things that are shared there. But look at these just these few points. In terms of how Christ was teaching. After the cross how we applied the principle of the cross in his teaching. So it was while they conversed and reasoned that Jesus himself too near and went with them. And he said to them what kind of conversation is this that you have with one another as you walk and are sad that twenty four fifteen and seventeen. In the story of the road to a may ask Luke. Dr Luke is telling us I think in this story that we all have a Saviour. Near at hand. Walking with us. Even when we don't see how close he is or recognize him for who he is who is eager to repeal the answers to our deepest questions. To provide healing for our emotional and physical ill and to be himself the answer to our heart's desire. So I think the the application is obvious. If this is how God is toward us. How do we present this to our patients. We can show them how close. God already is to them. How he's been walking with them. And then we can ask. Appropriate. Leading questions. What's the conversation that you're having. What are your questions. What's what's bothering you. What's going on in your life. Transformative teaching. Then he said to them over foolish ones and slow of heart. To believe in all that the prophets have spoken. Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets. He expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself who twenty four twenty five to twenty seven. So we have things we can point to to help people understand what's going on why is there suffering. Why are they suffering. Home. We can point to the truth of who God is versus the lie. That is these principles of giving versus taking selfishness versus self sacrificing love and how these apply in health. To give us to live. It's true calories right. We can show how Christ suffering. Helps explain and minister to there's freeing them from destructive patterns of thought and that's what the havior. Here I want to place a plug. If I might. For a book I just read an e-book you can download it and. Nielsen there with this. It's titled The hidden half of the Gospel by author Paul Khana C O N E F F. The hidden half of the Gospel I'd encourage you to read that. Because in this book. The author is specifically. Breaking down for people who are suffering. Long term behavioral maladies based on things they've suffered. And doing it in such a way. Pointing them to Christ and His suffering identifying with them in their suffering. Having suffered. So that he can relieve them from their suffering that it really frees them from the addictions and the damaging behaviors that they have the hidden half of the gospel. So. Christ in all the scripture. Another important principle in transformative teaching. Show how he's close at hand he's a savior near at hand he's walking with them already and. He's found all through the Scripture. And lastly with transformative teaching. We read if they constrained him. Recall he was going to go on right. He acted like he would go on mate. They constrained him saying abide with us for it is toward evening. And the day is far. Spent. And he went into stay with them. Now it came to pass as he sat at the table with them that he took bread. Blast and broke it and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they knew him and he vanished from their site. And they said to one another Did not our heart burn within us. While he talked with us on the road and while the open the Scriptures to us. The twenty four twenty nine to thirty two. Do you see what happened here. They didn't recognize Christ for who he was. But then as they look at the word and the word was hope and to them and Christ was revealed in the word through the word Their hearts were burning. They didn't know quite why. But when they invited him in to eat with them. And he personally opened the Scriptures to them. Then they had a paradigm shift. Had a new identity they had the new identity crisis after for them. And isn't this the way it should be with us. We should encourage the people with whom we had Iraq to whom we minister to we would invite them to have Christ enter into their own personal experience to explain the word to them to show them in their experience how he was there with them all the way. Revelation three twenty. You can quote it right. Behold I stand at the door and knock. They want to here's my voice coming to him and sup with them and he with me. The word has transformative power to light a fire for hard change. Not for in the flame tar. But for a heart that's motivated. Have lots of energy. Lots of A.T.P. for lasting identity based motivation to review the acronym once again for Dr Luke's prescription we are at the crossroads. Not only in health care but in this world history. And it is time. We might say a tight time to make a fast. Turn in the right direction. Christ is drawing all to himself. Will we accept His tug on our hearts. So that we can effectively point others to the power of his death. And of his life in closing. I'll offer a Amen. Paraphrase of Isaiah fifty eight versus six to eight. To stimulate thinking. I have chosen you. To fast this way you are to show those to whom you Minister. How I have believed in them love them. Had faith in them. How I became one with them. Suffering and dying. Their death. To free humanity from evil and oppressive habits. Removing the burdens of Harvard guilt and resentment that make healthy fulfilled living. Impossible. Your to welcome the rejected failed people of the world. Into your churches and clinics. To share with them. My personal presence as the bread which came down from heaven. Which you yourself have eaten. And by which you have been sustained. You are to recognize in them. Their own miserable wretch of this blindness poverty and they can this. And through your ministry. To share. To them share how you yourself have been and continue to be transformed. As you are covered with my very own robe of right just when you preach the Gospel in this very practical way. You will find that your prayers for the latter rain. And the healing that is promised and humble intercession for others find an answer in my right systems. In my personal presence ahead of you. Behind you and working in and through. You. You will no longer be judged middle of others nor critical of their motives or intelligence. As you get out of your own self-interest to bless others. You will see how my love for you and for them repealed in and through the cross has created a new resort identity for man. Brightening your future. And there's providing powerful motivation for living. A truly fulfilling life. Are you feeling the drawing power of the cross in your life. Would you like to see that power unleashed for your patience and family. Your friend at this our eleventh conference. Cross training. It is my prayer for you. For myself for a man that the church at large for the world that we will experience in the cross. The true fast. Of Isaiah fifty eight. And that Christ himself. Will do well enough. Through His Spirit working his will for His glory. Amen. Let's pray for Father in heaven. We we don't deserve all that you've poured out for us. We're thankful for Jesus coming to be one with humanity. One with us with our humanity. To rescue us from the false identity that Adam has provided through epigenetics genetics. We thank you for the new man that we have in Christ. And we believe your word. May be true in us. And they will be able to share it with others. Sect of really for your spirit we pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio produce a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermon. Please visit. W W W dot. Audio person. Dot org.


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