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Surveying the Cross: The Offense

Steven Grabiner


You will be blessed and challenged each morning by Dr. Stephen Grabiner. Through the presentations he hopes to help you:
  • Redefine your priorities to be more in line with those displayed in the life of Jesus;
  • Recommit to a life of dedication to Christ and those whom you serve;

  • Refresh your spiritual life through contemplation of the cross. 


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • October 30, 2015
    7:30 AM
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There really appreciate your theme. Cross training and I hope some of you noticed. Some of you noticed the cross and your hand out last night I was looking at that wow you know. Stethoscope tools so on and so forth. Certainly the tools of all of our trades need to be utilized to bring people closer to that center of influence. Which is the cross of Jesus Christ. And so this morning and the next two mornings we're going to be spending a little bit of time. Surveying are looking at different aspects of the cross of Christ in this morning. As you can tell by the title. It is the offense of the cross and several years ago many years ago. Before I was married and then after married my wife and I worked in a vegetarian restaurant in New York City. Kind of a hands on creating a medical missionary work. Where individuals came in we fed around four hundred people a day for five hundred people a day. And just was you know really people coming in and out of that place. But as I was the manager of that vegetarian restaurant country life. I remember reading in the book by him seven of the testimonies I believe it was where Ellen White made a comment that the managers work was to make sure that the workers were so in tune with Christ so in tune with the Holy Spirit that when he prompted them to speak to a customer. They were here is Weiss and reach out in ministry. That kind of really struck me you know managers work you want to make sure you're making money and the decks are clean and everything's going well. But she had a very different focus on the manager's work. It was really. Soul winning. And I would say the same thing for all of us here gather this morning medical professionals. You know we have a work to do. Which we need to accomplish that you're in restaurant without food served in a timely manner. Really would be successful. But in addition to that or beyond that of course is that whole dimension of pointing people to Jesus Christ. And so for each one of you here. You know for this whole conference. Are we living so closely in tune with Jesus. That we can hear his voice. When he tells us. You need to say something a bit more to this patient. This person this individual that you meet. That's really God's desire for us is to be so susceptible to the spirit. In it. One little sorry. Experience that came to mind just quickly. I was working in the restaurant the cash register again several hundred people coming through and all sudden. The voice said to me look up and I looked up in a person walked in and the voice said That man is going to steal. Just like that. And of course. That man did try to steal and we stopped him. During this process but wouldn't be wonderful if we could have that same kind of an experience. All the time when we're working with people. Where the Holy Spirit would simply say no no. Now this person. You need to say this to. I believe God wants to give us that. And he wants to help us draw people closer to the cross. Now if we think of the cross there's all these beautiful. Quotations that we have a spirit of prophecy will love to talk about the cross we sing about it here great controversy six fifty one the cross of Christ will be the science and Song of the redeemed through all eternity in Christ glorified they will be hold Christ crucified. You know our center and. Just a tremendous thought here that throughout eternity. Eternity is going to be a very very very long time and and but all that time. Will be focusing on our study this morning and throughout this conference this weekend. Again great controversy six fifty two. The mystery of the cross explains all other mysteries. I just love that statement really. In the mystery of the cross explains all other mysteries. And then she goes on the light that streams from Calvary. The actual use of God which had filled us with fear and awe. Appear what you ate this morning. Here. Appear What a beautiful an attractive. Merci tenderest parental love are seen to blend with holiness justice and power. Tomorrow we're going to talk about the power of the cross. One more quickly. To remove the cross from the Christian will be like blotting out the sun from the sky. So you know so we really. Rejoice in the cross and we could multiply quotations like this and revel with revel in them for a long time. But that poses a problem for us. And that's the problem I want to study with you this morning. Is the Bible doesn't talk about the cross. Quite like that. I mean it. It does in certain senses going on six fourteen Paul says. That's the only place I'm going to glory. But Paul also calls the cross an offense a stumbling block. Foolishness. And so the question I want to explore this morning. Is what did that mean what it means in Paul's day in first century. You know Judy of Palestine what it mean to begin to preach about the cross. How did people react to that. And if it was such an offense and it was far greater than we understand how in the world. Did it come from this position of being so offensive and such a scandal and foolishness moronic Clearly the word in the Greek. How did they come from that position to the thing that we're going to study for all eternity. To the thing that we sing about to the thing that. That's where we're going to glory and what. What's happening there. That moves it. From this terrible offense to this place of glory. So if you have your Bibles. Which I hope you do. Turn with me first of all the Galatians five we're just going to look here momentarily then we'll turn to our main text this morning. But glaciers five. Verse eleven. Glistens five or so Levin. But I brethren if I still preach circumcision Why am I still persecuted. Then the stumbling block the scandal the offense. Of the cross has been abolished. And then of course in verse twelve I wish that those who were troubling you. Encouraging you to be circumcised another would mutilate themselves you know the knife would slip. And they were do damage to themselves. But Paul talks here. About this offense of the cross. What is that offense. What did it mean in Paul's day. And how does it become transformed. For us. So let's go to First Corinthians chapter one. Tremendous passage First Corinthians chapter one and we're going to look on and off all the way through. Verse eighteen onward to the beginning of chapter two. Time allowance. First print the instructor one. Starting in verse eighteen. For the Word of the cross. The content of the cross is what. It's foolishness. It's it's moronic it's an easy Arctic idea to certain people to whom to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved. It is the power of God. Verse nineteen for it is written. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise. And the cleverness of the clever I will set aside. First twenty where is the wise man. Where is the scribe Where is the debater of this age has not God made foolish. The wisdom of the world. I was thinking about this. Obviously in relation to the cross. But let's expand it momentarily this morning. You know we're is the wisdom. Where's the wisdom of this age. You know is it possible that God wants to take the things that this world counts. So precious and turn them upside down. You know our education we become very proud and rightly so in a certain dynamic of education our education medical education theological education whatever it is. But God says you know from my point of view. That could really be foolishness. And I think last night of. Dr got to reste hot. People here are searching. How do we help. Chronic diseases which are a plague in this country and doctor got there is ideas why not simple change their lifestyle. You know. Easy right. We could. Like change the whole health care crisis pretty quickly. If you could just get people to identify differently. Really like. Could it really be that simple. Can you really you know help diabetes that way by making some lifestyle changes or. You know if you're just water could water really work for certain issues like hide your Sergey. God wants to take the things. Of the wisdom of this world and do what he told them he wants to turn them upside down. Wisdom with this world was is foolishness with God But God has some things that appear to be foolish to the world. Which really are God's power which really are God's power to pray with a patient. Any serious. Well God serious right. God serious. So. But let's think about this continue on the first little bit verse twenty one. Sorry for since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom. Did not come to know God God was well pleased. Through what the foolishness of. OK So King James says the foolishness of preaching as if the act of preaching is foolish and. I would agree with that the act of preaching. Does is a bit foolish. But that's not what Paul saying he's saying it's the content. The foolishness of the message. Preached. It's the word of the cross. That is foolishness. It may be foolish to stand up and preach that that's a different issue. But he's saying it's the food Lucian is of the content of their preaching. Which is Christ crucified. That is foolish. And he goes on to tell us. Down. In verse twenty two for indeed use ask for signs and Greeks. Search for Wisdom. But we preach Christ crucified. To the Jews us. Stumbling block. A scandal. An offence. And to the Gentiles. Foolishness. So we're Paul says create and choose he's really talking about the whole world. On one hand you have the. Let's call it. Secular world although that really wouldn't fit in that day the rover. Greco Roman world. To them preaching of a crucified reading him or is foolishness it's idiotic. It does not make any sense at all and to the Jews to preach that to the other part of the world you're trying to reach. It's a stumbling block. It's an offense. Why. What was it like well let me share a little bit. What it was like in in Paul's era. And what I would like to quote from is an author's name is Martin Hangal has a New Testament scholar and fuse and he's written a small book called crucifixion in the ancient world. And he goes through any talks about how the Romans looked at and how the Greeks did at looked at crucifixion and notice what he says. Crucifixion was widespread and frequent. Above all in Roman times. But the cultured literary world. Wanted to have nothing to do with it. And as a rule. Kept quiet about it. So crucifixion with practice. All over the place. As a punishment particularly against slaves or rebel. But if you read as we read back. What Romans. Wrote very extremely rarely. Today even mention the cross. It was such an offense. The gospel records are the most full accounts that we have from the ancient world of the crucifixion. And the gospel records are very brief. You know. Mark says. And there they crucified him. Or they took him. And scourged him. But the gospel records. In all their brevity. Are the most e-tail accounts from the ancient world of crucifixion. Cicero the Roman lawyer was defending a man who was being threatened with with crucifixion. Agnes. Before the time of Christ shortly. And in Sister Rose child he tries to make this appeal to the people that they would not sentence this man to death by crucifixion and notice what he says. Even if we are threatened with death we may die free men in other words. If you need to put a Roman to death. Do it as a free man. Don't crucify him. But the very word cross should be far removed. Not only from the person of a Roman citizen. But from is thought. His eyes and his ears for it is not only the actual occurrence of these things or the in durance of them. But liability to them. The expectation. Indeed the very mention of them. That is unworthy of a Roman citizen and a free man. You know. You just wouldn't say the word. Cross in polite society. It was tremendously offensive. Why. Well first of all obviously clearly. It's a horrendous death stripped naked hung up. Publicly immobile. Sun beating on you insects burrowing into your skin. Tremendous pain room which of course we get the word excruciating. You know her Renda Stet long drawn out agonizing death where people came by and mock you and ridicules you here there's a. Just the physical torture of it was horrendous. But it was a tremendous. Shame in society it was reserved. Not for a free man. But for slaves. Particularly slaves that rebelled at different times. In fact the very first mention of Chris affection. Comes from a writer by the name of plate us and he wrote a kind of a play called back at ease but the in the story. There is a slave. Name. Chrysalis who is afraid that his fraud he was deceiving his master he's afraid he's going to be discovered and his name is going to be changed to Creusa soulis. So the first name means. Gold bearer. The second name. Name means crossed their. And so this slave who has been deceiving his master is afraid he's going to be discovered and he's going to have to bear his cross or the first mention is probably the first mention of crucifixion. And so crucifixion the Roman society. Who got crucified. Slaves in fact there was a Roman law that said. If you knew your master was planning to rebel against the government. And you as a slave did not report your master. You would be crucified. Of course. If you did report your master. And they didn't like the way you report it you could be crucified anyway. But again. To the society of the day. The preaching of the cross the mention of the cross was a tremendous offense in all society really. And this is where your savior is. You know we talk about contextualization conjectural is Asian is a good thing. But Paul Paul did in the book of Acts he tried to use. You know the society today to try to make his to reach individuals. But to communicate with individuals to communicate with the crowds. To communicate with slaves. That the one that's going to help you the all powerful the mighty God is one that was crucified. Was truly foolishness. I'm looking for someone to help me out of my situation as a slave. I want to become a free man. And now you tell me. Flippin Stuber six and onwards. That that. The one who was in the form of God. Thought of not robbery to be equal with God but made himself nothing empty themself and took upon Himself the form of a now. Not servant. Flames and then being Foreman found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became a BT and on to debt. Even the death of the cross. I'm a slave I want to be free. And you're telling me that that is my retention. It's foolishness. In the first century. It's something that can't be grasped very hard for us to your kind of get our minds around. This really is the message. So there's an inscription. In Rome. This is a drawing of the inscription descriptions not quite so clear. But you can see here that there's somebody a man standing before a figure that is appears to be crucified of course. The figure has an unusual head the figure has an ass head on it. And the inscription. Reads ALEX MANN us worship his god. So this is graffiti. Found in Rome. Of a paranoia Roman citizen Greeks a Gentile who has come to believe that Christ is the messiah he's worshipping and he's being mocked somebody made this graffiti. And the head on the man being crucified finesse. He's just you know again it's a it's graffiti it's repulsive it's. It's mocking really. Paul. This is the message that God's using to change the world. So from the Roman side from the Greek side. The cross is foolishness. Why. Because it was a sign of Roman power. It was a sign of Roman authority. Just before Jesus was born or around the time Jesus was born. There was a city being built a several kilometers a few miles away from Nazareth. Called the forest and it's quite likely that Jesus' Father Joseph and probably Jesus as he was growing up later on went there to work the city was being built and it was became the capital of that region of Galilee. Somewhere around the time where Christ was before. Born. Just before just after somewhere in that region. There was a rebellion. Of Jews against this Garrus in this city so for two thousand Jews were crucified. As a result of being defeated in that rebellion. Two thousand you. The for the Romans. Who gets crucified. Rebel slave. The lowest people in society. But what is this. It's the power of God It's the thing that we're going to study for all eternity. And if you take it away from me it's like taking the son out of the sky. So how does this happen. How does it move from this tremendous offensive. Situation to where today will we want to say all I want to do is glory in the cross of Christ. Well. And the Passover lambs were slain in a more human. You main way than was Jesus if we think about the cross. But for the Jews Paul tells us it's a stumbling block it's an offense. Let's turn to the Book of Deuteronomy a familiar verse Paul refers to it in the book of Galatians Galatians chapter three verse thirteen. But let's read it from Deuteronomy to Jewish thinking of course. Cross has its own scandals certainly. There's the scandal that it is the sign of Roman oppression. Every repetition of a crucifixion. Would bring fresh to mind in the jew in Paul's day. What happened in so for us those two thousand people being put to death. But in addition to that there is a religious stigma. Offense to the cross. Tutor on me Chapter twenty one. Starting in verse twenty two and twenty three. If any man has committed a sin worthy of death. And he is put to death. And you hang him on a cherry his corpse. Shall Not all night she is his corpse shall not hang all night on the cross on the tree. But you shall surely bury him on the same day. For he who is hanged. Is cursed of God. The curse of God. So that you do not to file your land which the LORD your God gives you as an inherited. Statement in utero on in the put somebody to death and this would be putting someone to death and then nailing them to the tree. As we find a different times in the Old Testament story where people were publicly displayed that way. This is a sign that you are underneath the curse of God. You are cursed of God. And Paul makes this application in Galatians chapter three. So. So here we are in the first century. Grown up in a Jewish family where under Roman oppression. We understand the power of the cross we see it all over the place it's very busy will. You know Romans use that as a symbol of their authority their dominance. And then we have this background from from our upbringing since we're a little kids just like many of you here have a background of upbringing. From your advantage background I don't I grew up in a Jewish family and became a Christian later in my life. But you know I just think of how much when you grow up with your face. How it impacts every aspect of your thinking. So here you know Jews in the first century. Now if you're hung on a cross man you are a cursed. About a hundred years before the birth of Jesus there was a ruler. I has money in ruler descendants from the Maccabees. And in the Couldn't run Scrolls they discovered a temple scroll and in this temple scroll. It reveals that one of the has money and rulers one of the priest that was kind of a priest king at that time. There was a rebellion against him. He was a very Tyrone ical ruler. His receive his response to this rebellion was to crucify eight hundred Pharaoh seats. Crucified. What is he saying he's not just simply saying any Look I've got Roman authority. He's saying what you guys you're rebelling against me. You are under the curse of God. You've lost your battle your Revelli. And we act. That's the very message Paul begins to preach. Foolishness to the Greeks to the Romans. It's a symbol of Roman authorities a symbol of Roman power only slaves get put on the cross. It's an offense it's a stumbling block to the Jews because to the Jews. Not anybody that's crucified is is is underneath the curse of God. And so the question for us now is how does an object of such universal scorn. Become the center of hope. Now for to step back for a little bit and think about this. You know kind of from a more. Historic point of view. Certainly we would say that the influence of Constantine. You know the great ruler Sunday law Constantine. He had a tremendous influence in this. When he merged paganism when he became a Christian in the elevated. Christianity to the religion the predominant religion in the Roman Empire. And the cross no longer was this sign of shame but it was a sign of what. Now you were on the in-group you know this was a sign out here on the inside. And so certainly there's this whole dimension. There of the expansion of the cross through that. That kind of a method. We can't discount of course is the adversary working. To really obscure the meaning of the cross but think about it for a moment. Paul lived several hundred years before constantly and sort of the disciples and followed all the people that are reading First Corinthians in the church expanding. Something else need to have happened to make it so that this place of revulsion this place of shame this revulsion this offense this scandal becomes. The thing that Paul says he's going to glory and you know maybe we could say you know Paul he had that vision on the road to Damascus. So maybe that his excuse. Maybe the first disciples Well they saw the resurrected Christ and so that would be pretty traumatic. Helping you change things. But what about everybody else that heard the preaching. River Paul when hearing Paul goes to these. You know back orders he goes to these cities and he's talking to these communities whether it's Peter Paul and you're communicating to the Jews or they're communicating to the Gentiles the Romans. And they're trying to break through this huge cultural barrier and get people to see that this is the power. The place to glory is what is it that makes the transformation. Well it's the one who's dying on the cross. It's the import behind the wife of the one who is dying there. Let's turn back to first Corinthians. Highlight something for your you know as we look at the cross the so many different dimensions this two to come to it at. But who is the actor who's the actor the agent. In this passage of go back to verse eighteen for the word of the cross is food a shift to those who are perishing. But to us who are being saved it is whose power. It's God's power it's the power of God. Verse twenty second part has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world. Verse twenty one percent in the wisdom of who. In the wisdom of God. The world through its wisdom did not come to know who God God was well pleased to the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. For indeed Jews ask for a sign and Jews are used for for looking to see tremendous things God opened a Red Sea for the Jews any fed the man in the wilderness and he stopped the sun in God was continually doing signs for the Jewish people their user looking for the signs from the Greeks their seeking after wisdom. Their philosophies but we preach Christ crucified to the Jews a stumbling block. And to the Gentiles. Foolishness. But to those who are the called both Jews and Greeks. Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. What changes the cross from this. And when I say changes we can't leave the roughness of the cross we can't leave the offense of the cross. We can't leave the foolishness there. The agony of the cross the fact that Christ is made cursed of God on the cross we can't leave any of that. But it's transformed. Because Christ is revealing God. To us at the cross. And that is the important thing Todd said at last night as he was walking us through his fast perspective I hope you remember what all those four letters stand for fast. Fate attitude. Service and. Transformative testimony. As he walked through that toward the end of his presentation is said that God revealed his identity at the cross. That's where the transformation takes place. Because we begin to see who it is. That's dying. At the cross. It's not simply some Galleon prophet. It's not simply some carpenter. It's not simply some agitator. It is God incarnate. And that God is being revealed. At the Cross Cancer trying to show us the way he is through crucifixion. To coming down to the most repulsive. Thing that there could be dreamed of in the society a thing that was the most repulsive. That was the most offensive. That offended people sensibilities. That turned upside down their educational view of things that turned the world upside down. Was this is God in human flesh on the cross. And he's coming to the lowest place that he can for you and for me. And you may think that's crazy. I understand. Because it is crazy. To do. To the world. But it's in that very craziness that the cross. The symbol of the cross is transformed and becomes a symbol of how our it becomes a place of glory. He like really really. God you're inverting the whole order of the universe. And instead of being you know this powerful potentate on your throne. You're coming down and you're dying on a cross. That's who you are. Yeah that's who I am. You want to know me. You know you can see me in nature. You can see me in the thunderstorm you can see me in how you can see me all over the place but if you really want to know me. That's where I am. That's who I'm working with. The weakest. The most tormented. You know the poorest the. The most spy. If we lose sight of the Vinnie of Christ. We lose sight of the meaning of the cross. Lucite incidentally of Christ and the cross loses its meaning it's just it's store scandal still crazy. It's just a man being crucified. But if it's really God in human flesh. If the cost is really revealing God to us. And it's still a symbol of shame but the shame becomes a quarry. And if it comes the place where we're going to sing for eternity. There's a self-revelation that takes place at the cross and it demonstrates that are gone is a self sacrificial God. This is how God chooses to communicate about himself. I'm the most giving one. I'm the one that's willing to to go to any extent. To have you be with me for eternity. That's God's great desire isn't it. To dwell with us for eternity. And he's willing to go to any extent to make that happen. And a years ago I was in southern New England. I was passing up there and there's a camp meeting and southern England camp meeting was great still is great back in those days. You know we had tents in but you go to camp meeting in tents these days. That if you. So that these tents were old. You know the canvas tents and one night I went to bed. Fell asleep mill the night somebody came running into my tent and said there's a fire quick get out. If I ran out of my tent and around the corner and sure enough there was a tent that was in blaze and so we started filling water up and were trying to throw water on the flames of this tent which is just being consumed. And as I took one huge container of water and threw it inside the tent hit a bed and all of a sudden when it. Water hit the bed. A figure a girl who'd been laying in the bag sat up. Probably a reaction to the water in the nerves not sure exactly what took place you know much better than I do set up in her somebody in there and you know we tried to pull her out. Airlifted her to a hospital she passed away. Can't meet Sunday night Monday. Something like that beginning you can't meet all week during can't meeting I'm like how do we go on how do we continue can't meeting and. How do you how do you deal with this kind of tragedy and remember being in the sound booth at there in the main auditorium. And just the looking out through. One of the windows and thinking. God where was her angel and. God brought me back to the cross. Where was where Christ same jewel. Well they were right there weren't that they were right by the cross. And God said to me. My angels right next to the cross reveals to us how God is willing to be with us. In all sorts of situations in suffering and hardship. And there's things in this world that happen. That we don't understand but it's not as though God is distant to us God was right there. Father. In the sun. At the crucifixion. And I thought to myself God. Your Angel was right there and there's a lot of questions I don't have. I think I do have about that experience. But if we look at the the cross and Jesus were shamed by onlookers. Jesus was separated from his father. He is rejected he's repulsed by man. Christ life. Looks like a failure. And his ministry was a total fiasco. From an earthly point of view. But that's what God does God steps into those kind of areas that's who God is that's what God's trying to reveal. Christ was abandoned he's left alone. His disciples and Bible tells us they all for sucked him. And fled. A was disowned by his family and John tells us he was disavowed by those he came to say. But that's God in human flesh. God is in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. And it's that death it's the meaning of the one who died there it's who was dying there. That transforms the cross. But about us let's go back to first Corinthians chapter one. First Corinthians chapter one. Paul continues here in the first twenty five. The foolish because the foolishness of God is wiser than men. And the weakness of God is stronger than man first twenty six. For consider your calling brethren. There's not many wise. According to The Flash. Because the verse twenty six for Consider your calling brethren. That there were not many wise according to the flesh. Not many mighty. Not many noble. But God has chosen the foolish things. Of the world. To shame the winds and God is chosen the weak things of the world. To shame the things which are strong. Verse twenty eight. And the base things of the world and the despise God has chosen the things which are not. So that he might know low fi. The things that are. Why. So that no one may boast before God. The cross is foolishness. And those who say except it. Are quite foolish themselves or they ought to be at least that's what Paul's trying to say look at yourself. Look at the city of Corinth here though it is not many foolish there are many wise of the in you. There's not many might it is not any strong but you know we have a real challenge. Our facilities that we work with our training are our educational videos. Our success in curing or reversing or slowing chronic diseases. Do we ever lose sight of the fact that all of our success really belongs to God. And we become successful. And being medical missionary to even to lose sight of the fact that really what we're doing is very foolish. If we're really medical missionaries and we're really trying to bring people to Christ and trying to get them to change their lifestyles. But sometimes we become impressed with our own successes. Our facility. South look at you know where I work or. And I don't I don't know how it is among physicians. But I know among pastors and academics. There's a little bit of competition. And I don't know probably physicians are immune from this maybe. Probably not. You know yeah look at the written results I get look where I work. I look what I've produced great. But believe me. According to got. It's any of this quick sets we have where is the come from it comes from him. Has won the reasons he wants to give us medical missionary work you know yeah change somebodies lifestyle how much success can I can tell somebody that. Course they would believe me like they believe you. But really our whole purpose in being medical missionaries is to reveal God. That's what happens at the cross. Christ revealed gaunt. And that's why the cross becomes the place we glory in because that's who the God I worship is that that's what he's like yes I can worship a God that gives all. He's the center of the universe but he's a center of self getting other centered love. He's the center of the universe. But he demonstrates his authority by being self sacrificial. In my field whether it. Pastor are a physician or an academic whatever it is really my success is going to be realizing that all my wisdom is foolishness. And that my real success is going to be revealing. God look medical ministry element says this to medical missionary work. Is of heavenly origin. In all its bearings its work is to be in conformity with Christ. Work. Those who are workers together with God will just as surely represent the character of Christ as Christ represented the character of his father while in this world. That's our success. But many my wives not many intelligent not any successful not many mighty. So that no man can boast before God. Verse thirty. But by his doing this is all God's activity this is God's work verse thirty. But by his doing you are in Christ Jesus who has become to us wisdom from God. You know we thought we knew what wisdom was we thought we knew what correct was what wise was. We thought we knew what foolish was we thought we knew what a scandal was. When we come to the cross all turned upside down. Christ becomes wisdom from God not only was them everything else we need right. Right just an authentic Asian and redemption verse thirty one. So that just as it is written. Let him who boast. Post in the Lord is the cross like the son to you. If it was removed from your life would your life be darkened is the crossed. Really the place. By which you measure everything else. Where you see what foolish what's wise. What's worth glorying in what's worth boasting in. If it's not I pray that it will become so this we can and will refocus. Will be retrained. To see that the cross is were God reveals himself as an offense to the world. But because it's an offense to rolled It's a place that I can glory. Because it shows me that there is a god. We're the of worship. In this world. Continuing. Nothing will help us more to realize how secret is this kind of work medical missionary work. And how perfectly it corresponds with the life work of the great missionaries. The object of our mission is the same as the object of Christ. Mission. Why did God send a son to the fallen world. For one purpose. To make known and to demonstrate. God's love for humanity. And that's our purpose. That's why we exist. To show people what God is like and what an opportunity. Those of you that work in the medical world medical missionary work. Coming with people in their trials and torments you know if you're sick if you're a king you're in pain. There's nothing more refreshing than having your pain relieved when you're in pain Amen. Well there's a lot of spiritual pain that people feel in this world pain of. Gil anxiety. What to make sense out of this world. And that kind of pain is only removed. As people come to the cross of Jesus Christ and the refence the offense is transformed into a place of glory. And they had be that we boast in nothing. Paul says and second first Corinthians to in verse two for I'm determined to know nothing among you accept Christ Jesus and Him crucified. That's what's going to set your priorities straight. That's what's going to make you affective. That's what's really going to give you success. And nice facility. It can burn up tomorrow. A successful program. Someone else can make a better one tomorrow. You know. Great skill massaging people. You could break your hands tomorrow so I'm not trying to cast gloom on any of you. But everything we depend on is temporary. Except for the cross of Jesus Christ. On more cortege and from desired ages. It's three hundred the proud heart. Strives to earn salvation. So I wonder in the scale I hope by. I hope I'm being offensive. On the scale of you know when tend to think positions as a group have a problem with pride. I know pastors do their proud heart strives to earn salvation. But both our title and this to heaven are found where they are found in the rights of Christ which is displayed at the cross. The Lord can do nothing toward the recovery of man until convinced of his own weakness and stripped of stripped of all self sufficiency. And that's what the cross does my friends. It strips you of your self sufficiency. This soulish place. There's a man being crucified. And you're telling me that's the place of salvation. That is crazy. But it's the truth. And it's only when we realize it. And our self sufficiency a stripped away. And we realize our weakness. That can lose we can receive the gift that God is waiting to pursue still from the soul the feels is me nothing is what helped. So we're left with the risk to trust God and be saved by his folly or. Keep up our own pretensions. And think pretend that everything's OK pretend that we're winds pretend that we've got it together. Pretend that things are going well pretend that we're successful. Trust God in his folly or pretend. What's our choice going to be. I hope that each one of us this weekend will be drawn to the foolishness the folly of the cross has the place of our security to the perishing the cross is an offense. It's foolish folly. It's unwise it's uncool. But it's God's folly. It's Gaza sense. And it's God's salvation. For every one of us. Let's pray together. Father in heaven thank you for this opportunity to come apart from the pressures of our work our life. To be refresh through fellowship with one another to consider the cross. Thank you Lord that you were able to change. A place of stigma of or approach. And to transform it into something that the universe is going to glory in for eternity. Because it's where you are revealed. Father. May we come to you in our need in our nakedness in our weakness and be fully clothed the full enrich the fully blast at the foot of the cross of Christ in His Name. In this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon sleeve Visit W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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