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Learning to Carry the Cross

Peter Landless



  • Illustrate the importance of practical spirituality in the professional setting.

  • Foster interest in the importance of values and principles in even difficult


  • Challenge attendees to engage in blended ministry (caring for body, mind, and spirit). 


Peter Landless

Associate Director, Health Ministries General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • October 30, 2015
    9:30 AM


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Good morning. What a privilege it is to be with you this morning and as we contemplate just a few moments on the cross. Come to my mind the words that I'll never forget. Hearing the king's heralds things so beautifully. Just to think of the cross moves me now. He's knelt pierced hands. He's bleeding brow. Just to think of the cross. Moves me now. It should have been me. It should have been me. And yet. I am freed. I am freed Grace is father. Through your cross through your love. Through your grace through your sacrifice and through your blood. We can be freed. Help us to be so bold as to say that we are freed. He knew. And we ask that you will be our instructor this morning. Because you indeed showed what it means to carry the crops. We thank you for your prison. And pray that individuals. And people will fade into insignificance. That that Jesus will be glory. By do we are asking his name on him. The explosion was deafening. It came unexpectedly and out of the blue. Although in warfare situations. One expects to hear explosions and. I felt as if I were in a tumble dryer I have never been in one. But I can only imagine. As I flew a hundred hundred feet. Thirty meters. Through the air. And landed on my haunches. Albeit that the world around me was non no longer in focus. Because I have been fairly dependent on my refracted need of spectacles ever since about the age of eleven. And in that process they had been blown off my face. And as I started to take in the scene around me. I realized that I had been a land mine explosion. I looked at my hand. And it was bleeding. A portion of the tip of my right index finger. Had been and potatoes. And I looked at the center I thought to myself before I even took the scene in completely and fully. I had an anger which welled up in my heart. And I said Lord my right hand. The hand that is committed to working for you. The hand that would hopefully continue to do surgery. Father. Why. And as the dust began to settle and I looked around then I was in this self. Putting river e. I looked over and saw my driver. A young man who was shattered. Bilateral fame. Femoral fractures bilateral to the fact is fractured base of skull. And i immediately. Was overwhelmed with the need to confess my selfish introspection and ask God's forgiveness. And thank him for his saving grace in my own life. I've got to work immediately he was unconscious and as I started to straighten and to do things with him. Because it was way out in the middle of the boonies. I had gone that particular Sabbath in fact to see a very sick patient. It was in the operational area. In Namibia on the border of Angola and I had promised to go back and see a very sick infant. Way back in the rural areas. And the spot Council not to do that a small group of us with two vehicles and minesweepers had gone along to see the patient. And on the way back this had taken place. That there are looked at this young man and started to work on him and with him. And some of the medics arrived in the one of the first things they said to me was. Doc. Have you prayed with him. Many evenings in my tent in the operational areas the medics would come in and we would have Bible studies together. Some of those discussions with Pivotal and related around the fact that as a Seventh Day Adventist. I didn't carry on as a seven day Adventist. We didn't do certain things on Sabbath. But a seven that mentors Christians. We were willing to carry the cross. And so their first opening gambit was Have you prayed with him. And in fact we've had that opportunity it was a brief opportunity we see this is the midst. The trauma of he's shocked brain. I was able to pray with him. I was able to lead him to the cross he left in to coma and died. Eleven days later. One of the most sanitary experiences in life is to witness and be part of what may be termed by many survivor guilt. Why should it be that one be spared and another not. And that became so clear to me when I faced his parents. I was recovering from my food surgery to mine and you know this is a default hand in the eyes of some but I find it a very beautiful hand because it reminds me that I have been saved to serve. And as I looked into the face of his parents. I could read as it was clearly written in letters that were legible. Why him. And not you. And that also wrote indelibly into my mind and into my heart. The fact that I am not my own and I would posit to you today. That Noro you. We have been saying to serve. We have been saved with a purpose. We have been given purpose. We have been given opportunity. And we have that as a witness to those around us and those who we serve. Having worked with him. The young man. My Dr Brown. We were evacuated to the nearest field hospital after the immediate first aid surgeries for both of us had been done and I was able to call my mother and I called her. She said to me. She said You've been in an accident I said that's amazing the military's already let you know that she said no they didn't. That are of at a quarter to one today. I was compelled to my knees to pray for you. The land mines detonated at a quarter of one. That said I then called my wife who was in the mission area where we had been working before I was constrict conscripted to go up for military service and told her what had happened then she said you know. At directly after the service today. There was a potluck and the saint said I think before we eat we need to pray for PETA. It was also a quarter of one. On that seventh afternoon. And I realize that as we carry our cross. We cannot carry it alone. We are dependent on the prayers of those who love us. And I'm so interested as I listened last night to the. Excellent introduction to our meetings this week on the fast. Principle. And the cross. Luke. In chapter twenty two. If you look at the gospels and they were brought down to beautifully yesterday. When you look into it. Sorry in chapter nine where Jesus is rights and speaks and it's written and recorded. Then he said to them all. If anyone would come off to me. He must do want. Deny himself. And do what take up his cross. But interestingly Luke is the only one who goes a step further. The other gospels say deny himself and take up his cross. Luke the physician. Adds a word which I think is very very significant. What is that word. Daily. Take up the cross. Daily. It's not a one time taking up the cross. It's daily taking up the cross and. As I share with you what I was requested to share with you and which is a joy for me to share with you. I want you to understand and know that TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND TO HIM ALONE. And this is a process which is done on a daily basis. A renewed basis of basis which is refreshed. On a daily basis. Take up the cross daily. It all started with a letter that letter arrived. As many others had come in the past. It was a stark. Brown on below. One of those. Typical letters. Those of you who may have received from the military I don't know what it's like here but in the country where I grew up. It was a stock Brown. Ambulance. And I would get one each year saying we are reminding you that you already do to do military service. That because you are studying. We will wait for you to finish your course and then you will come in as a medical officer. And do a year of national service and year after year the later would run until we had started our time in mission service. And the letter arrived yet again. And the letter stated you will serve for twelve months and you need to move on and get things are sorted out and do that and that's what I did. And having arrived to boot camp. Two things were made very clear number one this is seven days a week. Number to everyone carries with it. And so it was an interesting. Saga that started a saga which reminded me. In their fresh way it read a of what it means to take up your cross. Daily. Because as my Jewish colleagues and there were many of them. In the boot camp for positions. Would be taken each Sabbath morning. To the synagogue where they could worship. The Seventh Day Adventist was left in the barracks. Because you see it wasn't recognized that that was a day of rest for Christian. And then came the next test. And that was the carrying of weapons. And they were all kinds of threats that were placed and saying well if you don't carry a weapon. You will not get your commission and I would say well if that's the case I would will be. You will be the only physician in the mill. In the medical call. Who will not have offices. Standing. And I had to say that would be out of been. And then they said you have to do a special driving license to get your your officers commission. I said I'm happy to do that the test will be Saturday morning. I said I can't do that. Can't you get your priest. To write a letter for you can't you get a special dispensation to do this on your Sabbath. No not my Sabbath God's Sabbath. Well in which case again you will be the only non-commissioned physician in the medical service. By now is getting the answer. Used to saying it. So be it. And so do end on from test after test and the one on the driving license was a very interesting one because it went right to the brink. Of the closing of the need for that test to be done. And the test is going to be done on the Sabbath morning. And they were saying to me unless you present yourself on Saturday morning. You will not be commissioned three thirty Friday afternoon. Along arrive the very ready. Overweight. Big sergeant major. You said I have orders for you. If you were to come and do your driving test now. I was amused. I was also a little bit relieved. Cold this day I don't know why they changed their mind that was the only test done on that day and it was me who participated in that taste. And then came the next taste. It was one of those day today. Let's see what the challenge for landless in the admin to swill be now. And we were doing our marching exercise is getting ready for the passing out parade but with it being a very firm instruction that those who did not carry a weapon. Would not participate in the commissioning parade. You would practice but you wouldn't be Commission. It wouldn't participate. And it was probably just a week or four days prior to the actual parade. When the commanding officer of the training camp with the SO African medical services. A very typical kind of permanent force officer was standing and looking at his to rain and everything that was under his control. Because he would say to this man go and he would run. And that man come. And he would also run and. My squad happened to march past him and he sent someone to call me and he said Where did you learn to march. Now of course you know if you had much to do with military people. They have a different kind of sense of humor. So I wasn't quite sure where this was leading hit where did you learn to march. A nearly said to him Do you need to learn to operate. It's kind of walking in a smart way isn't that. I love to think of the way George Bush one day was criticized because people said to me said People say our swagger. He said I don't swagger see that's the way we walk in Texas. And marching was the way smart people walk. When they were in the military. I told him I'd lead the brass band in the school and he said well you. March. Better than any of your colleagues do you. Will you be participating in the passing operate I said No I've been given instructions that I may not because I will not carry a weapon. We he would then quiz me again as to why that was the case and I told him why he said well I'm changing the instruction you will participate. Even without a weapon. The Lord encourages us to test him for his pay phone. He is correct. He has promised. He will be there. And you know. It really is not that much of a deal as to whether one participates in a passing out parade or not but with the deal really is is how we reflect the god. We love the God who loves us and who died on the cross for me. After all of those events. And being posted out to places of service which have been most amazing. Just prior to leaving the boot camp. Some really interesting news arrived with said. For those in this. Intake. Instead of serving twelve months they will serve twenty foremen the Lord and I have often had conversations. Not all of which I'm proud of but this is one of those well I really question and said Lord what are you thinking. There's a mission. Practice waiting. There is work to be done. Can I spend another twelve months. In the set up. And interestingly as I was walking along. Pondering these imponderables I saw a coffin. On a gun carriage. Going by a young physician who had been killed in the conflict. And I suddenly realized that every day is far too precious to wish away. So whether this twelve months fifteen months twenty four months. Each day need. Needed to be lived to the maximum for His glory. And that served me well because during that time and just before I went up into the into the operational area where I was blown up in the land mines. I received word. Shortly after being in the operational areas that my mother had contracted cancer. She was due to have surgery. And I went and asked for permission because there was a thing called compassionate leave. If it were possible to go back and be with her just for the time of the surgery. And that was not granted. And as I walked across the campground in the operational area. I almost said with my hand in my pocket but offices don't do this. I did kick a few stolen. As I was deep in thought and wrestling with God and saying Why I can type. Even get the opportunity to get to be with my mother. And suddenly as if it were a bolt of lightning that illuminated my mind came to mind the text. Later they are they who believe. Who have not seen the road impress me I didn't need to be with my mother for his surgery. Because he was going to be with the taking up the cross is a daily thing. It is an exercise which affects every aspect of our living. Our family our patient care. Our interaction. Our teaching our sharing everything. So many things happened. So many things developed. And then came the next later. I'd already finished my time in the Army. I thought. And was back in the mission. Clinic. Loving every moment of it. And along came another stark Brown on blood and I actually quite quickly on was fumble design. As I ripped it open to see what was inside it. And inside it was the following data. You had been awarded and awarded under the hand of the state president. The Southern Cross middle. For excellent service and particular devotion to duty. And I thought to myself to God. Is a glory. Because it was the first time that that middle had ever been awarded to a Nationals fitness office that it was a middle that was reserved for senior officers in the permanent force to interesting to hear the conversation substance and which took place between the surgeon general. And the commanding officer of my battalion. Because the name Seventh Day Adventists came up on numerous occasions that later was followed by a phone call from the colonel of the of the regiment who said we are delighted that this is happened. We want to invite you and your family to the middle presentation. There will be a special function. Dinner and. You can bring as many guests as you wish. And it will take place on Saturday at midday. And I wondered what it was going to take for them to understand that. I didn't have a priest on this earth who I could write to to change God's Sabbath and give me permission to do what they were so keen that we should be doing. I said I'm so sorry I deeply appreciate your kindness. But I cannot do it. The cordiality changed into a frozen. Kurt. Final word in which case. Will mail it to you to a child on third in which case I'll be most grateful. It was about two three days later that the phone rang again. They said they'll be a metal parade on Friday morning. We would really appreciate if you would come out to do to be a delight to take up your cross and follow me. Take up your cross. Daily and follow me. My mind. And I want. I want to share with you this morning. As we as professional health professional people who speak with patients and clients. You know I have difficulty in getting use of the word clients they are patients to me. It dates me some want to know my children tell me. Time and again that I was born B. C.. Which is the truth as before computers. But we have patients who come and visit us who share with us the in most need their vulnerabilities they get undressed in front of us. And then they pay us for this whole exercise. What an amazing privilege we have to be invited into those sacred. Areas of an individual life. How much is the incumbent on us to have made the reasons he views as we do that in my old Bible. I have a statement which says the following. No man is fit to go for and bless the world. Unless they have made the reasons he no one is fit to go forth and bless the world. Unless they have met. The Risen Savior. And how want to take you with me to the experience of a young man who came from a very dysfunctional home. Home that was so dysfunctional that there were favorites there were people who were cared about more than others. There was in fighting. In fact there was the kind of situation of my child your child in our child. So many dynamics which influence the life of us young man. He was highly favored. He was highly intelligent. He was cared for and his father made no ban in this town on my cheek. About it to the extent that he gave Joe's of a Coat of Many Colors. Says of the world could see that this was the favored son. And you know the story so well that with David went out to death and to give food to his brothers who is shepherds. And they saw him coming. The favored one coming here comes the dream of a said. Let's help him a little bit let's get rid of him. The trouble maker. And you know the story so well. How Does It was stripped of his coat of many colors how Joseph was thrown into the well. And if you read the story carefully. You'll notice the details of God's being with him. God being with him through the trials. God being with him and saving his life. And it says they threw him in the pit. And interesting need you notice the very next words. This is a very short phrase that says. And the pit was empty. There was no water in it. And then we read how Joseph was sold to the issue lines taken to Egypt and Joseph was learning now to take up his cross. Because he was going to a strange place a place which he'd heard about but never dreamed of going to we're told in patriarchs and profit. That Joseph. As he looked back from the camel. That he was travelling. He looked back to the home of his father he wit. But we are told that he purpose that these are. And it says that his whole soul. Through with the determination that he was going to trace. Stayed true to the God of his father. I think so often the. Joseph is an anti type of Christ who was falsely accused. Who was tortured and suffered for things that he didn't do wrong. Was banished to a strange place that he'd never seen before. But he has his whole soul. Through old with his determination to serve. And stay loyal to the God of his father. You know the story so well he landed up in the House of parted for you know the story of. Mrs Potter. You know how did. Joseph on a daily basis. Took up his cross and shed his garment at the appropriate time when he needed to and my dear colleagues. As we sit in the sanitized environment of an amen conference. Not one of us is above the temptations of Mrs part of the Joseph said. How can I do this and soon. Again. Who's he lands up in jail. And if you go to Genesis thirty nine thirty eight thirty nine forty forty one. You'll find this phrase repeating frequently. And the Lord was with Joseph. Now I wonder whether Joseph didn't think to themselves when he was sitting in the prison. And his brothers were at home with the sheep and his father in the comforts of the family with maybe it would be time for God to be with then it would do such fun being in the prison. Which it wasn't. And we find that Joseph and N.T. talk of Christ daily taking up his cross. Staying loyal to the God of his father being seen by those around him as being a man who is who with the spirit. I so love the story of Joseph. Because when outcome at Lee The Butler. Remembered. The butler's mind was stimulated by the emergency of the pharaoh's need to have a dream interpreted. Suddenly he remembered his promise to Joseph. I'm going to ask you the question and this is just an aside. Do you often say to people Do you ever say to people. I'm praying for you. I don't want to see your hand but I know that you have said that I'm brain. Do we do they do we remember to pray for them because the butler said. I will remember you. He said to John. But he didn't. And ultimately when he did and they cleaned up Joseph shaved him put him a new clothes brought him before the pharaoh. Here we find Joe's of coming into a situation in front of people who didn't believe in the God that he believed in who didn't know the God that he loved who did not know the God of his father. The God in whose soul he was so thrilled to own and to believe in. Here comes Joseph on him for get. When I was in my condemning part of my career working for an atheist. Professor actually a very wonderful man a man who loved people. But didn't tolerate them very well. Who would very frequently. Point out to me and say to me. Our introduction to each other started one side gone into cardiology at his invitation. And I didn't. I excuse myself from the first grand round which was on which morning do you think. Sabbath morning. I sit in my won't be able to be at the grand round on Saturday morning I go to church. He said that's fine. The the following week. Monday off the next Saturday. He said I missed you on Saturday morning I said I said to you I go to church on Saturday. He said well that's not really part of the deal here. He said. If you don't come to Saturday morning meetings. You're going to miss the cream of the teaching. With all the colleagues from all the surrounding hospital. And I expect my residence. To be there. Which case I sit him in which case I need to choose another specialty. He said now wouldn't like that or invited you into the specialty we want you to be here but you are going to be the poorer for this experience. And I determine in my heart that by God's grace. I would not be. And so there was this ongoing. Interaction between the professor and myself. As far as. And he would write on the clinic cards. If you're in trouble on the diagnosis he would always send me the difficult cases. You can consult with. J C. Or you may ask my opinion. And I actually said to him. I find it offensive. For you to take my god so lightly. In fact I do consult with him over and above your opinion. But I'd like you to respect him for who he is he apologized but we had an excellent relationship he ultimately became my patient. But prior to that many of you will remember the Waco experience. My professor was a tall imposing man who'd been a rugby player who had a nose which attested to that history. He would always wear a starched white coat. His name was John Britain Baldo after whom bhalo syndrome was named came along the corridor or the hospital one day. During the Waco time and he said to me landless. I have just been defending you. And I said to him What have I done wrong that you should need to defend me. With already started to develop a good relationship as you probably can gather. He said well I've just been on the Senate of the university's meeting. And they tell me that these clowns in Waco. This is I'm quoting his words are Seventh Day Adventists. And I told them. Those are not. Seventh Day Adventists and say. His colleagues said to him since when John Boller. Did you become an expert on religion and Christianity. And he said to them. I know. Peter Lemon. He is a Sitting there have interest. They don't do this. Our opportunity to witness. Under circumstances are many they are not always easy. They're not always fun but they always turn out to be most rewarding. And so does it shows that when he was called Our by Pharaoh. And once it interpreted the dream. You remember the pharaohs description of Joseph. Genesis forty two. He is there a man such as he who is filled with what the Spirit of God. And I want to ask you in the cross training. Of discomfort. Are you. And I filled with the spirit. Just to think of the cross. Moves me now. He's now pierced and he's pleading Brown. Justice. Think of the crops. Moves me now. It should have been me. It should have been. And yet. Free. Joseph Story continues her beautiful me. And I love the human. That God through His Spirit has allowed to sprinkle his message. In his word. You know after the introduction of. Joseph to his brothers. It was to me such fun to read those at the count and when you have a moment to go and read Genesis. Thirty eight through. Forty four forty five and read it a little critically and here. The brothers come to Joe's event just before he tells him who is they say. We are honorable men. What dramatic irony here the honorable men who threw him into a pit. Took his cloak. Damn today into animal blood. Deceive the old father. And they come and say since we are honorable me. And Joseph knew exactly how we will. But once he revealed himself once a membrane. Ones that tears. Have many gald with each other and drained they code. And to the to the sounds that the. The people in the palace of Pharaoh were wondering what was going on here. Joseph with his brothers to be on their way to go and fetch their father. Bring their father. Bring the family. Come back come home and settle. And he says to them. There's a little phrase in Genesis forty four which says. And do not quarrel. Along the way do you not quarrel along the way. If you have a told your children. Don't fight. Now. It's almost like telling them to say to your mother your story that that your parents of a tell you there. If you didn't die then I had my parents wrong they tell your mother you're sorry and I'll say I'm sorry. I was a sorry as I was pink with polka dots. Doesn't. Quarrel. Along the way. It's such a privilege for me to be with you this week in my heart Union. For the health ministry of the church. To work together. Not to quarrel. Along the way. We've done is prolong and ask now it's time. Stop. Quarreling it's time to stop quibbling. It's time to move forward. Health Ministry is not the monopoly nor the view of the department of general calm friends. Health Ministries. Nor is it the only monopoly of the Amen ministries. Nor is it we Hmong Nor is a duty bind. Nor is it. Whatever it may be. It is God's. We are is. And we been urged not to quarrel. Along the way. Take up your cross daily. And we're General Conference health ministry S. commit to meaningful collaboration. To be embracing to be supported. Not because it's the expedient thing to do that because it's the right thing to do. As Joseph. Speaks to the brother. Just before they mean he says. Do not quarrel. Along the way. I sometimes wonder is I attend conferences around the world as I speak with health professionals. I never ever dreamed that I would get to the stage of my life. And Jesus had not did my mother would pray Lord make him to be a missionary in the four corners of the year. But I believe that before that would ever happen he would have come. And as I had ten meetings in health meetings and see the tremendous. Resurgence of interest in health. Comprehensive bill blended ministry. I'm excited. And in some ways I'm saddened because I see so much disparate ness. You know Drew minds me about older daughter she was the first grandchild in the family. She was born just before I was up in the operational area. And I was delighted to be saved to watch her to grow up into a beautiful young woman. But when she was about two years of age we went up to visit my mother and. We were walking through the most beautiful park of flowers and trees with the lake. And we were teaching her you know the little mother hen said God made me God made all my family and so we walking along and saying Bronwyn who made the beautiful trees. Granny and I know not granny. Jesus. And we would see flowers who made the beautiful pansies Bronwen granny. Not granny. Jesus. And so we went through this whole park and eventually got to the end of it where she was realizing that it was something beautiful and nice. God had made it. We went home and she had been showered with gifts and. She was hardly deprived before we had been on that visit. And I got home I would make a point every day whether I had time to eat or not I had time to go and see my little girl. And I would dash in an R.N. into a room to Greta and to sweep up in my arms and there she was sitting with every toy she ever had and pecked all over the place. And one could hardly move. I said Bronwyn who made this myth. She said Jesus. Isn't that how we are sometimes we find ourselves in a mess of lack of collaboration. And we blame him or his word or is it. Divinely inspired prophet. The problem lies with me. The change needs to begin with me. And so when it comes to taking up my cross and following Jesus as a health professional. In every aspect of my life. My interaction with my patients. My interaction with my wife. My family. I'm so thankful my wife was in me she's my friend. My coach told in the maze you listen. One of the many. One day in that same mission practice. She called me to the phone and it was to Mrs scienter who would call many many times and was never sick. And as I went to the phone I had a few choice. Ground to make about why these people have to keep calling me and why they will not learn and again. And then I got to the phone is Mrs thing. Certainly with this man for sure. Now I'll be going up to the hospital at five thirty this often and I'll see you there. Now that will be a pleasure thank you put the phone down and my wife was standing there. And she is quite amazed she is very clear that she didn't shocked me. She didn't correct me all she said was Sunday. I wish I was Mrs Jones. At the other end. There's your family wish they were Mrs science or. At the other end. It would be incomplete. For us to leave the. Topping the agenda ring. The command to take up our cross. Without looking to a litmus test that. Each one of us can apply. Individually as to whether we are taking up. And I would point you to one of my favorite books. Next to the Bible. Little book called The Cross. I grew up in this church that I love. I'm a church which at times. Taught me that I shouldn't really be so confident that I have been saved. Both the church and I have grown since that understanding was given to me. But I want to meet one to apply this test. Not to the one next to you not to the one in front of you not to the one on the platform. Nor the one who's about this. You see she tells us that the love of influence and the desire for the esteem about this may produce a well ordered. Life. I dare say as I look around there are many well ordered lives. The selfish heart. May perform. Generous actions by what means then shall we determine who side we are on. How do we know how can we know then right. Who has the heart with whom are awful of whom do we love to converse. Who has our warmest affections and are based energy. If we belong to Christ. Our thoughts are with him. How sweet the thoughts are of him. All we have been are his consecrated to Him. We long to bear his image. Read his spirit. Do His will and please him. Three. And as we take up the cross as we follow our hearts will be within us as we learned yesterday evening. Didn't. Our heart. When he was revealing these truths to and go into the rest of your day. Each one of us is different as are our faces. So our on needs. I want to remember he has promised never to leave you never to forsake you. And as you take up your cross daily and follow him. He will strengthen. He will say. And he will comfort each one. Gracious father. We come to you as we are plead with you not to leave us that way. We ask you to take us where we cannot give ourselves for you keep us for we cannot keep ourselves for you and to please save us despite our still for we ask it in and through the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Whose death on the cross. Whose restrictions. Guarantee US media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word true free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like more about audio. 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