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The Cross: It's Prophetic & Healing Significance

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • October 30, 2015
    11:00 AM


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Well let's pray Guen before we look here at the cross it's prophetic and practical significance father have a lord we're thankful and spend a few moments. We've been counseled a thoughtful hour a day. But we do ask that you bless our. Forty minutes we spend now. And we come in Christ name Amen. The news has been filled with those who have dedicated their life to medical missionary work and interesting enough someone within our own denomination recently and. Even today I just pulled up a number of articles from the last twenty four hours and. Almost every major network is talking about Seventh Day Adventists. I have read through a number of articles over the last couple weeks. And these are the things that have been talked about in these articles the Bible and its authority creation and evolution salvation. Prayer in the VOSA life the second coming. The Sabbath the mark of the beast the sanctuary eighteen forty four William Miller the state of the dead. Hell. Spirit of Prophecy. Separation of Church and State Catholicism Islam. Evangelicalism Catholicism seven Babbin Tis a bed to tarry and ism. So how many of you recognize just from what I just have shown you that really is kind of crazy to think. Well I'm not going to talk about my faith because no one's ever heard of it. Well that's gone. You know the easiest thing to do right now to witnesses or say so. Have you heard of Dr Carson. You're off to the races. So. Now if you're a cardiologist someone might have a heart attack or someone might be called by that I don't know but I'm telling you in the last. You know seventy two hours even. I have had absolutely no problem talking to anyone about. The tenets of Seventh Day Adventists I'm. And like I said Dr landless even the new Star program is easy to talk about set of the evidence church this is just this morning is having a moment. And that's not that funny as hell most like we shouldn't be having a small we should have been gone by now I meant and then. Even more rebukes actually in the end will do the nomination is not well known. And neither are its teachings. Church officials are hoping to change that by on veiling a new Web site. Here's what Adventists believe in some of their beliefs and. I've seen this in at least thirty articles. A discussion of the prophetic heritage of Ammon to them. And William Miller. Now this is fascinating to me that it would be so easy to witness. How many of you are collecting the newspapers right now. So you can show people that you see this. What do you think of that. And I want to talk about that prophecy. I want to talk about it's practical implications. My big message today is that we have been very successful as a church. Although in some sectors. This is even been under a. Less appreciated. We have been very successful in talking about the prophecies. How many of you have ever heard a discussion of Bible prophecy of ever seeing any slides. With this on the fly and we have ever seen it. Maybe not the eight hundred forty four part so much because sometimes they just kind of don't talk about that as much across when I worked at and evangelism school was in charge of the stable evangelists I say you. You need to talk about that. But now it's all out. But my big burden is this. Since the time of my great grandfather who was a contemporary of a bell in white and who worked with him J. Richards who was the founder of voice of prophecy. Since that time one of the vans with the campaign was nine months long. Five nights a week. And I have all the notes to show it. Since that time when advances the campaign was to raise up a church. Not to do bypass surgery on a church. Since that time until now. We have the last of the practical application of prophecy. Largely. Last week I was asked to come and do some health things with someone doing a proxy seminar and I said sure I'd be happy that we're going to give you seven minutes. I said you know your generosity is underwhelming. Couldn't say their vote. And I realize that this individual and many others doubt understand the power that we have of the right hand to open the door. And if I don't get to say this I'll say it now. We need. I renewed paradigm of of evangelism in the ad been a surge. And it hasta more. So where the medical missionary part. Actually leads and fact we're told that they'll come a time when it will be the only work being done. And we think we should be learning how to do that right now. And I have to also say. If I don't say it any other time that if you are led by the Lord to affectively reach people in meeting their physical needs. They will open up emotionally. They will then share their thoughts. So their physical needs are met then they will emotionally begin to open up. And they will start to change their thoughts. And they will ask you about the spirituality and fact. I've had people. During this last ten days. Doctrinally mess we are working in a depression recovery program we had twenty twenty or twenty two folks in that. How many was at this time. We had twenty. And I had five of them ask me to be baptized a rebaptized. I didn't ask them. They asked me about that. I was talking to Alan here in the second row stand up Alan Alan. I was at breakfast in the and was a Jim Jim fan of Jim. This is Alan and Jim there from Canada. Have a seat. We were kind of. We were talking about how he came into the church Alan Alan. Gemma's those dental mission trips and they take people on mission trips and Alice and I went to a cooking school. And the food was so good and the people were so loving that I asked. During the sixth cooking school. How is it that I could become a part of your church. Well what I think that is an excellent approach how much you like people saying. What must I do to be saved rather than what hinders you look. Sixteen times the New Testament says What must I do the be safe. They were so gripped with the medical missionary work in the early church. That was cross baked by the way that they would ask to join the church and say what must I do. Rather than make a presentation and say OK. Are you willing to do this in this in this. How many think that's this is a little bit better. Now you've got understand I love. Public evangelism. And I'm not trying to diminish it but I'm saying we need to to to have a new renewed pair them. Now let's look at this prophecy was such a great prophecy. When you really look at the cross and it's prophetic and practical significant. This is the give me five Principle. I want you to notice something. It starts four fifty seven which is which is the cleansing of the sanctuary it in eighteen forty four. The rebuilding of the sanctuary and. You know cleansing as well. And then eighteen forty four one. The sanctuary again and then right in the middle twenty seven eighty what was the first one of the first acts of price ministry. Cleansing the sanctuary. He said look don't just do sanctuary worth to sell lambs and things that go with the service. He cleaned it up a man. And then what was the last part of that. For ninety prophecy thirty four eighty. Stephen dies and he points to the sanctuary as he's dying can you see that sanctuary. Sanctuary and then right in the middle the cross. Now let's look at the practical application of this. Sanctuary Quinta Exodus twenty five a. Let them make me. That I may as well among them. That's the whole idea the sanctuary is coming near people that are flawed there was a mix multitude there were those that were totally converted that's why it took forty years out of ten days. And God said I'm not. You know I want this sanctuary to be among you that I could do well among you this is God's heart isn't it. Exodus fifteen twenty six. After that great song of deliverance I will sing on for the Lord for his tribe close to the horse and rider thrown into the sea. Then the right arm the right hand led them where to the sanctuary which was the place of. If you didn't Lee hearken unto my voice you will have won several of these diseases. None of these diseases. Amen. So the sanctuary was a place of healing. And you know. The Book of Leviticus. Chapter sixteen. The centre of the book is the David Thomas but leading up to a chapter ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen you know what those chapters are about clean drink. Clean neat clean. Homes. Cleaning from leprosy. Clean clean clean. And then the chapters coming from the bit if you're sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one is applying that to the membership and leadership. Another was the way Paul summarizes. Whatever you eat whatever you drink. Whatever you do do all to the glory of God which was seen in the sanctuary. How do you think that practically speaking. Your doctor's office. Your dentist office. Your church should be a sanctuary of hell. This is very practical. Another words. Your church should be open seven days a week. We have a church now on the way Mark campus when I got there there was no church. So what is the world why is there no church. Well we want the kids to go the other churches. Know you need to learn here in a church with people what to do in church. When the problems with our educational institutions many times. Is people are so interested in their academics they forget how to reach out to other people. A man. So they go for years to Academy for years to college for years for graduate school maybe four years to specialize in the ego I just don't know how to talk to people anymore. That has to change how many thing that needs to change. And we have to have this. Organic connection between what we do it church and making a place of healing now. I live in a city some people say to me. You know there's big pathway events and whatnot you talk about they never work as I live it's out that a small. You know what a seven the sign move. Driving into Wiemar how the population is of way Maher says population. Fifty. This is a serious flaw in the Census Bureau. Because we have more than that on our campus we like a hundred and the home we have we have seven the in the cademy. We have about that many in the college we have about anywhere from fifteen to thirty and help opals about seventy staff. But we have been given generously. Two and a half mile radius around our campus that witness to. That's our territory given to us from headquarters can use a mat. But that just means we have to be very careful and we build relationships with people and you know we've been saying that the people in our community. We have a church. It's your church. It's here for you. We have a dental click for you have I services for you and people are warming up in the community it's amazing a family you want your place to be a place of healing. This is some pictures. And my church in Wichita which. When I say my church I say our church Dr Mills and Sherry and Amy is over here. Many others. Eric Nelson and whatnot. That's where he found his wife. In the church church's family a place of healing. To place of hope. And then it way more. Doctrinally came and. Erica came and Erica became this like saying to a a creating tornado. Every single space that we where you need to come out to see it is turned into a sanctuary environment for healing. She studied all the Spirit of Prophecy statements and different things and you know there needs to be airy rooms they need to be wide open. And I'm telling you this place makes this resort. Look look similar. And not only then. You know we need to be able to turn in an airport. Experience when I sit next to someone on the plane. How is this going to be a sanctuary experience for that person. I'll have my laptop and. If I smell smoke I open up the stop smoking. On my puter and I just review it slightly tilted saying things like him. And it's wonderful what happens if I should I if I can tell you I was missing or some people at the at the breakfast table this morning. My last two plane rides. We have to be thinking. How do I turn this place. By God's grace. Into a sanctuary splays. A pathway a vent. The Alamodome the. Many different domes now. You know when God's people come together in service. The place becomes a sanctuary space. A place of healing. A mission trip. A place of healing. Number two. Can you see how practical this prophecy is sanctuary place of healing Number two the Messiah was there. When I asked people how do you know he was a Messiah. They've been watching their evangelist and meanings for so many years they have only one answer. What is it. When he was baptized. Is that the right answer. Sort of. It is sort of the right answer. Because he was anointed right but how did they really know that he was anointed. That set next text. Look for he makes a promise that he's going to let the captives go free and recovery of sight for the blind. But then it was really proved by. It's interesting that Luke would write these things up because Luke one of those to know that not only did he say things he did things. And X. ten thirty seven to thirty eight he says he was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power. Well how do you know. What's it say next. Because he went about doing good and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people and other words the evidence of this messiahship was not simply in soul his baptism. But it was his healing ministry. And as he went about people just. They could not believe it. Now sometimes in our various seminars there's amazing things that happen. And people see evidence of repentance. This is a slide showing repentance. They are left. Occluded. The sending artery. On the on the left there this is not brussel sprouts and cabbage that are in there. This is a this is a the standard American diet Western type of the Notice the right side. Not only is that vessel. Claim. But notice all the collateral circulation as well. And when people see the evidence that came as a result of their as a result of their confession. This is what I've been doing. And then they're listening to the prescription. Then they can see a slide of repentance semi think we need to be preaching more repentance. That can be evidence based event. And people will start to come in our and our church when it was turned into a sanctuary of health back in Wichita. When these things started to happen you know that I think the first program we had sixteen people. And then all kinds of people begin to come as they heard the this. The. What would you say the hint of extended life. People want then. Oh that we could be more like Jesus them where healed the blind in touch the untouchable. People would go through the roof. To see Jesus. And he reached out to those no one else would reach out to the fact he even raise the dead and you think they would have appreciated that. But what did they do. Killed him and said. When we start being involved in significant medical mystery work. The world will take notice. An amazing things can happen even in a small community. Or a large community. The Alamo Dome was one instance where the World Church came together to do something in the city and it was amazing to me what happened. As a result in Jesus' day though the ministry feeling had this to say about his health ministry. Not so large a scale to the conductor's work appealing in teaching that there was no building in Palestine large enough to receive the multitude that wronged him. You see our church growth. Schemes. I've built a new church it's a large church. It's actually a rebuke. If we had couple the practical and prophetic together. And I think we need to. There would be no building large enough to hold the people. COMEY how many want to have that kind of problem. So problem. Moving on now to the center of our Prophet prophecy of the cross. It's prophetic and practical significance. On the cross. Christ. Our head. Died on the cross. One of the. One of the texts that is quoted the most in describing the cross. And then applying what happened on the cross as Isaiah fifty three. And I was there and I was a attempt to fifty three it especially brings out the emotional and mental anguish. He's a man. Acquainted with and acquainted with those are emotions. And he was bruised for our trance crushes. This is a wonderful passage that speaks to a most all mental healing and spiritual healing that occurred on the cross. And throughout the New Testament. This. This phrase by His stripes. We are here. As applied again and again and again and again. On to suggest to you that true healing. Only come when the cross is at the center of it. How many you believe that's true. And how many of you believe it's too. True are testifying to that. Like I said I think if it. Many times people will ask you but sometimes. Sometimes you need to talk with others as well so was talking with me at the table the other day I said I'm giving up the courage to pray with my patients and one of the things I like about these pathway events. Is that so many clinicians are coming together. One lady in in Spokane. A dentist was through and I saw her crying in the corner and I thought man. He must be worn out. So I want to talk to us that. I'm so I don't know what's happened but I'm self thankful you're here. Why have you been doing she talked about how she was doing the dental services and I said the. Did you have a bad case. Is there a reason that you're crying and she said to me. You don't understand. I went in to dentistry. Because I wanted to uplift Jesus. And I haven't. Prayed with the pace in really. In my practice until today. And I prayed with thirty people today. And I saw other people praying with other people. Praise God for that I meant. But also what a pity Amen amen. The whole purpose of our work. You read ministry feeling. I gave myself an assignment I read it four times a year. And as with our classes right. But what I've noticed is that what I've noticed. Is this is very interesting. Every act of healing. Was a time to share something about Christ and the methods. Every act. Now that doesn't mean you're always talking. Which happens to be one of my gifts. It could be just the way you're serving. And the way you're listening. I was sitting with a man The other than a plane. Who was a Sikh. You know I just asked him question after question about his own religion. And it led to a wonderful experience where I was able to share Christ with them. Sometimes just asking about people's own life they can. It can lead people to Christ. Course with the emotional mental health one of my great joys is working together with Dr Natalie and a team we would both agree that we need everybody on that team we have about twenty five people working with twenty guests. And there's people that are doing hydro with him. And there's people that are working on nutrition and there's people that are working on massages and there's people that are working with spiritual counseling those. Dr Nellie who is looking at all the various medical things you can look in huge sheets of lab tests and things coming back. Checking everything out. And then getting together and praying with those patients. And to see the emotional healing that comes through this collaborative effort is something is just amazing. Well that's not us it's the power of God that's really working. And all of those things. When the thief died on the cross notice. What we're told. Came to his mind. He called to mind all that he had heard of Jesus how you had healed the sick. How he had pardoned send the Holy Spirit illumined is mine and little by little the chain of evidence is joined together. Hope is mingled with anguish in his voice as the helpless dying soul cast himself upon the dying savior. Lord remembering it cries when the outcome asst into the kingdom. In one kingdom. You see the physical healing ministry of price. Lay the foundation for the emotional and spiritual healing. And it all work together and came together on the cross. And this is why we must lift high the cross. Jesus can identify with us because he took our sins. He took our shame he took our guild he was alone he was abandoned he was been betrayed he was abused physically violated by other same day and humiliated virtually and mentally humiliated. And this was done not just by other fellow. Simple figures in society was authority figures. Was abused by Satan he was tempted to numb the pain. By medicating himself. And the Esquire you have to first say can me. It was rejected and abandoned and. And when we help people identify with that story. How their story. How many you've ever met someone struggling with drug addiction. But really the issue was. They were have used before they got into the drug addiction. And when we help people identify with that part of the story. Just one. Then we share Jesus and say how he had victory over that part of the story. There is a power there that's nowhere else. Not in a pill. That's not on the treatment plan. It's only available from Christ. I'm going to share something that I've seen over the years of working in the health of Angeles I'm and that is this. And lest you bring Christ into health of vandalism. You are setting people up for the highest form of a legalism. You might think is doing a favor I'm being dissed interests of the benevolent to not talk about Christ Ono. You are teaching them things they never can do without the power of Christ. And you are creating a huge batch. Not of Kara brownies. But of the legal issues. You've got to bring across the cross must be the center of it a man. Lloyd says across the to be stamped on every loaf of bread. Are cooking schools need to lead people to the Bread of Life on the cross. Apart from the vine power no genuine reform can be effective. Human barriers against natural and cultivated tendencies are but as a sandbag against the Torah. Not until the life of Christ. Becomes a vitalizing power and alive can we resist the temptations of the sailors from without and for from within and without. This is why it's important for us each day to sing God please. How want to be reconverted today baptized me a new today. When the sanctuary is set up a place of healing and when physical healing is done an emotional healing is done. Following Christ method and model. Then noticed what happened next. In this journey through this this this practically poignant prophecy. That's not just the math that bring someone into the church. Look at all adds up know it's it's what Christ actually did. He created the sanctuary space. He met their knees physically him it emotionally and mentally and spiritually. And then that then what happened then came the acid test. Christ dies on the cross. You remember the prophecy in Daniel Chapter one Verse twenty seven. It says that he would be cut off in the middle of the week I'll remember the prophecy. But not for himself. So he was caught up. What would his disciples do. Had his evangelism school been effective. You know he did this three and a half year program. Right. He didn't take breaks for summer. Three and a half your program. And he does when about doing good that whole time not. What would happen with those folks in his educational school and his health program if you will. What would happen. Would it take. Hebrews chapter two verse one through four How shall we neglect so great a salvation which was first spoken us spoken to us by the Lord and then confirmed by those who earn in the how is it confirmed by those who heard him. They went about doing signs. Wonders and miracles in other words. Just like Jesus a done. They did physical acts of healing. They re speedballs emotional mental needs. Even though he was gone. He had said greater things than these you will do because I go to the Father. And he laughed. And they begin doing exactly what they had seen and what they had got. And what happens of them can you say hallelujah. Who are you training or who are you helping be trained. How do you recognize that you might move off the scene. I'm not looking. I'm raising my hand. Who are you training. Who are you helping be trained. Is there a bigger work than just you. Jesus train these people in the US What happened. He died. I remember the day my grandfather died. That's the day I decided to be a Seventh Day Adventist minister. Because of his active physical emotional mental helium my life. Jesus died. What happens acceptor one. There's a most know healing that come together in the upper room of people that never talk to each other they get together because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. There's a power to break through those emotional bonds that have been ruptured before and they come back together I am of you need to see that happen. Look to the cross. Accept the to what happened. There's there's a precinct service a talks about. Perhaps the best medical mission I'm missing area. Miracle yet. Christ's resurrection from the dead can you beat that. And they preach about that and what happens three thousand people say wait a minute. I know what he did and Ella White says that all those acts of healing came to fruition during that time after Christ died because people said wait a minute. Now that he's gone he's the one that healed me. He's the want to heal my family. And they accepted Christ they came to him. Sometimes the things we do will never see the result might be good for us. A man came to healing came to faith accept to accept the three what happens. The healing of the man at the gate beautiful what. So he could go into the sanctuary. So if you go into the place of healing. That you notice how wealthy those medical missionaries were silver and gold have I abundant amount. And so I give to you some out of the overflow and then know they had given everything from medical missionary work. Silver and gold have I known. But such as I have I give to you. How many of you are here because someone else's. Second place. And how many of you want to be here to sacrifice for someone else. Accepted for. They still were praying about it. They got in trouble because the miracle was so great. Wait a minute. Jesus died he would heal people now these people here were people put him in jail. And there was a persecution that came but I want to get this point. There was protection that came from medical missionary work. Wait a bit. We'd better let him out we fear of the people I was saying we need some protection these days. Accept a five. Everyone comes to Solomon's porch they bring everybody. I said look here's all these people. And even the handkerchief of the apostles had healing properties. How many want your handkerchief to get that way. It was amazing day all came to Solomon's ports. How we think we need to see this happen again through the power of God. In a slew the focus on the one on the cross. And then accept six excitingly enough Stephen. He says wait a minute. We need to organize because there was another problem. What was the problem. There was some ethnic disparities the Hebrews. And the Hellenists the the Wiggles were being treated differently in the day the distribution of food. And so they said Let's appoint some very spiritual man. And they point them all these with addictions. And I could preach they could teach they could deal with practical issues. And then what happened. They met all the needs. And they get in trouble for what happened. Come on into the office guys. You're meeting the needs we're not the people like you we got to get rid of you. And what happened to Stephen. It was down. But notice what happened. Act One two three four five six seven. They confirmed the covenant with many for that last half of the week and then what happened was Stephen was stoned the Gospel went everywhere as a result of the social ministry that was done. Physical healing. Emotional mental spiritual healing social healing. That's why I'm so excited about public events. Public events that help your community. That's why I'm excited about small events and small towns or large events. What's happening around the world. Might be in Africa where they had this huge Expo and add on services and people came from all over the continent. It might be pathway to help in a Western nation. But whatever it is. It's bringing social healing. And I noticed something in the media over the last several weeks. Every single time. An advantage to official is interviewing you know what they're talking about. Or did you see what happened in San Francisco. Did you see what happened in San Diego. Did you see this or did that God's people coming together to do social healing How many think that needs to go forward. Them finally as a result. What is it that the conclusion of this matter is by the way. The entire world was recent one generation Colossus one twenty six. And then finally the last picture we see on this journey through this prophecy that is up not just being some kind of theoretical proof text. To do the math however important that is. But a pattern. A paradigm a prescription. How to bring. Revival in my own life and in my own terms like my own family like a place of healing the physical healing emotional mental spiritual healing social healing. And ultimately all that stuff has to happen again. At the last day by a remnant movement. Daniel eight fourteen under two thousand three hundred days. Then shall the sanctuary. Be clan's we have some less opportunity to talk about that now. Like we've never had before we talk about it. Fear God given glory for the out of his judgment is come is preceded by that gospel message I found other angel flying in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting Gospel to preach to them a drama. On the earth every tender tribe tongue nation the people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is coming worse append who may have unearthed the sea in the found the living one another angel follow Him same battle in its fall in this moment. Because it made all nations drink of the one of the wrath. I think this is just a wonderful health message. Last day healing. So these prophecies are not just prophecies that we just lead to the evangelists. Every single clinician every physician every never said every person in my area here. That's not like or danger or a part of the clergy. Every member should know these prophecies and their practical application. A minute. Daniel nine. Being fulfilled in a practical way Daniel seven the rest of the seven Think of filler practically Daniel eight. The David Thomas being fulfilled in a practical way. In time Christians who would restore would be used by Christ because they've been restored to restore sanctuary health. The restoration of all things at the end of time. Hallelujah. Daniel nine. It's not just a prophecy that we should dust the way it should be uncovered and revealed to PEOPLE IN THE NEWS. You know one of our own has running for public office here and everything about that person's being scrutinized. Even their religious beliefs and. This is not necessarily about this individual anymore it's really about what the public response is to these truths. And this. These these attacks. I think you should recognize are the very same attacks. You will experience. If you have not already. And this attitude is the same attitude you'll have to face. But I love this promise. The wrath of man shall praise the. So the solemn of the remainder of wrestled the risk there ain't strain. God means that testing trousseaux be brought to the front and become a subject of examination and discussion. Amen. Even if it is though the can. There is contempt placed upon in the minds of the people must be agitated every controversy every reproach every slander. Will be God's means of provoking increase an awakening minds that would otherwise lumber. How many are thankful that the world is waking up. And that brings me to that key promise I said I come back to Isaiah fifty as we close as a fifty eight talks about the problem you're preaching you're praying but you have no connection with God You keep the Sabbath day you preach about the day the Talmud but there's no connection what. Because you're not involved in looking to Christ and His cross. You're not looking at is right just as it is not transform me but when it does his right to says will be impudent parted to you it will become your rights isness although you'll point to him a moment. You're right just this will go before you and the glory of the Lord will be your what. Rear guard. I believe we're living in that rear guard time. Here's that wonderful text at the end of the third Angel's masses. Say with me here is the patience of the saints. Hero they they keep the commandments of God and have the what face of Jesus but flip it upside down the face of Jesus that leads to what obedience in the context of what patient interest of that word patient adores I want to end with it. Who proposed Monet. You know what it means it was a Greek term. It was used by the Greeks. To describe the rear guard action of the military. It was not the Vanguard action. It was the rear guard action. You see in a military unit you have the Vanguard action. That goes first they go and guns blazing to use are the ones that are the heroes that everyone talks about. And their vanguard activity. And you have the flanks on either side and then you have the rear guard. And this is the exact term rear guard that was used in relation fourteen twelve. And it's the exact term that's used in Isaiah fifty eight to describe medical mystery work at the end it's the rear guard. Activity. I had a friend of mine Charlie in our church in Wichita he was a tail gunner during World War two And I ask him what in the world is you do in the back they says you know I had the most important job because I watched. What no one else could see. And that was the enemy coming from behind and he told me story after story about what had happened. As a tail gunner. God has called this generation I firmly believe to be the tail gunner. For in medical missionary work. A man is called to be involved in the rear guard action. Of the church at this time. The Greek Falak who is the way they overcame their enemies and moved to the next Kingdom and Daniel to prophesy. But the way that Greek army went forward was that Vanguard was there at the beginning with the spears. But the rear guard came afterwards and they would press the others forward. Same with the Romans. Those in front would go forward because the seal behind them were pressing them forward into battle. And they would overwhelm their enemies. Are you thankful for those who have got before us. Are you thankful for the Adventist pioneers. Are you thankful for the reformers. Are you thankful for all the people that lay the foundation for health of vandalism. I just thankful for the Protestant Reformation. That bring forward the Bible. We wouldn't even have science without the Bible. Are you thankful for science. And those press us on. They are the vanguard. But we come behind. As the rear guard how many will be faithful in the regard as they were in the vanguard. That in time perfect. Promises for you promise of the right hand Vanguard direction in regard protection. There we just consider denies a fifty eight comes alive when we consider this final quote that I'll leave with you although I would love to talk to you about what she specifically says will happen during the Sunday law. And a medical mystery or. But I want to discipline myself for ones. Twelve o two. Here's the final quote. When properly conducted with the health work. Is an interesting Wired's making way for other true is the reach the heart. That's Vanguard action how McGrew thankful for that Vanguard action of health of man's laws of how you've seen it work. You know that Vanguard action is what gave us Adventist health study one. It's what gave us had been his health study too. It's what gave us the mortality study. It's what given all this data that now the government says this is a blue zone people. It's the Vanguard action of people who were faithful to Revelation. However thank you for the Vanguard action. The notice out ends. When the third angel's message is received in its fullness. Health reform will be given its place in the camp of the conference. And the work of the church in the hole at the table. And all household arrangements. Then the right arm will serve to protect the body. We don't live in the vanguard of Amman to them. We live in the rear guard. And we want to be faithful. Where many will fall away. Many will fall away in the Polian general who led in his rear guard action. Came back three months after Napoleon had want to battle. And when he arrived they said Who are you. They didn't even know he was. But he was the one who was in charge of the rear guard. They said where the. Where is all your troops. Their own that they were all were killed I'm the only one remaining. But he had faithfully executed a rear guard action how many want to stand alone. Everyone else falls. First angels message Vanguard message. Second angels message. BABYLON this fall this fall and the two flanks fall away from the enemy. But then comes the pivotal primary. Most important rear guard action. Here is the patience of the say here are the hey the keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus. Where is the cross. The face of Jesus. That leads to obedience. In the context of rear guard action. We need a new paradigm and administers baler we need to revive. We're living in the end times. How much you want to be right. Let's pray together. Father have a lord with thankful for your vanguard actions. You came you healed the sick you demonstrate you came within human flash. And you hear all the humanity through your action your vanguard action we praise God for that. And in these N. times you promise to come again to receive us to yourself that final act of resurrection we want to be faithful. If you see fit to allow us to live through that final conflict we want to be faithful. The part not of the vanguard of the rear guard. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. audio first or.


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