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So You Want Me To Be an Expert Witness?

Harvey Hahn


One doctor’s road from being a closet Christian to medical evangelist.



  • Describe friendship evangelism
  • Give examples of Christ’s method
  • Provide specific tools that can be useful to coworkers 


Harvey Hahn

Board Certified Cardiovascular Specialist



  • October 30, 2015
    2:00 PM
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Now for the second time we're really going to start go instead of a first of all come here. So this. This course is call. So you want to be an expert witness please focus on the question mark at the end. The other title for this talk is how to than July's without losing patients or patients which will happens to us a lot in the office here. So I have a couple of disclosures I want to go over. First says. I'm really not an expert witness. I'm a survival or person like the most of us. I'm also I'm not an expert witness on cameras a regular S.T.A. and all of you guys. And finally. I'm an expert witness by I'm going to share what I've learned why I thought about and how it's impacted myself and my practice. So come a step by step journey here to kind of go over this real quickly. For those don't know me I was born yesterday went to P.C. lonely in medical school. And the first part of my medical career. I had prayed. Five time with any patient. For the whole fifteen years. Really not interested. I want to do high tech cardiology etc then. One of my friends kind of kind of slowly chided me and she's trying to train a patients. And so I started and basically I was scared to death. When I started doing this. All right. And I was talking with some of those experiences finally joined a man starting smore passive witnessing praying more patients. But let's be honest. Not very comfortable. Now. It's great patients per Cheney most handsome which a lot of fun. We start a Bible study at our office. Then mixed results there. What's really been great the we have morning prayer of our staff. Which has been phenomenal that's been a great thing to look forward to that. And then we actually pray meanings I work at Kettering Health Network which is an admin is a hospital. All the administrative meetings. They all have prayer devotion. But a doctor meaning. We don't sort of prayer. So we're slowly working that in stronger prayer. And it's actually been received very well basically building a habit on how to do this and get the point being here that doesn't matter where you on the spectrum. Some of these people your pie. E.S.D. Xeni because some people actually do roll medical missionary work. But no matter where you are. Depends on where you want to get to of the so why do you do medical of Angeles and why do we care. I'm not going to do this but this is obviously the great commission that Jesus said before he took off back to heaven. Now this is a very compelling. There's something else that's even more compelling to me. Anyone who these guys are paying teller so Pen's the big guy on the left are. He is a famous outspoken atheist. He has is very powerful quote. When he talks about Christians. Just bear with me. I always said I don't do not respect people who do not cross wise. I do that respect that at all if you believe there's a heaven to hell and people are going to hell and not getting internal life. And you think it's not really worth telling them because of the make it socially awkward. How much do you have to hate that person. Not to tell me about that. That's very strong. How if you have to hate someone to believe that there really is everlasting life. But you're not going to tell them. Think about that for a second that's pretty powerful. They goes on says this. I mean if i believe me on the shouted out a truck was going to come and hit you. There's a certain point want to tackle you. And this is more important than that this is beyond life and death. This is our thoughts. OK. So besides the great commission. The world the atheists. They're calling us to do You were supposed to do besides be available if you want them afterwards you not to take copious notes. OK. Now here's the present state of medical affairs this just came out last week in Journal of interim JAMA intro medicine. And they looked and the videotape and of care like discussions with families and doctors. Here's the background demographics. So this is very interesting. Thirty percent of families are not stick. One third of doctors are now atheist or agnostic or this is probably the most important thing here in the bottom. Seventy seven percent of families the religion is being very important. Or fairly important. Doctors less than half after the analyzed all the video data. This is what they found only sixty percent of end of life care discussions had any mention of religion or spirituality. Very small sixty five for the time it was brought up by the family or their Sarah gets. Only five point six percent time with any spirituality interjected. By the doc. The rest is chaplains nurses social workers. So when I think a whole lot there. So seventy seven seventy percent of families it does important. But we're only bringing up five percent the time. There's a huge gap there ashy Ashton. Asking for this. Now here's a real scope the problem. Anyone know what this picture is. Titanic. OK. As a matter for of life who are we in this picture. Us in the room. We're in the boat. OK We're saved. We have the life of servers. And we have room in the boat. Right. The people who the UN member leavers. There are these guys here drowning. So we have to make a decision. All we go if you throw in the lake preserver. Or we're just going to be too tended and too scared to upset people. And let them drown. So it will get lighter as the talk goes on those increased risk. But the thing what you think about is we have the opportunity part of the greatest life saving operation in history. Are we going to join or not. OK. Here's another good Bible verse I love proverbs makes you think about what you doing for life. Proverb says rescue those being led away to death. Hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say we know nothing about this. There's now he who weighs the heart perceive it. We know the future we have we know it's going to happen. We're going to about it. OK. Now we have something good in life like supposing married have a kid. Do anything when you do it up yet you post on Facebook. Exactly. OK. So there's on Facebook if you need a good taco. You put a picture on Facebook it's ridiculous. So we have the hidden treasure and the. You know the Pearl of Great Price and what do you do with it. If it's really that cool that good. We should be talking about it. Now here's a joke played in this up. So Joyce is now my wife back to she's scared. Thing with our job. So Lady. Photo rings lady took to the phone. Hello. And a guy goes. I'm dating a twenty one year old and she's like. Sir do I know you. And he's like no. Then why are you telling me that you're dating a twenty one year old. And the guy goes. I'm eighty three. I'm telling everyone. OK. When something cool exciting happens. You tell the world about it. OK. I kept I can't believe that word. Art. Now there's a well know what this word is almost everyone knows the English translation. Thought experiment very good. Einstein brought this over to America. So we're going to do some of these during the course this lecture to think about why why we're doing OK. First one then what you think about is What fears do you have out of Angeles ng in your own practice. You don't have to raise your hand or answer if you want to go for it we have time. And what excuses have been using not to do it. And you can ask us another way is a great quote. And I put it in the context of what kind of practice do I have your medical or dental office. For the past thirty three years. I've looked in the mirror every morning ask myself. It's a day of the last day of my life where I want to do it I'm about to do today. And whatever the answer has been no for too many days in a row. I know I need to change something. So we come easy meanings the want to do something I want to have a bigger purpose in life. But every day. We do the same thing. We have to get out of that rut and take a step out and say to do something more anyone who said this quote. Pretty famous. So Steve Jobs. I'm not using has an example of a great person. But this is a good way to live your life. Are you doing what you really think you should doing what you really want to be doing. So before you get excuses I want talk about the two extremes that we run into with enjoys it work. This is the first one there's a great Peanuts cartoon. I did made a great invention this. You know that kid is is behind me in school I convince him that my religion is better than his religion. How does that. I had it with my lunchbox. OK So you know extreme ruin if I want to be got into them so help me. And now is my parents. You know it's really funny that they say stop doing that going to be happy or we're going to church investors Friday and there and they yell you. I and then I go that that doesn't really work for me on the dad but you still have to go along with that. That's one extreme. The second issue my think is more prevalent than us. And this is a great little picture. I'm going to let my light shine at work and hope that my co-workers will eventually get saved. Average Christian employee. OK. In this is one of things we'll talk our friendship evangelism. But if we go on the blogs. One thing that people really hate about French of vandalism is it stops at the friendship part does not move into the Angeles I'm OK and that's why you have both of them here. So explain to our with the Holy Spirit do his work. OK. Excuses excuses. So let's just quickly next fifteen minutes to deconstruct the most common excuses people use the bottom line is. Ivy's all of these personally. So I'm to busy I have no time and get once again. What is your priority. In what you're doing at the office. Are you. Do you think this is harder now English. E.M.R. in checklist specially primary care. You have to ask the fly. Do you wear a seatbelt do your kids at United Nations. I know time this tough. But really what is the real meaning of this divine a plane that you have with these people coming to see you. OK. I'm afraid or objection. Could not be rejected in this room. OK. I'm a guy. So the women don't understand this but is very hard seriously. It is very hard to ask a girl I a date. Are you women do not appreciate that are. So we stick our neck out there and it has been chopped off. Many times it's very hard to get rejected. It's brutal. But on the medical side. You know we've been rejected like. I would give this medication. Now I can take it sucks in the King. Now on the kinds of smoking. Let's these procedures. Know we've rejected all the time. OK. The one thing I want to focus on right here is on the bottom here. Isolated failures. Cannot make us give up what we think is right. All right we're going to get turned down sometimes you see I keep going. There's a great quote. There could be no courage on the stairs scared. It's OK to be scared. It's something you do you're going to try and this is a wrecking back or he's a ruler one ace. Just flying in a biplane is brave. Getting shot at is brave her. If you believe them. OK. The other thing that helps me when I'm talking to patients and I get rejected. Is the parable the four soils right. So we all know this parable. Basically not every soul and every person is going to be receptive. And that's OK. That's not our job as a Holy Spirit's job. What's our job to plan and to so are and if it's a grows a hundred fold great if we get rejected great happens ten years now. That's awesome. And a lot of people talk to me about this is that they want to save the world. If we save one person at a time. We'll get to the world. Don't worry about saving the whole continent the whole county. You know I have to have a big lecture hall so the people. If you help one little patient. And he helps his family. That's a huge ripple effect. OK So still a fox from here. This is tough Have you ever written a patient off. Like they don't want to hear about God are. They're not going to listen or they can reject me. Has never done that. I did that like I do the million times. OK. Now think about this. Do you think is a former racism. You're making a biased presumption about that person and I have a couple of great examples about that. But this really is a form racism. You're you're you're prejudging these people. And now. Reverse. Has anyone ever had some really cool going on like a party or a trip they're going on and they did not ask you to come. They didn't include you. And then when you say hey I would love to do that and I owe. I thought you wouldn't like it. So we've all been you know prejudiced against as well. So the thing about that. So I've seen case reports is one from. This is from one from Brian Schwartz. Lindy's husband back. So one time Brian has a habit of playing his patients before procedures. So he prayed if a Muslim guy and Brian was thinking. Why am I doing this is why the Muslim is. But here's one for anyway. And say prayed. And then when he opened his eyes the guy was crying. And the point being goes. You know I know in my White. I mean America. Everyone sees me differently knowing things that I'm going to understand what they're from just the fact you prayed of me is I feel like you actually care about me that I'm important. The little impact you can have a huge. Always a good neighbor house. And I was in being this Muslim guy. And I go. This is stupid. It's not going to work. My face I pray I pray to phone. And then he didn't leave the room and start talking some more. And he goes I've been thinking about finding another church. And I go I would tell the witness guy off. So you've been to my church never saw him there. But who knows what's going happen to future. But the point is there's many opportunities they were just throwing away. That we don't have to. There's a great story from might when my youth pastors. He was working a thing of fluent rich person. And multiple multiple meanings. Now making progress. So he in his mind. Failure. So he finally gave up about a year later. He met the Maid of the rich person. She was converted by listening to other conversations. She was not the primary target. So the bottom line is you know you don't know who we're throwing see that it's going everywhere. So just throw him out there and it's up there Holy Spirit to make it work. Another great example of talking with a minister is a countering. So we're you know we're Adventists faith based. But there's a lot of non Advena said Kettering. So they always have prayer the always had devotional at their administrate of meetings. Then his tummy there's like three people they're not taking Bible studies at the church is just the slow. Exposure those MOSIS of this has actually drawn people to say hey this church is actually pretty reasonable. When they go check it out. So it's awesome. Another big fear that people have been I'm going to offend somebody. The bottom line is we're going to offend somebody. It's going to happen. So if you live in fear of this we can't just just stay home. Don't get a bed. OK It's OK you're going to send somebody. Now the idea here is have you ever given a medicine in the patient to adverse reaction. Like antibiotic or I get a scene hitters all the time for blood pressure. There's a bunch of guys kind of angioedema Mets life threatening. Do I stop giving aid and hitters. Of course not so if you have one bad experience. You know that that Jade you from stopping everything. OK. And one I guess a lot of time on this but there's a great person has a will to then the call evil good. And good evil. And being politically correct we don't offend people. I bring this up is I really feel now that the Lord is going to come soon. Because there's never been a time where good is wrong and that is good it's so. Reverse upside down now in our culture it's just ridiculous. Here's another experience I had. I was in clinic. And not even to the point of trying to offer purge the patient. The patient just goes. Man I hate those Christian guys. And then so what would be your reaction to that. Would you say oh this just keep going and I won't create him. So I said hey I'm a Christian. And it was amazing he looked at me in the first media with you know. You know he's going to do. So then he felt really bad. Then we start talking about why he didn't like Christians and the. It's the same is. For nine there are the people I know it's. I was treated poorly by Christian. Christians are jerks. I go. You know what don't throw the baby out the bathwater. Were. And then there's a book you know. Lord help me from your followers. So we talked about that I go. Don't give up on God. Just because his representatives are so terrible. Once again I have no idea what happened to him. But hopefully that means some flaw in road to this problem here. Now what does want to hear from time partners. Is forget that stuff man I don't care is more important we get one statens ace asprin beta blockers all the kind of good stuff. But actually what we know in this room is. It's not more important. The spiritual care is a hundred times more important. And also offer a long term view and who cares if we get people to live two hundred years old. If an offer them eternal life I mean ashes the stupidest trade off. If we really believe that we cannot shortchange our patients we just can't do it. OK. Now this is my one piece of data for religious experience or some other DIA running to other stuff. But is a great study looking at going to church. Taking up a Tor exercising. OK. Which is the most cost effective way to live longer. It's incredible it's going well. It's Churchill the more it's actually exercise of Cheapest I love exercise. But the bottom line is it's actually cheaper to go to church. And they actually factors in my average offering entices actually preaching study. Verses to us catching four year. It's about thirty percent reduction your best mortality. So there's most days like this but the bottom line is. Having purpose spirituality. It's all those things make you live longer. OK. Now this is really calls with a patient the patient goes. Can we pray. Because I was prisoners patient she's ingrate. So we pray and she goes. This is the best part of my visit with you. OK Wait we're doctors here OK. A dentist. And then she caught herself and she goes. But that other stuff you do that medical stuff. That's good too so though the bottom line is I was trying to get back to I go. I like the prayers like icing on the cake the other stuff I do for you is really important. But she had her reframed. The discussion for me. So I'm glad I'm glad I had the interaction. And let's think about this if your patient told you that the medical care you provided or dental care. Was the second best part of the visit. How do you feel you'd be offended. Yeah amen That's it that's now I feel that way before I was like what you talking about I want to med school. That is the patient right now this is the next step if the patients rights should they change the way you think about your practice. It really should what is your primary driver. When you go to work. OK this is what my friends actually he's S.T.A.. He's a doctor he told me this is this is a big concern. And my taking advantage of people by trying to promote religion. When I'm in this kind of relationship. And this is the vulnerable population does the ire be research argument. When you have someone who's in of one of you can take advantage of them. I don't. I don't really believe in this but this is some consideration have to kind of work through. And the way I kind of get through this is I always ask permission. And I can talk about God Can we pray together can I share this with you and the bottom line is these people are adults. They can make their own the station and lots happening here Jack did. But you need to give them don't don't be biased against them give them the opportunity to reject you are except you. OK. The other thing I hear a lot is this job for train pastors and lay people not for me. And the bottom line is not never does the First Corinthians verse. Were all part of the Body of Christ. Maybe the the pastors or the mouse. But we're definitely the feet in arms of Jesus. We can do a lot of stuff here. The reason I have the basketball picture is why. These are the good guys who play a lot the starters. These guys are the benchwarmers this do it here replays. OK. But that's OK he support the team. And sometimes he's going to court and do a certain play. The bomb was. We had to be ready. And we can't sit this one out. We are all have to be part of this game. Finally this is a great quote. Religion is your job. So I have three really long quotes just bear with me as I think they're really important. This central lesson of content to industry in the necessary duties of this life is yet to be learned by many across followers. It requires more grace. More discipline of character. To work for God. In an average job. Then to labor as an acknowledged missionary. What we're trying to do is actually harder. It requires a strong scripture nerve to bring religion to the workshop in the business office. Sanctifying the details of every life. Ordering every transaction acquire use and of God's word. But this was a lord acquires. Religion in business are not two separate things they are one. Bible ages to be interwoven in all we do or say. Divine a human is he's OUR to bind temporal as well and spiritual cheapens who wrote this. As obvious by the verbiage. Yes E.G. white. OK So I think is a great quote. What's funny is when I was a kid my parents. They were going to pay me to read. E.G.O.'s books. How much money they give my parents. Zero. OK. Stupid. OK. Could I made some money. I'll get another fears I hear a lot of my friends is I don't know how to ask OK. No one does. Knowing how to do this. We're all kind of struggling to try to get this done here. But that's where everyone starts but it's not we have to end up. Always seek knowledge. And that's where we can these conferences and that's me get see me for that which is even more awesome. So here's a story I have anyone know what this is. So much of gunshot wounds. OK so when I was a third year medical student you'll understand in a second. When I was a third year medical student and White Memorial Hospital Los Angeles the surgery attorney called me hon. It Down here. We have a gunshot line. So I run down there. And he goes. All right hon. Areas. Go get him. So walk over there I go. Sir. My entire behind what's your name and how are you feeling. And that has hard to get over here. So I run back to the surgeon. And he goes. Listen. That guy's been shot multiple times he didn't care what your name is because he's a feel good. Do you know your A.B.C.'s stabilize this guy get that there and go OK. OK. The bottom line is I was incompetent to take H.M.P. I was incompetent to you know seriously. To evaluate a trauma patient was incompetent to deal gunshot wounds. But eventually. With practice you get better. OK. So this is why we're at the cross training. Conference. Exactly. I'll get this is really. This is really common. I'm uncomfortable with whatever. Are any air doctors in here. Shared. OK. So bear with me here. Don't you can't win the air are says this. I'm come to the same the station home. And you always say in your mind. I'm very comfortable. But OK. So in that the patient that's OK. Nobody I love your art but I want everyone to think about how you thought the first time you got your social history. And you had to ask about drinking and drugs. You don't you go do you do drink. Did you do drugs. I mean it's a very uncomfortable. The first thing we took a real sexual history on a patient S.T.D.. You don't feel comfortable you know you want to do it right. Our first time we actually had the code discussion of elderly patient. That's very uncomfortable. Are the first time you do anything and I'm good at it. All right. But do you get comfortable with practice. The same thing first time you ask the president first time you share God in your office. It is not comfortable. Now vengefully it's not a comfortable of a lot of practice. And this is a jar my memory I'm a cardiologist. By distinctly remember I was a fourth here med student I was a plan to cardiology. I mean a thirty third year resident. I was watching one of my attendings do a T.V. each handsome to echo in I.C.U. and I was thinking my mind. I can never do that that. Those guys are so much more skilled knowledgeable than I am. And now. Ideas like all the time. It's ridiculous and the same thing. First thing we did. The low surgery appendectomy. Like this is so hard I could kill the patient. Now it's like like fifth Appiah the day or fifth gallbladder it's like no problem. After you get through this after you extract a million teeth make that five hundred bridges. Do whatever it gets really easy. Comfort. There's a great thing here. And once I visit a clean church. In my hometown. And we're walking in and I meet one of the wives of the elders. And she has of the joy so myself and goes oh he's a shake of her church. You guys do so much for a church. And my thought was I own man they're going to suck me drive time and money. I mean that was my serious thought and so then I go. You know why it. I really can't do that much. I'm not really that good and us she did she put her arm around me. Patted my shoulder goes. You're right. You're not. But with God. You can do a lie. So basically it took my face and has rubbed it in there. But it's true. I at the beginning we can't do anything with God we can do a lot. And then we on this for sympathy for thirteen. It's not us it's through Christ being a thing done anything accomplished. Now just look at the on the story the ten talents I want to focus on a specific part of it. One is a they described a lazy servant. As wicked and lazy. But he was selfish. And this is the way he selfish. He was unwilling to risk anything for anyone else. So he played it safe and he buried his talent. He's being selfish not for just against the patients are the people. But also gets the master. Someone to give us a talent. You might be small might be big but we should use that talent to the fullest of our ability. And will pass on here. I guess therefore it's OK to be scared. We're all going to see or hear. Great example. Little May Joseph dang us or. So based on these guys are prisoners. Their slaves. And they had incredible impact Little League doesn't have a name in the Bible. Made a huge impact OK. And they're all young gone adolescence. So we're all they're highly educated intelligent. This should not be a problem for us. The disciples. But you fisherman. OK. Told they change the world. So this can. This can be done here. And the bottom line is it's not really about us and our abilities. If you lift up Christ on men are drawn to him. So we show God. We're in pretty good shape. We focus on us. We're going to fall interface. OK. The next couple size is just about how we transition to a we know we've got to do it. We're committed convince a guy do it. How do you make it happen here. There's a great quote. Thinking about how you live your life when either place winning or whatever you want to. But what your thoughts they become your beliefs what your beliefs they become your words. What your word they become your actions what your actions they become your habits. What your habits they become your character. You are what you become. You make yourself. And this isn't Vince Lombardi. But this can be applied to anything. What we believe has eventually become what we do actions habits. And that really defines what our character is the some we need to do. There's a great book on those not religious books. Read this love this. Basically forty percent what you do is have a base and the players bring this up is when you want to do something about the more spiritual you have to have like SMART goal a Specific Measurable Attainable. You have to pick something you're trying to do actor office. To actually shows and spirituality and then develop that as a habit. And what would you recommend is try one new thing. I'm going to prayer for my patient honest I'm going to pray one patient day. I'm going to put up some spiritual literature. Do something and make that a habit then it's easy. And it's no effort. Then you pick up have a number two. OK. Success breeds success here. This is greatest merest Arnel. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act. But it is a habits are right. You're not born excellent. You make yourself excellent. OK. So I'm for the food I know me I'm really big into healthy living exercise. Eating etc. But as a racer Marlon Gibson this. This shows the power of small change and habits. So this is pretty picture he lost like two hundred forty five pounds I shall use picture later. But his first change. Was He's a piece of fried chicken. And one meal. And then he goes. I'm going to cut down the six. Now when people hear that they go. That's pathetic. It's not going to work. But he did six four two zero. Baked chicken six What does your Nigerian. So he slowly made a change a goal. A habit. Work his way down. And it was painful. It was transformative. For this guy. OK That's him now. A small little change that you have to be totally transformative. And I'm not talking about just your practice or your patients. The person has transformed the most in this adventure. Is yourself. So it's totally worth going for this. OK. So one of the habits I have is if there's a critical life events. I offer prayer or before procedure I offer prayer. So one time I looked at this chart before when does a clinic patient and I go this guy has angina and a really really abnormal. Stress Test. And so I go this guy should be a cat. So I got no type of this guy. Now that we could barely back week for me I'm like five rejections in a row where I ask you want to pray and like now. So it was really bad not like I was a journal or did give me an easy guy give me a priest or a nine or you know someone and they can't refuse me. So I want to know it's actually. I walk in the clinic room. And I see sir is the a biker long hair. Cats all over and you throwing leather vest and. I'm not sure if I did this guy was kind to my God. You gotta be kidding me. So we have a discussion we agree he's a cat and then at the end I'll be honest my. My ask of him was he paid own wants to. I don't know if he believed in this. But if it OK by you would like to pray. I mean. Did I just like there's no way of going to work. And it was cool because God goes. Doc dad be great and he throws his hands out and bow his head. So I prayed with them and everything is perceived Kathlyn great got to stand to my patients still but the lesson here really is. Don't judge a book by its cover. And the most important thing is I think God has an awesome sense of humor. Because I was like This is not going to work out but worked out great. Now there's some phases of witnessing that we go see what is it the sowing the seeds we talked about that there is the cultivation. And then is there reaping in the reaping is GREAT us where we're at church and was a man something baptized or someone. Joining our church and infos good. Now. For us as doctors and dentists. We simply fit in in this area. So when chess. There is the opening moves. There's middle game. And there's and game and games exciting. We're kind of like the middle game of chess. Pons are being moved around we cast soul is kind of boring. A better example for what we are is baseball is the bullpen. We're not really the starting pitchers a get paid a lot of money. And one of the closer. Who closes the deal at the end the game. Were more like middle relief. Which is not really sexy or glamorous. But that's kind of where we are. And that's OK. LA Times we just kind of sow the seed in someone else we enclose a deal for them later. But we saw that you kind of our part here. You know again. So we're going to blast through this I really quickly though. There's there's five types of anyone is overt us with our pastors do they talk about it all the time. Passive. You have Christian literature floating around. Your room Christian. Artwork Christian music. Intentional. This is more like where you're actually trying to set things up to drive the conversation. And this is like if something good happens the patient can say Praise God. Or you can always interject like oh a church. I saw this of this happening. And that works. I actually do a lot of this. But some aging come of having agendas you're really kind of pushing an argument. Why really works. Mostly for people in our group only correlational or the friendship of Angeles I'm so develop the normal ation ships. Dropping hints your faith and listening for opportunities to go deeper. You do not have to be on a timeline where we had to get this guy converted in next to visit. OK. Just keep dropping the seeds and seeing what kind of what happens here. Now there's a survey from the institute a church growth. They said about seventy five eighty five percent of new people to church. They come via friends or family. They don't come from these big. Some in ours or big event who see means we have we just don't have those. But the biggest draw is just interpersonal communication. French van has them. And basically do the relational or service where we help the person first vote from them. And then we introduce them to Christ and I could talk up a for one of the big complaints about this never reaches the evangelism point you stop that friendship and where the great arguments that you write about this is they talk about. You become someone's friend. Even vested a lot in that friendship. And this goes back to the risk. They don't want to risk their friendship. By now adding in religion. OK. A lot of people have the frame of mind that's something that we kind of you work through or get over. So you hear some A.B.C.'s of Angeles and there's some interesting data bind here. One is you've got to be an above average doctor or dentist who is below average in this room. Put your hand down that's ridiculous. OK. So if you ask people. Everyone thinks they are above average in driving when they when the survey people. Everyone thinks they are above average driver. And we know that that's not the case. Second thing in the B. is gonna be brave and talk about being on your comfort zone. You know. Sticking your neck out there low but C. is carrying is actually some interesting data like herring. So you go to work first and then you witness second. And the point here is if you're a terrible doctor or dentist. Now and want to know your god. It's really if you sock. They don't have the associative anything you have to deal with. Second thing if you're terrible person. No want to know your god. If you're mean grumpy. And I hate to say this and this I always apologize when I'm late river lay all the time that you know you're not respecting a person's time. If you don't like that and you'll note the Krueger dunny effect is. This is great this is actually real data here. OK so. Unskilled and unaware of how difficult these Iraqis want to own incompetence leads to inflated self assessment. The Plenty bring this appears we all think we're above average. We need to find someone a real confidant we can actually ask. Am I really good doctor or dentist. And I really showing Christ. And I'll be honest. Multiple times. I've been told by my partner. Actually brine dismay a couple times. Very pre-show you know the white one instance. Really reflected poorly on God. And then you know I do that I change what I do. But I'll be honest if someone did not tell me that I would never know because I have this problem. Like everyone else has a problem. Now there isn't the solution. And when with is get married. You will constantly be getting critiqued and corrected all the time. Again just getting honey. I'll be us without my my my wife is awesome without my wife I would not be in the church today. Here's where I would be. I don't know where I'd be OK. So anyway this. This David Grange thing what they did is that is a psychology test. But they had people take a test. And these are the actual scores. Then the Ask the people. How did you think you did on the test. And what you can tell. Everyone thinks they did really well except the best going through actually underestimate their performance. Everyone thinks they're better than you really are now the cool thing is with training. They can raise people's scores. And actually then the changes so for section was hard but they can at least change your performance. And this also called the above average effect now. So critter Dunning is a tough name but it's the by the after effect. So this is their thing here. Not only these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices. But their incompetence robs them of the mega cognitive ability to realize it. It's OK to ask your wife your good friends are going to be real feedback and say hey man of my good Dr Dennis and. And my really reflecting Christ. I'm a nice person. And then that can help you change what you do. Brave. The next thing. Being brave here. Do or do not. There is no try. He said this. That's right. The Yota OK. This is really good advice. Don't try don't go if a two percent don't tip or tell and or just jump in you're going to go forward and sometimes you're going to get rejected. And that's OK. There's a great quote the cavy fear to enter holds a treasure that you seek. This is a pretty looking. Green. But that's a big dark hole I don't want to go in there. I mean there's light and this is just like asking the pretty girl on a date or like I'm going to apply to Harvard Medical School. There's many things we're scared to do. But you cannot get what you want on this you go in there and go for it. OK so it's OK Take some rest. There sometimes rejection. Carrying this is the number one way. Why is the number one way that doctors. Show that they actually care about their patients. Listening. It's crazy. There's so much good data on this. The first one is the average when the videotape the interviews. The doctor will take over the interview within twelve seconds of start a conversation. Think about that. That's maybe one and a half sentences before you go. And are you having chest pain. I'm yours tell you to control the second thing is now with E.M.R. as well as the E.M.R.. Come on. OK What we have epic. They now estimate when the videotape. Practitioners thirty percent a time is doing this and ignoring the patient patients hate that the third thing. Listening is it was a caring. There's a great picture. About your Mars. Can you see this what the doctor is over the patient. Typing. OK that's how it is now OK. M.R.S. got a major problem. Now here's some data this is fastening from University of Washington University. This is for felons and their satisfaction with their public defender. These are felons. The number one thing that correlate it with satisfaction were guard list of the outcome of the verdict was client felt listen to were talk of a hardened felon feel this way. Think about our patients were very vulnerable and scared. But what they're about to go through. Listening is critically important. So I don't patient doesn't have a patient has prefer you know who really has it not who that sounds on the chart. Side of patient. She had like five American syndrome. And so you know that there's no way. You can help this patient. So anyway. And then you see her name on the chart on the patient list and your thought is. Is it really six months again. And you really have these really negative thoughts. So I was talking to her and she's in really bad mood. Ask her why and she said. The last time I was admitted. The residents were in my room. Making fun of. And she was I thought so humiliated. And she was I was mad. And so you can't talk to all that. And then I was like you know the thing here I just think I'm really sorry apologizing for all these horrible doctors and. And so then we prayed. And then she felt so much better. And she was so happy she was I feel great. And she left. I had not changed one medication on his lady orders single test done anything he said listen to her now and she has actually I was happy to see me. She told me it totally is change everything I'm not I'm not scared to see her anymore. Before you said dread this visit I go I can't do anything for her and. But now it's great. And so the one thing on leaving guys. For this example is each one of them. Is Jesus in the skies. And this is a quote from Mother Teresa. You don't know who you gonna run into and what they need but people. They have lots of needs. We have. We have means. And now the other thing. We talked about the extremes of doing nothing and doing too much. There's also an attitude that's very specific for the S.B.A. the I want to go over. One is when you start the day starting counter. Is your attitude. How can I show Christ love to my patients. Or is it. Who can I convert to S.D.S. and today. And that's really. That really is a strong feeling that if we want to people here are Remember we're middle relief. We're not the closers. You know we just want them to know Jesus we don't have to make them get baptized in believe in say the dad and I was herself. Right there at that moment. In the clinic room. OK. Oh yeah. OK Joyce. The second best as the a joke ever. So a guy dies and. There's a joke. OK. Guy dies goes to heaven meet St Peter at the gates. And Peter goes hey you want to get tore on heaven you know said the Great. So they go around and they see a bunch of Muslims over there. And as a Mormon the colony. And the guys like I'm shocked all these people here. Then he goes it's other place and all these guys are walking around looking for other acquired Dury and he goes. Who are those guys in PETA goes. Those are the Adventists they think it's only once up here. OK. OK yes I too close to home. OK. But the bottom line is here is we just show Christ. All the other doctrinal things that can come later. OK that's the meaning of it. So doctrine. Last analysts when you know. The closer can take care the doctoral issues. This is plan A French or evangelism. There really is no plan B.. So this is the quote the most you put the beginning of all their medical mission seems by things your view here. Christ method a loan will get you success in reaching the people are savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed a sympathy for than Mr their needs and wonder comments. Then he bade them. Follow me. And once again that's is a famous. E.G. white quote. And I really believe is how it works. If you don't care about the person. Why are they going to commit any extra motional resources to what you're offering them. There's a great quote I was just in the visitor. Earlier. A couple months ago. Compassion must precede the task of proclamation. When the world sees the actions of compassion a church or person or or provider. They will see Jesus in us and will follow us towards the kingdom. Unfortunately many have replace compassion with legalism. Jose Cortez in The Visitor Center twenty fifteen. Just so they think about as we interact with our patients. So the kind of fish. The fish the men at the cuts and bait. How to get people to how do you draw some things out here. Here's some. You know examples here. Passive dangly bait. So this we do in my office we have medical S.P. lurcher floating around. And at the beginning. Like if you have old like visitor. Viewpoint whatever when you lied. I just take it to the office as leave it around there. And then why use of use ice actually cut out my address. In the back. And my name. Because I don't know I don't want them to who I am where I live. Now just leave it on. And the whole point being is like a doctor Hon left this your mail talking about it. Our network one or two times. There are thing that I didn't used to wear a Star Trak pin on my coat lapel. That was the ultimate conversation icebreaker because it was their star chart then. And his toy. Just decompress the situation. And but I was really thinking Is this the conversation I want to have of my patients don't trust our track with my patients and Saif I not really. So now I've had a local. Now I have a little cross on my lapel. And I don't get as many comments. But it's great when someone says hey he gets across I'm like that then you can know hey I can push a little harder go deeper of that patient. And they're there be willing to accept that. Verbal bait. And I do this and like I said they can be taken as having agenda. But when patients say. Oh man I got a new job I go pray to God. I don't see that's good. And that's just like hey maybe valve loosen them up and maybe them thing about. I'm God and then you know when patients ask me how are things going I go oh things are going great at work school church. Just drop that in there are also they ask anything new all a church were doing this. Are you interested want to come. Like we have all this health outreach. So you have your income or vegetarian tasting or. If that's true that there's a nation's healing happens. You ought to be more intentional. Like you know you have a history. So suddenly you can just have a row of questions like I'm hey what's your source supports his Them family friends church. You've got for their Then you can get to know. Do they have supports and do they believe in church. By the interest that office say what are your interests you like movies. Eating out church. And then that's just another way to kind of see if they're willing to listen see anymore. OK. And then there's some other things that you know. Are you a job as witness like know. Well do you have. Then gas guy. Do you have any other fav do you go to church because that's kind of a natural opening they don't think that's so you're trying to convert them here so it's a natural extension of the conversation. In you can you that. OK. Now here's some big samples. So when I first started doing this you turn off a lot of people and that's just a lot a lot of is the way you phrase things are so here's the way they just kind of in your mind. How would you receive these people. Told you this. So. Try this that works. Or can tell you something that works for me. It's much softer it's more permissive you ask mission or this doctor does all the time. What's wrong now. I mean you'd be shocked how having your that art or see your talk what's bothering you get them over a globe it or you know read a Bible. Or can I share versus help me. There's ways you can do this that are really not confrontational not offensive. Easier. My personal favorite is like when someone says. My little Johnny's in heaven. Are is that the time to go for say the dead. OK. Well you can I know it's been done. But you can do it. But you go ahead you can take what I believe. And this goes on to two like when he starts saying stuff either like. That doesn't make any sense that's what you're saying is a stupid. That's a conversation killer on the lay beneath the hey I mean there's something because in the season your statements maybe can talk about it. And this is really interesting. Let's pray now. Is that would you like to pray together. Now. That's much more. I think. Easy to go into was actually what Landis is talking about. Is this morning when he said. We all say I'm going to pray for you. And he didn't ask for a show of hands. Like how many actually go back and pray for the patient he said that. I'll be honest. Until a couple years ago. I was the guy. That's going to pray for you and five seconds later it's gone and how my mind. Basically I'm lying. So what I do now is. I put it on my I have a prayer list. A VERY LONG AS A note on my i Phone. OK then I review that every now and then. And then yes pay for that person and then when you go back and see the person. You can honestly say yes. And then when they see you say yes they'll know it's yes because people can tell you're lying. The knowing you're faking it. I had a patient. Where I was impatient. And I said I'm going to call your primary cardiologist. By going to come back this afternoon. And tell you what we discuss. Have a plan. And does anyone know what she told me or asked me. She goes Are you really going to come back or you just my room. She was so sick of doctors lying to her face. And I go and I was shocked I go I go one I don't lie to I told you I'm going to be back on a camping and talk to her. And then it was great great leadership and actually chance for to my care. But she was so jaded to the point of feeling. These guys are just saying what I want to hear. So I can gather room and be done with me. Now we can have that a two person testimony does a great thing. Everyone should have like maybe a two minute why God's important why you pray. Story ready to go because of a patient ask you why is god important and you go and his mom will somewhere around. That's not impressive. OK. That doesn't give them a lot of confidence. But putting your hearts. Revere crisis Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone. Everyone who asked you to give a reason for the hope that you have but to suggest less and respect for Speer three fifteen. The bottom line is don't be afraid. This is very interesting. People can disagree if your doctor ngs. Or your beliefs. But they will almost never attack your personal testimony or personal statement. They may not like him and I agree if it by that going to have smash it. And destroy it. And the fact that you're opening up mean vulnerable people actually respond to that because and they'll be opening they'll open to you and be more vulnerable. As you as well. And that facilitates having a better relationship with that person. So the clinic and beyond. OK Faith prescriptions we have invested. Thousands of dollars in paper prescriptions. We are now want him are so I do have these things I carry one of my pocket. And then like I do a lot of the health stuff with my patients I go watch forks over Knives. I put on a prescription pad and say doctor's orders. Do it or watch. Set up or want to read Revelation twenty one for. Because that's really important now because your loved ones. Not going to make it. All right. So you can do little face prescriptions is very than all that money is let me tell you wasted. Otherwise. Literature. So I heard this from Mark Finley a couple years ago. He said he carries literature in his briefcase. And I go man that's really good idea. So we actually I have it in my left. Lab coat pocket. A couple of books not like a hundred bucks by have a couple and then reload as needed. Then I have books. In my in both when the offices. Actually is the Joyce that you actually books in the car. So like we see a homeless guy on the street. We give him money and a book. Whatever we can you and I don't know if the a throw the book away. But the sewing the seeds and you see what happens. So having literati very useful. Call back to email. This is up to your comfort level with patience. But really I get my cell phone number out to patients. A lot. So when things are actually happening in their very complex. And they actually mean it makes a big difference in the love it. Email them all the time. Is another way to kind of catch up and save the time I don't have an clinic. To kind of foster or grow the spiritual part. Then you do like Bob was studies health lectures cooking demonstrations. Because once again we are a health ministry. The health care it really is going to go first and then bring them in. OK I'm going to have speed appear to not so secret weapon I know. Brian in TOD are going to talk about a whole session on prayer. I had to have a low because things are so important. There's a great quote When we work. We work. When we pray God goes to work. God's more powerful than anything we can do. So we got plugged into the power source. So basically it's like toys by batteries. But never a useful God as the batteries. Put those things in there. And then things get energized. And I get in the question to ask ourselves do we really believe that penicillin any oter own is more powerful than prayer. If we don't believe that. Then we should be using one a lot more than the other. So prayers and lots of miracles are all of our measures. Our measures pale in comparison to the power of prayer. There's a it's not even close. So there's a great book about your god is too small and part of is you have if you believe in God a little bit. Want you to go all the way. And most people think alike in this book ever in this room have read this. But this is a story about the bleeding women. And so the thing about her is she had incredibly deep faith. Not like passing interest. Like other people in a crowd. So many were ill in the crowd it was just her. But only one person was healed. Do not walk. And that was her on the reverse side of that meaning faith. We faith that when we pray. Things are going to happen. And so we have to be like the bleeding woman here. Couple of verses here. When Jesus you know the Hill and the kid and the boy those demons Estan disciples cannot get the demon out of them. And the father's eye. I do believe but homey overcome my unbelief. And then the. The disciples asked them how can we can do it. And he said this One can only come out by prayer. Prayer is huge here. And we've got all things are possible. So this is my one per example they're going to give have lots of little big prayers answered but AND MEDICAL I have patient who had a son who was on heroin. OK. This isn't him. But there's an example of how screwed up your life gets on drugs. But base it was the point where he was feeling you know how it goes. He's on heroin in a jail. He's stealing money from relatives. To buy heroin. He goes I can't go to any family functions. Because all they do is say. Why are you such a crummy father. Harbel parents. So he's now aiming a different whole family. His kids not doing good. So we every time we see this guy we pray for his kid. Specifically. And so one time I saw men that we prayed I know how many times I ten times this guy. And then he had admitted so I've seen him in the hospital. And then I had this impression. Ask about the kid. And so I go and. In my mind I'm kind jaded. You know. I just really. Drug abuse is so hard you feel it's never going to get corrected. Rego. How's your son doing. In the first thing he says is he's in jail. He's in prison this time. And then I go. Man I see a shot and not gone for this. But then he goes. But he's offered drugs. And he found the lard. And he wants to become a person that does drug rehab for other people. And then he was so happy to share that with me and I never gotten that unless asked but I was like a massive answer per And this is the one thing I think is almost I can't say impossible that I do believe it but this isn't the hardest things to break. Is drug abuse. OK. Critter pray for patients with your patients. Your staff. Our co-workers are very important. If you don't care for your co-workers. That's really strange. I've done a minute. And also pray for yourself you have to pray for yourself because we all need it. There's a note here. One thing has really helped me I learned from him in conference two years ago. One of the doctors said what she does in the morning she looks are patient less. And she prays for the patients to get healthier. OK. I used to just pray for me to survive the day. Rego I got to pray for them and then present to you you have the days where you have the certain patients you don't like or they're really difficult and you're like I can't believe they're here are my nurse put them back to back my nurse Haiti now or those things. But then you after this you like I can deal with this. This me good. I'll get. And the two more sides are. But you know when there's no hope. You've got to pray. Because there's still hope. So I'm a cardiologist ideal if a talent Emaar talented all the time people are dropping dead. All the time unfortunately. But one thing I share a lot and pray about is Revelation twenty one four. OK. Because even when there is no hope it's terminal cancer. Dead Heart Failure. You can say hey there's going to be a time when we can be in heaven and illness in time won't matter. We have to hang on to that. So there's always gonna be some little bit of hope will skip this for time here. So in summary here. Prayer early pray often think about all the excuses you're using and commit yourself to getting over those pick one new thing to add your practice. Pray if your patients may even just one today. PRAVER patient lists. Have literature available. Do something and so because they haven't actually got that one nail of a habit. Start a new habit. Ceiling doing Keach one job then a mess and spread to other doctors. The harvest is plentiful. But the workers are few. Thank you for your attention. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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