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Establishing Home Sanitariums: A Sanctioned, Scalable, Sustained Plan

Franklin Cobos


Many hospitals are financially insolvent & charging fees that bankrupt the average working family. This presentation will examine the ways and means through which God’s delivery of healthcare can meet the needs of a sin-sick world during a time when no one is able to pay for it.



  • Discuss the importance and role of smaller lifestyle centers in medical missionary work.

  • Outline a model feasible for such a lifestyle center.
    Evaluate the possible impact of such centers in the context of medical missionary work.

  • Discuss how physicians in a variety of specialties can be cross-trained for lifestyle center based outreach and health evangelism. 


Franklin Cobos

Director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Cumberland Medical Center



  • October 30, 2015
    2:00 PM
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Let's begin with a word of prayer together. Because everybody comes in to get settled down. For the presentation. Father in heaven we're grateful for this opportunity to come and meet together at the A min conference here. And we pray that your spirit would be here to bless our interaction in our. Our discussions are thinking in our our desires. A May we be guided with your word an inspiration to know how to navigate these tough challenging times in Earth's history. We are privileged and humble to be used by you. In these hours and ask only that you would sharpen us as iron on iron. To make us better tools as the days pass and time ticks out in Jesus' name amen. What if I told you that today or say by the end of the year. The Seventh Avenue shirt. Could bring on line and operate a global health institution for evangelism. That could serve the needs of four to five million people per day. Year round. And that would have been done in a sustainable manner. Scalable up or down depending on financial conditions whether or not you could buy or sell whether or not you had debt or credit wouldn't matter. It would be done in a fashion that was totally lacking in any questionable or harmful practices will be so safe that God Himself could rip refer to a clinical refer. Referral to any of these locations. Because it was so safe that he himself would sanction it for any of his Sensex children to go and stay there. So before I outline the plan I think that we could do to make that happen. And I tell you about the unsustainable. Unsanctioned unscalable system a medicine that I and I think most of you perhaps are familiar with. I would caution is that I can only speak for myself. I do not want to convey the idea that I'm accusing anyone here doing nothing wrong at the you must yourself decide whether or not. Today. You are practicing the style of medical missionary work that you believe God has called you to do so and I am as way of introduction. Asked me to do in a direction. Right now I'm director of Anesthesiology a small community hospital in Crossfield Tennessee where a license for hundred ten beds were lucky to have thirty people spend the night. At this point where one million dollars. Year to date. In the whole not bat last year were three million dollars in the hole. At this time last year. The ha Web site that I looked at the American awful Association. In the case that in this nation. There are nine hundred fifteen thousand registered beds. And that it cost us eight hundred fifty nine billion dollars a year to operate those beds. That comes out to just under one million dollars per bed. Per day. Does that sound sustainable to you. The same website American Hospital Association indicated on a chart that into the in the years one thousand nine hundred two to two thousand and twelve. Patient margins were all negative. Except for one year two thousand and twelve and the margin was point seven percent. I know what a patient margin is. Margins are the financial in a cares if you don't go to your staff meetings at your facilities you need to go because that's where the financial reports are given I'll give you a sense of just how close you are to the precipice of not having employment. The patient margin is the number of dollars that come in for giving patient care. OK. If you divide that by the expenses the hospital. And then divide that by the revenue you get your patient margin. That is if patients come in and pay you a dollar to take care of them. And you spent ninety nine cents to do that. Your plus one percent that makes sense. But if your patients come in and pay you ninety nine cents. And it cost you a dollar take care of them. You're negative on percent. And you keep That's unsustainable. You can't you can't do that without borrowing money existing on credit. Until some credit financial crisis occurs like it already has in two thousand and eight. And then you're going to go down. Like many hospitals are any are OK so that's what I would describe as unsustainable. By the way. When we talk about the prophetic in port and where we are and I really appreciate some of the comments that other speakers have done in their presentations. And how obvious it is that we're nearing the end of time in the event. Her flow of events that we watch happening around us. Have any of you thought. How would you operate. The typical seven day and missed institution tertiary health care facility. If you can't buy or sell. What will happen to those institutions. Will they even exist long enough to make it. Where the C.E.O.'s have to say well you know. We can't buy or sell We're going to close operations will even make it that far. How will you operate. Medical missionary work. When you cannot buy or sell. And you thought about TO Has anybody got that in their business meetings. Talking about as agenda item. Well. If you think that's unsustainable try this. C.D.C. website in the case that twenty billion dollars a year. Are attributed to antibiotic resistant infection complications. Alone. Can you can conclude a hospital do that for various longer. Loma Linda. Porter health care. All the evidence health care says nothing against them. I trained at Loma Linda. Very thankful for the institution. But I'm not entirely convinced it's. It's going to be very sustainable for much longer. Given conditions that we know. And expect. And are watching unfold. So is it sustainable. Is the institution where you work. Going to last another credit crisis like two thousand and eight. So no I don't think right now the present model his sustainable. Sometimes I wonder if some of the things we do. Are even sanctioned. I mean drawing attention to a quote that I think I first discussed with John Kelly right here on Front row in the. Long. In front of basin science building near where we used been a hacky sack over which you know Dr Who has got three said. He played hacky sack him and I mean as a long standing tradition everything because we played it after micro than at the basic science building with John and I would talk about this quote from fifth autumn in the testimony for forty three paragraph one. There are many ways of practicing the healing art. But there is only one way that heaven approves. I'm sorry how many ways. It doesn't sound like very many to me and I'll options there. One way that heaven approves God's remedies are simply agencies in nature that will not tax or debilitate the system. Through their powerful properties. Pure Air water. Cleanliness. Proper diet purity of life. The firm trust in God or remedies for the one of which thousands are dying. I mean how many thousands. Again I'll give you some numbers in a little bit. Thousand she said. Yet these remedies are going out of date because their skillful use requires work. That people do not appreciate. Fresh air exercise pure water clean sweet premises are within the reach of how many. All with how much expense. But little expense. But drugs are what expensively anybody here purchase drugs. You have family members are growing broke. Because they're on prescription medication. Drugs are expensive. Both in the outlay of means. And the effect produced upon the system. To find a testimony page. For forty three paragraph. One. One more year one more on on that. Actually this was the quote I think John and I talked about drugs never cure disease is helpful living with a living page two hundred forty three. John I remember were on call and the V.A. hospital third floor. And I was reading the Merck Manual studying. And John pointed out you know the mark manual never has a section on cure. That it on caught the O.N.C. tab. I don't see oncology go you can see cures in that segment nowhere else in the Merc manual. Are cures discussed. Drugs never cure disease should I learned that back then drugs never cure disease. What do they do though they change its form and location. When drugs are introduced into the system for a time they seem to have a beneficial effect do they not we have many publications and a Kate. Beneficial effects that can be proven statistically a change may take place but the disease is a disease not cured. It will manifest itself in some other form. The disease which the drug was given to cure may disappear. But only to reappear in new forms such as skin diseases all search painful disease joints. Sometimes in a more dangerous and deadly form. Nature keep struggling the patients trial. Suffers with different ailments. Until there is a sudden breaking down in her efforts what we call that medicine. Got a patient here you want to leave meds list this patient is a train wreck. This is a train wreck. Patient suffers with different names until there is a sudden breaking down and death. Follows. Every additional drug given to the patient will complicate the case. Making the patients covering more hopeless. That was helpful living pays to forty three. News so you should talk your Nancy's ya's What do you think you do all day. I give people drugs. But I I one of the reasons that attracted me ses Jala G. is I never offer a patient. The explanation of what I'm going to do with all those drugs is going to cure them or make them better. Not against use drugs. But drugs are at the heart of tertiary care medical center on the bright side of the hard you've got pharmacy on the left side you've got surgical care. If you don't have surgeries. You know how drugs. You can't turn a profit can't turn a profit. No one can come to your door and you will shy and you will be unemployed. The director of pharmacy where I work. Is named David Callahan is grandfather. Which John Harvey Kellog. So I sat down today we go to church together. We I've got a nice farm around the country I visit with them his wife Tammy chief nurse anesthetist works with me in my department. I love the pharmacists. I love what they do for me. But I think we're kind of coming to a council of Trent type moment here. It's like the Roman Catholic Church met for about twenty years until someone they finally stood him said you know about the soul of secure subscript your thing. If we go that way. We can't we got to go back to the south we can worship on Sunday. It's OK meeting adjourned we're out of here. Sunday it is tradition. And the Bible. At some point how does healthcare is going to have come to decision we're going to use drugs for we're not. Because if we don't. We can afford it. It will be sustainable. We know it's sanctioned. No one's going to get hurt by and by the way and I give you those numbers. F.D.A. and a Drug Administration. Web site indicates one point three million. Injuries. Per year from medication errors. Got that from John Harvey Cox grandson has been up weeks ago. Medication errors. One point three million injuries. How many of you would have flown on an aircraft. I came on American Airlines. If A is web site said we only had one point three million entries on our flights last year. Would you fly that airline. Of course you wouldn't. But you refer people to organizations who state openly. We endure one point three million of you every year. And you're paying us to do it. Does that sound sanction to you. Does that sound like you would want to replicate those type of institutions on a global scale. Do you think God could use them. The way he wants to in this hour verse history. I mean they've had another good friend of mine at the hospital. Dr Tom ELLINGHAM. Naval officer. Commander of the U.S.S. Mercy when Katrina hit New Orleans. He runs intensive care unit and double board in I.C.U. and assays IATSE. And a friend of mine. We're talking as Ed said Tom. You know I usually see your patients used to see I.C.U. patients come down. Some type of Dean or owes all while blood being Renee to Dean time oh to Dean. Home represent a patent Oprah's all. You can make a nursery run like Dr source out of some of these things. I don't see him coming out what's the deal Thomas. Oh well grief. We learn that if we knock out the proton pumps. You don't control the bacteria the gut. That stuff called up the G.I. tract. Into the restaurant track and I have terrible pulmonary infection in my few patients. I don't compete as him are you crazy that's do that. He learned that the form of the disease. Changed. Locations. When he was giving P.P.I. switch and do I remember people as the most widely used. Pharmaceutical agent in the nation right now. Sorry. I think so how about beta blockers. You know as a resident Omaha Nebraska. I was involved in a big skip protocol you recognize a skip terms I'm sure a lot medical people here. Skip protocol you got in your beta blockers. We were hammering people with beta blockers around ten years ago. Because it was supposed to be so good and protective a cardio protective. Until on the whole of one or two years we realize how many more people had a schema. Heart attacks. Scrope strokes. I protest of events in the perioperative period. Because we were making sure that the non-compliant patients who came to search for me were getting all those beta blockers right on schedule. And they're having coronary miss as Kenya. So that it changed the location. And the timing of their jerseys. Another example for the P.P.I. site was in doing so man a seizure person G.I. docs and doctor customers around here and Dr Marsa some good G.I. Doctors with us. Doing public also Day Sion and were talking and he said yeah when ours resin we did all kinds of searches to be a every day. Stomach ulcer patients come in. There are taken pain pills usually and says they get an ulcer then you've got to go into surgery close I was as though surgeon away in a day. As soon as the P.P. eyes came out. We said now twenty five years later we learn that they don't have enough gas to do assimilate the calcium in their diet. And now what he thinks happening. He's an internist. Says now. All my patients are falling over breaking their ankles their elbows their hips their knees and their ankles. Because they don't have enough cousine on their bodies. So we did we changed the form. And the location of that patient's disease. You move them along this line of disease to gets harder and harder. More and more expensive. More and more dangerous for them. Every pill. You add. And it be nice to see some of the guys who've written some great books on spare prophecy and science. Documents some of these nice examples found drugs are doing exactly what we were told they would do if we formulated. Admin is magical system around a common use of the pharmaceutical agents. I give another example. Good friend of mine. Dave Maher. I call my Sawyer farmer Dave. He owns the sawmill that you see in that picture of the mid right at the screen you can't tell what it is it's a sawmill. He's come to help me a number of times on my property which I'll get to know all. He had Lyme's disease and. It doesn't trust doctors at all so he came to me and said Frank Frank you gotta help me. He's a he's a he's of the veteran. I really don't want to the hospital room and take drugs. I have to as best I knew how and was able to at the time that he came. But eventually he got a prescription for doxycycline. And what comes to mind when you hear a farmer. Got prescribed doxycycline back I was going to get fried in the sun which is exactly what happened a farmer Dave. Even though they were his hat. He recently got written another prescription for doxycycline because the first one wasn't strong enough. So he went to Pennsylvania recently to stay in the snow with his daughter who's a nurse. And he went shopping to get that prescription filled. Anybody or shopper doxycycline. They asked him to pay six hundred dollars out of pocket for that prescription of oxy cycling. So Farmer Dave being the good Tennessee wise boy he has kept shopping around to finally came to use Walgreens or C.V.S. sold me exact same prescription for sixty dollars. Now I ask you. Why is it illegal for people to go to U.T. stadium in Knoxville. And scalp a football tickets labeled sixty to eighty dollars for six to eight hundred dollars in the parking lot. But it's not illegal for big pharma. To charge farmer Dave six hundred dollars for doxycycline one location and sixty dollars in a different location. While on to you hypocrites. Well onto you hypocrites. You'll pay a hundred dollars for you to football ticking. But you won't let a guy. This priced at sixty. But you won't let a patient pay sixty bucks for doxycycline and charge him six hundred want to you hypocrites. Day farmer Dave. Greg question and I do intend to give some time for question answer what times and now. OK. Wow. With you with he gets the first question how is Farmer Dave doing OK and to my notes make sure I'm staying on track here. To recover all the stuff here. Ha. Sustainable unsustainable. Reproducible undesired reproducibility scale ability. I said this is scalable. I will talk about home sanitariums right. You see my opinion is that every the Adventist home. Is the sanitarium of the future. Every single sentence home. Contain should should contain people who either have to train for I don't maybe a generation even if you just became an average this year. Your church should be able to teach you the following things there. Or there should be people in your home. Each should have two three meals a day in case we prepared. Highly nutritious food. I'm going to go through the New START acronym right here OK that's your nutritional therapy and you should have a diet. Dietetics department in your home. That's the kitchen. You have that. That each address home should be filled with people who exercise regularly. That your physical therapy department I don't care if you're working on a farm or garden like I got show you some pictures. Or if you've got a little gym. If somebody comes to stay at your house they should see you do some meaningful exercise and sweat. Physical therapy department. You know you have to have Ph D. in physical therapy to do that or be accredited. Every admin is some that I have been has a bathroom. Most of them not all of them have running hot and cold water near had their be department. You know need P.T.. You know certification in that but you've got it. You should be understanding the use of sunlight and wisely use it for wellness. We call that Helio therapy. I should tell you quick story about that I'll come back to that. You should understand. And avoid intemperance and be compassionate to those who bring their addictive behaviors. Including your own family members who have those. Should understand proper breeding. And you can you know illustrate that with exercise another one under commonly used or underused singing. Seeing people visit your home maybe on a we can you have little sundown. Worship Service to sing some songs. Breathing really important in and singing. Ike to play harmonica is the only instrument I know you can actually breathe in and play music and read on play music. Every average home. Should have some comfortable inviting guest. Sleeping room. Those and give you sleep study that right there. To get respiratory therapy. Sleep study lab. Psychotherapy family worship time morning and evening. And you got they did to the weekend you've got the Sabbath to work on too. So that's your behavioral therapy center right there. So all the major increase of tertiary health care medicine. Should be present and easily reproducible and scalable and advantage homes. In the North American vision we have one point two million members. If there are four people in every family. How many hospital beds would we have three hundred thousand. Compared to the one hundred fifteen thousand presently registered in the US for Georgia Cumberland conference where I'm from we have two hundred eighty thousand members that would be seventy thousand God sanctioned not licensed. But their be God sanctioned beds. Overnight. Of vailable for people to use. If you go worldwide worldwide some demister charge your book stated we had one hundred seventy three hospitals in sanitariums punching out. A whopping eighteen million outpatient visits a year. If the end I deem him are shit or say the world wide we got. Eighteen point five million people. Divide that by four you get four point six million homes. If they invited one person to stay the night. Four times a year. We would double the number of outpatient visits. We could do and did it every day for a year. He would have covered one third the global population would have been seen. Treated and educated and administers home. Sanitarium. Sunlight mention science on it is very under used. Though it looks like to me Dr Ned Lee's seen some sun in the can pretty soon. Yet look and get new content. Living in California I'm turning pale. I mean to come on one of those. Kodachrome Hispanics. If you leave me in the sun long enough I darken up just a bit. But in the hills the Tennessee I'm starting to pale out a little bit. And you tell me I'm Neil skin the California sun. When I was in medical school I went to the Loma Linda library they were throwing away books. I bought a book for twenty five cents and took it home there was a chapter in a call Helio therapy. AD Look for years to see what people had used sunlight for in the healing arts. And finally found it. Joan my grandmother who died while I was in medical school. Show to tears she said yeah those are my instructors. I often wonder what she thought about. Well Melinda throwing away the information that she had paid good money for in hard times. To go learn that information and open up that book to check recall healing the therapy. And I wish I coulda shoulda Toobin had medical nudity and know how that go over with met a man so they had pictures of a young boy. Probably five years old riddled with pots disease. They got circles all over his body where the TB is just coming out of his bones. He looks horrible sad. Next page over it completely. Plump help eat healthy smiling. The year. I believe was one hundred twenty something. So what did they not use on that kid. They had no. And I bought a cajun for that kid treating POS disease. Next page had a a sickly woman laying in a bed. Bag of Bones. Looked at death warmed over. Two pages over. She's in a bikini. Up at Lake Arrowhead. On skis. Cured of TB. What do we need to use against extended drug resistant tuberculosis. Sunlight. It's not going to tax or debilitate the system. Last I checked it was relatively affordable. I'm convicted that no matter where you are on the planet. No matter what error you were born in the Qana you worked on our language you speak. God already has a mechanism to treat. Illnesses that are present. As I've done anesthesia in Africa over in bed a which aims a pal who is a classmate of John in mine. I think I've seen one surgical infection. In the filthiest place you can imagine I know men who have shops in their garage. They have fewer insect more sterile. The operating room James and I use in bed Africa. Common neuter broken open. Bone marrow hanging out fractures. Days old drag through the motorcycle all when they got hit by the car when the post op infections. Why would that be because we had a box. You kidding me that stuff comes by the freight load once a year from the Netherlands. Were run out of drugs. Branch of the Lord. They can even pay for the stuff you know. Africa is sun baked in the US If you get TB in your lab. You know what they do with it. When I asked. Oh man I said What do you do it that's that extended right. You take out no not you push it to the back of the hood where you've got a U.V. light. This kills the stuff in this with the sterilized is no problem. So in Africa. We have TB warts I round there and you don't use them in ninety five respirator. There's no negative pressure rooms in Africa. The stuff just doesn't spread doesn't survive. Because the hospital is built in an open platform. There's no not all routes. So it gets baked and killed by the sun and the air that circulates prevents you from really inhaling. Many of the bacillus. And we tend to use water run this foolish. Alcohol gel stuff that leaves everything on your hands rather than running water. So pure air what do we read. For the want to pure air. Sunlight water. How many are dying. Thousands in a millions now. So what times and we're in a time. Forty five thirty five. Oh good. We've got time we got time. So. Every ad in this home. Should be a sanitarium. Through a town and I think John pro is one of first person brought that my tension. Occur. I have another quote I want to share credit point to this is from the admins home page four hundred forty eight. She talk about receiving guests and and entertaining them in your home because these are guests. Whom it will not know on you know a great burden to receive. You will not need to provide for them a lab or or expensive entertainment. You will need to make no effort at displaying the warmth of a genial welcome. A place at your fireside a seat at your home table. The privilege of sharing the blessing of an hour of prayer. Would. Too many of these be like a glimpse of heaven. You're you can do your own research on on on how you can use your own home. As a place of refuge or a as I called home sanitarium. Not going to give you all the ones that I have come to and you have a number of things I want to cover before. We had question and answer. Five point four. Is one here I thought it was important. I could say much. She says on the subject location of her sanitariums. We've not yet learned all that is to be learned. God calls her reformation and we are to locate our sanitariums and places. More favorable to Santorum or. No she doesn't give any scaling rebuke for what's already been done. It's just that and when as we move forward we need to do differently. And do it better. They should be established in quiet secluded places. Anybody here know of a tertiary medical center that's an unquiet secluded place. I don't don't see you. Where opportunity will be afforded for instructing the patients concerning the love of God and the Eden home. Of our first parents. If I had tried do that back in some place that were open the door or the patient's Asian sweep your arm across the armpit of America Same bring a new county and say this was are in the home. And the Lord has come to and died for us so that we can regain it. It's just that it doesn't really make an impression. But if you were to open the door where they're staying and show them then yours are orchards and say you know. Back when God created even if it was a little bit more like this. I mean to tell you the story of how we fell from that. How we lost and what God has done to help restore us to that once again. Now you're starting a conversation again actually go somewhere. But not if you're too busy doing your E.M.R. Ansun phone calls for medical office. Get ready for J.C. to come. I'm not talking about J.C. wooden waiting for since eighty thirty two. Joint Commission is not as merciful and forgiving as Jesus Christ is different J.C.. Well if you want to know how it was I came across the building that I happen to be and I'm going to show a picture that number of years ago as I was in London I told the Lord every time I move. I'm going more rural. I cannot take this and there was a book and Washington. Spokane Wash now went to the cornfields and on the Brusca outside of Omaha. From there I sold my house and lived out of a suitcase for a number of years. And then started a country living university online a day West Brom's and. Was it I just followed his instructions for finding country property. So I found a place location that I could find employment which is common medical center. Second question should be should ask me about coming to medical care and why it exists. Interesting story. I spent a year renting. Rather than purchasing. Because and I don't know the wisdom of that now because I might have bought in neighborhoods of the county that were very drug infested with methamphetamines particular. And I didn't know the area well enough to know any better. So fortunately I rented for a year and found out where not to buy. And then restricted my my my search. I was using a real estate agent asked her I wanted some southern exposure for solar panels on a garden. I wanted some land to do agriculture and and and such I wanted water if I could. If I can get it in need to be about eight hundred fifteen hundred square feet so I would have to heat or cool it very much. And then I could furnish it with just the stuff that I had had in storage. And it needed to be under a certain price. Because I didn't want to go into debt. Or ask for credit to buy the place. She didn't seem to listen for a year I got some really bad options. So finally I just said you know thanks I've been helped enough. I did a quick search for foreclosures. Because as I thought and prayed more about I felt that. After the credit crisis of two thousand and eight. It made sense to me that when the day of judgment occurs. No one's going to be able to say Lord. I just couldn't afford country property until beta Council can get out the cities and find a place to live. I'm sorry I just couldn't afford it. So I will you know if if if you're going to avoid that watches make a bunch of country property just dirt cheap maybe get in foreclosure and have people build stuff and in dire move away I didn't know. But I was confident something like that was happening out there and I was going to find it so I did a quick search on foreclosures. The second house that came up on the screen was the one that I have in chalet bought. I fell in love with it when I drove up the driveway saw to open up into the woods. Its edges. Show you this moment. I'll show Jessica. And went down knocked at the neighbor's house to pick out why the yellow tape was across in a police line do not cross I mean it was a homicide or something and you know I was little concerned about what I was getting myself into the list price was within my budget I think it listed for like one hundred forty thousand dollars roughly and. I had sold my house in Omaha for one twenty nine and saved aside money for solar panels garden greenhouse garage and every one that was within the budget. Of course the real stage was totally opposed to this she had wanted me to buy a five hundred thousand dollars home so she can get the ten percent commission. Talk to the neighbor. And she said she came to the door. Gail. Gail for. Alkaline and. She looked to be about seventy years old opened the door slowly. A gas can help you sonny are like that. So you know I just you know the said the house were at the top of the hills for sale I know some. You know what the story is amiss in foreclosure what happened is anything wrong up there is police tape. And she looked me the first words out of her mouth was. You do realize this is a retirement community. I said no. I love the house though. And I just kept talking with her at the store on the house which I developed my understanding developed much later as I met the people I bought the place in two weeks. Moved in I learned some things later that. A rich. Up. Fire arson inspector from state of Florida had moved up with his wife. His wife had designed a bed and breakfast. And they were going to name it. The journeys in. And he got cancer and died before it was completed and they had worked on it. Ten years. And if you if you come to come from the county you understand why you need people work on your house for ten years because every few months people will just get drunk. Not show up. Hunting season comes. They disappear for four months. They want to go fishing with the grandkids from June to and so for ten years they've been building this place. And she had three or four other home so when it fell into four. She just walked away. She she just she did she abandon it. Squatters came in stripped the copper pipe and the wires for methamphetamine. Of funding. And the House the head and nationally listed for nine hundred thousand dollars. I purchased for one hundred twelve. And when I went to make the offer. The real estate agent course didn't believe I was going to get the house because someone else that R.D. put in an offer. And I said Dora but if it supposed to be mine I'll get it. This was Friday at five P.M. I was on call until Monday there was no way I could go sign the papers to purchase the house. Even if they accepted my offer and. So I call or on Monday morning. She said Yeah. Their finances fell through. For the other people. It's still for sale do you want me to make an offer I said yes. Make an offer for a thousand more than what's listed and tell him up a cash. So I got it. This is the vineyard. There were already grapevines producing. And my mother planted some seed from the Carlyle over in Greenville Tennessee and these now are two years old and twelve grapevines probably burn the others because they're infested with the fungus. This was the apple orchard that was already bearing. When I got there and the small trees are the apples that I've added some of which we did. Tina. At Greenville. The grafting class that the church did. We have some of those apple trees that we crafted that day. Growing on the property. And we started our the garden. Used raised beds and you can see some winter cover. Cover. Drapes there. That I have about an acre and a half of my land is cleared. I purchased five and a quarter a curse. Which came with this building along with two outbuildings one is a barn made out of old traditional Tennessee human hand who blogs. That's not pictured and in the garage that you see on the left which is where I live for several months while I was remodelling in fixing the problems ahead. Accumulated over time in the building you see on the right which is what I call a lodge. The cabin there was put in one hundred seventy two on that spot from four out of Pikeville they disassembled him and brought him together as one. And then the Lodge which is those four Gables you see towards the right. Extending back into the into the rear the picture. That is the addition that the previous owners had been working on for ten years. Which then was stopped when Archie Edwards. Passed away. This is a side view. The addition is five thousand square feet. I wasn't planning on that large of a place. You know that wasn't listed. I didn't know it. I went out thinking there was an. There was this log cabin building one hundred seventy two. Had pictures of the inside. And one other room which was the quote they called the. The addition of five hundred. My entered my Internet Explorer didn't show the whole paragraph. And so when I actually got to the real estate agent she printed out the page in a set and addition of five thousand square feet and know that the picture just showed a room those ten by fifty that was edition great I can do lectures there. There's five thousand square feet that chimney is about five to six feet across. So it's really nice to have fire in the when you can have like four people sitting in front of the fireplace with their toes up on the hearth. But. Me read you a quote that I got from spare prophecy that I read. After I had purchased this property has become one of my favorite quotations from the spirit of prophecy because it's so personal. By the way this can the retirement community is The Battle Creek. Of the United Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ down the street from my house. Was the church that was associated with the medical missionary named maker vast Wharton a physician a graduate from university of Michigan. And came to the same traced. Train Station cross with all the Sergeant York left to go to World War one. She arrived there. As a medical missionary and worked for forty five years before opening Cumberland Medical Center and Cross Hall Tennessee. She started with a two room. Sanatorium she called it. You should read a biography called Dr woman on the Cumberlands maker gravel worn. She mentions and I found a historical documents or museum. Visiting an unusual and unique I think was the phrase was an unusual and unique sanitarium. In Madison Tennessee. And she names a man by the name of a Sutherland. Who she studied with. During her stay. Do you know how many patients she lost during the Spanish influenza one gentle people died from the Spanish influenza. Eighteen million eight hundred men. So there's a connection between the sun that is church and Cumberland County Tennessee. But it's a very liberal church. They have a lesbian woman minister who has eaten supper with me. And that community is very open to bed you Terry Unism and are very interested to hear what admin this believe and are delighted that there is this doctor has bought the cabin that was abandoned on the top of the hill. Next to the home. The doctor makes a graphic warning live then she would have been my neighbor fifty years ago. Some crime of testimonies page one zero two. The Lord will work upon human minds. In unexpected quarters. Some who are apparently enemies of the truth will in God's providence. Invest their means to develop properties and erect buildings. In time. These properties will be offered for sale at a price. Far below their cost. Our people will write if they knew I didn't know. Our people will recognize the hand of providence in these efforts in these offers. And will secure valuable property for use in educational work. They will plan. Scuse me the men of means. Are and consciously preparing auxilary that will enable the Lord's people to advance his work. Rapidly. In various places. Properties are to be purchased. To be used for sanitarium purposes. Are people should be looking for opportunities to purchase properties away from the cities. On which our buildings. All ready. Erected and orchards. All ready. Bearing land is a valuable possession. I have been repeatedly shown that we are. It is not wise to wrecked. Mammoth institutions. Why. Some find the testaments page one zero to. Why should we do manifested to sions because they're unsustainable. I much of the practices are required. Are unsanctioned. And they are not reproducible. And you will not be able to advance the work quickly. I was really excited here Dr Natalie talk about the nursing program to get going to keep pumping out some nurses that can go to help churches and homes. Quickly and Vance and repair and reproduce. What they're doing. And a large scale. You know as much as I like lifestyle centers of America which close friend of our DR sure are worked. That place was non reproducible. There is no conference no church no longer going to put out two million bucks and staff and a place that big. But every single avenue home can be a sanitarium. You should be qualified to have those new star elements in your own home. That people can come and watch and learn from you as you do those things. OK. Questions I had said you'd asked about Dave Dave. So one of the first things you notice that my mind was center is not even done. But people are you started to come it just like the clinic I built near Darfur. Before the cements even drive got governors coming from cross the desert. By motorbike or donkey. Trying to get the doctor to see them we haven't even opened the clinic. So well Cross calls me up and says My daughter actually want to have a home birth. But her husband I'm finished building our home. Can we have your ark you are my grandbaby at your home. She assured him or I have I have room. As a bigger room. So they pick your room and. So I wasn't planning on it. But the doctors in was first a birthing center. Trust me the cost. That's and that family paid to have their child is much much much less than what they would have paid for a conventional birth. Gail the one who opened the door. Has an undiagnosed neuromuscular team. Syndrome and. She's doing much better with a little bit of a Roma therapy and some massage and such. Whereas the doctors at Vanderbilt another place haven't really helped her she hasn't been impressed with them. But she likes the natural approach that we take. She was talking with well. When Wall came to see the grandchild. While got her start on some things from that he has over at the mustard seed. Gail starts talk with Dave my Sawyer. Comes over and I put Dave in touch with Ashley. Put him in touch. First with with wall cross because they were stand in my driveway talking. And Dave got some alley men. Which is exceptionally concentrated form of garlic. And he meant in two days it says like America start feeling much much better and. So he's up in Pennsylvania every few printing from his limes doing fantastic I. He I don't remember if he went ahead and bought the doxycycline or not because you know I hadn't gone through one course was impressed with you went to see a specialist for Lymes up there but. David doing great he taught me how to use the saw mill but I had showed another picture. And one thing I'm doing with the. The trees that came down during the ice storm and of many of you know but come on account it was a disaster area. Fema came I took him two months to come. We lost three thousand light poles and. So I'm building furniture out of the wood that's down. Because if you know if you haven't noticed you go shopping for furniture if you want to furnish a room. And then live for five thousand dollars minimum. Question. You might refer them to it if they needed. But I think I tried to make that clear to the case that cute tertiary care medicine is unsustainable. On sanction and it's not scalable psych doesn't really have a partner and not that I. I don't have a part I do I practice. You know anesthesiology. I'm sure I was glad when Dave Kellogg had appendicitis. He come to our our O.R.C. and have surgery. And there are places for it. But by and large and as a world global thrust. For medical missionary in the last times. As one of the other speakers pointed out it will be the last thing we do. And if it's the last thing we do and we cannot buy or sell. I can assure you you will not be an acute character sure hospital. So if you're going to get ready for that you need to change the way you think. Now the question. Yeah they keep coming up the hill is and he said we want to see your place where it just had a block party. Of retired people have block parties and fifteen people came over my house and we gathered around the fireplace and had dinner. Talked about the food they were eating which a grew in the garden. Talk a little about vegetarianism in the hopes for teaching people how to care for themselves and avoid being transferred to come alone Medical Center. And when you're in your seventy's that's a kind of a conversation people are interested in having. So that's kind of what's going on right now. I hope to involve some younger people. So they can learn how to do dry wall. Some basic carpentry. Gardening hydrotherapy has not a lot of places you can go that's going to teach you that. Usually people drop out of high school and fall into a journeyman position to learn. Carpentry or construction. It's not considered a very noble pursuit and L.-Y. makes it clear that if you can do those type of things you're really not ready for the mission field. If you're not ready and I've been with Michelle and that's why I learned how to build. SUPER it overheat. Buildings for you know Darfur area and over and Chad because I just didn't feel I wanted to to pay seventy nine thousand dollars for container. Seven hundred thousand dollars to ship that containers are now they're caught Connett several thousands of dollars to bribe your way through every single customs checkpoint until it reaches your site. And then twenty five hundred dollars per head. To fly an American over there with a cordless drill. To screw together. Those one day opens. OK. It just wasn't something I wanted to do and I appreciate Mehran office work and I've slept in their buildings. But not more than just a few nights because it's intolerable. Slept outside with the gunfire in the streets and Mon Dieu. So I just don't think that not being able to build is not a good. Characteristic for missionary. You've got to be able to build Sistan Chile I think substantially I think is the prey she uses. Is that answer questions. Follow. No program show no one overnight. Oh yeah the retired mother who helps. She lives in the garage apartment after I found I'm finishing her apartment in the lodge. Someone someone had mentioned the economics and I done. I think I'm out of time. So I'm from Canada asked me about the economics he would do with you know finances most in my county has told me if we set it up as a wellness education center. Rather than a bed and breakfast to the doctor's an idea. It's be can beat F. and Ashley and attacks and lot from a law stance standpoint. Much more at advantageous. So she can be an employee. She can live there I cannot. I live in my cabin. Yes it's physically attached but there's doors that bolt and suspected Lee separate the two facilities. It's a facility is a run off. Different energy sources and power and different footprints. And so all that stuff can be separated and not have to run it like a a restaurant or a bed and breakfast. It is primarily my home. And anybody who wants to come and visit me in my home. And if I invite them to stay for three months. It's my home. I'm free to do that whether or not they pay me money or not doesn't really matter because it's my home. You know if you have some estate your night stand your house for a night or two years been twenty to thirty dollars extra in food and hot water and a place from the stay. How is that compared to the one million dollars per bed per night bigger. Pretty favorable. I think we're at a time like this. Oh yeah oh yeah. It's about as dangerous as you. Opening something in your house for a potluck on Sabbath and talking about the sermon. That's how much more liable you are. Because it your home is not a business. He wanted to businesses you're going to get in some legal technicalities that it probably need lawyers and accountants. If it's your home. It's your home. That's Caleb. Another question on up. Oh yes I am a little. Well there's no mortgage. I pay four hundred ninety dollars in taxes per year. I can cut wood to heat it. With three stories the first floor is pretty cool in the summer even without electricity. To I get solar panels. A lot of people in that area. I mentioned Dave Meyer he's he was the C.S.A. farmer. On people in the area want locally grown food. So you can sustain yourself with local produce of your certain I can make an anesthesiologist salary. But it is enough to feed yourself we had a meal the other night when to fit everything that came out of our garden is feasible but people are not used to living like that your great grandparents were your grandparents probably knew how your parents might not. You probably definitely don't. And your kids. I can assure you would never imagine living out of our. That's a problem. That is a problem if you truly believe they're coming a time or you cannot buy or sell. Those are serious problems and no one seems to want to address the S.S.A. to believe that agriculture. You've got basically spa type services like massage I have a dry sauna. Entertainment system on the inside and you'll have to have that the people are looking for a place to come and be to enjoy themselves. Yeah I don't have T.V. or. I have internet but it doesn't work well so I don't consider it Internet. Now the question and yes if you need to go please go. And then back your. I can if I want you can take donations I think technically legally you can take donations them. I don't need to right now. My account. So who's out of Nashville and also some damage this is look if you start having people there. More nice to not will talk. And we can arrange things in between and you can probably charge for stuff like that but for now I'm not charging any money. Then how many of you charge people to come over and have potluck. So that everybody seems to want to go with it well how I'm going to make this a business actually make money and such but that'll come. The Lorcan Lord will take care that you just need to be operational first. Another question. And the maybe we ought to stop. Now my mom practices for anesthesiology not for labor delivery. So I have delivered my These ends of deliver five kids at C.M.C. because the labor and delivery. Couldn't contact the O.B. G.Y.N. in time. And so I caught the babies. I can do that they're entirely inside secret. Whether you're liable or not if somebody wants to sue you. They will. Whether or not you should be held accountable for the actions of bad outcomes or not will be decided by a jury of nobody even ear. Your peers. If you find that some is going to sue you. This is not the line of work for you. If that's all it takes to keep you from helping someone. And spend time with with you in your own home and offer them assistance. This isn't your line of work. Bit of a pushed out babies for. What six thousand years without labor dinner and I have good friends who are ops Jewish center know no disrespect but you know the price you pay for. No specialized care is a higher death rate. That's the price you pay. But it will be the price that we're going to get back to because people can't pay for a layman delivery serves. This media was brought to you by audio groups a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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