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The Christian Dental Practice a Center of Influence!: Keys to Making Your Dental Practice Thrive

Calvin Kim


In Dr. Kim’s private office room, the painted writing above his door is a reminder of his purpose as an Adventist dentist! It says, “You are now entering the mission field”. He believes that every Adventist dental office is a local center of influence in their community. Much of what Dr. Kim does in his practice to share Jesus with others, he has gleaned from others and considers it a privilege to share these insights with you. 
  • Practical tools to help your practice to be an effective center of influence. 
  • Simple and practical solutions for achieving success by ministering to their needs and winning their confidence.
  • Identifying the #2 criteria for a successful practice! 


Calvin Kim

Co-founder & Director, F5 Challenge



  • October 30, 2015
    2:00 PM
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My name is Calvin Kim and I live in Washington State with might be to fal wife and two girls. And I practiced dentistry full time. I also service a director of a ministry called army Bible camp some of you may have heard of it as a couple faces that have been to our camps and were ministry dedicated to arming God's people with tools with difficulty Bible through. Deeper Bible study. Prayer and witnessing. One of things that I really appreciate dentist or the flexibility that gives me to be able to do ministry inside the practice and outside the practice. I've been to a man before. It's been a real blessing to me. One of things that a man has done for me is reinforce my commitment to vandalism in the workplace. As well as just be a great resource in us if you're just by your heads with me. Let's start with prayer just father. We just want to thank you for your wish blessings. Well thank you for this time together. I just pray that I would be a conduit for your for you to speak through me. And that you would be glorified. And just name I pray Amen. I'm going to just start off with just a couple pictures. My wife and I will. You know we really wanted to statics of our office to reflect our faith. Years ago I was very sick. And I had gone to this position he was asked to shit. In this office was very outdated. But it had a very godly atmosphere. And it was so comforting to me. During that time as I was going through that. And so his office was kind of inspiration behind our office you see over there. Our fireplace on top of the mantle. We have a prayer books. I learned about this Amen. Is this what it says we realize this office is a place of business. But we want you to know that your doctor believes in prayer. If you have something specific you would like him to pray for. Please take the time to write your prayer with Quest on the index card above and place in the box your name optional. Additionally the doctor enjoys giving Bible study to his patients. If you like to learn more about the Bible or Bible prophecy please indicate on the card and leave your name and number. The doctor will be happy to contact you a schedule a time to meet with you for one on one or group studies. I find dentistry to be very gratifying. But having bible studies with a patient is very satisfying. Quick story I just had a patient a spacious tell me the story yesterday. She had prayed that God would help him find the right dental office. And when he walked into our office and he saw the per box. He knew that God answered his prayer. Now. She had left a request. It was a typical request and his request was how do you. How do you memorize Bible chapters. Or what is for method. Not your typical question. I happen to be on a journey to memorize the book of John I'm actually almost done I'm finally on the last chapter The Because John. And so I contacted him. We met together. Had a chance to share with him the things that I've been using pneumonic techniques to help memorize that lead to Bible studies and now we're saying the Bible together. All as a result of this problem. And so this is something that's very simple to do and something I would encourage just seriously think about because it's so simple to do but there are so many blessings. They can come from this. For bucks this is the tree of life there Terekhov visited Steve change office he'll be the next beaker. And I saw this tree of life that attracts and really like the way that it looked. Because it looks so classy. From what I know I don't believe they sell it anymore it amazing facts because. Because I think during shipping this thing tends to break. But you can check with them but amazing facts is just a great resource for literature. Another place that I get a lot of my literature is from around the publishes because I can purchase in a box. I find the best time to hand literature to patients will plenty of patients will take it also there. But a good time is when your patient is really thankful and they're really happy. And they're thanking you just a great time to hand them over normally I'll say something like this I'll say you know this is book that I really love. And I love handing out to my patients and sometimes I just signed my name at all say. Thanks for being a great patient. And I'll sign my name. Hoping they won't throw it away. Since they wrote them a little note in there I believe that every seventy avenues dental clinic is a center of influence. Now. This was a very simple thing that we did is we had a local artist come in it was a very inexpensive and she just she wrote scripture on the wall for us and so this is right behind the front desk as soon as the patients walk in most patients have a. A bit of anxiety when they come to the dental office. As the here. Philippians four six Be anxious for nothing. And then on the left is the Nathan green painting. Of course with G.'s over the dentist that. My best friend had gotten for me as a gift. This is painted in my private office. This is George Miller favorite text Psalms eighty one ten. Open dime out the wide and I will fill it. I just think for the dentist I just love to do up occasion. The local application. And the spiritual application. Now you probably all know what that dentist favorite him is right. That's right. Crown him with many crowns. This is our hygiene up a Tory in this little plaque this what it says the Bible that's falling apart often belong to someone who isn't. Now my husband's wishes tell me how much she loves this little plaque. Patients will come in and sit down and see that so true. They'll be people really have no religious persuasion they'll sit and she'll see them. Pondering on this. The words of this plaque. And she says some people. Several people have told her. My grandmother had a Bible that was falling apart. And they relate the plaque to the nurturing of their grandmother. And so what this does is this little plaque is just a great little conversation piece. Conversation starter. This practice happens to be in the country. And so we kind of got a country. Feel to this mother practices in the city. And it's and we don't have tripped on the wall we have different things at the up. At that practice. But I'm just showing you pictures from this particular office. I had this painted. I had this written right above my doorway you are now entering the mission field. Just as a cost a reminder that for each one of us. The world is our mission field. I once asked the patient. If she would like me to pray with her. I'm pretty sure she started crying in this way she said she said something to the fact of. I have no one to pray with. It made me realize that for some people or our offices may be the only exposure to spiritual influence or gospel truth. That they may be encountering on a regular basis for me it was almost kind of a foreign thing that she had no one to pray with. Because most of us we have so many people to pray with. When I was asked to do a presentation here at the Amen conference. They specified that they wanted to be a topic that would qualify for dental continue as you can credit. So you will be receiving C. credit for this presentation. The topic that I will be presenting on his practice growth. I believe that every dental Aves dental office is a center of influence and should be thriving. A Well one. Dental off dead officer deltas priest glory to God and increases are affecting this. For witness. Now the reason why I chose this topic. It's it's well. It's a topic that I feel very comfortable presenting on. And it's one of the aspects of dentistry that I enjoy the most. In fact so much so that my last three dental practices have all been scratched our practices from the ground up. My wife and I know that any success and also because we've had through our business has been a direct result of God's blessings on the practice. And the implementation of principles founded in God's word. Now these are busy. These are by a biblical principles. So they can be applied to any business enterprise or endeavor for true success. Our last practice that we set up private about two three years ago. Just live over time for about three years ago. Was set up in a business center that already had four existing dentists and one of them was a children's dentist. We didn't do any demographic studies. Because from our experience. These principles. Work so well because they're God's methods that we knew we would have no problem. And God has blessed this practice. Now there are many aspects. When it comes to addressing the growth of a business such as marketing and advertising strategies. Knowing how to put a winning team together. Is very critical. Knowing how to put effective systems in place. Being able to deliver competent and reliable service. But I believe that the most important thing is what I'll be focusing today. Which I believe to be the most important aspect of business success. OK. And that is the key to business success is having the right core values and effectively translating them into every day business. Core values are fundamental beliefs. The fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. There's a guiding principle that guides and dictates our behavior in action. What we do in our practice and what we don't do is guided by our core values. For example. Water bowl was known for everyone knows that no for safety their core values are quality. Safety and environmental care. So if they produced a new car they could go faster better gas mileage. But not as compromise and safety. What would they do. The answer would be obvious. Because we know what their core values are. We all love Whole Foods. Or as some people call them whole paychecks. Because they cost so much. One of their core values is we sell the highest quality natural Gannett products available. Would you agree that is what they are known for. That's what we know Whole Foods for a company that I admire greatly. Although I've never bought anything from there. Is that both who sort of Zappa's examples went from almost no self. To a billion dollars in sales. In just ten years. Selling shoes online. And here's how they did it. Here's one of their core values. The first one of the first quarter use deliver Wow through service. This company's been called insane and fanatical for the way it will do anything to please its customers. Let me give you just two examples. A customer service rep. Physically went to a rival shoe store to get a specific pair of shoes for a woman staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas. When that post ran out of stock. Customer service call center reps. Have training for seven weeks before their full speed in the call center. They have a record for the longest time that one of their service reps was on the phone. Ten hours and twenty nine minutes. And most of that call wasn't even about customer service it was about. What's it like to live in Vegas because the Zappa's station in Vegas. At the end. They sold her a pair of pair of UGS I believe is a she could be. Now. The company does not view this incident as bad news. Now why should it. Why should a. This just made news. The first quarter value is deliver while to service. And they are living up to their name and. They were acquired by Amazon for one point two billion dollar. Stock deal. Where values are critical to business success. Now if you don't have personal core values. Or if they're ambiguous or unclear it might be difficult to actually create core values for your practice or business. But by virtue of you sitting here for this presentation. I will submit that all of us have a similar worldview. And that we all have similar core values which are founded in God's word. During this presentation I why didn't apply a few basic core values. That should be a given for any Christian enterprise. These concepts are so very simple to grasp almost elementary as you will see it there are no shortage of businesses to struggle and fail to thrive. This failure stems from a number of reasons. The first reason that core values do not become a part of the culture of the business is because the leaders or the senior executives. Do not live them. And I'm actually going to go through example for you'll see this later on whether your core values are written or not said or unsaid. If you lived in your office will know exactly what they are as they will see and demonstrate in day to day business. If there are no core values. Then guess where the focus lot land. The focus lands on making as much money as you can. And that will be perceived by your patients or your customers. Other reasons or lack of intention. Intentionality lack of insight. Or just plain blind spots. Another is people can be myopic. Their short sighted. They don't see the bigger picture. And they can't see the forest for the trees. When they are short sighted. It may appear to counterintuitive. Now here's a definition of counterintuitive. Contrary to intuition or to common sense expectation. But often nevertheless Chu So let me give you a good illustration of something. Counterintuitive. This is what Martin Luther said. Won't work work from morning until late at night. In fact I have so much to do that I shall see how to spend the first three hours of my day in prayer. This is very counter-intuitive. If you are so busy. How can you spend three hours just in prayer. But you and I would agree that less time in the day with God's blessings. Will compress more than a full day without God's blessings. And while we would agree how many of us would actually spent three hours in prayer on a very busy day. So even though we can intellectually grasp the concept. Not many will implement this into their own life. And so do you understand the point I'm trying to make with this illustration. I want to do she to a basic concept that I learned years ago. From HOWARD Fran. He's the founder of dental town. Some of you may know who he is. It's called the Purple Cow concept. Imagine you're driving down the highway. And you're just going through fields. And you see a brown cow a blackout Spotted Cow Holsteins jerseys Brown Swiss. You're seeing cow after Cal. And then you happen to see. Bill pretty. Purple Cow. Who see the Kalak this before. You know it of Kalak this before. If you saw Kalak this would you remember this cal. Why because it's so unusual it's so different. So let me illustrate a purple Cal. Before I was a dental school is priority thousand years ago. I was in a prevent toll class at Pacific in college and. We had a guest lecturer he was a dentist his last name was Payne P.A. why any. Now that's not an unusual name. Now maybe it's a new it's not an ideal name for dentals doctor pain. But it's first name was Darryl. And his middle name was B. It was there will be pain. Now if you stay is named there will be pain. There will be pain. There will be pain just imagine walking to his office and goes Hello welcome to my office. There will be pain. I never forgot his name. Because it was so different now that illustrates the concept of a purple cow. There's a book called the Purple Cow transform your business by being remarkable. I'm going to give you a practical thing that we did at my office. It's typical after a dental visit for kids to build a go to a toy box or a treasure box and pick out some tiny little cheap toys. And we had better office. And so I thought of doing something different I had an empty opportunity room. And so what I did was I decorated and I put a basketball hoop in there and we called it our game room. And so when the kid was done. They got to go and then they had to make one basket. To win their prize. But if you could make ten baskets you can win this huge remote control race car that has to be on the shelf. The kids love the game room. Now. What was so unique about the game. No one else had a game. In fact. My front desk told me that someone called asking are you guys a dental office with a game room. OK. Now. The fact that someone called us asking about it confirmed that someone out there was talking about it. Now this is just a silly example I sold the office years ago. And along with the office there was a game room. And so I no longer have this in my office because I don't have room you kind of have to have a room for this. But anyways I'm trying to illustrate the point of a purple cow. Is the way that you do business. Remarkable. Are you able to differentiate yourself from all the other dentists in town. I will submit that in the self-centered greedy. World that we live in we're selfishness and mediocrity seems to be celebrated. It is not difficult to be remarkable. All you have to do is differentiate yourself from the rest of the world. And the best way to differentiate yourself from the world is found in the Word of God. The ways of God are just completely antithetical to the ways of the world. Our best example of this is Jesus Jesus was remarkable. Jesus worthy of notice and attention. And we can expect core values for growing a dental practice. From how she's conducted his life. First of all. Geez it was intentional. And he was deliberate in everything he did. And John for four is a very simple verse and it says. And he must needs go to some area. Can you sense intentionality in that verse. Why did he have to go to some area. Because there was a woman at the well. And he had a divine appointment with her. Minister of healing page one forty three one We are all familiar with Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people. What is the goal of any business is to reach the people. The more people you can reach the bigger your business will grow. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed a sympathy for the minister to their needs and wonder confidence. Then he bade them. Follow me. There is a definite order of progression as to how Jesus reached the people. We were told. This will give true success. Was the first thing he did he mean gald with men as one who desired their good. So here's a simple core value. A commitment to desired good for every one of your patients. Now Jesus is method works so well that you don't even have to be a Christian to make this work for you who hears heard of great Glassman. And we heard a great customer could probably consider the most powerful man in fitness today. He's the owner. He owns one hundred percent. Has no board of directors to answer two of the fastest growing workout chains in the world. Cross it. He recently found of Suffolk the Harvard Business School. And he was invited to share the secrets behind cross its meteoric wrote. Here's what he said. You like metrics. You like money where the fastest growing large fan on earth. We have broken all records. Great goes on to say. I'm not trying to grow business. I'm doing the right things for the right people for the right reasons. I want to understand what he's saying here. His goal was not chasing dollars he was trying to do the right thing for people. The result is meteoric growth of his business. Now that sounds counterintuitive. If you want your business to grow you should focus on growing the business focused on profit margins. Analyzing market trends and said he's not focusing on the business but the business exploding. Based on what he said we can assume that one of his core values is a commitment to doing the right thing for people. Now there are newer enterprises like Virgin Atlantic and first direct bank that have been invariably successful. By creating a culture of focusing on people. Sadly businesses that can embrace an excuse that principals are very much in the minority. Jesus focused on the people and as a result. He won their confidence. If you can win the confidence of your patient. You don't have to sell them dentistry. They will do whatever you recommend because they know that you have their best interest at heart. They'll send in their spouse and their kids to all their family friends and neighbors and your business will thrive at worst or explode at best. Imagine if each of your patients become it walking billboard for you in your practice or business. Invasion the exponential growth that is possible. If you want your don't practice to grow. You want them to accept your tree implants. If you want to exert a spiritual influence in their lives what if it is that you were aiming for the key is to win their confidence based on my experience this is my definition. OK. The simplest definition of confidence is full trust. How do you when they're full trust. Based on my experience this is my definition of how you when somebody Stross it's the cumulative effect of little things or experiences that lend itself to building trust. Now this is why we need to trust your patience is such a vital key to success in business. We're told the greatest one of the world is the want to men. And I'm going to summarize the rest of quote which is basically men who are true and honest. This quote tells us that there is a lack of something necessary in the world. By the simple definition of the law of supply and demand. If you can supply that which is lacking. You will be busier than you will want to be. Now someone may be thinking but I am honest. And I do have integrity. I care for my patients but my business is still not thriving or struggling. I truly believe that most dentists have integrity and seek to do the best for their patients where many are failing in winning confidence in their patients is not that they don't have integrity. Or that they don't have the clinical skills. Is that they are perceived as not having integrity and perception is very important because you may be the most honest person. But if they perceive that you are not. You will not gain the confidence. Often we have to lie in spots and I'm hoping through this presentation that we will expose some of these blind spots where I start with an example. This is a neighboring dentists and one nearby one of the practice that I have he's a young gentleman. Of a certain religious persuasion that lends itself to strong integrity. And I know I know him personally. And he has he has a very good character. I would never question the integrity any but the practice from a retiring older dentist a younger dentist has been out of school for a few years. And then he moved up to Washington. As we bought this practice. And I've had quite a few patients transfer to my office from his office. And I'm going to say that this kind of scenario is very common. Why do you think the patients are leaving his office. The most simplest answer. OK. He's not one of the confidence. OK For whatever reason he's not when the conference. So they're leaving. Now I'm going to give you some facts. And I know some of the facts because I have a guy who works for me that used to work there. And plus I know what the patients are telling me the new dentist has a totally different style. From the old dentist. The old guy style is more conspicuous My He just retired he's more conservative. If it's not broke don't fix it approach the new dentist tiles that's cleaned up get the whole stuff out in in with the new new dentist comes up with a very good thorough trim plan that is best for the patient. But probably costly. Patients confused. I've been seeing the old dentist for years she told me all this is just fine. And now you tell me I need all this new work. So I'm going to summarize what the problem is though he's an honest and good dentist is true implants are the best interest of the patient. You cannot tell a patient that has been seen a dentist for years and years. They need all this new treatment. When you haven't won their confidence first. So they are leaving him. And looking for a second opinion. By this time. It's too late. I see this kind of stuff happen. All the time. It is it has to be because it was a practiced transition. It could be because some. But he just moved into your town. And they'd been seen the old enough for years and they just found you and your the new dentist. So I'm going to tell you what I would do in the situation. First my goal is to connect with each patient. Connecting means try and develop an interpersonal relationship. Find common ground. Something to connect on. It can be as simple as. Where did you move your from. Sometimes I find out that they move from California. I'm from California. With start talking about that. Showing interest in them. What did you do this summer. Is there anything exciting going on in your life. People like you when you ask questions about them. Then I will start my exam. When I'm done with my exam. I do a presentation with as many of my new patients as possible. I share on. Why patients and up and dentures. I was highlighting period is the influence and the reasons for flocking I tell my hardly ever floss until I learn the stuff and dental school. It is done in an interesting and when some way. Can't be boring. When I'm done. You know my will my patients will say they'll say things like this. I've never had anyone explain it to me like that before. What am I trying to do. I'm trying to win their confidence. The patients are seen that I care enough for their well being to take the time to educate and teach them what is going on in their mouth. And how they can keep their teeth and save money because people love to save money. If the sense you're trying to save them money. This is a very quick way to earn their trust in this kind of a situation. Or for us. It could be a new patient who just moved into town left a former dentist who they have been seeing for years. My goal is really to be as conservative as possible. Ideally I hope I don't find anything. You know why. Because when I tell the patient we haven't found anything. Everything looks great you're good for another six thousand miles keep it up. Patients are happy. I want to make the patients happy on the first visit. Remember. What's the most important visit. The first visit. This is first impressions. But. However if I find needed treatment such as active carries or a cracked tooth that needs a crown. I want to show it to the patient so they can see it for themself. I want to show it to them on their way to graph show it to him in the mouth. Use explore so they can feel and see the crack or feel the stick and what do you feel that stickiness. And by the time I hadn't done. They know exactly what they need. Because I've explained it to them. They don't need to get a second opinion. They're already convinced that they need that treatment. It's like a contractor telling you you need a new expensive he pumped for your house. And you're scratching your head and wondering do I really trust this guy. Do I really need one. Or do I need a second opinion versus a contract that tells you you need to keep him. Explained to you how he pumps work. He explains you. What went wrong with your he pump. Then he shows you why your he pump is broken. And when he's done you're told a contest. I need a new pump. The key is educating the patient. Educating lead to understanding and this will lead to trust. Now what this dentist should have been doing is over time. Building the patients confidence. And as time goes on the patient keeps coming back recall after recall then he should start to educate them. As to their need to start replacing the old fillings. And she to restore the patient's now to what he believes is best for the patient. Because you and I know that there is not just one treatment option for patients is like remodeling a house. There are ten different options and ten different directions. That you can go to go through. And so this is an example of a dentist who has great integrity has a great person I'm sure does great dentistry. But lacking the ability to win the confidence of his patients. As a result his business is affected negatively. Now we go to neck and nother example. This is just an online review of a random. Dentist. The staff. Obviously put a lot of effort in there and offices appearance. Making me wonder at the prices I pay. Every visit they have tried to up sell their price oral cancer screening. Teeth whitening service or cosmetic Invisalign. I will be looking for more custom oriented dentist for my next cleaning. This is not the first visit every visit. They've been going to this dentist and over time what's happened is their trust has eroded. Because of their experience. Now. What do you think that the patient views. Is their core value of this office. Its money. And when the patient views that that wait there goes a confidence. Now. Now they're looking for a more customer oriented Dennis what does that mean a customer oriented dentist someone that they perceive is genuinely caring and trustworthy. This is what the world is looking for. But in defense of the dentist. Let's observe this from his point of view What Could He Be Thinking. People should appreciate that we put a lot of effort into our appearance. We want to look nice for patients. Oral cancer screening. That's for the benefit of the patient. We're doing this we want to save lives. Teeth whitening services. This is even biblical Genesis forty one twelve says his eyes will be darker than one his teeth why are the milk. Invisalign. It's a great alternative to braces for people wanting to straighten their keys. THE DENTIST. May have had good intentions. But they have lost a patient now. What do you think the patients. And so here is another example of where the patient pretty something that's negative. Here's another online. Review of another dentist. Good dentist. Good dental hygienist cons. Always Trying To some Invisalign of teeth like me. It's really simple. Stop doing it. Ask about the first visit say we have the services available if you just let us know but don't ask after that people get tired of that. Now. He already said. This person or if it is a good dentist. It's a good dental hygienists. If they would just stop the other stuff they would just be good if they would just. If this. If this. In this kind of us know if they would just realize that they can only stop trying to always sell all. To the patient and didn't annoy the patient perhaps the patient would be referring his and her friends. To the office and they would have so many patients. They didn't always have to try and sell dentistry. Your show I'm saying no. Do you know how many good dentist make this mistake and lose the confidence of their patients. There are high Genest are trained to do this sell dentistry. Patients in general. Hate high pressure sales. A patient may succumb to the high pressure. And they may say OK and agree to it. But what happens when they leave the office. They get buyer's remorse. And that leaves a really bad taste in their mouth. How many of you have been to a timeshare presentation. OK. OK there's there's a number of us. If you haven't. Don't ever go. I hope I never go again. Do you want your patients when they walk in for a cleaning to dread the up sell. When they come into your clinic. And a lot of dentist they do this in a high just do this they do it. Sincerely thinking they're doing the best for their patients. But what it is it's detrimental to your practice. Whenever I hire new staff. Some of them including one of my dental says. I have to train them to stop pushing treatment on patients. This is not allowed in our office because it goes against our core value. Some have been so trained to do this is very difficult to stop on the other hand some Hi Jennifer just so thankful to be working our office where we don't put this kind of under want and water pressure on our patients. Is I was literally putting this presentation together I happen to check our Yelp reviews and this was the latest. That was just posted. Now another way the whole thing but I want you to want to be the first part super impressed I just moved to the Sary and put off going to the dentist for quite a while soley because finding a good dental office is a pain in the bud. This you know that that's how the. Some people the public feel about having to find a good dental office. I'm going to get to the bottom of my. It was actually my associate who saw the patient so I looked them up they said. I do need to have some extra things done. But they were pushy or fear mongering about it which is awesome. They just gave me the information and the quote in that was that. Clean teeth. Hala. What do we do to be awesome. We just didn't pressure her. We were pushy we gave the information. And then we put it in her hands. You know what I'm saying now. In our office. We are intentional about not being pushy or high pressured. In fact. I don't want any of our patients feeling pressured. As this leads to distrust. We use education and recommendations. We don't try and sell dentistry is. It's not hard to win a patients confidence. Annoying and updating patience is a sure way. Not to win the confidence. Anything in our office. That will not lend itself to building trust or compas impatience. I want tensional eliminate. For example. I intentionally do not sell any products in my office except for and my peace and white meat gel. We sell whitening gel because that's where you get your white meteorite for the dentist's. I sell my pace because it's very difficult for the patient to find it if they need it. And so I have it there is a surface. As a service. But I do not have a wall with marked up we tell products on my wall. Deliberately because I don't want to come across a dentist. Whose coffee trying to sell things. Now. My first question our office was down the street from the Sonicare headquarters. In fact the C.E.O. of sonic it was my patient. We had really good relationships with them. And of course they want to sell Sonicare in my office. I didn't sell Sonicare in my office. Do you know why. I would tell my patients to go and buy to Costco. Because it's cheaper. Do you think the patients appreciate that. And I think that I might have maybe had a few maybe my to still want to and I may have realized this not a good idea. But I tell patients. Go to Costco. Because what I don't want happening is is. Let's see. I sold it to them for five or ten dollars more cost them can sell things for pretty cheap and there are costs going they go Oh wow. I've got about a year for five dollars cheaper or ten dollars or twenty dollars cheaper. And I don't want any of that kind of perceived negativity. In my office. I am intentionally. And deliberately trying to build trust with every patient. Now here's a great core value. You can use this for your office. A commitment to win the confidence of every patient. How's that one. OK Come straight a quote from Mystery healing about winning the conference so. A commitment to win the confidence of every patient. Use this as a barometer. As to when you make policies. Whether it is in line with your core value or not let me give you a perfect example. Lot of offices have had offices have a policy where they don't just discuss fees. Over the phone. Why is this policy in effect. Is just for the benefit of the patient or for the office. This policy is clearly for the benefit of the office in life. If you ask someone a direct question. And they evade you. That does not lent to building trust. And many offices will say things like oh you need to come into office and and they you know they had to come up with their reasons and they want discussed fees or the phone. Now I'm going to tell you what my office manager has told me. Patients call all the time asking for fees and when we are straightforward with them pay thank us and tell us a lot of offices. Won't share this information then they scheduled appointment with us. When they ask how much is the filling. She will say something like this. This is a hard answer because think prices can vary depending on the surface. But our fees range from here to there. Of course once we come in then we can give them an exact estimate of what their the team is that they're needing. If you have this policy. Ask your front desk what their reaction is of people who call in asking for the fee and I'm pretty sure I can tell you that they'll tell you that the people are your tainted. When they call. I had a gal working for me. A patient called. And she want to know the fees. In this gal was trained in another office and she would not tell the feel for the phone. I was like Are you kidding me. I can't remember if the person. Hung up. Or the person was so upset I don't know what happened. It wasn't good. And I made and so for us it's a policy in our office that. It's something that I have that my staff know that we give fees over the phone. Now here's just one example we do in our office to build trust. It begins with our website if you're familiar with my far from dental town he's also the creator the dental blog in a lawyer. He really emphasizes on personalizing your website not using canned content. Now why not because Can conscious generic that just makes you like every other office. So I have personalized I'm going to reach you what it says on our website. Now in our content you can see our core values reflected. One of my core values which should be all of ours is Matthew seven twenty one. Do you want to Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. In this what it says. I would like to personally welcome you to our website. My goal is to treat our patients. Exactly the same way that I would want to be treated. So what does that mean. I will tell you what I would look for in a dentist. I would want to dentist at practices with upmost integrity. Them is someone who is honest. Even if no one is looking. I would want to test a stand by all of their work. I would want to dentist with gentle hands a six to provide the most painless denture possible. And will listen to what I have to say last of all I don't appreciate pushy salespeople. And I would want to dentist. That doesn't put undue pressure on me to do things I do not want or makes me feel like they recommend unnecessary treatment. If this is the kind of dentist you're looking for I'm confident that you'll be happy with our services. Please look through our website and get to know us. If you go to the small gallery. You can see actual before and after cases that I have done personally. My personal cell phone number is recorded on an answer machine. And any of our patients can reach me at any time for any questions or needing an emergency dentist. If you would like to ask me any questions please feel free to call me directly on my cell phone. At two zero six five seven nine nine two seven nine in that is arse that is my cell phone number. It is my personal guarantee that I will not stop until my patients comfortable and happy with their dental care. Many smiles and blessings. Calvin cam our website works well for us. If you if you want you're welcome to use this Burbage. All I ask is. Stand by what you are promising to deliver. How do I come up with core values. All I did was compile those things that patients really want from a dentist and then compile the things that patients really don't like and what we're telling them is we're going to give you what you want and not give you what's in try our best not to give you what you don't want this kind of dentist that you would want. OK. We're told officials you want an honest dentist. We will deliver integrity. Now I have come to find out through my professional experience that integrity means different things that different people. I always tell I often don't interview Otome. How important take reducing the always tell me how important is to them to. And then I'll catch him saying some silly lie. Like oh you know. I told my new phone. That I'm still working for this other employer because they give me a discount. And I'm like Are you realizing you're just tell me that you lied. Just to get a discount. When I'm working on a child in the child is saying things like this are going to give me a shot or you can make shot. And I have an assistant she'll say some like. Nope. You're not gonna get a shot. I will talk to the system afterwards. I'll say you're lying to the child. Don't do that. There are other ways to handle these things. But that's how core values are translated into everyday business. By them seeing how you are living at the core values. And so to me integrity. Absolutely important. Sometimes I may see what looks like a cavity in a tooth because an X. ray looks like a radio Lucy and I O. put it in there's nothing there. I will tell the patient. It looks like those cavity we open it there's nothing there. I'm not going to charge for it. Do you think that lends to man this doesn't know what he's doing. Or do you think that lends itself to building confidence and trust. Now. We will treat you the way. We want to be treated. That is do want to others as you want them to do unto you. You don't want pain. We want to be as painless as possible. I wish that I had time to just talk about the different distraction techniques we use at our office. Sometimes if I've got a child who's really difficult. I have my sister spray water and suctioning while I'm given the anaesthetic the child just thinks we're just cause. Suctioning. And so we use distraction techniques. Distraction techniques work very well if you're going to give a horse an injection are going to stab the horse with a Big twelve gauge needle or would you maybe slap the horse and then give it a shot. So the horse is kind of distracting doesn't relate just got a shot. We do this on animals like when you know it just comes natural when you're given a shot to a cat or dog you shake that cat or dog especially my wife's whole sometimes session in the one of us and give the shot. But it's amazing how many people don't do that with patients. I have seen patients just stick that. I mean. Dr stick that needle right into the palate. Pressure techniques there are there's a lot of techniques out there and when I get into it for the sake of time but there are things that you can do now. We try to make this an emphasis in our office. That we try to make this painless. I like to say to my patients before I start. I'm going to try to make this is painless as possible. I'm trying to give them reassurance. Can we make our shots one hundred percent. Painless. No we can't. But I tell you what I think we do more so than a lot of the offices around us. Because this is one of our emphasis. This is one of our purple cow something we want to. We want to deliberately do because it's something we know that universally all patients hate getting the injections. I was told recently. Well I have been told by my staff that my current associate is very painful injections. This makes me very happy. As it is a part of our core value. The reality is that most of us all in here if we took our time. We can all get very painless injections we've been doing it long enough. We can all do it but the. But the point is are you making. In an emphasis in your office. So sometimes patients will say things like this man I had a dentist years ago I used to do that for me. Only I mean you guys do this so well. Now we emphasize to our patients not only on our website but in the office. That we stand by our work. Don't hesitate to contact us. We do this for the same reason people love Cosco in or shot because they have such great return policies. Does this cost them a lot of money. Of course it does and why did they do it because it makes them so much more money. And so if a patient is unhappy for any reason don't worry come back and we'll read do it or all refund you back your money. No fuss no muss. Now is it difficult for now shifting when you have a policy that you're emphasizing like this because I tell my new patients. I say and by the way. I just want to let you know we stand by our work. Now when you tell patients that and you imprecise that the important thing obviously is to make sure you get it done right the first time. But sometimes we have reduced. Sometimes I have to give a refund on a rare occasion. Do you think that's painful or difficult for me to get a refund. No I don't have to do it you know why because upholding our core value is more important to long term business success than saving a few hundred dollars now. And leaving a patient dissatisfied or less unhappy with our services. Whether this cost us money out of our pocket or not is mine are going back to zap posts. Here's what Tony Shaffer a the former C.E.O. He's a former C.E.O. because I had mentioned that they were acquired by Amazon for all stock deal of one point two billion dollars. And here's a perfect example. Illustration of something that might seem counterintuitive for small business owners. Our philosophy examples is that we're willing to make short term sacrifices including lost revenue or profits. If we believe that the long term benefits are worth it. Protecting the company culture and sticking to core values is a long term benefit. These guys get like nobody else. No wonder they go to a billion dollars in ten years. Second reason. Here's another reason why a good dentist can be perceived as untrustworthy. When there's a disconnect between what the dentist teams is best for the patient. And what the patient deems is best for the situation. It's like this. Do you want to have a contractor to tell you what kind of house you should live in and how much it cost. Or do you want to contract that they want to know what is your style. You want to Mediterranean style home or craftsman style or Hampton. And what is your budget. What would you want for yourself. Sure we are dentist and we know what is. We know my way more than the patient. But if you take this approach is a sure way to lose a confidence. Your job is to guide the patient educate them. Emphasis on giving them. All their options and helping them to make the best decision. After all it's their mouth it's not yours. Let them feel like they're in control of their own mouth. As I was praying together this presentation on that day. One of the days I was working on this I had two patients tell me their stories and would tell you this real quick. The first patient has had a severe and she has a severe buckle email position canine her dentist wanted her to get braces. She didn't want braces. She said they argued about it for twenty years. He really just one of the best for which would be. Get braces train output and. Now the two teeth behind it actually just come right into position. She went to another desk is what other dentist said. Why should pull it out. You could since prescription and she talked about her former dentist. Second patient came in wanting adjustment on her lower partial because she said it hurt she said it hurt. As soon as she got her upper partial her dentist told her that's not possible. Now. I wasn't there. But to me it seems like cause and effect. New partial something happened right after she got to New partial. Anyways. He wouldn't adjust the lower partial because it fits so well. And it was a great fitting partial. So I took it out found it was hurting and I just made a little adjustment on the Lingle flange put it back in the patient was happy as a clam. That patient is now my patient. Why it's so simple. Because he wouldn't listen to the patient. Because he knew what was best for the patient. Here's what we are told G.'s that he showed his sympathy for them. Minister to their needs and won their confidence. I sum up this core value as a commitment to show compassion to each patient. Jesus listened. He related to them and then supplied their needs. When a patient comes in listen to what they're asking for. And the less it is morally or ethically wrong. And most of the time if not do your best accommodate their requests. This was confidence. This was also an issue with my neighbor dance that we start out with who is losing patience. I have patient I was precious because he wanted to see a certain truth addressed. But the dentist was more concerned about all the other cheat that needed work. That was his ten core values. The ten core values be humble. I really like that one. Being humble. Leads to trust people. Mili put their guard down. Jesus the King of the universe humbled himself in came to minister. And to serve. Now I'm going to give you a quick example of something that I do. Based on in my I may have done it before I may have not of. I went to a risk to the array I believe as a radiologist specialist my wife and she was praying with our second one we haven't. Possible complications. And I'm waiting for the specialist come in and I'm waiting for him to tell me how I am so and so. Dr so and so. And he sat down let's just say his name was Dave just how you doing. Dave. Now is like Calvin. I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting him to be like I'm Dr so and so. But he's like hey I'm Dave. And immediately. I like them. Now this is right typically do when I walk into a room. If I've got a child patients my first time. I want the mother in that room. Because I wanted to see my interaction with a child come up and I will look at child and I'll say hi how are you. I'm Dr Kim. Now she can't. Then I'll go to the mother. I say hi how are you. Hi Jane. Calvin Nice to meet you. All I'm doing is. I want a child no I'm the doctor. But with the mother. I'm just being myself the same level. Showed he knows I'm the doctor and then what I would normally do you is a fit I'm going to try to guess how old you are by looking at your teeth but don't tell me how old you are. Because if you don't say that they'll use because I'm six. And then I go through the mouth. And I'm going to try to guess how old there. Most of the time I can guess how old they are. If I'm off. I might be off by a year. Once in a rare while you may have some kid. That's just off. You know me. But in general. And what am I doing. Immediately I'm trying to gauge the patient. And the mother I got both of their intention. And I'm trying to connect with them. And then afterwards I go through the whole sugar bugs with the kid. But with with the patient. My first goal is to try to connect and build that trust. And that confidence. Now. You have to ask yourself can you see your business through the eyes of your patients or customers. Best way to do this is by talking to your patients. Do you have questions on your patient forms like this why did you leave your previous dentist. How can we accommodate you better during your dental visits. We want to knows this kind of ration So we know how best to serve our patients. Now. I'm trying to expose blind spots. If you think that you are carrying an honest businessman but you don't find your business to continually grow and expand. You need to closely examine your business practices to see if there are blind spots in your practice. And your business practices. Just recently one of my office managers came to me and said you told us to tell you if we saw you doing something that could be perceived negatively by the patient. My assistant had done something that I told him not to do. And I was a bit sharp in the way communicated to inform the patient. I think my office manager for bringing it to my attention. And I told concurred with her. I want to know my blind spots are in unless you ask your staff to bring these team to your attention. They're not going to tell you how to tell the boss. By the way. You're really messing up here. Fulfilling our mission to provide great care and service to our patients. Is much more important than stroking or protecting the eagle or feelings of anyone in the office which includes me. Do we make mistakes in our office. Sure we do. We are not perfect but we sure do our best to learn from our make six and make sure to try and put systems in place. So we can minimize our mistakes as a business. Profit production is important to us. I'm not if I want to see three this is my tenth making. In fact I get my office managers benchmarks and when they reach these goals we reward them. But the point that I want you to understand is the means by which we achieve our goals. Not by focusing on how much money we can make. But by seeking that which is best for each individual patient's needs. This means that we may or may not see a media increase revenue or profits. But we stick to our guiding principles to our best of our Billy. And in my personal experience. We have seen the returns come back in multiple fault. I'm going to use two simple examples that we can all relate to to try and drive home the point that I'm trying to make through this presentation. You're needing a new car. You go to the car dealer and meet the salesman he is quite a nice salesman. But his goal is to put you in a car that will net him the highest commission. He is sociable and fun but very pushy is pressuring to buy the most expensive car. With all the upgrades to get you creative financing. And now you drive away with a very expensive car with all the bells and whistles. Your initial excitement dice down quickly is buyer's remorse sets in the added financial pressure a monthly payments. Above what you could comfortably afford leaves you anxious the car salesman has left a very bad taste in your mouth. And every time you think of him. You wish you'd never met him because he was clear look out for special interests. Not yours. He has made his commission. And you are now stuck with uncomfortable. Monthly payments. With high interest charges. We can all relate to that right. OK. Second example. You meet a car salesman he seems like a nice guy if you talk to him you sense he is trying to get a handle on what your specific needs are. So he can put you into a vehicle that will best suit your needs. He let you know that they have many options. And that he wants you know what all of them are so that you can make the best informed decision. After all the cars for you not for the salesman. He's kind and helpful to the whole process. You decide to finalize the purchase and drive away feeling like you made the right purchase. And the salesman. Help to save money. As each day passes you are more and more convinced that this was the right purchased for your specific needs. You know. You will want to use the salesman again and in the meanwhile. Any time a friend mentions that they need to buy a car. You tell all your friends about him. The salesman is happy because he knows he was able to help you find the car. That was best suited for your needs. As a result. He keeps getting more and more referrals for his great service. The majority of businesses in this world are in the category the first example. They're seeking for maximum profits. That salesman will continue to make money at the expense of others. But he will have to work hard to get new customers in because once they are through many of the customers will leave through the back to. And likely not return. Dentist do this all the time the market a market all these patients that are set by their leaving out through the backdoor. A healthy practice. Will only continue to grow and grow and grow. You're gonna need a new more room. What are we going to do you are going to get more staff we're going to get another room that we need a healthy practice. Should continue to grow. The people that are leaving should be the people who are moving out of town. But those who can embrace execute business principles like the second self men are the ones who can see the bigger picture and as a result their businesses thrive easily and effortlessly because the power of loyalty referrals. And word of mouth. Dentistry today is not like it was twenty thirty years ago there are dental corporations popping up all over the place. They have huge advantages over those of us in private practice. We cannot compete with them when it comes to marketing and advertising. They can offer longer hours and days in the week they have call centers they can catch. Way more phone calls. And the list goes on these corporations are only growing with this however there is a greater need for relationship. Focused. Practices. This is one of the few things that a small private practice can offer better than any corporation can. Patients don't see dental care as just a commodity anymore. They are looking for dentist who they feel is honest and cares for their best interest. Have you heard of two minute truck. The largest franchise moving company in the U.S. They started with only an additional investment. Of three hundred fifty dollars in one thousand and five. To buy an old forty foot. Moving truck. And now their annual revenue is over four hundred million plus. So how did they do this. Here's to their core values. Integrity to always conduct oneself with honesty and fairness. And I really like this one this called the Graham all rule. To treat everyone the way you would want your grandma to be treated. Either that was brilliant. Clever. Everyone can relate to that. I only had one gram all. But I love my grandma all. Now that's a kind of company I want moving my furniture. Both of these are been cleaned based principles. If you do. Just these two things be branded for being honest. And that you will treat others the way you will be treated your business will thrive. But you have to be intentional and deliberate to be branded for these things. I've patient. And I don't know what she did for work. I don't even know how long I've seen are probably not long. I'm not really sure but I happen to see her name on a sign. And I realize she's a chiropractor in town. So when she came in I said you know I'm thinking she's were professional she's sort of like a colleague and I go Why did you tell me your contractor. You know she said. I feel to tell you that I'm a professional because in the past. My dental treatment was based on my social economic status. She said. Everybody knows that dentist will base their treatment on the belittle the patient to pay. I was like wow. Is that is the perception that bad. Now this is her experience. Whether is correct or not this is her perception and it is what it is. She said. I tell people to go to Dr Kim. He is nice and he won't fully shoe. I truly hope this is the public perception of how we run our business because as a seven the average business owner and a representative of our faith. This should be the given. How can we expect our office to be a center of influence. If our patients cannot perceive basic Christian virtues in the way that we run our business practices. And we're almost done. I sent one of my assistance to the local dry clean shop. Were that I used. And a lot of dentist looks. I've heard that dentist will cover the chairs with writing back because it's cheaper. Anyways. They would not give her a dry clean bag. How much you can try coming back cos I was so put off by this I have never gone back to them for business. Recently my vacuum broke down. Would call taker dental or repair company. They came in right away that he was a loner. And I was waiting to see what our options are. They gave me five options. The most expensive option was seventy one hundred dollars for a new drive back. Then they gave me three options for web backs new and use and the cheapest option was four hundred dollars estimate to repair my vacuum. Guess which when I took the four hundred dollar repair estimate. I don't nothing about vacuums. If they told me it's not fixable. I would have known any better. I was still impressed with their way they did business because of like that's the way we like to do business give all the options. I call them I saw your family run business and they. We are. I said Are you Christian. She said we are they one my loyalty. As long as I mean business. I will continue to use them and they'll continue to make money off me because I've got lots of Quitman. That will break down over time. In the Bible there are three stories where somebody asked someone for water. That's a very simple request a brand servant elites are asked. Rebecca for water. The widow of his L.H.S. the widow of their fath for some water. And Jesus asked the woman at the well for some water. A very simple request. Depending on how they responded to this request. Their life was changed forever. Rebecca. She didn't know she was passing a test she's passed the test. And she became a part of the channel through which the Messiah was born. The widows Arafat. Her sharing her water with Eliza saved her life saved her son's life. And for the woman at the well. She met. The living water. The point of this is Be faithful in the little things for life and business is often made up of little things in the little things can make a huge impact. If your business is struggling you may be inclined to think if I just had a new building. Or better location on the side of town. Maybe a new cat can milling machine would help my business. If your business is struggling take a close look at all your business practices. Talk to your step. Examine your core values. Often it's a little things that you are doing or not doing that can have huge consequences. On your practice success. Because a dry cleaners were not willing to give someone one cheap plastic dry cleaning back. They lost me as a customer. And they don't even know it. And he could gentle because they took a few extra minute to give me all the options. Not a big one. Just took a little time to have one me as a customer for life. We're told here in child education programs to seventeen point you said. Success in this life. Success in gaining the future life. Depends upon a faithful conscientious attention to the little things. Is my prayer that God would bless each and every one of you in all the endeavors that you set your hand to. I also want to add this. But which is we took the press was that Jesus gave for winning souls and applied to business. But you can take everything that we just discussed and apply it right back to what it was intended for. When he may God bless all of you and thank you for your time this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon sleeve Visit W W W audio verse. Dot org.


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