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AMEN Orientation

Phil Mills Sr. Lisa Walke


Medical evangelism is the single most important way to open hearts to the gospel, this is why Christ used it and taught His apostles to utilize medical evangelism. Often physicians, dentists, and other health professionals are unsure how to begin. This seminar will help new members and guests understand the purpose and services of AMEN and how AMEN can strengthen the outreach of the physician, dentist, or other health professional.


  • Review the history and philosophy of AMEN.
  • Outline the goals of AMEN activities.
  • Acquaint the attendees with the services of AMEN. 



  • October 30, 2015
    2:00 PM
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So while good afternoon. Thank you for coming. Where the still don't have the technical things I figure because at least are chatting and as people maybe still coming in from line. My name is Lisa Wacom one of the Amen board members and. I want we wanted to have a session which is a first timer doing this for first time attendees realizing that it may be beneficial for people to get to hear a little bit more about a man. You've probably heard some now by this time at the conference about apps a kind of website but to really get a flavor of the history of kind of where we've been and the organizational structure and then any other questions that you may have as well does that can help with clarification. So. So that was all right thought process for doing this. I was hoping that we could get to know each other a little bit better and so we can do introductions. For people that are here. And so basically your name where you're from. If you like what the other in and what you're hoping to get from this session just to make sure that we cover it to you and introduce yourself now below your way to do something that's all you have said Bill the past president he is as far as are. And these that I'm the chairman of the meeting. For this year as well you know. I'M SO My name is Lisa lock. I am from Connecticut. And I'm originally from New York. On the board this year serving at the treasure for a man and. Like Phil I've been involved for a long time I've been to all the conferences are got and. I'm involved early on and for similar reasons that you mentioned I got involved. And that having changed in a dentist school that in no other adventures health professionals and that was what really initially drew me to the meanings. What kept me coming. Was learning different skills. That's and praying with patience and meeting other people on hearing how I can makes more ministry into what I am doing. I'm in academics are not private practice so that was always a challenge for me but I've learned over the years. Different techniques that can do within my practice. I think it's applicable to everyone. And then you use what you can learn what you're comfortable it's doing so and so the free movement since a couple more people come in they were just doing introductions of who you are where you're from. And if you want what you do it the old you're in and what you were kind of hoping to get from this action. So if you wouldn't mind being so I'm going to turn it over to so now and he's going to go through more the history of a man and then they will continue in that he would like to give you a little background today of the man of the Seventh Day Adventist Church developed a very strong medical missionary work in the late nineteenth century and that continued well into the twentieth century. The original thrust of this medical and education in Loma Linda was a Vangelis take. In its name. Reflected its mission the college of medical evangelists. However the ensuing decades. Brought challenges with a world warning creasing political and scholastic demands in the driving force of the vandalism unless and until the physicians in this country in the dentist. Primarily serve the church by giving their financial support. Not evangelist except for to the mission of the church. I felt a deep sense of frustration that I did not really know how to make my practice an effective ministry. I can't contact in our conference or referred me to the union. To see if there was any medical dental minister or retreats I could attend and I discovered such meetings had not been held in years. And there was no interest in having them now and but I was not alone in sensing this need I was talking with. Khaleda a physician she she told me that she had gone through grade school. Cannonading college graduate school Loma Linda and Loma Linda. Specialty training. And yet although she had had all that and been a stench occasion. She didn't know how to give a Bible study to somebody and she was determined that her child who is going to go to medical school. Would feel comfortable giving Bible studies that was Linda Nelson. A.S.I. became a catalyst. General a family practice physician Aaron James or. Going ised a luncheon for physicians and dentists and the interest was so great that six of us formed our own committee to see how to further. Collaborate and have collaborative meetings. And we hope to work with A.S.I. on that project so that we would have a collaborative track. But we quickly discovered there was neither comprehension or interest. In a medical dental track to highlight the special challenges health care providers and professionals face in bringing Christ. To their patients. Mark family then a vice president of the General Conference shared our passion. And he became one of the driving forces in the group providing wisdom an excellent direction I think we would probably still be in meeting. Together forming are. Our objectives our Constitution. Our Byelaws making sure the name was right. We probably now twelve years later probably still be doing that in almost ready to roll out something. And Mark said. He said I'm setting a date and I've got in my calendar I can meet with the your committee in the spring of whatever year that was twelve years ago. And so instead of talking about it. They said let's have a meeting where Mark comes and we thought there might be the six of us maybe our wives and. Dr Chung. Invited us to just stay at his place and the next blink of the eye there were fifty planning to come so we met at Kapunda Springs. Out and was a. He was a first meeting and Pastor family gave a remark. Call series of lectures on the History of Medical evangelism. He then made the frank admission that he didn't know and nobody he knew. Knew what medical evangelism was. The entire concept had been lost in it must be recovered. And we set out to rediscover what medical evangelism. Was. And this is how. Well it should you know is how a man came into being in his organization about twelve years ago by physicians and dentists. Since a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches we thought long and hard about a good name and numerous names were suggested. One that didn't make the cut was Advena says ition evangelism network or aches. And we settled on a man. Since millions of people around the world would then be praying for our organization at the end of every prayer. We set out to rediscover what medical evangelism was and we were inspired by the quote physician meetings should be held. Where all my counsel together. Exchanging ideas and LNG plants whereby they could work. The United Way. It is important to understand the name the any man stands for networking and. A man is a networking. Organization I'm sorry. Some of our networking plans have not been as effective this year as we would like them to be so most of our networking is in the halls and and random. At the table. Next year our leader will be. Dr water Brooke back there. He's in charge he's going to be the chairman of our conference. And I'm sure he will correct correct some of the stakes we made this year and that in networking. But this is what. We want to do. Affectively. If you're interested in foreign medical evangelism would go on a mission trip. Our outreach. We can you go to a man S.T.A. dot org And their list of opportunities. And a man is also a place to find opportunities to work with like minded physicians and dentists. Here in this country. And let me read the quotation physicians meeting should be held where all my counsel together exchanging ideas and laying the plans whereby they could work United really does that sound like networking. That's the end of our name we sponsor regional meetings as well as working with A.S.I. for A.S.I. related medical networking opportunities. And we sponsor. Chapters for students at Loma Linda and assist in organizations of a man. In other countries. And of course we host. The annual conference this is our big conference which always begins. The last Thursday of October so if you don't need to remember anything other than whatever is the last Thursday in October. That's when a man will start that year. I've learned so much myself from the conferences I learned how and when to pray with patients. At the very second conference that was very pivotal for me. And it's been invaluable in my practice. The to further assist in that working. We publish a journal. The Medical of Angeles. In it or how to articles for outreach in the family the office the community the staff told journal articles are. Well worth preserving. We have them. In some of them. We have typed. Up. The lectures for example you can get all of Mark's ventilators our original lectures there in the old. A man may go through the A History of Medical evangelism. In and the journal and sell his making an important impact on physicians and dentists in the way they look at the practice of medicine. We have developed media material the focus is on physicians and dental offices with health promotional programs for the waiting room. In a man is medical and a man is a medical dental organization it was started by physicians and dentists its focus is to quipping inspire physicians and dentist for medical evangelism in their office the church the community. Their home. And the world. Our need is to understand how we can be more effective for Christ. We do not go to medical school to be less effective. More constrained. More fearful. Less capable of presenting Christ in his Gospel. We are also an organization for all health care professionals provide ocean and students an associate membership is available for pastors with a passion for medical evangelism. We need pastors who can give help talks. And we need physicians who can give Angeles to campaigns. The in a man is evangelism. Medical evangelism. Is our purpose. To Exist. We seek to equip health care workers with tools and enthusiasm for bringing the gospel to the masses. Medical is not independent of evangelism. Neither is. Evangelism separate from medical medicine that is the interest which volume six of the testimony States and this is actually. Done. And in his excellent presentation today. Gave a part of this from councils and health was later compiled it. Here's the original testimonies William six. The gospel of Health has able advocate. But their work has been made very hard because so many ministers presidents of conferences and others in positions of influence a failed to give the question of health reform. Its proper attention. They have not recognized it in its relation to the work of the message of the right arm of the font of the body. Well very little respect has been shown to this department by many of the people and by some of the ministers. The Lord has shown his regard for it by giving it up bundled prosperity. When properly conducted. The health work is an interesting wage. Making a way for other troops to reach the heart. So this says that there is a proper an improper way I want to know how to do it right. And that's why a man exists in the proper conducting. Then it's an interesting way edge. That makes way for what. Truth. To reach the heart. When the thirty inches message is received in his fallen health reform will be given its place in the councils of the conference in the work of the church in the home. At the table. And in all the household arrangements that interesting. Then the right arm will serve and protect the body. This portion was in the lecture. This morning I didn't know he was going to give it. But medical evangelism is not only the interim wage it's also the reaper. This is a review and herald one thousand. September tenth. When connected with other lines of gospel effort notice that this is not when it's independent but when it's what connect it with other lines of gospel effort. Medical missionary work. Is a most affective instrument by which the ground is prepared for the sowing the seeds of truth. And the instrument also by which the harvest is read. So we want to be networked not only among ourselves but networked with other lines of gospel work so this can be a part of the whole. A man a sponsoring medical evangelist a cup or tune it is for physicians dentist and other health professionals to work together with evangelist. Deems to greatly expand the effectiveness of the Vangelis the counter age. But a man does not want to fit. Missions in dentist or other health professionals to be like the builders of the ark that assisted No and in get on the ark themselves. What good is it if we offer the Gospel to the world and we don't take it for ourselves. We seek to make sure that our own souls are nourished in our families are fed. We seek to strengthen the families. In this as well as the a in a man is Adventist. A man is advantage to the core. It is administers front and center at Venice does the first word in our name Manson. A man is and apologetically an Adventist organization. The leadership is strongly committed to. The administers the administrators Interpol to a man and from the beginning we have worked closely with church leaders. Dr landless the head of the General Conference Department of Health. You heard him speak this morning. As a powerful presentation wasn't and the General Conference present Ted Wilson has given keynote addresses and participated in a number of our conferences. Pastor. Mark family has been our visor from the very beginning. He is giving the Saturday night. Talk. In fact there would be no a man. If it wasn't for marks in his leadership. And we are grateful for his continue supporting Council. Very early in our organizations existence. When I was president. I received a phone call and an e-mail from Pastor Mark Finley following the earthquake in Haiti. The general conference turned to a man. As their first front line. Source. To get information out to active physicians and dentists. And our membership responded almost immediately we had a hundred volunteers. This to hail. Man the church's hospital and help with this disaster. We learned many things to this experience. We worked in cooperation with Loma Linda and with the Florida Hospital and with X.. A man his ads in is the church in a man. Are united. We seek to be a team of horses pulling together. Not pulling one way and then another. Next time you plan an overseas vacation. Consider volunteering for an A manned mission trip. We have dental and medical volunteers. Operating an aperture turn a piece in far flung land. We always try to work with a church entity or conference. We often come by medical missions with other service opportunities such as construction. The B.S. or evangelism. Now is a chance to be a medical missionary. A part of the work of the gospel is to bring help the others. Jesus spent time healing the sick. He spent his sentence disciples to heal the sick and he sends us to heal the sick there's nothing that opens the heart quicker than relieving suffering. And if you don't have time to commit to a long term overseas mission there short term at opportunities. Right here in the U.S. in clinics and other opportunities. Our goal is the linking of the pastors and physician Denison health oriented laymen for affective medical evangelists Dick leadership and renewed emphasis on the interesting which of community evangelism. Manuscript forty six six one thousand nine hundred four I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers and medical missionary workers are not united. There is placed in our churches the word. Evil. They can be in place. This was written actually when there was a rift. She was referring to a rift that occurred back in the eighteen. Eighty. Between John Harvey can walk and of the president of the General Conference G.I. bundler John Harvey Kellog felt that we should not have cheese at the at the camp meetings. And so he had been very careful to plan a menu that would be healthy and General Conference present G.I. Butler. Purchased cheese to bring it just in direct defiance and. And so. Dr Kellogg just bought the cheese. And sort of way. But ever since then there has been for a year. There was a. A good fish and got worse and worse until finally. Kellogg. And the church that parade it should never happen. And it's persisted. And a man. Has it been an important tool to bring physicians dentis professionals health professionals. And the church. Back into harmony. That one of our key. Motivators. Medical evangelism is not about physicians giving help flocks and ministers giving gospel presentations. It is about both uniting and empowering laymen to bring relief to the suffering hope to the despairing and light to those in darkness. The work of the true medical missionary is largely Hey what's the next to our spiritual work. The work of the medical missionary is spiritual it includes prayer and laying on of hands. He therefore should be as sacred a set apart for his work as is the minister of the gospel. Those who are selected to act the part of missionaries positions are to be set apart. As such as on the in the messages. Three fifty six and three fifty eight. We look forward to the time when the church will again recognize the central importance of medical evangelism in the church's mission. And just as God's call the gospel ministry is recognized by the church. Laying on of hands for those who are set his heart for their special work of gospel ministry. So God has designed that those who are medical evangelists should be set us apart for their sacred work as well. A man is not about what physicians and dentists can do for the church. Is not even about what. United says issues and pastors can do for God. It is about what God can do for United team. Dentist. Pastor says ition health professionals and laymen in reaching the world with God's lifesaving gospel. Medical work is not merely is merely a means it's not an end it is a path not a destination. Medical evangelism is not simply help us it has much greater work than this. Jesus healed. Many people. But every one of them got sick again. Jesus resurrected Lazarus. But Lazarus died again. As good as giving help was Jesus had something even better. And medical work. Brings to view it. Best. Only a few brief years of comforting hell. Well the gospel brings to the UN eternity of comfort and help. If medical work providing a few years of health is good. The Gospel which provides an eternity of health must be infinitely better. If providing a few years of health is important. The Gospel with its eternity of Health and Happiness must be infinitely more important. It is foolish to share the good will we fail to share the infinitely better. Mere health education is cruel. If it offers no hope beyond a prolonged Gavan of this poor earthly existence. While medical work helps others get more than from from this life. The Gospel helps others give more then this life. Medical and the Gospel. Must be come by in the New Testament the work of the medical missionary and the Gospel medical missionary were one in the same they were never separated. Where there was one there was always the other the gospel is not just about the future life. It is about Life Eternal Life Doesn't Begin then it begins now the only way we can get more of it is to start sooner. The gospel makes the present life the first part of eternal life. Through medical missionary work God makes our present life as pleasant as we possibly can make it for us. The thorns and thistles that he has reluctantly allowed for our sake. Without them we would not feel are need without them we would be happy with this life alone. And God wants us to desire something better than this world can provide. But the we can no longer benefit from paradise but we must be exiled from the God wants to give our lives all the comforts safely possible. And medical ministry provides the best possible Live Mail with the promise of perfect paradise. When this is safe to give us through the Gospel to become say for God to restore to us. If God is interested in our mortal life. How much more must be be interested in our in our internal life. So John Beloved I wish about all things of the way us prosper and be in health even as by saw prosperous. Through the gospel the nails gone him to wipe away all tears and heaven but that Hamby DMCE by wiping tears from our eyes now through the medical missionary work. Thank you so we have seen and going to Phoenix and as some other questions I have heard this through the conference of talking to people of self are some people want to know about the location of the conference and so are we always hear. No went out always hear the alternate East Coast West Coast. So on I'm number years to get fifteen thousand and seventeen. But on the East Coast. And then on the even them are years where on the west coast primarily in the San Diego area. And so those conferences you've heard make mention are often times larger could you have people who will drive down from the moment the more students who can. Because very close here and so I lead you all to me back and forth. And the other question I've heard so far. People want to know about more about the structure of a man and kind of who a man is that beyond the members as well and Sal there's an executive committee that's made up of the president and his time. That tree this year. The secretary and the Neblett. And then the business meeting. And then the treasure. My south. Then there's the board at large and there's a bylaws committee. There's the Program Committee. I'm that's. These all separate committees that planned. The annual conference. I think of the mean. And the committees that we have this far. We've had in the past like action team so the members have felt impressive there is something that leads to be focusing on a working on having action teams that would meet during the conference that. It was an action team that first got to get it then formed the journal that we have and so the journals published. Twice a year for insurance is in the back is the editor at The Journal and says. Those are some of the other activities throughout the course of the year that we have as an organization. Yes. The. So that's a good question. So yes they're on their ace if you notice even at our meeting I've been keeping track of the countries I've been hearing about so far in addition to you underestimate some of from Bermuda I met some of them pull out. WHO CAME TO I'M today. There are people here from India. We do have a man chapters in other parts of the world so sometimes individuals kind the they come to a news conference is a. We want to do this back in our home country. So there's a chapter in Australia. There's one in Germany last. There's one in Germany. And there's one end and rebranding and idea. There's the for the net. That would be lovely to be lovely So yes Were we have been supportive of other. I'm chapters starting with the international chapters and typically one of the board members or someone will come down to speak. I made a lot another part of saying the story chapter locally. Still mention all of it let me first started the first couple of years the focus is really just teaching. After encouraging us to pray with our patients even pray for your patients just so here you are right. Yeah just the praying over your list of your patients that are things for the day. And then moving towards praying. With your patience. Then. This is just my own kind of personal take I there was more focus at Clavering with your pastors inviting our practice of come to the meeting so I have my house with him when we are here in Hilton at four years ago so several people but the pastors man it's more. How can you. Then as the medical dental health care professional do some of the outreach sales some members have done by Will studies in their offices in their waiting rooms. Getting involved with their church so it's been this progression over time. Think part of the reason why. I think a meeting like this. This session is important because those of us who've been here for a long time know that but if you're new you don't realize that there's been that progression and I think that people can and. Not everyone's going to be at the stage that they're rated as a bible study or being and there may be some of us who by the stage of praying with our patients are praying over our patients and that's all OK to sell. It's about a quipping and encouraging health care professionals pastors to collaborate work together and also do what you can it whatever stage. You're as you continue to develop. These. Oh sorry it's very cocky census looking and the time to do you want to quickly says of the nasty just the kind of give advice on why he was coming or coming back or what he gets out of the meeting cells can you give a quick. Nice to meet you all my name is Steven water broke and. As I kind of gave in my introduction. The man came at a very critical time and in my education. I was winding up with school and beginning in residency and. It was really you know as you go through the experience of of medical school and residency and it's all kind of a blur. You have a very narrow focus. And besides that you're very fatigued. You struggle to find mentors. That can kind of tell you. Pat on the back tell us going to be OK. You'll survive. And there is a bigger reason that you're doing what you're doing. And that's what I founded a man. And it gave an annual sort of renewal. To keep plugging away. And to find somehow the strength to get through what I was going through and. You see that sort of the abuse are you putting your body through and abuse that you're going through. Spiritually the onslaught that you're going through spiritually being fatigued say news is really hitting our students in our residence. I'm absolutely sure of that. And so a man really is a critical. I think. Focal Point. It was for me as a student. Look and say OK that's what I want to be that's what I want to do. It will all be worth it in the end. To be able to then practice kind of how I want to wanted to practice. We're all taught kind of what's in the textbook. And the very you know technical and clinical things that our patients bring to us. But we are not taught very well. Ways to give whole person care and address. Things that patients. Bring to us that we can't always see underneath the gallon even. And as was presented this morning I can't remember who presented. The same tittie the sacredness of what we enter into with our patients when we are in the exam room with them or the operating theater. And that goes beyond the physical and. As I started to gain a perspective of that. That really transformed my motivations. You know I hadn't fully developed in school and residency. So that's been. I guess. Just my quick personal testimony on a man. I think that a man has really developed and grown since those early years obviously to something that is very for lack of a better term maybe comprehensive in its approach. Bringing back and healing the rift between the past. The between the past or leadership and medicine is the way. Is one of the major ways that I think our church will move forward. I think that we are in the very last days of Earth's history. And I think that it's critical. Now more than it any time that we do work together to fulfill our mission as. As the remnants. Church. And our role in the in the last days so. Thank you very much for allowing me to to share a little bit of my testimony. We are a little bit. Over time and I want to encourage you to get to your next. Seminar on time and. So maybe we'll just have a quick closing word a prayer. And they will get you on our way and I'll pray. You have the father were so. Saying full that you work in our lives individually and that you work in our church. Corporately and the testimony of the A group of a man of the the conference's and and. Those numbers is a testimony to the fact that you're working. And we're very thankful for that thank you for the history that we have had as a church and that we learned about today. And we know that the future is very bright as we go forward. For your church and your people despite the fact that we all face grave challenges as we move forward we can move forward in faith knowing that you're the with all along the way we pray. Praise you. And thank you and you see we bring this media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or you'd like to listen to more sermon. We visit. W W W dot. Audio first or.


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