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Reversing Diabetes & Other Chronic Diseases

Dona Cooper-Dockery


This presentation will show the profound impact a Christian Healthcare Provider who emphasizes Lifestyle Medicine or the Adventist Health Message has on not only physical health but mental, social and spiritual health as well. 
  • Inspiring Healthcare Providers to embrace the Master’s method in providing true health and abundant life to all patients.
  • Learn how to change healthcare outcomes in your local communities by focusing on the root causes of chronic disease and not merely treating the symptoms.
  • The attendees will learn how to incorporate the Adventist Health Message in their medical / dental practices by using readily available resources such as Life and Health Ministry. 


Dona Cooper-Dockery

Owns and Operates Cooper Internal Medicine and Cooper Wellness Center



  • October 30, 2015
    3:15 PM
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Good afternoon. I am from Texas do you know or Texas. That I have been practicing interim medicine for the last maybe twenty four years. And this is my third year here as a man. But every year that I've been here. I have taking something back to my practice. And I was X. to talk to your little bit about what I do to help my patients reverser diseases. So most of the talk will befall coast on what I'm actually doing. Not on the path of the physiology of diabetes or hypertension I'll go over something some of that. I love medicine are obviously. However I spent many years trying to manage. Symptoms and manage diseases. Without placing emphasis on how to get the root causes of these diseases. In order for us to significantly impact live. We must get to the root cause. And Ed is quite difficult. And we don't want to do battle we go to the cross. Service time before continue why don't we go to the cross and acts of war to lead us in this discussion. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this opportunity. In which we can come to learn how to lead or patient to the cross and help them attain. Abundant Life. As we discuss a little bit about chronic diseases are pretty Lord that you would be in our midst and Help us Lord to go home and learn and do. And change the lives of four patients. This by acting your son's name. Amen. Now you know a little bit about me. Let me see if I could know a little bit about you let me say although. Doctors and audience. Radical doctors dentists. Some good any pastors. God. Well ministers and K.. Missionaries. All right. So my emphasis really means to help you become medical missionaries. One mother's top first about diabetes has diabetes this is a disease in which we can help patients to reverse. You know. God wants us to have abundant life on my right. Why don't we read further John want to we all know it. That's really together. The lovable. I wish above all that you prosper and been good Hell even as your soul prosperous that is why God wants for us and Vasant why we should also want for our patients. How are we going to do so let us look about our own die be those die you be a this is a significant problem here in this country. It is believed that a bus. So two million people in this country are diagnosed with diabetes. WHAT AN OFFER A to six million. My be pre-diabetic or on died mills. VAT is a significant portion of our population. We are three hundred million in this country. So about ten percent or so have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. What are we doing about it. When the combat map. It is believed that there are certain areas in this country in which the incidence of diabetes is higher than the national average. Why. Those areas are called Sorry be this valve and use those areas we also have a high incidence of obesity and sudden her lifestyle. As a matter of fact in South Texas where I'm from thirty nine percent of the population is overweight certain arm percent. And therefore we have a very high incidence of diabetes is. Maybe one in every three patients. Want to never threw persons relieves have diabetes Verin south Texas. So what are we doing to reverse this what are we doing to help these patients with diabetes. It is believed that worldwide. There are about three hundred million diabetics. And the incidence is rising. If this trend continues. Then we're going to have one and three people would die be it if by twenty twenty. And maybe more interest country. So it is very important. The we teach the patients. How to prevent. Improve or reverse. Diabetes and other chronic diseases. It is very alarming that we are now seeing type to die really this. In children. A couple of months ago I had a young child. Age twelve in my office. Would Die be it is now meant. I'm an internist. But because I emphasize lifestyle medicine ice. Sometimes the children age twelve. Last week I have one eight seventeen. Would Die Redus the child was. As a bus three on three hundred pounds. She was a ready arms for medications to for diabetes central for blood pressure. Now what do you think I did. Of course I did not prescribe and all the payroll. Because VAT would not solve the problem. The problem is that we need to educate. We are seven hundred Ventus physician and we do have the health message. Well Lot Are we actually doing with the message of we have. If this trend continues vans ally spandex. Always children will be much less than off the parents. Schol it is urgent that we do something about diabetes. That is look at some of the complications of Spidey those. Now we all know that. One of the main causes of chronic renal failure as diabetes has forty four percent of all new cases. Offering of failure per year is attributed to die the this. And we have almost fifty thousand. Thousand American eat here. On dialysis. As a result of diabetes is what about amputation of legs. Diabetics are the most common it is believed that Diaby this. Kills more people per year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. It is also believe that a diabetic has a shorter life span. That some on same age without diabetes. Diabetes or heart disease. We know the correlation there. And therefore as problem or care physicians. If a patient it has diabetes how do we treat the patient. We treat the patient as evaporation also all had heart disease. We started that we start the stabbing we start the aspirin and we treat the patient as if the patient has the disease. Because of the significant risk factor for heart disease. So if we trade diabetes and we tend to reverse Diaby it is real all soul treating or reversing are preventing other chronic diseases diabetes kills. All over two hundred thirty thousand deaths per year is attributed to diabetes in this country. So dilute those is the disease. Vac we need to stop. How do we stopped idea this. I thing. By educating. The patience. Let's look of the effects of the diabetes has on our economy. It is believed that three hundred twenty two billion dollars spent. Usually on. Diaby it is in direct cost. As well as indirect costs. It is also believe that someone who have got a big of it cost the Government two point three times to careful this patient than all the patients without by reaches one is ever a file for health care dollars is spent on patients who died be it is. And of course the Medicare dollars. One in three. So a lawyer for health care spending is spent on the treatment of diabetes. Caring for the patient or Diaby lives. So therefore it is very urgent very important that we as health care providers. We have seven Day Adventist doctors nurses. Do something into reversing. This disease. You know obesity. There is a crisis for the city. And as you saw in the prior slide or valley in the air is did which varies behind students of obesity. We also have a high incidence of watts of diabetes. We need to do something van. About obesity. You know the excess of fat especial the abdominal fat. Lead to changes in the body and a cell VAT inhibits the proper function and off. Insulin. There is insulin resistance and that's one of the reasons why we have obese patients that are also diabetic it is believed than. If we were to attack obesity. We can actually reverse or treat. Ninety percent of patients or diabetic. So obesity and I did is they tend to go along. Hand in hand. And if we can put a stop to obesity. Then we'll do the same with diabetes. So as Christine health care providers. Watch can we do you know. All our approach should not be to treat the physical problem. But as we know how health is defined. Health is defined No it's not a mere The absence of physical ailment. But mental fortunes personal well being as well. We need to reach out to of our whole man. And we know how to do so and if we were to do so we will be positively. Helping our patients. Let's look at some. Some of the main factors for diabetes and obesity. Won over eating. Poor food choice of lack of physical activity. Genetics and pregnancy. We all know why overeating leads to die Redus over evening. Leads to obesity. Obesity leads to insulin resistance. Insulin Resistance leads that I read of you know just how does a show on vats. The most common respect her for chronic diseases in this country and in the world as poor food choices. And it is now believe that exercise is medicines. And doctors are now prescribing exercise. In order to prevent many chronic diseases. John Edwards had a patient who walked into my office who was overweight a family issue of diabetes heart disease. I began to speak to him about changing his lifestyle. He said to me Dr you know everybody in my family has diabetes so I'm going to have diabetes. Now we know that. Having a family history of diabetes doesn't necessarily mean that one has to get Diaby Atos but lifestyle. Can. Retard the expression of these diseases. So we need to educate her patients. And they are there are many reasons why people over it. Some people really don't understand portion sizes. Some people are on able to cope with. You know negative emotion they eat for comfort. Some people are addicted to food. And they're all the reason why people. Overeat. Soul. When we have more patients in the office. We really have to talk to the patient. Andras stand what's happening. And we need to address some of the emotional and psychological issues which will discuss later. Poor food choices. A lot of time patients just need to be educated. They do not know the difference between. Sometimes the process food and fruits veggies and realize. Vats there is a significant difference. And the choice of a May can impact their health. For lifetimes. They even because of stress anxiety and depression. Very because they're broken and re need to sometime. Address the broken mess. Off. Our patients. Sometimes you're addicted. Sometimes there is no money to purchase the right food. So how do we cope Oh do we help our patients cope with negative emotions. Remember that we need to point those patients to Christ. I had a patient. One day we were discussing. You know lifestyle changes. Most patient has diabetes hypertension. He has arthritis. And I began to speak to the patient about lifestyle. And he came back to me. Maybe a week later and you said to me Dr Cooper. You know what I was able to follow my died this week because I prayed. I pray that it is the transform in power of the Holy Spirit. Vats will sometimes help these patients to understand and follow through on was they need to do for this broken mess as leave them to food addiction. A lot of people. Patients as we mention. Each because they are the press. And as physicians we need to take the time to sit with these patients. Talk to them on the stand them. And reach out to them because food addiction is a big problem while very So be city and chronic diseases. I have a friend Dr Brice I'm stuck at my computer here. Can I get some hope here. But see. If scape OK and. Dr Bryce focuses on lifestyle diseases. But he discusses a lot about the mental and of psychological issue. The broken mess of the patient because without correcting vast or happen the patient on despair and then we might not be able to get the patient to change lifestyle. So we'd need to understand the psychological effects. And as we know. Physical activities also Powerman to good health. It is recommended that the patient should exercise daily. Rigorously for about thirty minutes. It is believed. Vat exercise will increase the insulin sensitivity. And therefore help. To decrease influence resistance and decrease to risk all Diaby you does that will assist in pricing make control. What is the solution van to die be to obesity hypertension. And all these chronic diseases. Those whose. The solution is lifetime medicine. But this is not easy. But as the prior speaker spoke. That a Seven Day Adventists we have have this health message for many years. And what do we actually do with this health message. Are we really reaching out to our patients or we taken the time to give the extra push that the patient me. So I was actually X. to tell you what I'm doing in my office and therefore. Let us begin. You know. When God created this earth. We got a diet which was the OP to most diet. The dice was based on fruits vegetables knobs and seeds Apple the flags we knew what we know what happened. We were allowed to eat certain clean me. Bought the optimal diet is fruits veggies Hubbell plant based diet. And this is why I focus on. In my practice. So most of the talk was now be on what am I doing. In my practice. To make a lasting effect on the patients that I see there. We're always told. To predator patients we know of them most of us here probably do play with her patients. Well we can go for a little bit further than just permit her patients. So educational of seminars. I have weekly seminars. Monthly seminars. Depending on the situation. So I work with churches for example. I collaborate with a local church pastor. And I do a two weeks. Or twelve weeks. Health seminars with the pastor. Once a week for twelve or eight weeks. Van the past so we'll follow that up with an evangelistic Syria's. Last year we were able to baptize about five people from these seminars. Five people. And all revive these patients change your lifestyle. Face all benefit in weight loss. Better Bluecoats control and better stress management. I also have community involvement. I have a once a mom's. Well I'm a seminar in the community in which I discuss reverse and I read us all or for that heals or preventing cancer. We have a lot of patients that go to these seminars. The seminars are advertised on the radio or in the local papers. And many patients come along there. And they're learning how to do still. We have walked in the park. Once a week. Patients come along and learn how to exercise and off course. In the office. I separate out the high risk patients old work that I.V. it of high cholesterol. Heart disease. I put them into traps that are called the wellness track. They meet once a week. We have a team off people that work with these patients die to show someone with actual size. To facilitate exercise. And a chaplain and we not only. They're giving a meal plan. Client base. And I'm there is a cochon. Once a week. And also we emphasize the. The spiritual aspect starting the bottle What does the Bible say about health and from VAX we have one baptism. OK. We also use alternate please. Depression. Oh program. And our patients are doing very well with their. Now these are pictures from the educational seminars in a way Treme thing in different our location. Sharing the health message showing patients how to reverse gear die beat us and that we're having significant success. I just want you to watch this for five minutes as Will this it has changed my life to prevent the listener provided passion will transcend intimacy with each page. To love the vision. Which is for special feature of the world this week spiritual lives were patients are exposed with the Bible teaches about the beaches of it is very strange. Consultation had to be inside patients who have met Mr Crocker my father these are encouraged to the place will miss from their talk of the reverse. Myself to the program to a comparable center focused on patients physical health. But also of the patients little social and spiritual The goal is for the base will just to enjoy life soon has positioned itself as a leader that is permitted to patients to is approached physical social and spiritual. If you like what you wish we could sell you notice that I have an outpatient Wellness Center. Patients are doing significantly well. Epicenter. Ever center I work with a chaplain. I work which a neutral arm. A dietician and exercise physiologist patients are seen. Once a week or twice a week. They sit with the educators. They also fit with the chaplain. And I have some basic statistics for you from two hundred twenty eight patients that I'm reporting. There were one hundred thirty seven patients who lost weight. From five pounds to eighty pounds. Between five to twelve weeks. One hundred twenty patients decrease their total cholesterol. Significantly ten to thirty percent. The same with the L.D.L. from fifteen to thirty percent. One sixteen patients lowered their blood pressure. We have many patients who are actually getting off medication. Patients that are now teaching their families to do the same. I have a patient who's a twenty five years all those Thomas A nurse came to the office. This patient weighed about a hundred to three hundred and ninety pounds four hundred pounds. When they walked into the office to modify badly because she's a nurse. He's a once he was fourteen vet those sugars were over three hundred. He entered. He changes lifestyle. He lost the mighty powers and count in is A one C. right now is five point one seven to seven year old lady walked into the office which hurricane. When children ninety pounds high blood pressure diabetes arthritis. Depression. She came she went through of the twelve weeks problem the office. She does no longer use a hurricane. She's off medication for diabetes A one C. five point three. She's very happy. She lost fifty pounds. Best patients. She came man could hardly And this found the program. She lost eighty pounds Jafa going through a program there. Now she said I'm all for deaf. Friends with her less than overtired guy beat his numbers. Now many different patients are no longer medication I didn't put their stats there. But just look. Patients wait in a one see a fourteen. And after being in the program for twelve weeks A one C.. Now down to seven point seven nine point two. Down to seven point nine six one five five point nine ten point three. Down to seven point four. A one C. if eleven down to eight look at the one A one C. or fourteen. Down to six point three. We have significant improvement in their overall health. Now that I am emphasizing lifestyle medicine price to VAT I was just managing diseases now I'm very happy because patients are doing so well. Not that I've embraced the holistic approach to medicine. And that's one of the reason why I was X. to present. Because I want you to leave here. Becoming medico missionaries. Now I use a lot of different resources in my office. I use resources from life and health. From Well sources. My use the radiant life. Many different were sources. And I was brave enough actually to start a T.V. show all that is called Get healthier Dr Cooper. And I'm going to give you our short d'Amour from the program. Because of my eagerness to reach the entire community. Because of the pay the patients are doing so well you reverse hundreds ease when forward. Step out of my comfort zone and step into media for you to. For me than to have a broader base. Now there are so many patients or community people that are coming to me and say hey Dr Cooper arm. I've lost weight. My sugars are better. Just because of the fact that I'm emphasizing lifestyle medicine. You can do the same. I had a job. A drug representative pharmaceutical rep came into the office and he said to me. Dr Cooper I took up your magazine. I lost fifty pounds. My daughter is three years old and she's actually me for kale. We can do is of same. We just need to step out of our comfort zone and realize VAT we're here to help patients enjoy life and abundant life. They're all for healthy initiative bags. We're working on right now. One is starting a pharmacy in a way which the idea is to collaborate to with the local farmer's market. The idea is to give patients per scription to correct for Woods and vegetables. We're also working on shop with the doc in which we're going to take the patient to one of the local supermarkets and show them how to shop. Want to eat and how to read the labels. There are so many things you can do as a health care provider. As seven there Ventus health care provider who are under scams the health message. We should no longer dependent just prescribing the drug. But we should teach the patients how to live. How to change their lifestyle and get back to God. Original diets. No lot of the work that I'm doing I'm doing on during a nonprofit organization in which we not only reach out to the local community. Well also to the international community. Please don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Because we are call to. Help our brothers and their sisters. A year ago. Are realize there was a need to emphasize perch for health in my office. And I developed a set of Bible study guides that I now. Tiple my health and the creator. The pain there are of. It's a set of eight studies. And we use these in the Wellness Center which are patients. They're asked if they want to join the battle started God they're free to join. And many patients stay and they listen and learn. Are to these guys to. General Conference. And a church in the Caribbean bought four hundred and four to sets. And their first studies. They did. One hundred thirty seven. Community members came through on a measure graduation. Going through this study guides. We should not hesitate to step out of our comfort zone. Whatever we're called to do let's go ahead and do that because we are not all the physicians would remain a sturgeon we are medical missionary. And we should bring our patients stuff across. We're going to help the patient. Per long life. But life everlasting. And God is going to give us the opportunity to do still. I am going to show you a little bit on the T.V. program. That I have developed. And then we're going to talk just the God created the concept of the riddle without dying. Her doctor. The bottom line rises from a personal issue of Dr John Cooper daughter with a sort of joke that is a source of information to transform lives to help the community. Just by following the breaking of the eating had the longest recession coming out of my time. Well. Looking over the river. The Riverside County or the last ration of our colleagues just exploded into the success of the show with professional information which which they with little water can't wait until by. The knowledge of the most common diseases in your population. Like diabetes hypertension and hardest part for breath. Cuisines are designed to support research. The problem by my eyes rate. We can make the literary change the Right around one hundred dollars having a way. We have a very good wishes. There is no correctional center. During livestock. Not allow the hell are you going to show the body. All of my children develop their God We also need your courage measures up to compete with each other no just part of our program for most of it is the better through which is very informative work or a change in lifestyle. Itself a significantly. The getting through which transmission. Itself to my name is Nora Congress. Out. I am with. We are a zillion years earlier and godly and yet how out there who are integrated that are facing really show this here. We're facing because you want them to be how I perceive creating this program that briefing. Different people that he's that kind of activity and how do you have in fact. I mean it's great for the community. You know people are coming in and they're good with the their lives and and wanting to be happy. I work for Kate at their feet hog sale which is part of I'm sure there's an eye waiting media company with over fifty three stations and United States. We have a like coverage in South Texas and we are that independent program. Get healthy with Dr Cooper. The show really educated. Urgency and our audience response has a great we recognize the professionalism of the quality of the show as a promote health you're getting how big a change our mentality. For health care and longer like convinced about the currency to expand the availability of information for a healthy lifestyle. Dr Donna Cooper Dougherty not only focuses of audiovisual meet with those students. Further by offering printed literature which are titled spiritual health. Less studies. Spiritual renewal in shape. Is paramount to good health for this reason. At the end of the program. We reflect on the fact you have lurked in for some years with a vote on that just home loan. God or the palm of one says without a long night get healthy. Is designed to educate its spine and empower the viewers on how do we brace simple lifestyle changes that will prevent it through the week first chronic diseases. As they continue on their quest wards a lot happier healthier and more abundant life. The goal of get healthy with Dr King. Just a posh just we change March. We actually in the international market little bit out of your proposal is to change the lives of one page. Market trip. The good calls we'll get to see a lot of people. A big dog people are feeling a little better or want to want Bob will promote our sales force the chap got to share what your the Chase Bank book home to life changed my father and gave power. The idea for presenting this is for you to see. Vamps. Your call for a peculiar job. You're called to be a health care provider bread you know all as health care providers. The patients. They open out. Everything to us. We have the opportunity to reach out to them. Not only to provide care for their physical ailments. But also to reach beyond that mental fall Szell and psychological rear call to leave them to of a cross. And you know over the last few years of move on by happiest in my profession. Because I've moved away from traditional mettlesome. And I'm going beyond. I am teaching the patients. How they can actually change your health destiny. I'm teaching them to understand the process. Off their disease. How to prevent to the disease. How to improve. And how to cure or how to get them off medication the pass I would increase the dose of the. Diaby to spill. Our increase or add the second Payless third pill for blood pressure. I don't do about it. M.R.. I teach them what to eat. How to decrease solved. How to decrease the intake of fat animal products and how to exercise. I teach him how to pray. I pray with the patients I give them literature. I sound them to wash. You know all your visit or the C.D.'s and the idea is to help them to gain. Life here boat. Most importantly the life of their after. And I want to challenge you to do the same. You don't have to do all of this but there's something you can take back. The objectives of various presentation is not to tell you about the the signs in the pathology of chronic diseases. But for you to see how you can play a significant role in helping your patient gain life and life after do you have any question I know the presentation a short question. He. Move. Oh yeah the price. OK. Suck suck up. That's a very liberal salute. Yes or. OK she says she got the same thing at our office but she sees exercise equipment and highly trained staff. How do I sign answers US effort. Honestly I see this as missionary work. OK. There in charge will pay for the face to face. So the patients are in the office. On a weekly basis. To see the doctor and to see everybody else very doctorate. Everything else is just additional. But if you have the volume if you really do a good work. Patients were becoming off the street to you and the volume will offset some of the extra that you are putting into finance in the program. OK. Yes. OK. I have a team. OK you want to know how do I give the extra. So it's a team approach. I have an educator is a master's in public health. I have to all their staff. One that does cooking demonstration every week with the patients. And not the one that was sick with the patient to give them their exercise program for the week and the patients are allowed to use orange him in the office. OK. Yes. We charge thirty five dollars per month because the food Jim see that they can pay we also X.. For example if the patients have the financial ability to pay. We charge extra for the program. So all make a package OK you can vote for this and this is what are going to pay for the wellness program vis amount of money. If they can't afford it. I will give them for whatever they can afford. So a very is the price of the when this package. Apart from the face to face with a doctor. OK. Question. Hoffman. Once a week for eight or twelve weeks. Then once per two weeks then once a month and then maybe every three months depending on how well they're doing question. We. Their co-pays can apply. But if you give a package should cost for the package. Then the co-pays include is included in this costs. Sojourn a little bit pain ever week. They pay upfront Yes ma'am. Yes Medicaid patients. You have to do. If you. I have a separate charge for Medicaid patients. A separate charge from Medicare patients. And the separate cost for the commercial insurance patients. Yes. I only use that simple C.P. do you call a level three or Level four depending on the time of spend with the patient. Yes and I might do an extended visit. If I did extended counseling time. OK. Dr it's face to face visit Yes. Any other question. Yes. Aha. It's all. Are you here. Ed Bryant. Bryant and Medicare has a program for patients with a bam I've over thirty. In a way that you can see the patients want to wait for four weeks. They want to two weeks for six months five months. In addition to the six months total. So if it's a Medicare patient. You can build for the extra time you're spending for obesity counseling. But you have to also see various as missionary work with cannot measure put a dollar figure to everything you're doing great. This is something you're doing extra for the patients that need this extra. Lifestyle changes. OK. And if ing else. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. Yes. Well. No one is that. Oh yeah. You know C C M Yes I take advantage of that just with the Medicare patients. Yes yes yes. That are. Hypertension. OK in the programs. It's titled album by be to some other chronic diseases. Now. If you treat and help the patient reversed or die be those. What else are you. Reversing heart disease hypertension. Per for a vascular disease. Now. Yes yes I have patients with cancer in the program. Patients For example I have this patients can justify our accounts of the Bryce diabetes came to the office on lots of medication wasn't feeling well. I told her that I'm going to take you off all your medication all your Diaby disco today. I put you in a purely a plant based low fat diet. Today. She came back in two weeks. Feeling better sugars or well control she went to M.D. Anderson and the answer was asking her what are you doing differently. You're not the same. So yes. Lifestyle disarms changes. Not only a DROs Diaby this but so many other chronic diseases. One of these patients there that was on the on the T.V. program. Three time cancer survival. She came to the office very weak very fatigued and stress. I enrolled her in the program. She change your diet. Now total of the goal and as you weight OP stress depression went down. She has her family now. Sixty percent plan base. I have a young lady. She's healthy. Bracha has a strong family history of diabetes and hypertension she wanted to learn how to prevent these diseases. All right as she sat with me and she said My children are young but I don't want to expose them to the chronic disease the what do you suggest. So I suggested vat. She start. She should start simple. By just introducing a solid with their meals. First day she put the solemn go on but Table them the youngest child refused to eat. So she said OK this is our life follow. She and she. Encourage the child to eat. Now let's family is adjusting now she starts to introduce more legumes and peas and knobs and husband is losing weight the children are happier. It as a challenge it's not easy. It is not even easy to focus Tain. Brad the idea is bag we have seven the Adventists sufficient to on just ten health and understand the health message. We have to encourage your patients to live differently it's not just putting a pill or adding two or three pill. But showing them how to change lifestyle and change their health destiny. Not on the for the van solve the patients. But also for the M. the family. Yes Dr five minutes. OK. Ten already. Yes over there. I do. I won't be patient has she's asking if I have a standard weight plan for all the patients. Or if it's I'm sure defend. Depending on the weight. It is our altered. OK. But it's more it's still plans based but it's altered depending on the patients. By the number of calories per day. As a dietitian sometimes work with the patients especially the ones are diabetic. With very high a one sees the. Yes. Here. When you write what you want. Exactly. Her eyes out for like early. Pal. You may know. We are here. Or if there's a burden of. One thing. You see that. Right. I agree. Or. Thank you so much. The oddest thing if your writers if you can write. Don't hesitate to write articles and put a magazine together. You know we started the magazine call Go health and patients have been taken vats war ever they see it. And as I mentioned to you a pharmaceutical rep who picked up one of Those. magazine. It came to the office one day and he said I lost fifty pounds or so how did you do about all I use your magazine. And that was the starter. And my family now has changed your lifestyle. So if you can write draw it. If you can speak speak. If we can make D.V.D. make D.V.D.'s. If you have a local church. Part of the church pastor. And do monthly health seminars. Come together manual tells evangelism. But it is hard to just work in your office. And some of you might be employees and you can know you don't have the loop the loop. The liberty to do what I'm doing. So get it out in the community. We must get busy. Because crisis coming soon. And he wants know that we are busy. Spreading the message. So don't hesitate you might all be a speaker we might be a writer. Jess. Axelrod was his purpose in your lives. What if they want you to do. And follow his leading and lead. Patients in your community. To the cross. That's where you find healing. Thank you very much. This media was brought to you by audio. They website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. 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