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How to Care for the Diseases of the Head

Steve Chang


This seminar will focus on how to recognize the need in the community where you are serving and utilizing our personal resources to actively engage in helping others. The highs and lows of short term mission service and how to prepare for the challenge of serving outside your office.



  • How to provide effective and efficient care
  • Types of equipment and supplies needed
  • What types of care can be given outside the office 


Steve Chang was raised in a Buddhist home. He learned of God at an early age but found the truth while attending Pacific Union College. He has been in private practice in Monterey, CA for the past 24 years. Dr. Chang also works for Holland America Crusieline as their Dental Director. He has a passion for ministry and serves on the ASAP and ARME boards. God has enabled him to lead teams serving on all 7 continents and over 100 countries. Chang is passionate about sharing the good news, teaching, and going on mission trips with his family of six. 



  • October 30, 2015
    3:15 PM
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Other. You know it's also well. You are so merciful and graceful to us. We do not deserve any of this. Thank you for the opportunity be here to be able to learn. Thank you for the speakers. Thank you for this conference. They would be enlightened. Empowered by your spirit. And we may go forth and share your love with others and may be nothing that you may be everything calms me. The story is told about a man or woman. On their fiftieth anniversary. They went out for you know when I had dinner at a French restaurant. Streeter was a very man take to get home. And they decide to go to bed but before he went to bed. As you know go to French restaurants pretty skimpy on the side portions. So they were hungry for them. Nancy said well I'm not making a sandwich. OK but down to the figure eight it could get subpoena bone deli sandwich. Gets the ends put that together. But the jelly and a peanut butter together. Make a sandwich with a glass of milk. Racist his wife. And she looks and she goes oh now I can't believe this. For all this time. You've always given me the ends of the bread. Why do you do this and he goes. Honey. That's my favorite part. That's mentioned before there's a perception is an issue. Right. What you perceive. Now there's a lot that God does not love this is true. The World. Lives with this line. That God's here to judge you and to burn you forever in how. What is the greatest fear. Can for me. Name something where is a great fear death. Yes of course. What else. Rejection. Yes. Failure which is form rejection. So yeah. If you're i rather die before I go to speaking forth by the Great. I feel like that right now. So yeah. Basically I would say the number one fears that all of us have every one of us from a child to before you die. Is rejection. This is an issue for now all of us from childhood to until you're so old that you don't even care I guess. Now we show this. In different ways. We are shy. Sometimes avoidance. Is that true. Many many other forms we avoid this kind of interaction. Public Speaking of course. What I'm doing now. I were you afraid of being rejected by people who are listening. People walking out on you in the room or something like that you know there's lots of things. But rejection is the key issue. When Adam and Eve sinned. What happened. First thing is the they were shamed. Because it is something that was against natural law. Then what happened. They hid. They were afraid. Fear came on to them fear never exist in the universe and so Adam and Eve sinned. And then what happened. God came to this and where are you. And what do they say. They start making excuses. Right. God knew who they were where they were and what they were doing. But you want to know if they understood what they were doing. But ultimately it's not God who jets. Them or even us. Because Pete. People think God is judging us. Watching us and ready to reject us from going to heaven. But it is us who reject God. When we reject God. We make our own twice. And this is a lie we need to tell people that God is not rejecting us. He loves us. He plans for us. Even before the earth was created. Now. When I do my mischief sometimes. I've destroyed fortunate that I'm able to do this. There was one time in Marshall I meant. Lol. Lady came in she's probably learned late sixty's. Very nice lady. And as I often do I try to get to know the patients. Even if it's a mistress I try to get to know who they are where they're coming from. If they speak English enough. And got to talking a little bit and I and I found out she was from a different religion. And I asked her. Do you know I always usually sometimes use of tech. Technique where call. Do you know where the first then a Kurd. You know when you ask most people. What would ninety nine percent of people. Most people would say. And many right. I said no that's not correct. And then that for expansion. If they have any seriousness in learning about it. If you feel twenty eight. That's happened to my phone. Like to read it while they're getting numb and the readings you get twenty eight thirty three nineteen. If you want to turn there now you can look at it yourself. It talks about the covering chair of the on going to covering chair until iniquity was found in him and then they read it and most of them had the clue. No clue what sure of beans but I have to explain. It's an angel. And what is a covering. And they have no clue at all. Of course. Because they never studied sanctuary another other churches study that. That is the most distinctive message of evidence is that we have the same tree. As a guide post for us. So I explain. Holy sanctuary if I have the time. I don't explain everything always in detail. I explain how the holy sacred with the promise of how God forgives us. And as we process gets of ultimately the most holy place. And then you have aka the covenant. In the tween discovering that. I said this angel is one of the angels that covered God's seed of mercy. So he was the closest God. At that point they can get the idea that Lucifer. And then are stand that he was. And that angel. Then after that we talk about what iniquity means. Because they don't even though iniquity means either. Because also don't read or read a little bit. And I say it's an inequity. Is a violation of God's Law that it's in turn. Opens up the whole ten commandments. With the patient. And we get to review it. Once again if I have time. And review that little bit. And then. Defiled your sanctuaries. And I will bring fire from within you and you will turn it to ashes upon the ground. And then I ask them what do you think will happen to see. And the lady said. Sounds like he's going to disappear. OK. Do you think God will burn and punish people for eternity. While States die. And she's thought about that for a while she learned firsthand years. She was so relieved because I guess she lived in fear of God's judgment and. I think a lot of us. And even Abbott is not haven't had that fear. And so we need to dispel that myth that God is not that way. I meant it so I suggest that she study with local pastor there and then she's pursuing that so hopefully they'll lead to a better and for her. Now. What a relief. Isn't it. And that's one of the things I wasn't raised Abbots all my life. I actually grew up in a Buddhist home. And we had Buddhist traditions. And I think when I was in elementary school. Somebody invited me to a church. And I went. I heard there was a god method that makes sense. So I believe that. But I don't know anything about going to church or three in the Bible anything like that. So when we happen to move to a new area. I thought about St. I just had a desire to go. And so I went. And of course they taught those things like speaking tongues. Were apt your eternal hell. And after a while I'm like you know. Got done a very nice guy. Yeah. I believe the lie. Even though I was in church. I was leaving the law and and and Junior my high school I said gone. I was so frustrated because everything I did acting like I was doing everything wrong. And I got was rated it just under their right. So I said God if you really exist. Come look for me because. So from that moment on I left to the world. Unfortunately a certain sense of has brought me back in and out of if you see. Long story short I gave my heart to lord. And the last Sabbath. My senior year. I got baptized. Now. So. Praise the Lord. So the fear that we had. I found that God is a God of love and he's your friend and L. one aspirin so many beautiful books that we could live by. And second Timothy one census word God has not given us a spirit of fear. But of power and of love and of sound mind. No fear. You know we live in a society where we says we are more wary about where we are and how we live than where we are going because every Sabbath when you get up. Are you thinking about how can you be a blessing to others or you think about how good you look in church to others. I've been at fault too. So they'll feel like I'm spoiled think is that you point out myself. You know we are more concerned with feeling good first is being good. The world says. Just do it. Totally opposite of what the Bible teaches self-control and forbearance patience. Believe in yourself. You hear songs about that Whitney Houston wrote a great song. Number one song start up or. You know I found myself i love myself. I don't know that words but something to the effect. Fortunately she really didn't put yourself first. Of course that's opposite of love. Happiness is from within. That's what they say. That's where you find it. And action here. People people saying that to me and then. Sometimes if I have the time alone explain that actually. It's not God can give you that. To join the peace. You seek only. And who heard this. Which have it your way that rings a bell ready have already. But kindness. Kindness is giving you are good. What does the Bible say. Only God is good. Don't like it. Get rid of it. Instant gratification. Cheaper to get rid of that product than to fix it. Just like marriage is why fix it when you can get another spouse. I mean that's where the faithful to submit. Right. And they tell you you have to be strong. You have strength within you. Gentleness. These are all the fruits of the spirit on one sign. And this is opposite to what the world teaches you to live by. All this. Prostitutes. What I call the greatest and the root of all sin. Selfishness. And what is offered to selfishness. Love. Our time my talents our property should be sacredly devoted to him who has given us these blessings and trust. As we have continuous even the blessings of God. So we are to be continue to giving God has given us so much. If I look at hospice room. I know that you would never imagine that this is the life that you would have. I would never imagine this is the life that I have thirty years ago. Twenty years ago. It's amazing. God's giving us this opportunity to be blessed as if that blessing. We should also take that blessing and give it to others. Let me ask you a question you have a cup. When you pour your water into it. When do you stop. When it's full right. And if we were Decosta when key point. I believe that's the same way with our blessings. When God poorest blessings on us. He's going to stop. If you're not using that lesson. Does that make sense. You need to be conduits of his blessing. Every ray of light that we shed upon others is reflect upon ourselves. Every kind and sympathising word spoken to this awful every act to relieve the oppressed and ever give to the needy. If prompted by a right motive. Result in blessings to the giver. As it's as the Bible says it's better to give and to receive and. There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear has punishment. No one string. Has not been perfect and love first John fourteen. So what this lessons. Let's talk about that and will that. This is from second Korean spy thirteen. If we are out of our mind. It is for God. If we're of sound mind. It is for you. For Christ's love compels us because we are convinced that one died for all there for all died. He died for all that those who do should no longer live for themselves before him. Who died for them and raised again. So we claim to be Christ's followers. And we say we are in the yet. We're not willing to do what Crisis done. We seriously. Willing to sacrifice ourselves of others. I'm at this pretty difficult thought isn't it. But When Love Takes Over. You will see that there is a man. Max. Call. I'm sorry I don't know if Africa is name and Maximillian Cole something like that in Auschwitz. He was sent to Auschwitz. I don't know why he was because the Catholic priest was so unusual but he was there and that in the camp. When a man he scapes. The people in camp. The commander would line them all up and take out twelve people and kill them. And so happens. Somebody else gave and they brought twelve people out. They start picking them out of the line. And one of them in came out. Started wailing and weep ing and said. I cannot die. You have to let me live. Because I have family and children and. He has just fallen away. And this priest. He said. Let me take its place. And Commando a shot that has never happened before and has never happened again. And so he thought amounts OK to take his place. So he did. And you know. The way they kill these people is not by guns because that way school it's. They will lock him in a windowless room. And don't feed them. How long do you think you can last with doing that. Not very long. Usually they say. When that happens. You can hear just horrendous noises coming from that room. As a slowly died of starvation and thirst. But in this instance. They heard singing. Praising her. And little by little. Within two weeks. Everyone died in the last person to die. Was priest. What a heart the heart of Christ. You know we as evidence will always look at that one on the outside. We have to be careful to be looking for a battle on in our own hearts. We can change then we change ourselves and. The only way we can change ourselves. Is asking price. To Change Us Human. Because he's the author and the finisher. Of our faith. And we don't know love. Because love only originates from the source a love which is God. When I went to Delft one of the things that reason why I went to dental school was because I want to be a missionary. And so when I my senior year I spoke to graduate. And I'd actually before that. I think that Mary. And I took my wife on a mission trip to Africa. And we spent the whole summer there and it was one of the arrival to do that. I don't know if they still do that. I was. I asked him to send me to the worst place. Possible. And they said we'll send you to crotch Pakistan. I think if you go to a worse place everything else we have a better. So I want to experience the worst. Right after I got married. It was like a honeymoon. But unfortunately it's two to one months before. Those writing entailing they said See we can't send you there so we're going to send you even. Because you were already planned to go around the world. Within two to ten yet. And psych the Swiss of Africa. So you go there. So we tour through Europe on our honeymoon. We got to Africa. And we landed and were just hired. And no one picked us up. You know this before cellphones and. And even have a phone. Phone is one thousand nine hundred to call anyone. And so we just tried to take a taxi. And we took taxi into town and went to the clinic. The people are there and I said all you needed to see them like well what happened there like. Well they've been writing tilling for the last three days so we are free to come get you. I'm like on you know. So. But it worked out. Everything was calm the rest of time or there was a great experience though as I left school. There was only one mission appointment of vailable which was to go on a classmate of mine or a took that. So I thought it well. I guess I owned up in private practice. So I went back to my hometown Monterey and. So I had a desire to go overseas and help other people as well. So that's what I've done and over the years gotten more morphed into more bigger and longer. Durations and things like that in frequency. My wife has put a little tap on me. So anyway. This year we're fortunate to go to Lebanon. And this I tell you was probably my most curious mission trip because you know what's going on over there right. There's a low over a million refugees. Settled in Jordan from Syria and. I have patients who are from there. Tell me not to go. You know that's crazy Shingo and these are live in ease and Syrians are telling not to go on like we are so they're going to go so we want what we learn. I like to work with different groups depending on the situation where the greatest needs are. So we're going to let them on and we landed safely. And then we found out there is like certain sections huge not go. Because that's controlled by the Hezbollah. And the thing their flag. It's got this. They're writing with a machine gun on it that tells you that what they're intense are right. We went through the red zone they call them. And we made it to the Middle East. University. I found out that was like the oldest university there in front of you. This is what it looks like of the city. It's very modern. I was quite surprised. In this is the university there and there. Represent. If you go out to have a booth. And so we set up our clinic right in the one the classrooms and. Eugene come up there. Eugene. Is is a dentist from Germany. So we're very fortunate that he was able to join us. He's been he's a great team and member. And so he brought his assistant with her account classes right behind him. And we had a great time. Oh how I feel like that Japanese time with that trip was wonderful it was a big experience to work with the union with. And with the students which were part of the Middle East University. By had also the some challenges. It was my first time when I got into the in a country. And. My whole dental work with them and was hold on to the airport. So I realised I was not able to work in this mission trip. And no one was starting to go and try to recover to tend to stuff because the situation is very complicated there. And they told us to go home and finish the whole project because it's very difficult we prayed. And it was interesting after three days in three nights we recovered the whole dental stuff but we were really exhausted after this three days because you went from one office to the other but what God was good then. It reminded me of the story of Jonah is also in this area. In Lebanon. Yes. Yes. It was a big pleasure. Yeah. So we're very fortunate that he was able to get out after three days. By the time I got there. Three days later. Which coincided with. When him. Got to quit. Equipment and worked out just fine. But we lost a couple days of clinic which would normally cannot. Why that happened but God does not make mistakes. By the way. So we went out to the. The city where the Syrian refugees were. Establish here in there. And instead of doing the treatments. In that location. See each place you go you have nuances and dangers and benefits. So I'm going to highlight few of those things that we see when I go to these different spots that we went to this year. And so sometimes you have equipment issues. Because not of countries they don't want to bring in foreign Quitman because they think you can sell it. So they want to you to pay something. Or sometimes they want bribery money to get your goods through. And so oftentimes I've said listen. I'm here on a mission trip to help your people. For free. And this is for your people. Now if you need money from me. I'm sorry I cannot give that. Because you don't you don't encourage that behavior and. But. And if you want. We could talk to your supervisor and get this straightened out. Of course. If you try to go higher up. They're not going to like it so they usually let you go through pretty quickly. And not deal with that. Just have to talk to me in a pleasant way. In a nice way and explain what you're doing and why you're doing it and they'll usually have not had too many issues with bringing equipment in. But if you want to be less complicated. Put your equipment in suitcases versus anything that looks really expensive or unusual. Because And they want to see what's inside. So I usually put all my equipment and suitcases. I've gotten it down to almost one in half fifty pound bags. And I'm developing equipment now that we could do it in one fifty pound bag. While your equipment and all your needs. OK. So we went to the bill. And you can see. Architectural think this is actually bullet holes. OK. And if you look in the walls are like mortar folding. Dad got there a lot. And now this of the parking structure. It's kind of interesting and. We screen the kids first and they have address center. And we gave them numbers in the treatments. And I told him saying this to our clinic. And they the kids would come up. And they would set him down. Wonderful kids. The reason why we have these centers for the kids is because Syrian refugees. Usually do not speak. Any foreign languages. They only know Arabic. And so we try to in the many school requires that you know at least French or English. To go to school. So they teach them English. In order to get to the level that they are comfortable that they can enter into school. OK. And we focus primarily because of the so much need in the kids. We didn't even mess with the B.B.C. unless they had an abscess or something we extract it. But we focus on doing. Number nineteen and thirty. OK. Of all the teeth. That's the most critical. Because if you lose that too. You know the upper teeth will drop and all those issues. But before the age of twelve or fourteen depending on their growth development. You can take number thirty out or nineteen out and the other Muller's will shift in. You might tip just a little. But it's OK. So that I don't get too guilty about taking some of those things out. Because they're so bombed out anyway. You know. So that's what we did. And Gene was excellent he brought his own Quitman and its own system. This is great. He was so efficient. He was able to help so many people. And then we markets were able to get dental experience and assisting. You can see this your kids and my son. In the background there. And I over the years have been on so many mission trips I actually taught him how to ject. And how to extract. So I let him do most of the extraction. And if he gets into trouble. I come in and finish the rest of the tests or whatever and. He's going. But is I want to do this tree he wants to go into ophthalmology. So third year in Southern right now and. My daughter oldest daughter she's applying to dental school. And then we have his friends who act Each him and make sure it's paying free. And the kids. I mean they're happy. Because we're making it easy on them. And you get to see some wonderful things this is one of the graffiti centers in Lebanon. We call it because in this valley for some reason. All the conquering nations came in brought their names on it. So from the condenser to Napoleon. They put their names on the wall. And so this is a the Syrian and I think behind that is a. GYPTIAN writing. It's like the Bible comes alive. When you see this kind of stuff. So that was pretty amazing. Next mission trip we took that was back in March April. We went to the island of yep. If you want to know where it is it's next to pull out. It's in the middle of nowhere. OK. Anyways. Moland. We were asked by the Conference friends one Taurus. To do mission work there. The first day we read was Father's Day So they took us out on will picnic. And this. Unfortunately this little girl. Stepped on some serious coral and got some damage. Into the tendons and things and took it to the hospital and. I sewed her foot up so they're out there. So you'll you'll be required to do with lots of interesting things when you go overseas things you would never normally do at home. Like I think the Philippine trip. Not sure the year before. Yes last year to learn how to do circumcision. So if anybody needs one I know how to do it. So know what happened was there was a lot of that all students. And Matthew and my daughter since they both know how to do tractions. We line up all the patients. And they would take care of all that and so we were going through line so fast I just freed me up to do just fillings and things and by the time we were done that afternoon. I was free for another hour and a half so I thought well let's go see what the medical people are doing. And their little boys six to twelve years old lined up waiting. And I was on volunteer. So. But I decided I start watching them that you need buffering agent. Did you know that buffering is good on your ass static. Because they didn't use buffers. And I saw them inject with like. I think over twenty five gauge is huge. You know and that was so painful I just the. So I got my thirty gauge extra short. My little anesthetic. Buffered and gave them the injection and they were there much more happier. I think they weren't wincing in pain. Like the other kids. And so we brought evangelists I you know. I've done. Trips with other people were they bring in. They just go and do the work. And you know. My philosophy is. You're just to make make people just healthy centers that's all you know. We need to have purpose and objective. With what we do. Because you're that you've got given talent is something important. Need to be used for revealing God to the people I meet the fact of the end of the story. And he was there for two weeks before I got there and he was able to after the meetings. Have nine baptisms on the. So it's really a blessing. Really blessing. And the people of the OP a very kind people to make some of the most beautiful. I would say they make the most beautiful ladies in the world. Those are little flower things I've seen. I've been all over to make the best and. This is how they dressed. Doctors Dr Schroeder. He's a health and we more right now. But he has all usually come. Your face with many interesting things is and dental conditions. That's from Bill not showing. You don't notice like cocaine. It's kind of gives you a little buzz. OK. And this island nation has the largest currency in the world did you know that the largest currency. By far. You know what they trade their goods and they do use a dollar but still money. They have ones are like tents hot didn't carry in their pockets Obviously they just trade and say this is yours. And they just leave it there. That is like a dowry or your land or your house for your house I'll give you the stone the value the stone. If you see this there's a smaller one here. This could be worth more than this one. You know why. It's not because you can carry its value is the history of that stone. What it was St. That's the value. And then when the explorers came they thought hey still money. We could do that we get money. So they went over and got the stones and filled out with their industrial and brought the stones over. And some of the holes if you look at not this one. Thickly The They're perfect. Because of machine made. That of course of the new that and they said you know what. Those are not that valuable. And so the folding ones with the irregularities. Are worth more than the ones that are new. OK so the low. Yep street kids. And we were invited to go to the ceremony. Dr Jeff and I in a scene with the Chiefs. And the. As you see the beautiful. Costumes and they put on a little dance show for us. You know on the way back. We stopped in Ireland to plow on the way over and back because we've done mission trips that country several like three four years and previous. So we've met up with that. Just so happens that. When I flew in. Sometimes it happens in mission trips you have to be very flexible and three rules of mission trips because what they are the flexible flexible. Flexible. So I got to their part of the person was thinking oh this week a stay. I said well I e-mailed to tell that usually stay in the like well that got sold like oh OK. So where yes as a. I don't care because like well you can say my place but only has one bed and a couch. So me being will shorten Jeff I took the couch and I touched it and so they asked me. It was Thursday night and of planes for Yep and pick up and sat and sat night because they don't fly every day. It's not a regular thing. So they ask me speak it's church on Sabbath and I did. And after the service. The high chief which is dismembering here. He says he doesn't like to smile for pictures. But he's actually very nice guy. I know we could around. But he goes. I need to talk to you. I need to talk with me to sit at my table. Three months after I voided stable because it's like the Chiefs in the hierarchy. He's amas by doing the high chief of police. If you didn't know like the head honcho. They don't call him King with presidential he's the king to flout. He says. So I said OK. Let me finish it came by hand. So I went downstairs and goes. See I want to give you my house. And what are you talking about your house. Like I want to give you my house so that you could do ministry out of it. And maybe put that don't quit if you talk about I said. OK so I thought you know how small house. Big deal. I said OK well you know if you come see you come see. And so I went. Saw house. And that house is seventy by forty feet two stories. So we have to develop into a. I click on one side. Over here. With a twenty foot surgery room for cataract and whatever. The dental side on this side with three chairs. OK. And then this section will be me for a meeting room for depression recovery. Our Lives. Weeks of on this just educational center. So we'll be able to do that and then some rooms for people to an upstairs and downstairs and. That was one of them said You forgot to mention that. If you're interested in going to plow. Let me know and we'll put on a sign up list. And you can go stay there for free and work. You know three or four days. For a week two weeks. Three months six months. Whatever the schedules available. At this time we're developing and won't be highly open until summertime. But we're doing Plumeri. Like building project and free clinics. This coming fair February. To plow. The last two weeks. And we march going to be participating that So if you're just going to that was decent touch with me. OK. And that's ups yours. Bedroom. And this is the lower downstairs. It's unfinished answer is the meaning area. And like all places in the Pacific or all around the world. Having the you notice this little piece of frozen veggies. What do you see any of those. This is a whole section of refrigerated candy and chocolate bars and whatever. Not good huh. That's why I think I was voted the most obese nation in the world. Yeah. For that second most African. Anyway. They're up there and diabetics. High diabetes. Just turned out when we visited that one time they were having a women's conference. And the women of power were having this meeting. They have it every year. And this is the pre-nup well. Her brother. They're not married. I guess in the past maybe they did. But now they don't. So that she has a spouse but from her. Lineage will become the next. High Chief and queen. The difference is I'm a track of society. And she's avenues as well. And so she insisted that. On this trip. Randy vivants from we mark and I give a talk at that conference. You know it's on non-communicable diseases. So Randy talk about diabetes and I talk about sugars. So you'll be asked to do participate in things when you go overseas. On the last minute. Short notice just like that. I mean. Just like this but service. They ask me Friday afternoon. Like this they asked me. Monday. And I got speak on Tuesday. So be prepared. That's what the Bible says right. Deeper. So luckily I had something to share with them and she really enjoyed it that there was two avenues doctors sharing with a community because there was no evidence line up in that whole seminar for. That was possible for three days. And they do have a lot of good choices. Instead of those candy bars. And this is going to call the center the evidence health center. And we want to make it the place of influence for the community and these our own committee members from who are in charge and each one of them has a wonderful story. The old a department store. The best one there there's only two thousand one support by the government. They're close on Sabbath. So for next Saturday to close it open on Saturday night. And they say they meant more money on Saturday night and they do in a single day. So people just know about evidence and that and the lady next to him is. She's be a senator and vice president and I have they're very well connected and hopefully they will they really want this clinic to happen. So we'll see what happens next trip was in me. To the Philippines and. We start Amish are going to Philippines because of the hurricane. Do you remember hyun three years ago four years ago. Killed about thirty three thousand people. Well I have about two weeks after that I was was to get my knee surgery. And I opted not to get my knee surgery and decide to go. That. Disaster and. I was very glad I did was kind of hesitant because you know. Disasters and dentists want to say why would I want to go. But they worked up they really need a dentist too because there was a lot of people who are suffering. Man fact I ran out of anaesthetic and needles to go to medical department. Get their weird syringe and suck it out of their bottle and this trick shots with their should watch gauge needles. And this is a shot of. Some of the deficit while. Little teddy bear I saw like it. Anyway. So this year we went to pull out when. And we went to help with the F.M. missionaries. Up in the jungle. And the city. That we've visited the last season and instructs. I guess years and we don't need the there's less news at all day. In the morning when we went to the whole river bed was dry. Phone dry but by the time we got back it was flooded. So we had to walk across a footbridge while they brought the cars across this way. So you have to be prepared. And they took us up in helicopters into the jungle. And they don't want to stay too long because that every missionary student if a person has up there there's three or four or five of them up there. Gets malaria. It's guaranteed to get Larry. If you can stay there overnight. So I've made sure we have spared ourselves very carefully. Flew up there in the morning and came back in the afternoon. So that we can help the people there. In these villagers. They don't have anything. They walk around barefoot in. And if you feel like it was in The Hobbit. It looks like that because there's no constraint there foot just present like that and they just walk all over those hills in the jungles. And they have no medical care and. This is Daniel he's from Red Bluff and. He's a pilot for their program. And you think that the locals. Well anyway. You have to do a lot of things when you do this carry a fifty pound bag up a dirt road. Up to the clinic. Pray for the patients. Teaching in the first how to extract log it back down the hill with another city. The main city and. We don't always stay in nice hotels. This is my. I guess sleeping quarters for the time I was there on the roof. Of course because of mosquitoes I brought mosquitoes. And luckily I had a mattress. Actually click on to comfortable. But sometimes you have to live in those conditions. The first time we went there was no running water no electricity. So we slept in an abandoned warehouse. You know in a tent. Of a team of twenty five people. The wind got to stand someone's house. But the men we stayed in the band and warehouse. And so I just realized I stayed in really nice hotels on mission trips and season some interesting places. Other places. That's not the worst part the worst part is the animals. The roosters in the United States. I think they're civilized. Because they only crow when that sun starts coming up over here. The pro. Any time of day. No matter what goes on day and night with the dogs barking. So just be prepared for your ear plugs. For some of this type of mission trip. Stuck around a low way he's from Red Bluff he came and joined us as wife and his daughter. It's always fun to do the strips with your family because they get experience. You know what you meant. And we moved around from. At least three or four different places. Last year I showed this case of this gentleman. I found out more stories about this man after or teenager can tell how the S. He had dropped out of school because of the bullying because of his teeth. And that he had even not stop going to church. Praise God he. When we treated him like I said we get to do things that we would normally do at home. I would never do this at home but because of the situation we did this for him and he's a happy camper. He went back to school and tending church again. Amen. You can make profound effect on people's lives. On the way back. We had two days left. So we went out to a place called El Nido which is a nice resort area. Just to relax before we came back home. We spent two weeks over two days of not so bad to relax. Our driver. We had two two drivers. We were supposed to drive us. In the middle night. They both fell asleep. We went off the side of the road. And we took up five blocks. If we had gone off here. Maybe we could have gone to the ravine. We don't. Got protected us. And we survived. And I was eight of us in a vehicle but I had a custody and want to get out where the filtering had been through thing but yeah. When I saw that week before. Team of doctors in a bus. All died. It's a very dangerous place sometimes be careful. And we help out with the church there. On his more pictures of that vehicle at nine on the way back we thought of Yoko being towed away. Next trip was to use the country of Indonesia. They have over two hundred fifty million people and a Muslim country. So there's a lot of work to be done there. But we didn't go to the main island. We went out to coupons and to a lot of very very remote place. There's one census for two hundred thousand people. And she's so busy. She only does extractions when she wants to and feelings for only the people who might have might have influence or something. But she's. How to handle two in two thousand people. That's that's amazing in Monterey. We have one sentence for every two thousand people now. One for two hundred thousand. As unreal. Degas a basement to work out of but it was. I don't want Miskito Isn't it was too hot so worked up on the balcony in front. And that's how we set it up. We have a look at him piece out of this black unit and suction cup action unit here. All the supplies. And we have other people who didn't miss lunch. Helping out with kids. Music program. Helping with the church. And when we went to Lor surprise. They brought out the natives. And you have to dance sometimes too so. They're very very nice people. My daughter with her friend. Yes. There's a team and first day to set us up we did a clinic on the beach. I have been there once before just evaluate I also do some weak. This baby's like I think a month old Guess what is name of. Yeah see a six six or seven months before eight months before. When I was there he was born. And just because I was there. I'm They siphon named Steve so. I have a little boy not blood related. In living in that remote island and. That's pitch a tent anywhere have church there was like heaven right on the beach like that. Awesome. And we did a Y program Challenge program E.F.T. noone can help talk with the little midget meant to the team that went. And the host was so gracious. He's a contractor who builds major roads. He got us a cake for our little girl because it was her birthday on our trip. And the food was amazing. And once again. They have stores with lots of candy. And Dr Padilla from California also joined us and she did excellent job. And this is a clinic before it's got really great treaty. Like this in the film The Kids from this college is were helping out and you see all kinds of things. And it's sad. Saved by about the. When we leave. They are usually all crying. It's really sad. So we lose from there to the island of Bali and. We did a clinic there we also had an army Bible camp for three days. And it was a blessing. Six hundred people came and one of the team members came from from Switzerland. She want to get baptized while she was there. By Pastor Torres It was one of speakers and either marshals or me speaker there. And last trip we took was mine and of Tonga. Years our mission to point we bought evangelist Taj apocalypse. And this is a members from our church. And the president of the mission. I don't know why they do this but he told me I could have this building. To put a clinic into. So there's a lot of need out there. So if everybody had a heart for missions. There's places we need to be to be a matter of funds. And so there's a dental offices for that the mission. But they don't use it anymore. And we use that building while we were there. We can use it now. To have up Miles your dental or anything else. And the people. There's always a need. Always in the. My wife helping out with pressures. We bought for two hundred glasses and do those out. Dr Kinsley. He's here helping out. Of course the dreaded slowly. That's why they all have rotten teeth and ever seen corn beef that's big. Yeah. I wonder why there's such big people do a lot. And you can see here. How we set up. We have the battery. I have different units but this one I brought with a battery operated like a camp East. Action unit. Wipes and. We boil our instruments. Because I don't want to carry a big sterilizer. So I have them boil for. You know ten twenty minutes. And that seems to be sufficient. We have the set up of. At least six oranges a couple P.D.L. elevators. Some force that. And that's basically enough for me to get to care of all the needs of the people there. Well we also do root canals. Have done. Implants on some of these trips. We bring it to July tree. And they're so cute. And they're sometimes really. My daughter helping out during the lecture. And my wife to take turns. And I let her take a tooth out. That girl same age as her. With all this gold running around. And she obviously and. I don't know how much she was maybe eleven or something but to live the rest your life. Like this you know when we go different places. If a woman has bad teeth. What you think her relationship. Cuter potential could be. Or job opportunity. Kahlo right. So I don't really like help the girls with their friends. I make him look at so I thought I'd come in and we went and found that. And working on glasses. They also did cooking demonstrations because they only know how to eat those very high starchy sugary bad diet foods so we taught them some. You can cooking. And they always overindulgence with food. That's the way or their way of showing us kindness. And as is custom you want to be like the locals and. We have to wear these things. Would have to be part of there and you get asked to speak on this occasion. The main speaker ties. Bosses voice so it was a blessing. If you notice. I'm not I'm kind of short but they're all pretty big. And we had some time to get some are in are as well as my little girl. Chasing after fish. My son. And some interesting caves. And that's why mission present and was in my little girl cave. Proud of local thing that she noticed I was working really hard and she wanted to make me happy about that over. So loved it stayed in action in that. By this you will know the Bible says she will know them. If we show love one another in Christ objects Melissa says the love of Christ revealed in personal ministry. May soften the stony heart. So the see that you can take root. I'll leave you with the one. When story. The Philippines. There is a taxi driver who picked us up. We had a few Manchu and he had a like a ponytail thing on. So I thought he looked kind of Chinese. So I said hey. Do you have any like Chinese background. And he went berserk a ghost. I'm a Chinese. I'm like oh no I'm a kind of Chinese right. There's not a good way to start. We got along right. Forty five minutes. My kids were in the back. And they're friends of the rhythm. And by that hot. Lord I prayed. Help me to reach the man. And as we were driving I noticed these icons. Sitting on the front deck bubbling and which the beads and stuff. So I do believe in God knows. Oh yeah. I believe in God. Oh really I guess I go to church every Sunday. All. Good good. That's right. And then I did you know. Do you know what the first and. And we started talking about the think a mammoths. And so when got the second with us. Don't make any midges of anything heaven and earth their own earth below it goes Oh yeah our church. We only make the image of Jesus and Mary. It's OK. I'm like OK. But it says right here. Heaven and Earth anything below seven. That means anything in heaven. So if you believe Jesus in heaven. Goes. Yes. Then what do you think should make an image of him. No well kept going and then we got the Sabbath and is like. Yeah yeah. Sabbath no problem. Sunday. I don't work on Sunday I go to church with my family everything's good that's it. Do you know when Jesus went to church on seven. No I said you know he was a Jew great. Sunset Friday. To sunset Saturday. OK. And he goes. Then why do we worship on Sunday and. Well I had to tell the story of the Constantine. And before all this I had asked in this particular question which I like to ask. Christians. Do you believe God's word is important and they always have questions. If you're a Christian that's obvious. Where can you find God's Word is on the Bible. OK. So if God's word is important can man's word supercede son's word. And they always say never. Right so we had our established that. So when we were going over the ten commandments and said. This is God's word is like oh OK I get it. And so we went through this whole thing. And we share with them. What happens with. You know. Hell. Stated that we have plenty of time for fine as long time. But time got to destination I gave the D.V.D.'s active to people and gave my contact and everything I said. OK well how much is a the bill. And he gave me. It was like you know forty five dollars who knows what it was and goes. You know what. I don't want you to be a me. You. Bless me. Nuff with all this information I'm gonna go home and teach my. And so I was like holy shock. And I said thank you so much. And he went on smear way I should've taken a picture Sorry guys. I did it but it's a blessing to be able to serve the Lord. OK. And so going finish out conga this pictures of my going backwards or forwards. Sorry. I was last message is what I shared my office. It's on all our pens and our advertisement. Let's keep the faith. Share the hope. And do all things in love and we buffer. The Holy Father and we are so grateful that you have always been for us not against us. Thank you for teaching us how to love. Continued help us be humble and to seek you. And to follow our own desire to learn more new with us for this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about how do you or you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit. W W W. Audio first stop or.


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