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Dinner With the Doctor

Michael Hollie


It’s affirming as Christians when science agrees with the Bible, but for the unchurched, the reverse is true, it is affirming when they see the Bible agreeing with science. Such has been the case for a program called “Dinner with the Doctor.” Dinner with the Doctor is a effective, practical and instructional program developed using evidence based medicine to educate people on how to implement a whole food, plant-based diet for treating, preventing, and reversing disease. 




  • Summarize the past and present experience with this newly developing health evangelism tool.
  • Outline practical steps for implementing Dinner with the Doctor programs. 
  • Evaluate the outcomes of church-based health evangelism in this paradigm. 


Michael Hollie

Practicing Physician in Chattanooga, Tennessee



  • October 30, 2015
    4:15 PM
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All right. Can you all hear me OK. All right want to welcome you all for it startles have a word of prayer. Given every father what a privilege to come before you in prayer Lord we praise you and thank you for being our wonderful creator for your patience with us. Lord as we meet this week in. We want you to be glorified Lord in all that we do we want to be all for your glory. Help us Lord as we now want to talk about a program that you created a program that. You want to share throughout. Our church and through our community. And we just ask for your presence in your holy spirit to be with us we ask all this in Jesus name Amen. All right so we do a program we call dinner with a doctor. It is a church based health of Angeles them. And they started actually about four years ago. We actually started it as an instructional program. That's to educate people on how to implement a whole food plant based diet. As an approach for treating preventing and reversing disease. We are desirous to provide accurate scientifically based scientifically sound information to help them. Implement this program into their lifestyle. And to provide them with the tools that are needed to do this because as our previous two speakers have talked about in this is kind of a nice progression. After Dr Cooper stock hers is a a medical practice based Ours is a more church based but getting people to implement and giving them the tools. Is difficult in sustainability is difficult and one of the things we try to do is sort of nurture them along to sort of provide some of that sustainability. So why dinner with a doctor well. Reaching lost people the Gospels become increasingly difficult. Particular post modern secularized society. Less than twenty percent are actually in church. And only about a third of you see me one third of U.S. adults are religious Lee on a feel it affiliated so it's becoming a bit. More of a challenge so we ask ourselves the questions can Christians make an impact on a post modern culture. And secondly is the gospel relevant in a secularized society. Our Savior met the spiritual social and physical and mental needs of hurting people. And we use Jesus's model because I think Jesus as a model is pretty clear. Find a need immediate The church is the Body of Christ in or actually to meet people's needs in Jesus's name with the ultimate goal. And that's important the ultimate goal of introducing them to the one who meets our deepest needs. So we are intentional in protecting the purpose of the program and that it is to promote health. However we are always making participants aware of spiritual programs and events that we conduct at our church. As well as area churches in the Chattanooga Tennessee area. We also feel strongly that as Jesus healed without the sort of of what we call a bait and switch program we too want to serve in a disinterested benevolence. In order that we may create a trust in a friendship. Because when we develop that trust in the friendship. They even want to hear about other things that maybe the Seventh Day Adventist are doing as well. So we started this in two thousand and twelve. It was actually going to be a pilot program of this going to be just for lectures we're going to it over a four month period. And that was going to be it. We had four core topics heart disease weight management diabetes and cancer the same things that the other physicians have been talking about. We provided them with a whole a full whole food plant based meal. And then some notebooks with recipes and lecture notes. However God had much different plans that are for program plan. Because we are snout on our fourth year and actually have expanded the program. Because the community really latched on and embraced it. So we felt the need that God was sort of telling us that we needed to do more than what we were going to do with our simple pilot program of four lectures. So four years later we've expanded we now have cooking demonstrations as well. We are generally filled to capacity. As you'll see with some of the pictures I'll show you. And the community has embraced it because it's a non-threatening way to meet some of their needs which then provides a bridge to bring them to spiritual factors as well. So I put this up here just in case any of you are interested in starting something like this at your church. Phyllis Smith who is actually here at the conference. She just got here today and she'll be here this evening. But she said it was OK to give her information if you want to talk to her. I also will give you my information at the end of the talk as well. But there it is. So what are the people that make it happen I will tell you that in order to do dinner with a doctor. It does require a lot of church involvement. Our church philosophy our mission for our church. Is that every members involved in something. So we tend to try to try to get all the church members involved maybe not all a dinner with a doctor. But in some sort of the Vangelis stick out Reach program. In our community. We generally have a couple of greeters that each one several at registration. Some deacons the kitchen staff is course big people to take blood pressure. People to decorate have set up the day before. And I highlighted the Middlers because we feel that this is one of the most important components of dinner with a doctor. And that's having members. And our Bible workers mingle with people sit with them get to know them. Because that's how you bring them back again and again as they develop a friendship in a trust with you. So the Middlers are very important. Advertising quite honestly. We don't do a lot of advertising. We find that word of mouth is very powerful. After people come to a dinner with a doctor to. They tend to come back. And we are constantly encourage him invite your friends invite your neighbors invite your co-worker's invite your family. And that works very well. We also provide a reminder phone call which they appreciate. And that's an automated phone call that that fil A Smith has set up. Basically calls them reminds them that we have dinner where the doctor coming up. Tells them what the topic for that particular month is. And the time just reminding them of all of that we send out flyers we provide flyers for our members of his from one coming up actually the Monday after this conference we have one in a couple of days. So the Flyers are very helpful the Bible workers like to use them. We also will go door to door with these in the community. It runs on a calendar year. We start in January and we've been showing forks over Knives the last three or four years. That's a nice introduction to this week then start the first Monday of February with our first what we call full dinner with the Dr subsequent months we alternate with demos. And so it's a folder with their accurate presentation than demos and alternating like that we do take three months off through the year June July and December. We find that the summer months tend to be a little more difficult to get people out to but we've actually got as far and we've done June before. And only taken one month off. But I think our staff got a little bit. Burned out so we backed off this year we actually took June and July off. And then we'll take December off as well. Our budget. Roughly seventy five hundred dollars and quite honestly we are always under budget. We don't spend all of that but our church. Budget we spend over fifty percent of our church budget on outreach and evangelism. So this is a fairly small dollar figure for our outreach and. We use it to to buy the food supplies decorations a little bit for the Flyers. So it's not a large amount when you figure it's spread over nine to ten sessions. It really is pretty inexpensive. So what does it look like while people arrive. We register them in some quite honestly when they come the first time they're a little bit hesitant sometimes to give their full contact information. Because they're not quite sure what's going to happen they're not sure if we're going to get a bunch of phone calls for from us or are they going to get a bunch of stuff in the mail that they don't want. So it's really interesting someone will give their information. Others will be a bit hesitant. And then without fail at the end of the session. They'll be coming up you know I didn't get my name in ever can you can you put that my name in there because I want to be called remind for the next one because they see that it's something valuable to them. We then serve the meals. I have prayer with that because a lot of fact most of these people are under her chin. Some are church some or Catholic some are Baptists Presbyterians. And then some are just completely understood as well. Announcements we give away with have drawings for giveaways we give way books or D.V.D.'s. Cookbooks. That will have the presentation. Than closing prayer announcements or reminders for the next months program. So what does it look like. While. Lots of lots of fun at registration. We generally have at least three or more people at registration. We do it by computer. That's way we can keep a nice database of our attendees. Our members are there to help sort of walk people through and get them registered. Then we send them and they have their blood pressure taken. And this is a nice little tool. Sometimes. Before our diabetes talk will actually do blood sugars as well. And that can be helpful for patients as well. We give them a notebook. And they bring this notebook with them each month. The notebook they'll keep their recipes then they'll put their lecture notes in. And they find that very helpful and. They like the recipes. They. They want the practical. Hands on kind of stuff. So what does it look like for food prep a tape. Preparation it takes a fair number of people to put this together. And if you can see the kitchen here there are six or eight people there. They're just preparing that we've got people that are out on the serving line as well. People that are delivering food takeaway dishes those sorts of things. And we get a lot of our members involved this way and they enjoy doing this. It's a good way for them to connect with our community that it's time to eat. We send them through the serving line we have our members serving them. And providing. It's a tasteful. It's a very very tasty food plant based meal which for a lot of these people a lot of them have never sat down and eat a meal without some meat in it so it's a little bit challenging for them at times. But we without fail. People come away saying that was really good. I didn't know that we could have such a good meal without meat. So. As you'll see from the pictures are attendees are of all ages. We have children attending We have young people we have middle aged and and older people it's a whole spectrum of people. The lecture is. While they're eating. So they're actually sitting in tables. Much bigger than this but tables like this. They're actually eating their meal and listening to the lecture. We generally have a full house as you can see here. Essentially every chair is full. We can accommodate about one hundred twenty people. And then we start putting tables in the back and start putting chairs around the side to accommodate people. As you can see here so very very popular program. And again it's the word of mouth. And the power of God that sort of keeps it going. I want to show you one thing real quickly we'll talk about it see that right there that is a camera and actually we've changed how we do our demonstrations now we used to do. And I'll show you a picture in a moment we should do multiple station. Sins and rotate through them. But we found that over time it just seemed to be a little chaotic too much noise with four or five people talking at the same time. So we actually do a from the front demonstration now. And we actually mounted a camera then we projected onto the screen and have one demonstrator at a time in our our attendees like that a little bit more because they can hear better. The down side is they lose a little bit of the intimacy because when we were having rotating groups there was about twenty or so twenty to twenty five in a rotating table so they got to be a little more close to the demonstrator and got to talk to them a little bit more. But we make up for that with a question and answer period at the end with the demonstrators so we just sort of trying to to adapt and see what works best for everyone. If you do this you're going to have lots of questions this is the way you connect with people. Afterwards they're going to want to come and talk to the present or they're going to talk to the people who are making the food they want to talk to the people from your church. They want to learn more about this. So there's a lot of discussion and interaction afterwards and quite honestly. That's what makes this work. Is that that that close contact that interaction with people. It's not having a lot of distance between the people organise but. But much closer you. You start to learn people's names and I'm thankful for name tags because sometimes it's hard to remember because you're talking about one hundred twenty people. And maybe the next time. Thirty of those don't show up and thirty more new ones show up so there's a lot of a lot of interaction and the more you can learn names and connect with people. The more it's going to be six That's. full. So the demos and dishes that's what we call our cooking component of this we call it demos and dishes. Just before that we will have a fifteen minute. Physician lead. Health Talk. And I'll give you the titles of some of those talks in a moment. Then we have what I call the practical demonstration on how to prepare the foods and more than just preparing and how to prepare. We also tell them where to buy these foods. How to do it. How to avoid certain things what are the nutritional facts. We even get to certain basic says How do you cut up vegetables. Because one of our demonstrators made the comment. Last month she said. You know I didn't know how to even cut up certain vegetables social show you how to do things that many of you all take for granted. But you know a lot of the people that come to dinner with the doctor. Are opening cans and boxes and they don't really know what to do with a fresh vegetable her fresh fruit so. So we try to get down to the nuts and bolts of that practical. Component and people really appreciate that. We've also had a sort of a shop with me component where some of our demonstrators will take people out shopping. Because we try to prepare things that are not too unusual that they have to go to a health food store to buy. We try to get things that are going to be found in your common grocery store. We also had another program called cook with me. Where people would sign up. And they would have one of the demonstrators actually come to their home and prepare a meal. We usually try to get two or three people together at the same time so we can serve several people but they kind of like that too where they actually come into their home and help them cook. So what does demos and this is a look like pretty similar we have the registration the get the notebook in the recipes. Blood pressure announcements. And then we have three or four Haitian we've had up to five demos. At a time that we have our closing prayer an announcement. These pictures are actually from when we did the rotating stations. You can see there are going to be several stations here. From a Bob This particular one we actually had five stations rotating. And when you get one hundred plus people. It can get a little noisy in there. So that's why we've changed our our form and just a little bit. But they did like this you can see is very up close and personal samples are services they get to taste everything and we're still doing the samples as well. But with this they got the samples as they're having that specific dish. Demonstrated to them. This is a short video on. What has happened with dinner with a doctor. Or. All right here's what laws are. He that will live there. Off or. We're really all over your life. Her. She's lost. Why. Way. This was actually made. After our first year so this was. This is back in two thousand and twelve at the end of our first year. Those are just some of the testimonials that we had going to show you one of the very end of this presentation. Actually it's. The lady in blue referred to friends of theirs that were coming a couple that's been coming. We're going to highlight them at the end because that. That gentleman almost died. And he has made some remarkable changes will see that but it's always reassuring to know that that the program that God is laid out. Works like it does so testimonials are very very helpful. So the core presentations. Basically the first one is on heart disease the next is on weight control. The third on diabetes and thirty fourth one on cancer in the fifth what we do is Why do I get sick and what can I do about it because we often ever pay say why am I sick all the time and what what what can I really do about it and that's really the laws of health and immunity is what we talk about in that one. Have some shorter ones that I use Lee do before the cooking demonstrations. One on label reading. One on where do you get your protein because as you all know anybody's food hooked up with whole food plant based That's the first question you're going to where do you get your protein. Sweeteners that's a common question we get in the you know what kind of try to dispel some myths about sweeteners same thing with oil. And what to fill up on that sort of a mini version of the of the. The weight loss part and then food addiction because food addiction is a real thing and. And so we present. What food addiction is from a physiological standpoint. People really enjoy hearing that as well. So very quickly what I'm going to do now is going to take those four core presentations I've deluded them down significantly. I'm not going to go over each slide. I mainly want you to see sort of how we go through these. And what we present to people. But understand that about eighty percent of the slides are taken out of each one of these presentations. I like this quote it says the doctor the future will give no medicine but will interest as patients in the care of the human frame and proper diet. The cause and prevention of disease. And interestingly this is from Thomas Edison. We show them about heart disease and how many P.. Who are dying from heart disease the fact that even young people have atherosclerotic findings. The absence of artery disease in these populations and of course what they have in common is that they all are on a platter. Whole food plant based diet. The standard American diet you hear that phrase thrown around a lot. It's mostly process and refined foods a lot of meat and dairy. In very few fruits vegetables lagoons beans and unprocessed foods. Just like Dr Cooper was talking about in in her presentation. I like to teach people a little bit about what the pathophysiology is in lay terms so that they can understand a little bit why they develop heart disease why they get diabetes and. And just give them a little bit of information so that they're not just coming to something and saying you need to eat better. We need to explain why what you're eating is causing the most common diseases that we're seeing in America today. So we teach them a little bit about the inflammation that's involved in heart disease and how a thrombus forms. We teach them about that that students are Tipperary that stents do kind of plug up the problem. Temporarily in one spot. But I point out that there are still remaining plaque and if you don't make lifestyle changes it's just a matter of time before you're going to need another one. Go through the fact that we're just treating symptoms. I like this. Clinton's heart doctors he had a surgeon at a cardiologist one of them said. It's not the result of his lifestyle or diet. Chronic we don't have a cure or the other guy said it's progressive we don't have a cure. Well I think. President Clinton their former President Clinton sort of proved them wrong on that. Go through the things that they can't change you can't change or genetics their age or their family history but I do say there's a lot of things that you can change and particularly. What you're eating in your lifestyle. Teach a little bit about cholesterol the H.D.L. and L.D.L. ways they can modify their cholesterol and sort of put it into little cartoons that make sense to them like this a little humor says with this new drug cholesterol forms. Outside of the body where it can clog the arteries and I say you don't have cholesterol did look like this people might pay a little more attention to their cholesterol level. Tell about refined oil than oil that occur naturally in foods in the difference between the two. Metabolic Syndrome. Very important to talk about this both in the heart disease talk as well as in our diabetes talk show them that this is been done before and geography. Has shown that we can reverse. Cardiac disease. This is from. Dr Esselstyn his sort of do's and don'ts. In the next two or from studies that Dr Esselstyn has done. Most of your price the mirror with that. This is a bigger study that was published last year to two thousand and fourteen with two hundred participants showing that a whole food plant based does work. Talk to the pre-hypertension because you know nowadays. Most people come into the office their blood pressures are running one thirty one forty one fifty and they think that's OK. Talk to him about salt. And how much salt we get for some reason the Minutemen sort of pay attention to this one here on impotence. They're interested in heart disease. Talk to them about side effects that are involved with the statens that are really prescribed fairly frequently today. Talk to them about fish oil and why that's not necessarily the panacea for heart disease or illness in general why all of oil is not necessarily a health food and in sort of tease out the Mediterranean diet findings and help them understand what that really means. Because there's a lot of misconception on that talk to them about where they can get omega three S. healthy through a whole food plant based diet. I don't know why I went through that one so fast this is one that. I like to point out to our admin is friends that are eating vegetarian vegan diet I personally was on an unhealthy vegetarian diet for a while then I became an unhealthy Vigen for a while and eventually I started to realize that there are other things that I need to get out of my diet. That I can still call myself of the good. But I can be unhealthy and so we like to teach them things about that a lot of people look like this little guy here once a Polish hair out after this they're like What am I going to do you know I'm a meat and potatoes kind of person. So we help them with. You know keeping it simple. Talk to them about some of the transitioning challenges. I like to show this car to says you have two choices we can perform triple bypass surgery or we take a vague idea sigh open up your chest so what on to a vein in your quarter artery. There's a cost one hundred thousand dollars are going to look kept up for are laid up for two months. Or we can put you on a whole food plant based diet. In the patient says. A vegan diet. G. Doc That sounds pretty extreme. Well. I don't know about you but I think opening up the chest is pretty extreme and. I think this sort of food is really good. So just sort of let them know that they have options. We often get a lot of questions there's a number one where do I get my protein are they complete proteins. You know carbohydrates aren't they all bad can we get calcium with. Good enough fat all of these things we answer those things. We teach them that supplements are not really the answer the maybe some supplements that are that are helpful. But in general. You can get everything you need from the whole food plant based diet. Take them to label reading and make it really simple because when you look at the label on a package it can be very complicated. So I give them several simple stuff. Steps to to look at a label decide if it's something they should put their cart or put back on the shelf. And then we actually take them through a label and sort of say All right here's a label now and here the figures sort of circle those for you. And then ask them. Based on that the information that they just received if this is a good label or not and. That one's not then we take them to the ingredients and show them that something that looks pretty benign it can be loaded with all kinds of things that we really shouldn't be eating. And just so you all know these last two labels are off the box of Ritz crackers. Something that seems the nine but is full of a lot of really just so I tell them that. That's not a good thing and K.. Then we shun the good label this one has very little fat calories from fat. Sodium is OK about one to one ratio. Tell them that works out and we look at the ingredients as well if you can't leave everything on the front of the box but. This one all checks out well this is actually is a kill for nine cereal. This is the question we get where do we get our protein. We take them through that you're going to get plenty of protein in the whole food plant based diet. But really show it to MN number so they know that I'm just not making this up. Tell me what happens to excess protein. Second lecture we usually do is on diabetes. As Dr Cooper pointed out many patients just say well you know. My uncle had this my mom had this my brother had this so they think it's all in their genes. So we try to let him know that it's not all in their genes we let him know that it's a very very serious condition that one in three children born since two thousand. Are going to get diabetes. We tell them about prediabetes and that this is the ideal time to catch. Diabetes is catch it in that early stage is Dr Our Kahless Otus in our first presentation by the time they get to that pre-diabetes fifty percent of their beta cells are already shot. So we need to catch them earlier. Or at least in this state. Rather than when they progress because of all the other associated conditions show that what normal blood sugars look like. This is just a partial list of what causes type two diabetes. Show then it's not in the genes it's looks at the Pima Indians eight percent prevalence of diabetes. You move those same people to to the United States and their diabetes rate jumps from eight percent to thirty seven percent obesity goes from thirteen to sixty nine. And we say. Is this really just our genes No it's not. We haven't changed the genes. Fears that lifestyle that Dr Cooper was talking about that affects about ninety percent of type two diabetics. If you can get them to do it. Exercise. Explain to them that diabetes makes them much more prone to cardiovascular disease blindness. The RA pathy which unfortunately many times can lead to also has a lead to amputate Shin's this particular study I always say you know it's a small group of people twenty one people with diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy specifically. They began a low fat vegan diet with a thirty minute walk every day and within two weeks leg pain stopped and seventeen of the twenty one. And in for the other four got better and I say if I have her phone or oppa think I'm going to try this for a short period of time. And you see the results. That's what gets people convinced. Diabesity is simply merging that diabetes and obesity together. I show them. Maps of the United States that shows that the obesity rates on the left and the diabetes rates on the right. Correlate and. You can see that the southeast is very very high. Really the eastern half of United States is is just very high and in obesity and diabetes city. Rates. Tell them a little bit about the pathophysiology again some people say well you know do they really want to know that yeah they do they want to know what's behind some of this so that when they're making these changes it sort of makes more sense to them so I tell them that insulin is simply the key that opens the sugar door into the self and made a little cartoon to show them how insulin normally works inside the cell. And how it transports glucose into the cell. And then the next slide will show them how insulin resistance works and how it sort of I call it a gun King up. The system just to make it real simple. And you can see that. That when insulin hits the receptor the signaling mechanism inside the cell doesn't work as well. And so therefore this normal transport of glucose into a cell. Doesn't work and glucose backs up. Now that's an incredibly simplified version. But it works and explains to people that it's fat in the cell that causes the problem. So I tell them that insulin resistance is where the key does not work to open up those sugar doors. Show them that that. When you drink a fruit juice. Your blood sugar spikes up more quickly than when you eat the whole fruit and explain to meeting the whole fruit is the way to go talk to him a little bit about him ago by day one sees most of them should be familiar with this from their going to their physicians. This is actually a trial that. Dr Eric our showed in his presentation. That shows that lifestyle. As a fifty eight percent reduction in diabetes versus using Metformin thirty one percent so most twice as effective using lifestyle. I give them basically four steps for reversing and preventing diabetes setting aside the animal products keeping vegetable oils to a minimum or preferably out. Favor foods with low glycemic index and eat more fiber foods sort of a four step program. And tell them that. I'm eliminating the animal products is going to get out your your meat dairy and eggs get out fat cholesterol. This going to incur decrease that interested or fat that causes insulin resistance. Kind of give them some options of other foods they can eat. Tell them that the problem the eggs really highs in two areas the yolk in the white. Probably the shell too. And then you know here's what we tell them take out the animal products that's the question we get. Where do you get your pro-tea. Explain to people that really. We only need about ten maybe ten to fifteen percent protein in our diet. But for a lot of people. That sounds very strange because they're always hearing from the media that we need lots of protein and here's how we get X. number grams of protein from eating this yogurt or eating that product but it's. It's just not correct. Talked about oils and how excessive. Oils in the diet. Lead to more pounds lead to more calories. Lead to insulin resistance and kind of show them where the added oils arc they sneak in you know people really think of you know there's a lot of oil in those chips and in those crackers in those salad dressings. So kind of get educated in those areas well. Conclude that all those oil. No matter what. It's still a fat it's one hundred percent fat. It really is all it all it has is macronutrients not micronutrients talk a little bit about glycaemic index but I do stress to them that if you don't have diabetes. Classy MacIndex is not going to be as important to you but if you do have diabetes you're in the process of reversing it. Reversing that pre-diabetes that knowing glycaemic index of foods and kind of get them on the left left side is the process foods basically in the low glycemic foods on the right with your whole food plant based items teachin that beings and green leafy S. and nearly all fruits have low glycaemic index and a lot more surprise because they're always been taught. It. Fruits have high glycemic that fruits are going to spike your sugar well. Fruit juices will. But if you're eating the whole fruit itself. Except for watermelon pineapple. They're not they're not that high and so they like hearing that sort of teach in the difference. Why pasta is actually a low. Glycaemic food it's more like a court of wood it's all packed together tightly digested more slowly. Versus bread is more loosely like a pile of sticks and digested more quickly and spikes up blood sugar. Teach them about carbohydrates because everybody thinks that carbohydrates are bad. But in fact they're not actually it's the increasing fat. In the diabetic that increases the insulin resistance. Show them studies that show that it really does matter. Show them that fiber not only helps with diabetes and heart disease. But other diseases as well including good old constipation. So. Teach them that fiber. Really forty to fifty grams a day and from some people that's that's just overwhelming for them to think that they need to eat that much fibre because the average Americans get about twelve grams of fiber. Apples and bananas I tell them that fruit. About three grams per person Erving and vegetables about four. And I tell him that beans really are there the king of five or about fourteen grams per per cup of cooked beans. I tell them that we're putting the wrong fuel in our body. Explain to them the kind of analogy of a car you put diesel in a gas car put gas in a diesel car. You keep taking it to your mechanic a mechanic can keep fixing it and tell you put in the wrong fuel and. You keep going back. It's the same analogy with patients. We put the wrong fuel in our body. We keep going to the doctor and asking for a pill fix it. And then we go out and put the wrong fuel back and go back to the doctor again it's a perpetual cycle of of illness. Always warn them that you need to work with your physician. Particularly for diabetes and hypertension and heart cardiac disease that you're going to likely need to decrease and a hopefully eliminate medications. So I encourage them to work with their doctor when doing this show them another study that basically shows that this does work we're not making this up. We give them you see at the bottom I give them references for journal articles to know that. Where this is in the. The science and it's not something that Dr Holly just made up. Always summary for for the diabetes one. The last thing I tell them is to turn your stress over to God because I think that's really important we talk about the spiritual connection. The diet one is is a very popular one because as you know. The majority of Americans about two thirds of Americans are overweight about a third of those are obese. And in children it's becoming really an epidemic which then is leading to an epidemic of type two diabetes in children as well. I show them maps and I actually do a different way of showing them but I'll show them maps over five year segments and show them how the obesity rate is just increasing. Throughout the country. And then I asked them the question you know did the genetics change obviously know has the diet lifestyle change. Absolutely that's what's leading to obesity. I really stress the fact that we need to focus on science evidence based medicine. Stay away from the marketing and advertising. So get good unbiased information. So then what a B.M.I. it is and was where the normal is given a cartoon that says Well well it seems your way is just perfect you just happen to be eleven feet too short and that's that's a problem today talked about Weight Watchers and actions diets and the problems with those diets and why they don't work and why they that it's not sustainable. Talk to them about the fact that people choosing a whole food plant based approach. There are four times is more likely to stick to it because you know what you're not having to limit the calories you're simply choosing the right foods in eating to your full people like the idea that they can lose weight and still eat in fill full they don't like going around feeling hungry. Talked to about a simple thing like drinking a can of soda and how that influences their weight. And how even the artificially sweetened drinks. Confuse the mind's ability to judge calorie content. Snacking I try to discourage snacking telling them that. Women have a thirty eight percent higher risk of obesity and men actually an eighty eight percent higher risk of obesity when they snack and it just depends on what their snacking on talk about food addictions and the fact that chocolate truly can be addicting. That dairy can truly be addicting and that refined carbohydrates can truly be addicting. And show them this the physiology behind that. Give them the things that provide higher. Long term success. And show them what works what doesn't work. Show them the foods that we're eating. OK. And that sixty percent of the calories in America are white flour or oil and sugar. It's a don't and that's right thank you it's exactly what it is macronutrients and micronutrients teach in the difference between the two because macro new the nutrients are just calories. Those are those of the donuts in the chicken nuggets and the macaroni and cheese. They don't have the micronutrients. Teach them that phytochemicals. Don't come in I mean they can come in supplements but they don't work as well that way. You need the whole food. You can't just start a start cherry picking these supplements out. It just doesn't work that well. Tell them I want to eat on the left hand side of the micronutrient did city scale and stay off the right hand side because that's just going to provide calories. This is going to provide True Nutrition. Can I just exercise while I show them and I took out a bunch of them but I show them different things if you eat certain things. Things. Eat this cookie from Pinera then you're going to have to walk for an hour and a half just to break even show them that when they eat their McDonald's fries are going to have to go biking for an hour to fifteen minutes just to break even and they're surprised to find that they can't just exercise away their bad habits. This says you gotta start eating out of a different parking lot. I encourage them to start eating out of a different kitchen perhaps but. We talk a lot about it. Hell we step on some toes when we talk about oil because I can tell you I used to think that people that kind of tried to stay away from the oil were really just sort of fanatics and crazy and all that but I'm convinced now that we do need to watch at a loyal and. Yeah thank you. And Coke and it all is not the miracle at all. I give them the facts behind this there's a whole story behind how coconut oil got to be the miracle at all but the reality is is still an oil. And it saturated fat is actually about twice what is in lard. So all is well no matter what. Carbohydrates people are really confused about that we teach in the difference between a refined and unrefined carbohydrate calorie density is really important I often tell them if you're going to walk away with one bit of information. Walk away with the fact that calorie density is important and you want to eat the vegetables fruits and refined carbohydrates and lagoons that are all in the low calorie density calorie dense is just the number of calories per a given weight of food. Very simple concept and show them that even though nuts and seeds are way over here on the high calorie density side. Doesn't mean you can't eat them. It just means you should be eating bag bagfuls of them. I tell them that you want to eat what you can put in about the palm of your hand which is about an ounce of nuts. They can they can deal with that. So calorie density very important. Talk to them about say tidy or feeling full because again that's a big complaint you know I want to feel for all. I tell him on this approach. You can feel full. Show them that four hundred calories of oil fills up this much four hundred calories a chicken this much. And if you put all beans. Then you fill up your stomach. Yeah. Not to mention all the. The micronutrients are getting so one hundred calories a chicken nuggets which is really two chicken nuggets. And then show them a quarter cup a quarter vegetable until soup. Which hundred calories would you read. You can eat Form four balls us get four hundred calories. It's going to get you a chicken nuggets and you're not going to be full. So tell them this is the winner. I show them that the three longest living populations are in Italy Japan and are to me the three living in London went to California for some people. Many of them don't know about Loma Linda California so I tell them it's the Seventh Day Adventist. And then I say it what are the four things are five things they have in common because it doesn't matter what one does but let's look at the cross the crossover. And if that they eat a plant based diet they don't smoke. Frequent moderate activity. Social Engagement and need a lot of beings. Those are the five things that those populations have in common and then I teach them at the end of that that they need to to put all of this together. In the wife style approaches that we all know that our people need. This is one of the. The spiritual slides that I show. I usually show this one particularly in the dieting one. Because temptations to adulterants of appetite as that's a power which can be overcome. Only by the help that God can impart. But what every temptation we have the promise of God that there shall be a way of escape. Why then are so many overcome. It is because they do not put their trust in God They do not avail themselves of the means provided for their safety. And I stress the fact that these changes are difficult. They're difficult to initiate they're difficult to sustain. And that when you seek the power of God. That's going to give you much more success than when we try to do it in our own power. The last core presentation that I'm going to show you is on cancer. Basically show. The leading causes of cancer. And this surprises a lot of people that one out of three females will be diagnosed with cancer at some point their life. And one out of two males would be diagnosed with cancer again for male. Using the prostate cancer but people are surprised to hear that we all have little cancer cells growing and that our chances of being diagnosed with cancer are really quite high. Show them a little bit of how cancer grows and how the immune system is involved in cancer. The fact that only one in twenty breast case. Breast cancer cases are genetically related they're often surprised to hear that because they often will say Why I thought because my mother and my sister in the guy. The lady down the street had it. That we are all doomed to have it while it has a lot to do with our lifestyle factors and they're surprised to hear that. They're sort of glad to hear it as well talk about the China Study which most all of you are familiar with how our D.N.A. is damage to our with our D.N.A. is mystery paired it can turn into cancer. Stress a lot of the fact that meat is involved in cancer. Particularly cooked meat well done meat. Like this one for the prostate for the gentleman says relax Mr Miller it's just a standard prostate exam and. This is why use the encourage the men too. To look at the hand size of the primary care doctor that they're selecting because that's important. Protein and cancer those of you that have read the China Study and of heard teeth calling camel speak. You'll know that protein is high protein animal protein I should say animal protein is linked to. To Cancer. How milk is through something called insulin like growth factor. Dietary fat in breast cancer deaths and of course United States and Canada the highest in Japan in Thailand more plant based has the lowest tobacco is a no brainer carcinogen. I asked them what the cancer causing potato is that always confuses them because they thought. Wait a minute he's into vegetables what's the deal. I tell them it's the couch potato. That there are over two hundred studies leaking a sedentary lifestyle. To Cancer. Stress exercise and cancer. They're surprised to hear that OK now I'm so have eighty percent fewer breast and prostate cancer. And I teach them it's because they eat a low calorie density diet. We use sometimes of the phrase calorie restriction but calorie restriction sounds like I'm going to starve them and make them count calories. But instead we teach them that it's really just eating and lower calorie density. Approach. So. And the other thing is that the. The anti-cancer diet really. The overall lifestyle diet is not a matter of going home and eating more apples or more pomegranates more grapes. Instead it's. It's putting all of the Whole Foods in your diet and making it a broad range of pro-choice rather than just a given what I call cherry picking it. They're also surprised to hear that cancer is not just bad luck that cancer is really related to the way we live in many cases Now granted there are other cases as well. But in general we can improve this. Most people don't know what a Chrysippus vegetable is. So I teach them what Across the first vegetable isn't shown pictures of cruciferous and they still don't know what it is maybe broccoli sometimes. And stress that we need to work this into our diets. Explain that color is important when you're choosing between a cabbage if you can get the red cabbage for the same price as the green cabbage. Get the red cabbage is going to have more anti-oxidants. They've looked at broccoli supplements this group at Oregon State University tried to compare to or do broccoli supplements work as well as the whole broccoli food and you know. They don't and. People are are sad to hear that because they just want to take a supplement make this easy. Tell them that the your doctor and maybe Dr Cooper does write this prescription I don't know but broccoli one cup every day and unlimited refills. But that's what our doctors. To be writing today. Everybody's never heard of the allium family but you know I tell me that onions are good for you. And then show them that again we're not making this stuff the stuff up American history of cancer research and World Cancer Research Fund says choose a diet as for Donnelley plant based rich in variety of fruits vegetables nuts and beans middle a process. There it is and lots of color in our food supplements I tell him you get lutein an essential vitamin you get two hundred fifty micrograms or you can eat one leaf of color green to get ten thousand micrograms so which would you rather do which is going to be the most cost effective. Again immune system in spite of how our foods influence our natural killer cells which can in turn influence. Cancer. And again people are sort of surprised to know that cancer cells double the way they do and that the the speed at which a cancer cell doubles determines whether that that cancer is going to be detected and how rapidly it's going to grow. And then I just tell them that it's really the solution is to maximize our health. Expel the toxins. Pure air sunlight asked an abstention this and rest exercise proper diet. Use of water gratitude rejoicing benevolence trust in God's love and care. Kind of the whole package and. I say if you don't take care of your body where are you going to live. People kind of raise an eyebrow and say him. Good question. So why does dinner with the doctor work. OK. There's a lot of reasons these are just some of the reasons that I've come up with. People are tired of being sick and taking medications. Dinner with a doctor provides information that's not biased by the pharmaceutical or the food industry. It provides evidence based information with references. It's nonthreatening for many verses attending a church service on Sabbath. We've had many of our ten days say you know what I would have never stepped foot in the Seventh Day Adventist Church because I thought. A B. C. D.. There's a lot of misconception about seventy AD minister. This program has allowed people to come to a non-threatening situation. And start to learn that the Seventh Day Adventist have a lot of information that can help them in their health and then it bridges right into the spiritual. As Christians it's affirming when the science agrees with the Bible. But as for the UN church it's affirming when they see the Bible. Agreeing with science. They also see that it works and they come back. And if it works maybe something else that the admin is have works also. We invite them to other events we generally have Vangelis six series in the fall that we invite them to. Plus we have various programs throughout the year sometimes we consume and ours we invite them to come to that. And of course. They like the free healthy meal as well. The first couple of events we had thirty five to forty. Community people coming. Now we consistently have one hundred twenty two hundred thirty coming. A few less for the demos right around one hundred. My theory on that and if you come to see a few less men come to the demos. Even though we have min. Doing some of the demonstrations some of them into a God that's a cooking thing I'm not going to go to that. But that's why the numbers are a little bit different there with their doctor programs are now at seven regional churches your hand out actually says six. Because it occurred to me today or yesterday that there's actually a seventh church that has added in dinner with the doctors well so we have it in a wide reaching area now. And these programs are very successful and. Dr Jane Clark's here she's working with one in Dolphin and. It's been been great it had a couple of sessions there and last fall we did this past Monday. About one hundred people wasn't pretty close. Yeah. And the other thing that I see it I see it in their church and Altan is it gets the members excited about something about doing some outreach and I saw a lot of excitement there Monday night there. You know what a great work there. Yeah. Some of our attendees are now church members there are there. Were baptized into our church because of dinner with a doctor. It's a popular event for our Bible study contacts we have church members and Bible workers they're doing Bible study and they like to bring them to this. Some of those but in fact many of those Bible study contacts have not come to church yet kind of that same sort of arm distance thing they don't want to come to church yet. Ministry of healing. Page to ninety five says those food should be chosen the best supply the elements needed for building up the body. In this choice. Appetite is not a safe guide through wrong habits of eating the appetite has become perverted. It often demands that food that impairs health and causes weakness instead of strength. We cannot safely be guided by the customs of society. And note this last line. The disease and suffer. Thing that everywhere prevail. Are largely due to popular errors in regard to diet. And then watch this next slide this is from a physician. He says if you eat like other Americans it's going to be normal to be overweight dimension heart disease and cancer live in pain and to die in a hospital. And that's exactly what was said in the previous slide that our diet is what's causing our diseases of today. That quote goes on to say in order to know what are the best foods we must study God's original plan for man's diet. And I'm going to skip that parks and the show it's a sly that I always put at the end of all my talks. Goes On page two ninety six says grains fruits nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by the Creator. These foods prepared in as simple and natural manner as possible are the most helpful nourishing. They impart of strength the power of an Durance as a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by more complex and stimulating diet. Which is what the standard American diet is it's complex and it's stimulating. This one says that many of expected God would keep them from sickness merely because they ask him to do so however. But God did not regard their prayers because their faith was not made perfect by works. God will not work a miracle to keep those from sickness who have no care for themselves. But are continually violating the laws of health and make no efforts to prevent disease in the highlighted part says when we do. All we can on our part to have health. Then we may expect that the blessid results will follow. And we can ask God and faith to bless our efforts. For the preservation of health. So if we know there are things we need to be doing. As as physicians in our own personal lives. And for the people that we are teaching. Thank you we need to do those things ourselves in then God will bless those efforts if word. If we're actively doing bad habits. Living the bad habits and we know better. This says that we should change. This last short clip is a testimonial from. A couple that have been to the attending did it with a doctor. And it's. They've had a lot of changes go on in their life. What's you need to wait. I thought us to use it for me when I had my stroke they don't use them cause I'm the one I was good and hard I feel series for them to share correct. By Ice Base. Information to do because the public is getting off from the Haiti. Course she'd really case in the computer chairs. And the stupid and the niggers mom didn't live harder is structured program. Also I had to hit the high priority. We do the late mother's the we don't know why they're having problems or have we do paintings for people the way fish and he got to show how to do when performing with your name our entire hearing when this is I will who should last for everything in one way is a whole. He said The odds with that has hired. March last year my daughter's so much so that couple actually admitted they attended our evangelist experience last year. They're actually quite involved in dinner with the Dr program helping us out and they are NOT have been a scalpel and. It's just been remarkable. This is. This is one of my favorite quotes that I tell them and I'll summarize it but basically it says that the only hope a better things is in the education of the people in right principles. And this is for us live physicians teach to the people that restore the power is not in drugs but in nature and unhelpful condition should be changed wrong habits corrected. This is what we need to be doing. As part of our. Our daily medical profession. This is a slide that I often in our talks with the. Then God said I give you every seed bearing plan of the whole face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with it and seed. They will be yours for food and you will eat the plants of the field. Second Corinthians. Five seventeen most of you are very familiar Therefore if any man being crises a new creature. All things are passed away behold all things become new in this is what we encourage our attendees with. But our goal is not merely to teach people to live a longer healthier life all that is part of it on this earth but rather our prayer is that dinner with the doctor will lead them to the foot of the Cross and our Savior who can provide both physical and spiritual healing in eternal life. I close with this quote from Ed. Well mistreats says our work is clearly defined as the Father sent His only begotten Son into our world. Even so Christ since US His disciples as his medical missionary workers in fulfilling this high and holy mission. We are to do the will of God. No man's mind or judgment is to be our criterion of what constitutes genuine medical missionary work. It finishes by saying And by the way. Stephen Grabner show this morning as well. True medical missionary work is of heavenly origin. It was not originated by any person who lives. But in connection with this work we see so much which dishonors God that I am instructed to say the medical missionary work. Is of divine origin and has a most glorious mission to fill in all its bearings. It is to be in conformity with Christ's work. Those who are workers together with God will just as surely represent the character of Christ as Christ represented the character of his father. While the in this world that's from medical mission the ministry. Page twenty four. Our churches the Easter is seven have a stretch it is an Easter is Tennessee. We'll be happy to hear from you all. I put some contact information up here for you as well and appreciate your attention. This medium was brought to you by audio through a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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