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Community Involvement

Chester Clark Jr. Ronnie Hold



  • Demonstrate unique opportunities that dentists/physicians have to widely impact their community

  • Analyze the value that community involvement brings to the dental/medical practice

  • Discuss follow-up strategies to maximize outcomes 



  • October 30, 2015
    4:15 PM
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I hate to interrupt your conversations but it is time to start our last dental session. And. So we can. Get out in time for for supper. If you could please take a seat and we'll have a word of prayer and get started. OK let's fire heads for prayer. Gracious Father in heaven. We thank you for the things that we've learned today. We thank you for the experiences of life and for the privileges we have of serving the needs of our patients and our families and friends. I pray that you will bless this session here as we share the ways you lead in at least the lives of two of us here. And I pray that we might continue to learn and find ways to serve you better. In Jesus name we pray. Well. The topic today is community service community needs and. I was asked to share how the Lord led and directed in my experience in serving the community in a way that. Probably very few of you have been called to do. We went to a dark. County. After I finished school. We owed. Thirty thousand dollars which was too much for the General Conference to send us to mission service. And so my wife and I decided we'd go to Mission service in our home conference which was Arkansas Louisiana. And we found a county that had no administrate Inus and began to help ministry and the church and later on a school and we had no intention of doing that it originally. But. It was the era when it was an ethical to advertise and not many of you remember that period of time. Way back been. And so it was suggested you know when you're starting a practice in this with a scratch practice I built my own office spent the first six months out of dental school and you know. Hammering nails and and building the office. Corning to design that I had developed in my senior dental school. Anyway. So one of the suggestions was get involved in the community. And so it wasn't long I think I've been practicing maybe a year and someone and asked me to serve on the Housing Authority board. And I said Well whatever that is like. Yeah I'll do that but the city had a low income housing project of twenty or twenty five units I guess and. And so I served on that board and it met. Every three months I think it was and I met with him twice. And then my receptionist. Was the wife of a former mayor in the town and. She suggested that I run for. City council because they really needed some some help and leadership on the city council. Well I prayed about of course that was never in my wildest dreams but the Lord impressed me to go to. To run for city council and of course I was elected and. One thing you'll find in a small town and I was town of about eight hundred people. There's always a leadership void. And so if regardless of where you practice if you want to get your name in the public and you know get some exposure then it's good to serve in public way like this so I served about eighteen years actually on the city council which was a commitment of about two hours a month. They had a council meeting in a second Tuesday of every month and so I made almost all of those. And it wasn't long though before. There was some. Something's going on one of the council members came to me and said that the mayor who has his own call was doing some things. Illegal and wanting me to take care of it and. And so it took a while for me to figure out what was going on actually he was drawing disability and he was paying his wife for work that he was doing for the city on the side and Anyway so when we figure this all out be asked him to resign it and. And everyone thought that even though it wasn't public that. I wanted the job of mayor. And which was far from the case. So as years went by I regularly declined every four years when their selection for the mayor and. During this time we also saw there was a tremendous need for a new city hall and fire station and won't even try to describe how deplorable what we had was. But. The. We had voted a half cent sales tax to pay for a new city hall and fire station after about five years or so we had fifty thousand dollars and council wanted to build a nice farm tight building just a little metal structure that would house the city hall and fire station and I said no. I'd really like to see a nicer building. I'd like to get an architect and have a building we can all be really proud of and actually in the back of my mind I was also does that vising a building that had large enough room for health education and evangelist meetings and things like that as well and. So they said oh no we can't afford that let's just take the money we have and build what we can. And I said well there's foundation that was just formed three little ladies that had owned the bank it had sold it and formed a foundation and I said if I go to the old foundation and asked them for one hundred thousand dollars to build a new city hall would you agree to get a architect and do something nice and they said yes yes. We would. So went to these little ladies and they said oh we'd be delighted to contribute one hundred thousand dollars for a new city hall. And we'll do that under one condition. I said well what is that they said if you'll run for mayor. That was coming up that year. So I was kind of in a box. So that's how I became the mayor of the town. So a Anyway my assessment was. They the city just needed leadership. And the overall attitude was we've never had anything we never will the city's going down the tubes you know and and. So just coming along and saying look we can do. We can do differently you know we can have something nice. So we've built actually a seven thousand five hundred foot. City Hall and fire station which included a room. That would seat about two hundred people. And we've done a lot of health education classes and evangelistic meetings fact we're doing eventually see meetings in that facility right now. Five nights a week and. It's been a tremendous blessing. Many people. Some people have driven by thinking it's the county seat. Because it's such a nice nice building. Well we've done other projects we re stored the city circle this business areas built around a square with a circle in the middle and we have a nice fountain. Colored lights and period lighting around the outside in and that was about a two two hundred fifty thousand dollars project mostly paid for by the. By the federal government. But I was very blessed because and. Actually I should be talking about myself so much but. We this foundation. Would almost every project I came up with they would help fund. When we ran out of money they would help fund it so it was. It was kind of nice and as. As you look at the city's needs there's needs for safe water safe streets recreation. Opportunities medical care jobs adequate education and and. Religious freedom. Well. We. I was also able to. There was a medical clinic there that was sitting idle and I was able to find an ad in a specific Shin that served the community for about ten years which was a tremendous blessing and. We also were able to build a city park with mostly state funds and this foundation funds as well. A really nice park with fitness trail quarter mile fitness trail around it and it was all a real blessing and one of the benefits to the Lord's work was that during this time we were also the Lord had led us to start a school. And we had an academy. Began in one thousand nine hundred eight. About five miles out of town in the country and way back when David Koresh was in the news and all people were. The rumor going around was there's another Waco right out here. And. So my involvement in it with the city council really was a help to give people. Credibility that. No this isn't anything like that and the school's been involved in the community we do community service days twice a year and helping. The older people take care of the yards and houses and various things. So it's. It was a blessing in that it. Squelched a lot of the rumors and a lot of the false ideas people had of who Seventh-Day Adventists are and. We also were. Well it. We found that we there's always an element of people who are not really there. Against or negative about just about anything and. So everything was. Really well most people that spoke to me were very appreciative of what what I was the Lord's help had done in helping the the city. Visually and with. You know the economic development we actually. The city hall and fire station and we borrowed money and about five hundred thousand dollars and paid it off in twelve years. And so the cities actually an excellent. Financial condition with many cities around us. Have borrowed millions of dollars and just barely paying the interest on. On that or the the prince principal. But. We. But about two years before my last tour of obvious. Mayor for sixteen years. And. Word got out that we were building a new ad Minister George and it's going to be right on the main highway. Actually just across the highway almost from my office and. From then on the last two years of my term. I experienced what. Paul tells us in. Timothy second Timothy three sixteen that. All that do. Right to swill suffer persecution and. It was really quite an interesting experience. And the. I felt that. The. Desire on the part of some people and. Granted it was mostly the rabble. But we had a newspaper editor and little our little town has a newspaper that circulates in about three counties and. This newspaper editor is a Church of Christ. Pastor. And in his in his spare time and. He is quite prejudice. Racially and also religiously as well. And I'm not sure which is his prejudices are stronger. Ad business or. Those of other races. But anyway. Those last two years he never spoke to me once he would publish just about anything anybody told him which was often. Fallacious. And. In fact just a few weeks ago someone told me that they understood that they were wanting to get rid of me and the school that. And my school. Which of course is also. Just I'm sure a very small group of people. But nonetheless. As the last. And the other factor going on with this was that there was a long term employee of the city. Something like twenty two years who was very treating the city. Very dishonestly and. I had been trying to tell the city council this for several years and they didn't believe it but finally after things came out the way they did and actually someone tried to burn down our house about two months before the end of my term. But that's another. Another story we won't we won't get into. But week before. My term. In that the council voted to hire somebody else replace him. And my last day in office I had to fire him. And. Higher this other this other person and so it was extremely stressful and ended with. A lot of relief that I was no longer the mayor. But during this. Actually thirty thirty two years of serving the community I felt that it was a very positive thing. And I would encourage any of you even though. You know there's a lot of dishonesty and ugly things going on in politics. But we can be a real light and a source of truth and righteousness in in situations where oftentimes there isn't that much of that influence. But thankfully. The people in the community still stop me and tell me how much they appreciate what. What was done in the in the community during during those times. And we were able to leave the city with some good leadership and. Strangely enough the two people. Also during the last couple of weeks of all kinds of things going on the city clerk. Resigned and. The man we had that was hired for to replace her. Is a pastor. And the other water operated it was was hired. Is also a part time. Pastor. That was wanting to be able to work closer to the church that he was pastoring. And so. It. It was a blessing to see. Ungodly people. Replaced by people that are you know these standing for for Christian values and in truth so that was a blessing. In terms of what. What I learned from this experience is that. It's probably not good to take on so many things. At one time. And also that. If God calls you. To to serve your community. There are many ways that you can be a blessing and and point others have opportunities to point others to truth and righteousness. And that's basically the experience that I've had been in community service and. Now. Ronnie hold his going to share what he is going to a. Thank you so much talk to cark. I think audio verse to for all their hard work put our programs together now through them stand behind him I've we can make a food. Transition there. We've had some excellent excellent from. Our speakers here with Dr Kim and. Dr changing in Dr Couric my thanks and so much is just an excellent such a blessing a part of this. Let's just get a this is a bit more of an open discussion part of our time together now but let's get a feel for who's in the room today I'd like to know how many of you are in private practice a dentist in private practice. How many of you are a dentist and you work in a with a corporation and he's in the dental students excellent prices Lord for that any other health care professionals the size dentist. Great medical doctors. Atomic theory. It's great. The one thing we have in common is we all have the ability that work with our communities and of course this lecture is. You know talking about how we can serve the Lord in our communities. The foundation really that's laid before says like what Dr King and mentioned earlier is essentially you know who we are core values and that gives us the platform to. You know share the gospel. I like to think of it is the three Cs which is very similar to what Dr King and shared earlier. Your characters. You know are competent see our compassion we have for others. You know because if we don't. If we'd if like he was sharing earlier if we really don't have the skills. People are going to come back to you. And if you really aren't honest in your character. You don't really have anything to really share from and if you're not really compassionate and caring about people they're not going really interesting here about the gospel. But once you have that relationship that foundation laid. Then we really have a platform in which we can share Christ. In our communities do we not like what Dr Clark was sharing you know in his situation. His community he actually was involved. You know politically. In the community. What are some of the ways that you are now who's been for the people held up their hand private practice. Medical or dental hand if you've been in your area for longer than say ten years. Number of the right. And they have you longer than five years. How about less than five years. Less than five years. OK. It's interesting because it seems like in the experience especially a lot of us that are in a private practice whether it's end up Tom a tree. Medicine or dentistry. When you get involved a community the things like that we were talking about earlier as we've been building on those take time. Do they not. If we're. If we're bouncing from one place to another. They don't really have a chance to get to know people as well and we're just talking in the tween. You know times if we. You build up that report at Goodwill and then when you're gone it takes some time to regain that. Once we've had that time whether it's you know three or four years five years ten years. Dr Clark thirty years in his community. You know that time that you're investing in there. You know you're. It's you have that chance to connect there. What are some of the ways you found. Those that are in these communities Let's get a let's get kind of an idea of the type of communities were in how many of you are in a community that is say twenty thousand or smaller kind of small community. Several of you are many of you are what you would consider morning metropolitan maybe fifty thousand or larger OK All right. So quite a few small communities and some large communities. Small communities large communities. There's lots of ways we can minister and either. In either way. In our particular situation I'll share. You know just what the Lord has put in our situation where the smaller community is. When I came to an amen conference which was about ten years ago how many of you guys by the ways been to have you been to all the Amen conferences. Just Chester on that one. And if you've been to like say more than two or three. Conferences. OK. And if you it's your first time. Conference great president. Price of the word. Well I went to my first conferences many of you guys maybe to hear the first time it's like wow this is great you know sharing Christ in our workplace using our offices our professions as a way to share the gospel with others. And so we each of us as we will leave here we take that home and and prayerfully. How can the Lord use. Me. Each of us in our situation. In our in our practice. Whether you're in private practice that you own whether you're in a private practice maybe that you're partnered with with someone. Small town. Large town. Wherever. Wherever the lot of places. You know we are at the mission field that God's call this like Dr Chang is said earlier. We've got mission field where we can actually go a mission trip. But for a lot of us our mission field is right in the practice where he's place it's the communities. You know that were put in. And so as I was taking the things that I learned from a man I was like Lord how can I apply these things I started looking in my own office. You know. And there's resources here for that start looking at some of the literature I had in my office. And there's great resources for literature. Very simple thing but how many of you have a private practice and have some of your you know some of the ADD insulated church in the publications we have here. That you have your waiting room or whatnot. It's an excellent tool to use. You know just is just sitting there. And people can take that. And it's. We can have from sharing from that from those that have the literature. Have you had an experience where you've had someone. You've been able to make a contact with. You know personally because that let it you may be someone's ask questions about it or you know started Bible study or. You know an interest there. That's a blessing it's one small simple tool you know I didn't that was one of the things I could start with as I left a man is I could order some signs of Time magazine's order some literature some great things from from army from. You know from the heavens bookstore in put out there and it kind of opens that door. Another thing that I got from when I was a man conference two is when I was sharing with other believers. I noticed that they allowed of them had a very humble spirit in the way they ran their practices. And I had to take a look at myself like Dr Kim was saying earlier because the way I was running my own practice at that time was not very humble. And as making a lot of mistakes. And so I was wondering why I have had such a hard time you know having staff stay around and have patients that would stay in the office than. Except in treatment plans and it was like we had talked about earlier some of the blind spots I had in my own character. And so and praying to the Lord asking the Lord to help guide and direct me. You know it was great to see that a lot of it was in my in my own life and how with how I viewed the practice how I was talking to my staff house interact with the patients. And so that time. It came to be a great blessing as far as prayerfully considering. Looking at looking at the staff is not just someone who is working for me to help get a task done but actually they are. It's kind of like you know. As far as our families are our first mission place at home. And then we go to the church. You know our staff is kind of our beginning mission field in the office. You know we go to our patients and so you know train the staff with kindness and. With respect and. You know the impact that that started making in our relationship with him. The impact to start making our work environment. And then you know with our with our patients with our communities people coming in and it's a slow process of course that wasn't something that just happened overnight but it was a result of. You know coming to some the Amen conferences where. Where would have started Zammit examine these things where we looked at what Dr Kim called earlier core values. And how we can apply these things their own life. And then it does help us in the business in. But also it can help us. You know is where is we're ministering the community. One of the things you know also as we grew. You know we had the literature we put out there. Our relationship with the staff. Getting a mission statement place going some things organized. Starting have a better reply. You know relationship with the patients is time was going on you know the office did start to grow and. There was something that we went through a few years ago called the recession. Some you guys remember the recession. It was an interesting thing was at that time. That really the idea of our practice being really our platform to preach. Came maybe more clear to me. You know during that time because as we started having a lot of countless very small as we started having a situation we love the patients when it wouldn't pay for their care. They weren't getting the dental care at that time but there was still a lot of need. It was also a lot of families in the community. There were actually you know there were unemployed and were having a hard time even having food on their table. And so the Lord gave us an idea. Actually through our staff. Of having a program called a community food drive. And so in our office what we did is. You know for a period of time during a recession. We had it's beginning was like for a month. If the patient bring in twenty food items for the office we would give them a hundred dollar value for towards. You know treatment. And so it was an idea of trying to help keep the relationship of the patient. Helping them to. You know get some of their cost. Helping the food bank. You know because they kept advertising in the newspaper. We don't have food we need food. There's a lot of need the communities that allowed. You know the. We have food to go towards the food bank. And so that was kind of the beginning of something that was new and exciting how the Lord was to work through that. Where we would set up. You know the system of the patient bring in the food. Getting the food vouchers for their doing treatment. And then the food going to the community bank and. There's a scripture that came from that it's from Proverbs Chapter eleven. In verse twenty four twenty five if you have your Bibles if you turn there for me. Proverbs chapter eleven verse twenty four twenty five. You know the Bible God's Word. It gives us wisdom and every aspect of our life. As our dentist spoke before me. Not just in our in our personal life how we live in our business affairs and how we we interact with our staff how we interact with our patients. You know how we lead and run our business. Proverbs eleven twenty four twenty five says. There is one who scatters yet increases more and there is one who withholds more than is right. But it leads to poverty. The generous soul will be made rich. And he who waters will also be watered himself in so this verse. Spoke to me in that situation that you know if I'm afraid of losing patience or losing money during the recession. Because economy is going down. You're trying to hang on to all the have you end up. When you hang on to what happens. It just goes away right. But when you scatter that out. You know when you see when you give out God's blessings. And I forget which person said that earlier what happens if we give out God's blessings. We're blessed all the more. And the most ironic thing happened during that time is our production went up. Our collections went up. Our profitability went up and this was during a recession. And a lot of it was because of that. You know applying God's principles. You know to to our local office. How many of you in this room at the people who have private practice. How many of you have had any situations in your office. Let's just take a moment we open up for a bit of discussion where we can maybe exchange ideas because I think some of the best things we can take home is each other's ideas as we share. What are some of the ideas are some the things that the Lord is use particularly in your offices that has blessed you or your communities. Your patients or your staff. So for the sake of audio verse Dr Chang and mentioned that there was an eight week. Wellness Program today in their office. And how that blessed. You know. Staff and patients that they weren't just interested so much and you know the dental are making money off them but providing them with a service and and and sharing. You know I'm sure the Gospel during that time also. Thank you so much. Sent me some other people maybe some things the that is the Lord has done in your practices. Right. Right. Excellent excellent idea that's one of the things I had written down but it's called dental dentistry from the heart and it was very desolate a day of free dental work there in this community where. Well where there's a need for right. So and meeting the need by actually having a day of free dental clinic. You know they are in the office. Which when you look at probably a lot of times when you look at things from the accounting standpoint the numbers it is make sense to something for free and now that we would do it so much to gain new patients or that we would do it again business. But when you follow your practice by the Bible by giving more is given back to your attention as an excellent example of of applying that. Yes. Thank you had a big experience. This year. Regarding also a manned mission trip. I was called to go to Nepal. In December. Patient of mine was. Coming to my office and saw the whole preparation and he asked me about the project at all the Christian project. We go to help people in Nepal. So he asked me if I'm interested to write an article in the city so in the small town. I told him. Of course I'm open to to tell you stories about what happened there. So after we came from the PA He told me that he will plan to do the article probably in February or March. So I waited but something happened in the community. He says OK. I think we have to put it probably on April. So I think. No problem it's upon you. When you want to write the article. So then he came another terrorist. Told Me Oh no it's for sure we will write the article in May so it will come in may. So he came into my office and asked me a lot of question what we did. And it was interesting he was very interested to know about a man. So I told him it's a question. Organization which work. In every part of the world and of him people didn't mention the name Adventists. Because it's like. In Germany it's like a sect. So I just left it like a man. So. Probably of you know that in the last April week. It was a big earthquake in Nepal. So the article came. Exactly one week after the earthquake so the impact in the town was very big. So a lot of patients came and ask me about the situation there and it was a positive impact and. I'm sure that some of the people searchable. They met. All right a man. Thank you. All right some other things that's worked in our practices. Some things that we could share with more know that we could help or encourage one another right. Yes right. Really good luck with that attitude. True. That's right. Excellent two ideas mentioned there for the sake of audio verse was one. Having D.V.D.'s and books. You know to give out. A great resources when we have right here with a Met stay. The pathways to health. I think it's the. There's a using in their offices. It's like a four or five hour. Revolving D.V.D. that plays. Health information. There right here you're deaf want to tap into that because a lot of times. You can put something on your T.V. and you don't know you can't really screen what's going on out there but this is an excellent resource and they also have the cars where you can go on on their smartphones and you can get just a quick little blurb of. You know some health information. That's an excellent resource. Excellent way to share in the other one is using our proprietress is you know it's great to invest the time in building a successful dental office or successful. Medical or automata office. And that in the in the key elements are you know. Essential. But it's using that as a platform for the Gospel. Using that in the words that's when we can actually begin our work. When we have the character of Christ you know we're not perfect. You know we're all sinners but you know. Going to the cross daily and seeking God for that character going to the cross daily for that compassion. Where we can you know care about people going for the cross daily for that competency that God will give us that competency into training like we're doing here. And hiding our practice behind the cross and using that as a platform then we have. You know the ability to share with others. And so many ways. And I appreciate the idea of. You know using our office is a is a sin of influence. You know using it for you know for free to kind of get. You know to help take care of the needs. You know using it for for pathways I mean for the steps to health programs. Meeting places. Because in some of our communities they may not want to go to church but you know your patients may not mind coming to your particular office. There's another need is you're thinking of ideas or things that maybe work for you. There's another idea that I think is a is a great one for us to keep in mind that's nursing home ministry. Nursing homes. Don't pay anything for dental work. Are you aware of that need very little and it's very difficult for nursing ill patients to get into our offices. And now some of you may be blessed to be in a community where you have the the mobile Downey units to go to nursing homes but in our particular community it's a huge blessing once maybe twice a year of possible. We go the nursing home. And actually pay my hi Janice my staff for that day will go there were in a small community. So it's a smaller nursing home we can cover the whole nursing home about a half a day. And we go there and we just basically we've you know we talk to the administrator ahead of time until then. What we're doing most of them are delighted to have a dental office come. Because by the state regulations a lot of them have to be you know have the residents checked by a dentist or dental hygienist. And it's very difficult to. You know to to hire people to come in but you could volunteer that service if you're in a community or small community volunteer that service. The amount of money it costs you to pay your staff to go in for the day. You know it's a it's a live a loss but the ministry can provide a few community because one of the biblical principles again is is taking care of her to take care of the widows right. As widowers and a lot of those are widows are in those nursing homes and it's like what Christ would do. The way we can use our practice our influence to to be a blessing our minister in our community. Chester. Oh. I. Dr Clark mention too that another way of being. Christ in the in a community is in helping take care of those that are. On the financial margin. You know specifically for those of us that are working with Medicaid how many of you work with Medicaid in your office or in your community. It's challenging. When you have a private practice it's very challenging to balance that we understand that financially. But you know somehow trying to work that is we prayerfully. Try to work that into our schedules because you know if we don't who does. We don't who does. And you know what would Christ one has to do in our practices to. You know it's. It's great to take care just the rich because they pay well and the last rest. You know make nice equipment. And you know. And we need that you mean you need the finances. But to. You know to balance our practice where we're also you know. Some states proper choir certain amount of the Medicaid but to try to. You know take care so the Medicaid whether we do it during certain hours maybe certain days. Certain percentage of your practice that's a that's an excellent idea for using our car. Practices the center of influence. Excellent. Way you present Lord another way of being a sinner influences the music we listen to in our offices is a music the kind of music that we want to listen to and haven't. You know for inviting angels in for one of the angels the work they're working with as to what kind of music going to playing. You over there and out that was one of the things I also wrote down with the music as well. Music is that is a key point that literature and they're the music we listen to because people associate that all your christian. Christian music or if it's instrumental music. You know if it's not a Christian lyric music but or hands maybe even gospel. Yeah. Depending on where you at your. You know that. You know we're in the Appalachian mountains we could probably get away with made a little bit of a banjo. Gospel music there but. But you know appropriate for. You know your your area. You know Christian music excellent. OK. Yes sister. It's another resource and that be for the television. Is that for music. Yeah. So another waiting. A good. Another waiting room. You know. Yeah. Yeah absolutely lots of ways that we can raise that flag of being a Christian office. But I think that's key. You know she mentioned. Praying with our staff before the doors opened. You know if we're going to have a teen. This going to have this in their minds. You know we we can assume we make them. You know be a certain way we can certainly pray with in the beginning of the day. Morning huddles are. You know you always hear the the practice gurus say so important have a morning huddle. It is so important the morning hurdle. Make that morning had a part of your day and then pray during that day. Another great opportunity is like in our office. The staff all are on this. We have a prayer journal. That's in the back in the in our morning meeting room and anyone who's interacting with the patient front office. High Genest doctor. Assistant enters that. In the person. Mentions maybe they've got a loved one is going in for surgery or somebody is going through something or something's happening. Will say will pray for you in our morning prayer time. And we write that name down to the don't forget and then in the morning prayer time the next morning. We're praying specifically for that patient or for that need. You know would definitely be praying we definitely praying praying sharing. You can share brief scripture to bring your staff meetings or your morning huddles. You know to kind of get the focus you are the leaders of your office. You know don't. Don't let the leadership as Dr Clarke says. Be undone in your office. You know your each and everyone in this room. A leader. You know for Christ. And you don't have to be dogmatic and bang him over the head. But in a loving way and sharing that gospel sharing with prayer. To excellent. Yes there you are right. You know the question is if you're. These are great ideas if you're in control of your environment but what if you're not in control of your environment you working academic environment or. You know for someone else in the have a different philosophy. We can. We can be you know Christ like. And whatever environment we're in even if there's. We don't have maybe control over what's being played or said in the way we treat someone with our character. You know with all our competency with our compassion. And we can touch that patient's life. Absolutely. Yes. There's this. You know. Right. Facility right. What. My mind right. Right. Right. I know that right there right. That was the idea the idea was that. Yeah. Just like where. Just like we're Daniel is look at your example of Daniel the Bible Daniel is an environment where he has no control over that. But we would have govt control of ourselves. You know we're serving our lives to Christ and praying for Christ to use us. And you may not be able to you know these are ideas. You know for us to share with one another and some may work in your situation some may not but all of us have had the choice to choose to spend our lives to Christ. In the let Christ live in us. Just like Daniel had that choice and he's I'm babbling too so whatever your situation may be if you're in a Babylon. So it's in a work environment would be a Daniel. You know we can. You know we. You know they cannot control our choices. You know in American they may can control the music in the things we get out but you know the character that we have you know the integrity. That we have. You know the compassion that Christ wants to live in US and in the in the in the competency and sharing that we can be that. That an individual that person in your. Other person in your. In line for right. With This is where literally the point where. This year. This is where you have to wonder. I love. Right where the learn that right where you know the key is in whatever environment we're in as you mentioned brother is prayer that we're that our mind is. You know talking to Laura during the day. And praying for that patient. Even if that patient give you permission to pray with them which we want to be doing when we have opportunity to weaken our mind be praying for them that the Lord can. A blessing them and open up those doors. And we're each in different situations each and different journey but the one thing we have in common is we have the same Lord with served. And we can. We can be witnesses from our profession. Whether it's by we own the practice and we have autonomy over that or whether we are working for someone else with autonomy over the type of care we're going to provide for those patients. And in praying for those individuals make an impact in their lives. Was that. The brother Sharon whenever that moment is you know. Studying that the patient's face being open to the Holy Spirit's leading. And then you know sharing with that. Share with that individual when you know that time opens the great feedback back and forth. There's another great opportunity we have to announce with some of these programs we're starting to you know bind together. How many of you have been a part of some of the larger groups we've come together there's been the pathways to help in San Antonio San Francisco. The last A.S.I. conference there was a smaller one we had and Chattanooga. Also have you guys been a part of something larger than just your individual practice. That's great that's something else we can take opportunity to. You know if you. You know if you're live it has had an ongoing. You know. Overseas mission trip. Like a brother. Chang did with we have mosquitoes all of your net knowledge that. Another great mission opportunity is with these programs we can bind together and make a huge impact. If we can together in a large scale like in San Antonio for those of us as a part of that. You know we treated hammy Chester was. We have many patients we treat There are six thousand in a couple of days we saw over six thousand patients all this together and. And there was I think what is it was or forty to sixty dentist that was there. Eleven hundred dental procedures there. So coming together we can do great things these are opportunities we can all do we can block off our vacation time for this join together for that. Is there this year. Yeah that's right. These are the kind of things we want he said you know. It was he brought a staff along with them. And then she's talking back at her church she's Pentecostal. And in that church they're talking about what's going on in his office in our church. That's exactly one is that. Center of influence where people are are being involved in that ministry and then. You know where uplifting name of Christ in the things that we do. And however the Lord involves us in our community. Or. Prisoners the now inviting our staff but also our patients to come along on these. I'd also challenge you to invite your families to come along on these and a lot of you are very close with your families and you take your families everywhere but same thing like we were mentioning earlier taking families on a mission trip or you know on these on these opportunities where we come together like pathways to health or. You know. I'm a confidence also a great opportunity. One final thing in closing to in our local church. I know a lot of you are leaders in your local churches and praise God for that you know God is placed you there. And there's ministry that we can do with our local church and in our practice. We're in a small town the Blue Ridge is where I live. Population were less than twenty thousand in the whole county. About twenty five hundred in our little city. And our little church is a church of probably about. You know eighty two hundred people that maybe the profile of a number of you. You know that fit in here. And so if we made our youth schedule that's one of my response was that churches one of the youth leaders is we're making a use Kegel for this coming year. Meaning. Last July. Making you scheduled for August. Through the end of the next school year. We were prayerfully looking at some things that our youth group could do an outreach. And guess what one of the things was it came up. Why don't we do. A free clinic. Like we did it pathways to health but in our small community. So we have a medical doctor in our our our church and. There was a mechanic in our church and he said hey I can work on cars. And there was a guy that works on that one the teenagers worked on computers you know they're better than we are with work on computers. He says I can work on computers. As it stands right now on Nov thirteenth in our local community. We've got I think thirteen different providers. You know. Dennis physicians nurses. The mechanic the lawyer psychologist. That are coming together for a small scale. Program that fits large for our community. For free to provide services for a day and the youth are the ones kind of leading out and you know. Organizing the staying in and helping the people get to and fro on the. On the events that day. Advertisement the paper. You talk about good for business it's good for business you talk about good for your church it's good for your church ever ties into your church your community it's good few community because you're meeting those needs there. And then of course the bridges to bring them. You know to the for the cross. You know bring then. You know to the Gospel sharing and what was the reason you would do this you know. It's not it's not just you know provide a free service but it's because the love of the Christ in us they want to share the gospel. With with them with you in so there's so many opportunities we have. First of all. We don't have that opportunity if you know you're all professional if you've got that. But just because you are professionals we don't have the character. And the competence in the compassion. We lose our platform it's underminded. Once we have that then we can begin ministering you know patients or staff to our communities and our church. You know other churches as well as well the Lord can lead. Each of us and great ways. And so for each of us the challenges for us to go home or even tonight for you go home and personally consider what does the Lord want me. The to do. Meaning. Each of us. What does or want us to do. How can we use the talents abilities that the Lord has given us the serve and the what way. And the environment we're in in the Lord will lead and guide and direct in that. Let's pray together at this time as we wrap up our time together. Father in heaven we thank you and praise you as a group of professionals who want to come together before us this time and commit ourselves to you in service. We ask that Lord if there's things that are separating us from a closer walk with you. You reveal those to assimilate as at the further cross that they're saying is that there were blind spots to us in our own lives that are keeping us from being a greater influence for you that you reveal those things to us also father. That we can lay those at the for the cross the pray that your Holy Spirit will be gotten direct each and every one of us that we can uplift your name in our communities. We can be lights and witnesses for you. We thank you in praise units in Jesus name we have these things. Media was brought to you by audio post. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like more about audio verse. Leave it to you or.


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