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The Cross Connection: How Love Flowing From the Cross Changes Us and Our Patients

Mark Finley


On Sabbath evening Pastor Mark Finley will share how Christ’s healing grace first changes us then changes how we relate to our patients. He will share how a theology of the cross influences not only who we are but everything we do. Although witness is a conscious act, it also involves a sort of subtle, unconscious influence in the lives we live and the words we speak. An atmosphere of God’s grace flowing through committed medical practitioners impacts patients in ways we will never know until eternity. 


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 31, 2015
    7:30 PM


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My topic tonight is the love that flows from the cross. And how it impacts us. Or I might have called it. Genuine stakes won't do. We had just walked out of the ruins of F.S.S. and thoughts of the. Hadrian's Odeon theater. And the Celsus library. And the fifteen thousand seat. Of fees in empty a theater were racing through my mind. And as we walked out of those thin ticket. Ancient ruins. We walked through a series of boobs. With Turkish merchants. Hawking way or is everywhere. They were selling everything from bottled water to camel rides. Then one sign caught my attention. Here was the sign. Genuine fake. Watches for sale. No I knew this. If I was going to buy a fake. Watch. I didn't want a THINK THINK watch. If I was going to buy a fake watch I wanted a genuine fake. So one of my business friends and I wondered. Over. And here is my genuine think. Rolex watch. Now. This is an oyster perpetual Rolex. It's a genuine fake. My friend who collects watches had in a room. Had a genuine genuine oyster perpetual Rolex watch. We put our two watches. Together. My genuine fake and his genuine genuine. He wanted to be a little careful because they were so close that I might get he is and he might get mine. Now there's only one difference between the two. The retail price for his is eight thousand four hundred forty six dollars. And my genuine fake was less than one hundred. I thought about that sign for a great while. And I've thought about it a lot. In fact. And I thought what if there were a church. That said this. Genuine fake Christians worship. Here. They have the appearance of the real thing. They look like the real thing. But something is tragically missing. Now one thing is for certain genuine fake Christians will not have an impact on the world for Christ. Difference makers in this world are those that have an authentic genuine heartfelt experience with Christ. They're committed to living his life the sacrificial service and unselfish love. People all around us. Look for those that are or thing to those that are real those that are not think those that are not artificial those that are NOT make believe. If ever there was a time in a world of sham and apocrypha see in a world of the artificial in the make believe. If there is ever a time that the world was looking for a genuine authentic Christianity that world. That time is today. But what is so authentic Christianity. How would it look at that we're live doubt in the twenty first century. What indeed. Is the essence of the real thing. There is a story in the book of Matthew. The Jesus. Outlines in the final days of his wife Matthew the twentieth chapter. And if you have your Bibles and fight you to take them in turn to Matthew the twentieth chapter. And we're going to look there at Matthew chapter twenty and study. Verse twenty. And through twenty eight. Matthew Chapter twenty first twenty to twenty eight. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem for the final time. He tried to explain to his disciples the essence of true Christianity. He tried to explain that he would be rejected in tried and falsely accused and crucified. But for some reason their pre-suppositions of the Messiah. And his work in ministry had clouded. Their vision. It kept them from understanding the nature of his work. They filtered. Everything that Jesus said through their own personal ideas of and mistaken ideas of early. Earthly greatness. Their ideas of prominence in a new kingdom and worldly greatness with the basis of a mother's requests that we find here. In Matthew chapter twenty. Verse twenty non-word then the mother of seventy's. Sons. Now we pause there. Who was the mother of Zevon he sons who was she will if you take all of the Gospels. And I cannot prove this to you but the evidence points in this direction. If you take the name Salome. And you trace it through. She was likely. Mary's sister. And very likely James and John were the cousins of Jesus. So you can understand something about this request. Saw me come. And she basically says look. Won't you do a little bit something special for your cousins. I mean James and John in Peter of course. Were part of the inner circle and. You have given them special access. So now when you sit on your throwed in the coming Kingdom. Obviously Jesus you're going to Jerusalem. We have seen you touch the eyes of the blind they're open we've seen you touch the years of the deaf and there and stopped. We've seen you touch. The withered man's arm it was healed. We've seen you touch legs and the cripple have jumped and run again we've seen you raise the dead to life. We have seen you multiply the bread. We've watched these miracles Jesus. And you're going to Jerusalem to announce your messiah ship and won't shoot give. James and John. The privilege of sitting one of your right hand. And one on your left. Now if you look at Mark's Gospel it is a little bit different and I want you to turn. Keep your a mark or a finger in Matthew chapter twenty but go over to Mark's Gospel and you'll see something. Just a little bit different in Matthew's Gospel sort of loamy comes to Jesus. But in Mark's gospel. James in John come. Themselves. And so if you're a good King there in Mark's Gospel you're going to look at Mark Chapter ten. Verse thirty five. March after ten your book ing if they're verse thirty five then James and John the sons of seventy came to him saying. Teacher. We want you to do for us whatever we ask what a mis understanding of Christianity. This seems like the health wealth and prosperity gospel which is really no gospel at all they say Lord we want you to do for us whatever we ask. They want to bend God's will to their will rather than bending their will to God's will now it is rather Sasa needing to me. If you compare first thirty five the unmarked van with verse forty five in verse thirty five. James in John say to Jesus. We want you to do for us whatever we ask another words Lord. We have a certain idea in our minds we have a certain wish in our hearts. We want glory on our pristine beach. We want to sit with you on your through. But in verse forty five. Jesus comments and he says. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served. But to serve and give his life a ransom for many here. Jesus speaking to them. The disciples requests and Jesus response. Are distinctly different they contradict one another I like what John thought says in his book The Cross of Christ not says this. They speak a different language they breathe a different spirit. They express a different ambition. James and John want to sit on thrones of power and glory. Jesus knows he must hang on a cross in weakness and shame. The prayer of James and John is the exact opposite of true prayer. John Stott after he puts it again. The World. Even the church is full of James this in John's go getter status seekers. Hungry for honor and pristine each measuring life by achievement in everlasting Lee dreaming of success. They are aggressively ambitious for themselves. But call of the crucified one. The challenge of Calvary. The call of the community of the cross is radically different. It's a call to sacrifice not selfish ambition. It's a call to service not power. It's a call to suffering not comfort. It's a call to giving oneself that risks all for the cause of Christ. This is the very essence. This is the very heart of the Christian faith. And we find this. Outlined so well in Philippians Chapter two we're going to go back to Matthew twenty later. But let's take a detour to Philip Ian's chapter to. Some have titled this passage as the cascade of God's love. It is probably one of the clearest passages in the entire New Testament. On the essence of the Incarnation. Philippians the second chapter. We're looking at verse five. Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus in other words. Let this attitude be in you that was in Christ. Another words. Let this thinking process be in you that was in Christ. What is the mind of Christ. What is the attitude of Christ. What is the essence of Christ thinking process verse six. Who being in the form of God Now the Greek word for form use the word. More faith. And more famous the very essence of God. So Jesus was the in the very essence of God. He was in the very form of God. He existed with the father from the ages of eternity. There never was a time that Jesus was not. He is the turn all everlasting Christ. At his very word angel's wings their way to worlds of far. He spoke in worlds came into existence. Jesus Word was a creative word. My word. It isn't the Claritin for it I can say. That's the sun. I can point at what is Jesus can point out what is not. And what is not becomes what is because when Christ says it. It is so even if it were never so before. Because the Creative Word of Christ. Not only declares what is but it creates what is not. And so. Jesus speaks and worlds come into existence he speaks in the earth is carpeted with living green. He speaks in rivers flowing he speaks and flowers pollute many. He speaks and creates life. On a planet called Earth. So he is the everlasting Christ. He is the turtle Christ. He is in the very essence of God the Eternal One that has existed for me turn into verse six. Who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God. The reason he didn't think it robbery to be equal with God is because he was God. But made himself of no reputation. The Greek word of no reputation is the empty himself. He emptied himself in the privileges and Parag a tip since God equal. And he took the form. The more famous servant so we have the form of God. He empty some self with the privileges and Parag it is with God. The empty some self or the worship of the angels. He empties him self from sitting on a through the. He comes and he takes the form of a servant. And he comes in the likeness of men. No notice Jesus doesn't only become a man become becomes a servant. Now the work for servant is too low to become a slave. In the scripture here says not only does become a slave. But if you look there. In verse eight. And he being fashioned being found in appearances a man He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death. So Jesus the divine Son of God the one. Spoken. World came into existence. Emptied Himself is the of the privilege and prerogative of God's equal. He became a man but not any man and he did not sit on a throne he didn't become a king or a prince. He became a servant. But not only any servant he became a humble servant but not only any humble servant became obedient servant. And then the scripture says he died a what death. But he didn't only die a death the day he died the cruelest form of death. The death of the cross. So Jesus the divine Son of God that existed with the father from eternity. Tabernacle didn't human flesh. He became a humble obedient servant he hung any cruel cross with nails through his hands that a crown of thorns upon his head and blood running down his face. And that moment of self-sacrifice. Shouted to the world. This is what God is like. God is a God of love and care. And God would rather die himself in Christ. That have one person be lost in so the cross reveals way waiting world any watching universe. The self sacrificing love of Jesus Christ. The cross reveals that Christ would rather do anything than have you or me. Lost the cry. The cross speaks of service rather than power of humility rather than pride of sacrifice rather than self promotion of giving rather than getting the Cross calls us not simply to give our time. Not simply to give our money not simply to give our energy. But the Cross call suspect if our lives. In self sacrificing service. Dr Harry Miller missionary to Dr to China. Illustrates this life of self sacrificing service so well. Harry Miller. Dr Miller. China doctor was twelve years old living in Ohio when his parents became Seventh Day Adventists. And it changed their lives he went to Mount Vernon Academy and later. Felt the call of God to become a medical missionary physician in rolled in Battle Creek college. And John Harvey Kellog often was looking for a young protege a successor. And he spotted this young. Brilliant resident at the hospital. He encouraged him to go on to Chicago to attend the same Rush Medical Clinic in Chicago so when Harry Miller finished his time at battlecry college. He went on to the rush. Medical Center and clinic in Chicago. Dr Kellogg groomed him. And Dr Kellock said to him. I'm looking forward to giving you a very prominent position here at Battle Creek at that time Battle Creek sanitary of was the same. Sanitarium in the world. And kings and queens and royalty were coming. But as. Dr Miller was praying something was stirring in his heart. Go to China. Go to China. It appeared to be absolutely foolish. That a young physician. So brilliant. So forward looking with throw his life away and go into central China at the time. It appeared absolutely ridiculous. But he could not shake that conviction that he could know. He could not live in comfortable convenience. When those in China needed medical care. Now I am not suggesting that the only way to serve as an overseas mission. But I am what I am suggesting is follow the conviction that God puts in your heart. Dr Miller in nineteen zero three. Get on the Indian Empress and began to sail with a small group and his prize possession was a Franklin printing press. Because he knew what he got to China it after print. Literature. It took three weeks in those days to get to China. And Dr Miller got so seasick He said I've never making this journey again. Never making it again. But he had actually made it four more times in his life. Two years into his stint in China. His wife Mort. Died. And he labored on a load. Translating into a Chinese Sabbath school lessons. Working with translators to translate as much Christian literature as he could. He started his medical practice. He saw children dying in China. Was able to develop the soymilk industry. In China and was able to save the lives of thousands of children. He became the personal physician of Shankar I shake it in China. He became the personal physician of royalty throughout China. He started nineteen hospitals in the Far East. In addition to that included in that number about eight or ten ospital in China. He became a pastor and evangelist. A medical missionary physician and inventor. He died at ninety seven years old still doing medical missionary work for Jesus Christ. When I read the story of Dr Miller this thought came to me. We have four hundred fifty thousand Seventh Day Adventist in China today. We have well over five thousand churches in China. The seeds that Dr Miller started. Have grown and sprouted. And today. His wife of self sacrificing service is bearing on Harvest. That is on imaginable. That he will only know. In the time in eternity some day in the land called Glory. Sunday in a place called eternity. Some time in a time called heaven. Men and women are going to walk down streets of gold. With tears streaming down their sakes. And throw their arms around this godly medical missionary physician Dr Harry Miller and say thank you for leaving your comfortable convenience. Thank you for stepping out from ambition and wealth in Prize. Thank you for giving your life. For me because I'm here you know Evan because of your sacrifice. And I believe that the these Scorsone have been because of a man physician who have giving their lives. Unstintingly in sacrifice. They have prayed with their patients. They've had Bible studies in their offices. They have had Bible studies in their homes. They have since that they've called not to do medical work. But to do medical missionary work. They have been since this coaling of God. They've had placed in their heart. The moving of the spirit that they've seen. Everybody that walks through the door of their office. As a candidate for the kingdom of heaven. They have been not been pushing the they have not been arrogant. They have not tried to to cram the Gospel down people's throat. But sensitively they've been praying. They look for opportunities and. God has worked miraculously. In Matthew the twentieth Schefter we go back to our story. Matthew the twentieth chapter. When here in Matthew chapter twenty. Jesus is teaching one of his most valuable. One of his most important. One of his most significant. Lessons to his disciples. He's teaching them about true discipleship. He's teaching them about self sacrificial service. He's teaching them about the way of the cross. He is teaching them about the principles of Christ Kingdom. Now the disciples were obviously distressed over this attempt of James and John to elbow their way into first place in the kingdom. Now you shouldn't be surprised at the mis understanding of the disciples. Because we should go back to Matthew the one thousand nine hundred because Matthew Chapter nineteen is really the preclude to Matthew twenty. And there in verse twenty eight Jesus had made a statement. And you can understand why the disciples misunderstood in Matthew twenty if you read the statement Matthew nineteen. That you the one nine hundred seventy of the twenty eighth verse. So Jesus said TO THEM assuredly I say to you that in the regeneration. When the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory. You have followed me. Wolf a sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. So you can see why the disciples misunderstood. That the Jesus said we're going to sit on throw ins. He's going to Jerusalem to announce the Messianic Kingdom. This is the time for us to sit on thrones with him. Jesus and a lesson to teach them. And so Mary. Comes the sons come in Jesus since verse twenty two and on. Jesus answered and said you don't know what you're asking about are you able to drink the cup that I'm about to drink and to be baptized with the baptism that I'm baptized with. They said we are able to he said You will indeed drink. Like up James and John to drink because James the first one beheaded by Herit. John exiled to that lonely island of Patmos. They did drink that Coke. He said You will drink the cup Are you able to drink the cup. Verse twenty three. And he said the cup of suffering. You will indeed drink my cup and be baptized with the baptism I'm baptized. But to sit at my right hand and on my left is not mine to give but it is for those whom it's prepared by the father. When the ten heard it they were moved with indignation against two brothers. Then Jesus called them to himself and said. No notice Christ's words. You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them. The world respects power. The world respects. Wealth. The World. Respects. Those who are in a dominant position. You know that the world is the Gentiles lord it over them. And those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet. It shall not be among you. But whose whoever desires to become great. Among us be your servant in whatever desires to be first among you would be your slave. Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served. But to serve and give his life a ransom for many. So the cross. The ransom of Christ. On the cross is a model of medical missionary work. Because on the cross we see the essence of self-sacrifice. So it's not medical mercenary. Work. It is medical missionary work. And the motive of medical missionary work in the motive of medical mercenary work is dramatically different. One is profit driven. And the other is service. Driven. And the heart of the true medical missionary is the heart of Calvary. It's the heart of want to kids with no thought of anything in return. It is the love that flows from Cowdery that prompts that medical missionary suspicion. The principle of the world is grasping the principle of Christ Kingdom is giving the principle of this world is self promotion. The principle of Christ Kingdom is self-sacrifice. The principle of this world is look at me at how great I am. The principal of Christ in them is the focus on other. Jesus knew what was going on in the disciples mind. And he spoke to the very heart of the Christian life. It was like Jesus said something like this out in the world. It's quite true that the great man is the one that controls others the man who is the master the word at his command others must believe the man with who with simply a word can command service is slightest need supplied out in the world Jesus is saying it's the Roman emperor with his regalia. In his retinue Eastern. POTENTATE with his slaves. The wealthy merchant with his servant. The landholder with his the states. That is the way of the world the world counts men and women great. Based on their wealth based on their position based on their power. Based on their dominance. But Jesus said. Christ. Assessment of service alone is a badge of greatness. Greatness this not coming and does not consistent commanding others to do something for us. Greatness consists in our doing things for others. This is the Christian revolution. It's a complete reversal of this world standards. Now. It's a new set of values. This is a community of across the community of across. Is a body of believers. So committed to Calvary. That they give their lives in self sacrificial service. Like the master did. Ellen White puts it this way. In the kingdoms of the world. Position. Men. Self aggrandizement. The people we're supposed to exist for the benefit of the ruling class its influence. Wealth education for so many means of gaining control of the masses for the use of others. For the use of the leaders. But Christ was a stablish ing a kingdom. On different principles. When Jesus. Hung on the cross in sacked the self sacrificial love giving not simply is time. Or his money or its pounds. But giving its life. For the life of the flesh is in the blood in when Jesus hung on Calvary's cross. He modeled what mesh medical missionary work is all about. He modeled the selfless selfless sacrifice of the life I continue with this statement is are the ages page five fifty if you're taking notes. Christ was establishing a kingdom a different principles. He called men not to authority but to service the strong to bear the infirmities of the weak power position. Talent. Education. Placed their possessor under the greater obligation to serve his films. And then this statement. In the eighth volume of manuscript releases page one seventy five this is a classic one I had been familiar with Christ one about doing good. Feeding the hungry. Healing the sick comforting the downcast. None in need of succor or help. When from him without feeling sympathy. Oh Jesus help me be like that may everybody that my life touches may not one person that my like touch. Go away without feeling that I've been sympathetic and caring about their. When you see thirty forty fifty patients a day in the office. That's not easy. That everybody that walks that door as a child of everybody that walks through that door. Is a blood one who. God sent them to you for a reason. Listen. Christ what about doing good feeding the hungry healing the sick company the downcast nun in need of succor went from him without finding sympathy. Sympathy show not only in word but indeed. In his presence. Every striking. Sorrowing heart with Suze didn't like he did not think of himself or seek his own interests. He lived to benefit others. To bring relief to the suffering in the oppressed. The under wearied servant of man's necessity. Now this sentences of these. He was blessed. Himself in relieving others. Jesus found a new energy. He found new strength. He found new blasting in his blasting of others. His heart of love. Was a fountain of blessings that ever overflowed. The two glad now their hearts. The Cross calls us to a life of self sacrificial service. It calls us out of that of the cross stressful big confines of the darkened chambers of our minds to the glory of his wealth and sacrifice for others it coste us to a life of service known amazing. Sample of this is because out I don't know if you've read any look very much about could go out of Japan. His story. Really has inspired me to go with living a life of middle class Japanese comfort. And a beautiful little home. Good position. And he became a Christian. And he said. I must give my life in self sacrificial service. Who are now God calls us in different waves. But could go of the touch of God's hand in it so like the sense the grace of God. Leading him to make an unusual sacrifice. So Kagawa left what he had. And he went to the slums of Japan. And in those slums he would stand in the rain. Telling about God's love to the poor and pretty soon he thought. They are not going to listen to me unless I do something for them. So we took off his rope and gave it to a homeless man. He said I must live among them and he was living in a six by sit with six little hut. And this guy came in coughing and sick. And he said Miss the Congo I have no place to stay Can I stay with you and your gal I said how could I let that filthy dirty old man stay with me. But he said I have made a commitment to live a life of self sacrificing love. He took them and to go would speak in the streets. He would go to Home after home and minister to them simple. Ministry to them bathe the brow with those sick. Pray with those that were dying. And pretty soon the rough. Tumbling. The rough and tumble of the streets learned to respect this man in the light of Christ love with shining their. Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Invited Kagawa to come to New York. And give a lecture to the seminary students. The place was packed and gala walked in there a very humble robot very slender very thin. And he began to talk. Very gently about his ministry and work. He was about twenty minutes through the lecture. When to seminarians were sitting in the third row in one seminary and looked the other and cynically said with a smirk your smile. He's not saying much easier if any way easy. A lady in the front row who knew it can go words. Ministry and work. Heard what this. Students at said he's not saying much. Izzy. And she simply turned around and said a man hanging on a cross doesn't need to say much either does the greatest demonstration of self sacrificing love. In the universe. Flows from the cross of Calvary. And before we get out of this world. Alive. They'll be something more important than wealth. Something more important an academic degrees. Something more important than pursue the age something more important than the number of the credit cards we have in our pockets. Before we get out of this world alive. Revelation eighteen one. The glory of God will be repeated. And what is God's glory. God's glory is His character of self sacrificial. The world can argue with our theology. They can debate over tax. But when somebody comes to them with no ulterior motives. Simply desiring to serve or simply reaching out in self sacrificial. When the cross becomes in current in our lives. Hearts are too much and the lives are changed. Remember what Jesus said to a group of Greeks came to him. John the twelfth chapter. John Chapter twelve. The Greeks came to Jesus. In the twelfth chapter of the book of John. Jesus. Shared with them this fact that the reality of the Christian life is not living. It is die. The reality of the Christian life is not being served but serving. The reality of the Christian life is not having but giving them here in John the twelve chapter. These Greeks come to Jesus. John Chapter twelve. Now there were certain Greeks among those verse twenty. Who came up to worship at the feast. Then they came to Philip. And who was from the Seder of Galilee and asked him saying sir. We wish to see Jesus. Philip came and told Andrew in turn and her told Jesus. But Jesus answered them saying the hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified I don't miss this. All for the Gospel of John. The hour of Christ greatest glory. Is the hour of the cross. Why. Because it's a revelation of the self sacrificing love of the Father. So the hour of the church's greatest glory. Is not the biggest institutions we build that are multimillion dollar institutions. The our the greatest glory of the Church is when Christ in the cross retirement and medical missionaries who go out in South sacrificial love to meet the needs of others here. Jesus says. The hours come that the Son of Man should be glorified. The cross reveals the self sacrificial love of Christ so it's the hour of his greatest glory. The jury view before the universe. Now first twenty four twenty five. Most assuredly I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground it dies it remains a low. But if it dies it produces grave. He who loves his wife will lose it. If you hate his wife. In he has this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me let him follow me. Jesus says the grain of wheat. Must fall to the ground and. If you take that single grain of wheat. And you bury it let it die. It multiplies. So there must be a Friday afternoon before there ever can be a Sunday morning. There must be a bloody cross before there ever can be an empty to. There could never be a resurrected body until their first was a crucified body. Because to truly live we must die. The model of Christianity is not the health wealth and prosperity gospel. The model of Christianity is a cross where we throw our lives. Into the far all of this world to me and the seed of our life that we plant in self sacrificial loving service. Following in the footsteps of the master. Bears fruit. Abundant full through all eternity. Delta our missionary to Africa. Tells an amazing story about the sun high desert region. That so whole desert. It's that Savannah. That stretches four thousand miles wide under the car. So how are a burden sun. Now in the sun Harlow. Moisture comes in a four month period. May June and July and August and that's when you have to point. But then after those four months eight months of burning raging sun. The sand is blown by the Sahara wins in the Great gets in your teeth. One. The harvest is reaped. In October November these a beautiful months. The greater ease of full the harvest the scum people are singing and dancing in the two meals a day. But soon. The food is running out. December comes the greenery start to recede. Many families home if the morning meal. And by January. One family and fifty. Is eating two meals a day. By February the evening meal diminishes the meal shrinks even more during March when the children succumb to sickness. Because you don't stay well and half of the other day. Career missionary Deltora puts it this way April is the month that haunts my memory. In it you hear the baby's crying in the toilet. Most of the days are past or the only evening cup a girl. And that cup of girl has to be eaten until the harvest is planted in the next harvest reap. But often it may sometime. A little child will run out into the shed and say Daddy Daddy. We have more grain. I found it in a leather bag. Daddy we have more grain. Have mommy cook it. Have her. Mash it in make up the grill so our stomachs will be full daddy we have more grain and Deltora says that the father looks at the child and says Son. We can't do that because that's our seed grain and if we cook that grain and eat it. We will die of starvation. African farmers. When the rains begin to come. Take that grain. And those men know that their wives have only very very little anough to sustain the family to the next harvest on a half a cup a girl. But those men take that grain and they go out into the fields with Keir is running down their sakes. And they plant those seeds. And when the seed goes into the ground. The high. You know bear fruit. Why did they do that for one reason. They believe in a harvest. Why give your life. In self sacrificial service for medical missionary work. Why stretch. Why step beyond the convenience. Why does God who shops. To do more more for. What does he bring us to an amen meeting like this to challenge us that what ever we have been doing for Christ. And I praise God for what we've been. But his god been stretching you this weekend. His God reading you beyond. The Sometimes comfortable place has God given you this weekend. News Division of what he wants you to do for him. That's the cross of Calvary. Move to self sacrificial servants to let every ounce of your energy and moment of your time. Be given to the one who died. Like a seed. Will you Pyatt your life. In the soil of this world's need. Because deep within your heart there will be a harvest some day somebody will come up to you and say thank you Dr thank you is a dentist. Saying she was an Earth thank you is a medical professional. I had given up hope. I had lost hope. But in your office I found hope when you prayed for me. I find hope when you shed me that Bible text. I found hope in your life of service of love. And because of you I mean eternity. If you like to say to Jesus die Jesus. Again tonight. I want to read dedicate my life. To one thing. Not to giving my time. Not to giving my money not to giving my talent. I want to dedicate myself to giving my life. To the self sacrificial ministry of Christ. I don't know what that means for you to know. It may mean different things. God may prompt some young resident here to get involved in one of our mission ospital. God may prompt you he may stir you. God may move on you to be more actively involved in a prayer ministry a Bible study min. Some outreach HEALTH MINISTER I don't know what God's going to do for you. But if you play fair with God. Gotta shake you up. If you play fair with God God will take you from wherever you are today. To something greater broader larger for a have. If you play fair with God and get on your knees and say Jesus. You know that I've given my whole life to you. But Lord. If there's a broader vision in my practice show it to me if there is another step for me to take in self sacrificial service. Reveal it to me. If there is a vision of medical missionary advantage of that happen see. Lord show that to me. If you play fair with got God will give you a vision. Far Beyond what you can imagine just to say to Jesus Jesus I would play fair with you Jesus I'm simply going to tell you that my life assurance. And whatever pathway you lead. I'm going to find one that would like to say that tonight by standing as I pray. Father in heaven. The cross challenges us. As Jesus said to the disciples. The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life. A ransom for many the principles of this world of ambition of self-aggrandizement of striving for power and well. We see them tonight in the light of the cross and Swee see their cheapness. We see the tawdry pleasures of the world. In the light of the glory be to her. We see tonight the one who calls us to self sacrificial serve. We see the one tonight. Who calls us to Calvary. And we want to see every patient. Everyone that walks the door of our office has one that Christ has purchased in reading them done it scrolls. Father give us eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend. Move upon a sword. Stretch us. Enlarge our vision. Help us never be comfortable with what is help us always to think of what can be through Jesus help us to see Christ. In all of his beauty. In all of its fullness. In made across lead us to the loving service of the Seaview. May the glory of God be revealed in a final generation and made the world stay in McNamee that your love revealed in Christ. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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