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Unmistakable Signs Of the End

G. Edward Reid
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G. Edward Reid

Former Stewardship Director, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • September 26, 2015
    10:00 AM
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There are two ways actually we know that the theme of our weekend arrives shine Jesus coming is really true. Because we know we have the great prophetic timeline don't wait. And that is been carried through from twelve hundred fifty year prophecy that ended in seven hundred ninety eight and twenty three hundred year day prophecy the into an eight hundred forty four. So far as time is concerned it's time for Jesus to come. One other interesting thing is that it actually took Jesus. Just a few minutes to tell his disciples something very amazing. And that's what we're going to look at today. We're going to look at the great signs of the Second Coming of Christ. And many of you are likely aware that the signs are being multiplied today and this is. I like to say we're seeing the real thing. It's incredible really. And I'll going to put my computer up on the screen here so I can see a little bit better and just tell you one other little point before I start. We've been talking about the Second Coming of Christ for many years. Hundred fifty years or more in Aves charge a loan. Is this true. But no one has ever waited one hundred fifty years you only have your lifetime to wait. The one that's where did the longest is Jesus is just true. You understand he's eager to come of course. So we're certainly going to be happy about seeing what we're going to see. Very soon. I'm going to transition to get my computer up here and then we'll get right into the topic in the meantime you guys can be finding the the roots of our presentation is going to be Matthew twenty four verse. Because of the limitations of time. And the amount of material. I want to share with you. I'm using Powerpoint to help because I'm going to go one hundred miles an hour. And you're going to see a lot of stuff here. But let's first of all open our Bibles and we're going to see something amazing. I want you to pretend like in your mind that you are sitting at the feet of Jesus not myself but Jesus today. And you're going to ask him the same questions that the disciples ask him. So we're going to go to Matthew twenty four and just see this one. As we begin this is verse three. Now as he sat on the Mount of Olives. The disciples came to him. What's the next word. Private. This was not a camp meeting it was a private meeting from Jason disciples and tell us. And this is interesting when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming in the end of the age of the end of the world is King James says. It's very amazing that they recognize the in the second coming in the end of this world were synonymous events. Nothing happens after that the people that are left behind are all dead. So but I understand that part. But then Jesus goes about and gives them. Two chapters. Full of sides. Chapter twenty four is the kind of signs I want to talk about today signs I would see about us in everyday life. And Chapter twenty five or signs in the church. But now we're going to look at the next part versus thirty two to thirty five. After telling them by the way. How many signs of Jesus' disciples ask him for just one. But he gave them lots of them and I've only chosen seven The share with you today but he said. Now learn this parable we're looking at Matthew twenty four thirty two. From the fig tree when its branches already become ten. And put forth leaves you know that summer is near. So you also when you see all these things all these things know that it's near at the doors. But surely I say below this generation that sees all these things will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means. Pass away. So I'm going to put up here right away. An interesting statement that Ellen White made an X. the Apostles page to sixty. There are many in the world today who closed their eyes to the evidences that crisis given to warn minute this coming. They seek to quiet all apprehension while the same time the signs of the end are rapidly fulfilling. And the world is hastening to the time when the son of man shall be revealed in the clouds of heaven. So we're going to look at seven sides and these are the seven sides. If you decide to take notes I'm going to show them one of the times so you'll be able to go through it but I'll go through it real quickly signs in a political world around us signs in the natural world. Signs in the social world. Signs in the financial world. Declared more ality. Pope Francis on the Sunday agenda will spend some time on that with events of this past week. And of course the Gospels going to all the world. Did you hear what I just said. The gospel is going to all the world right now. I'll share that with you more in detail still signs of political world first of all we're going to talk about wars and terrorism. Everybody probably understand the Bible says a man to twenty four there will be wars and rumors of wars. Nations will rise against nation a kingdom against kingdom. What you may not know is this. Matthew Mark and Luke say that the big wars when they come will not be at the actual end. They will be time after that. But the Indus not yet Matthew twenty four says. Mark says these are the beginning of sorrows and lubes twenty one says but at the end will not come immediately. So I'm going to show you a couple of things now. The past century has been the bloodiest of all. Most of you were not born when this happened but in August sixth one thousand nine hundred five the United States. With a specially equipped me twenty nine bomber called the Enola Gay. Dropped a an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. In Japan over a hundred thousand people were killed in just a few seconds. By the way that is a baby compared to what we have now. It's a it's really really incredible. But I'll show you that modern estimates place the number of destine World War One and World War two it. Sixty nine million. Military and civilian personnel. Get the number in mind. Because more people have been killed in the last hundred years than all of other wars. Interest history combined. This is incredible to understand. These are the big wars. In my book Battle of the spirit I have a chapter called World War three. There could not be a World War three it's their body understand that if we had a World War three was sixty nations involved. Somebody would use nuclear weapons somebody would follow it up with nuclear weapons would kill everybody on the earth that will not happen. We know it won't happen because Jesus the best the beginning of sorrows. So I want to show you something now. Amazing. They'll be secret plotting to destroy life destruction misery and death will be seen in every hand. Suicide bombers I.D.'s and so on. Now here's the big problem. The collateral damages of war are horrendous. More than four million refugees have fled from Syria with only what they can carry. Now I want to know you guys. Most of you have find homes here. What if you had to leave it with only what you could carry. With no hope of ever seeing it again in your whole life. Here's a Syrian family refugee camp in Turkey. The circumstances are desperate. That's what the point is we want spend more time on that. Just understand it's one of the signs of the in the second want to science in the natural world. This is a picture of the big earthquakes and chance young China province. The most amazing thing about that particular earthquake was that it happened in daytime when children were in school. You love all these precious kids that were just up here. This is amazing more than two thousand children were killed in that earthquake. Most of them where the only child of their parents as you know what happened. In China. This is amazing to understand. The big earth. The earthquake in Haiti. HUNT. A million people were left homeless. Twenty hundred two hundred fifty thousand homes destroyed in Haiti. Thirty thousand commercial buildings. Chile South America. Huge earthquake there. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on these. Most of you know that the big nine point zero earthquake. By the way there is never ever been a ten point on the Earth's history because you understand that they are magnified. Many times over with each level. But this one was so huge that there was a tsunami afterward and people caught these things on their cell phones with huge waves coming and washing people's houses and cars away. Just incredible. Are you aware that just this past week. The. There were many earthquakes. I have an earthquake app on my phone and it is just amazing how many earthquakes but just in recent days. The Nepal earthquake in April of this year seven point eight. It was very destructive because it was not deep into the earth. Over five thousand deaths reported. Show a just last week at an eight point three earthquake we don't know the number of deaths yet. Indonesia papa a region of Indonesia just yesterday two days ago. Six point nine earthquake. Super typhoon high end. Terrace Philippines apart November eleventh two thousand and thirteen. The reason I mention one this two years old is because it was the most powerful storm. To reach land in the history of Earth. Just incredible stuff. This was the big tornado that came through Tuscaloosa Alabama. Killed. Many many people as you remember. I was actually in Washington D.C. when the earthquake came up there a five point eight earthquake. This is the National Cathedral which some of the spires were toppled. You see the picture of it there. The Washington Monument big cracks came in it and it was a. It was closed for two years. Because it had to be repaired to make it safe again. This is a cell phone picture of the five tornado bearing on a more Oklahoma. In two thousand and thirteen. Can you imagine being the person that took this picture. This is just incredible when you see all the. Things that are happening there. This is the school entrance of the teachers cars. Turned upside down and so on so I'm going to show you one other little statement this one is from review and herald May twenty one important events are about to take place while the world is asking in scorn. Where is the promise of His coming. The signs are rapidly fulfilling more men are crying peace and safety sudden destruction is coming. The Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth and calamity has fallen calamity by land and sea. Look at the next statement that I've underlined by the way you're likely aware Ellen White never underlined anything in her writings. I did in my books a lot as you may know. But here's one I underlined for her. Tempus and earthquakes. Fires and floods are heard up on every hand. Only in God Can security be thin. So we know this year the western wildfires have burned over hundreds of square miles of land and reduced entire neighborhoods to ashes the cost to fight the fire has been over two million dollars a week. Five firefighters have been killed over nine million acres burned so far. And the fires aren't out yet. Signs in the social world. Now you've probably never seen this as one of the signs that I'm going to go down throughout real quickly. This is second Timothy the third chapter one to seven because it's a cross-section of the way people will behave at the end. And if there's any one of these this not fulfilling to show you twenty two of you say oh that would have been fulfilled yet. I will tell you they're all being fulfilled. Society is changing when people are kind to one another anymore. So you talk about lovers of themselves how would we say that selfish. Lovers of money. Boasters proud blasphemers Odessa be the at to parents unthankful on holy unloving and King James says without natural affection. Unforgiving slanderous without self-control. Brutal. You guys understand brutal. In wars that just killing someone you chop their head off on T.V. and then drag him around by their feet through town laughing. To get husband or Stan brutal. Is brutal. Despisers of good traitors. By the way despisers of good. I showed you last night the picture of Kim Davis who stood up for her beliefs about marriage from the Biblical perspective on the Internet she's be calling. Been called a bigot. Because she believes the Scriptures. Traders headstrong Hardy levers a pleasure more than lovers of God. Having a form of godliness but the uniting its. I would add transforming power. Making captives of women think of prostitution think of rape think of slavery. Led away by various last Think of all the addictions that we're having in the world today. Always learning and never able to come to the truth. So we have a better educated society American we've ever had before but we're farther from the truth probably the never so that's incredible science in the financial world. We're going really quickly through this because I only have five more minutes according the bulletin. But. Just kidding. I'm going to give you the message brother. OK. The signs in the financial world. This is a just take Bear Stearns executive into custody. Now Bear Stearns is a financial institution. Now you understand that the great crash in America two thousand and nine in ten was caused by the banks. Giving risky loans to people the new couldn't pay them back and my telling you the truth about this. It is absolutely true not listen carefully. What the government did to fix it was to pay back the banks. That's crazy. And by the way for one thing for sure I will tell you this. The problem has not been fixed it's like putting a Band-Aid over a big wound. Do you understand. Things are going to get very worse in the future. Here's a Bernie made off by the way. Why wouldn't you trust this man because he had been the director of the off. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States. You know monitoring the stock market and all of that. But he took five thousand clients money defrauded them of sixty five billion dollars. This is the only man has been prosecuted for money stuff none of the. It basically is have. But he actually went to prison for the rest of his life. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this except to tell you that not two thousand and eight the average income from an average person working forty hours a week. Thirty one thousand six hundred dollars. If you're a professional person. You make a hundred thousand dollars and a professional person can make four million dollars in his life. Forty years income for a professional person. Now listen carefully to what we're talking about of the in time. Forty million is an annual bonus for bankers on Wall Street which is ten times the lifetime income of oppression a person. Given to a banker in one year. And this one I'm not going to read but James the fifth chapter talks about this kind of thing happening. As a sign of the in. The national debt. Grow so fast you cannot keep up with that it grows by two point eight nine billion every day. Currently it's eighteen trillion three hundred ninety seven billion dollars is under fire over four hundred billion now. Whole countries are at the point of bankruptcy. Even American cities like Detroit to file for bankruptcy protection. I just learned this week that Chicago's proposing. As in property taxes to avert bankruptcy there. In the news this week on September twenty three. Puerto Rico which is a U.S. territory is near economic collapse and cannot pay at seventy two billion and debts. A record sixty four thousand people left the island of Puerto Rico and two thousand and fourteen. Forty nine thousand already left in two thousand and thirteen for the U.S. mainland to escape the coming economic troubles of Puerto Rico. If you were to visit Puerto Rico today twenty two percent of all the housing units are empty and Puerto Rico incredible. Credit card debt is now eight hundred in one billion dollars. This means that Memphis carried over from month to month the people pay interest on a huge rates. Incredible. Another one is in the years. Two thousand and ten and eleven nearly twelve million households families lost their homes to foreclosure. A big one a student loan debt has now passed one trillion dollars. Plus there's another hundred fifty billion private student banks. Tom Harkin senator U.S. senator said this debt is almost reached the tipping point and could be the next mortgage crisis. Why don't you just acquire bankruptcy. Because student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. If their government back. In addition to that. It's amazing. If you have a student that government loan. The only way to get out from under the obligation is to allow them. One of them is to pay it off guess what the other one is to die. OK we're not spend a lot more time on that one. The decline of more ality. Most of you realize that June twenty sixth two thousand and fifteen was a very sad day for America and the state of Tennessee. The U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Oberoi. O'BERG a fellow versus Hodges case out of Ohio. It was a five four decision which of course a split decision. Majority said that the Constitution guarantees the right to same sex marriage. Now this is kind of an interesting thing because this. There's no appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court it's a horde. Court of last year's direction the highest drift action in America. Right up here. See that's the U.S. Supreme Court right in the apex of that triangle and we'll show you a picture that the next picture I show you is a picture of Moses with the Ten Commandments. Really really really incredible. Anyway. The decision accelerated America's down the slippery slope to total disregard for God in his words. We may now have to change the inscription on our Koreans. And our pledge of allegiance to the flag because it is now clear that we do not trust in God. Neither are we one nation under God God have nothing to do with this decision. So there it is Moses with the Ten Commandments on the U.S. Supreme Court. And just the other day. Thursday when the pope was speaking before Congress. Noticed what is inscribed in the marble right above where the speaker and the vice president are sitting in God We Trust. So by order the President Obama. The White House the people's house was illuminated with the rainbow colors of the gay rights movement on June twenty sixth. To celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court's decision. Forcing same sex marriage. On all fifty states. Obama stated that we have now made the Union a little more perfect. Now here's something that the backlash. Franklin Graham most of you know of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association just over the mountains from us in Asheville. Respond to the O'Berg Rafale Supreme Court decision by saying this sin not only rains but is now celebrated. And I want to read this little paragraph so you can see what's going on two weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is legal in all fifty states. This is a defining moment for our nation long before our government came into existence. Marriage was created by Almighty God and Jesus said from the beginning of creation God made them male and female therefore a man show. What leave us father mother and hold to us wife. Very interesting the court did not define marriage this is Bill. Franklin Graham again. And therefore it is not entitled to redefine it. It seems as though. Immorality. Not only reigns in America but is now celebrated. Now here's his conclusion. There is no hope for our nation from any political party Republican Democrat Tea Party Independent or any other. Our only hope is for I'm for America is God. By the way when I did the research for Sunday's coming and I found out something amazing one of three things will trigger the national Sunday law. And that is a financial crisis a natural disaster or a moral crisis. Welcome to the end times we have them all today. Franklin Graham. Concludes his article I'm on his mailing list and he said he plans a decision. America tour to visit all fifty states next year to call the people of America to prayer and repentance. So just some of the signs this one is kind of interesting to me. The mayor of Houston Texas a nice Parker she's on in the pink and her wife Kathy Hubbard celebrate the Supreme Court's decision. So you understand that when you have a Supreme Court decision. The dissenting opinions do not count. But in this particular case. Chief Justice John Roberts who was one of the dissenters. Antonin Scalia. The other two also all of them made verbal and written dissents and Chief Justice Roberts stated you can celebrate the available. They'll ability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution it had nothing to do with it. People of faith can take no comfort in the treatment they receive from the majority today. Scalia stated the Supreme Court has become a threat to American democracy. This decision robs the people of the most important liberty. The freedom to govern themselves. With the people. By the way it is very interesting to understand that more than two hundred eighty million people have voted in states not to have same sex marriage. And one person. Unelected. That means one Supreme Court justices have voted the other way it would have changed you understand. Made the decision for all the people of America. This is a sad day. A very very sad day. And as a result of that this lady has gone to jail. Roane County Kentucky. Court clerk him Davis refused to grant gay marriage licenses to same sex couples based on her religious convictions that marriage is between one man and one woman. So she spent six days in jail because she was ruled to be in contempt of court. Now I will just mention this last night and I don't want to have a lot of things from last night in today but I will just tell you this. When this lady. I awaited a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court she became in contempt of court and went to jail. But I understand that part. When the U.S. Supreme Court. Listen I didn't say. If when the U.S. Supreme Court. Ratifies the Sunday law. And you don't follow it what could happen. You could go to jail. Very simple. OK Pope Francis on the Sunday agenda. Now some people came up afterward last evening and asked me some questions about the Jesuits and I just want to show you a few things here. Before I get into what I really put here. And I want you to see this. This is interesting because when Pope Benedict came to the United States it was on the grounds of the Capitol building. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. She was the speaker the House Representative. At that time. Kissed the pope's ring. And George Bush Her husband Paul sector State Condoleezza Rice impressed President Bush. Look on. Now. Do you understand what position this the speaker of the House has the president dies in the vice president not able to serve as the president who gets the next shot. This person. Highest person. Third person the ranking in America. Here's another one Leon Panetta. Most of you know the name because you've been watching the long time. Son of I'm a Talon emigrants graduated from Santa Clara University college and law school. Both Jesuit affiliated universities. He taught there for eight years. He was confirmed on February twelfth two thousand and nine is the director of the CIA knows all the secrets of America. Later secretary defense. Now here as this man while Secretary of Defense was. Leon Panetta. The leader of the world's largest military met Pope Francis in his me. Pope Benedict in the Vatican and kissed his ring. This is incredible. While he was secretary of defense. Now last night I showed you that six of the ninth U.S. Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholic. Somebody asked me why are there so many Roman Catholics in the Supreme Court. So we know that there are twenty percent of the. The population America Roman Catholic so how many should that made in the Supreme Court. Twenty percent. Right which would be two at the most. Now this is interesting why are there six wives or sixty six percent. And I'm going to tell you the playing out answer is very simple. The Roman Catholic Church just twenty eight affiliated accredited law schools in United States. Did you hear the number twenty eight fourteen of them are run by Jesuits Georgetown University Boston College Gonzaga those kind of schools. And they're training people to take over the government of America. That's the simple bottom line facts. And you understand what we're talking about here. You believe I'm telling the truth about this. It is the bottom line facts. Look it up on the Internet. Former president former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was at the time as prime minister the head of the Church of England soon as he left the office of writer to Catholicism. A lot of people don't realize what's happening in America. Opus Dei is not in order of the Catholic Church like the Dominican The Francis and so on but it is a personal privilege for of the pope as one of its main goals. To proselytize among the elite of society and government. The theory being if you can win. Can you can win the people. So this guy picture here is the Reverend John McCluskey a Catholic Church's K.-Street lobbyist. Is an Ivy Leaguer who graduated from Columbia University and a former Wall Street who worked at Citibank and Merrill Lynch. Now this man. Used to be denied state senator from Kansas. He's U.S. Senator Sam Brownback former United States. United Methodist was converted by John McCluskey this Opus Dei guy and joined the Catholic Church on June twenty seventh two thousand and four is now the governor of the state of Kansas. Many of you know that know that Jeb Bush is running for president the United States. When he would lived in Florida and ran the first time to become the governor of Florida. He was handily beaten by a person in Lawton Chiles anybody you know about politics you understand that it's kind of a bummer when you spend a lot of time in a lot of money and you lose. Someone told him if you expect to get elected in this state you're going to have to either become a Roman Catholic or get supported by them. So on Easter Sunday following Jeb Bush became a Roman Catholic. Then was subject. Then he was elected to be the governor of Florida for two terms. That's why he's a Roman Catholic. Newt Gingrich former speaker of the House of Representatives former Baptist. From Georgia. Convened converted to run with Allison by Opus Dei March twenty ninth two thousand and nine. And it's also very interesting Bobby Jindal governor of Louisiana is Indian born and raised Hindu is now a Roman Catholic. Is interesting stuff. What I'm going to tell you now is we're just going to go really fast through this. This is row Castro with the president the president on the phone speaking with Cuban President Raul Castro's brother. On Tuesday December sixteenth of this last year to finalize plans to normalize relations between Cuba and the U.S. in a BY know what has changed in Cuba. The right word is nothing. It's still a communist dictatorship. But why did it happen. The answer is Pope Francis played a key role in finalizing the deal. To open relationship with the United States and Cuba for the first time. Fifty three years. President Obama said. Aside from President Obama and the Cuban president. The part it was the only other foreign leader directly involved with the talks so many of you are probably not aware that when the pope spoke to Congress this past on Thursday. Something similar at happened in Europe. Already so I'll show you that in Strasbourg France. Pope Francis is welcomed at the meeting of the European Parliament on November twenty five two thousand and fourteen. Remember the European Parliament. Oversees the work of twenty eight European countries representing five hundred million people. Which is bigger population than the whole United States. And this is Pope Francis speaking to the European Parliament. It has never ever happened before. So I had the interesting object. Opportunity when I was that. Spokane. The A.S.I. convention. Just in early August. And to be real honest with you and the meals were quite expensive there like thirty dollars a shot so Kath and I just bought two of them. And the main reason we did is just so we could probably ship with people because when you go in you don't know who you going to sit with there's nine people around a table. And on the meal that we bought we came in and we were ushered through a huge the Hardly any way you just keep walking you get your food and they tell you want to sit. We sat. There's only four of us together so five other people that I had never seen before in my life. Sat beside. As the man beside me ask me a question. What do you do I said well I'm a pastor and I'm an attorney and he says well I'm an attorney to belive in Germany. And my wife is born and raised in Germany and I practice international law in Germany. And then he gave me this brochure that I'm holding in my hand right here. And it's very interesting. I believe it was a divine appointment. He said Are you aware that the Roman Catholic Church is pushed through a national Sunday law in Germany Germany now has a national Sunday law most of your lackey aware of that. And they're also doing something else because in two thousand and fifteen seventeen it will be five hundred years since. Martin Luther nailed the ninety five piece on the church door at Wittenberg Germany. And they the Catholic Church is hoping to refurbish that church take all vestiges of Martin Luther out of the church in time for the five year celebration. Very very interesting. Pope Francis was featured for an entire hour on C.B.S. sixty Minutes with Scott Pelley on Sunday. In the summer of two thousand and fourteen. Here's the Obama's welcoming the pope. Off of shepherd one. The specially equipped plane from Era Tahlia at this is Anders Air Force Base. We want spend a lot of time on this because I showed some of these to you last night the Obama's with Pope Francis at the White House. The pope mobile the little car. Speaking to the U.S. Congress. Very very interesting stuff. And this one is one of the most amazing pictures because he's up on the balcony of the of the U.S. Capitol. Speaking out to him some. Thousands of people that are out there. And then coming into the United Nations. I told you last night that the United Nations voted just a few days ago. To allow the papal flag to fly. Not just on the occasion of papal there's about from now on at all of the U.N. facilities around the world. In the papal flag of course as the triple crown of the pope in the case of the Kingdom on it. And so on. Now why is this happening. The real interesting thing is that people seem to feel like that the Roman Catholic Church has nine lives. Notice there's some time ago. This is news. Week magazine April five two thousand and ten. Called the bad Shepherd and article with Pope Benedict featured more than ten thousand American children have been sexually abused by four thousand four hundred priests. This was not a. Isolated incident in New England. Listen carefully. All one hundred seventy Roman Catholic diocese in the United States about multiple cases a pedophile is incredible. And then the Roman Catholic Church has paid more than two billion in US dollars in fines restitution just in the United States alone. Now this is interesting. This is another Newsweek article. March twenty ninth two thousand and ten. Save the Children. Benedict income need to do penance. Cardinal Bernard Law of the Boston Archdiocese finally resigned after more than five hundred cases of pedophilia service at his area. But instead of going to jail he was brought back to Rome where he has a twelve thousand dollars a month job. And lives in a place you apartment. Really incredible. The man here is the former head of the Anglican Church former Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Relman Williams. He stated they Irish Catholic church has lost all credibility. Because in response to the Ryan Report who was a senator from the country of Ireland. Stated after a nine year study by the Irish government that the on the systematic and endemic abuse of. Listen carefully. Thousands of children in Ireland that were in the custody of religious leaders in Ireland. It's incredible. So Ellen White noted this the sins of battle will be laid open. The fear for results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority the inroads of spiritualism and the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power. All will be unmasked by these solemn warnings that people will be stirred. Thousands upon thousands will listen have never heard words like these in amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church. Falling because of our errors and since. Well there's much more I showed you last night about the tremendous personality change of the pope. Hardly ever was and public while he was in Argentina. Hardly ever caught smiling. And now you see how used to be and how yesterday. He says he had a mystical experience. So I'm going to tell you just three. Real quick things about the pope and Sunday Scituate. Because the best one is the last one and it's coming that is gospels going to all the world. On July five two thousand fourteen Pope Francis stated that keeping stores open on Sunday is not beneficial to society. He said that the priority should not be economic but human is time to ask ourselves of working on Sundays is true freedom. Almost every time this person speaks in public. He's talking about Sunday. Here was his wins the audience in at the Vatican. On August twenty. Twelve this year just six weeks ago. He said obsession with economic profit and technical efficiency puts the human resumes at life at risk. Moments of rest especially on sundry our sacred because in them we find God. The Sunday you crest brains are celebrations. To our celebrations every grace of Jesus and so on this is the pope's latest insect we call let out of say. Which is the Latin term meaning praise to be to you. He's talking about all of the problems in the world. And he says one of the solutions the bottom paragraph. On Sunday Ark discretion of the Eucharist or the masses special importance. Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath is meant to be a day which heals our relationship with God. With ourselves with others and with the world and so the day of rest centered on the Eucharist or the mass she has lied on the whole week. Motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor which were the great CERN's concerns by out in this one. So I'm just going to reveal these quickly these are when the pope invited sixty several mayors from countries around the world to come and honor him. There. Now I'm going to show you this one that we're going to look at the last one is very amazing. When Protestantism shall stretch out her hand across the Gulf the grass behind the Roman power which that I show you last night of Protestantism is already doing that very interesting stuff. Which is a rich a cross the a Vista class has with spiritual eyes and went under the influence of the threefold Union our country. Shari pretty at every principle this constitution as a Protestant a Republican government. And so make provision for the propagation of papal faults and delusions. Then we may know that the time has come for the marbles working of Satan and that the end is near. So the best one is the gospel is. It's going to all the world. I love this we're going to go through it very quickly but I think you'll appreciate seeing it. By the way I want you to understand that Matthew twenty four fourteen does not say what some people think it says. It says on this gospel the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come. It doesn't say when you guys get the word punished I'll come back. It says it's going to happen. That's what it says Do you understand. So we have just recently bet we. We borrowed the conference baptistery to take it to North Knoxville because we baptized a lady whose first introduction to the AVE stretch was the hope channel in her house. And she was so excited she came to the administration asked Would it be OK if I worship with you guys today. And we did a series about the studies with her and she was baptized just recently. Three A.B.N. we have two people that were just come. Last year both been baptized sense. Man from different walks of life and been baptized. I want to tell you something amazing about Adam's World Radio. I work part time with Evans world radio and I will just tell you that these things are incredible what I'm going only tell you one story. As it is World Radio is taking the gospel to the most difficult to reach places in all the world seven a language by via shortwave radio primarily from our flagship Island. Station on the island of Guam something you've been there and seen that. BUT hundred thousand watts of shortwave power taken the gospel message out. We're also on an F.M. in large cities. Am and so on but listen. Five years ago to keep up with the times we decided to do another thing and that is to digitize all of the thirty minute programs that we've created over the years. And put them on the Internet so they can be downloaded to smartphones and i Pads and so on and so since that happened at General Conference time in July of this year. We were having thirty minute. Downloads off of the Internet. At the rate of one hundred twenty eight. Every second. Which means that there are leavened million a day. And the most downloaded languages. From our website by the way when you go on a D.V.R. dot org It was say which language you prefer you can choose one of a hundred languages not just anguish not just. An age one hundred languages. And the interesting part about it. The most downloaded language is Mandarin Chinese. But the second one is Arabic. Which means that the people with it live in the Arabic republics of the Islamic republics twenty four of them which will not allow us to preach. Are downloading the admin It's messy if you have our segments by the millions. Every day. The gospel is going to all the world. It's incredible when you see it. Many other groups and individuals work it is written voice prophecy. Love those amazing fast Gospel Outreach. Captain I pray for these every day it's a long list we pray for A.S.I. Marron office supporting ministries and so on seven hundred thousands have the Evans congregation without a church building four thousand new congregations every year. And of course I'm talking about the new. One day church. Our little north Knoxville church is already sponsored seven one day churches. And we keep of. That's one of our line items in our budget because work is where time we get the money we send up. The Maranatha. In two thousand and fourteen that is the last year. The evidence church baptize one point one million people or an average of three million one hundred ninety seven new members. Every day of the week for an entire year. That is twenty two thousand new baptisms are new members every Sabbath we cannot build churches fast enough for these people to come in. It's also interesting the General Conference was organized. And you guys ever heard the expression. A glass half full or half empty. Will people let you know the pessimistic thought about the emptiness I'm talking about the fullness because here's what's happening. The General Conference of our church was organized eight hundred sixty three in Michigan with three thousand five hundred members. The world population of that time was one point two billion. So what happens is for every ad in a similar then there were three hundred forty two thousand people who had general population that were to have been this for each member. Today in two thousand fifteen hundred fifty two years later. There are eighteen point five million seventy Adventists. With a global population of seventeen point two billion people living on the earth but now the ratio is one Avon's for every three hundred ninety two people living on. General population of the earth. This is incredible. Somebody should say Amanda that we're making progress. The current ratio is eight hundred seventy four times better than it was in eight hundred sixty three. So there's your brothers and sisters my friends for every kindred tongue a nation people are joining our church. By the thousands every day. By the way that picture is also interesting because it was reported in the USA Today that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is the most culturally diverse church in the world. And that's the way it should be. So you say all these things are happening but how could she has really come soon. And I want to show you now something amazing in my last few slides that you'll be able to see. By the way God himself has taken responsibility for taking the gospel to the whole world he says Romans nine twenty four he speaking of God will finish the work and cut it short erogenous. Because the Lord will make a short work on the earth. The time of trouble because short for the Alexei not going to show you first elected message is one hundred and eighteen. When divine powers combined with human effort. The work will spread like fire in the stubble. God will employ agencies origin men will be unable to discern angels will do a work for which men might have had the blessing of accomplishing. Had they not neglected to answer the claims of God. I have a photocopy of a letter I got from the General Conference. Evans Well radio I'm going to read to this one short experience. So you will understand the seven the avenues pastor was asked to come to a home in a city where Christians were being persecuted by Islamic people. When he arrived at the home we discovered to his amazement that he had been invited to the home of the Muslim him on. He was immediately fearful for us life was impressed a knock at the door anyway. He was invited in only to discover that not only was the man. The Imaam in the home. But thirty other Muslims were there as well. Course now he was really nervous. And then the amazing question came from the lips at the AM on can you baptize us in a secret place. After collecting his thoughts the pastor blurted out But wait. How do I know you're ready. Anybody's ever been about work at work in advance and know you've cleared people on all the topics make sure they understand clearly to which the Imaam applied to very seriously. With sacred off. He says for several months and Angelus come in each evening instructed me in the tissues of the Bible. The a mom then in turn a top thirty men who were in the room. And when the pastor quizzed them it was discovered that they all knew the evidence message backwards and forwards. And he baptized them all. Amazing stuff is happening to more states. Let me tell you the floor of the work this last work in a manner that's very much out of the common order of things and in a way that's very contrary to any human planning. God will use ways and means to which you will be seen that he's taking the reins in his own hands or the steering wheel if you place the workers will be surprised by the simple means that he will use to bring about a pick is work of righteousness. And that's from evangelism page one eighteen. This one to me is really really amazing. This one is from eight hundred eighty eight mature seven fifty four seven fifty five. There will be an accumulation a divine agent is to do what. Combined with human effort. That there will be an accomplishment of a work for the last time that work will be most assuredly be cut short in a most unexpected manner. There will be thousands converted to truth in a day who at the eleventh hour see an acknowledged the truth. And the movements of the Spirit of God. The accession to the truth will be of such rapidity which will surprise the church. God's name along will be glorified finite man will wonder and awe. Adore. Well I'm just going to go really quickly to this one. Why did Jesus give so many signs for our benefit and for the benefit of witnessing someday soon this is just skies open up and we're going to see this happening. If you're up early like I was this morning with the water saw the sun coming up through the clouds very very pretty my wife me and sent me a picture on text message that Jesus coming soon my friends this is not just stand there we're talking about we're seeing the real stuff now. So I'm going to tell you I want to encourage everybody to do what I talking about last night this really do your own personal devotions with your spouse or your family. On a regular basis to grow spiritually. Commit yourself to God. Make a prayer a matter of course in your life. Well I'm going to talk about that more in the afternoon session but we're going to talk about there to be like Daniel. Would you be willing to go to prison or to live your life. Lay down your life for Jesus and His commandments. That's the big question. You may be called to do that when you want to be ready if you want to cop out. You get the idea how many want to be ready. Let's just do that. OK Will power heads of have a benediction Heavenly Father I want to thank you for your love and blessing to each of us and we thank you for the commitment we made today to be faithful to you and to be ready when you come again. We implore you to send your spirit to guide us in our lives help us to be faithful. We pray that you help us to be positive witnesses for you to those that we encounter each day as well. Bless our families and thus our church is less the fellowship that we enjoy here in the presence of US the meetings that follow today. In Jesus name and God bless you. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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