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Systematic Benevolence- Part 2

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • September 12, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Let's by our has for a word of prayer. As we begin to Father in heaven. We want to thank you for all your blessings to us. Lord we cannot begin to count or enumerate your great kindness and mercy towards us. Father you've given us the miracle of life. Father help us to enjoy that miracle. Day by day moment by moment. And give you all the own glory. Father we're looking at. Part two of our sermons on stewardship and father's stewardship is such a wonderful thing it's not just about money that we seem to have such a hard time letting go of the Lord it's the realisation that everything that we have comes from you. And we have the joy and the privilege of being grateful. And thanking you for all of these blessings. But I pray that you may inspire us today. I pray that you may encourage anybody that may need encouraging. I pray that your spirit may speak to us and speak through me Lord. Though I am sinful and unworthy. I pray these things in Jesus precious name Amen amen. All right. We had a powerful look. Last time that we were here. Into the book of Malakai and Malakai means. Messenger of God and was probably written around four hundred and thirty two Before Christ the last book. Of the Old Testament. And it is not a happy story about how God is feeling. With regard to his people. It was quite an amazing thing because typically as a pastor I would use. You know this. Texts. To show that you know we need to give tithes and offerings. But the book of Malakai is really. If you see how it begins you'll see that it begins with the burden of the word of the Lord. So the Lord has a burden. And we saw and I just like to summarize a little here. What we looked at last time and will carry on and eight times no less. God brings his his his complaint. To his people and eight times his people. Retaught back. Insolently rudely. And in a manner that conveys a kind of a our going attitude and saying what are you talking about God. And so they would question God's love. They had no respect for God as their father. They disrespect. This respected the holiness of the services and their worship was empty and formal. They were under CERN ng of good and evil they didn't make a difference between what was holy an unholy. They denied the fact that they were in apostasy. And they denied that they were robbing God. They were rude and defiant. Does this seem to have a parallel. In another book in the New Testament. Any ideas that I hear or see somebody mouth the Book of Revelation. The loudest say in church is funny isn't it last book of the Old Testament. Last book of the New Testament. There is a people. People of God that are complaining. Think they are rich. But are blind naked wretched and poor and. This is what God has to deal with. But God being such a gracious God and a merciful God In actual fact. What they had done as a people was they had broken the covenant. They had broken their side of the bargain. That would guarantee the blessings of God towards them. Despite the fact that they had been negligent in all of these areas. God was saying well I'm still faithful. And it is because of my mercies that you are not consumed. And he would still praise. Some of the Levites that were being faithful. And that were presenting the more of God in the correct manner. And I noticed and we noticed that together. That God had many areas that he was displeased with his people on. But to bring them back and as he calls to them he says repent and turn to me. He says. Start your journey back to wards me. By returning. Ties and offerings. And so he god. In the face of his people's faith lessness says bring you all the tides. Into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house or food or provision. Prove me now here with try me out in this he says. Says the LORD of hosts and there we get an idea of who he is. If I will not open to you. The windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there shall not be room enough for you to receive it. God is a mighty god. And we just heard in our map. Offering appeal. That God owns everything. And we are just stewards. Friends we need to remind myself. Ourselves I need to remind myself of that everything we have is on loan from God We are His stewards and he he wants to bless us with more. So that we can be more a blessing to other people. But he goes on day in America three ten to twelve. And he says I will rebuke the devour for your sakes. And he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground. Neither shall your vine cast of fruit before the time in the field says a lot of hosts and all nations. Shall call you. Blessed for you shall be a delight some land. Says the LORD of hosts. So here we see what God wants to do. Or wanted to do for its people and I believe still wants to do for for his people. Where does he want his people to be at the bottom of the pyro at the top of the pile. What does he want. Other nations to be doing. Looking to God's people and saying wow what a poor bunch of losers. Or what does he want to see he wants to see people that are victorious. And that enjoying the blessings of God. Now reproving the devour. You know that the devil is always trying to get out us. And in many ways that he can get out US is through our health or through our our wealth and. You know it's it's in the. Yeah it's an amazing thing isn't it. It's an amazing thing that we can be afflicted by the devil and when we're doing God's will and when we're coming to church and when we're returning ties faithfully. Do you find that sometimes things seem to go wrong. That can happen. But you know. God is in charge. Don't be discouraged. He will help you. He will help me. You know I I remember the time that I did. Do you ever do a silly thing like put your cell phone on on the roof of your car. Have you ever done that and I mean that's not quite so bad as actually driving off with it still on top of the roof right. I've done that before. And you know. One time I received a call from my cell phone to the house phone and person on the other side was saying Excuse me. Is this your cell phone that I'm using. Because I found it on the road just along Riverview. And I think. And I said. Years. All well and then I suddenly remembered. I remembered putting the cell phone on top of the car think it was on the trunk and I drove off. You know I went to did something else I mean have you ever never done that. Don't put your hands up. But. We can do crazy things sometimes. But anyway this. This is just something that I'll never forget because he said I have your cell phone. I said you do. How is it. It's fine. There's just a little scratch on it but it's OK. And so I retrieved the the cell phone. And when. When I realized how far away it all obviously traveled before it fell off the trunk of the car. It was two and a half miles. It. Stayed there and it fell on the road. So you know cars going by could have smashed it. And so on and then somebody finds it and has the intelligence to press home and call me and let me know and you know. We could say that's a little simple thing you know. Coincidence and yeah you were lucky. But I say praise the lord how about you and you see that's an example a very tiny example of of how God can reprove the devour. And how God can. Can guard and watch over us. And even our possessions. So that we can be fruitful and that we can prosper. So you know. I really love the story of the Exodus I've been looking at the story of the Exodus and this story. This these these words the I want to open for you the windows of heaven. Reminds me of the children of Israel wandering in in the desert. Of the the desert the wilderness of the Red Sea as the Bible calls it. And and God is raining down food for them. This seems to be similar kind of language would you agree. And in fact. In fact if you go to to Malakai the end of. I think Chapter four there. You'll see that God actually makes a reference to Mt Horeb. So what what is mount a horrendous. What where was Mount Horeb. Maybe I could ask or what happened on Mt Horeb come again. Talk to me now just a moment. What happened on Mount home. Around the what the what Ten Commandments us right this was Mount Horeb. This. This is the thing. Mt Horeb. Mt Sinai. The mountain of the Lord are one in the same out in the quay and so it mentions it there. In the last chapter of Malakai. And as as a as a reminder. And so what God is saying is look. Look at my ability. Can't you don't you remember a fowls and years ago. I was bringing the people out of Egypt my people. And I was opening up the windows of heaven for them. So this was like a guarantee for. For God's people. And a reminder and see how far they had for learn from God and following him from trusting him and receiving all of His blessings in a thousand years. And I love this quotation that. Alberta put. In the the newsletter. I just like to remind us of it here just briefly and. You know the story of the Exodus I mean there's a whole book entitled The Exodus and. You know it's there marks in the history of god. What God has done what he did for his people and how he. He defended them how he made a difference between God's people and the Egyptians. And how those ten plagues came and afflicted only did Gyptian. And it. The those plagues actually went against the things that the Egyptians were worshipping like the Nile and the flies and and the nets and all of these things. And they were seeing God working. And they were they were witnessing. God's deliverance. And we're told that we should look at the history of the children of Israel and they're wondering. So that we can learn some lessons from it. Lessons of God's providence. And also lessons about the fickle nature of God's people. And so I love this quotation I'll just read a little bit of it. The history of the wilderness life of Israel this statement that droughts and profits. To ninety three the history of the wilderness life of Israel was chronicled for the benefit of the Israel of God to the close of time. So that means us for our benefit. The record of God's dealing with the wanderers of the desert in all their marching stew and fro in their exposure to hunger. To thirst and weariness. And in the striking manifestations of his power for their relief. Is fraught with warning. It's fraught with warning and instruction for his people in all ages. The varied experience of the Hebrews. Was a school. Of preparation for their promised. Home in Canaan. God would have his people in these days. Review with a humble heart and teachable spirit. The trials through which ancient Israel passed that they may be instructed in their preparation for the heavenly Canaan. I love that. Because it's highlighting. Look at the greatness of God in delivering his people from Egypt from slavery. And how God led them out with a mighty miraculous hand. Defeating the enemy is that also we see the story of how the people were complaining. At every step and be moaning their fate. And that you know later on impact drugs and profits you she will say. When we look back on that we would say you know what we would never be such an grateful complain is as the Israelites were. But you know friends. We are no difference. We cannot see further than our eyes can see. And as soon as we start suffering. We start complaining. And even asking God. Where are you God. But you know. So many people do not believe the story of the Exodus. And I love the way Malakai makes allusions to the Exodus story and the poor in out of of the blessings of God. And you know one of the reasons why people don't believe in the Acts of the story is because they haven't been able to find evidence of the Egyptian. Let me say. Yes they're there know that the people of Israel and there won't drink. In the desert is been hard to find any evidence of it. And when you when you consider the Red Sea you can see a map there. And where Mt Sinai is located. Did you know that Petro and I went to Mount Sinai for our honeymoon. OK Big fact OK big deal but anyway it was a big deal for me. And for for for Petra. And she you know my wife is a great traveller. She's a great G.P.S. and before the time of G.P.S. is she was my. My G.P.S. and you know I would always listen to her and she have a map and we go on our vacations but this was an early one only on we had this vacation. In the Sinai Peninsula. Easy isn't it. Where's Mt Sinai. In the Sinai Peninsula. So we went down that we actually took a camel ride around the near sent. Katherine's monastery. And you know this place where monks would go. And strange thing is that Mount Sinai. Way back in say three hundred A.D. that area. The whole region was was a place where monks and a statics would go to kind of be out in the wilderness. And then somebody came along with a bright idea and said oh look at this mountain. It looks like Mount Sinai. It really must be Mount Sinai. And that's how people consider. Mount Sinai. To be at the bottom there. Of the Sinai Peninsula but did you know. If you go into say. The Encyclopedia Brittanica and you look at Mount Sinai. It will clearly state that the location the relocation of Mount Sinai is disputed by scholars and. This is this is in is significant because there have been at least twenty two different sites. In an around that area. That scholars have claimed that Mount Sinai actually is so we're not sure. And one of the reasons why people don't believe in the Exodus story is they look at Mount Sinai and they say. It doesn't fit that Mount Sinai. Does not fit. Where where are the wells where. Where's the bitter. Well of Mara Where where are the. The twelve. Springs. Where are the the seventy. Palm trees where is the cave of Mt Sinai that Alija was was at. Where are the twelve pillars that were erected in honor of the twelve tribes of Israel. Where is the landscape around that Mount Sinai that could could. Camp or receive a camp mut of two million people it just doesn't exist on Mt Sinai very very interesting and so people will say. There you I see there's no evidence. So you know the Exodus story is just a story. Fabricated but I'm here to share with you that I believe the Exodus story is powerfully accurate and true. And there is in fact evidence that Mt Sinai is not on the Sinai Peninsula. OK this is just the kind of really little interesting detail that I want you to look at where does. Did Paul say Mount Sinai was here in Galatians four twenty five for this is a gar is Mount Sinai. In where in a Rabia. Now as I said people have looked at the Exodus story. And do not believe it and partially because they can't really find the evidence that the Bible speaks about corroborated. In the traditional. Mt Sinai site. And so they don't even believe the parting. The story of the parting of the Red Sea. But we are told that we have to look back at these events and see how God has has led his people. Guided them through the wilderness. Did You Know That. Mt Horeb. Mt Horeb is in. What location. Bible says the Mount Horeb is in Midian. OK before before I lose you this. This is really really just important so that we can establish the historicity of God's. Acts with people here. So the Bible says In Exodus Chapter two and I'll just read the. The little hit. Said but molded Moses fled after he killed. And he Gyptian Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh. From the land from go Shonin actually in actual fact way was where he to go to to the land of Midian way sat down by a well now. Who was there. There was a priest in mid unified seven daughters and that's where he got his wife from. And then let's look at another. Another text that says that. Mt Horeb was in media now what's Mt Horeb. Mt Horeb is Mt Sinai none other. Nothing else. Nothing more nothing less. Mt Horeb was in Midian. OK. So it says that he was there and he was led by the backside of the desert and came to the mount of God even in horrible horrible Mt Sinai. Is in median. Whereas median today friends. And we can go on and you know when Moses was saying Lord. Or you want me to go back and back to Egypt. That where I was scape for you know and he was there for forty years. In Midian. And God said look. Don't don't be worrying don't be complaining I'll show you that I have the power to do this don't worry. Farah will listen to you they will come out and. The proof will be that you will all come back and worship back here on Mount. Horeb in median. That's amazing now median. That we read that. When you have brought This is the Exodus three verse twelve. When you have brought forth the people out of Egypt. You shall serve God upon this mountain what mountain Mount hardware is not hard. In median. Where is median on the mat. Today where is mean. Median is in Saudi Arabia. Just up this little part here. There and you can see the gulf of Achab or. That's median and there. Archaeologists have been founding think finding things that really fit the biblical story. Anyway. What is all this to say that the Exodus story is true people being looking for Mount Sinai in the wrong place. And there's a traditional site and so they don't find any evidence. So they say the whole story is not true. But not Sinai. Was in Horeb. Which is in median. And that is in Saudi Arabia. This little. It's north northwest part of Saudi Arabia there. That is so wonderful. They found a mountain called J. bill our laws. They've found stones that look like an altar that could have been used for the golden calf. There is a rock on Mt Horeb where the water came gushing out of the rock. Right there. Close to the mountain of Jabal our laws and. This there in that little box there is a little person so it shows you how big that really is. You can watch a video called The Exodus revealed. Very very fascinating. And I've been showing some of this with the children at school. And they love it this it well you going to show the video possible and have time to show the video. But I'll just give you a reference so you can go and look at that. Yourselves. So the story is true. I believe it. This in the Bible. A man. God says He will pour out the windows of heaven. What does it look like God says. I want you to be the best nation. Not because of anything good in you. But because you display and exhibit in Plymouth it. Trust and obedience to me and to my word. So when now God comes along and says. How can a man rob God Well you've robbed me. In tithes and offerings and that text is actually on our tied envelopes. And some of you may have been unaware of that but it's actually here with a man rob God I remember the last time I said that you know we we can't rob God of anything does does God need anything any of our money. No he doesn't. But what we do. By not being faithful in systematically being faithful and I like that word systematically every area of our life. Are we face will to God. Are we putting him first in our time and our Sabbath keeping in all of the areas of our life. And so. God says if you want to start a revival in your life start by being faithful in times and offerings now just looked briefly at that time or there's a tense of whatever comes across my plate. Comes across. You know. I will type of gifts. Somebody give me a birthday gift. I'll type it and I'll do also walk out of it. I'll take offering out of it. Anything that comes your way brothers and sisters. Is time the bill. And we are told that if we are faithful and we prove God in this. Even when it hurts. You see the whole thing is God doesn't need our money only doesn't need our time we are the ones that need it. We need to enter into this. Stewardship lifestyle which helps us against our selfishness. That's the problem. Have you ever had somebody come up to you and ask you for money. And you get irritated. You get absolutely kind of. You know this person keeps on asking me for money. But how about if we had a different attitude and realize that God wants only actually wants to do to use. Us to be a blessing to other people. Especially when it hurts. You know it's a strange thing when we will. When we will kind of reason and use our kind of kind of excuses and say well you know I can't afford to return time or yakking to tried by can do offerings. God says you rob me in tithes and offerings. And we rob him. By not allowing him to have the privilege. And the the joy of blessing us for our faithfulness. That's really how we rob him. We robbed him of his ability to be God. You know I had. An inspired and inspiring story true story of a couple that had just become Adventist. And it was a time when you know things were hard so was a few years ago and they they had been keeping their tithes in an envelope and they said they both lost their jobs and they had two children. And they weren't able to really see how they could make ends meet and pay their bills by the end of the month. And so they had this time Lemon. They are faithfully put the tie the way and their offerings. In an envelope. But now they were running out of money. What should they do. That was the big question. That was the big test. And so they thought about this and they said no we're going to be faithful to God. We don't know how the bills will be paid. We're out of job. We have two to three children. We cannot humanly speaking see a solution for this problem. But we're going to be faithful to God Can you say amen to that. So what did they do. They decided that they would go. The long journey that they had to travel because there wasn't a local seven thousand his church they had to take their tithes and offerings. Physically and deliver it at the conference office. And so the husband went out and did that. And they prayed and. And they asked God and for his blessing claimed it because I said trying me in this and see if I will not pour out the windows of heaven for you and give you such a blessing. You won't have room enough to hold it now that isn't just like a little wimpy kind of promise is it. It's a big one is says the windows of heaven. You will not have enough room for the blessings. And I love it in the story just going back a little bit. To God's blessing of the children of Israel is. When they came out of Egypt. How much money did they have with them. How much gold how much silver. And they and they needed that for the sentry service didn't day. And they said everybody give a willing offering Exodus Chapter thirty five. And it mentions it. Give a willing offering be willing to give and you know what Moses had to do. He had to say because the. The workers were saying hey we've got too much. Stop bringing your offerings. We cannot take anymore. The windows of heaven were being poured out. And there was not enough room for it. So this family. Go and take their times an offering. And you know. That is quite a a an act of faith would you say pretty much I was on a friend of yours. That's an act of faith isn't it. It's an act of worship. It's an act of putting God first and not trying to use my brain to forget Well you know doesn't make sense you know if we running out of money and. We've got a fat. Tied envelope full of money. And we're saying Well God will understand. He'll understand I'll take this type of money and I'll pay it back. Not a good idea. So they went to the conference office. They saw the secretary there. And they said you know. And the secretary was a very friendly. Lady so we're blessed to have friendly secretary friendly secular secretaries can do amazing things and. What happened was he told the story. And said look we've we're just returning are tied but I'm out of jobs. And we have two children. You know she did that Secretary. What she did right away. She said I don't mean let me call somebody. So she called somebody and she calls the a lady in church that she knew who had a non Adventist husband who had this big business and. He he said. Or she said to him. Does your husband need any extra workers. And he did. And so he got his telephone number. Gave it to the Adventist. The Adventist wrong that rang his gentleman that very day. He was offered a job. And he kept that job for seven years by the end of which that non Adventist businessman. Became a Seventh Day Adventists. You see Imagine if they kept their money at home and said well God will understand. You know God's a loving god. He'll understand God what have been robbed of the blessing that he had in mind for that family and friends. We are told that when we pray. When we pray we're told to ask and we shall receive. Seek. And we shall find knock and the door will be opened on to us. But you know if we're not returning faithful tied an offering. How how can we expect God to answer our prayers you know there's a link there. Between God answering our present. US living up to all the light that we have been faithful in our tides. What about our Sabbath keeping her. How many of us know people that are working right now on Sabbath and shouldn't. God will understand God's a loving god. Don't see them in church. The faith is getting weaker. And they're not here. Friends. You know. The devil is expert at weakening your faith in my face. And this is how we start doing it. Whole can't afford. Good sirs I have got the windows of heaven. To Poor out that you will not have room enough to collect all the blessings that I have for you try me in this. Prove me in this. And I'm still asking and. And somebody did tell me a story about how they were kind of at the end of of the month. And they felt impressed that they needed to give a certain amount of money to God's course. And it would have meant that you know they would have had enough for the rest of the month. But they put God first and they tried him. And turns out that the same amount that they had given was quite a lot of money. Appeared in the check in their mailbox. Just the very next day. So if you have any stories like this you know I'd love to share them. Because we are too quick to do some kind of human reasoning and make all kinds of excuses why we can't keep Sabbath. Why we can't return tithes and offerings. Why we don't have enough time to pray or read our Bibles. Friends were robbing God. And we end up being a people that will be cursed. Didn't the Word of God say that I will curse you with a curse in Malaka curses mention the four times and in in the chapter three of Revelation. The loud to say in message. I will spew you out. Unless you repent is a serious time that we're in. And I just love it when we have this faith you see Faith says God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. He parted the Red Sea. He fed them food for forty years in the wilderness from heaven. Water came rushing gushing out of the the rock. And they. They drank two million of them. And all their curtain. Nothing is impossible. With God. All we need to do is look at our God and smile and say well. I don't have much now. But what I have I'm going to be faithful with it. And I want to be systematically benevolent. That means generous. And in every area of our life. Are we generous in every area of our life. Because God wants us to experience the blessings that he has for us. You know I also know of a powerful story of a business man and the who who became a Seventh Day Adventist and. This is a story really that would help people who are afraid of keeping the Sabbath because they might lose their job or their income or the security. It's also a story about don't postpone your decision for Jesus in baptism. Because you might your frayed that you might hurt the feelings of your family even of your wife or you or your husband. Don't delay those those commitments and. This is a story about a businessman in Guam. And he had like a vacation business. A holiday kind of area. And people would book hotels and they would they would book. Holiday equipment like jet skis and those kinds of things and. And all of those things. And his business was going well but then come. Nine eleven and his business was going downhill. He had been very successful. And now he was hearing the truth about the seventh day sabbath. He was attending meetings. Conducted by pass the Louis Taurus. And so we had this dial Emma what was he going to do. He was convicted on the Sabbath he was convicted in need to give his heart to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But in doing so he would have to close his business on Sabbath. And he risk. Then you know losing you know people usually see all the best days that. You know for business on Sabbath you know best day for a restaurant is is on the Sabbath and. So he he decided to take this decision. He was going to close his business. And it was a profitable business. On on Sabbath. And even his. His wife and his business colleagues. He had one hundred twenty employees. And all of their wages were now going to be put in jeopardy. But what he did was he said. I'm going to go forward in faith. I believe in God. I believe in His Word. God says it. I will put him to the test. And so he went ahead he was baptized and so it came the time for the first Sabbath. For his business to be close now what he had to do was he had to call all the agencies. The travel agencies and people that usually would come to him. Offering clients for for bookings and so on because he would. He would get them. He had to explain why look. There's a different story going on now. We want no business. From Friday sundown. To Saturday Sunday. What you talking about those are the best days are we going to lose business. You know. He was having to inform. Many many people all its employees all the people that were involved in in business. He was actually witnessing to them he had to give them reason. Had say well you know I I believe that God created in six days and he rested on the side of the seventh day. And so he was a witness just in telling them. So they tried to tell him. Well you're going to lose your business. And even some of his employees were wondering about the wisdom of this. So being in a holiday resort and. You know weather is a very significant thing. So Friday sundown he put the. All the answer machines with a message saying we're not doing any business. From Friday's sundown. To Saturday sundown you can call us on this on Sunday or can call us after. After sundown and on Saturday. So they keep Sabbath. The answer machines are all there. And they go and see what happened. Back up a little bit on the story guess what happened Friday. Sundown to Saturdays and. How did you know you had a story before. It rained it went ALL ALL ALL ALL Sabbaths long. So nobody was booking anything new no no no sports equipment no ski there's no nothing and no hotels no. No weekend. Starting on Friday to Saturday. Because it rained. Friends. The answer machines were loaded with messages saying. Can you book a something for Sunday please and all like that all the way down Friday was and Sabbath was wasn't a good day. Guess what happened for six months. Please just guess what happened for six solid months. It rained every Friday sundown to Saturdays and. Now if that isn't isn't rebuking the devour and pouring out the windows of heaven. I don't know what is. You see God this is a creator god. He creates when he speaks. When he says it. It's done. All we need to do is enter by face. Into what he says. To experience and friends. And you know this. This story went on because the. The owner of the equipment writes that the equipment and supplies were lasting much longer. We're going to so they weren't having breakdowns on the equipment and that kind of thing as much. And they reduce their operating expenses it tremendously. Even though the Torah agents and hotels tried at times. To recommend our competitors. To was to their customers. The customers would reject their recommendations and insist that they go to our business instead. So you see people. God was working on the hearts and minds of people and directing them to this business of this faithful. Tied paying. Sabbath keeping Adventist. And he did that and he went ahead. Against all odds against is wife and his is employees. And all the business people and the business sense that they had within a few Sabbaths of being close the employees seem to be better rested. So the. The employees were having Sabbath rest. And guess what they seem to have more energy and more efficiency in their work. Throughout the week. And more productive and more better better team players. Hour and customer satisfaction and employer safety records. Skyrocketed. They were tremendous with the sabbath rest came clear and better management decisions. That made the company more efficient. Thus increasing revenues and reducing unnecessary expenses. Is not just like gone within time the travel agents and hotels changed their opinion about our closing Saturday. On Saturday because for unexplained reasons. Oh really unexplained reasons. Our company was making more profit for them than ever before. Even before when they were working on Sabbaths. That's a kind of God we serve is not the kind of God that you want to receive blessings from zero friends. You see. Instead of looking at our problems in our human way and you know and trying to solve it in our reasoning. LET US law allow God to be God and say this is your problem God. Look at it. I will rebuke the devour for your sakes. And he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground. Neither shall your vine cost or fruit before the time. In the field says the LORD of hosts is the most of hosts that brought these people up out of Egypt. That parted the Red Sea and they walked across on dry land. It's that same God and all nations shall call you bless. The whole nation. Nations around. What trembling. And you remember that Pharaoh actually had the idea of going through the parted Red Sea. And when he gets about halfway along that God just kind of girl being. And the chariot wheels start falling off. And they're getting stuck there and they can't turn around and then. God says Moses. Do your stuff. And so he goes like that with his rod and the water closes over. And they were complaining. They were trapped. Six hundred. Choice chariots and all the other Chariots of the. The fair. Pharaoh's army were chasing them. The people were in a panic. The circumstances around them were saying you are doomed. Moses does lead you into this. And so they come to Moses about to stone him. In other Cajuns they were stoning maybe not that this particular one but they coming say wasn't there. What was in their graves in Egypt. Then you come to bring us out into the wilderness to die and. Moses says Hold your peace. In other words be quiet. Stop complaining. You know that's a very vital point to what we're talking about. Don't complain. And don't say what a bad lot you have look to God for His help and His salvation Amen. And so Moses says. The Egyptians that you have seen today. You will no longer. To see them for ever and they go forward. They go forward. At the command of God by Moses through the Red Sea. What Red Sea do you have. What situation that. Are you in that you feel trapped. We've all got to read see the devil hates us. We are all in the straight. The devil is trying to squeeze a so bad that we say I can't come to church I can't return try to can't keep silence. And we go against what God's word tells us. But what is your read see the Lord says March he says go forward. I am the LORD of hosts. Is anything. Impossible for God. Luke chapter one. Nothing is impossible for God. Yet we treat God like he is just no stronger than you are. And so we kind of try like Abraham did. We try and figure out how we can get God's blessings in our own way in disobedience. Is it any wonder that. We have few prayers being answered. If we are not faithful to God in in every area of our life we cannot expect God to be answering our prayers. And you see our prayers are part of our worship to God is prayer is not just please will give me a job. Please go give me money. If prayer is part of our worship is part of us being brought up to God and understanding things in his way and in his thoughts because his ways and his thoughts on not ours. He will open the windows of heaven. Are you willing to put into the test. As one person. Two three four. OK. You see God as God. That means there's nothing impossible for him. And we can count. We can take his word as it reads. It is powerful. You know that God actually does what he says he will do. Through his word. So you need to be claiming the promises that are in His word and say Lord you've promised. And then just trust him. If it takes a little while the panic. Don't give up in this all I've got to go and spend my time now because God didn't answer my prayers. God never expects us to disobey His commandments. To get what we need. So friends. I appeal to you today. To take God at His word. If we are systematically benevolent. If we are generous if we are giving. If we listen to God and His Word. He will pour out these blessings that we have been mentioning. Not just in financial areas. But in health. How about we listen to God a bit more in the health message and not be so surprised when we are sick because we are not following the health message. You see God has given us. Direction. That cannot fail. But we think we are cleverer than God and God points these things out and he tells us. You know where we're drifting and we say we're talking about God. I'm doing OK. We are in the time of the the the loudest say in characteristic of God's Church. We all need to repent. And I'm going to be the first one to say that. But I know. In whom I have believed. And that he is able to keep that which he has committed. And he will fulfill his promises. How many of you want to enter into a closer relationship with Jesus. And maybe starting with tithing and offering and Sabbath keeping in the health message. I do to friends. God will do exceeding how much. Abundantly. All that we ask or think. So the greatest miracle that you can think of God says. I can go further. Let us put into the test a man. Let us be systematically benevolent Let let let us be listening to God in His Word let us follow his guidance his direction. Let let us read these stories and. And look at them and and find ways to to strengthen our faith and share that good news with other people will see mighty things happening in our church. We already are seeing a lot going on as we have seen these meetings with past the Tim Jones. Let us continue in prayer let us continue unfaithfulness let us not rob God of the opportunity to bless our faithfulness Amen amen. Profar. We're so grateful to you for the great things that you have done for life. And for salvation for these promises lot that are based upon your great might and power to create out of nothing by the power of your spoken word. Dear Lord I pray that we may be inspired. That this morning we may have taken a fresh look at you and your power to provide for our every need. Lord help us not to stay away from church. For whatever reason. Lord help us not to make excuses. With regard to tithes and offerings. Help us to be like is recorded in X. of the thirty five the people gave with a willing heart. Joyfully knowing that even if we gave everything that we had. That was in our possession. That you would bless us. Countless times over. Father help us to have the faith to believe that you are mighty creator god so often we just consider you know powerful than a human being. Lord help us not to live our Christian life. In our own strength. But in the strength. And in the face and in the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Father help us to be faithful to you in every area of our life help us not to pick and choose. This isn't a mix and match religion Lord it is all or nothing. Help us to realize that. Because of allowed to say and condition we could be rejected because of an insolent insubordination. Lord you rejected your people. As a nation. Father we pray that we may not take the blessings that we do enjoy for granted. But help us to put you first. The opened up and poured out upon us. And as we receive blessing. Help us to share it with others. For this is our prayer. So that all nations will say that we are blessed. And we want to come and follow us. Because they have heard that God is with us. Lord help us to be the head not the tail. This is all printed in every area of Allah. Jesus precious. Media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free and much more. If you would like to know about body over life leave with W.W.W. audio verse or.


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