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The Truest Charity

John Quade


John Quade

Owner of North Columbia Farms



  • November 13, 2015
    6:45 PM


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When God made man he said it wasn't good that he would what. Be alone. And he would make a helper or help meet for him right. Someone that would help him in his duties and lot of times it's my wife most people. They don't know me but they know my wife. They see or A.S.I. are different places and. Usually I'm the one behind the scenes trying to fix some computer thing. But. It's been a real blessing to have it in the reverse order. Well I guess that's not reversed but you know what I mean is different and I really appreciate the work she's doing. You know sometimes you see somebody speaking or doing something and you don't realize that there's a lot behind the scenes that's taking place. You know I was before we get started. I've been having some little bit of skin problems lately and. Don't really want to go into all the details of it but I think it might be related a little bit too. I've been trying to stay away from gluten. Stuff. I don't give you all my theories about the cause of that. I'm sure you probably have some good ideas but try putting on the stuff. Said Ella Vera. One hundred percent gel. Pure a little more good. And I put it on. And it stung. I was like wait a minute. Why is this thing you know if I put on an elevator before. It is sting me. LET says. L. of air. One hundred percent gel. Pure. Sounds like hundred percent elevator does it. Well. Maybe they meant hundred percent gel. I looked in the ingredients in the back and. There's a whole bunch of little things in there I can't read. Unless I had a magnifying glass and. I don't know what they are anyway. Preservatives I guess. But you know I thought there's a lesson in that for us. You know we have to investigate thing. You know in the Bible. Acts chapter seventeen. Verse eleven. Paul was commending those in Baria. He said they were different than those and vessel and I could because what they searched the Scriptures to see whether those things were so. And it's a good idea for us to do that not only in the products of food. Just anything in life but even will warm Porton spiritual things. And I need to. I want to clarify something because I'm on T.V. You know what you call the Internet. And there could be thousands of people watching and I don't want to have anything come back and. People say I said something and. And actually I did say something. When I was talking about the history on the very first night. Talking about Josiah. No just of your silence that might help me. Thank you I get mixed up with my history. And I mention that a lot of different denominations. And people around the world are coming up with the same idea at the same time. Well it wasn't exactly true I nobody really called me on this but as I was always go over my sermons in my mind afterwards. I realized that I quote. I had it off a little bit. What people were discovering was the idea that something big was going to take place around the you're eight hundred forty three eight hundred forty four. And that was happening around the world not just with just your Sayah live in William Miller. But when Josiah liches prophesied about the fall the Ottoman Empire. Turkey the nation of Turkey heard of them. When that came down to the day that he predicted. It gave impetus to all those others that were preaching at the same time frame. And it was a worldwide thing it just wasn't like a couple people that was my point. And I just want to clarify that in case anybody had any. You know. I'm watching sometimes of politics and the things that go on these days. They're pretty ruthless with. You know if you make a mistake or say something there's no you know they're trying to slam somebody. And it's important that we speak what we know and that we don't make mistakes especially when we're handling the Word of God and. So I'd appreciate if you pray for me as. As I speak that. I don't make a mistake. I was I've in my mind I've gone over the other sermons I've given and I can't think of anything else that I said. That was incorrect. If I have somebody let me know but. And I'd appreciate Don't take it personally but we're here to find the truth. Amen. And we want to study it out that's what the Bible tells us. We want to be like debris and make sure we know what we know. When I was holding evangelist and meetings. We still have this question and answer period. I was always kind of afraid of that case somebody and you know popped up some question I didn't know the answer to. But we usually remedy that by handing out cards and things and people turn the man and get mostly questions before hand get a chance to look him up and. I had a question that came in this morning. Somebody asked me about how to know God's will you know how to hear God's voice. How do we know. You know turning to left and right. That's a big study in a. You know you could have a sermon I just want to share one text with you and for that person especially John fourteen twenty six. Goeth me to John fourteen in verse twenty six. The Bible says in these words if you have a Bible with the words and read you know what that means. Those are the words of Jesus. It says but the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost. Whom the Father will send in my name he shall teach you all things. And bring all things to remember it's whatsoever. I have said unto you. And as I've been a Christian going about my day and learning more and more about the Scriptures and getting them in my mind. Certain search you a sions pop up and all the sudden the Bible verse will pop into my mind. I remember one of the. One time I was driving down the road in California. And it's a lot different than driving in other parts of the country. Probably pretty similar to Texas though. Speed limits on some of these roads in Texas are a lot different than Washington Oregon. Some of the highways in Oregon you got to go fifty five on and some of the back country roads in Texas. Well you know what I'm talking about. But in California I was driving down the road and. I was going to speed limit and. Somebody was just right behind me pushing me to go faster and faster. And I was kind of irritated that day. And I had to stop my mind. Jerry follow every thought that comes from mine. It is like they're too close or drive me crazy let me make our ships put our foot on the brake and you know. Tilman stop what they're doing. But a verse popped into my mind turned with me to Psalms thirty seven. And you never know which type of things can save your life. You've heard of road rage and different things that happen people behind the car. So I'm thirty seven. Verse eight. Cease from anger and for sake rest Fret not by self in any wise to do evil for evil doers shall be cut off but those that wait upon the Lord they shall inherit the earth. And you know what I thought for. Not by self it. Anyways to do evil. You mean. I could be worried about something. Enough that it would cause me to do something evil. And then I would be cut off right with the rest of the wicked. Now as a sobering thought all this happened in just a few seconds of those driving down the road. And by God's grace. I just took my first foot off the gas is slowly pulled over into the kind of half the gravel half the road and let the person drive by. And then I got back on the road. And that's how it works that's how it works for me anyway. And I'm sure many of you have similar stories. But God is good. And now it's time to begin with the last meeting. I'm sure been blessed being out here. I received a blessing from the meetings the devotions and their prayer time. And I only wish I could have attended more hopeful I'm going to get to be able to get a copy of some of these things I want to learn about a lot of things. Soil. Honeybees. Maybe I'll just have to come to the next one and get to sit through. And anyway maybe put him on the Internet. You can listen or something. Well let's begin with a word of prayer Father in heaven we just thank you for this past Sabbath that you gave us time of rest and renewal we sense that your spirit has been here with us in this conference. We thank you for all the people that came and supported it and helped in so many ways all the people behind the scenes. And we pray now that you'll be with us in this last evening topic. Pray that you will speak through me. Let me speak your words and my own words and help me to somehow encourage people in following you and your truth. Ensuring what you've done for my family and I. We pray all these things in Jesus name Amen. I'm going to share in some more things about our farm and our life and what God has done for arson. I want God to be lifted up. I don't want to share too much about ourselves but at the same time when you see God working you've got to you can show a picture is worth a thousand words and. Anyway. Here we go. The life of the husband men of all others is the most electable. It is author of Bull. It is amusing. And with judicious management. It is profitable. George Washington. To see. Plants rise from the earth and flourish by you disappear your skill and bounty of the labor. Fills the contemplate of mind with ideas which are more easy to be conceived. Than expressed. There is wisdom. For those that hold the plough. A man. Go with me in your Bibles if you will to Proverbs Chapter eleven. Robert's Chapter eleven. In verse twenty four and twenty five were to be talking about truest charity today. There is that scatter if. And yet increases. And there is that withhold is more than is meet. But it tends to poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat. And he that water is shall be watered. Also himself. And I can tell you as I've been to these meetings I've come here to try and share some of the living water. That God has given to us. And I've been watered. Greatly. And it's been a blessing. There's a problem in the world it seems to be getting greater. Hold poverty. And many politicians. People are searching for answers to poverty they're trying to figure out how to help the poor and the perplexed. They don't know what the real answer is. But you know the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy gives us. We've got advantages at the rest of the world doesn't have. And it has to do with country living it has to do with farming. That's the answer. Evangelism page seventy eight and seventy nine says. As God's commandment keeping people we must leave the cities as did a knock. But we must work in the cities. But not dwell in them. There are large hearted men and women who are anxiously considering the condition of the poor and what means can be found for their relief. How the unemployed. And the homeless can be helped to secure the common blessing of God's providence and to live the life he intended man to live. Is a question which many earnestly endeavoring to find answers to. To find an answer. But there are not many even among educators statesman and statesman who comprehend the causes that underlie the present state of society. Those who hold the reins of government are unable to solve the problems of poverty. Pauperism and increasing crime. They are struggling in vain to place business operations on a more secure basis. Mr healing page one eighty three. Says they're struggling in vain. If that ever was a realistic story it is today. And what about people in poverty or people more people out of work today. You know we have the official government statistics. But they have been changed quite a bit. And I would venture that the real numbers are much higher. If men would give more heed to the teachings of God's Word they would find a solution. Of these problems that perplex them. Much might be learned from the Old Testament. In regard to the labor question. And the relief of the four God solution to the poverty problem. What is it a home on the land. Ground for Tilly and useful trade and industrial pursuits. In Israel. Industrial train was regarded as a duty. Every father was required to teach his sons. Some useful trade. The greatest men in Israel were trained to industrial pursuits. A knowledge of the duties pertaining to housewifery was considered essential for every woman and skill in these duties was regarded as an honor to women of the highest station. Various interests trees were taught in the schools of the prophets and many of the students sustain themselves by manual labor minister of healing pages one eighty five N one eighty six. There's a lot of things that we do on our farm that we do by choice we couldn't do a lot easier and maybe somewhat ECK more economically. But we do for other reasons because I want to teach our children. Trades. Skills things that they can take with them. Also we're trying to scupper the things that they like honorable house with worry that house it. Or why free. An orderly home invites angels. Inviting home gives a man incentive and buoys up his spirits. By the way men. It's not just the woman's job. The men are there. As for his wife and pick up the slack and pick up and help. When she's overwhelmed. Honorable housewifery gives a man health and strength for hard work of virtuous woman the Bible says and proverbs twelve four says is a crown to her husband. What is the truest charity. Real charity helps men to help themselves. If one comes to our door and asks for food we should not turn him away hungry. His poverty may be the result of misfortune. But a true. Bennett. The necessary it's mean more than mere gifts. It means a genuine interest in the welfare of others. We should seek to understand the needs of the poor and distressed and to give them the help that will benefit them the most to give thought and time and personal effort cost far more than merely to give money. But it's the truest charity. Those who are taught to earn what they receive. Will more readily learn it or learn to make the most of it. And in learning to be self-reliant. They are korean that which will not only make them self-sustaining but will enable them to help others. Teach the importance of life's duties to those who are wasting their opportunities. Show them that the Bible religion. Never makes men idlers. Christ always encourage industry. Why standing here all day Idol. He said to the indolent. I must work while it is day the night come up where no man. When no man can work. Matthew twenty verse six and John nine for. We may give to the poor and harm them by teaching them to be dependent. Such giving encourages selfishness and helplessness. Often it leads to idleness extravagance. And intemperance. No man can earn his own livelihood. Who can earn his own livelihood. Has a right to depend on others. The proverb. The world owes me a living. If you heard that a lot. Has its essence. In the false hood in has in it the essence of false hood fraud and robbery. The world owes no man a living who is able to work and gain a living from self. Mr healing pages. One ninety five. Where lies the need of true is charity. Those struck by misfortune. Either by birth or by accidents. Or just the circumstances that they're caught in city dwellers. Almost no opportunities and many places. Those lacking the training in the motivation to work. After a life of living a certain way. You can't just plop them on the farm and expect them to meet Lee know how to work we've heard testimonies about that from people working at schools in Fresno and other places. During these meetings. I love hearing the testimonies of the foreign managers and. About the way the Lord is leading them to be patient with the people and help them step by step into victories that the people were getting was encouraging. In those living nearest. Even in our own homes. How do we give. What's the truest charity. Well certainly some people are going to acquire money. Some people to get out all out on to the land or into a farm. They're going to need help. I heard a wonderful testimony this afternoon how family decided that God was calling them to move out and they did everything they could possibly do. Even turning off the lights and lighting candles. Turn off the cell phones and God worked a miracle is a good. We have our work to do and God has his work where we can't. And we can do the same. And you know God will give you wisdom. On how to do these kind of things to help people. I don't quite get all mine slides. Couple short. I don't need to read all this. But I'm just going to pare. Well the rangelands did not however Holy do away with poverty it was not God's purpose. That poverty should wholly cease. It is one of his means for the development of character. The poor he says shall never see saw the land therefore I command the saying now shall open by hand why don't i brother to that I pour into the needy in the land. When you reap the harvest of your land I shall not wholly reap the corners of the field will cut us down and harvest and I field and has forgotten a sheaf in the field a shall not go again to fetch it. When the BE to sign all of tree them shall not go over the bells again. It's shall be for the stranger and for the fatherless and for the widow. We had many times that are far more We've had people come in that were living in the country but they were in pretty dire situations and we let them just come in and pick for free. Now we could have given him strawberries or something like that but it's better for them to get out there and get the exercise to move their arms around and. Anyway so if you don't have strawberries on your farm or your garden you might want to get some. And not just to go and give to all your neighbors which is good to give but have some people come over. Have them work with you. You get to talk to about things all talk to you about things. And it'll be a missionary project in more ways than one. None need fear that their liberality would bring them to want. Obedience to God's Commandments would surely result in prosperity for this thing God said the Lord shall bless the in all the works. And all that output is one hand on to the shell Lennon to many nations. But those shalt not borrow. In the short reign over many nations but they shall not reign over the Deuteronomy five and six. I'm sure some of you have proved this already. This is. We brought our sawmill out to this family. You know it be a lot cheaper to just go and buy two by fours and and things like that and have a sawmill. We have a chain saw mill. But it's not really what you think. When I say chainsaw bill people usually think of the Alaska mill you know you put on a ladder and. Well it's kind of a. It takes a long time except boards that way but if you're going into Alaska into the bush. You don't want to haul him. You can't hold a huge meal but you can haul less Camilla chainsaw. Our Mills little bit different kind of runs down this rail. Keeps the. The the blade in there and you just roll logs and it works really well. My point is NOT tell me all about the mill but the fact that. We got it so that we could teach our boys something. We have lots of trees on our property. All they need is nails now and they can build anything. Just get the chainsaw. Make some boards and we can make a shed. The mindset of our boys is whatever probably run into. We just solve it we do it. And they're always come out well now they start and say well we'll just build a excavator. I'm not that good of a mechanic. But this friend of my wife's. I know if you've heard about the bed for as far as we had but wiped out thousands of acres near us and we went over there we took our chainsaw mill over there and were able to help them build a small place to live in there determined to live out of the cities. They see what's coming and they want to be prepared and have a garden. And we help them build a wood shed and also a pole barn. And this is the mother of a young couple with. I don't have a picture of them they were out doing something but the couple who own this place. We could just give them money. But to go buy the wood. But it's good to spend time with people. We had a lot of great spiritual discussions they were Christians. Just like us. He didn't have mercy on the poor happy is he Proverbs fourteen twenty three Shall not the cities be warned. You know so many times when you live in the country these days. Or you or people think about leaving the country or living in the country and they see all the things going on the world. They say But how are we going to minister to people. Ever heard that before. I heard that a lot. And that's one of the reasons why I'm showing you a lot of these things is because we live way out. Yet we're able to reach people in the city. Take your families away from the cities is my message we should plan our work. What plan our work takes ought. In such a way as to keep our young people as far as possible from this contamination. The cities are to be worked from outposts. So the messenger of God. Shell out the cities be warned. Much like that when the most common objection is answered. So plain in the spirit prophecy. Yes. Not by God's people living in them but by their visiting them to warn them of what is coming upon the earth. Country living page thirty. There goes the most common excuse for not living in the city. Sorry. Not living in the country. You can correct me. I get my tongue tied. We've held babe. Vacation Bible School. All over the country this one was in northern New England conference. Portland Maine don't training's all over the country all over the world. This is Lisa and Annelise a year ago we were at the General Conference in San Antonio Texas trying to get out. Materials to help. Missionaries all over the world. To be able to reach the children with the three angels messages. By the way we when we hold an evangelist ik meeting. We try to teach the children. In conjunction with the adults. So if the adults are learning the United States and Bible prophecy. Guess what the children are learning. United States and Bible prophecy. We have people say What were you talking about. Well I can say is taste and see what about the Anti Christ revealed. We call that one the horn of our salvation. It's all about Jesus as the horn of also our salvation he has the power to save us. But as Jesus is a young boy's looking through the prophecies of Daniel. He discovers a low. You know Satan's going to try and do something. He's going to bring about an impostor to try and stop this. Another little horn. Let's discover who that little horn is. And the whole topic of the Anti Christ revealed. Revolves all around Jesus. And so this is what we try to teach people how to do. It was a blessing being at the General Conference we got to meet. Conference presidents from Greece and all different countries around the world. And is so exciting to pray with them to hear how the work is going to share with them. Get materials to them. Lisa. Before we were married she went to Africa in. I think it was a ball is involved way and she held the training there for a large number of children's leaders and Caroline Choi like she was one of the leaders that was President that time but now she's the leader of like. Half of Africa. And so. Lisa and her were happy to reunite there at the meetings. We went to Bangkok Thailand a few years back. And we trained. It was at the time that they had a workers meeting and all the pastors came in for their normal yearly meetings and were able to train. All the pastors in there was that once about how to teach with Rangers message to children. Not leaving anything out. And at the same time well we we were really busy there. We ended up holding for evangelistic meeting simultaneously. We kind of have breakfast together and Lisa would go off and I would go off and hold a meeting and then we do another meeting then we come back at night and we're going on kind of like today getting our slides done to the last minute. Getting things translated. And do it again the next day. So we did four meetings of the day. Around Thailand in Bangkok is Lisa. Oh in addition to that we filmed a program on how families can lead their children to Christ how they can have family worship in their home. And it was recorded in Thai they. They ended up doing a voiceover for Lisa in Thai. And so we're trying to do a lot of different things. The point of me showing you all this is that you can live in the country. And you can work. The cities. I meant. It's a little bit harder for some I know. There's pastors here. And but God can even help. If you have a city church he can help with Pastor find a place. That's a cozy little piece of heaven. Yet close to his place where he's got to work. Let's say at the Lord. Diary Damer The Holy One of Israel. I am the Lord thy God which teaches the to profit. Which lead at the. By the way that down showed us go. Isaiah forty eight seventeen. If you experience that you need to have your farm make a profit. There's nothing wrong with making a profit. You need to how are you going to give offerings. How are you going to support the work. If you don't make a profit. When you like to build support more asked Lord to teach you and lead you in the way that thousand. Should us go. Not that you can withhold a bunch because if you withhold too much. Was it do tend to poverty. Your taxes go up. The more land you get the more taxes you have. You know there's a lot of benefits. A lot of benefits to living in the country. Besides. We're living like kings and queens. It's good to be a very farmer. I could never buy all these various. There's other benefits. There's my boy and A.T.V. go with me to Isaiah fifty eight. Isaiah fifty eight. And verse thirteen. If they'll turn away by foot from the Sabbath from doing by pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath a delight. The Holy of the Lord. Honorable and shell honor him not doing their own ways nor finding Di no pleasures. Nor speaking dine own words. Then shut the delight I self in the Lord. And I will cause the to what. Ride upon the high places of the earth and feed the with the heritage of Jacob the father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Every time I go up high up in the mountains cutting firewood and overlooking the valley down below where our farm isn't or the last house you can't really see anything else and. I was like wow look at the Lord's done. He said. If we do these things he's going to cause us to write upon the high places of the earth. I don't know if that verse really applied to writing the A.T.V. up in the mountains. The logging trails. But to me. I take it to mean that. And I and we enjoy our lifestyle out there. And it gives us a chance to recharge and recuperate. So we can go and do more efforts for God's people and God's people who don't even know there yet God's people. You know what I mean. I had an experience once that. I was on the way to get some training about installing satellite dishes and. As I went early morning on the way to that meeting. I saw That's just the most terrible thing I saw it fall on. And he had tried to cross a barbed wire fence. But he didn't make it across the fence and. He was hung up right here behind his hips and his release and he was alive still. And he was trying to get off any. And he couldn't get off and in the distance I saw his mother and she was looking in and she saw you know the car come by with me in it and then I stopped and got opened up the door and got out and she backed off and. I could tell she was afraid and the little dear. You know of one look back at me it was afraid I wasn't trying to hurt them. I was trying to help them. And I came up to little deer and tried to lift him off. That fence. So he could go on his way. And I'm sure the mother thought I was just going to you know destroy her little child and. As I try to get him off a fence. I could get him off the fence. It had already cut into him. And in the he was also struggling because he was afraid. I was there to help him and he was. Moving around and trying to disentangle him self. And it was only making things worse. I tried. Lifting again and again and. I didn't know what to do. I could see it was a real bad problem. And now my hands were getting full blood and. It was very emotional experience and as I was trying to lift him off I just I don't know what else to do I just tried to lift him off and. I just looked up to God and said You know I don't even say anything I just said. Help me get that little tear off and. I finally got him off and. But he was cut so bad he wasn't going to survive. And there I was standing there looking at my hands. You know thinking about what God did for us. He came down here sent his son on his hands all for all full blood to save us. And like that you know little dear we we think that God. When God comes into our lives and. He's got to help us straighten some things out. We may be afraid. Other family members in the distance. See something going on they be may be afraid. When God just trying to help us. I have something I want to read to you. You've probably read this before but it's and. It's one of my favorite passages in the book steps to Christ. It says keep your wants your joys your sorrows your cares and your fears before God. You cannot burden him you cannot weary him. He who numbers the hairs of your head is not indifferent to the wants of his children. The Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy James five eleven. His heart of love is touched by our sorrows. And even by our utterances of them. Take To him everything that perplexes the mind. How many things that perplex your mind. Everything. Nothing is too great for him to bear for he holds up worlds. He rules over all the affairs of the universe. Nothing that in any way concerns are pieces too small for him to notice your feel like you don't want to bother God with some things. I've had that thought crossed my mind a lot. But it says nothing is too small for him to notice. There's no chapter in our experience. Too dark for him to read. There is no perplexity. Too difficult for him to unravel. I wasn't successful with that dear. But you know. If you wait patiently call upon God. Ask him to deliver you. This says there is no perplexity. Too difficult for him to unravel. Keep that in mind. If you're going to get into agriculture if you're going to get into farming. You're going to have perplexities. You can have difficulties. And even if you don't didn't. In your life you're going to have these things. God wants to come in your life and he wants to unravel them. Will you invite Him into your life. I know most of you here. Already have or maybe have. In the past. And maybe felt like your further away than you once used to be. I'm not going to ask anybody to stand up for Razor hands but I just want you know that. I think the Lord brought you here today. Maybe you're watching on the Internet. He wants you know that he brought you here. Because it's not too late for you. There's hope for you. God cares about you. He loves you so much he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you. And he wants to disentangle you from your problems. And he wants you to be ready for them and by His grace and power that he wants to give you. We can become childrens sons and daughters of God given this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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