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  • November 14, 2015
    6:45 PM


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Heavenly Father. We recognize that every single thing we do. Has one purpose. And we don't want to get so caught up in the excitement and in the energy that is here about outer culture and. And the beauty of nature we don't want to get so caught up in it that it eclipses the. The real beauty of who you are. Because you are the one that created it. You are the one that created the world. You were the one that created us and planted man in a garden and father each one of us. We come to you again this evening. We enter yours out with ours and father pray that you would search each one of our hearts. Orders are all on the altar of sacrifice laid before you. For we cannot have rest. Sweet peace and rest and tell all on the altar is late. We long to come into the Sabbath resting and you to experience the true joy of of your spirit in of your work in our hearts now law. And our lives and I pray that your Holy Spirit would come and fill this place with your presence. We thank you in Jesus name Amen. We have a few ministries that we like to highlight for you this evening. Ministries and actually a testimony. Testimony I'm going to invite. Brian done. Out Brian done is from. Baker creek. I'm sure all of you know of Baker Creek heirloom seeds. But it's not just about seeds. It's about people and planting a different kind of seed in people's hearts and Brian down we in the agricultural world. We connect a lot with people of. Well it's really a huge diversity of people. But all of us know that there are there is a large segment of the of people interested in I recall sure that. And up being more into a hippie type of movement or into eastern religions. Into New Age there. That has an attraction to them as well as to us. We share common ground what are some of the challenges that we face. When it comes to reaching out to those people. There are some challenges and that's where we have to understand. We have to understand the gospel the everlasting gospel. That is to be proclaimed of the whole world. And how our scope gospel is different because Satan has a false gospel. And so we all know the commonalities are great you know when you when you're working for bigger creek I have to go to some of their big expositions attracts people from all over the world I mean this is a worldwide movement now. The devil has used their health message. And our message of return to the land. Saw that he was quick quicker student and we were and. You know the children of this world are often shrewder than us. And he jumped on it. And now he's got a whole. Well there's really only two belief systems in the world. One is that man needs Christ. And the other is that man on the needs him self. And that. That's it and not shell and to put in the words of Paul and Romans one twenty five twenty six I think it is he said. They worship the creature. More than the Creator is last forever so as we look at these people on their similarities. And we know the crisis die for them and loves them. While we were yet enemies Christ died for us. We've got to be able to agree. And then yet see the tension of where they are needed is as Christ said. One thing. The lack is. And he says that to all of us as in the I mean. And so as a Christian I can. I can pull a parallel ground up with them and say Yes you know the non G.M.O. seeds. The Healthy eating the return to the land. But the one thing that they lack is that they do not know that nature itself is broken and that nature itself tells us that it's not enough. Nature's fall and and. Let me read you one quote novel sum it up. This is from from the Spirit of Prophecy. And I appreciate a brother with Mars. Presentation as I think I've been studying the nature Christ. I've come to closure and he's been studying the soil and come to a conclusion but it's all the same conclusion another this. There is a life in the seed. There is a power in the soil. But unless infinite power is exercise day and night the seed will yield no return. The showers of rain must refresh the thirsty feels. The sun must impart warmth. Electricity must be conveyed to the very seed. The life which the Creator has implanted he alone can call for every seed grows every plant develops. By the power of God as in the natural. So on the spiritual sowing the power that alone can produce life is from God And so basically in a nutshell Paul. We've got to find a way to transition from agreeing with them to pointing out this one thing that nature teaches us about me and let me ask you Brian because it was. It's very easy to like like you mentioned we have a lot of commonalities with that we have a lot of similarities with them it's an easy to have a lot of people. We're going to open up a farm day and have tons of people come to the farm. You can go to farmers markets and they can mazing connections with people and make amazing friendships. But when it comes down to the bottom line at the end of the day if we never lead that person to Christ that was a lost friendship it was a lost interaction. How can we bridge that gap and even have a personal to testimony of. That's right sharing with the very well known seed. Saver and rare plant introducer Bill Enos. John McCain He was last name on my memory startled. And I was a visiting John and John is a beautiful my very very gentle natured man. I think you crisis working in his life but as many people in California the. They've been. I guess turned off to Christianity for one reason or another and turned on to Buddhism as as maybe the or intellectual way. And. And so I was talking to him were looking at these beautiful seeds that he had grown and brought in from South America was and those thing you know isn't that amazing isn't it just beautiful the design in nature and he's like yeah and I said. This is hard to believe that people think that this just came out of it so they just happened by accident. And he says What do you mean I said Well. The idea of evolution that this just came about you know by itself. And he said Oh well I don't have any problem with the belief in God The belief in evolution I said Well Johnny understand that evolution teaches that design came out of nothing. By pure chance. And then he started thinking he said Oh yeah. He said You can see a loving God mostly created this must must a made all these things for us and to preserve them and to help us and I said the creator must be a loving God to do all this and he's. And then he started open up and share his his life trials and he just recently gone through something catastrophic I don't know what it was if you have just gone through some tough time and I began to explain to them the love of God and Christ says. Has come to help our deficiency. And to make everything right in his time. And I prayed with him in the name of Jesus Christ so I just was bold we have to be bold I prayed with him and he thanked me. A year later. Are known couple of days later actually I met John again he gave me a big warm embrace that caught me off guard I was like you know I wasn't even bigger is like a Christian brother came up in the embrace me. And he said you know after you prayed that prayer with me. I felt a peace come over me he said I I saw that it was all. All right. That you know God can go is teaching me and since then he says A To me a wonderful day the Lord has given us you know on. I mean he still has a ways to go but he he really appreciates that idea that there's something beyond the thing itself. And then I think that's the secret we have to get across that we we all have a need of something greater and that is the divine yoked with us through Christ Jesus and then. Thank you so much for sharing and welcome Moni. What an inspiration to all of us because all of us have interaction with people like this especially in the agricultural world. And I know as a challenge to my own heart just talking with Brian. And that challenge to my own heart and my I my taking that that connection to the next level bridging it to the next level and bring in Christ into these people's lives. Milton Adams. Thank you for coming up not and I wanted to ask you a question because you've you've been doing a ministry for several years now. Actually up on the screen now simple church is what it's called and. What. What does a simple church what is simple church and what how how is it related to our culture. That's an excellent question that simple church is reduced story in the spiritual waste places in our culture. Let me give you quickly. Two quick examples that will kind of lay the groundwork. What would happen if sixty percent of America would no longer go to Wal-Mart to buy their groceries. We would all be celebrating. And there would be a crisis because there would be enough food because there's not enough of us to go around to feed that sixty percent. Or let's take the medical field what of sixty percent of America decided to stop by in the pharmaceutical option. We would all celebrate and say yeah. But there would be a crisis. Now this is the crisis that's going on sixty percent of America is no longer willing to walk in the front doors of a conventional church. That's the latest research. As of this year I'll let that sink in just for a moment. Sixty percent. They also now say that thirty three percent of America. That's about one hundred million people have walked away from their churches. And here's why they're walking away. To go find God. This is the crisis that we are facing in America. Simple church is saying how do we reach people who won't walk into our churches. Simple church is a network of house churches. Missionary minded committed Seventh Day Adventists house churches that meet in homes on Sabbaths. So. Milton how could. Them pull church. How could simple church practically like if I am a missionary. We're all missionaries. Every single one of us. But if I'm a missionary farmer if I'm looking to be a missionary farmer. How can simple church apply in my life. The biggest thing is it'll save you time. Simple church missionary work is hard work. Because you're working with the dirt. Of people's lives. That it will save you time because in simple church. It is truly simple. You add up the mound of time that is often spent in board meetings and elders meetings in music practice medians and. And the meetings that all add up and you begin to realize there's a huge amount of time traveling back and forth. The simple church truly simplifies. All of that. To focus on reaching the mission field. Another very practical way. Is that simple church has a training process that trains. Us. As missionaries. In today's modern mission field. To create a split a place a soil culture. That is that the modern mission field is receptive to. And then simple church also provides a coach so you're not alone. That's why this conference has kind of sprung up because people were alone in doing their farming. Right and Bill church. Connects all these missionary minded people together. So if I am a missionary farmer missionary family. Someone here. That would like more information about simple church how would I go about finding that out. There's two ways. There's the web page simple church at home dot com. At the end and night for those of us who are here. There will actually be a sign up. Lists a couple of months on the little round tables. There also be just a little business cards that look at exactly like that so you don't have to write the web page down. For those of you who are online watching online you can go to the web page you can sign up for a newsletter. You can connect with us that way as well. Thank you so much Milton thing that you. All right next I have a friend. Jasmine rim. Who actually not too long ago yas when I was at one of your your seminars. And you have a you have a ministry called outdoor education. Yes. What is involved in your ministry outdoor education and how long have you been doing this. I was doing. Education it's basically teaching people how to enjoy the great outdoors that God has provided. We are teaching people not only to live off the land. But we're focusing on learning how to utilize. Wow edible plants. Using them for medicine. Using them to just eat every day and recently. The lot of press this is start teaching people how to grow Wow. Food. And that may seem strange because a lot of the foods that we share with people they think are just we we look at as we like dandelions clover. Things like that are very highly nutritional foods. And I don't as a nutritional but there medicinal. So the line we've heard that your food be your medicine. And your medicine be your food is very true. So we're teaching people how to do that how to identify free food in their own backyards and not just identify but also how to grow it. And now we're even providing seeds Wow. And these are people that you know you really can't find a regular C. place. And I can tell is that is pretty amazing like I said I went to someone are not too long ago. With Jasmine and we walked outside of the church and stuff. Started walking around the grounds and she. They were showing us. All of these plants that were edible. That you can eat the leaves the roots you know whatever whatever it was. I might have missed it how long have you been doing this. Well I actually started it personally at the age of about fifteen or sixteen so we're talking forty something years ago I know you going to do the math that's OK. But I thought it was my own personal little hobby. And never. Every plan to share is just you know you have fun things you just do. But when I moved I'm from Wisconsin originally moved to Huntsville Alabama met my husband who couldn't be here this week because I was here for a week and he loves the outdoors and everything's so. He began to do it with me we started working with the path finders and. We did a ten hour. Master Guy workshop and that's when we first introduced. The ideal of eating wild plants and this was at university in Huntsville Alabama and I went right out size of science complex. Just to show them how free and easy the food is. And I picked dandelions clover. Sour grasses common. Food that people. You know have seen and usually cut or destroy. Put it in a big pot. Only thing we added. And it was a little salt. And we had about thirty people and after that they were asking how can we learn to do this. How can we learn to find wild food. In our own backyard that's free. So about forty something years I've been doing it and my husband. We've been married thirty one years so we've been doing together now. Thirty one years. Stuff and only a lot of experience going back and so if I'm someone here. That interests me and I am interested in finding out more about wild edible plants and I like to contact you or get more information. How can someone do that our Web site is W W W dot. Outdoor dash E.B.. Org. And you can e-mail us also at zero. W. for wilderness. S. with survival. Now that calm. And we'll also have a few plants we went. I took a few people and we had on a little high. This afternoon down into the mountains and so forth and found just about a dozen plants right out here because it's different plants grow in every season of the year. Believe it or not this plenty of food. Now. There's plenty of food in the winter you just gotta know where to look for what you know what to look for in it's berries and not. Right now in the spring and summer there's leaves and flowers so it's just a matter of the low it says. My people are destroyed for lack of what. OK. He wants us to get this now they sell. And then thank you so much Jasmine. So if you're interested in the wild edibles Isn't it amazing how God provides for his people. How God provides for us. Period. Out in nature. Thank you so much about two years ago. A seed was planted by an individual that has grown wonderfully. Slowly but wonderfully since then. And that seed is the seed. Star The average dog or cultural association. You know it's amazing that. In any type of revival that ever springs forth within christened. It starts with just a few people. And it grows slowly. Organically. But it never starts big. Always start small and God loves to use the humble things in life. To confound the things that are wise. That's the beginning of this year in about February timeframe the average dire cultural association planted a seed and face. A seed in face that has come to fruition. During this conference. And we praise God for each one of you that are here. But when you have a when you plant a seed. There are all ways is the necessity of more seeds being made to continue this great work. And I just want to show of hands how many of you have preceded this weekend and have found the information that you've received in the people that you've come in contact with valuable. And how many people would love to see this happen again next year. And the year after that and the year after that until the Lord comes as a way where we can bind together communicate together and inspire each other to live the life that we believe God desires for us to live. The Adventists our cultural association. Planted in my estimation of what we had a quite of a large seed of of faith and enriching this facility. It cost us thirty thousand dollars to rent this facility for this weekend and. By God's grace all you being here. Helps cover those expenses. But this does not cover the expenses. For any type of future conferences or any type of future work. And so to be able to keep this work. Going and into the future so that more people can have this type of situation here and then more work not even this but hopefully more work. Can happen in the future. Requires all of us to help make that happen. So we are looking to raise. First seed money for next year's conference. Fifteen thousand dollars to help with logistics advertising and things like that so that next year hopefully we can be able to have this again and be able to reach more people with this valuable message that's the false prophets that were slain. And he flees into the wilderness. And he thinks that he's all alone. First Kings Chapter nineteen. And let's take a look here in verse nine. It says Any came thither unto a cave and large there. And behold the word of the Lord came to him and said unto him. What do is that all here live just. And he said I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts. For the children of Israel have for sake of the Covenant. The covenant thrown down the line altars and slain by profits. With the sword and I even I all am left. And they seek my life to take it away. They are felt like that we are felt all alone in your life. And if you didn't feel like the church was against you or something like that but I'm sure we've all had times we felt alone. It's a dangerous place. And he'd be very circumspect how I say this. Sometimes people feel lone and they get discouraged. Really conscientious people. They want to follow God. But maybe they see something for some way differently than you and I might see it is that interesting how we can see the same thing that everyone kind of see it differently. We're all basing it on our own experiences. Vald grown up different ways lived in different places and. Sometimes people can be discouraged and. Maybe they separate themselves from the church or from brother and or from family members. And it's dangerous when you're alone because you get. You can get strange ideas flying into the wilderness into a cave or or who knows what. Lot of times in these days. Satan. Tricks people will get false. The ologies. Whether it's prophecies. You know I don't really want to mention all the false things you know there's a lot of things going around whether it's the twenty five twenty of you heard of that. Or the feast a feast days ago to keep the feast days are so many different ones. You need to remember and we need to remember when we're. Run into people that may have some of these things. That we need to be kind we need to be calm we need to be not argumentative I've never had a conversation with somebody that was kind of. Discouraged and off track or deceived or whatever it was and was able to just win them back by logic. You know. It's never happened. Maybe it has for somebody else but not for me. What it takes is Christ living in us. Our example. Our kindness and patience you know things just like farmers I don't need to teach you about patience. I plant seeds and. You know I've been doing this for a year few years. And I still go look the next day and see if they come up with. You know. I keep on waiting. I know they're supposed to say stay in there for a while but. Farming teaches teaches patients doesn't. That is one of the requirements that you know it says the Bible says that the end days. The Saints the patience of the saints it's going to be a qualification it's another reason for being a farmer. But a large A anyway. I just want to make that Kavya you know if people have those things be sensitive. And try and win them back through the love of Christ like you're here he was having this situation he was discouraged he fled into the wilderness into a cave and he said I'm the only one left. Sometimes. You see the truth really strongly about agriculture or some other things and. There's resistance. To what you think is just the clearest teaching in the Bible a spirit of prophecy and. You think I'm the only one ever had that you have to raise your hand. But just be where people come from different backgrounds. And we need to take time a need to let the Holy Spirit do its work and. We also need to make sure that our zeal is not such that our good works in our. You know. I do this a lot I sometimes get so excited I say things I wish I didn't say later. We are done. And I didn't mean it in harmful way just my perspective you know I'm thinking. One way and somebody else is coming from a totally different situation. And I just may have dealt with something and I just triggered that. And we need to be swift to hear slow to speak with less and I'm learning. Slowly. But Alija getting back to our story. He was there. The voice of God spoke to him and said What do isto here. And he said given some instructions verse eleven and he said Go forth and stand upon the melt before the Lord and behold the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind rent the mountains and break it in pieces. The rocks. Break in pieces the rocks before the Lord. But the Lord was not in the wind. And after the when an earthquake but the Lord was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire. But the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire a still small What voice. The still small voice. We need to know and understand the will of God. Especially in these last days. We need to know is voice. We're told that in the last days when the crisis is taking place that the communication between heaven and earth is going to be very close. Angels are going to be bringing massed messages back and forth. But we not communicate to God now. We knew we need. I mean we're making important decisions today. I recently was went to the A.S.I. meetings in Spokane. It was nice was close to my house only three hours away. And usually got to fly all the way to Florida or some other place. But even there I didn't want to drive back and forth so we stayed at a friend's house. Beth moral and her husband live outside of Spokane. In the country in the mountains there. And she's a midwife. And this is her with Lisa and baby Noah. September eighth. But we stayed at her house. And by the way just an aside. Some of you may not be some of you ladies. May not be called to be a farmer. Maybe your farmer's wife. But there's something else that you could do that you can come close to the people being a midwife. Being a midwife is a powerful way to come close to the people and be able to lead them to the truth. There may be somebody here today somebody listening on the Internet. God might be speaking to you saying this is the way to go. OK back to the farmers. We stayed at best house and she's a Christian lady Seventh Day Adventist and. She had all these bible verses all over her house. On the walls. And I really appreciated that I really like being at this camp ground that we're at don't you with all the Bible verses on the in the stones and walkways I've really been blessed being here. And this what I saw in the morning as I woke up and said and I neer shall hear a word behind the saying This is the way. Walking in it when you turn to the right hand. And when you turn to the left and you turn to the right hand when you turn to left supposed it. It sounds like we don't just have to wait for emergencies to ask God. You know I turn to the right or turn to left. You know often. But I said lord. I don't know how to some. I feel like I haven't heard from you know while. I don't know how to hear your voice saying you know what do you mean when you say. Turn this way in turn that way and you'll have a voice behind us a word or word behind us and went back to the. That was my prayer. I don't know if I really prayed for him to do it the I just said Lord you know you said this you said you would do this and guide me. And I just like you to guide me today. Help me understand this. And I went back and had to wait for my wife she was going to do the prayer. A.S.I.. And she was coming in with the children and I was waiting outside. Because she's kind of coming in late and I was just going to jump in the car and take the children while she ran up to do the prayer and. While I was there a man came walking by and. He was from India. And I started talking to him and. And he told me that he was. He had become a Seventh Day Adventist as a young boy. And Joe crews had helpful meetings in India. And I was really really got me excited because I never met Joe Cruz but working on amazing facts websites like I did I put a lot of his sermons up on the Upon the. Mazing facts website. Got to listen to him. Is really nice to be paid to listen to sermons and reserve wins and write things like that. What the Lord as good as me and. Anyway the. The man told me the story said I was a little boy and I was going to school. And I was a Christian school. And then Joe came to town to do these vans list like me the teacher said. Why don't you go to these meetings. Well. OK I'll go to the meetings. And he went to the meetings. And they started going on but he didn't have any good clothes to wear. And he didn't even have shoes on and he just felt embarrassed to go into the meetings because he felt like he just wasn't dressed right to to go to the meetings. And so he sat outside and. He was looking in. And then he said. I heard of small. I heard something behind me. Say why don't you go in when the lights Turn out. He said Well. I think that's a good idea. And then he said surprising the lights turned out. And I walked in and got a seat. And he said as a result of those meetings I was baptized became Seventh Day Adventists. And he proceeded to tell me that very same story. Seven times. He's he was a little bit older and you know sometimes they kind of lose track of the. What they're saying but I think the Lord wanted me to hear it. Few times. Sometimes I don't always hear things right the first time my wife will tell you that. But I was just the rest of the day I'm so excited. There it was only a few hours after I had read that verse on the wall. The Lord gave me example of one of the ways that he speaks to us that's not the primary way that he speaks to us. But never had those experiences where you pray about something and then. The Lord does that we need to have those experiences more and more. And I'm convinced that farming is a way to have those experiences because I just find myself a lot of crisis he's in sometimes that's what that's what it takes to get me from trying to do everything myself and think that I'm just you know. You know what I'm saying this is a picture of Beth and my daughter and Elisa Anneliese's not. She's very shy. She's not really friendly to. And you know it's a good thing I think God puts that in children as protection. But they have a special relationship because when Annalisa was born all are children are born at home. It was it got to be a critical situation. Her heart rate really went down really low. And it was at that time I I was thankful I had a. We had a good Christian midwife. Anyway. The story I was going to tell about this is that on her way to G.C. best called us and said you never believe what happened. There was a lady who I guess. A while ago that you were in the office and she came in after you. And then apparently she saw you at some fabric store afterwards. My wife was in Spokane delivering strawberries or blueberries. And then she had an appointment with the with the. Beth for the baby. Know that we have. And then. This lady start. And then you know time went by and. If you have a midwife you have to go see him every couple weeks or something like that in this lady came back again. And she talked to Beth and she said at the end of the. The interview or whatever Beth said. You have any questions for me about your pregnancy or anything. And she said no but I do have one question. She said you know who that lady was who was here last two weeks ago. Right at the end of my appointment she came in or or whatever. She says. Yeah I know who she is she said. I want to know. We know what church she goes to. I want to join her church and message. Or she said you know what she believed she said yeah I know what you believe like. I go to the same church she does. And you know I don't know what it was the. The Holy Spirit. By God's grace were. Maybe helping the children behave that day. And they behave. Well much better in public than they do at home. But. Well even at home. They're doing better and better. By God's grace. You know we try to share with them. The times we're living in. And that right now we have an ad for get with a father a man. But God expects us to get victory. To be ready for his coming. Do you believe that we can do that. Do you know there's a verse. You know WANT TO times. Go with me. Keeper for. Well I don't need any more first kings go with me to Luke Chapter one Verse six. This is just an aside I'm sorry for doing this but I have find these incredible verses that are so exciting I just got to tell somebody about him. Does anybody know what were some talking about Luke one verse six. When it's about voice answer to many questions or objections. Mark this one down. Speaking of John the Baptist. Heard a wonderful message a very first devotional about John the Baptist and. You know was really blessed by that. Here's the parents of John the Baptist. Luke chapter one verse six it says. Speaking of Elizabeth and Zechariah's. And they were both what. Right just before God. Walking in all the commandments and ordinances. Of the Lord. Blameless. Can it be done. It can be done by God's grace. Now we know that Zacharias. While he was doing that he faltered. You know he couldn't talk for a whole year after he the made that mistake. But praise God We have an Advocate with the father. Right. But again we know that there is coming a time when Jesus says in Revelation twenty two that you know. He that is right just let him be right as still. He those filthy little be filthy still. And that time is not very far away. And trying to determine God's will for our life or our farms are marriages. Places where we live. We need to keep things like this in mind we have nothing to fear for the future. Except as we shelved. Forget the way the Lord has led us. And his teaching in our past history. You probably heard that when you for life sketches page one hundred six. You know it's really need to know that James White. One of the founding fathers of the church I guess you'd say. He was he a hard worker in the church. Too hard exactly. I mean from publishing ministry to preaching to you name it. He did it. Powerful testimonies of how people said if it wasn't for James White. My family and I we went even have a house or. Or anything to live and he helped so many people. But did you realize you probably do in this crowd. The James White was a farmer. Besides doing everything he did. He was also a farmer. And I think sometimes. I'm trying to do a lot of different things. Maybe I should do this farming too. And then I read about what he did I think. I haven't done anything. What we're weak. You know. I'm up here I'm relying on Powerpoint my wife's enemy these pictures and things. You know I really need to thank the Lord for my wife. If it wasn't for her this. You wouldn't see any of this. Well know that she gives me ideas. You know. Men be careful. Women Be careful because who you choose as a life partner mil make a big impact on your life. One of the most important decisions of your life. James White was a farmer. This is a letter that Ellen had wrote. He said she said Father has excellent health. He has worked hard on the place here. He put in more than one acre of strawberries. I've got a quarter acre. Some raspberries. More than an acre of corn. Fifty hard Maples many peach trees. Pear trees and two long rows of pipe plant. And by the way he was. He was up in years at that time later for a one eighty one page for. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way. You know we may not know all the ways that the Lord is leading us. But all we need to worry about is one step at a time when God told Moses to go forward through that see he couldn't see how the sea was going to part or anything like that. How he's going to get the other side but he took a step. We have to take steps. Soames thirty seven twenty three. A lord I know that the way that the way of man is not in him self. It is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. Think about that can either. I mean the think about these things are comforting. Sometimes you can look at the wrong way. It's like I look at. Tithes and offerings. Some people get discouraged and they leave the church or they see the church isn't doing something right and they say they're going to take their ties and they're going to give it to whoever sent it off here do whatever and they're going to manage it or micromanage it. That we're supposed to do. No not. Clearly not from the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy. The way I look at it is you know that's those ties and offerings. I'm not responsible for making sure they do the work. God is. I'd rather have him manage that and make sure it gets the best value or however he wants to use it and. I get to look. During the millennium and see what he did with that money. I have enough responsibility in things that. If I make a mistake on. We've got trouble. I don't need any more I'm thankful that I can turn that over and trusting God to guide the work and if there's if there's some frob I'm in the works somewhere. God will take care of it. We have specific counsel that if there's a change needed at the head of the work. Gotta take care of it. We don't need to quit the church and start up a new church or or whatever. They meant. I'm sure I'm getting sidetracked on all these different things but I may never see again I got one more day. I had a good friend she told me once. John you need to tie your information. Don't need to tell him everything you know all a lot correct me but with judgment. Not and dine anger less they'll bring me to nothing. You know we need to keep these words in mind for ourselves too as we're dealing with a brother. They may not see the light on agriculture as strongly as you see it. We need to have mercy. And we need to be patient. But we need to be prisoners of hope to Abraham Lincoln. The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. That wonderful. Found that the book five acres and independence. Real missionary work. Christian farmers can do what kind of work. Real missionary work in helping the poor to find homes. On the land. And in teaching them how to kill the soil and make it productive. Teach them how to use the implements of Agriculture. How to cultivate various crops. How to plant and care for orchards. Minister feeling page one hundred three. Do you know what's been going on at this seminar at this convention. Real missionary work. I believe God and His angels are intensely interested in what's taking place at these meetings. And it's just so exciting to be here and be a part of it. Thank you for inviting me to come. It's been a bigger blessing for me as have no idea. Missionary families are needed to settle in the waste places. When I was told that the topic for this year I didn't know what it was was restoring the waste places like wow I just been reading this chapter and minister of feeling over and over again about the waste places. You're talking about what's on my heart. You want to come speak about it. Sure her. Nobody else wants to hear. Missionary families are needed to settle in the waste places. Let farmers financier's builders. And those who are skilled in various arts and crafts. Go to neglected field. To prepare humble homes for themselves and to help their neighbors. Minister of healing page one ninety four. The basis of all these talks that. Been sharing this past couple days and tomorrow. All from ministry of healing chapter twelve. But don't go read it because I don't want to find out what to talk about tomorrow. You can read it afterwards. And the rough places of nature the wild places God has made attractive by placing beautiful things. Among the most unsightly. This is the work we are called to do. Even the desert places. Of the earth where the appearance. The Alec appears to be forbidding may become as the garden of God. Minister of healing page one hundred four. Is that something you realize in a short amount of time we don't know exactly how short but I think it's pretty short. There's going to be no more great controversy. There's no going to be no more battles there's going to be no more scarcity. There's going to be no more. We need to pull. No more go first to get rid of start and some good. But you realize was supposed to sound good. You realize of course that now is the time. If we're going to do anything for the Lord we've got to do it now. In the new arse. Yeah we're going to be kind of we can help each other but if everybody's already got an orchard. And they already have their plan their own stuff it says we're going to eat the fruit of them and if we're going to do something that's a challenge that's going to need. Extraordinary help in extraordinary circumstances and crises. It's now. We need to be doing things now whatever new to do for the Lord now. We need to do it now. I was listening to this one man who's you heard of The Drudge Report. It's kind of a news aggregator. He was saying if you're going to do anything on the Internet. This is just a few weeks ago. You need to do it now because likely things are going to be locked up. Maybe in two years. He's wondering that if his He's worried about his Web site being shut down. That's a whole nother sermon we could talk about that kind of stuff. But the point is we need to do what we're going to do we need to do it now. And we need. We can work with God you know taking someplace that the outlook. Appears forbidding like the desert to have it become as the guard of God who can do that but God. But if we do that now and we rise to these challenges. We can have the experience of seeing God do that and then during the millennium. People are going to want to come up to us and know is going to want to come up to and say. How did you ever. When I was on the earth it wasn't this bad. That you're facing. And you went into that rock pile. And God helped you gave you wisdom of how to turn it into the garden of God. You ever think that no might want to come and talk to you. We always want to go talk to him don't we God calls for Christian families to go into communities that are in darkness in error and work wisely and perseverance for the master. To answer this call requires self-sacrifice. While many are waiting to have every obstacle removed. Souls are dying without hope and without God in the world. Many very many for the sake of worldly advantage for the sake of acquiring scientific knowledge will venture into pestilential regions. And your hardship and privation. Were those who are willing to do this for the sake of telling others of the Saviour. Where are the men and women who will move into regions that are in need of the gospel. That they may point to those in darkness. To the Redeemer. Christian service page one eighty two. There's people in here. That had a lot of experience in farming. Rich people have been raised on a farm and they can. They could do it all was almost like no challenge anymore for them. Maybe they think there is but I have a friend he was working in amazing faxes name is Eric He's now director of I.T.. But for a while he was there. And he you know he just walked into the room. And the networks would fix themselves. I mean literally happen you have a problem on your computer. And you say Eric I can't. This isn't or can he walk over and he hardly even touch the keys and. Problems go on and he told the. He. He he felt like the Lotus they asked him to be the i T. director. And he didn't really want to do it because he was comfortable. Everything was going fine he. He knew whatever the problem was he could solve it with God's help and. God was doing miracles before MS He was walking around and computers would fix themselves as he walked by and. He didn't want to become the I.T. director. But God doesn't want to leave us where we are he needed a greater challenge where he'd. Now he had to manage other people as a whole new thing. And and it helped him grow and helped him depend on God. And so what I'm saying here is there may be people here that have been on a farm all their life. Young people. They know what they're doing. Maybe God is speaking to some of you here. Or rather watch an Internet. That maybe one you're one of the ones can go and take this challenge and bring the gospel to those that are in need and maybe even go into a place that has a desert place. And turn it into the garden of God There are whole families who might be missionaries. Engaging in personal labor toiling for the master with busy hands and active brains devising new methods for the success of his work. Christian service. Page one eighty three. Of course new methods any new methods they need to be. Christ method. You know this text. Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mangled with man as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them. Mr to their needs and won their confidence. Then he bade them. Follow me. And I think. Farmers are uniquely in position to follow these methods because we get to see people. On a regular basis we get to meet them. We need to get to sympathize with them and hear the things. People just open up and and sure things. Methods. You know just because you live out on the farm in a rural place. Or like we do up in the wilderness. Doesn't mean you can't do any missionary work. In fact that's what we're supposed to they were supposed to not live in the cities and were supposed to reach the people in the cities but not live in them. We've helped stop smoking clinics. And as we did that for adults. We had children's programs going at the same time. And the children are often the ones that brought the parents back night by night. Even though they may have been struggling to keep going to these meetings. My wife was a shepherdess for twenty years. And she learned that she could work with a sheep. You are a ram and try and get them to follow. You know be kind of them and all her life or all their life and. They wouldn't follow. But if she spent just thirty minutes with a little lamb giving it. Warm milk. That little lamb would follow or wherever she went. And then you know what happened. THE MOTHER. You would follow. And then the whole flock. She. There are so many interesting lessons. You know the milk. The milk is warm milk. Warmed by the Christian experience. The milk. If you heard of the milk of the word. And it's the milk that. Lambs get has Kloster minute special. Stuff that helps them do good. You know what I mean it's not the powdered milk that somebody else gives you you add water to it you mix ups or and pull coal of the fridge right or you have to have a Christian experience that you can share. It's got to be the milk. Of the word. And it's got to be your experience not somebody else's powdered stuff that got handed to you added some water to it. So many lessons from agriculture. But she told me this one time how the sheep were trying to get in the pan and her dad put up his leg. Like this to stop and they were trying to get in the barn he tried to stop them in the first sheep. Jumped over his leg. And ran into the barn and he just pulled his leg down and walked away. Because every last sheep came running up what they did they jumped over his leg that wasn't there and went into the barn. People are like sheep. But the secret. You know here's a secret. Share with you. Child evangelism. Do you know who the number one church in the world is population wise. The Roman Catholic Church. How many evangelistic meetings does the Roman Catholic Church have every year. I don't know of any. How are they so big what are they do they target the children. Macintosh little Macintosh computers. How did they get so powerful. How do they take on the whole Wintel. You know Microsoft Windows into how they take them on. They start out. While ago putting those Macintosh's where schools. You see the Burger Kings in the McDonald's and all that stuff with the food that doesn't just you know it's not the greatest tasting food and. How are they bringing people in Happy Meals. Playgrounds. You know. When my mom and dad were. When I was little they used to drive around. Different ways just so I didn't see the golden arches. You know that the world knows this. We Catholics church knows this. The Spirit of Prophecy talks about this I could preach a whole sermon on it. But implementing agriculture and children together what a powerful thing that can be. We've heard a lot about that during these conference is real blessing and exciting to hear. Keep going keep doing what you're doing is really excited to hear the testimonies of the things we've done with great success at our our church as a seed exchange. We've had exceed exchange. And people from the community come. What are we doing we're mingling with them as one desiring their good and people are worried as they see the events taking place. And they bring things up and we can talk to him and. We're making friends with them. My wife Lisa collected seeds love collecting seeds even as a young girl and she still does today. And there she's planting seeds in our garden. That's a our first garden was forty feet by forty feet and. It was more than enough to feed our family. People sometimes wonder how big of a garden you need to have. We've had health. Expos. This is an inch ileum down south of us. You know this one picture here this girl here on the right Her name is Macy. I don't know or age then but now she's twenty and. This Expos held many many years ago she's now attending a church and bringing her little brothers and sisters with her. This is Lisa teaching a hot foot bath. You know also your farms. Can be used to be a place of rest or rejuvenating for others. God has workers his men and women that are holding back the forces of evil. This is a Daniel in Alexandria. He's the treasurer of the Northern New England conference and his wife is the children's ministry director. And they came to our house and spent a week there actually have done a couple times in the past few years and. Just to get away and spend some time. And you know we live out there in the mountains in the farms and we think everything we can to get used to it maybe sometimes. But simple thing is opening your home and having somebody come and visit. Can be bringing a real blessing and it's missionary work. Even though you know these are some of the advantage. They still need to be. We still need to be missionary to them to him and people need to rest and recuperate especially office workers. We've done children's programs and Christmas programs really popular church we have so many people that come every year to this program that are not members of the church. We've done a garden for Jesus vacation bible school. And I have some notes Lisa was telling me it was. It's been done in a whole bunch of places. Florida Georgia to Maine New Hampshire Idaho Washington Alberta Canada. And we we use the garden. To teach about Jesus. First day we teach him about preparing the soil. Removing the stones Jesus says. I will take away the stony heart is equal. Thirty six twenty six. Second day we teach them about choosing and planting seeds. The seed is the Word of God Luke eight eleven. I'm giving your short synopsis. The third day night or day we teach about growing plants. And Jesus gives us a new heart. Like a growing plant. And then we teach about harvesting fruit. Abiding in Jesus brings forth fruits we teach the children how to how to do that brings forth much fruit John fifteen five. And then lastly we do. Pests and helpers. And we asked Jesus to be our heart gardener and remove the pests and he's our helper in these young ladies planted flowers in their planters. If families would located in the dark places of the earth. Places where the people are in shrouded in spiritual gloom and let the light of Christ life shine out. Loops. We go back one. Out through. Let the light shine out through them. A great work might be accomplished. Let them begin their work in a quiet. Unobtrusive way. Not drawing on the funds of the conference. Until the interest become so extensive that they cannot manage it without minister will help. Christian service page one eighty three. Maybe some of you here God Calling you to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe some of you are thinking about. Should I move out of the city where should I go. Maybe this message was for you today. You know it was no light test that was brought upon Abraham. No small sacrifice. That was required of him. There were strong ties to bind him to his country and his kindred. And his home. But he did not hesitate to obey the call. He had no question to ask concerning the land of promise whether the soil was fertile. And the climate healthful where the country offered agreeable surroundings and would afford. Opportunities for amassing wealth. God had spoken and his servant must obey. The Happiest Place on Earth for him was a place where God would have him be many. How many many are still tested as was Abraham. They do not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens. But he calls them by the teachings of His Word and the events of this Providence. They may be required to abandon a career that promises wealth and honor to leave congenial and profitable associations. In separate from Kindred. To enter upon what appears to be only a path of self-denial. Hardship and sacrifice. God has a work for them to do. But a life of ease. And the influence of friends and kindred would hinder the development of the very traits essential for its accomplishment. He calls them away from human influences. And aid and leads them to feel the need of his help and to and to depend upon him. Depend upon him alone. That he may reveal Himself to them. Who is ready at the call of Providence to renounce their cherished and familiar associations. Who will accept new duties and enter untried fields. Doing God's work with firm and willing hearts. For Christ's sake. Counting his losses gain. Counties losses again. Again. He who will do this has the faith of Abraham and will share with him. That far more exceeding any turn away to glory with which the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared. Christian service page one eighty one. How is it with you is God speaking to you this medium was brought to you by audio perhaps a web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W dot audio person.


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