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Online Marketing: Strategies and Techniques- Part 3

David Sharpe


David Sharpe

Technical Director for the Center for Online Evangelism



  • November 11, 2015
    11:15 AM
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All right. You're doing the research to a dent a five those long tail keywords. You take the keywords you create pages that are designed to attract traffic based on those keywords. Then on that page that you're creating you're going to have some type of action that will move people in further into your web site and convert them into the customers. Know they are in your web site and your web site. Yes. And depending on what you do and we'll talk a little bit about landing pages later on it probably this afternoon before we get to it. But the landing pages will. Be stripped of all. Navigational elements where they only have one choice to do the action you've asked them to do or to leave. So. These pages are not just sitting there doing nothing there's a specific. Strategy behind having them. So that because it doesn't do any good if somebody just comes to reach the page and goes away. We want to convert them into a customer. Yes. Yes. So let me get out of this. Slideshow. All right. So the reason for the ominous music thing there was keyword research is. When you are doing it professionally. It's time consuming. I have a person on our staff that this is all she does is keyword research. And she spends twenty hours a week doing keyword research and she's able to manage about one client perfect for me. So she puts in twenty hours. Easily. And we're talking about churches and school. Clients. So this is not businesses. So you would think that it's short and easy to do for something like a school that. When we do the research were researching what's happening in your local area. We're looking for local geographical nicknames for areas. There's there's a place in where where we had the little micro farm. In Washington. Little town in Idaho across the river. And everybody just called it orchards. There were a lot of orchards up in there but that's where. What everybody called it it's not on the map. Our course it may be but now. That was thirty years ago but. It was it was just orchards So what if I were doing keyword research for something in that area I would definitely include the term. Orchards. In as a jewel. Geographic term. Key words. And that's what she's been doing. Primarily keywords but because this. This Edwards planning tool is what she's been using primarily although we're I'm about to pick up a tool for her. Called Spy food. S.P.Y. F.-U. dot com And we're going to to pick that up just because I get too much work coming in and I can't afford for her to spend twenty hours on every client when they're coming in so quickly so. Spy food is good if you want to see. Here's another one that. If you want to see what your competitors are doing you know you can look at your competitors and figure out what keywords their their strategy is built around. There's a tool called S E E M. Rush him as and market. S.C.M. Rush dot com dot com. And they with that tool. I don't think they have a free option on that one but it's got a thirty day free trial ability. But you can actually look at your competitors websites and track their online marketing strategy. And the benefit to you to doing that as you can see if there's any gaps. What are they not doing. So you know there's and there's all kinds of tools out there but those are the. Those are the top ones. Unfortunately. They're not necessarily cheap either but the which is why. Kim was spending so many hours using the Q. are planning tool because you do you go back and you. They have the section for getting the trends and numbers. But then you have to go back and look for more ideas. And you put in a bunch of keywords and look for ideas and then you get those ideas and you put in put them into the box again and get even more ideas and so pretty soon you can have one hundred pages of key word ideas. That you're using to to build out your website. Planning strategy. OK Let's move off of this one and get into actual web sites. By now you should have your strategy figured out. And you should be about ready to build your website. The first thing you're going to need to do is you're going to need to choose a domain name. Now. There are some considerations. To choosing your domain name. The first consideration then is that it's a really hard to get the domain name you want. Because chances are. Somebody else has already got it. So it takes. Creativity and time to do this if you have designed your Savella pure strategy already. You have your marketing strategy all figured out. You have your brand figured out. If you have a name for your farm. That's probably your best bet. Hillside farms dot com course there are five hundred hillside farms. Dot com you know fill side farms in the U.S.. So now what do you do. You're going to have to find something else to add to the domain name. Somehow. And I would suggest that you don't call it STILL side farms one two three Doug come. You know like that you see so often with e-mail addresses. You're going to have to be creative. You get something like this. I think it's still sixty four characters. I had. I wouldn't unless it was. If I were trying to position myself as the expert. I might use my name. Let's say if I for a while I've I mentioned earlier I mentioned that I was a business consultant. That I wasn't doing it much anymore but when I was active with it. I used my personal web site. As my domain name David L. sharp. There's. I don't know there's hundreds of David Sharp's out there and half of them are in copywriting or marketing of some kind so it's it's really a weird thing and what it is but. But I use David L. sharp. Dot com. If I were selling artichokes. I wouldn't do that because my name doesn't have anything to do with our jokes unless I have developed my own hybrid called the David L. sharp. Hybrid. Artichoke than I might do it but. It. This is where it takes a lot of creativity a lot of thinking a lot of brainstorming. You may have to ask some other folks to get involved with helping you come up with names. If you already have a name for your farm. Start with that. And maybe maybe add the a geographical term. To it. So maybe it's hillside farms. California. Or maybe it's hillside farms. Savannah. Or something of that nature. It's. It's going to be tricky. And I wish that there was an a way to tell you how to make it simple. But it's not. It seems like every time I want to start a new project. And I good. Get to the point where I'm ready to do a domain name I have to go through fifty don't know domain names to find one that I want. And it almost never the one that I'd like to The Most. Because somebody else has got it. I'll show you here in just a minute. I would highly recommend that you stay away from any domain. Other than a dot com dot org or dot net. In fact when you register the domain name I would get all three of those and never mind the rest of them. I have not seen many if any domains. Ending in be easy. Dot info dot name dot any of the other things other than. Dot com dot net dot org. And if somebody else has the dot com name. Move on because that's what everybody types in. By default. For example. When we started our organization. We call the good news advocates. Again it was because it was the only domain name that we could find it. That was anywhere close to what we were trying to do. So we. We got all three. Good news advocates dot org dot com dot net. And as our organization. Evolved. We decided that the dot com domain. Part of the. You know the good news advocates dot com. Would be our commercial operation because we've got a commercial operation to help support us where we provide services to companies are dot org. Domain we decided would be our ministry are our non-profit domain. Good news advocates dot com. Good news advocates dot org. OUR business. It was it was an unrelated business type of thing. Commercial where we're offering commercial services as opposed to our our free services that we were offering to churches and schools. Well what happens everybody's typing in. What was the name of that good news every day. Good news good news advocates dot com You know they just type in goodies advocates dot com and they didn't up on our commercial site. Rather than on our nonprofits say it. And it didn't matter what I did to try to train people otherwise. They always typed in dot com So if you find hillside farms. Dot com has taken but dot net. Hillside farms dot net is not taken move on don't try to capture the dot net and use that because people will still type and dot com and they're going to go to this other Web site not yours. So. Change the name to center for online evangelism. We rebranded completely. And now good news advocates duck comments are is are still our commercial operation. OK. Somebody asked about how to check a domain. I use. Name cheap. Dot com. To get of to get a domain name you have to use a registrar. You have to use a company that registers and controls domain names. I've been using name cheap sense. Since I don't know when it's been ten years at least and I've been very happy with them. Dot com. Named cheap. Dot com. This is a registrar. Now you can use Go Daddy. You can use any number of registrars enough I'm is another one. In fact the number is probably behind all of the others. But arm is actually underneath the one that's actually produced providing the services and these are white label services. Let's change things a little bit. No no those are different services. Shawls. I'll show you in a minute. They control the. They still control the domain names and. And this is just where you go to get a domain name. Yes. Yes. Now and as you can see it's. Yeah you can see. You can see that they not only do they have domains but they have hosting services. And a few other things. I don't use them for anything but. But domain name so I can't speak to the quality of their their services. OK see this box here. Says register a domain name. And then there's a search box. If you're doing what I was just suggesting. You're you're not going to have just one domain name to check you're going to have a a whole handful. So click on bulk options. And then you can enter. Up to fifty name. Options. Right there. And what I would suggest is clicking on this one. Search these extensions. And then make sure you're searching dot com dot net and dot org The rest I'm not too worried about K. There's the bulk of options. It's. And I don't know if I would assume that Go Daddy has a bulk search option as will. I just like to do. To use the bulk ups and because it saves me a lot of time I do my brainstorming upfront. And then I enter in the domain names and and go from there. And then like I said make sure that you've checked. Dot com dot net and dot org and not worry about the rest of it. And on the show you what you get Remember I said I'd microform Journal was one that I was really vibing. And let's see. That's that's what I would suggest that it's because those types of services are about you. And what you offer. Whereas you know if you have a farm or other type of business. It's more. It's not tied to a person as much. You know. Technically they shouldn't. But it's done. But what I would suggest is. Instead of using it. If you're not a nonprofit instead of using it. I would still buy it. To keep somebody else from snagging it because those three. Extensions dot com dot org And Dot net. Are the most commonly used and they're the ones that most commonly show up in search results. And you know like I said the the dot info the dot biz and so on don't show up as much in search rankings and I don't know that it's anything against those extensions it's just they don't show up much. If it could but it gets there. That's not the reason I'm suggesting that you pick up all three. I'd. I would say just use one. In this case the marker Farm Journal dot com is going to be the main site. The only reason I have purchased. Microform Journal dot net and dot org. Is so that nobody else comes in buys those and puts up a competing site. That becomes confusing and it's also the reason why I picked up microform Journal. As a domain name. Not because I want to not because I'm going to do something different but because it's. It's the. I'm just controlling it. Globally. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can do pretty much whatever you want to. Except control what people's perceptions of it are so you know if you want to do it that way. Yeah. As far as the legal aspects of it. Yeah. That that I would hesitate to comment on because. I don't want to get stuck. Giving legal advice since. That's not my strength. Yes ma'am. Yes. Because domain names do not have spaces in them. They all have to be crammed in the gather all right. So I'm going to scroll down here and ignore. Wow it really expanded all of these are extensions by the way like the dot com. In the ng of a domain. Some ignore all of those. I'm going to click Search. But no no there's a difference. The domain name. Well it's. You can see up here. OK. This area that I'm highlighting write their name cheap dot com. That's the domain name. OK that's just the. That's trying to think of it it's the foundation of the whole thing. This entire string of characters here is the U.R.L. Your L. means uniform Riis's uniform. Resource. Locator. And it just tells where to go find that page. There's no wait. In extension names I just was reading an article about that last night because I had a question myself. There is no weight on the domain names Google has said over and over again that they don't give any preference to anything. However what they say and what you see is a little bit different. And what we see is that it's rare for anything other than a country level domain. You know the like like C O D U K For Britain or dot L Y for Libya or dot Are you for Russia. So for those of you that that aren't speaking this language can see continued Asli Do you understand what I'm talking about by country. Extensions. OK. The. In in England. The Amazon. Domain name would probably be Amazon Cod U.K.. Instead of Amazon dot com. And in Libya or in Russia it might be. If they had one in Russia it would be Amazon Dot are you. Because it's the Russian country level domain. So country level domains and the three top level domains of dot com dot org And Dot net. Are the ones that seem to rank the highest the most consistently. Occasionally you'll see the Dutch us and dot gov. You know for government sites. Those will show up. High but I do. I just don't see. Dot info dot biz. It's anything else showing up. And you know your experience may vary you just have to watch. Google says no there's no weight given to to those extensions but I just haven't seen it. I'm a seen it play out that way. I think that's with the there's one of the factors. That is at play here is that when you look at a Web site as a listing on the search result. Part of what you do when you click through part of what you're looking at is does this look like a credible. Result. Dot biz. Dot info and some of these other extensions do not have a good reputation. Because when they first came out they. They were you know lots of scam and Spammy sites and junk stuff. And so they just don't have the credibility now that the dot com dot org And the domains have. Yes and that's what I do. Why I buy all three. And then I have the dot net and dot org. I send them to redirect. And you do that in the count. In your registrars account you do that redirect and you'd have to follow the their tutorials. Because it's different for each one of them and it changes. So I saw a question. OK. You. Done. Edu. You must be an educational institution you must be a higher education and you have to be. I think you have to be an academy or higher. High school or higher. And you have to prove it. So OK. So you can see here in my my results that these three. Already are taken. Which I already knew because they're mine. And then you can see all these other extensions here that they're available and if I wanted I could just click on on the cart. And then go through the checkout process. And there's the widget service. So somebody somebody they even got widgets are us. Registered. But they haven't registered dot net or dot org. Contrary to my advice. But what would happen if you got widgets or Us dot org. People are going to type in widgets. They're going to find try to find David widgets or Us dot com. And I'm not a dot com I'm a dot org. And it just causes the too much conflict so I would avoid. Like I said if somebody got the dot com move on next choice. And get all three. And then go through the. The tutorials. In the. At the registrar to find out how to redirect the two to the dot com. Get them as will. And just redirect them. OK So are we clear on domain names and issues Sonali that. Around them. This is a very important thing. Because your domain name. You should pick it and stick with it. Don't beat switching around domain names. Every three months. Put some thought into this. And if you've already got a domain name. You know there's a good chance that that you want to stay with it unless there's a really good reason to rebranding you know we've had conversations about yours in deciding to just leave it as is. When you'd make the change. You're going to lose any any juice that you had with Google. On the old domain name it's going to be like you're starting from scratch. So make sure you make the decision. Knowing what. What the consequences are and make sure that you're happy with the name because like I said you're going to want to stick with it. All right. You've got your registry. You've got your domain name registered. And now you need a platform you need a place to put your website. You need to before you find a place to choose to put your website. I would recommend that you do you choose how you are going to publish. You're How you. What you're going to use what software are you going to use to create your website. I'm going to say just say. Right up front. Stick with Wordpress Wordpress is the most common. There's. I think that it's into the billions now. Of Web sites. It's open source. Free software. It has so many people working on on improvements and so on that it's become the standard for Web sites now. It started out as a blog. Platform. But it is customizable to do just about anything you want and if it's something you don't. That something that you wanted to do that it doesn't do you can probably find a plugin to add to it and it will do whatever you want you can make Word Press. Sit up and dance for you. It's a it's software. And we're going to talk about where you put it in all of that here in just a minute. Please do not go to wordpress dot com and sign up for an accountant thinking that you've got a Web site now because there are some issues that you don't want to be dealing with you're going to want to have your own website that you control the server and everything else. So. What Milton was talking about there's wordpress dot com where people can sign up and get in the count and start. Start blogging a little bit like blog spot if any of the are familiar with the old blogspot days. Wordpress dot org is where the software is. However I'll tell you in a minute. Where you don't even have to go there to pick up the software so. Don't stress too much about installation and all that kind of thing because they're shortcuts now. So what you're going to be doing in essence is you're going to be getting a piece of software. And you're going to be installing it on another computer. That's not yours. And that's where your Web sites going to be there and I'll get into that just a moment. Let me tell you real quick a couple of other options that you have. You can build an H.D.. Yes ma'am. Dot org is where you will go if you go to either one. But I'm going to show you how not to. Not to do that. H.T.M.L. is the language that web pages are written in or one of them. And an H.T.M.L. web site is still not quite as popular as it was. You have to have special programs to edit. You have to have somebody who knows how to handle the coding and. It is not something that just anybody can do. One of the nice things about Wordpress is that anybody can learn how to use the interface and put content on the Web site. H.T.M.L.. Not so much. There's. You have to. You really have to put some effort into H.T.M.L.. Multi-site platforms are an option and wordpress dot com is one of those. These are often free or low cost and. They have some some advantages in that they are very easy to use generally. These are where you have a company that has many web sites that are all using the same software. You sign up and they automatically give you an acct I mean they automatically generate an account. And you can just go right in there and start moving things around it and so on some of the options are Wix weebly and Squarespace. I would recommend against them. There is an easy. Some of them look very nice. But you are building a house on rented land. You don't have any control over it and just recently. I think it was Wix Google went in and D.N. dicks all of the wicks or a good portion of the WIX sites and D.N. decks beans. It's not in the search engines at all. So a lot of people who had put a lawful lot of work into their web sites woke up one morning and they're not showing up in Google. Which means no search traffic. The only way they get traffic is people typing in their domain name directly or from a link from somewhere else. No search traffic. Yeah. It. And the functionalities limited to. So if you. If you get to the point where you decide you want to hire somebody to come in and work on your website. So that you can take it up a notch and and get a little more reach into your market. If you have a Wix or Weevil your Squarespace or wordpress dot com site. They're probably going to say you know what. It's not going to happen. Because we don't like to work on those kinds of sites because like I said they have limited functionality. They're just not. Anytime you get something that's extremely easy to use you can figure that there's a reason it's easy to use. It's it's going to have some hobbles put on it so to speak it's it's just not going to do everything possible. Hosting account you're going to need a hosting account so we've got the domain we've chosen the platform or this software that we're going to run the website on. Now that software has to have a place to be. It can't be on your computer and your desk. It's just not going to work. So there are companies. Called hosting companies web hosting companies that will. It's still you space. On their computers. And typically your primary restriction is how much space are you renting on their hard drive. And that is going to be the constraint that determines how big your Web site could be somebody was asking about how big the site where they were charged by page or what you're charged by a gigabyte of disk space and. This web hosting company. They maintain the servers the web server the computer that. That holds all the information in takes. You know when you click on a on a search results and Google it since the requests to the web server. Through through a couple of other channels but will just shorten it here. It goes straight. It goes to the web server. The web server sends back the page. The text the files. The images. The information that you see as a web page. OK So all that information has to be live somewhere. And there has to be a file clerk that's taking the information and passing it out to all the people who are looking at your Web site. That's what the web server does. And so we we talk about web server and it. It's a little ambiguous here but I'm talking about the hardware and this software that takes care of passing all the information out. So you're going to need a hosting account and. I'm going to recommend this we've already talked about that. I'm going to recommend two sites. There are others. These are two that I have worked with host gator. And site five. And you can take either one of those and add the dot com onto it and up at their website. They have different types of hosting packages available and. They also have good. To Tauriel on how to set up a website how to how to handle everything. They also both of these have good support systems. Support staff. I have started. Lately. Leaning toward site five. They have a little bit better tech support. But they're very both of them are good. You can get on the phone you can do a live chat you can email them. And you can ask them questions and often they'll just go right in and fix the problem for you. Yes you can go to you can go to there. These are companies that have server farms. Rooms full of servers in various parts in the country and even around the world. And in and they will still use space on that. And this is where you. Your website will actually live there. They. Well the what the hosting account often did. The server. At least at the level you're going to be working at one computer one actual physical machine may have one hundred different websites on it. And it's just got software that's really good at passing out. The file information. Properly. Will. That's a simplification but you're They have different packages. And you just so you don't have to say oh I need. I need two point seven gigabytes and so can you please write me that much. They have a package and use. Says this package. Will allow two websites this package. You can have as many web sites on it as your one This package has even more you know so there's different levels me. By month by month although often you can get a discount if you pay for it by the year. I have. I have one. I have a server. I'm going to count with both of these companies right now and then with both of them I have what's called a reseller account which allows me to have multiple websites for each account. So. The one on site five I think I've got three different websites on that. And on my host gator account I've got four Web sites on it and getting ready to add another one. So it's shared hosting and. If you were dealing with e-commerce like we were talking about while ago this would not work. You need. You need something more than than a shared hosting that we're talking about. And so this is one other reason for not getting into that a commerce too much but it's a monthly fee. My reseller accounts are running twenty five dollars a month and for both of them for each one is twenty five dollars a month. And I can have as many web sites on it is as I can cram into. Space. You can get. I think they've got an option for. I think oh skater has or did have one that would handle two websites and I think it was ninety five a month. But. I never did like the interface for handling it I didn't give me enough options so I always liked the reseller account. And I had always had enough websites active so that it made sense to have those it will. Unless you have a lot of business. If you have. And I don't know what the threshold is but e-commerce. Places a lot of demands. If you've ever watched your computer. If you have a lot of programs open it skip starts getting slower and slower. E-commerce. Has a demand. On the system like that just because of all the different activities that are happening. So yes it will work for a smaller operation but if you are running a lot of orders through the system. You're probably going to need a a higher level of. Both of these companies have it available. But you're going to pay fifty dollars a month for instead. A domain name will cost you ten to twenty dollars a year. Yeah. You can also go daddy is also a host. And I should just mention them because you're going to you're going to see a lot of sites running on it. I don't like that because I don't like them because they have some issues in the terms of service that allows them to shut things down. That I don't like. So you know you've got a kind of got to watch. They. This is a case of really good marketing company. I just happen to not like some of the things that they do. And some people won't use them because they have issues with their advertising. So you know I'd just all issues that you have to consider. You can. I can't. I'm on a satellite connection and I'm my satellite is so slow that if I did that people would never come back to my website. If you have fiber optic if I lived in Chattanooga where I could get one hundred megabit per second in the Internet. Which for those of you who do not know that's kind of like the speed of light. And so it's really really really fast. You know if you have really good fast internet you can do that but we'll talk about Page Speed in a minute here and that's something that you have to kind of watch for to are we similarly clear. OK See they've got one here. They've got an account here that starts at five fifty six a month. So. They've even drop their prices. OK they've got a Word Press hosting this D.P.'s is something. That seems a little odd. Price there but the V P s hosting is something that you want to do for e-commerce. And just start their minds. Minds the reseller account and. I think it's the aluminum. Yeah. So says it's it doesn't look like all that much but I'm a little I have four websites on it right now that are doing just fine so. You know you there are options that you've got Word Press hosting I'm not sure what they've got a case of so one of the. One of the restrictions see average monthly site traffic. Most of you unless you're doing something globally are not likely to have one hundred thousand visitors per month. So this. This starter. Might not be a bad place to start to start. However what you might do is you might run out of disk space because that's only one gigabyte. And if you are putting a lot of pictures of your produce in your farm on your website then you're going to start using up disk space. So. And if you have videos. Things of that nature. All the videos you would probably want to host on youtube or wisteria or some other hosting sites that you didn't use up. So much of your space but. Well it's got to be some where the disk space has to be somewhere so. Yes You Tube videos you can embed you can actually embed onto a web page is just a adding a little snippet of code into videos usually are done that way you know but images. You want to pickle you want to keep on your computer because the speed time. The speed for loading the page is a factor that google. Looks for very carefully. Thought I might be able to make it till lunch time. Without running up the battery but it not happened. By the way if I get carried away and not paying attention to the time it hits twelve o'clock let me know so that I can stop. Installing C.M.S. is a. She isn't acronym for content management system you're going to be using Wordpress I hope. Word host gator. And site five. Have a spot. And I'm I'll just tell you about it. They have to Tauriel that show you how to do it easily. You can go in and click a couple of buttons. It automatically installs Wordpress for you as a couple of very important pieces of information and. You're ready to go. Content Management System. So this is a process that has to happen. But like I said they. If you use either of these hosting companies. They have a button that you can push. And it literally it's. It's like one push of a button entering your email address click. Go. And it's it installs. And then you can start working on your site. Yeah there's a there's a button that you push the button and it starts a script that does the installation for you. Yes. Because we were talking about how did you know this is what this is a shortcut I was saying you don't even need to go to wordpress dot org. Because these two companies will. You know have it. Automated set up for you. It makes life so much easier. I can set up of. Now I can set up a Wordpress Web site in under an hour including the registering a domain getting the site. Installed getting a theme set up which we'll talk about a minute and getting the securities. Set up and already to add content. In less than an hour. So it's it's a lot got a lot of automation available now. Theme. I did not talk about. And I need to tell you about real quickly. Word Press is the package of software it's like the software engine. It's Wordpress uses things which is a a nother piece of the package that determines what the site. Looks like so. This is why you look at the web and so many websites look different from each other because they're using different things. And then there are things that are customizable so that you can make the theme look like whatever you want to. I recommend highly that you use a. What's called a premium theme. There. There are things that you have to pay for. And they run anything. I've paid two hundred dollars for one and I've paid forty five dollars for one so it's. It varies. The one I'm using right now is from elegant themes. And it's called divvy. And it's one of the easiest to use themes I've ever used in my life. Love it. And I can make it look. Every website looks different. Because it's so customizable premium themes you need to use because of security issues. A premium theme developers much more likely to be careful about security holes. There are millions of attacks on Web sites. Hacking attacks on Web sites. Every day. It's. It's just a fact of life. You're going to have to pay attention to security on your Web site. This is another reason I use Wordpress is because there are two really good plugins. And literally literally. Skip this and your websites going to die. It's going to happen at some point. Because there are server farms. Set up in Russia. And in the Ukraine. And all they do is attack websites looking for vulnerabilities looking for ways to hack the Web site take over control of it. Your hosting company will handle some of that will handle. Some of the security. But there are also many holes that can happen on your side where it becomes your responsibility. So you must pay attention to the security. Fortunately with Wordpress. There's buttons to push. First thing is again use the premium thing because somebody that you've paid money to is more likely to pay attention to that. And I would strongly strongly recommend that you use a reputable security plugin. You can use I fiend security. Or you can use word fence or. If you are safety minded you can use both they play will together. In fact. Often their complimentary. I often will run both of them to make sure that the vulnerabilities are all covered and then they'll disable. One of them because running both of them sometimes will reduce the page load that slows down the responsiveness of my website. OK Any any questions about this. These two plugins have have lists that they. They do an audit of the site and then they tell you you need to fix this you need to fix that and it tell you how to fix it so I'm not going to go into great detail on them because they're fairly self-explanatory. If you follow it you can't break it. Well. They can take. They can take you or your website about your farm and turn it into a recruiting page for for Islamic Jihad. It's done all the time. I I was looking at some sites before I went to A.S.I.. In Spokane this year and one of the ministries Web sites had been hacked and was a big recruiting page for ISIS. Still you know the black flag and beheading and all that stuff so. Then they can also turn your page into something that when a visitor comes and looks at your page. It will download a virus into their computer and take over their computer. There's all kinds of stuff that you don't want to know half of it but you know it's it's important. Yes. If you're careful. If you've done things right. You need to always have a backup. You need to have regularly scheduled backups and these two these two. Plugins will still help you schedule backups. And then you need to work with the hosting company to. You know their support department can help you recover. Or they may say you know what. Sorry. It's too much damage we can't do it so. That's why you need that backup. You go to the most you go to the backup that didn't have the viruses in it or the Mel where whatever secure that. No it's yours. What would you do. At least how I do it is I have it scheduled to automatically generate the backup. And then it's emailed to me it's compressed and emailed to me and it's stored on on my computer. Once in awhile that happens you. It doesn't matter you can do everything in these guys. These guys spend hours looking for new ways and so once in a while there be a new hole that they find and before you can get it fixed on your computer. You've got the virus or your site gets hacked. And sometimes you do you lose everything. And so one of the things to do is not only keep a backup. But whenever you write a web page create a web page. Save the text somewhere on your computer. So that you've got a file somewhere. You can store your backups there. But it's still vulnerable. All right. The schedule says that were done for the morning. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W dot. 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