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Basics for True Education

Michelle Lesher


Come and learn about the ABCs of true education. The breakout session “Education on the Farm” is designed to help parents follow the counsel that we have about how to educate our children. You can expect practical applications on how to incorporate agriculture and homeschooling. Whether you are a farmer, gardener or just beginning to contemplate moving to the country, you will gain a blessing from this breakout session. We encourage you to bring the whole family! There will be time for hands­on activities for your children to enjoy!  


Michelle Lesher

Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurse



  • November 12, 2015
    9:30 AM
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When you are in the class basics church or education. The title is harmonious development of the physical the mental and the spiritual. So just in case you want to make sure you're the right place where you want to be. We plan to have an activity with the children. At the end. We're going to go outside. Plants and flowers in some pot. To try to fill a tate. Everything that we're learning here put it into action. So. Notice a lot of the children are being so patient with sitting and listening and. We want to get them outside. Great to help them to enjoy this process as well. So my name is Michelle Lesher. I am a a nurse and a dietician. I'm really comfortable talking about nutrition and I have to be honest I'm really out of my comfort zone right now I'm doing this because I feel like the Lord has asked me to do it. And I know that when we're in or out of our comfort zones we learn a lot and we grow a lot. Someone actually approached me last night and said Why are you giving a lecture you don't have any children. And it's true I'm sure other people are thinking that you know and when you're talking about educating and parenting. And I don't have any children of my own I'm sure others are thinking that same question. So let me tell you might my heart. I would love to have children. I have a mother who has really influenced me in my life as an amazing person and I the Lord has blessed me with us. The heart to want to serve mothers and children. My work is with moms and babies. As what I do. Outside of the farm with the farm. Obviously it's connected as well that's why we're here. I learned so much being in the garden. And my desire is to help parents to be inspired to teach their children in this the way of thinking because it's changed my life as an adult. So if you can imagine what it can do for children from the ground up. You know I want to live in a community and be surrounded by healthy families. And I believe this is part of how to do it. So why am I here. I'm I'm here because I get the Lord has asked to hear so let's pray before I start. Dear heavenly father you know my heart. You know how much I love. Moms and babies and families. How grateful I am for my own mother. And the experiences of ahead in my life. I just pray Father that you please be with me now. I really need your help Lord. You know the material is something that I'm studying this message is something that I'm learning. I'm in the process of learning myself. I pray that this presentation can be a blessing to every mother. In every child and father. That is here. And I pray that in Jesus' name amen. So my first. Agriculture and education conference was in two thousand and twelve. I came with my husband and I was really inspired. I grew up very conventional education. I was actually raising Catholic schools started in kindergarten pre-kindergarten kindergarten you know that whole thing and. I've always struggled with school. I just I was a student that just wasn't really good at any subject. You know. And when I learned. The concept of waiting to put your children in school I had never heard that before two thousand and twelve. And I was like wow that is something that's wholly different than anything I've ever heard. And it really inspired me. And so looking at. Brother Jorgensen Bob Jorgensen who passed away recently. He presented. Pretty much this presentation. I had asked him. This would be him right now. He was supposed to do this and. I then asked his wife to come and she was unable and so I really felt led that I. There was something I wanted you all to hear today. Bob was unable his wife was unable so I'm doing my best to present to you what. I've learned from them. That's all based on Spirit of Prophecy. It's all based on the Bible. And I literally just listen to his lecture and try to put it on the pages for you all. Because this man study. For many many years on this topic and I'm very new to these topics. So I pray that this is a blessing for you all. So. This is sort of a little outline of what we're going to do for the next hour or forty five minutes or so. So cherish acacia is a preparation. It's going to start of the womb. And in infancy. It is something that really rings and you know just really inspires me is that this is a preparation for service we hear that a lot. We look at Christ in his life and how it was a life of serving. This is what we will be teaching our children with agriculture. As a main purpose is this concept of service. Development of the physical constitution is one of the first areas of Porton. Learning how to help in carrying out life. Duties gaining wisdom with knowledge. Using the Bible. As an important text book and then the simple thing of distance. Parent spending time with children. And how that changes things. So preparation. Prenatal development this is something I've sort of added in at the beginning because I work with moms and babies. That wasn't something that Bob presented. So the PA fathers as well as mothers. Rest of responsibility for the child's earlier as well as it's later training. And for both parents. The demand for careful and thorough preparation is most urgent. Before taking upon themselves the possibility of fatherhood and motherhood. Men and women should become acquainted with the laws of physical development. With physiologic physiology hygiene. With the bearing of prenatal influences with the laws of hereditary. Heredity sanitation dress exercise. And the treatment of disease. They should also understand the laws of mental development and moral training. So this is a preparation that starts before conception. Even with the mom and dad. And then in the womb. And the prenatal influences. You know I learn. As a nurse and a dietician. They talk about them all the time the mom's attitude while she's pregnant. Makes it has an effect on the baby. You know if mom's really stressed. If there's a stressful environment around her. Things that she's taking into her body. All these things going to are going to affect the baby as well. They say that babies can remember. Moms and Dads voices. You know they do research and show. Even a newborn baby. A dad can walk in and say something and they may turn their head toward the father because they they familiar with what they hear when they're in the womb. So could you imagine if you read the Bible to your baby. While the baby was in the womb. And that might be something that became familiar to them even before they were born. And also the concept of heredity. I'm learning a lot about breast milk and. There's actually genetic component in breast milk. And they have this lots of research going on right now about epigenetics and breast milk. So there are so many things that start. Even before conception while the baby's in the womb when they're very very newborn. And then we focus a lot kind of on more the toddler and then growing up. But I really want to emphasize the importance of that prenatal experience as well. So anyone want to know more about that afterwards ask this man a sound very interesting. What is your name's or rainy eight. OK. Thank you for sharing that. In advantage to home page to fifty eight. Encourage cheerful. Contented disposition. Every woman about to become a mother. Whatever may be her surroundings should encourage constant constantly a happy cheerful. Contented disposition. Knowing for knowing that for all her efforts in this direction she will be repaid tenfold. In the physical as well as the moral character of her offspring. This is Rich really work. Larry and I we want love in our home on the farm and. You know I don't know. Some of you know our backgrounds some don't but when we met we weren't even Christians. So we have a long. We have a lot of baggage you know that comes with that but I don't know if. And if you've ever heard of the song Love at home. That's my favorite and you say. A Brit him. When Larry and I seeing the stall. We try to think it every evening. It brings love into our home. That spirit of happiness. It is an awesome song. I highly recommend it. We want love in our home. We know the whole saying a merry heart do is go like a medicine. It really is true. We're all thinking for medicine and answers and healing and resolutions and it's right here in front of us. We want to have cheerful heart. Happy Hearts. And so that's that's something that entails really important. Not only in raising our children. But even in the home before the. We kept the concept of the children coming into the home. So we're preparing for that. Invent the in breastfeeding Now this is something that. Joshua white touched on a little bit yesterday. And I really believe that this attack on the mind that we have. As a dietician and really into the health message I've always thought of the nutrition end of it and I never thought about the breast milk part of it never even thought about it till I started working with moms babies and now I realize because of the research that I've learned. How much superior breast milk is over formula. And how it affects the baby in so many different ways that this is the law of the devil in our country. That's very very strong. Is that women in our culture don't believe they can breastfeed. They have that fear of pain they think that they're not going to make enough milk. They have to go back to work is going to be too hard. All just go with the formula because we're. It's marketed that the formula is equal. Breast milk formula which ever. Your baby's going to grow up and be happy and healthy and survive. Well it's kind of a misconception. You know the formula. Definitely has a purpose. If there's no other way to feed a baby. But it's definitely not equal. There's a lot of studies out there that show. The differences. But there needs to be more research. So excusing the. The studies aren't on the differences there's a lot of studies that show why breast milk a so good. But there's not a lot of studies out there comparing the two is how I should say it. So like I had mentioned there's something called M.-I R.N.A. in breast milk which I had no idea there was genetic things in breast milk. But M.-I R.N.A. has a lot to do with epigenetics. So things that kind of turn the genes on and off expressed different characters later in life turned on and off from the. M R N A that isn't breast milk. And there's a lot of kind of untold history about formula. And then negative effects that has on the mind in the body. Now this blew me away. Baby to our formula fed have a ten point. He's me babies who are formula fed have a ten point loss of I.Q. point and when they were presenting this in the presentation I was listening to for work. They said that's equivalent to having a low level lead exposure which I think is pretty significant you know we're all in this to make children that will be small are tense and successful and. We all want what's best for our children. But most people do not understand that there's actually things that affect our children in a negative way from the formula feeding. So we need to help educate moms and our communities. Of how amazing. Breastmilk is and how it's going to help with this whole concept of Tridge a cation and helping our children to have a clear mind so that they can know are our Heavenly Father. The difference isn't. These are some differences. Found. When you're comparing breast milk and formula. This is a book called milk matters. I really recommend the book. It has everything to do with pretty much breast milk and. The difference between breast milk encounter milk in the effects. So there's differences in D.N.A. body tissue adipose tissue muscle mass hormones. M R N A R M R I show brain white matter differences cognitive behavioral differences in all the other mazing thing is when you're breastfeeding the hormones that are released for the baby. They make the baby feel good. They're also released for the mother. And God has this beautiful thing that happens. You know Mancow syrup. A lot of things when they deliver a baby. And when they go and start breastfeeding right away it helps them to heal faster. It helps them to kind of weird. Relieve the stress level. That they're experiencing. And it's just as beautiful design. That is so important in this whole process of Tridge occasion that we're learning that I don't want to leave out. So there are studies the babies that are fully breastfed from verse verses. Ansari. This lady is saying there's not enough the D's of comparing fully breastfed babies from burst. Versus fully formula fed babies. So she states that infant formula can alter normal infant development. Weakening family bonds. It harms women's and children's physical mental health. Increases social iniquity and poverty. It fosters and causes disease causing the list death. Costing taxpayer money. Consuming. Scarce resources creating needless waste products and causing environmental harm. And honestly I've been a dietician. Since two thousand and nine and I really have never even thought about it. So obviously there's a lot of people not thinking about this in the world and I just think it's an important component in all this. So now I'm going to twitch gears. Into. You know these years of. You know your child is starting to get more curious than your wanting to start. You know do I start opening books with my child do I start having them write their names. You know what am I doing how do I do these things. So there is a myth out there that spending more time in school or institutionalized. Education is equal to being more educated. I was totally on that side of the fence. I have a master's degree and for whatever reason you think that that is the right thing to do. The way you're supposed to go. So education is something you receive an eclipse is another myth that education is something that you receive in a classroom filled with children sitting at desk was one teacher standing in front of the room at a blackboard. That's what I always thought school is so. I'm sure there are others that have thought that as well here and there are many aspects of education that consist of things that do not happen inside a school room. I. When I first moved to Indiana. Larry and I first bought the farm we were going into the winter and we didn't have jobs and so we decided to substitute school teacher at the local school. And I was subbing in the kindergarten class. And the first thing. The teacher told me who the bad kid was so were we know there's like Joshua white talked about yesterday labeling. So this poor young child is labeled the bad kid so guess what he acts bad. He's the bad kid he's going to bed. So then she proceeds to tell me if he act that you take his recess the way. I'm like wow. That's that's terrible. I mean I don't want to take his reset the way. So throughout the day this young child. He really wasn't a bad kid. He had a lot of energy. He did not know what to do to hold his energy. And I didn't realize this but today in that young of a class. They require them to sit. Just like I sat in grade school and high school. Lots of sitting and looking at a blackboard. Even that young. Not a lot of creativity happening in the classrooms anymore. And he literally at one point was upside down in his desk. He does want to get out so bad and I just really started to see you know this labeling of these learning disability or bad kids or whatever. It's because we're forcing upon them something that's not natural. They're supposed to be outside running around and learning from the things of nature getting the fresh air. He would he. I'm sure the young man is not a bad kid. He just did not know what to do with all this energy is almost like he's being tied down. Right. And so we need to help people to understand why. So this isn't Child Guidance. Page one hundred three lessons of primary importance. In the early education of children marriage. Many parents and teachers fail to understand that the greatest attention needs to be given to the physical constitution that a healthy condition of body and brain can be secured. And then also says the future happiness of your families. And the welfare of society depends largely upon the physical and moral education which your children receive in the first two years of life. This to me is a very simple concept that I like. It's not complicated. You know it's get him out and get him moving digging in the dirt. Playing outside climbing up and down trees running around jumping around getting around. It's very simple. We make things so much more complicated than they need to be. These things are helping to develop things in the children. That will later. Help them to read and write better to learn better. Child Guidance page thirty six. Teach helpfulness at an early age. Very early the lessons of helpfulness should be taught the child. As soon as trained and reasoning power are sufficiently developed. He should be given duties to perform in the home. He should be encouraged in trying to help father and mother. Encouraged to deny and control himself. To put others happiness and convenience before his own to watch for opportunities to cheer insists brother and sister and playmates and to show kindness to the age the sick. And the unfortunate. The more fully the spirit of true ministry pervades the. Now. There's there's some information spirit prophecy or talks about Ellen White would take children into our home. Sometimes. And she would have them do different. Chores and things. And you know we live in such a busy fast paced world right. We want to just get the dishes done and we want them to be done and be gone with it but I think the concept here is even though the children might not be able to do it perfectly. You're helping to set them up for future success. And we have to learn how to be patient as mothers and fathers. To slow down in to really let them do the things that they're inquiring about and wanting to do because that's going to help build and foster a child that wants to serve and wants to help in the home. If we kind of squash that because we're too busy and we'd rather go kind of play and be out of the way. Which I mean I know. With my personality and where I am. I would probably be tempted to do that sometimes in the home because you have these systems and you have these things in place. So we have to really try to fight against that because if a child is coming into your ear off the tee to want to help. Then we have to help to help that to grow into a desire and a heart to be a part of the family wanting to help with things that home. And if your child doesn't get that from you. Then they will get it from something else. Right. If they if you're doing the dishes and they come to you and a lot of times children don't know how to negotiate a conversation so they ask a lot of questions. Right. We notice that. Lots of questions and so we have to help them to you know. Initiate the conversation they come to you and say hey mom what do you do and and. You say well we just had breakfast and so I'm cleaning the dishes. And they were like oh well. Can I help. Sure. And so you. You know help facilitate that. Instead of the alternative which is how most done let me just get this done really quick and then we'll play. Right. I mean you can see where that would necessarily be bad but if your child is trying to get in there and be a part of the home in the service of the home. Try to be in tune to that and involve them in those things to that that something you're growing and developing in them. And I hope that if I have the opportunity to be a mother someday that I would be able to do that in my home. Because I know that. Probably not easy all the time to do that Child Guidance page thirty six. Parents help your children to do the will of God by being faithful in the performance of the duties which really belong to them as members of a family. This will give them a most valuable experience it will teach them that they are not to center their thoughts upon themselves to do their own pleasure. Or to muse themselves patiently educate them to act their part in the family circle. I think a lot of what we see in our culture. In the US is that children. We kind of cultivate this idea that parents serve the children. The children's not really serving the family. And the parents. We don't really realize it. When we're doing this. But it's almost as if the parents of the one thing trained in the child is the one that punishes the parents when they don't get what they want. By screaming or yelling and throwing tantrums especially in like public places you're like OK never mind to take it right because you don't want to be embarrassed. So it's not an easy thing. I mean I realize that it's not an easy thing. But if we start very early. Being in tune with them wanting to help and be involved. I think it really will help to prevent that progression of selfishness. And I want it my way. And I want it now. OK. Gaining wisdom with knowledge. So many of you know volved organs and which share this a lot and I really like it. The W. two K.. So we all know why two K. right. Stands for year two thousand eight hundred is to hydrogen. One oxygen. So W two K. is two parts wisdom. With one part knowledge. So we do not get wisdom. By gaining knowledge by gaining wisdom it will become natural to acquire knowledge properly. So you will learn more wisdom from using your hands than you will learn from reading your textbooks. So that is something that is really foreign I know to a lot of us. And we have to believe that God method. Are the right methods not what we're used to for centuries this concept of having to go to school early. So that our kids will be smart and successful. There's so much pressure on parents that that is the way we're supposed to do things. And as we continue on here we're going to see more spirit of prophecy and even the Bible that that's not the design for this wisdom that we're searching for for our families. So with them seizing knowledge without wisdom becomes destructive. The Bible actually teaches us. These concepts. And in Second Chronicles one ten. It talks about Solomon. Praying to God he asked. Actually sorry. That's next slide. All these Scripture verses. Talk about this concept of wisdom and knowledge. And I encourage you to sit down and really look through the Scripture verses. Because God wanted to know what to do. It's not supposed to be a mystery or. It is not God doesn't want this to be difficult for us. He wants to show us the right way. And so I encourage you to do a study on the scripture verses. Applying this concept of wisdom versus knowledge. And because I want to have time for the activity I'm just going to move through. Sons and Daughters of God what. Yes. No no you're fine. Yep you're good god of. Doesn't daughters of God What we need is knowledge that will strengthen mind and soul. That will make us better men and women. Heart education is a far more important than mere book learning. It is well. Even the sensual to have a knowledge of the world in which we live. But if we leave eternity out of our reckoning. We shall make a failure from which we can never recover. If the views understand their own weakness. They would finding God their strength. Now I have a small testimony. I meant to ask Larry's permission to do this and I forgot. I don't think that he will be upset about it. My husband is a very good example of how kind of the conventional school system. Really fails a lot of children. So Larry was told he had a learning disability at a young age. Partial dyslexia. I believe is what it was. And that he really couldn't learn. They just didn't know what to do with Larry Larry was kind of hyper kid. He's very smart. But didn't know how to like get it down on paper. Kind of thing you know. So he was you know. They just didn't know what to do with Larry in school. So oftentimes he was told that he was stupid. And he was raised very poor. He was buck to nine different schools. From first grade to twelfth grade nine different schools. And he graduated with all these which I don't you know you could do but apparently. Back then had to do it with all these. And so it wasn't until you got out of school. That he learned how to read. Because no one ever taught him how to read it was basically just kind of get him through the system and get him out of here because they didn't really know what to do with them and being bused so many places he kind of fall through the cracks you know. So he shared with me it wasn't until he left home. And he got interested in politics and things of this nature. That he really started to learn how to read and. I'm not a thing this because my husband. But he is very smart. He built a building on our farm never built a building before. He measured it out. He bought the materials. And they fit together and he made a building and I'm like wow this is really impressive I would come home and part of the roof would be on he's doing this all by himself and. You know we have people come out to help a few times but for the most part. Larry built this building and. You know he's just the kind of person that something breaks. He doesn't call someone to fix it. He figures out how to fix it now see I'm just totally opposite. I was never raised that way I was raised just to listen to what people told me to do and then I would do it. I'm happy to do it. But you have to tell me what to do. And give me directions I get very frustrated. You know if I was told to build a chair and here's the diagram and here's all the material. I just would give up and know I would because it's just not how I was raised in my life. And Larry would love that project Oh yes. Let's build a chair you know. So you can see where because he wasn't. Because you kind of fell through the cracks. And he really didn't learn how to learn until he was older. It was actually his benefit. Right which is kind of crazy to think about but it's true and with me I have a really hard time with logic and reasoning. I just read and memorized. Because that's just the how my brain has been designed. You know has been cultivated to work through all the schooling. So hard edge occasion. It's important. Externally important it's hard to really learn these things that we learn. And even though. Parents that you feel like you're going to hold against what everybody says and so against mainstream to do these things. I just have a heart conviction that. Obviously Spirit of Prophecy doesn't speak about it once or twice or three times. It is in there are a lot for a reason because she knew. God knows that this is going to be a hard time for his people and a hard concept for his people to follow. And I just think it's a very important thing in Sons of Daughters of God It continues to say there's a science of Christianity to be mastered. As science is much deeper broader higher than any human science. As the heavens are higher than the Earth. The mind is to be disciplined educated trained for we are to do service for God in ways that are not in harmony with inborn inclinations heredity and cultivated tendencies to evil must be overcome. Often the education and training. Of a lifetime. Must be discarded. That one may become a learner in the school of Christ. This is where I think nature is so amazing. There are so many things that we can teach our children in nature. God has put nature there for us. I've heard someone say one. You know nature is the first book. And then the Bible had to come because we didn't use nature the way that we were supposed to right. Because in the beginning they didn't have the Bible in the beginning. You know. They use nature they use the concept of God that they saw all in nature. And because we missed that the Lord had to give it all written down for us to give us another avenue which I'm very thankful for but just think about the lessons we can teach our children in nature. All these things we call science. Fundamental actions and activities. We can see taking place around us that are things of God that are there to illustrate spiritual things. Spiritual lessons. So we're going to do that a little bit with the children today. And it's going to be really fun. Sons and Daughters of God our hearts must be educated to become steadfast in God we are to form habits of thought that will enable us to resist temptation. We must learn to look upward. The principles of the Word of God principles that are a hot. That are as high as heaven. And that can. Compass eternity. We are to understand. In their bearing upon our daily life. Every act every word every thought is to be in accord with these principles all must be brought into harmony with and subject to Christ. So I'm sure many of you parents. That haven't really embraced this concept are probably thinking how can I use the Bible as a text book because I thought that myself. So the Bible and nature god second book. Artie said this or was nature. God first book. And then he gave us another book the Bible because we were not able to read nature clearly. So here's some quote that talk about the Bible being a lesson book. This isn't Christian Education Page one hundred eight. The Bible is a book which discloses the principles of right and truth. It contains whatever is needful for the saving of soul. And at the same time it is adapted to strengthen and discipline the mind if used as a textbook in our schools. It will be found far more effective than any other book in the world. In guiding wisely. In the affairs of this life as well as an aging the soul. Up the Ladder of progress which reaches to heaven. Wow that's pretty serious words on. And we're talking about it in the concept of our children. So think about that. God cares for us as intellectual beings. And he has given us. His word as a land. To our feet in the light. To our pathway. The entrance of the word give us light to give us understanding and to the simple. Psalms one nineteen. One thirty. It is not the mere reading of the word that will complicate the result that is designed by heavens. But the truth revealed in the Word of God must find an interest into the heart. If the good intended is obtained the Holy Scriptures were the essential study in the schools of the prophet. And they should hold the first place in every educational system for the foundation of all right education is a knowledge of God used as a textbook in our schools the Bible do far. Do for our minds. And morals that. What cannot be done by books of science or philosophy as a book. To discipline and strengthen the intellect and ennoble purify and refine the character. It is without arrival. And you know I went to Catholic school for nine years. And we had a religion study class. And there I was taught that the things of the Bible weren't true because they were all just stories to teach us lessons. We've not only in public schools have lost this concept of any god at all there. Even in Catholic or other Protestant schools. Is there. But it's kind of like a separate class. You know it's your religion class. It's not your main focus it's not your book to learn about family concepts concepts of nature. Concepts of moral Really. It could be incorporated into every subject. It shouldn't be like this isolated. Class of itself. Because if we want to live and be like Christ. It should be within everything we think everything we say everything we do. And if we isolated out that one class and that's what it becomes in our children's mind is this separate thing it's not integrated into everything we are. Is that religion class right. So this is something that. Is exciting isn't it to think about because it's possible to do it's just we just have to do it. I mean I don't I just think it's a concept I've never really even thought about. So we start thinking about these things we pray for the Lord's guidance and he's going to help us to understand how to do these things early development. It is essential for parents to find useful employment for their children. I'm going to actually get this one because we did talk about that a little bit already. And I don't want to run into too much time with the activity. And this is talking more about the physical powers. I'm going to read a couple quotes with the first eight to ten years of life concept. Because again. Two thousand and twelve is the first time I'd ever heard the concept. And I don't think there's an arbitrary reason to give these age numbers. There's a reason for that and Joshua white gives us all this research to back this up yesterday. That just goes along with what I want to I have been saying for a long time. And so let us try us. Spirit of Prophecy let us trust that this will allow your children to Ex Cel in school once they hit the eight to ten year of age. It's go hard right because we're so accustomed to starting early because we want them to have the success. I believe that if we wait. They are going to be far superior in these things not for their own glory for any glory of the parents but for God's glory. Because you will have instilled in them the moral the physical the spiritual. So that when they reach that age and excel they can use that to the glory of God and not themselves. Children should not be long confined within doors. Nor should they be required to apply themselves closely to study until a good foundation has the will then lay for physical development. For the first eight to ten years of a child's life the field or garden is the best classroom school room. The mother the best teacher. Nature the best lesson book. Even when the child old enough to attend school. His Help should be regarded as a greater importance than a knowledge of books. He should be surrounded with the conditions most favorable to both physical and mental Grove. The Child program during infancy during the first six or seven years of a child's life special effect attention should be given to his physical training rather than the intellect. After this period if the physical condition is good. The education of both should receive attention. Infancy extent to the age of six or seven years. Up to this period children should be left. Like little lambs. To roam around the house and the yards in the buoyancy of the Spirit. Keeping giving and jumping. Free from care and trouble. When that just be a beautiful thing to see. I'll continue on here. Yeah. Yeah. And in my work in fancies age. Birth to one. And then their toddler after that two to five. So you know the devil is really good at destructing destroying the family but God is more powerful. We know this. And there are ways that we can help families. To learn the sconce these concepts. But it's no mistake it's no coincidence that he's going to start very very early. Because he knows what that is going to do. So another one on the early development parents especially mother should be the only teachers which have already. She's already. So this is being emphasized again. The only teachers of such infants minds they should not educate from books. The children generally will be inquisitive to learn the things of nature. They will ask questions in regard to things that they see and hear and parents should improve the opportunity to instruct impatiently answer those little inquiries. They can in this manner and get the advantage of the enemy and fortify the minds of their children by sewing good seeds in their heart. Learning no room for the bad to take root. The mother's loving instruction at a tender age is what is needed by children in the formation of character. And I would like to encourage monk here is well because I know. You know there's a lot of guilt. That can come from being a mother as well when you feel like maybe you haven't done everything just perfectly. But I do believe that God fills in for our deficiencies because that's what he says that he does. And when we have a heart to do the right thing. And we're praying to God to help us. He will be there to fill in now. Not to give Felicia Meyer any like high. Whatever whatever but I have to share with you that when I very first met her which was quite a while ago. Lily it was just a baby. The thing that impressed me so much about her was just how she attends of she was her children. Now I kind of used to this culture of. Mommy mommy mommy. And the mom is kind of tune to the child out. So like usually around like the fourth or fifth time they're like yes dear. Not that that may be intentional or whatever is just a society that we live in it's not mom's first importance. Isn't necessarily the attention to the children maybe it's the porting the children so they have a roof over their head or food to eat. You know they're wanting to do the right thing in their hearts are in a bad place or not trying to be mean or bad parents. But you don't often see want to child comes to a mother and ask one time that the mom will stop and say either answer the child or say. Just one moment OK mommy's talking with someone and then we can. I can answer your question. It really inspired me that hey you know. It's such an important work. Being a mother is the most important job on the planet. We've heard that in Spirit of Prophecy. But it's true it is the most important job. On the planet. In having to learn patience. And having to learn the importance of that. And really sacrificing yourself to be able to do that is is a blessing. And so I just want to encourage mom. That one thing. Really stood out to me when I met Felicia. Like wow she is really attentive to her children. And I'm. You're not going to do everything right. I mean this is the world that we live and there's a lot of that influences all around us. But pray for the Lord to help you study these things out for yourself do a study on this topic for yourself. And the Lord is going to lead you in this concept of being your child. Only teacher can kill if there are this. Older age. Parent should be this is an early development again in Christian P.T.. Parents should be the only teachers of their children until they have reached eight or ten years old at as fast as their mind can comprehend it the parish it. Open before them God's great book of nature. The mother should have left love for the artificial in her house and in the preparation of her dress for display and to take time to cultivate in herself and in her children a love for the beautiful buds in the opening flowers. By calling the attention of her children to the different colors. The variety of forms. She can make them acquainted with God who made all the beautiful things which attract and delight them. She can lead their minds up to their Creator and awaken in their you. Young hearts of love for their Heavenly Father who has manifested. So great love for them. Parents going to sociate God with all his created work. So I'm a skip through here because we're almost out of time. And just add a few things about homeschooling. This is kind of a neat concept I was talking with Larry about he said Well where did Jesus horns. While the Bible is very probably tells us that he learned at the need his mother. The child the child Jesus did not receive instruction in the synagogue schools. His mother was his first human teacher from her lips and from the scrolls of the prophet. He learned of heavenly things. The very words which he himself had spoken to Moses for Israel. He was now taught at his mother's knee. As he advanced from childhood to use he did not seek the schools of the rabbis. He needed not the education to obtained. To be obtained from such sources. For God was his instructor. Jesus and John the Baptist's all wondered at his knowledge of the law and the prophecies and the question passed from one to another. How do you know if this man. Letters. Having never learned. No one was were regarded as qualified to be religious teachers unless he had studied in the rabbinical schools. And both Jesus and John the Baptist had been represented as ignorant. Because they had not received this training. Those who heard them were astonished at the knowledge of the Scriptures. Having never learned of men. They had no. They had not truly. But the God of heaven. Was their teacher and from him they had received the highest wisdom of knowledge. And this is what mom can be through Christ. Using the bible and nature. To teach their children. John the Baptist was not fitted for his high calling as a forerunner of Christ by association with the great men of the nation in the schools of Jerusalem. He went out into the wilderness where the customs and doctrines of men could not mould his mind. And where he could hold. Unobstructed communion with God. Fundamentals of Christian education one twenty three. Interesting it says that he actually went into the wilderness where the customs and doctrines of men could not mould his mind. So we actually have the guard against these things. You know we're just. I don't even know that we understand that fully. How much we have to guard against these things he's running off into the wilderness. To learn. So that he's not. You know it's not going to influence him in a negative way. So we're not to aim for this lower standard. We're to aim for this higher standard. Christ in John the Baptist's there are examples God put this in the Bible for us to have as examples. So that we're not lost trying to figure out what we're supposed to be doing. God gives us that in the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy to help us. Jesus secured is education in the home. His mother was his first human teacher from or left and from the scrolls of the province he learned of heavenly things he lived in the pleasant home and faithfully and cheerfully acted his part in bearing the household versions. Can you like this picture Jesus in the home doing this is a cool thought he who had been. The commander of heaven was a willing servant. A loving obedient son. He learned a trade. And with his own hands. Worked in the carpenter shop with Joseph. In the garb of a common laborer he walked the streets of the little town going to and returning from his humble work. So in closing. We're going to take a little bit of time with the children outside a few things that I learned yesterday that I had never known. You know you think you know so much to them and you learn something there and then you think well I don't know that much. This concept of your your i development. Outside. I never knew that before I knew sunlight was important for vitamin D. and it helped fight depression but I never knew that it helped with preventing near-sightedness never understood that concept. So we're going to take some time with our children now. Help develop. These things that we've learned. And I just want to end with one thing I learned from Bob Jorgensen is a comment that he made it one of these conferences that you can teach a five year old to count to five. And it might take about five days. Or you can wait until your child is nine or ten and teach him in about ten seconds. And books books and schooling things like this can wait. I know what the hard concept. But it makes sense doesn't it. If we can help their minds to develop the way that God has designed them to in the beginning. Once they hit the age. Joshua showed the research. When it's ready. They are going to expel. And it's going to be less stressful for them. It's going to be fun for them it's not going to be this constant battle between mom and student to get the kids to sit down and do the school board. They're going to excel and enjoy it because their minds are going to be at a place where they're ready to learn it. So. Let's go outside with the children I ask for a couple of volunteers we're going to bring these flat the flowers out here. We've already got dirt out there in the pot. And we're going to use some of our physical ability to dig in the dirt a little bit. Plant the pot plants a little bit and talk with our children about the concept that we're learning things are now get this media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon sleeve visit. W W W dot audio first. Dot org.


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