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Jesus: The Good Shepherd

Chester Clark III


During the pontiff’s recent visit to the United States his aircraft was referred to as “Shepherd One.” In this message Pastor Clark looks at the beautiful biblical evidence confirming that Jesus is our Good Shepherd!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • October 3, 2015
    11:30 AM
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You know as I was preparing for this morning sermon over the last couple of weeks. Couldn't help but notice the event in the world that were going on around us and probably like you. I couldn't help of follow some of those events. Historic events. As the the. The leader of the. The Church of Rome the Roman Catholic Church. Made his journey to America to lay out his priorities and his burdens. Before the American people. Now being an aviation buffs I couldn't help but be interested in the aviation side of things easy and. I learned that the pope doesn't have his own airplane. Like the president does. He has no air force one. But he has a put. When he travels he arranges or leases an aircraft. And he arrived then Drew's Air Force Base on an Alitalia plane. And the. This is a flight that the pope is on is referred to as. Shepherd. One not Air Force One but shepherd one. That's the reference that this plane is referred to by. Now once he was in America he no longer had his Italian palettes with him. An American Airlines. Triple seven was least for this purpose and. I couldn't help but follow it once or twice I looked online to see where this plane was November seven seven six alpha November with its call sign and. We could try to follow it as it went from Dallas up to Andrews Air Force Base to pick him up and then for a man who's Air Force Base it went up to Philadelphia and then from Philadelphia. Back over to Rome. And it took him back home. Now. This is this image that the optics of the world. Being so enamored by. What was happening in Rome was in Washington was hard to miss. It was hard to miss but I have a personal conviction you won't hear me here. Preach a lot of sermons on these type of topics because I really believe. I really believe that what God is waiting for in the second coming is not so much what happens in Rome or Washington. But what happens in our hearts. I'm a firm believer that the second coming is not being held hostage by Rome or Washington. In fact it's being delayed by God's people. And the Bible tells us in Romans chapter eight that all of creation is travailing and groaning. Together until now. And it says it's waiting for a manifestation of the sons of. God. It's a waiting for the real character of Christ. To be revealed. You see my focus needs to be not on the quote unquote Holy Father but on the Heavenly Father. My focus needs to be not on the man of sin but on the Son of man. Not on Shepherd One but on the one shepherd. And that's the focus that we're going to have today we want to look at Jesus' words. When he says. I am. The Good Shepherd. He is not an impostor he is not the counterfeit. He is not the one trying to subdue subvert the glory that belongs to God and take it to himself. Jesus is the real thing. He says I am. The Good Shepherd John Chapter ten. Is our passage to start with here today. John Chapter ten and before we begin I just invite you to buy your head for an additional word of prayer. Father in heaven. Today we thank you that we have the opportunity to open your word. We thank you. The we serve a God who is alive and well and has sent his representative here on this earth the Holy Spirit. We thank you Lord. That he wants to speak to each one of us personally and directly that we can talk to you and that we can receive forgiveness of sins elevation. Directly from our Savior. From the throne of grace. From our High Priest. And today Lord. As we open your word we just want to pray that your spirit would teach us and guide us. We ask all this. We prayed in Jesus name Amen. John Chapter ten and. If you have your Bibles you can turn in there. I have some of the passage here on this. On the screen. And John Chapter ten Jesus is is giving it. People and. What a what a powerful passage this is you know some of the messages that we have the longest sermons that we have and. In Matthew five through seven Matthew twenty four and twenty five their very power packed and and full of meaning. John Chapter ten may not be as long as these messages but they're just as just as full of nutrition for us as we as we study it and as we eat it together. Now. Jesus says he's describing himself in a number of ways here in John Chapter ten. He described themselves not as the impostor not as the one who is trying to steal the sheep from the fold. But as a true shepherd. And he says. There's a real there's a there's a way to know who's the true shepherd and who's not. The Bible says in John Chapter ten in the first the verses versus He who does not enter the she pulled by the door but climbs up some other way. The stain. The same as a thief and a robber. You see there's evidently. There's evidently there's something that you must do in order to be the shepherd the true shepherd. There. There's some qualifications or prerequisites that must happen. And I believe that we're going to see here as we read the passage. We're going to read the passage we're going to find out how it is that Jesus is the real Shepherd and other people who claim to be the shepherd are counterfeits. He says here and he says it twice. He says. I am the Good Shepherd and he follows that up into different instances in John Chapter ten he follows that up with the phrase. The good shepherd lays down his life with the sheep or something along those lines and other words. Jesus has a right to enter the she told because he's the real Shepherd. And he's the one who would lay down his life for the she does the are you following. Now the the thief in the robber the one who doesn't come through the door who S to come up by some nefarious means that the for and robber is not willing to lay down his life for the sheep and he certainly hasn't laid down His life for the sheep. He there to get what he can get from the sheep. He's there to take what he can from the sheep. The true shepherd. Is there to give to the sheep. And so he has this discourse about the true shepherd versus a an impostor. The voice of a stranger for which is the verse versus the voice of a shepherd. And Jesus says in verse seven. Most assuredly does that I say to you I am the door of the sheep. Whoever came before marriage the eaves and robbers but the. The sheep did not hear them. I am the door if anyone enters by me. He will be saved and go in and out and find pasture and then we come to the days. Passage. And it says this here in John Chapter ten I am. The Good Shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He has a hired hand and not a shepherd who does not own the sheep sees the wolf coming and leads the sheep and flees and the wolf snatches and scatters them. He flees because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. You see my friends there is something that we have to learn here from this passage and I want to we're going to be looking at this pathogen. And some other passages of. Well we're going to try to see what we can learn about Jesus. From this passage Jesus is the true shepherd is the Good Shepherd. He's the one that. He says lays down his life for the she now. If we just start noticing the things that we learn here in this passage. We notice that the first characteristic of the Good Shepherd. As that he gives his life for the sheep. You know I have to sort of wonder Dewey if captive. Cappy. Cappy was a sheep dog. You know she'd dog just have this instinct in them. Of course I all dogs do. But I remember I've had a couple of sheep dogs and sheep dogs. And they have this instinct of protection. Right there the protectors. Maybe they learned that from watching the shepherds. Maybe they learned that I remember I was in the. The hillsides of Italy one time climbing in some of the talian mountains and near the Waltons in valleys and. I came across a flock of sheep there's no shepherd to be found but there's a sheep dog there. And that sheep dog was watching over that flock of sheep and let me tell you I wasn't getting anywhere near any of those sheep. That sheep dog I think is mirroring the dedication that he's seen in the life of the shepherd and. I found myself after the children story wondering what happened to Cappy I soon. He escaped the train as well yes he did OK. That said to put that to rest I was worried about worrying about that. So the good shepherd gives his life for this she. The Good Shepherd is not there to see the sheep just as assets to be to be to be his livelihood. The Good Shepherd. Cares about what happens to each and every one of his sheet. Now the story is told here in the Bible. Of not just this passage of the of the Good Shepherd. But the story is told of the. The shepherd who had ninety and nine. In the fold remember that parable. Yet ninety nine say from the full then there was one missing. One missing. Now one sheep out of ninety nine What is that it's only one percent is a small fraction. I mean sheep. Multiply don't say. They often have two lambs. Is a season and a Good Shepherd knows that his flock is going to continue growing but that one sheep was of such a value in the parable such value that the Good Shepherd. Left the Fuld. And he went looking for that one last she. I wanted and I want you to know friend of mine today. That no matter who you are no matter where you've been you that you are of immense value. To the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd cares about your life. Oh it may just. You may just be a lamb and in significant lamb lost on the mountainside but the heart of God is not complete until he's found that last thing he cares about you. He cares about what you're going through. He cares about each one so. Individually so much that he's willing to give his life for the sheet. This is not any ordinary shepherd this is the Good Shepherd. We're talking about here. We notice. Not only is Jesus the Good Shepherd. But he's also a week we continue on and we see that. He gives his life for the sheep and. He's near in times of crisis and danger here in John Chapter ten and verse verse twelve it says but a higher Ling who is not of the shepherd not the shepherd who one who does not own the she sees the wolf coming and leave the sheep and fleas. And the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. What do you need a shepherd for in good times. What do you need a shepherd for when there's no danger. By definition a good shepherd. Is there. In times of crisis. And in times of need. That is what Jesus is defining makes a good shepherd. He says I am the Good Shepherd and. And you can count on this one thing that in times of crisis in times of need in times of danger. In times of questions in times of uncertainty. The Good Shepherd is there. He's there to help. He's there to rescue he's there to save. He's there to comfort the Bible says a verse thirteen the hireling flees because he is a higher Ling. And does not care about the sheep the inference is very strong. The Good Shepherd. Cares about the she. He's contrast ing the difference between a good shepherd. And a higher Ling. Someone who's just filling the role of a shepherd Oh it's easy when times are going well but let that time of danger come and the Good Shepherd is what we want. The Good Shepherd is what we need. And thankfully. The Good Shepherd is what Jesus says I am the Good Shepherd. I give my life for the sheep. For each one everyone every single one. Is that important to me. I care and I'm there in times of crisis. In times of danger. The Bible says that the Good Shepherd. Does not abandon his own. But the good shepherd. Is there. When we need him the passage continues here in John Chapter ten and he says in verse fourteen. I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own and my own know me. Just as a father knows me and I know the father and I lay down my life for the sheep you understand that it's a little odd here isn't it the Jesus is being redundant. Do you find it. If Jesus was just. If Jesus was just writing this. You might think well we are do you read I am the Good Shepherd. Lardy read that. That he gives his life for the she but Jesus here is speaking to a multitude of people and they're trying to have it sink into their consciousness right there trying to understand what Jesus meaning and Jesus repeat himself. I find it interesting I wish I could hear Jesus preached. Don't you don't you wish Jesus would just be here today and Bishop be able to tell us what's on his heart and person. I think Jesus was an excellent communicator. Jesus. Realized when people heard and understood and I can only imagine as Jesus's scanning his audiences he's speaking there about the sheep in the shepherd and maybe there's there's a maybe there's something going on you know maybe maybe one of the kids started talking really loud or maybe a baby started crying or maybe they just saw someone sort of glassing over and getting distracted. You know sometimes people. Back then they got sleepy. When they were listening to someone talk for a long time. And I can just sort of a Madge and. Jesus realizing that somebody missed just one little thing that he said. And it was so important. He would say it again just for them. I am the Good Shepherd. Maybe they miss that parties and go back again. You thinking about what a good shepherd is versus the hireling. Let me remind you I'm talking about. I am the coach. A good shepherd. Lays down his life for his sheep and. He says here. I lay down my life. For the sheep. For this reason the father loves me because I lay down my life that I might take it again what can we learn from this passage. First of all we notice. The Jesus knows His sheep. You see that. It's not as though Jesus just came. Categorically universally to die for planet Earth. Yes I do believe he'd He tasted death for every man I do believe that got that God Himself. Again paid the ransom for our souls all of us. Ball pleads to his readers that we receive not the grace of God in vain. Another word everyone has been a recipient of to some degree of the grace of God through Jesus Christ. But I want you to know Jesus did not just die for the earth. The World. The human race. Jesus died for you. And he died for me. He says here the. The shit Good Shepherd knows he may have a hundred sheep in his fall but he knows an individual leading. Anyone who's grown up with animals or been around animals you know that each animal has its own personality. Its own characteristics its own mannerisms. And I don't know about you know I've never had a lot of pet mice or those type of animals but I know when it comes to dogs and cats and and goats and horses and even chickens. They have personality. They have their own way of doing things their own way of relating to people and in their lives and they each are unique and we as human beings. Jesus says look I know. I know when a sparrow falls and huge human beings we human beings were of much greater value than many sparrows. Jesus knows. Each of us individually. Oh sometimes I just in to be reminded that Jesus knows me. It's not just about. You know an idea in heaven my record books or something. No I am an individual you are an individual in the Bible says Here Jesus is here. I know my sheep. And they know me. I know my sheep. And they know me you. The Good Shepherd knows and has known he repeats him self here when he says he's lays down his life for the sheep. The sheep care the shepherd cares about the sheep. A few weeks ago we read the verse and Romans chapter eight. And where it says. If God before us. Who can be against us and then and then it goes on to say listen before of God spared not his son. But delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him freely give us all things. Then click Asian is very strong the message is very clear. If Jesus is willing to go to Calvary for you and for me. If he's willing to lay down his life for the sheet. If God so loved the world that he was willing to give his only begotten son. If all of those things are true then we should know one thing for certain. He has and a vested interest in a. He's not going to stop at in the other blessing he will give to. He has given his life for the sheep. He's invested in us. He cares about us. He knows he knows us individually. We see further in this passage. An amazing truth and I this is something that I cannot wrap my mind around. But it says here in John Chapter ten. It says right here in black and white I think it's in your bible too. And some verse seventeen John Chapter ten a verse of a teen if you want something to just take home from church. And to try to dwell upon and to do to ruminate over and just to try to try to get your mind to grasp but this is what Jesus said. Therefore my father loves me. Now therefore we have to ask the word what we have to ask the question. When we see the word therefore. What is it there for right. It's a connecting a word sort of like a conjunction and so when we see the word therefore we have to ask was it therefore was it what is going busts before what's what's the preceding thought that Jesus was giving Jesus says. I am the Good Shepherd I give my life with the sheep I have other sheep I'm going to bring this should be one for old and one shepherd. And he says Therefore my father loves me because he says. I lay down my life that I may take it again. Because tells us the cause and effect relationship. The cause and effect relationship in this verse teaches us one. Amazing fact. This fact. Dates it tells us that. Of course God loves Jesus already. But God love Jesus. Even more because he was willing to die for you and for me. Think about that for a little while. Usually I think about it this way usually this is my train of thought I usually think something like this. I must be very valuable to God the Father. Because afterall. His son was given for me so now I must be very valuable. Now is that wrong. I don't think I think that's true I think that I think that God must love me and I must be valuable because the father's a gave His Son to die for me. But this is I think what Jesus trying to say if I can try to explain it in short words possible. I think Jesus trying to say look you're the father loves you so much that when I chose to give my life for you. He came to love me even more not the other way around. Is not you know. The father really loves you because I gave my life for you. It's the Father loves you so much that when I chose to be the one to be. The willing sacrifice. To come of the lamp flame from the foundation the world. When I made that decision. My father loves me even more. Now that tells me how much the father loves. He loves me so much. The Jesus isn't dear to him because he was willing to be my sacrifice and to die in my place. What an amazing amazing God. We have. Do you think he loves us. I believe he does. Another passage that's well known about the Good Shepherd. David is describing the Lord as the Good Shepherd. And he says unsolved up to twenty three in vs one through three The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures He leads me beside still waters he restores my soul. He leaves me in paths of righteousness. For his namesake So what are the qualities the qualifications the characteristics of the Good Shepherd according to Psalm twenty three. Psalm twenty three is is describing that same Shepherd. That Jesus is describing when he says I am the Good Shepherd the good shepherd gives his life for is cheap notice we see here in Psalm twenty three that the Good Shepherd. Provides for my needs. You know sometimes we go through stages in life where we have different needs. When we're a baby. We need our parents very much. To care for our needs right. Physical needs. When we are perhaps you know leaving home and in school or maybe just out on our own we have. We have certain needs right. And all along the way. The Bible says The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. I won't lack anything that I need. That's an amazing promise. David said I've been told I've been young but I've not seen the right is lacking or is seed big bread. Right. God provides for needs How does he do it I don't know. He has a thousand ways we haven't even thought of yet. He provides in ways that we don't expect. We tend to be on the other hand very self-sufficient and we want not only to have our needs provided a head of time. But also our wants and we get worried if we don't have all of the things that we need ahead of time provided for us. But somehow there's peace and rest and just recognizing the truth. That the Lord as our shepherd will provide for all of our needs. He'll he will. I shall not want David expresses this confidence. The Lord is my shepherd. I won't lack anything that I need. He makes me lie down and green pastures the leaves me behind the side. The still waters David knew about being a shepherd and. David knew what the role of a shepherd was. David knew that a shepherd needed to lead a sheep to where there was good food to eat. He needed to eat lead is sheep away from the poisonous plants that could of good be a danger to them. He needed to perhaps dam up as a stream to make a comp will so the sheet could drink out of. David knew all those things because David had been the shepherd and. During this time in his life as he's reflecting on his relationship with God. David realizes the Lord is the true shepherd he's the good shepherd. And all the things that I used to do for the sheep he does for me. I hope that each of us can say that the Lord is my shepherd. Because if we can say The Lord is my shepherd. We can also say. I shall know. I shall not want. He says. And he goes on here that. He says in Chapter two twenty three and verse three. He restored my soul. He leads me in the path of righteousness for his namesake. Now this. Restores my soul do you wonder sometimes what that means. I mean restoration means the bringing it back to a previous state right. It means it means a to to repair or to to return to a previous conditions. And when J. when. When David says he restores my soul I have to wonder if he didn't look back on his life and say you know there are times in my life where I made bad decisions. But the Lord is my good shepherd is my true shepherd. Here we store XM I sold. He brings me back to the condition he would want me to be in. I want you to look in your Bibles keep your fingers here in some twenty three. But I want you to look and Jol chapter two. When I think of restoration I think of this verse. Jol chapter two. And verse twenty five it's a it's a powerful verse. Joel itself is an amazing story it's a sort of like a parable or lot of symbolism in Joel. Joe the minor prophet but he doesn't have a minor message he talks about how how God's people are being destroyed by these. He uses the the. The pests. The locusts and the worms in the droughts and all of these things that are destroying the productivity and God's people. And as we read it today we read these things as symbolic of the spiritual curses. The path that rob us of our lives and but there's a tremendous promise in Joel Chapter two after talking about how the people of God are so vain quick shift by these pests that are allowed to come upon them. If they'll just turn. It will just turn to God. He will do a work in their lives. That an amazing work of restoration and Job Chapter two in verse twenty five. It says so I will resort to you. The years that the swarming locust has eaten the crawling Locust the consuming locusts the chewing locusts. My great army which I sent among you you see God is saying look I I allowed hard times and difficulties to come into your life when you are wandering away from me. So that you would turn to me. But I've got a plan. I'm going to restore you. I'm going to restore to you the years that were waste. I'm going to restore to you the damage that was done. That good news or what. That's oppression. Promised that God is a real god of restoration. And he says here in verse three. Of Psalm twenty three. He we store is my soul. He leads me in path of righteousness. For his name say. The Ever wonder how to live your life to seem hard. The Lord. As the Good Shepherd. Promises to direct our footsteps. Into right just living. That's a promise that you and I can claim a promise that you and I can know is ours but Psalm twenty three continues it says even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I Will Fear No Evil. For your with me. Your rod and these are your staff. They comfort me we see here in this passage that. That the Good Shepherd removes fear from our heart. Aren't you thankful for the good shepherd. Oh we don't know about the future but he does. He's never caught by surprise. And he says though I walk through the valley of the shadow that I will fear no evil there's one thing that a proverbially is true of all of us that we can't avoid That's death and taxes right. But the reality is each of us are going to face those times of crisis those times that are referred to here as the. The valley of the shadow of death. Every single one of us. If Jesus doesn't come. Is going to have that experience. And the good shepherd. He says he's with me. We don't need to fear. During those times. We see that the rot in the staff sometimes thought of as two tools of punishment for hate. David says they comfort me. I appreciate them. I think. I think there's several things we can learn about the Good Shepherd from this. I think that one we can learn that the Good Shepherd. We don't have to worry about things like the judgment when we're. When we have the Good Shepherd do. Some people think all the judgement we're living in the judgement. And I believe we are living the our judge my wing the serious time to be alive. But I don't think we need to be afraid. Because we have a good shepherd. And his rod and his staff they're not meant for our pain. They're meant for our protect. We also sometimes. Remember that those who I love I rebuke and chasten right. And God sometimes allows those difficulties we might consider at the outcome of his rod and staff. But he allows those difficulties trials even painful experiences. To come into our lives. Because he wants to bring greater good out of them. I'll tell you one thing. I want to be. I want to be saved in his eternal can. And even if it means by some chastening. That's pretty knows it's profitable for me. I want that experience. The rod. And the staff David says they comfort me. He goes on in verse five he says you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil. My cup. Overflows who anoint who prepares a table for me. You know. Just recently I had an experience where I was involved with an individual not a member of this church. But individual who was falsely accused of. Of of great wrongdoing and. Because of this. This individual the cues. Involvement in ministry. It became necessary for a board that I was on to look into the situation. And a try to see where these accusations true. Were these reports. Founded or not and we had. And we talked to a number of people and came to the conclusion that this were these accusations were were without merit that it was not true that his ministry was being attacked. So we went to the individual we finally talked to the person accused as well. But all of a sudden they wanted to know who the accusers were. Now hopefully it was just because they wanted to try to work things out in the navigable Bashan. But there was also mention of lawyers and other things and. And we felt like you know what we don't. We don't need to go there. We don't need to go there. And in studying it actually. It just came to an end as last week ahead and meeting with the individual and. And in studying the. The council we've been given we're told you know don't try to don't try to protect your own reputation. People will say things about you. People make accusations. But. And one plays on White says it's a it's a it's a week. House that needs to be propped up. Do your thing live your life and allow your own life to take care of any accusations that have come. God will take care of your reputation. And here I think this is really what David is talking about the only reason I bring it up that I really think that we're going to going through David mind. I mean David had made mistakes made no didn't make no doubt about it. You know I'm thankful. I've made mistakes too I thank God forgives our mistakes. I am. David knew that he wasn't Fall us. But if you read a saw him he also realise that people said things about Dave that weren't true. People made false accusations. And David prayer is not Lord help me to avenge my enemies. David's purrs always rather Psalms Lord. You a Vinge. My enemies. Right. That's his prayer. And here he says the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd takes care of us. When he says you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies I think what's going through David's head in this those people that have been falsely accusing they're going to know one day that my heart was right. And I was right with God and God is the one who is going to honor me before the world. When I was being used by those very individuals. That makes sense. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. I think that's what a god is what David is talking about the Good Shepherd takes care of our reputation. He says you prepare a table before him in the present an image you anoint my head with oil. My cup. Overflows I wish we could spend the whole sermon hate on each part of this passage but you get the idea. Jesus is The Good Shepherd. And Jesus is looking after his she saw him twenty three and verse five we learn that God David David as it says he removes fear from our hearts. He delivers us from our enemies. He restored our reputation. And in verse six. We see Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. All the days of my life. And I shall dwell in the House of Lord how long before ever. I think that the best part. The best part is the not this of the Lord is my shepherd during these short years of life that we have on planet Earth. The best news that the Lord is my shepherd. Forever. Oh I'm looking forward to meeting Jesus in person. I don't think he's going to be coming on a chartered plane. Although from an aviator standpoint I have to say I wonder what his call sign is not. Air Force One. Not shepherd one. The second coming. It's going to be. Gabriel's trumpet. One I think. And when the clouds. Part and this. The sky parts and that cloud becomes that hope of all the edges what Paul called the blessed that hope. When when Jesus comes. You and I will look up and we're going to say. The Good Shepherd is here. The one who looked after us the one who cared for us the one who provided for us. The one who loved us the one who died for us the one we belong to. What a day of rejoicing that will be the Bible says that. In Matthew chapter twenty five on that day the Lord is going to say he's in a ship separate the sheep from the goats. He's a shepherd still. The separate separate the sheep from the goats. And to those on his right hand the sheep he says Come you blessed of my father. Enjoy the kingdom. Prepared for you. Are you thankful that we have a good shepherd. Not just about life you're on the surface. Although it's wonderful. It's about eternal life. God wants us to be his sheep he wants to be our shepherd. He wants Jesus wants to be the one who is the King and Lord of our lives. Let's pray Father in heaven today we just thank you. That is we've looked the last few weeks and Jesus different characteristics in descriptions of this wonderful. Savior. We're thankful that you are still. The Good Shepherd. Thankful that you gave your life not. Not just for the sheep not just for the world you gave your life for me. You gave your life for every single one. You know them personally. Individually. Lord. Whatever we. Whatever we may experience whatever we may be going through we know that you will be our shepherd throughout all of eternity. And we just pray that we like David might have that confidence that we will dwell in the House of Lords for what a day of rejoicing that will be. We pray to Jesus might be our show today. His name with this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. 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