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Jesus: Older Brother

Chester Clark III


Adopted into the family of God, we become joint heirs with Christ – our older Brother! But this relationship is not just one of symbolism or figure – Jesus actually became a part of our human family, drawing close to us and experiencing what we experience, that He might understand our weakness and be not only our Savior and Lord, but our Example!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • October 10, 2015
    11:30 AM
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An old Indian proverb said that you don't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their moccasins. I think we talk about walking a mile in their shoes right. And the idea is that we don't understand what somebody is going through until we've gone through it ourselves. You know it's one thing for us to go and turn on the television and see people who are going through hard times. Probably you all have seen on the news some sort of a tragedy. I know I've seen. I've seen. Floods and sure teams and tornadoes all from the comfort of my home. On the street. I've seen it on the screen but there's nothing like seeing it in person. I remember I was one time I was in the Philippines. And I had heard about your canes I'd heard about tycoons and. I had never been through one though. And this time I was in the Philippines and they said this type one was coming and it was coming. We're hoping that we were going to be gone by the time it arrived because well you know it could complicate things a bit and where I was in the Philippines we had I had a group of young people there with me and we were staying up in this town. This more or less village up in the mountains and the largest how they rented the largest house in the town for us to stay in but it wasn't a very big house in there. And their way of looking at things is a pretty big house but when we got there I think there was twenty something of us. We got there and we look at the house and the family had moved out so that we could stay there for this weekend and there was like two rooms you know. And then the kitchen. And so we thought well. What are we going to do so we decided that we would put the girls in the house. Chivalrous as we were. And the men would stay outside and we actually got some bamboo and we went into the town we got some tarps. And we built a little should lean to shelter next to the house which is actually very roomy it was light a bit larger that walled. Well. TARP walls that went around it and and. This would be our our headquarters for the next few weeks while we were there and. So there we were. We were hearing the news that the typhoon was coming. But we were going to be leaving on Sunday. The typhoon was scheduled to come Saturday well Saturday we had Sabbath we had our. Our final meetings at a big baptism we had. We met with our churches we had a wonderful day and still no rain still no when that all sounded good Saturday night we went to bed it was going to we're going to have to leave it like six or seven o'clock in the morning to go down to the city to catch our flight and. About midnight. It came and I'll never forget the sound of that rain on that TARP. It was deafening It was pounding and. But everything was going fine we fell asleep to the sound of the rain pounding on the tarp. Until somehow during the night. Part of the TARP began to collect a puddle a pool. Now when that happens it starts to stretch and that and that happens to get the deeper pool and. All went well until about two o'clock in the morning. When that pool reached its fullest capacity or the bamboo reached its greatest strength. And all of a sudden a piece of bamboo snapped. And that. Tuttle that had been gaining great getting bigger and bigger on the tarp. Suddenly emptied. Right on to my bed. Now you would think the Philippines it be warm that was cold water let me tell you. It was cold water and. I was very thankful that I happened to be laying on my with my stomach because when it landed on to if it landed on my face I don't know what would've happened I mean. All that water coming down and. I was awake everyone was awake. We started trying to get our stuff out of the water trying to get. I remember I one of our. One of our team members Georgie's the. He's a Filipino guy that can fix everything. And so we look to find him and he had gone. He had he had abandoned his tent and had gone into the van to sleep. And with the with the thunder and the lightning in the rain the wind rocking the van. My pounding on the doors on the glass a did nothing to awaken him. And finally found the aroused him and we we we tried to dry out and and. That was the in the our sleep for that night. But you don't understand. Torrential rain downpour you don't understand a typhoon or her King. Until you've been through one. Until you've walked a mile in their shoes nor scripture today. And Hebrews Chapter two. It tells us here that in as much then as the children we back up a few verses and as much as the children have for to partake and of flesh and blood. Himself like why shared in the same. When you think you could work on the focus there a little bit. It's a little bit a little bit hard to read here from my perspective at least. The other way. Right there. Just passed. That's that might be a little easy to read OK and as much than as a children up for taking the flesh and blood he himself likewise shared in the saying that through death. He might destroy him who have the power of death that is the devil and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject the bondage. For indeed he does not give aid to angels. But he does give aid to the seed of Abraham is this good news about Jesus. He came to break the power of the devil. To give us liberty to release us to give us freedom and it says. Therefore in all things he had to be made like unto his what his brethren know who are his brother and. You remember when jesus jesus was literal brothers and sisters or half siblings. And his mother came to him to try to convince him to stop being so radical and start being more you know complicit with the religious leaders of the day and. And Jesus said Who are my mother and are my brother and he who does the will of my father now than they are mine. They are my mother. They are my brother and right. So here the Bible is referring to Jesus as our brother now this is an amazing thought. This is amazing God the Son of God God the Creator God would come and come to become a part of the human family. So that we can consider him. Our older brother I want to tell you one thing there are several things that distinguish. Christianity from other other worldviews. One thing that distinguishes Christianity is that Christianity teaches elevation. By grace instead of by group. Salvation by works. Every other religion teaches a salvation that comes by what we do solve a sion by were by grace through faith is the hallmark of Christianity but there's something else or something else. Christianity teaches that God became one of the. Now we've spent some time looking at Jesus as the Son of God What that means and how how God is. He is the Creator God I believe he's the creator god. But. But we cannot forget that not only was Jesus God He was also human. He became. He became a a human being a part of our family. Like our older brother. In all things he had to be made like his brother and that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest and things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being tempted. He is able to aid those who are tempted what is Paul trying to say your neighbors have to be trying to make an argument the argument is go something like this in order for Jesus to really be able to help us. He had to come and be like us so that you could understand us. In order for him to represent us. Before the haven't the throne. He has to be one of us. In order to give us a to see in our tempting times in our trials in our difficulties in our in our hardships in life. In our pain and our suffering that we go through Jesus had to experience that too in order that he might be a a bill to help those who are tempted. Today we're talking about Jesus. Our older brother. How closely did Jesus identify with fall in humanity. How closely did he did he come to understand who we are the incarnation of Christ is a mystery of all mysteries and. This is written by by one of my favorite authors saying the incarnation of Christ the mystery of all mysteries. The Bible even speaks of it as a mystery. I don't think however that means we should understand it. And I realize though. There are some things we won't completely understand. Will never for example be able to completely understand how Jesus could be one hundred percent God and one hundred percent man. We can't understand that we can't understand why he would choose to condescend to such a level that he would become one of us but I will say this. What the Bible says about that content. Condescension. We can believe. What the Bible teaches. We can teach. So I want to stay very close to scripture here. Without trying to split too many theological hairs but we are going to be talking about theological issues today we're going to talking about Jesus and how close he came to be a part of the human family how close did he come to us let's start our with our Bibles that he and John chapter one. And John chapter one we remember we've looked at this passage. Previously in this series. John chapter one we're going to look at how Jesus became incarnated we start in verse one. And we'll just take that review. John chapter one of verse one it says in the beginning was the word. And the Word was WITH God and the word what does it say the word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through him without him was not anything made that was made. That's the word. Now if we skip down to verse fourteen there's an amazing amazing statement made here. We can't really fully comprehend it but we're going to try to at least believe it. It says in verse fourteen the word became what. Flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only be gotten of the Father full of grace and truth. And order for God to show was his character. Because remember the great controversy between Christ and they'd been good and evil. The great controversy is a controversy over the character of God Is God a God of love. Can he be just and merciful and fair all the same time. Is his government based upon fair principles or is a lot unholy an unjust and unfair. And so there's a great controversy going on between the law of God and. And the character of God and the accusations that the enemy of God has brought against him. And in order for God to demonstrate his character. In order for God to say I'm not selfish. I am not self-seeking like like the enemy is like Satan is loose of are full of self. God himself would come and demonstrate a character of self-less. That's an amazing story. But that's what it says. The Word became flesh and blood clot among as white. So that we could be whole His character His Glory Glory is a code word. In the Bible for character. But we all agreed in chapter three verse eighteen but we always open face. Beholding isn't a glass the glory of the Lord was a talking about talking about his character right. We are changed from glory to glory. Even as by the spirit of the Lord. That's talking about our hearts becoming more like Jesus as we spend time looking at God's character. So Jesus came as a representation of the father's character of his Father's glory. And we be held his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father. Full of grace and truth verse eighteen says no want to sing God any time the father. Only the only begotten son who is in the bosom of the father he has declared him so Jesus came as a revelation of God's character. And Jesus came to show us what the. What the truth is like how to live a life of truth the Word became flesh now the question we have to ask ourselves is what is it talking about when it says The Word became flesh. Does that mean he became a human. Does it just mean he became a human now. There's a number of different ways that Jesus could have become human. But I want us to see in the Bible the new test and I want to see that the word flesh does not just mean he came with with the bones and tendons and muscles and hair follicles. He did he came with something more in fact that he identifies with in a way that he is able to identify with us. Let's look at how the word. Flesh is used in the New Testament and. I don't want to go beyond what the Bible says but I want to understand what the Bible says amen. And so we want to see what first Peter chapter four and verse one let's look at how this word flesh is used here in first Peter chapter four and verse one and and knew it when you're there please Amen. First Peter chapter four in verse one therefore since Christ suffered for us we know that he suffered for us right. How do we assume that he suffered for us when the Jesus suffer for us at the cross. OK. He suffered for us in the flesh. Arm yourselves Likewise with the same mind now. If the flesh simply means. Are our physical body a human body. Then so far we have no contradictions. Because it simply says that Jesus suffered for us in the flesh. Now I believe that Jesus suffered for us in the flesh he was nailed to a cross. That was a painful experience right. And so this would be a true statement to make at this point. With that understanding of the word flesh. But notice the next phrase. Arm yourselves Likewise with the same mine for he's who has suffered how in the flesh. Has what. Ceased from Sent. Now. Have you ever heard of the medieval practice believers. Practiced. Christians practice of torturing their bodies. Self flagellation. The reason they did these things they give the Bible says. That's how we become holy. He that has suffered in the flesh. Has was seized from say. So in other words if my only understanding of flesh is my physical body. I would have to agree that in order to be holy I have to torment my physical body. There must be more to this idea of flesh right. For he that has suffered in the flesh. Has ceased from sin. Let's look at some other passage and see if it becomes more clear. Glaciers chapter five. Glaciers chapter five. And verse twenty four. The way sions five and verse twenty four were going to see what the Bible says about the flesh. They and the. If we back up a few verses here in verse nineteen we're going to see a number of things. Now it says verse one thousand the works of the flesh are evident which are adultery fornication uncleanness lewdness idolatry sorcery hatred contentions jealousy outbursts of Wrath selfish ambitions dissensions there is these India murders drunkenness rebels. Revelries and the like. That's not a very very church friendly list is it. That's not a very as not a very good list of things that we want these are the works of the flesh it says well we know. Human beings do these things. It says. Which I told you before hand just as I told in the path of the those who practice these things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Verse twenty two but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering kind is just goodness. Faithfulness gentleness self-control again such there is no law. So there's a contrast here between the works of the what works the flesh. And the works of the Spirit. And the works of the spirit her bag work the flesh are bad things the work of the Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit are good things. And notice what it says here in verse twenty four. It says. Those who are Christ's have crucified the what. Flesh with its passions and desires. Now this is how Paul is using the word flesh. He's not talking specifically about our corpus body our our physical. You know our our nail fall of goals and our are our teeth and our eyeballs in not talking about those things he's talking about the. The fall in nature that we have the desires that we have that need to be crucified. I want you to understand those who are Christ have crucified the flesh. That does not mean that we flicked physical pain to our body. I was reading here recently about a an individual who. I think it's on Good Friday. Every year. I think he's done it like twenty years he's literally crucified. It's a not in this country it's in another country where there are where the where the where the root. Practice or observance of Good Friday is more culturally important and the predominant religion. But the. He's literally for like twenty four years had nails. Driven through his arms. And when I read his testimony said you know I feel so close to God from doing these things and. I just have to say well I can understand a guess a little bit how they came to this looking at these passages. But it's not how I think God intended us to understand these passages those who have suffered in the flesh of C.S. from sin not to because they've been crucified literally. Those who are Christ of crucified the flesh with the affections of us not being nailed to a wooden cross. But by saying. I choose making a choice. Instead of following those things that their their fallen nature tells them to do they have now through the process of New Birth chosen to be born again. And to fall of the into the spirit Now let's let's let's just notice that I want. Before you accept what I have to say I want you to just look at some other bible verses that will teach at the same things so those who are cries of crucified the flesh with the passions and. And the desires. Glacier in chapter two. And verse twenty looking back a few verses. Gratian chapter two. And verse twenty and. This is what Paul says An earlier in his letter to the curb. To the Ladens I have been crucified with Christ literally or spiritually. Spiritual he's not talking about a literal because of edges I have been crucified with Christ. And the life. It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me and other words there's an experience that you and I should have of crucifixion. There's a there's an experience that you and I should have of of suffering in the flesh. And it's not self legislation. It's not being nailed to a cross. It's having the experience of the old man dying being crucified. And the new man Jesus Christ being on the throne of our hearts. The throne of our lives. We are not only to call Jesus are saved your. But we're to call him. Our Lord as well Romans chapter eight is one of those passages that makes is abundantly clear. Look at me and Romans chapter eight we won't take the time to to look at Romans Chapter seven at that passage we've we've spent some time here in Romans already. Together. But in Romans chapter eight. We're just going to start verse one and I want you to see the contrast. The Paul draws between living after the flesh and living after the Spirit. Verse one there is there for now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who was who do not walk according to the what. Flesh. But according to The Spirit for the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law. Could not do and that was weak through the flesh. Let me just stop your I have to I have to sort of explain how I understand this and you can study it on your own but I understand that the law only tells us that were sinners. The law can never give us the experience of victory over our weaknesses. You understand that the walk condemns us it cannot save us. But the law for the. For what the law could not do verse three and I was weak through the flesh God did by sending his own son. In the what does it say. Likeness of simple flesh on account of sin. He condemned sin in the flesh. That the righteous requirement of the law. Might be fulfilled in us. Who do not walk according to the flesh but according the spirit how I understand this passage. And I want to be very clear here today is I speak on this I want to be very clear I did not believe that Jesus in every instance in every aspect. Had the exact same experience that you and I had have. Jesus never participated in sin. That clear. Jesus never himself. Lived. Selfishly. He never part took of sin he never cultivated habits of sin like you and I have cultivated. There are some differences. Some very distinct differences. But what I see the Bible here saying is that Jesus. In order to show us that there's no excuse for selfish living. He came and became one of us ally in our own nature. And he became over and overcome or so that he could make us. Overcomers. In in in our experiences a day for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of central flesh and force and can see condemned sin in the flesh. But the righteous requirement a lot might be fulfilled in us. Who do not walk according to the flesh. But according to Spirit. Now notice don't go on down. And it says in verse nine for you are not in the flesh but in the spirit. If indeed this Spirit of God dwells in you. Verse ten. And if Christ is in you the body the flesh is dead because of sin remember that crucifixion part. But the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead. Wells and you. He who raise cries from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit which dwells in you I want you to understand something very clearly. I want you to understand that in my mind. Christianity is no good if it does nothing. That self-help books cannot do. If your religion has nothing miraculous about it. It's not worth its salt religion ought to be a miracle. Jesus Christ came to perform a miracle. And the miracle that he is comparing the. This to the miracle. That happens in our life that Paul is comparing this to is the miracle of Jesus being raised from the dead. Is that America. The Spirit of God the power of God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. And Paul says that same power ought to be experienced in your life. It's a miracle friend all I need that miracle. I need that miracle. If I just are Clark I'm going to be saved at last it's not because I've been able to do anything right. It's going to be only because of a miracle. And oh I need that miracle on a daily basis. That crucifixion of my old man. And that resurrection of of a new man with the power of the resurrection of Christ in my life and always we have that experience. Paul is arguing. We won't be living after the flesh. But we'll watch the walking after the Spirit. Very therefore brethren. Based upon what he just said verse twelve. We are debtors. Not to the flesh. To live according to the flesh you don't have to follow what our human nature tells us we ought to do. Because Jesus came. And in the flesh she overcame sin. So that he could make us. Overcomers as well so that the righteous requirements of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. Therefore brother we are not debtors of less to live according to the flesh for you live according to the flesh you will die. But if by the Spirit you put to death there it is again crucified with Christ crucified the flesh with the affections enough. Less if through the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body. You will live for as many as are led by the Spirit of God. These are the sons of God. Cross Reference right here. Cross reference a very important verse in Romans chapter eight. Let's not go to John chapter. First John yet. Cross reference in your Bibles. John chapter one and verse twelve. I love this passage. Compare these two passages together. John Chapter. Romans chapter eight. And verse verse verse. Fifty four hundred says for as many as are led by the Spirit of God. These are the sons of God is that sound difficult to be led by the Spirit of God to of crucified the flesh it does. But John chapter one and verse twelve says to as many as received him talking about Jesus. To as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the what does it say. The sons of God. So the. It's through. The power of Jesus through seating him as our Savior. Who the power of Jesus Christ. That we can have the experience of being led by this. Beard God and be called the Sons of God No offense ladies. You're going to be sons too. And in this sense. In this sense. In the Hebrew mind the sons are errors. And we all become heirs of the Kingdom of God Jesus becomes our elder brother. Now. Somehow Here I got ahead of myself. So we're going to go back here to first. Peter. Chapter four. I'm sorry first John chapter four and verses one through three. First John chapter four and verses one through three. Let's just see what it says here. First John chapter four. You see when Jesus came and was here on Earth. People had a real hard time believing he was really God. I mean is not this. The carpenter's son. We know him. We know his sisters and his brothers. And the they said. Can Jesus really be God. After Jesus left the question is Was Jesus really meant was Jesus really man. Now they believe he's God but was he really men. And so. And in first John chapter four there's a prophecy that is made here in his beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God. Because many false prophets of gone out in the world. By this you know the Spirit of God and He gives a colon there. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of got. And every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ come in the flesh is not of God. And this is a spirit of the and to Christ. Which you have already heard was coming and which is now already in the world by the way. I have. I have I've heard of of Christians today who are looking for the anti-Christ in the future. John here make the hard you meant that the spirit of the end of Christ is already in the world. That Paul Paul would make a similar argument he said the. The mystery of iniquity is already at work. The seeds of the great Christian apostasy. Was already making inroads into the Christian church and Paul said I knows soon as I'm gonna soon as apostles are gone. Grievous wolves are going to enter in the flock. There will be among some will arise among you who will seek to to bring disciples after themselves. So there's a spirit of anti-Christ some people as well K. Well we know what you believe is anti-Christ Chester. So how does the anti-Christ teach that Jesus did not come in the flesh. In fact. It absolutely does in fact. If you look at the teachings of the Christian church in the Middle Ages. You will find that much of its falshood stems by a misunderstanding of Jesus coming. And his incarnation. There. There are very few who would have said the Jesus did not become a human. But there are very many who would say Jesus did not become a human like us. Now let's look at it the. The the theology of the original sin. Now. I want to be very clear here sometimes we start talking about the ology different things mean different things to different people there are definitions of it original sin that I would believe Jesus. The Bible teaches us that Adam sinned and we all have I fall in human nature because of Adam's sin. But when I say original sin here way Augustine to find it. He decides to find it not only as a propensity or a weakness that we inherit from Adam but a guilt. In other words we all were in Adam and we all are guilty of committing Adam's sin. That is the teaching that Augustine developed. Augustine of Hippo the great theologian in the in the early church. Later early church and six century and. This is a this is a teaching that influenced church doctrine to a great degree and by the way it also influenced Protestants. To a great degree also but Luther and Calvin were largely influenced by by Augustine and his writings. The guilt of Adam. We all inherit. And so because of that they are argument is Jesus could not have been born into the human race as we are born into the human race now we please make it very clear in your mind I'm not saying he was born exactly. He was the. He and Mary was born. It was a virgin birth that's something that we haven't in our history. And number two was conceived by the Holy Spirit. In other words. Jesus from the very beginning was filled with the whole. The Spirit. I think the closest I can give an illustration and. And some of this becomes mysterious but the closest I can illustrate is Jesus was born. As we are born again. He was born with the Holy Spirit. Did Jesus have an advantage in the fight against evil. Over a human being who isn't converted Absolutely he was filled with the Holy Spirit but does Jesus have an advantage that we can't have. If we are filled with always been born again. Then the answer becomes. No Jesus actually came and was born. But the doctrine of Augustine. Required some additional theology. And this is what it required not only was Jesus born of the Holy Spirit. So as God's side would have been perfect but in order for him to be born in humanity. And not be a sinner himself. Guilty of Adam's sin and needing as they were to die for him. Just by virtue of being born. He somehow had to have some sort of a disassociation from the geneology ahead of him. He had to be spared. The inheritance that you and I receive. And so there was a new teaching developed to call the immaculate conception of the ever heard of that. What is the macula conception. The Magna conception is that not only was Jesus born sinless and without a human nature like we have Mary was first by some miracle born as a super human being not a sinner. She was a holy person. She was spared the genetics. That you and I have now this is what the catechism a Catholic Church states and. This is actually in in a papal teaching from eight hundred fifty four Pius the ninth. And when. When the teaching of Mary was it was written explicitly restated. By the church. The most blessed of Virgin Mary was from the first moment of her conception not Jesus conception. From the first moment of her conception. By a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God. And by virtue of the merits of could Jesus Christ Savior of the human race. Sprees oeuvre immunity from all stain of original sin. That the Immaculate Conception. You understand. Now they macula conception led to something else in the church. It led to the idea that Mary was sort of a co-redeemer of the world. Mary worship or Mary. Mereology became a part of the church because they said this Mary was a miraculous Pew man being. Now. I don't believe that. I believe Mary was was was chosen by God she must've been a special human being but she wasn't born. Different than the other children in her neighborhood. She wasn't born with different genetics. She didn't come to insulate Jesus from the flesh. In fact the Bible says that Jesus came and became incarnate in the flesh. So not only did the. The guilt of. Adam this concept of regional center lead to the MAC of conception it lay led to Mary worship. His. Let let me read with you a little a little more from Pius the night in His Word the infallible God in eight hundred fifty four that all the children of the Catholic Church were so very dear to us here these words of ours with a and the children the Catholic Church are who by the way. It's the Protestants who of those sort of rebellious children but with a still more ardent of zeal for piety religion and love let them continue to venerate invoke and pray to the most bless and merge in Mary Mother of God conceived without original sin. Let them fly with utter confidence to the Sweet mother of mercy and grace in all dangers difficulties need doubts and fears. Under her guidance under her patronage. Under her kindness and protection nothing is a be feared Nothing is hopeless. Because while bearing toward as a truly motherly affection and having her care the work of our salvation. She is solicitous about the whole human race. And since she has been appointed by God to be the queen of heaven and earth. And as exalted above all the choirs of angels and saints even stands the right hand of her only begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord. She presents are partitions in a most efficacious. Manner. When she when she asks. She obtains her please. Can never be unheard at all came about because of an attempt to isolate Jesus. From humanity. Jesus didn't quite reach all the way to where we were. He needed Mary. To make the last. That last link to mankind. And this is. This is the result of this teaching. By the way. This concept of us being born. Guilty is what resulted in the practice of infant baptism. Because it would believe that by baptizing the infants you could absolve that original sin. From Adam. And they could. They could be saved from that. Even while they were not yet able to make a decision. This teaching also brought about a human. Priesthood. Because a. Jesus who is not like us. Cannot fully represent us. There needed to be holy men. Mediators by the way we could add to that saints and others to pray to who could go between us and Jesus Mary there yes but that we needed. Others. We needed people who could. Who could come between us and God and and fill in that missing link between us and heaven. Now these. These are teachings of I believe are false teachings. As a result of a false understanding of who Jesus is. And finally we come to the conclusion based upon the idea that that Jesus was different than us and did not become like us the life that Jesus lived. Not necessarily the life that we can live in other words. Christians are just forgiven not perfect I believe that. But we don't need to worry so much about an inner lives. God. Example doesn't give us a miraculous change of heart. We can just live the way we're going to live and expect Jesus. To just cover our sin. You understand what I'm saying. Do you understand of this all stems from a misunderstanding of the flesh. First John chapter four said this. Every spirit that is not confessed to Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of anti-Christ. Which he said was already in the world. In fact I believe. I believe that Jesus did come in the flesh. I believe that Jesus did come to give us an example in fact. We read this and verse Peter chapter two in verse twenty one part of this where you called you were called because Christ also suffered for us. Leaving us awhile and example that you should follow in his steps now it wouldn't be very fair to leave as an example that we couldn't follow. Right. It would be very fair is that this is how you do it but oh I forgot you can't do it. That would be very fair at all. In fact Jesus gave an example thankfully. And I want to be very clear here. I fall short of that example. And I'm thankful. I'm thankful that God's grace covers us. When we are surrendered to him. Are we clear about that. I'm not trying to say we should go home and be down hearted because I'm not exactly perfectly like Jesus yet and I've already called myself a Christian no there's a growing experience and while we're growing God's grace covers are our weaknesses in our sins I I praise God that we can. We can be covered in His perfect rose. Robe of righteousness. That's the only way I'm going to be saved. But I want you to know that he doesn't want us to still wall zero in our mire. He wants to raises up to walk in heavenly places with him. He wants us to live as he lives. He wants us to walk and his example and he want to do something miraculous. In your life. And in my life. To make me the christian that. That he wants me to be. Jesus gave us an example that we should walk in his step. How did he do that he did it by demonstrating. That the flesh can be kept in check by the Spirit of God. And we don't have to follow the flesh. We can live by a miracle. With the Spirit of God. Dictating leading our hearts and minds. Those who are of Christ. Have crucified the flesh with six but with the with the affections and less. And so we find God HAS A A has given us an example. Why become our older brother. Number one to connect us fallen humanity with the Throne of God Number two to be able to understand our experience and needs to be our mediator and priest number three to give us an example of how we ought to live. Connected with the father. Even in our fallen human nature. The idea I want you to see today is not that old we ought to be perfect we got to do better I have I have failed the idea I want you to see today is how close to you Jesus has come in order to save you. I want you to understand that Jesus came to where we were to go where we are in order to save us. He did not become a sinner no. Except through my sin. He wore my sin. But he did become one of us are older brother. And he gave us. He gives us an example turn of me to Genesis Chapter twenty eight. Genesis Chapter twenty eight the story of just Jacob. Fleeing from his brother. Esau and. He has by treachery. He has deceived his father into giving him the birthright. And now his his older brother is is angry and. He is running for the life and. Genesis Chapter eight twenty eight in verse ten. It says. JACOB. Went over. Out from Beersheba and went down toward her ran. Verse eleven so he came to a certain place and stayed there all night because the sun had set. And he took one of the stones of that place and put it at his head a lay down in that place to sleep doesn't sound like a very comfortable night's rest. To me. He's had as has a pillow. A stone for a pillow. And it says in verse twelve he dreamed and behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reached. To haven't. And there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. What does this mean. What is God trying to tell Jacob. Down hearted and discouraged. An exile from his own home in his own family because of his mistakes in because of his sins. He's he's out of the middle of nowhere with nowhere to stay is his head is laying on a rock and God gives him a dream and there's ladders bases on the earth. Right next to my imagine. And it extends all the way to heaven. And the the the voice. Stood. Are the Lord stood above it burst thirteen and said. I am the Lord a God of Abraham your father. And the God of Isaac. The land on which you lie I will give your descendants. Also your dissonance shall be as the dust of the earth and you shall spread abroad to the west in the east the north and south and in you and in your feet all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Behold I am with you and will keep you wherever you go and I'll bring you back to this land for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you and Jacob awoke. Basically God is saying look to Jacob. To Jacob the deceiver to Jacob the one who is who is a who is who has done wrong whose discourage no doubt and. And he must have been repentant and is hard. God is saying to Jacob on that night look I am going to bless you I'm going to still use you I still love you I still care about you do we need that sometimes when we are in our difficult circumstances maybe even We've been in the wrong. Doing need a God who says I love you even when you're in the wrong. I need that kind of a god. Do we need a God who says I am not here. Remove from you. There is a cut next gen between heaven and earth. There's a connection between me and you over there in the middle of of a of a near Heron a out of sight of Beersheba between those two towns. Out there in the middle of nowhere with just a rock for a pillow. Heaven is still connected with you Jacob. You may feel like you've done too many bad things. I still have a plan for you. I still have purpose for you and friends how is it that heaven is connected with Jacob's today. How is of those angels of God were ascending in decent ding on Jacob's Ladder. We read about in John chapter one verse fifty one. John chapter one verse fifty one Jesus uses this dream. To and to any explains to us what it means. John chapter one. And verse fifty one last verses of John first chapter. John chapter one will begin reading with verse fifty one it says. And he said to him. Most assuredly I say to you here after you shall see heaven open and the angels of God. Ascending and descending upon a ladder What does it say. Upon the Son of man. You see in that latter Jacob's ladder that he dreamed that night that connected him with heaven. Was a symbol of Representatives. It was a representation of Jesus Jesus would be the one who would connect. Have an inner. It was through Jesus. A connection between humanity and divinity. The dangers of God would ascendant decent. All of our blessings come through that connection with the Throne of God. I love the way it said. In the book desire of a Jews page twenty four by his humanity Christ touched humanity by his divinity he lays hold upon the throne of God as a son of man he gave us an example of obedience. As the Son of God He gives us power to obey. There's only one. One way that could happen. And that's if Jesus became flesh and dwelt among. Jesus actually connected. Heaven with Earth by his humanity Christ touched humanity by as a vanity lays hold upon the throne of God. It's through Jesus the Son of Man and The Son of God that we can have access. To the power of all nip attendance the Bible says and Hebrews Chapter four saying then that we have such a great high priest who has passed into the through the heavens Jesus the Son of man. The Son of God. Let us hold fast. Our confession. For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize our weaknesses. Those are that's a double negative you realize that right. We have a High Priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses. Who was an all points. Tempted as we are. You know without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace. That we may have tain mercy and find grace to help. In time of need are you thankful to Jesus became like and his brother is thankful to he the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We thankful that Jesus overcame sin. In the flesh. So that we can have the right just miss of the law fulfilled in us I'm thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful that we have a god. A A and older brother who is our representative in the heavenly places. One last pass Jonah share with you the elder brother of our race is by the eternal throne. He looks upon every soul who's turning his face toward him as the savior. He knows by experience. What are the weaknesses of humanity. What our wants and where lies the strength of our temptations. For he was an all points tempted like as we are yet without sin. He is watching over you trembling child of God. Are you tempted he will deliver. Are you week. He will strengthen. Are you ignorant. He will and lighten argue wounded. He will heal. Thankful that older brother. Father in heaven today we just thank you that you didn't just look down from heaven and and describe the misery here on this earth. But you sent your son. The creator god. To become flesh. To condemn sin in the flesh. To live a life of complete and total surrender to His Father that we might have an example of how we can live Lord we thank you that through his life. Through His stripes we are healed. Through his life through his righteousness is our only our only title to have an. What we thank you that we don't have to go through. Mary or saint. Sore even human priests. But we can go directly to Jesus. We can tell him our wants our joys our sorrows. We can confess our sins and He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. Oh Lord. Thank you for coming so close to us. Thank you before forever being our older brother. Someone that we can relate to help us. I pray to have a relationship with you help us help us to depend upon you help us do receive you in our hearts that we can have that miraculous power. We might be able to be the son. Led by the Spirit. Help us to have that experience. 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