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Jesus: The Morning Star

Chester Clark III


Both Jesus and Satan have been titled the Morning Star. Yet Revelation ends with a clear indication that in the titanic battle between Himself and His archenemy Lucifer, Jesus will prevail!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • November 14, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Well have you ever had a very long night. Yes. Boys and Girls. Have you ever gone outside anyone here ever slept outside at night when you see all the stars. And there's all these stars up in the sky. I remember one time. I decided I was going to sleep outside. And in fact I wanted to sleep on the beach. I thought the beach would be a nice place to sleep. I said you know that sand and look so soft. So I went out there with my sleeping bag and I could see all the stars. And it was a nice idea for a little while but you know the sandwich look soft. It's not that soft. And there was a lump under my back. So I'd try to move and smooth out that lump and then there'd be a lump somewhere else and there was had try to smooth out that lump and then he started getting cold all those stars were pretty but they didn't keep me very warm and I was starting to get cold and I tossed and I turned and I waited until morning. Now there's one way that you can know that the morning is about to come. And that's when the stars grow so bright. They start to fade. One by one they twinkle less and less until pretty soon you can't see them at all but there's a light that starts coming in the in the in the horizon. And there's one star that stills Jains brightly used really at the planet Venus but we call it a star. It stills shines brightly. And that the Morning Star. You see it in that picture there. Can you see that picture the. The Morning Stars still shining there. Well they are Scripture today refers to Jesus as the Bright and Morning Star We just have a few minutes there we're going to share together. And we're going to look at this passage or what it means. The Bible says I am the root and offspring of David the Bright and Morning Star Now why would Jesus. Be called the Bright and Morning Star We're going to go for reasons a day OK so just buckle your seatbelts and get out your Bibles. And we're going to go quickly through these for reasons why Jesus is the Bright and Morning Star let's just power heads as we began Father in heaven after I ask that you would bless us. As we open your word we need your blessing. And we ask for it in Jesus' name amen. The first is found in John chapter one so Turner's me there in your bible the reason why Jesus is the morning star is because he is the brightest star in the sky. Now that's figuratively speaking of course. Jesus is not just one of the other stars Jesus is God we've studied in our series on Jesus together. That Jesus is in fact. God In fact this passage in John chapter one tells us that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God in the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God all things were made through him. And without him nothing was made. That was made. You see Jesus here it's talking about Jesus is the one who is the light of the world knows with me it says in verse four in Him was life. And the light was the light of men. So Jesus here is described as the light of men he's the one that lightens our darkened hearts now. This is speaking very symbolically so just like I had that long night on the beach where I was uncomfortable. You and I have this life. Which really is not all perfect is it. We have our difficulties we have our struggles we have our challenges. But there is hope. Ahead because of Jesus. And there is an eternity promised to us because of Jesus and Jesus here is the light the life. And the light of men if you skip down to verse six. It says there was a man sent from God his name was John that's John the Baptist. This man came for a witness to bear witness of the light that all through him might believe he was not that light you see the capital L. of you have a more modern translation that light. But was sent to bear witness of that light. Caught talking about Jesus. That was the true light. Who gives light to every man coming into the world now the good news for us today friends. Is that Jesus is not just the lives of the world. He is the light of everything the individual that means. That means that Jesus has been shining light into your life and mine. No matter who you are no matter where you came from no matter where you've been and what you've done. Jesus is seeking to cast light on your pathway. I'm so thankful we have a God it doesn't wait for us to come to him. I'm so glad we have a God who doesn't is full his hands and say well I've provided salvation. Now come and get it. We have a God who says you know what you young boy you young girl you older man or woman whoever you are. I am actively working aggressively pursuing you. Because I am the Light who light. Every man and woman and child who has come into this world. I am thankful for jesus jesus light Everyone as we read in verse nine. Not only does Jesus light everyone. We see that that he's lighting so that we can have freedom from the sins that that that and slave as John Chapter three. And verse nineteen it says this John's River. Nineteen. This is the condemnation that light has come into the world. But men love darkness rather than light. Because their deeds were evil. I hope you all have a strong stomach. I mean use an illustration that might be a little bit uncomfortable. But it's not lunch time yet right. Have you ever been in a place that wasn't very clean perhaps or may be nearby. Someone else's house that wasn't clean or us. Maybe just in the south or in the tropics or something where you walk into a room and you turn on the light and things go scurrying. If you ever seen that doesn't it sort of turn your stomach just a little bit when they all go hiding. All the little creatures. Cockroaches maybe disappearing. They don't like the live because. Well they're evil. They're evil. They don't like the law. But the Bible says that you and I naturally are the same way. We have evil hearts too. And we're not going to be condemned in the end because we had evil hearts. We're going to be condemned in the end because we had evil hearts. And when the light shone upon us. We didn't accept. We like darkness. But of them. My. Jesus is the light. He wants us to. He want to show us shine his flashlight. Into our darkened hearts and show us the things that. That shouldn't be there. He wants to be the exterminator of our lives. Get rid of those sins that go running for cover. In our hearts. He wants to be that if we will only let him. So real life. Is living in the light. Eternal life is living in the light. Let's look at now the second reason why Jesus is the morning star. We find that he is still there when others have faded. Those stars which we watched all night long while we're laying there tossing and turning. They eventually become dimmer and dimmer in contrast to the sky and they go out. But Jesus is still there the morning star outlasts. All the rest of them. Isaiah Chapter fourteen this is a very interesting study. I want to be brief here as we look through this passage but it's a story of of Lucifer. And if you look in the Bible this word. Lucifer is used for this this law this word is in the Hebrew. As a chapter fourteen in verse twelve it says how are you fallen from the haven't. A loose the first son of the morning. How are you cut down to the ground you who we can to the nations. Now the word Lucifer is a rendering from the. The Hebrew word. Hollow or Halo. He Halo is is the Hebrew word that this is taken from and. This simply means. The Shining One or the light bearer. Now the word Lucifer that we have an English was actually the lacked in Word that was translated. They translate hell else to the word. The Latin word. Lucifer. And at the time. It was not meant to be a first proper noun like a first name like we use it today. It was just a lucifer it was sort of like the morning star that's what it that's what it that's what it means it's a. It's the one who brings the light as the Morning Star was understood to be bringing the day. And so Lucifer was that that the name of that morning star. And here the Bible uses this word halo. Is the only time it's found in the Bible. Only time and. It means the morning star the planet and its little literally means the bringer of dawn. This up to a just translated this word into into Greek. He it. They read. They rendered it. Hey hey OS for us the bringer of the dawn. Now today we have the understanding that Lucifer is a title of Satan before he fell right Lucifer is a. It's a first name it's a proper noun. But it originally it wasn't so. Isn't it interesting isn't it interesting that the same symbol is used for Lucifer. And for Jesus. Now something only time we have the lion in the lion right the lion of the tribe of Judah and the lion who goes out seeking whom he may devour there's many times in the Bible. It just gives us a another picture. As to why. Lucifer and Jesus. Are the ones in this great controversy between one another Lucifer was meant to be. Not the bride and morning star but least a bright shining star. He was the most talented of the angels he was the one in heaven who was gifted as a leader among gods created beings. And yet Lucifer. Loose For fell into the temptation of pride. He sinned. He lost his way that bright shining allied we call Lucifer when out. But there's good news. There's good news. The bright shining light that we call Jesus. Will never go out. We see those other stars they fade. But not Jesus. Not Jesus no he remains. Others may fail but. But he remains he will always be the same. Today and yesterday today and forever. Lucifer was a light bear but there's a the Light Bearer Jesus Christ who absolutely. We know the end of the story already. He wins in the great controversy. Remember that the verse of today Revelation chapter twenty two verse sixteen. It's the final summary it's the last few verses the. The last stroke of the pin in the Book of Revelation. The book of N time events. Of how the go on the whole great controversy is going to fold and to a endure and mazing close. And here. John the Revelator borrows a phrase from the Old Testament the morning star. And he says I'll tell you one thing there's going to be someone who wins in this great controversy is not going to be lose of or his life has faded. It's going to be Jesus Christ. The bright. And the Morning Star. The third reason that Jesus is the morning star is found in the book of numb and. I'm sorry book of second Peter. Second Peter chapter one verse nineteen just like eyes they is the only place that this word Halo is used this passage in second Peter chapter one. And verse nineteen. Is the only place that it's found in the New Testament. This word which is translated once again Morning Star. Just a second Peter chapter one. And verse nineteen and you know the story this is the story of the of the. Of the Transfiguration of Christ Moses and Elijah. Meet Jesus there on the Mount of Transfiguration. And it says in verse sixteen we did not follow cunningly devised fables and he made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. But were eyewitnesses of His Majesty. For he received from God the Father on her and glory. When such a voice came to him from the glory this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. And Peter goes on to say look we're not just following these these fictional characters are these these theological inventions we're not following Conny cunningly devised. Fables he says. But we were I. Witnesses Peter's as I saw it with my own two eyes. Jesus glorified bright shining in the in the middle of the night shining as bright as the sun and there's Moses and Elijah and there they are here visiting him from heaven and. And there. We heard with our own ears the voice of God. From husband saying this is my beloved son now. If you were there. And you heard those things and saw those things. Would you think they were real. You would be like wow. Jesus really is the Son of God Jesus really is the one who is who is trustworthy and dependable he really is a cent from haven't. But notice what it says in verse nineteen. And so we have the prophetic word confirmed. The King James says we have also a more sure word of prophecy. That is to say that the Bible is the basis of our understanding. Just like seeing with his own eyes was the basis of Peter's understandings. Peter says we have also confirmed. Prophetic words as unto a lie that shines in a dark place. And here it is until the day dawns. And the morning star rises in your heart. The. The verb the the word here is phosphorus in the Greek. The phosphorus. The morning star. It means this. The Greek. A It's a compound of the Greek light. And the greet the Greek word. Verb he wrote to bear. So we have boss and hero. Makes phosphorus to mean the light bearer. The morning star it's the only time. That's used in the New Testament. And this is the. This is what we see in this passage. As we look at it closely. Knowing Jesus is a forced taste of what is to come and friends. It's experience through the Word of God. The as we spend time looking at the prophetic word of God. The day starts says. Rises in your hearts. This is a miracle that we can perform for ourselves. God has to work in our hearts and lives. And the reason we spend time studying the Word of God. The reason we want to live no and to hide in our hearts. Is not just so we're theologically correct or doctoral accurate. The reason is so that Jesus can be the day Star Rising in our hearts. The good news is when the day Star arrives in our hearts you may still have problems. You may still have difficulties there may still be sickness there may still be financial stress there may be all kinds of problems in this world. But just like the Daystar is the is the harbinger of what's about to come. It tells us the days about the dawn. When Jesus is in your heart friends. It doesn't matter so much how long the night has been. Because you know the Morning. Is about to break. Oh I don't know about you but I want that based on my art. I wanted my art. It comes as I spend time in that word of God. Prophetic we're getting to know Jesus not just knowing. Facts and figures and dates names and places. But getting to know that that that one who is the Light Bearer. The phosphorus the morning star the day's star. The fourth and final reason we looked at Dave. And why Jesus is the morning star. It's found in in numbers. Chapter twenty four and verse seventeen. Now this is actually the first time. The Jesus is referred to as a star in the Scriptures. In fact Bible scholars who who study the Book of Revelation. As we look at the Book of Revelation we notice that seventy five percent of the language of the. The Book of Revelation is borrowed from the Old Testament there are stories that it uses terms that it uses. And it's assumed that as it uses this phrase. Morningstar the Bright and Morning Star. It's referring back to this prophecy. In the Book of Numbers. Oh it's quite a story. The prophecy of bail I'm you remember. Veil accent his messengers to bail him and offered to pay him to come and curse Israel and pay them said well let me pray about it. And when he prayed about a god said you can't go. Not only can you not go but I'll tell you why you can't go. Because this is a blessed people you can't curse a blessed people. So this is an impossible task that Bellick is asking you to do will you remember the baby them really wanted. Those gifts that they like was offering. And when they came back with an even greater offer for him bail them said will stay here tonight let me see what God's will is. Let me pray about it. True or False belum already knew what God's will was and he already knew. Sometimes we confuse ourselves we. We can vents ourselves I should say. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we need to keep searching for God's will when actually are ready. You know what it is we just don't like it. Now that's what bathes problems. So finally he gets on his dog and starts writing remember that whole story the donkey and the talking to him. And even after the donkey talks to him by them says to God Well. If what I'm doing this pleases you. You see a problem with that. When your dog is talking to you and he just told you that the angel just said I would have killed you if the dog and save your life three times. And yet use that two letter word. If. If what I'm doing this pleases you. Belum goes on got says you know. I can't. You know God respects our freedom of choice. He really does. And finally God said Bayle I'm you can go. I'll let you go. But you're going to say what I tell you to say. So every time Balan tried to curse God's people out came these beautiful blessing. Beautiful blessings. This is that you're wonderful people your enemies are going to be destroyed but you're going to last and all these promises and. And in order to do these blessings Begum had picking Bay like build an altar and offer seven seven altars were seven sacrifice seven bowls of sacrifices. So outcomes all these blessings and they look as thinking. I use way since seven sacrified seven bowls right. And bail them says well you know what let me try again. Let's go somewhere else. And we'll build another seven altars and water seven more bowls a sacrifice is. And he opens his mouth and outcomes blessings. And somehow he must've been a pretty charismatic guy don't you think you must've been very he had to have the power of persuasion. Because Barack says OK. I'll do it again so they go to a third place build seven more altars offer seven more bull the sacrifices and out of out of valence mouth comes these beautiful platitudes of blessing on on on Israel and the Bible says here in Denver Chapter twenty four that after the third time. The king King Day that was so angry. The BY THE BIBLE says he started hitting his fist into his hand. Like he wanted to just knock the daylights out of a limb. But he's just sitting there. Hitting his fists together. And all of us that man as he's hitting his fist together. They them says well let me tell you what's really going to happen. I'm going to go home. But before I leave. I'm going to tell you what's really going to happen. And notice what he says Numbers Chapter twenty four and verse seventeen. This is what it says. I see him. But not now. I behold him but not near a star shall rise out of Jacob. A sceptre shall rise out of Israel and batter the brow of Moab and destroy all the sons of tumult and eat him shall be a possession seer also his enemies shall be a possession. While Israel does valiantly out of Jacob one shall have dominion and destroy the remains of the city as as Begum looks over. He not only begins talking about the future the beautiful future of God's people. He starts to describe how there's going to be one coming. There's going to be one coming brands are listening to me. There's going to be one coming. Who is going to do away with the enemies of God's people. There's going to be one coming who's going to triumph over the nations. There's going to be one coming. Who is the king of kings. And the Lord of Lords. You see here in this prophecy of Baylor you have a great controversy going on the people of Israel down in the valley. They don't know what's going on up on the mountaintop. They don't realize that there is somebody trying to destroy them. There's somebody out to get them out to out to do them. Hurt and damage. They don't realize what's going on behind the scenes just like you and I we may not realize what's going on behind the scenes the spiritual where or for that's going on we know there's difficulties we know we have enemies we know we have obstacles to conquer. Conquer. But there's this great controversy going on between good unable. And let me tell you drench just like baby them when he opened his mouth and out came blessings. The Bible tells us. The Bible tells us that no sward formed against you will prosper. The Bible tells us the greater is He that is a new than he that is in the world. The Bible tells us that you can do nothing for the against the truth but for the truth. The Bible tells us that all things work together for good. To those who love the Lord and who are the called according to His purpose. The Bible tells us for him not only that all things work together for good. The Bible tells us. This great controversy. God's people and their enemies if you want to call them that the world. It's going to happen. And we already know the end of the story. The end of the story is a sceptre will rise out of Jacob. A star out of Judah. The Bright and Morning Star. And when Jesus uses this in the book of revelation when he says in Revelation chapter twenty two in verse sixteen. He says I am the bright. And the Morning Star. Jesus is reminding us that in this great controversy. There's going to be Victor. And it's going to be. Jesus Christ. He is the bright. And the Morning Star. Jesus wins in this great controversy. When we go to get to Revelation. And we see him being called. This term the morning star. It reminds us of what has these other passages have said. It reminds us that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You may not believe it but it is still true. You may not like it but you cannot stop it as a never to bull. As the words of blessing which came out of a limbs mouth. Jesus my friends. Is coming again. And he's coming again as the bride and morning star now we have the opportunity the privilege of having that day Star Rising in our hearts. As a token of the day the eternal life. That is soon to come is a foretaste a reminder that Jesus is coming again soon I want to ask one question friends were not. I know we're not living in that time of of of eternity yet. The sunshine of God. Perfect world isn't shining in our lives we have our difficulties in our promise. Our problems. But I want to ask you a question this morning. You can ask yourself Do I have that Daystar shiny. In my heart is my heart. Animated with the sure hope of Jesus in return is he the one who is the center of my heart. Why he wants to be. He wants to be your bright and. Morningstar bringing a light into your life. Bringing hope. Into your life. Bring a foretaste of heaven if we turn it into your heart father. Today we thank you that you've given to us. So many different symbols and terms and names of Jesus. Today we've explored just one briefly. The Jesus is the bride. In the morning star. Lord I pray that he might be that for every single person here. Personally individually that he might be the. The foundation of their hope that they might have that star rising in their hearts personally individually. The no matter what they're going through they might know. The end of the story is is sure. It's already been written. We already know how it's all going to work out. Jesus is coming again a as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. There is the bright day of eternity ahead. Oh Lord help us to be faced with that time and more than Lord help us. We asked this media was brought to you by audiotape a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W W W dot audio person dot org.


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