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An Outworking of His Will

Joakim Hjortland


God, what is your purpose for my life?  Discover that the God of our immense universe has a specific, beautiful and glorious plan for your life and be inspired by personal testimonies to make your life a simple outworking of His will. 


Joakim Hjortland

President and co-founder of IMPACT


  • July 20, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Before we get into the message tonight which is entitled I'll to working of his will. What is can of the. What I was talking about in the name of things especially tonight and tomorrow night. And I asked want to have a little short recap of what we talked about yesterday night. And we talked about the two Greg the growth in retention. And the great commission. Great imitation is you know just posting my thoughts to come to him. Yes us we are to spend time with him to get to know him too. To be a friend to spend time mean he's wearing prayer. Great imitation. The Great Commission is to go to tell others about Jesus to tell out. Others about the greatest message. This world has ever known about the everlasting gospel. Great imitation the Great Commission. We talked about how this two things should be the. The priority of our lives. This to think how they should do that all absorbing of our lives you know when you think about it when just as to count back the only thing that really matters you know that's a matter how much money we have in the bank and ICE car we have a nice close we have whatever. The only thing that's really matters is. You know our relationship to Jesus Christ. The only two things we talked about we can bring to have any swaps you remember two things we can take to heaven. Characters. Character character and convert people who will lead to just us. So we talked about how this think that the only things that really matters manages to come back how they should be the priority right now. What we would have prioritized a for one month delay Viagra have thirty minutes to live that we make those things. I parroted today that we should watch on the were and prayer. These were the last day. That would be granted us. Such a short recap of the message. Yesterday and only my two before we start or last as we get into the message and I took to town with mid to spell of Luke Chapter eleven. Gospel of Luke Chapter eleven some interesting words of some powerful promise really. When you think about it. Luke Chapter eleven. And I want us to read from Luke Chapter eleven from verse. Town. Here it's. For everyone who asked. And he was fine and to him and knocks it will be open I think when I started swears on her phone. Cover. I think that's nice and powerful earth. Here after you speak will find here asked we are right. And then it says in verse eleven. And here knocks. It will be open verse eleven. If asked Tom asked for bread from any father among you will he give him a stone. Or if you ask for a fish. If you know son asked his father for our fish. We are giving a master. Or if you ask for an egg. We offer him a scorpion. First large then if you do them being evil. Know how to give good gifts to your shield around. How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. You know God longs to give you a spirit to ask he longs to speak to us he longs to come close to us and live close to us. And he wants to do that tonight. And this week. If we ask him to. So before I start before we get into the message night I asked want us to to invite him to speak to us and to tell us to help us understand what he wants to tell us today to message in the video. You know. Different things he might want to tell us through His Spirit and He wants us to understand and take with us from this message. So before I pray I asked want to have a short moment of silence where it's also myself come silently praying in our hearts and pray that gather mystic trust and I think even permission to to speak to us through His Spirit. Let's share with the right. Let's let's powerhead son and invite the cow to speak to us. They are nice artifact that you have promised to give to him. A promise that he will find a promise that when we pray for your spirit touch your mystic trust that you may draw near to us. Lord. You will you long to do that as soon as we give you permission you long to come close to us you long to reveal yourself to us you long to help us understand better your great. Ground plan for our lives. Individually. Your We want you to speak to us tonight on these with. Trent draws closer to your Lord. Help us to understand help us to focus tonight. See a minute things have happened today but help us to to pay attention to help us to help Milord to communicate in a way that will best be best tonight short for bringing us closer to you not live my words that are give our energy and the tournaments. To understand what you want to tell us what Thank you that you hear. And that you will answer this prayer we pray in just name Amen. West peppers us you can see on the picture here. In a moment. Yeah. On the left there. Together with my brother Christiane which is coming here tomorrow. And he was the teacher of my brother also my sister at ASCO amazing fact the center of a valid from there. Their ballots from college in California. Some years ago. And he had out quite a special experience West peppers. His teacher teacher there one of the citrus there. That I want to share with you to know as he was actually a student at ASCO. They went out they were out. Going door to door. Doing some surveys and. It was in the middle of February. And it was cold. It was in Colorado Denver Colorado so there they had a lot of snow in this time. It was cold there was no a lot of snow on the ground. And they were out doing outreach from early afternoon to late at night. And they were told you know don't stop until the sun this time yeah. And that was like three hours after it got dark it got dark alley in this time of the area up there. So so. This day was going out and she was going door to door you know it was Coley was raining it was no it was dark and he was hungry. You know vision Serratia And usually. What he and his outreach partner did every week his outreach partner was Adam around in some you might know him and he's currently the youth director of the north. England conference. They were going together and they had a tradition and every Thursday night after outreach. They went to this restaurant and some type of food that was one of the his favorite foods and so he looked forward to this you know he was hungry and specially this day. You know it wasn't a very good they are not rich you know. Not every day. You have a really good experience is really good things happening. We don't always see right away what God is doing you know. Not there are days are still see when we go Outteridge we have. There are challenging that Santa and this day was a day like that for him. It wasn't a particularly good. It was a lot. Lots of rejections out the door many doors we are close right in front of his face and. It wasn't a good day and he was really. Time was taking a time was going he was again and again he was looking on his watch you know and he was just waiting for the time to be up you know for any forty it's almost up it's almost time to go and I looked forward to get some food I was hungry to go on some of his favorite foods trying to sometimes food. And then after that to get home to get a hot shower and then the slide into bed. That's what he was waiting for and as he was going there and. So finally the time comes. It's time to quit. Go home from our Trisha and. He said you know it's time to quit he he took his stuff for the truth in the truck. He jumped into the car and he started the car. And he was waiting there for his outreach partner to come. So they could drive off and get some food. But the problem was or when he did is he had only tree houses left on his trip on a tree house was left on a street. And as he sat there in the car a can of felt this. This conviction this pricking in this. Pricking in his heart is impression in his heart that he should finish. That story today. And as he got this impression is the Lord. I would be happy to finish the street. But I'll do it next day on outreach. Now it's time to go time is up it's dark you know. But he felt this impression on a unit. Felt that God was pressing him you need to finish it today. Need to finish the street today but it's a now. Lord. If it's dark. People start to get annoyed if I come to their doors now. I will do it next time. First thing I the next Outteridge I will go there will be happy to finish the street. But he finds out God impressing the you need to finish it today. To finish the street. Today so finally reluctantly. He he has started to follow the impression the conviction he got out he got his stuff back out there again from the car. And he went to the first store. Of the tree house and he knocked. And these the young in the Open up on it came out to me. You know. Wes is starting an intro you know my name is western we're here to do the survey on this on that and and acted as he's saying these things this guy he looked at him. And then he looked outside. He looks at me look outside and then he says to him. You know do you really do you realize that it is dark. It's cold. And it's raining and Wes is that yes. You know that's why I'm here you know. And. But then he says. You must be an absolute idiot I mean the door and was is like what. I wasn't very happy about he goes to the next door. And the you know a lady answers open the door. And you know he says again my name is where we're here to do a survey and about the time. He gets out his name. She asked close to the door and he's like Lord. Are you testing my character what is this. You know why should I take these houses. You know. And he fought again you know it's time to go you know time's up. No need to be out here anymore. But he felt again. Go to the last how he felt. How does impression. It's on his heart. So when still goes to the last store and. And in knocks. You know a lady opens the door. And you know he says My name is West I'm here to do a survey. You know she says. Please. Coming and coming. And so he goes seen it and she asked Know what do you have to offer me. And you know he goes through the questions to survey. And at the end of the survey. He invites this lady for for bible studies and actually does. You know she asked. Therefore for a minute. With a blank look at her face. And then all of us how than she. She asked started to cry and he's like. What did I do wrong you know kind of wondering. And he says you know mom. Are you OK. Did I say something offensive Are you alright. Constantly on the stand what is going on there and. And she says you know. You don't understand. I when I was growing up. I was living in an abusive home. My father claimed to be a Christian. But on the way home from shot she would scream to us kids Santorum mother and when we got home he would beat us all the way into our room. Claim to be a Christian. But he really wasn't. As I grew up I never was able to get over this. And I experienced many tragedies in my life. And she said you know tree months ago. You know I had enough and I told God God if you are real. I want you to reveal yourself to me. God if you are dear I if you have a purpose for my life if you have a meaning for my life. I want you to yourself. To me Lord I'm giving you tree mound. And if you don't do that within three months. I'm going to my life. This lady was on this ability she had all kinds of problems she couldn't work she couldn't really take care of herself and her house so much. And she said you know God I give you three months and then after saying this you know she looked west. She looked him in the face during the science and he said. Every day. I prayed that prayer God. You have twenty days left to God You have fifteen the left God you have done this last. And she said today. The last of those three mounds and happen. You know where he was thinking to himself. What if I would have waited until. What if I would have said No Lord or is always another day. There is always another time. I don't need to go to the I can go tomorrow I can go next day. Maybe if I would have come to that house. On some it would have been yellow police tape around the house. The thing is. You go to the next line. All over the world. Men and women are looking wistfully to heaven prayers and tears on inquiries go up from souls longing for a line for grace for the Holy Spirit many are on the verge of taking them. Way. Seeing only to pick out a vain guardhouse to Paul that he wants us to read this we got us people he wants you to reject here. Maybe people in your neighborhood maybe people you work out on them. But God has a plan for our lives. Next slide. I will instruct them to do their way which tower shall go. I will guide the WITH MY GOD says he has a plan for our lives and he wants to show us. What I have he wants our lives to be an hour to work in of his will he wants a little thing to his plan for our lives. Trust in the Lord with all Line heart and lean not on on to dine on on the shining in all the ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct bypass on here it's one of my favorite quotes from from my wife Cyrus page six six at least and it's a powerful quote Those who decide to do nothing and the line. That will this please God will know. After presenting their case before him just what course to pursue got a plan for our ways. And our paths for big decisions on small decisions he wants to live us and show us exactly what he wants us to do every day every decision. He wants us to take. And can which makes it a book of a physician. I want to read a powerful passage is so pretty well known pastor at least the. Especially the first verse and but will notice especially when one of the verses that is not known but let's go to efficient chapter to official chapter two when we read from verse a. If it's in chapter to I will read from verse is. So after Roman green. Collision. How efficient sufficient servers at here it's for by Greg. You have been the true faith. And that not of yourself it is the gift of God. Not of were. Best anyone. Should those for we are His workmanship created in crisis is for good works which God. Prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. And now you know. Bible is very very clear it's very important to know we are saved through faith. True Grit. The gift of God It's nothing we can to start it's only by the greatest gift of God. We can be. But it's important to understand that with interest not only God's grace of forgiven that. But also his transforming Greg. Into our life you know the Bible was given not only for our information. But for our transformation. God wants every human being to be said with. But if he takes everyone to heaven Heaven would not be have and we would have strife we would have selfishness we would have many bad things. Something that to happen with us just a sad. Unless man is born again. He cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. I like. I like to say it like this in English we are said by faith. But by faith. That's where I felt that the works will change our lives and our true face the true trusting God will change our life. Look there I like how he said it as well he said where if it were said by faith alone but the faith that saves is never alone. Through faith in God will change our lives completely if anyone is in Christ Jesus a new creature. The old it's gone behold everything you see. So anyway that's the backdrop. Now I want us to focus especially on verse ten that's kind of the verse for these living. It says here. For we are he's workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus for good were we were which god. Prepared beforehand that we should war. In them now this is a powerful whereas this is the worst. Where it's a post on your Facebook wall or to print on put on your wall at home or something. It's a powerful worse. And you know. Ask start down. As we are saved by faith that God wants to serve every human being that he died for us the ME asked Artem it is that God has a place for you around in his word that he has a plan for us to to reach out to other people to live to be be involved in this work of living people to Jesus Christ is as start and I see as a place for us in heaven. It is that he has a place for us in his were down on this earth you know God has a place for every planet in the universe he has a place for the atoms he's living things the small things the big things in this universe and he has a place for you and from him his work and he's great on ground. Plan for this planet for this universe. And you know its essence next quote here is an interesting statement. Water is heaven. First law. And the more we start in nature the more we study science the more we started a human body the more we started the universe we see that God is a God of order. Order is have a first law. Now. Next course I want to read is a really powerful correlation that it's a beautiful quote from from the Pentagon and the faith I live by. Page twenty eight it's us here on hand guides. The planets in their circle of hell. Of to heaven. The God of heaven is constantly at were. It is by his power to vegetation its course to flourish. That every least appears on every flower blooms. Every drop of rain or flake of snow every spire of grass every leaf fan flower on shrub. Testifies of God. This little thing. So common around us teach the lessons that nothing is beneath the notice of the infinite karma. Nothing is too small for his attention. And the quotes goes on. Listen there is the hand that they were in the hand that holds in their orderly under-aged arrangement and tireless activity. All things throughout the universe of God is the hand. That was to the cross for us in that our beautiful called. God has a plan for the universe has a plan for for every little plant in this world has a plan for you and for me. And not only does he have a plan for every planet. Not only does have a plan for every every plant he has a plan. A special panel specific plan for you and from it's another quote here from ministry of healing itself. We have to read a part in yellow here. Every man has his place in the turnout plan of heaven. Whether we feel that pledge depends upon our own faithfulness incorporating with God I could show you many quotes on versus could share with you after which we don't have time to get into all of it but God has a specific place he has a specific place he wants us to be a specific thing in oneself to do that he calls us to now turn with minutes on hundred thirty nine. Another well known. Passage was a very beautiful passage will not take time to read the whole Tom. But I want to read once us to read a couple of this versus tonight. Part of hundred thirty nine. And we will begin in the beginning in verse one son hundred thirty nine. Storm of the with that which was a man to God's heart. Though he fairly turned back to God and God forgave him. Here it says. Verse one our Lord. You have search me unknown me. You know my sitting down on my writing are you understand my thought of far off you comprehend my path. And my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. For there is not our word on my tongue but the whole lot you know it all together. You have hedge me behind them before and lead your hand upon me. Such knowledge these two wonderful from it is high I cannot attain it we can jump down to verse verse thirteen for use for and me. My inward part. You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise you for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are you were. And that's my soul knows very well. My frame was not hear them for emu when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the lowest part of the year. Your eyes decent is very interesting your eyes saw my stop. Being yet. Unformed. And in your book they all were return. The fashion for me when I asked yet. There were none of them. How precious also are your thoughts to me oh god how great is the some of them I think it's Pashley want us to note were six didn't. You know Gabby saw us before we were born before we were formed in our mother's womb. He saw us. And he had a plan for every day of our lives. I see that know every hair on our head he has a plan for the stay. July. What do we have today twenty two twenty second two thousand and fifty and he had a plan for the star he knew that we would see it here. It's not a coincidence that we are here it's not a coincidence that we are. We have the neighbors we have that we have the classmates. They have a god had a plan. I like how it certain steps to Christ if that's so beautiful course he says No here is our shared that God does not know there is no smile. That he does not mar. He has a plan for your own from he has a plan for every year for every month. And for every day and not only does he have a plan but he has a great plan. Let's read a few beautiful promises Jeremiah twenty nine for no the thoughts I think to what he says the Lord. Thoughts of police are not of the evil to give you a future and a whole and. One of my favorite verse is translated for for the Lord God is son I'm sure the Lord will give Greystone glory. Just a few good things will withhold from those who walk upright. Upright. That's what it's us. It's a few good things we were told from others when we follow him. Now it does no good thing will keep away from us when we follow him. He doesn't keep our where the good thing to give us the good life. One more verse or we can the light yourself also in the lot and he shall give you that the tire of your heart commit your way to the Lord trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. And listen to raise your full verse arms to Captain Tao will show me the path of life. In that Preston says. Fullness of rejoice at the I rise time there are pleasures for ever more. You know as many things that can give us joy and happiness in this world. But only God only us we follow his plan for our lives we will experience fulness of joy. Only when we follow God and His guidance on his plan for our last will experience joy for evermore joy that last forever. Sometimes we have joy maybe for a little time on it's a nice day around them. But God Joy is the only joy that is just full of joy and everlasting joy. Of course he that created it is like. If you if you buy a car. And the producer of the car you know you buy it or you buy of all of your Swedish car. And then this is that this whole car would you put it would you put petrol in it. Benson in it we wouldn't try it we trust that those a made a car. They know that this car is best we do so they are not a good idea to something else of course. Similarly. God created us. He knows best what will truly satisfy our harsh what we truly give us joy and meaning and purpose in our lives. He's the only one that truly knows he knows better than we even know ourselves. What will be best for us. And of course he was willing to give you so much fun. Of course he will freely give all good things together with him. God has a perfect plan for all parts of our lives. For where we should live for what we should to how we should use our talents what we should work with who we should marry whatever it is got us a perfect plan for all. Patch of our lives. You know it says. Paul he writes that. Whether you drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God and I like how its impact on King Street and its power for called in the life of the true Christian there are no non-essential in the sight of them the put downs. Every duty. Is Important got us a perfect plan for every part of our life now. Basically what we will do the rest of the time tonight. I will basically share some some testimony some stories. Some experiences I have had of how I have seen in some ways how God has been living things on living things I believe. Leading me on to pull into got some ready prepared good work some testimonies of how I think God is Being. Yeah. Leading me into his plan. Now you can go to the next picture here. The first impact trip in Norway. Two thousand and nine. We went up with this. Nice prophecy bus as we call it on the side of the you see some pictures from prophecy and Bible verses and things like this in the back you have done the old to whatever bible correspondence course other Testaments really cool. We always used to strive through all of Norway and go to the next slide the first impact trip we had was to Hammerfest the. Not in most town in the world. Very nor we used tree days to drive up there this sense from Oslo today is like also to Rome it's a far far far up north in a snowstorm in the winter is the sound all the time in the summer. So special place and. Now as we were dear tree week mission trip took you know we used five of those traveling store. First went up there with some time there. Now it was the last day of our effort and a track driver he was passing by the place were had some total seminars he was in the brand new culture house of the city. And he was invited in he came to the very last evening. Of our seminars. And afterwards he joined us for a boat trip in the mean one son that was sponsored by them into politics actually as a kind of Us or thank you from the community to what we had done there are so I grouped who were about sixty of us. And the. And so he came. He came for the bro to pass well list truck driver we invited him to join us in the mean nights on very nice beautiful nature out in the in the water there you know. Very nice. Now. About a year later this guy told us his name he wrote us on in mine. And he said that he wanted to know all about religion he wanted to know how to have a relationship with God what books you should read and. I was able to meet team out I gave him some books I gave him a saloon also tracked I was up forty calories and some new things as you drive on a few days later like four days later we had listened to ten mil things and he said you know I need more of this. I kept contact with him I met him from time to time I wrote to him from time to time. And he was really soaking in the Word of God. And after sometime after some months I told him Hey Tony I'm about to Allan to stretching in the city where he was living as a single timber actually Sweden. And he said he was happy to hear you know my tone here is such a should check it out you know. But he said why didn't you tell me before you know. Sometimes that's not the first thing you tell him so I went a little bit out in the real not a sharp share there but he was happy to hear a long story short of actually. And he he got baptized. And it's now an active member in the shot. And what happened was the story started. Five thousand five hundred kilometers away from home or office told or he prays to God gun. Show me the right shark. Shortly after father moves up to I think it was within that is where the Norway has been living in both. And the very first trip on these New York was up to hammer for us all a way up you know a long long trip he has never been there before has never been there afterwards. He was there only for one day. And he met us he joined the meting. The what he heard in the mid things that people he met. The you know the friendly joyful tis full temperate the cure. Peculiar people he met on this boat trip to made an impression on him an impact for eternity. He prayer we present God Let us together. God led us into his already prepared. Good for the poor this media was brought to you by audio poor a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more are if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you'd like to listen to more service. Please visit. W W W one audio first stop war with.


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