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Fools Before Earth's Final Crisis

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • December 5, 2015
    2:00 PM
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Let's open our Bibles. To Matthew chapter twenty five. Matthew chapter twenty five I'm going to give this talk a title. And the title is fools before. Earth's final crisis. We're going to study Matthew chapter twenty five. First as one thirteen. We're going to look at the foolish virgins. And at the wise virgins. And I am very deeply. Convicted. That it won't be long until we see the details of this parable. Fulfilled right in front of our eyes. So let's begin with prayer. Let's talk to Jesus and ask him to help us. Talk to God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and help us as we take a close look at his word to your Father in heaven. Father thank you for loving us. Thank you for giving us a quiet. Church to come together. Here on a Sabbath afternoon. To study the Bible. Here we are in Albany Oregon. And we pray please speak to us talk to us. Help us to hear your voice as we look at the words of Jesus. That surely are about to come to pass. Lord please bless us and those who hear this message in Jesus' name in there. OK. Matthew chapter twenty five. Versus one two thirteen. Contain the parable. That Jesus told about his church. Matthew twenty five follows what chapter. Obviously. Matthew Chapter twenty four. And Matthew chapter twenty four is the chapter that deals with the signs of the times. Right it's a long talk that Jesus gave dealing with. What's going to be happening. Down throughout history. And especially right before. Jesus comes and Chapter twenty five for those right on the heels of that. So that's the context is the signs of the times are are taking place. And in fact the universe in Matthew twenty four. Verse forty four. Jesus says Therefore you also be ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of Man is coming. So he says be ready. Get ready. Don't be caught unprepared. It's very obvious to me as I look around that the science are fulfilling all around us I mean there have been signs down throughout history but I've never in my lifetime. Ever seen anything like what's happening right now. And hopefully you. You can see the same thing and I know. Different generations have believed that they were it. THIS IS IT THIS IS IT. But I can't help but think that this really is it. And we have seen tremendous things happen in just the last few months that have not happened in the past the United States Supreme Court voted. Approving same sex marriage. In June of this. Of this year. In July we had a big gender conference session. That was dealing with some very significant. Serious issues. In September. Pope Francis. The first Jesuit pope ever landed on American soil and spoke to our United States Congress he spoke to the United Nations. He spoke at a large gathering in Philadelphia. At the same time that these things are happening we see now a resurgence of Islamic terrorism. What just happened just a couple days ago. In San Bernardino California. Just prior to that what happened in France what's been happening. What happened in Belgium. And the whole issue of terrorism. And religious liberty is now being discussed on the table. There's also a whole host of news reports news articles. Headlines dealing with Sunday Sunday closing laws. Sunday agitation I have a whole other talk on this topic. Or I can quote to you from headlines of Time magazine Associated Press. The Guardian. C.N.N.. There's a whole host of articles that I've got in my files. Dealing with Sunday education. And the list just goes on and on the morality that we're seeing around us is just phenomenal. You know. The heart sickening. Immorality that we see the violence. The disasters. The earthquakes. The fires the record seeds the record colds. The tornadoes. I mean the list just goes on and on and on and on and on and I don't know how much do we need to see. Before we realize that really time is running out. It's very clear to me. And the parable of Matthew twenty five. Follows right on the heels of Jesus' Sermon on the science of the times and I have a quote here from the book Christ object lessons. Christ object lessons page four ost six says that this parable. All of the wise and the foolish virgins. Quote illustrates the experience of the church. Just before Jesus Christ second time. That's what this chapter deals with. So in that light. Let's have a Bible study. Starting in verse one. Matthew chapter twenty five years one. Jesus said. Then the kingdom of heaven. Shall be likened or compared to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet who. To meet the bridegroom. Right to meet the bride develops just unpack this. Virgins in the New Testament. Represent God's people they represent the church. Doesn't it doesn't mean. Literal virgins who have never it's not talking about women who have never married men. This is not what this is talking about we know that from Second Corinthians chapter eleven verse two where Paul is talking to the current the Corinthian church. And he he wrote he said I want to present you as a chaste virgin. To Christ. So the church is to be a virgin. To Jesus. So this is talking about God's Church. Ten virgins tennis a complete number just like the Ten Commandments. And these virgins of says they took their lamps. Now what does the lamps symbolize in the Bible. I kept hearing couple different things. I'm thinking of a text. In some one nine hundred first want to fuck that says. Your word is a lamp. To my feet and a light. To my path. The Word of God is described as a as a lamp. So I'm just going to interpret the word lamp. To refer to the Bible God's Word so here we have a group of church members who have their Bibles. Their lamps. And they're going out to meet the bridegroom who represents to Jesus right Jesus Christ. So this tells me that this group of virgins. That they are Adventists. Now they may not all the Seventh Day Adventists. I'm not going to apply this. Exclusively to the seventh the admin is church. But they are Adventists in the sense that they are waiting for the advent of Christ. The word Advent applies to his coming. And these people believe that Jesus is coming. They go out to meet him as he's coming. We're getting ready to come. So that's the context we have the church in the end times. They all have their Bibles. And they're going out to get ready to meet Jesus. Sound familiar. But then verse two says that Jesus says five of them were wise and five of them were what. Were foolish right so Jesus what he does is he divides the church. He divides his own church in half half of them are wise and half of them are foolish. Now the. The difference between the wise and the foolish. Is described. And defined in verse three Verse three says those who were foolish. Took their lamps they had their Bibles. But they took no. What's that next word. They took no oil. Right. No oil. With them. Verse four says but the wise. They took ordeal. In their vessels. With their lamps. So let's let's closely look at this. What this that oil represents. In the New Testament. And in the Old Testament. OK I hear a number of people saying the Holy Spirit. And I agree with that. Anybody have any texts that can support that any Bible verses come to your mind. How about secular I chaffed or for where God said. Not by might. Nor by power. But by my Spirit says The Lord of Hosts. And the context of that has to do with the gold and oil coming out through the. The lamp stands that were burning in the sanctuary. There's other passages that tell us that the oil represents the Holy Spirit. Psalm twenty three verse five. David as. As he wrote his shepherd psalm and he eventually became king of Israel. And David said in his famous Shepherd Psalms. He said to God you anoint. My head with oil. And that's what happened to King. They were anointed with the oil. And when you compare that verse to Acts chapter ten. First thirty eight. When Jesus was baptized. He came up out of the water and what came down upon again the the Holy Spirit in the form of a does. That's right the father was in heaven. The sun was coming out of the water. And the Holy Spirit came down in the middle and lighted upon him. And it's very clear that that was the Holy Spirit. And he was Jesus was anointed by the Spirit. At his baptism. And actually after ten verse thirty eight. Says that God. Anointed Jesus of Nazareth. With the Holy Spirit. And with power. So when you put these verses together Zechariah four Psalm twenty three. Matthew Chapter three about Jesus' baptism and action chapter ten. There are many verses you can put together and show that the oil. Represents the Holy Spirit. So to summarize. When the signs are fulfilling all around us. Jesus looks at his church and divides his church in have all of the virgins. Have Bibles. They're all waiting for Jesus to cut. They all believe in his second counts. They all have the scriptures. But half of them are ready and half of them are not. And the difference is that oil. That's the different. The oil of the Holy Spirit. Now it's significant that in verse four. First three says that the foolish they've got their Bibles. But they have no oil. Verse for says that the wise. Took loyal. And where did they. Where was that oil. It says right. I'm reading from the New King James Bible it says that the wise took Oriole in their vessels. With their life. Now what's the vessel. What are the vessels. I have a text on that. Which is in second printing. Skipper finger there in Matthew twenty five and go to Second Corinthians chapter four. And look at verse seven. Second Crimson's for Burst Sest Paul is talking about. Actually he's talking about the Gospel of Jesus. We know that from verse six. It talks about the light at the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. And then verse seven. He says. We have this treasure and that treasure is Jesus. It's the gospel. It's the light of Christ. That we have. And we have this treasure. Which is a wonderful treasure. He says in the treasure is in where Earth than the vessels. Right now what is what is he talking about. When he says we have this treasury of her than vessels the case somebody is pointing to him self. Right. We are the urban vessels Europe vessel. Now why do you think God or Paul refers to us as vessels of Earth earthen vessels What were we made out of originally. The dust says in Genesis the God made man out of the dust of the ground. Out of the earth. And then he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and then became a living soul. When we die our bodies go back to the best. We have a lot of minerals in our bodies that are minerals that you can find in the ground. And when the body dies eventually the minerals go back to the earth. That's what we are. We are isn't vessels. Now this is where I want to make make a really interesting point here. And that is that that is this that that God created. Humanity in such a way that we are capable of being in twelve. By someone else. Have you thought of that you are and in that well local be pretty interesting. I think most of us live in houses or apartments. Less We live out with somewhere in a tent. But I'm assuming you all live in it in the house or an apartment somewhere. You live inside your house your house is a dwelling. For you to Live Aid and. Maybe you haven't really thought about this. But it's true that your body is like a house. You are a. You are an in that dwell local being God made you that way. And his plan is that he through the holy spirit will live in you. So it's not just you know like not knocking not knock at the door knock knock who's inside the house. If the Lord were to knock on the door of our house. Somebody is inside there. He wants to be inside of us in Revelation three Verse twenty Jesus says Behold I stand at the door and I knock. And if any man hears my voice and opens the door. He said I will come in there so there is a very scary verse in Luke Chapter twenty two verse three. That says that Satan. Entered. Judas. One of the twelve. That versus really amazing that the devil actually entered inside of him. At one point. When that. During Jesus' ministry remember the crazy man the demoniac when they got off the boat Jesus and His disciples got off the boat or this crazy man to man came and they were screaming and howling and naked and living in the Tombs. And then Jesus finally looked at at the end it's already had one of them and said What is your name. And the voice came out of him. And the voice said. My name is region. For we are many. And he didn't just have psychological problems. He did have psychological problems but it was more than that because when Jesus told them to come out. They they went into the pigs. And the pigs raced down the side of the hill and went into the water and dreamt I think the Bible says two thousand. Pigs in drought. Now that's more than a mental illness. You've got spirits coming out of the sky and going into these pigs in the pigs die. So there's a very clear example the Bible there's a lot of examples that. It's very possible for for demons. And for the devil to come inside of a person. And also for the Lord to come inside of the person. The Holy Spirit to come inside a person. And Paul says in this verse. We have this treasure in earth and vessels that the excellence of the power. Maybe of God is not of us any good thing that comes through me. If it's good that it's going to be the Lord. Working through me and not me. It says that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us Paul was aware that that it was God who was working through him. So anyway my point is that time. You are created it such a way that somebody can live inside you. I did it. It's not just you. It's walking around. Someone else inside you. And that someone else can be good or bad. And it's also interesting I believe that we're so permeable that the good guys in the bad guys can really come in and out of us in a very short time. And I'll give you an example of that is Peter Remember when Jesus asked the disciples who do men say that I am. And they said well some say your this or some say or that and Jesus said Who do you say that I am. And Peter said You are the Christ the Son of the Living God. And then Jesus said to Peter if he said flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. But the. But my father in heaven. Has revealed this to you. It was. It was God who was communicating that through Peter. And then Peter was so you know almost proud of himself that Jesus had couple of meant to him that are at least he thought it was complimenting him. That within a short time. Jesus then told his disciples that He said I'm going to Jerusalem to die. And then Peter in his. Self-importance. He said No Lord this will not happen to you know where we're not going to let you go to truce women die. And that what did Jesus say to Peter. This is in Matthew sixteen Jesus turned around and said to Peter. He said Get Behind Me Satan. For you are an offense to me for you do not favor the things of God But those things that you have men. So you just look at that I mean here in the in one instance. It's the father speaking through. Peter and reference to Jesus as the Christ. And then in a very short time. The devil gets in and speaks through Peter to tell Jesus not to go to Jerusalem and that. So wow that's a lot to think about isn't it that we are. We are very permeable. And we can be used by God. But if we're not careful and if we get proud. In a short time. We can be used by the devil. Without even knowing it. Now back to the text. Paul is clear that we have this treasury earth and vessels in urban vessels that the power. Maybe of God and not a bus. We can have the power of the Holy Spirit too well and inside of us. Now let's go back to the parable. So we know what the vessels of the vessels are us. Earthen human beings. At the end of time. As we are on the edge of the Final Crisis. And Jesus. Looks at his church and divides that have half are wise half are foolish. They all have their Bibles. All have their names all believe Jesus is kind of. They're all waiting for him for the bridegroom. To return. The foolish. Have Bibles. But no oil. The wives have their Bibles. And they have the ordeal. In their vessels. With their lamps. Here's the lamp. Holding up my Bible. And here is the vessel. Pointing to me. And that's what you are. You're a vessel to. So that's the issue really is do we have the oil of the Holy Spirit inside of us. And I'm not going to know the Holy Spirit works in different people differently. I don't think we all have the same experience for me personally as a as a minister and as a preacher. I pray a lot and I can sense. Maybe many maybe times when I stand up and speak in front of an audience that the Holy Spirit is working through me. I can really sense that. And and I think it's part of it's because I call to be of minister and to do what I'm doing. And I don't think everybody has the same calling. So you may not experience the Holy Spirit in the same way as I do. Different people are different. You know we're all individuals. But we all need to have the Holy Spirit inside of us. According to the uniqueness of who we are you may not be called to do what I do. But God still can't dwell in you. And I don't think we need to you know I don't I don't think we should be relying on our feelings every day that if we get up in the morning and we say wow. Do I feel the Lord today. There are times when we when we feel him. There are times when we don't or at least that's my experience. But we have to trust the Lord. Whether we feel him or not but he doesn't say that I'm going to come in and you're going to feel me. All the time. Doesn't say that but he does say I'm going to come in I am going to come in and I'm going to be in your life. And I strongly believe that we all can have the Holy Spirit welling in us every one of us may not be you know may not manifest itself the same way to every person. But you can have the Holy Spirit Well you knew. And every true believer in Jesus has the Holy Spirit. Dwelling in them. Now I want to show you some Bible verses that are really significant. I've discovered as I've thought about this and read about this that the Holy Spirit comes to us through one primary. Channel. One primary channel. Or at least the biggest channel maybe I should say it that way. The biggest channel through which the Holy Spirit comes to us is through the revelation of the cross of Jesus Christ. And I'm gonna show that to you right from the Bible and show you a number of scriptures keep your finger here in Matthew twenty five and go to Romans Chapter five. Romans five. I'm in Chapter five first one. Paul is talking about about faith in Christ. Versa. And actually versus the previous person Chapter four of us twenty five talks about Jesus how he was delivered up because of our offences and he was raised because of our justification. He was delivered up to die because of our sins. And then he rose from the dead. Now the next verse says therefore having been justified by faith. To be justified simply means to be forgiven. It means that we can stand before God. Just as if we've never sin. Because Jesus forgives us from for our sit from our sins when we have faith in him. We are justified by faith. Paul says. And because of that we can have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We can go to bed at night having peace. Because we know that we've been forgiven. And that our fate is in Jesus not in ourselves. That the power may be of God not. The more we focus on him. The better off we're going to be inside. If we keep focusing on me. We're going to run into all kinds of problems. But if we look away from ourselves. And look at him. We're going to have more power in us. That's the way it works. And so Paul is saying we have peace with God because we have faith in Jesus. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Now then verse five. Says hope does not disappoint us. Because the love of God has been poured out. In our What in our hearts. Through or by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. So look at that order there. Verse one we have faith in Jesus. We have peace with God and the Holy Spirit. In verse five is poured out into our hearts. The cross is the channel for the spirit. Understanding what Jesus did for us on the cross and His love for us. How much he cares for us and what he endured for us. That is a is a channel for the Holy Spirit to talk to us and to come into that make sense. There's power in the cross. Power in the blood. Would you be freed from your burden of sin. There's power in the blood. And that's one text. Another one is first Corinthians chapter two verse two and four. First Corinthians chapter two verse two and four. Paul is talking about his ministry. And what he really wants to focus on. As a preacher. First Corinthians two to Paul said I determined not to know anything. Among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The cross was what changed Paul's life. I really want to know about Jesus and Him crucified. And then verse four says my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom. But in the demonstration of the spirit and power. The reason why Paul's preaching had power. Because because he lifted up the cross the cross is a channel for the Holy Spirit. Another text. Galatians chapter three verses one into the collation chapter three persons one into the problem with the goal Asians. Was that they were looking away from Jesus. And looking to their own works and looking to some new thing they were supposed to do which was to be circumcised. And they had lost sight of Christ. Verse one says Oh foolish Galatians who has be which to. This is a form of witchcraft. We may not practice witchcraft but if we are subdues away from the Gospel. Then it's like coming under the control of witchcraft who has to be which to you that you should not obey the truth. Before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed. Among you. As crucified. So Paul says that that Jesus was portrayed right in front of your eyes. As Paul preached and lifted up Jesus. They saw the gospel. They saw the good news. They saw what Jesus had done for that. And it changed them and then now in verse two he says this. Only I want to learn from you. Did you receive the Spirit. By the works of the law or by the hearing the fake. What do you think the answer to that question is what was the channel for the Spirit into their lives. Was it their works. That they were trying to do to earn the favor of heaven. No it was their faith in Jesus who had been clearly portrayed as crucified in front of them. So again. The cross the preaching of Christ crucified. Is the channel for the Holy Spirit. That changes a person's life. They did not receive the Spirit by works. But by faith faith in Jesus. Revelation Chapter five or six. Revelation five or six. This is a wonderful verse which on is taken into the throne room. And he sees a lamp revelation. Five or six. I looked and behold. In the midst of the throne. And in the midst of the four living creatures. And in the midst of the elders. Stood a lamb. As though it had been slain. Who is that Jesus right and it says the lamb was standing. He had been slain. But he was standing. You've been resurrected Jesus is the center of all I in Revelation. Five. They're all looking at here. Because of the magnitude of what happened on the cross. A lamb as though it had been slain. Having seven horns seven is a perfect number forms represent power. So seven horns has perfect power. Eyes. Represent wisdom. Seven Eyes this perfect wisdom. So Jesus is represented as being slain he standing. Yes perfect. Power and perfect. Wisdom. And then it says. Which are the seven Spirits of God sent out into the whole the here. And I believe that they are the Greek word for Seven Spirits is the the seven fold Spirit the Spirit whose number is seven. And this text also tells us that the. The Holy Spirit being sent out to all the earth is sent out in the context of the Lamb who has been slain the context is. Jesus' death for R.C.. Are you following me. Jesus is our savior Jesus has perfect. Power. Jesus has perfect wisdom. And it's. And it's through the revelation of who he is and what he did that. That the Holy Spirit comes down to all the earth. See it. So there's four texts that we've looked at Romans five five. First Corinthians two two and four glaciers three what into Revelation five or six let's go back to the parable. So as we think about the oil. At the why is cabinet the foolish don't have it sure seems to me that. What makes the difference is that the wives are focusing their MY on Jesus. And on the cross and on his sufferings. For us for are. We need to look at Jesus don't we need to think about Jesus at the eighteen eighty eight. General Conference session many years ago. Wegner and Jones preached and lifted up crisis and Ellen White commented on that in first. I'm sorry. In testimonies to ministers page ninety one and ninety two and her comment. Among other comments was that many had lost sight of Jesus. And that they needed to have their eyes. Directed to his his divine. Person. And to his changed less. Love for the human family. And there was a lot of power at Minneapolis. The power of the Holy Spirit was there because Wagner and Jones lifted up. Jesus Christ. Many have lost sight of Jesus. And it sure seems to me that. What puts the wise on the side of the wise in the foolish in the side of the foolish. Is the presence or the lack of the oil. And the foil. Comes to us through the channel. Of the cross. Got it. So we need to focus our minds on Jesus and what he did for us. That is the power for his love and for the encouragement that we need. For the forgiveness of sins. And for the power that we need to overcome sin. The power to overcome sin. Comes through Christ and His righteous and his goodness. And his greatness and his love. So what does it mean when the Bible says in verse three. Matthew twenty five or story. That the foolish took their lamps but they took no oil. With them. Let me share with you some sentences from Christ object lesson. Chapters called to meet the bridegroom. It's a study of this pair. And this is what she says about the foolish Birch. Listen to this. She says. And White wrote that they are not hypocrites. That they have a regard for the truth that they advocate. The truth that they are attracted to those who believe the truth. But they have a serious problem in the serious problem becomes fatal. And this is it is this. She says that they have not yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit's work that they have not allowed their old nature to be broken up. That they are content with a super Fishel work that they do not know God. They have no real communion with him. That they do not know how to trust. How to trust the Lord they don't really know how to do that their service to him is merely a form. And they are destitute of the Holy Spirit. That's what she said. Wow. Speaks to me. I don't want to be like that to you. We need we need a real experience with God and that experience comes through the cross. It comes through the word. It comes through humbling ourselves. Trusting Jesus. Making a choice to give up R.C. Those are all elements of having a real experience with Jesus. Well let's go on with the parable. Verse five. Says that while the bridegroom did what. While the bridegroom. Some Bible say. Carried my Bible say the bridegroom was delayed. When the bridegroom was delayed. They all slobbered and slept. Anybody sleeping out there and that anybody. Stay awake. Go to sleep on me and we just had lunch. The bloods going down your stomach your brain is getting a little bit light. Try to stay awake. OK Stand up and anybody the Stand Up know. All right look at this first carefully. We've seven they have as have been waiting for Jesus to come for how long how many years as a bit. Since eight hundred forty four. And here we are in two thousand and fifteen. We're at the end of two thousand and fifteen. How many who's got a calculator who's good at math. One hundred seventy what. OK. One hundred seventy one years. We've been waiting for Jesus to come by the way how long it no. Approach for a hundred twenty years. And there were probably people that that said you know this old man's been preaching for one hundred twenty years and the flood hasn't come yet. But did it ever find the come. It did find the come did it. Q Now it's been a hundred seventy one years since eight hundred forty four and. We have been expecting the Lord to have come a long time before this. Long time. But he's not here. It's not here yet. He has the bridegroom. Hasn't he hasn't he had he's teary eyed. And what happens during the day as the delay it continues to go on what happens to the vergence. They go to sleep. Well first it says they pay slumbered. And then they slept. And how many of them. Go to sleep. Just the just the foolish. No they all go to sleep. Even the why is go to sleep. So in some sense. You know everybody is just sort of innocent in a stupor. They're in sort of. You know just a dreamy state that we don't really realize this. Seriousness of the times in which we live. So they all just sort of fade out to some extent. To some extent now. You see the period after verse five. Period. And then verse six. I believe that we are now living in between the period. At the end of verse five. And the first part of her success I've studied this parable I think that the first. The first five persons really I mean they're the principal can apply to Christians down throughout history. All Christians can read this parable of they can learn that they need the Holy Spirit. Versus being desolate of the Holy Spirit we can all learn these lessons. But there is a there was a particular point where this parable. Really been a tough high gear. And then in Rapid Fire. As we're about to see verses six to thirteen just goes boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Way. We're told Ellen White says that the final movements. Will be rapid ones. And while I think that people throughout history. Can Read this parable. And learn from these versus. It seems pretty clear to me that Verses six to thirteen. Have a substantial application. At the end of time where they all just rapidly. Take place in a very short time. In a very short. Now there there is an application of this back to the miller right movement I'm aware of that. But there's a there's a special and time application. That's going to kick in. That hasn't happened yet. Verse six. Says at midnight. And I was thinking about this first yesterday. Just really pondering this. At midnight. It says a cry was heard. Behold the bridegroom this coming. Go out to need. Now let's just talk about the word midnight and then the transition from vs what the five to six to thirteen. The transition is midnight. What were you doing last night at midnight. I hope you were asleep. I'm assuming all of us were asleep or at least trying to sleep you know sometimes people go to sleep when they get up and they go sleep in the get up and. I've been told that if you get older it's harder to sleep all throughout the night. Anybody notice that I've been dealing with that myself. But anyway. What I think of midnight. I think of a number of things. One of the things is that it's very dark. Midnight is the theory. Very dark. And I tell you we're certainly at that point. I mean our world is very very dark. Compared to the land up there. And it's getting darker down here it's morally. It's getting it's really really bad. Dark dark dark. Is our world today. Now there's something else about midnight midnight it's not just a very dark time. But midnight. Is a time when you are not expecting anything to happen. Right. Were you expecting anything that happened last night when you were embedded in so many said yes. No no. Yeah. Yeah. We just you know midnight. You're not expecting anything. So we're talking to Jesus is talking about a dark time when people are expecting something to all the sudden happen. But then it happens it happens when you're not expecting it. At midnight a cry was heard and the cry said Behold the bridegroom. He's coming. Go out to media. Now here's a couple points on this. This verse verse six. Is not the second coming. Which will become clear as you keep reading. Jesus does not come in till verse ten. So it's not a second coming. It is an announcement. It's an announcement that he's getting ready to come. Now I to be honest with you I can't tell you exactly what that announcement is. I don't really know there. There's a number of options that we could think of. But whatever it is there is going to be a point in time where some cry is heard some a vent. Takes place them things happen. That is of sufficient. Magnitude that all of the Virgin. Wake up. All of them. The foolish. And the wise. They all wake up. And that's what the text sense. At midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming. He is coming. Go out to meet him. And when it says he is coming. It is of such an a magnitude that there are virgins realize that you know even though we've heard before over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming. And he's been delayed. Something tells them. This is different. Something tells them. Now all we know that he really is coming. And as a result of that they all wake up. First seven says they then all the virgins. Arose. And they trip their legs. Now. Ought to be honest with you I don't think we're quite there yet. I mean the signs are all around us but I don't think all the virgins have woken up yet. Something is coming. That is going to wake everybody up. And when it hits. Everybody. Least the virgins this. The foolish and the wise. They're all going to wake up. It says they they are rubes and atrium. This is it says there are now. What is what you think that if they trim their money. What's the lamp. The Bible. So for everybody to wake up and start trimming their lamps. That tells me that there's sufficient things happening. Or something big is happening. That everybody wakes up with they turn to their Bibles. Maybe they thought that God love their phones they click. Bring it up on the phone. Bring it up on the tablet. Bring it up on the i Phone or grab the Bible. Whatever they do. They're all going into the word. Everybody. And when they're going into the word when says they trim their maps to me. It means that they're they're going to the Bible. And they're trying they're trying to find what they need to know in the word. So they can be ready for the second test. They all go to the word. Turn off the T.V.. Turn down the radio. Turn off the game. They're not into all the apps. Now it's Bible time. Because Jesus comes. Gotta get. So the trick their limbs. Then something happens in verse eight. Verse eight is a very scary. Verse verse eight says that the foolish. Then said to the why. Give us some of your ordeal. Because our lamps are going out. Now think about that really take a close look at what the specs to say what happens to the foolish virgins. When they start trimming their lamps. They discover when they get into the Bible. During the crisis. That as they were trimming and looking around and trying to find the promises or trying to find the verses that they need. They have a said. Inside of them. That something isn't working. That they're not connected. That something's just not right there. There to scare. And they can't seem to find the Lord. In the crisis. And so what they do is they noted they look around and they notice something they notice that there are other virgins who are not having that problem. There are other versions that are there. They're earnest. And at times they're very excited. They're talking a lot about the Lord. And they're urging people to get ready. And they and the foolish. Who have a problem in their experience. Look at the wives who seem to be doing quite well. Or at least you know they are. They're trusting God in the crisis. And they look at them and they say. You have something I don't have. And so they go to the Y. and they ask them if the wives can give to the foolish. What the wise. That's what they do. Are lamps are good because their lamps are going out and to me that's a very scary at first their lamps are going out. That means that that the Bible's not working for them in a crisis. You know a lot of people think that when the crisis comes I'll turn the Bible and I'll get read it. But this parable says it doesn't happen that way. The Foolish go to the Bible. Trim their lamps try to get ready. But their lamps start going out their last as you know they're going out or they're gone out of Bible say going out or they're gone out. Are left my lamps not working. Where is the light. I'm not getting the light in the crisis is following me are lamps are going up so they go to the wise. Give me your oil. Give me your way. Now. Can the lies. Give their oil to the foolish in a crisis. You know it's actually impossible to do that now their response. In the next verse is verse nine it says the wives answered and they said no less there should not be enough for us and for you but go rather to those who sell and buy for yourself. And I don't think this is because they're selfish. And they're saying no I don't want to give you what I've got. It's not because of that. It's because it's impossible to transfer your experience to somebody else. And you just can't can't do it. And I'll just tell you for her for me personally. I've been a seventy evidence for thirty six years and I've had a lot of struggles in my at the dislike but relate to that the. I've been through a lot of ups and downs. But God has held on to me through thick and thin. And he's kept me on the path and if I've fallen off the path. He's put me back on the path. I've had a lot of struggles. As a seventh they have discretion is not always easy to be a Seventh Day Adventist it's not always easy to be a Christian. It's been a real struggle. But the Lord has kept me. And there are many many many precious promises. In my Bible that mean a lot to me that I have clung to and held onto even in times when it's been very very dark. There was one time in my life when saw many eight was my favorite song. Because it was all dark. There was no light in Solomon eighty eight. The translation that I was reading at the time this was many years ago before I got to we mark for him a chair and. When I was pastoring in the near San Francisco. At the very end of Solomon eighty eight David said. The darkness is my closest friend. And I and I would. I would read that and then turn off all the lights and pray in the dark. And I found so much comfort in that song because my life at that time was very very dark. I was struggling with a lot of things. God in the devil working on me. And that he was comfort to me to know that David passed through similar experiences. And I almost left the church. But I held on. I said lord. I'm going to stay with you. You've got to help. You've got to help. And there are promises in the Bible that the Lord has used to bring me through. Many promises and their promises I have. There's a verse and Isaiah. Forty nine the talks about children. And God says I will tend with him who contends with you and I was saved your children. And I have the names of my kids right next to that verse. Set and Abbey. Written right there in my Bible. And I've been many times on my knees looking at that verse and claiming that verse before God and think God you. I pray God to save my children. Seth and Abby. It's right there in the end I wrote it in the Bible. And there are other promises there are many verses some of my. My Bible verses source on my chapters are very marked. I've got chapter Revelation thirteen is really marked been reading that chapter you can't really see it but there's writing and markings. And I've got all kinds of verses that I've underlined circled made little notes by promises. I have promises that I read before I preach. Certain promises. Like one versus. I will be with your mouth. And I will teach you what you shall say Exodus four twelve and my point is that my Christian life. Is very real to me. And there's a lot of verses that I've tripped and I hammered out. And I've held onto. And God has worked with me. And he's he's fraud me through. He's given the Fichter ease. He's disciplined me he's picked me up he's knocked me down he's picked me up. He's corrected me. He's led me away from this. Back to the book and and all of this. All of these promises and my whole experience with Jesus. When the crisis comes. I cannot give to you what God has worked out in my soul. I can't just give all this to you in a crisis. And if and if you get to the crisis. And you start trimming your lamp and trying to get close to God in the middle of all this. It's just not going to happen that way. And then if you go to somebody and say Help me. Pray for me. Give me what you've got. They are not going to be able to do that because character is not transferable. And the Holy Spirit. Can't just be given from one person to another. When the chips are down. It doesn't happen that way. We have to have an experience. Before the crisis hits. The that. Now let's go back to the text. So the wives first nine X. twenty five are snide and the wife answered and say no we can't. Lest there be not enough for us and for you but go rather to those who sell and buy for yourself. Now that has really impressed me. Here is a fundamental difference between the wise and the foolish. Here's a big difference between the two groups. The the wise. Know how to go to God and get the oil by themselves. Were as the foolish they don't know how to do. So when the crisis the wise say you have to go out and buy it for yourself. Now this is a really important point. We have to learn how to go to got ourselves. It's not enough to be in a good family. It's not enough to be in a good church. It's not enough to have a good pastor. Almost as important as all those things are. You have to learn yourself how to go to God One on One. And develop that relationship with him. You cannot rely on your wife or on your husband or on your pastor or on your church or the fact that you're in the right church. It's not enough. You have to know Jesus. One on One. So what I mean. And the and the foolish. Don't know how to do that they never really done. And when the crisis hits. That comes out and they go to the why. Give us what you've got. And they turn around and say you have to go and buy for yourself. That's the way we got it. And that's the only way you can get it. Now here's another interesting thought. What is Why does a. Why do they say by Does that mean you have to have money. You have to earn it by for yourself. How do you buy. Jesus said by of me gold tried five. Revelation. What do you buy that there's a text and Isaiah fifty five years what it says whole. Everyone who's thirsty. Come to the waters. He who has no money. Come by any. And I've looked at that text. And I've looked at than other verses revelation. Where Jesus says that the lane to see in church. That they are they consider themselves to be rich and increased with goods. And in need of nothing. The prob with later to see it's there. They don't have enough and need. Bible says. If you have no money. You can buy. Well the question is What do you buy with. And I've concluded. You buy with your need. Laodicea has need of nothing. So they end up. Without the gold. And the white Raymond. And the I say. So Jesus says Come and buy this for me. We buy with our need and we can all have enough the. Can't we. You don't have to get good enough. You don't have to work your way to heaven you know into the right choice. In order to buy. You buy with your need. So when you're when you're feeling really low. And you're feeling like there's no hope for you and you're feeling discouraged and down and out. You've got a lot to buy with a lot. So you come to Jesus in your need is say Lord help me and my need. And then he'll give you everything I have give you forgiveness he'll give you the Holy Spirit to give you strength. And he'll build to sell up a relationship with him in that encouraging. You can buy with you. Me. Well the problem is with the foolish virgins. Is that they finally realize their need. But by that time. It's too late. It's too late. Verse ten. Says while they went to buy. The bridegroom. Came. Now here's where he comes he comes in first in. He doesn't come in verse six. While they went to buy which means. They went to their bedrooms. They got on their knees. They open their Bibles. They trim their lamps. They said Lord. I'm here now. I'm ready to have a relationship with you. I'm ready now Lord. Now I'm ready. G.'s us. And then it says while they went to buy. He showed up. And then it says. And those who now look at this those doesn't say those who got ready. It says those who those who were ready. Went in with him to the wedding. And the door was shut. So question quiz question. When did they get ready. Did they get ready before. The cry went out. Or the did they get ready. After the cry went out. The got ready before. And they those who were ready. They went in those who were not ready. Who tried to buy in the crisis. They get shut out the ever heard of the rapture theory. The rapture is a Christian evangelical teaching a lot of people believe that that the church will be raptured and disappear. And then they'll be some seven year tribulation. Where although it will be hard. People will still have a second chance to be saved if you miss the rapture. I've heard that idea. And that seven the Avon's don't believe that we've never believed that. And we often talk about the second chance theory that that second chance theory is wrong that you don't have a second chance. If you miss the rapture. But. But I've concluded that we do have our own second chance theory. And our second chance theory is that we don't have to be ready. Right now we can get ready when the crisis comes when we see it actually happening. God is so good and so kind and so loving that we can then get ready. When the crisis hits. That's our second chance here. But it's not true. It's not true. You cannot get ready. In a crisis. You can't. It's just as phony as the seven year tribulation. Rapture theory. We have to be ready before. The cries heard and all the virgins wake up and can't get ready. In the crisis I heard preacher once say crisis. Does not develop character. It only reveals that. It reveals. What's already going on if we have the Holy Spirit in us. Of Jesus is in us. Working in us and helping us to get a relationship with him. Then when the crisis comes. It's just going to be a continuation of the process. I thought of sticking with him. But if we don't know how to do that and then we enter the crisis then we think we can often just snap our fingers and trim our my ass and connect with God. The purpose of the parable of least one of the purposes. Is to show us that that isn't possible. It's not possible to get oil in the crisis firsthand they went to buy. But the bridegroom came. And those who were ready. They were already prepared. They. They don't you don't get ready when Jesus comes. You get ready before he caps. You don't get ready in the crisis. You get ready before the crisis. And those who were ready they went in with him to the wedding and the door was shut out now look at this the door was shut. It's closed. And then it says. Afterward. After the door closed. Then it says the other virgins cam and they said Lord Lord. Open to board Lord. Open to us and I thought about that I thought when years afterwards. When did the other virgins come and say Lord Lord. Open to us. When do you think that'll be. We'll it's after the door close. It's after. It's after probation closes and I and I I believe. Makes sense to me that it's actually at the second resurrection. They wake up in the second resurrection. And they see Jesus. And the New Jerusalem. And the Saints. Inside the city. And they're outside the city. With all the logs. And they really look around make think we should not be here with this group. They see Hitler. And all the bad people and the terrorists. And all the last of all ages. And they're surrounded by these people and they see the New Jerusalem shining in Jesus they're in the Saints inside the city. And they think we should not be out here. And so they come and they say. Lord Lord open the gates of the door for us. And Jesus look said Saturday. Very sadly I'm sure. And he says first twelve says he answered. And he said to them. Assuredly or truly to any of your bible say Verily. K. verily means truly like the truth I'm telling you the truth. See they advocated the truth they knew the truth. But they didn't really have an experience with god. So Jesus uses the same word truly truth. Truly I say to you. I do not know you. I don't know you. First thirteen says Watch therefore. For you know neither THE DAY nor THE HOUR in which the sun of me is I think the saddest people outside the new truth. At least one of the saddest groups will be Seventh Day Adventists who knew it all they had all this information. But they didn't really have an experience with God Take kids. Folks that's a very scary cause that's a very sober thought. I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want that to happen to my wife or my children. I'm pray. Regularly for my family. Don't let it happen to you. You don't want to be out there outside the New Jerusalem with all the lost. It's going to be an awful thing to realize that you turn a D. is over. You had all the opportunities in the world. You had the Bible with truth you had the Spirit of Prophecy. You have all this information. And you never really made your. And your loss. As a result. That's an awful thought. And it doesn't have to happen. Jesus doesn't want that to happen to you if you have a need. You can buy with your needs the Lord help me. Forgive me. Change me. And when Jesus I don't know you. It's not because it's not because he doesn't know their souls because he does. It means that that relationship has not been hammered out between the two of them had the word know. In the Bible is often used in a deep. Intimate sense. It says Adam knew his wife and. And they had and she had a baby to get my point to knows someone is interested. And Jesus says I don't know you. I don't really have a one on one relationship with you. I don't know. Now I'm going to I'm going to do something that I do at this point we're almost done here in the world. Pray we will pick up our offerings. I can just a couple minutes but when I do something that isn't. It's a. It's kind of a test. Then it's a very helpful. It's very revealing smile and listen carefully. If Jesus himself. Were to walk in through that door. Himself. The real Jesus not a false Jesus but the real Jesus. And if you were to walk into this church. And if he were to go up and down the aisles. One by one. One on One. And if he were to look you in the eye right in here and if he were to ask you if he were to say. Do you know me. Do I do he what would you say. If he looked you in the I WOULD YOU LOOK AWAY. Would you look away. I tell you can't fool the Lord. You can't fool them or you can only look at him in the eye and say Jesus. I know you as much as I can. And you know me and. We've been together and we've I prayed a lot. And you've worked in my life you've changed me give me a victory over a lot of things. And Lord it's so good to say you are so good to see you. I've been waiting to see you all this time. When you when you look at him in the eye and keep looking at him. Or would you look away. You know in your heart what you would do. And if you know when your heart that you would look away. Then you're not right. You're not. And the good news is that you still have time. To get rid of a little time. We don't know how much time we have left. We still have time. Sometimes Jesus says Watch therefore for you know night that the DAY nor THE HOUR in which the Son of man. Isc. I'll close with a little story. I heard a story once about a. A pastor who had a church. And the pastor. When he counseled with his members that have problems. He would often say this to them. He would often listen to their problems and then he would say he would say. You know way. That's bad but it could be worse. Could be worse. He had a reputation say. Past you but on the meds Vera. Said that to your church has any way this pastor that's what he did. And what what not. One day or one night one of his church members went to bed at night went to sleep and had a tree. And he had an amazing dream he dreamed that it was the day of the Second Coming of Christ. He dreamed that the. The clouds parted. Sky cracked open. And the trumpets sounded and Jesus Himself came down from the sky. With all the holy angels. And it was the day of the Lord. And it was a bright shining. Glorious incredible big the mountains sank to earth shock and it was that was the big day. This was it. And as this man. Dreamed of this. He sought graves opening he saw people being resurrected he saw people being picked up and taken up into the sky. And he watched all this. And then he and then he realized to his horror that his feet were still on the ground. And that he was not going to meet the Lord. And he realized that he was a lost man. He was lost. And he woke up in a sweat. In a whore. And you know what he did the next day he went straight to church. And he went right to his pastor. And he said Pastor. I've got to talk to you about my tree. So the patch but all right come into my office they sat down and the man told them everything. Second Coming and of the world. Trumpets sounding Blades of Glory. Angels all around. Everything shining. People going up. And he said Pastor my feet were on the ground I did not go up. He said Pastor. I dreamed that I was lost. I was lost. What do I do. And the pastor. Listened and leaned back on his chair. He thought really hard about this. What am I going to say to my members. And then. He leaned over and you know what he said he said you know what he said it could work could be worse. And this man was shocked. Was floored. And he did he look at the pastor he said. Pastor. How in the world can you say that. What could be worse than what I just dreamed of and that pastor he was a wise man. And what he did was he leaned over. He put his arm around the man shoulders. And this is what he said he said Thank God brother. Thank God that it would be worse. If it wasn't a dream. He said thank God that you still have a chance to give your heart. Completely to Jesus. Right there. And then he put his arm around with his let's pray. Let's pray. I don't know how much time we have left. We're almost basically done with this talk and brothers and sisters I don't know how much time we have left until that cries heard until every all the virgins wake up and trim their lamps. I don't know how much time we have left until the Lord Jesus comes in the class. But I do know that narrow is the time to get ready. We cannot wait until the crisis hits. And then expect to be ready for to get ready. It's not going to happen. Now's the time for us to get ready. And thank God that we still have a chance to do so and to day. Are you. Are you with me. Let's let's pray together. Let's pray to your Father in heaven. Thank you for the Holy Spirit. That still works in this world. We pray for the Holy Spirit. God send us the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to help us to see Jesus. Hanging on the cross for our sins. How much he loves. How much you care for us. How much you want us inside the New Jerusalem. Not outside. Lord help us all to accept you. To trim our lamps now. To develop a relationship with you now to buy with our need right now. So when the crisis comes we'll be able to trust you will be excited that your coming. And will be ready to go in with you to the marriage. Please Lord bless us and get us all ready we pray in Jesus name Amen. We hope you enjoyed today's broadcast to see what are we so privileged to be a part of God's commission to share the gospel message with the world. You too can be a part of our Gospel Outreach team. By supporting broadcasts just like these with your financial gifts we strive to be careful with every dollar that we receive. Knowing these donations are sacred gifts to build up God's kingdom of grace and salvation. To find other great resources or to donate online. Go to Whitehorse media. Dot com or you can call us at one eight hundred seventy eight. Bible. That's one eight hundred seventy two four to five three. You can follow us on Twitter. 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