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Sabbath - A Day of Mercy

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


  • December 5, 2015
    4:00 PM
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Everyone. How do you all. How many of you have been blessed. I want to call today about worse or worse if I'd only. How the joy that. I'm around who what. Who. I think it's relevant question. The World. HOW DID YOUR happen. I think that was the joy. How much I love it out here in just looking at the expressions on people's faces that they were being served. I thought. In so many different ways I call choice of people serving. I don't think that shows the. I'm going to the house how about you move on THE JOY. They get into the message. We prayed and Jesus in a. Sure how do you want joy in your lives. How many people might have joined in your life at all of them out of was pretty difficult. With us during our mothers or review the whole story of the story. And then the story about the very end of the meds OK. Talking about Jewel morning. Just who is the worst of it. I thought well my car not to go for I was going to work where I would go. So I know you're now going I will need to know where you are going going to the LOL that is not going to come out. And I thought the call. I'm talking to the ward where I get from the My head was going forward in months. I've I was not good at me like a creature has that story of that I've worked there. First of all and it's all the joy. Oh Lord. If you're a while you're straight. So we want to strongly toward what we have vowed to all the more district who knows where that song. A goal then reading and verse five then going your way with that and the sweet. For this is the goal for the oil is your strength. What do you receive Joyce. But you can also join the conflicts of interest. That along with all our resources on world. So which of the terms of the surprise on. There are gong. For all those who when they were in the work with a lot of the day. Was. Home. Reading on your way out of work. That's one thing here. Then for words. Reading on the board for the join up with nor does your strategy. So the money. For the Green went. The words that were done to them. Greenie your other one and then reverse. The first of all I want to read you another example very quickly. And the good ones with all the. First first one to the day and among us was Joyce Porsche's words. So for those are all gone. The people of God. Be joyful by now. Now. The. Joyce. Yes. The letting me see you song version for a particular read Chapter fourteen. After the game with verse fourteen here. It's a love song. No ice change that how. And remember the mining days. So we're seen with you under you. Though those who I've demonstrated. And remember that were of us leave your mind. We might say that in this. GA mercy. I want to know is we have all of this out on the cell. Oh. Listen to the server. We go. And we have. The cells. Because I WANT TO SEE THAT WAS MY GOD Not so the world. We want even who we realize who who we demonstrate not even those who may not know our ago. I was with. And verse twelve. Here twenty first twelve. SAGAL So the song that they might know all that follow that. So the purpose of Assad will not survive the fall of monkey see that we might know that God of all along that gone on now that of God all the Final Five hundred. Holding my who have some hope so so so the sound of that and that God made lunch. So the sound of the in the sun that brought something how to use to want that to the very heart of you describe are the followers of all. OK. So so so how's the jaws were seven cents follows the word choose to remember the south of the virus to do what so that God. Final and the G.D. funds not sure why the problem is that the Bible. Yes So we're going to spend five five years word. The lunches notice was full of the same situation is verse twenty three. He says I'm all about with me. Yeah I'm OK I need to be maybe. Perfect. All right. I need to be nice. What the scribe perfection in the five. You said not a five hundred fifty. Lawyer Did you find that show three of her father. Forty five. Good ones of you. What reward out was there was love you. But then. The say only what you want to know is not the same. Ask your father for that purpose is to have news for the same result. But different. Let me. Is fun to do chapter. First thirty first very sick and do something that shows the house or merciful. Father. What were they won for question. What is the sound of them. God who loves. She can walk. They have or could come out of the cottage shots of God. Fanciful way. Oh. How does NOT have the father god mom. That's not the South Vietnam. Go south that all. I think that's a day. God will have. Now live from the Scriptures. I can. Hahaha sell it. Because just how does her being demonstrated. Wayne the Bible. That was all. Jeff what. The south the open line of the me me. Whole and of all the things. All the spirit. Yes oh yes that needs. Oh to preach never to the cat fight to the money. The supply. And the sense that. I've come to free. Remember what it was set free from Egypt. God that's Remember that's not the symbol set you free. It isn't that Jesus would be reading this. They were here before and. Geology is quoted from when the wives of the open the will to really be found look where our i've So if you happen to like means war and this is it is because all sons of God. Chapter one of the spirit of the on this on the on to me that many of them up to but to proclaim to propane. Was also comfort all that more on that are that he one of the whole. So I'll point into the morning. So all of the caught in the phrase prove that they might be called she isn't right that they might find the next verse. They show the always pleasing. They show me those former decimation. And they shot for the wake. City. The definitions of injuries. That last row because of the public purse also is stuck in the art. I think. Big twelve. Listen to the first twelve. The Biden said. Once I get. I think first twelve. And that's the only show the rate of the soft tissue. You call them are of the grease her away from the South Pole. From doing. My whole life. The whole honorable. Not do not know it's my pleasure. No speaking of homework. Helping someone else wants work. Be helpful. How the degree. The right of the Lord your wild free should not of you have to understand God's Son of in here. Of the south is one. That will wake up on those only to cry or something about the correct. Of the sound of miss my. You know that Jesus. On the sound. Day. I have special day where you have a week you will never forget that. Yes. Some will if you work. And then you. On the south will say. Oh if you were not expecting on down stay with you forget it. That. There's a reason why the company was trying to show the charts are obvious had a father will do you reckon. Rest on the pressure on Assad. So I'm going to do my actions so you're not out of or efficient. But do you mean that. That's not it did not sound or in a way that were waiting to hear all of them out of sync very good. Be joining us our hosts out get twelve. Fathers the fact these so called Out of the text. How they might striking. Walk. You see the this is them and it is this fact now we need to. From managed to that of course cranks. On during the week. When he was a missionary. This is the team work for free from him for his sick work hard and joy for he was able to restore suffer one hell was about worship. And the best job is by dentistry. If cowards are the summer in the hot harsh and when we organise their worse a god. I think we're going to have people on board. To ask the question Who are you. We're told are in a part of the east. He's five people go home missionary work home. All of the bomb together at the motherboard. Response. Was never that is. To be. Of G.-D. Saul. Let's let's go to the book we're not if this was just watching how my book let me just read the Norse aren't that strong that you call the risk. Reads the restore the blow up a life full of or not a call to a lot of the I suppose the earth. For the model or the whole life. Yes. But the conditional. Because it must show my people. All the way they are worse. What you need more people that the like you know God. One of the way. I know I could work out a pretty but you're not your own. And this is what this is the I asked you to call round morning. You know such a job service is a no no I think I have no one knows when it first first saw this such a sacrifice all of the day this all this. What about call this a fact or remember not God told me today. So that to this instead. Go find the core and go to go under me and go find the who are struggling to find those who make more dogs have rejoined. The. This was not my bread. The hungry. That up brings up one couple I've went up high enough I thought I hope they saw I prayed for me. So you need. This special See Forever. But some other. Then saw the whole day. So how about. Yes. They have a lot of or saw some of that they all right. That's what our Lord on going away or wrong they. What the way to do always. So the most saw the worst. They that Iraq has no what they want to be. Doesn't anybody. But I want to have the whole force of one know. What Sabbath. It will because after this we're out lesson. On that. That would change this your the sound of my judgment day. That. But when one of mother or her son who have lost the love of the board. That God and God will have the one. Wow how we service our mom who has that one. They that way of on the whole going to hold united and that serve you will not want to serve me. MARGARET. Let my child was her daughter. Soul. So all their swords. And yet. When need start whole thing. On the sound will outlive us or one of us who want to live less and less That it into operating this week highs my offering. Oh. Me Who are the less who needs. Who and now my mind. With my trouble. And my thinking how all of us what happened to run in the same problem. My mind coming like my home. I've become my home alive. That someone saw this home or see call. Mercy carbon. And you can start your own ministry. Right now. I was hungry. Another car. Some of the what I thought this. Mercy. This is a reminder of God's love for you how to follow. Yes I I this is the. So I decided. Yeah. I'm going to be a somewhat and the first. I want. I know what I was just call. And I said you're who did this cartoon. So it was no. I was drunk. And not outside normal is not a source of thinking or you don't drive social House holding up the house of the north. I don't like the car and he's like I don't think in free. Love that kid no but it was enough that you know we were there. And then I just I mean he was just like you would never believe what I'm going on and I'll do much to look at me. I said are of the seven. The sow. And I will bless you with. And I just watching. I just. And you let me correct that I did not have this card made up of that size print it's all on the telephone service members of the church work but then I work for into work but I say hey let's have another listen this is what happened today. This is worship. Worsen. This is what God is what the Obama left. Need. You saw talk to or sure didn't even really hard have a mother who bought the car with her church school. When she called again the five separate. She'd. You think you were this. And that was feared all the worse. Worse worse. It's being that. DAY TO DAY. People should have to leave home is offering from this. They fall. Your We don't mean by breaking your Sabbath. Number of we're talking all the work of Sheeny out of their oppression of the what. So does the South. Although we're not social gospel we thought we were not foolish separating the line. The long held perfectly. That your challenge for me to a war. Less. Today will follow the laws to worse today. Giving us your hour it's. Thank you Lord for healing. Fish for it with this because this media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen more sermons leave with W.W.W. audio person or.


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