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The Purpose of Worship, Part I

Doug Batchelor
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Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • December 19, 2008
    9:30 AM
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father in heaven the Lord as we bow before you this morning we are praying especially that you will cleanse our minds and hearts from anything that would present the placement of your truth within us I pray Lord that we can be completely repaired but are prepared by your spirit your grace to receive the things you need to say I be with me forgive my sins I pray Lord that you will speak at your voice we will hear I ask Lord as a result of our time we will better understand what our purpose in life is and how to live in a way that will bring glory to your name that we can truly worship you and it's in that name we pray in cell I'd like to preface everything in an essay in battle want to say by first the issue in a disclaimer I do not feel worthy Massena to some false humility I really don't even talk about the subject because this is the most important subject is worship the great controversy is about worship the reason the devil rebel is because of worship the reason you are creating worship and so when we talk about the purpose of worship we really are walking on holy ground but we've got this distorted Ginny idea in Christian churches what worship fits within worship is all that's the time when the pastor walked out on the platform and they go through their their ritual and antics preacher preaches missing the closing hymn and we have been worshiped that that's a handicapped idea what worship is that numbers and when I went to a charismatic church the idea worship was the more exuberant in rem all this we became the better our worship loss and that the notions even infecting some Adventist churches that's not worship that someone got us talking about now that's not to say there are not people that go to church Sabbath morning when the ministers march out whether they even go to a charismatic church that don't engage in genuine worship on the question enough insane it is so much more it is so much bigger than that it are so many counterfeits if worship is true this is real if it's something that God wants from us if you are the devil when you create a counterfeit for those the devil have a counterfeit Sabbath is there a counterfeit for the gift of tongues is a counterfeit for baptisms counterfeit Holy Spirit unallotted counterfeit Christ and counterfeit gods then why would it surprise us there there would be counterfeit worship matter fact there are so many counterfeits for troop true worship that it's almost hard to distinguish the genuine it's like if you want to hide in diamond a good place to do that is an amount of broken glass it looks like sparkles in all that it will stand the test I should probably begin by this review in a few verses for you here and get some of this on the laptop and then I'll be looking some stories with you out of the Bible and I need to make sure I stopped on time please let me to Matthew chapter four verse eight speaking of the temptation of Christ in the wilderness he temptations and again the devil to come up last temptation to an exceeding high mountain Matthew for her sake him and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and he said all these things I will give you is not why Jesus came he came to the world save the world here the devil shows him all the kingdoms of the world all the centers of the peoples of the population the seventh is a world all the people the world and are willing to give it to you on a silver platter you don't need to die for I will drink you know the devil says it is the prince of this world Jesus even referred to him as that one time to the devil kidnapped this world is argument you if you will just fall down and worship me the whole great controversy sprang out of perverted worship Satan Lucifer wanted the worship that belongs to God so here is the one who got position he says what all you got to do is worship me and I'll give it all to you and you can do whatever you want with the human race as long as I'm on top and you serve me and Jesus without hesitating respondent quoting Scripture again by the whale three times Jesus met the temptations of the devil he quoted from Deuteronomy away with you Satan for it is written you shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve in the first four commandments deal with worship actually all of the first four more specifically talking about God expects exclusive worship that we're not to distort that worship you how you to worship him not idols and I suppose one reason that God is offended by the idolatries the very idea that you can manipulate and put God in time and space to be some little figuring on your dashboard or even a two-dimensional picture on the wall Nikon is really an insult to the ever present not the flag under the gun here and a idolatry really a belittles God and so it's an insult talks about worshiping which God what's his name the biggest name in vain and when worship them and to reserve your life in your timeframe as of the first four minutes all involve worship as Seventh-day Adventists if there's people out there that should understand something about worship it should be us because in the three Angels messages Revelation fourteen regular of quick this is our mandate are marching orders for the world right now is encapsulated in these final messages before the beast activates his last plan revelation fourteen six then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe and tongue we've got a message that they go to the world and people saying with a loud voice fear God revere God honor God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him why would God say worship him you think is that understood that's because people are worshiping other things in the unit one reason God gives us the ten Commandments is because they don't come naturally why would God say no don't steal except that people want to take something from someone else and he says remember the Sabbath they want to tell us remember something up with no problem remembering about what you have problems remembering but Sony says God gave him this because we fear everything else who wasn't Wesley said he did here's God hears nothing else it is not here here's everything else and worship him that made the heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of waters and that of course is that a quote is drawn almost exactly from the fourth commandment so I especially want to focus on that first Angels message there it's all about what before you get into the second and third Angels message and points to goddesses worshiped him what is it that one worship me and so what's the big battle revolver who do you worship now is it possible that there are some people who were worshiping the devil they don't even know they'll ask another question is possible that some people that are worshiping God and they don't know possibly are there people may be in some countries that have been exposed the gospel but they see the creator and the things these may like this in Romans and their guests in all of this God whoever he is a don't really know him but they may be a worship him in their hearts and got has his people and these other nations that have this attitude about God that really they don't know who is so the big issue is who you worship and you know I think even in some of the administers were being torn over this issue could worship how to worship when worship and and the devil is introducing some counterfeits for the genuine now probably would be good idea at this point to give a definition for words and this is a condensed definition I sort of amalgamated between Merriam-Webster and American Heritage dictionary worship the reverent love adoration honor and devotion accorded a supernatural power an idol or sacred object being to regard was great or extravagant respect see the ceremonies prayers or other religious forms by which this love and honor is express and it comes from the old English word worth ship so when we worship God we are talking about what he is worth its now what is what is the basic and are trying to and the last days he compels the whole world written for free and bond read that Revelation thirteen verse twelve can now be able to read them all disposal to give you some bookends in the Bible contextualize what were talking about and he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence any causes the earth compels forces the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed forced to worship God verse fifteen same chapter Revelation thirteen fifteen and he was granted power to give breath to the image of the piece of the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed compelled worship now those who are worshiping the obese than the image in the last days didn't know that their worshiping abuse not necessarily a negative worshiping God John sixteen verse two Jesus said they'll put you out of the synagogues yes the time is coming future tense that whoever kills you will think the author is God 's service Paul really think he was worshiping God when he tells the now he thought this is what God wants I scare you a little bit that means in the last phase will be people who sincerely think the worshiping God the really worshiping the devil that although the difference so we need to know what is the difference between the two how can we know that isn't it interesting that in the last days this can be to live sitting in worship everybody the world is in the be polarized in one of two groups one group is to have the seal of God in worship God correct and the other group is in a worship the beast and his image the group who worships long is going to seek to kill the group who worships right so what's the big issue in the last days who and how do you worship where the first murder come from the Bible go to Genesis chapter four verse one no out of new his wife Eve and she conceived and bore Cain and said I've acquired a man from the Lord Genesis for verse two now and she bore again this time his brother Abel now Abel was a keeper of sheep McCain was a tiller of the ground and in the process of time some years went by came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground the Lord having grown up there old enough to make their own offerings and they knew about God any there there first-generation church members you know they can still see the garden they can still receive Shekinah glory I is the second-generation or should say that when you're talking to parents of creating an eternal management having a father with the bellybutton him him process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground now what Cain brought was the result of his work and there is no shedding of blood got it made it very clear that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins the cane for whatever reason I thought you know this is sort of a grizzly process that we need to go through after all was my mom and dad and send it wasn't me and maybe they can do it this way but you know we need to modernize the auto expects religion to spread do it that way and who's going to be part of a church that involved death like that it's okay to make an offering but the medicine 's smells a little better he had a very naturalistic environmentally friendly way of making an offering some familiar that we need to modernize things a little bit know that the killing of sheep burning among all the springs and vegetables bring the fruit of the ground Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of fat has gotten prescribed in the Lord respected Abel and his offering but he did not respect Cain is often what does that mean they won't have their authors and Batman has happened many times in the Bible would've brought an offering to the Lord 's holy fire would come down member when Moses built the Temple fire came down to inaugurate that earthly tabernacle when ally John McConnell of talk about that later fire came down to show approval when Solomon built his Temple it says enough second Chronicles that the fire of God came down on the altar and the glory of the Lord filled Amanda 's holy fire that any use fire so went back in the garden of the they were Romans six to get a number of their sacrifices they build Rolf was brought before the Lord and pray and fire came from heaven except it only came on Abel 's offering Kane waited and waited all he got was from flax and the longer he waited the more irritated he became and his brother Abel 's in looking of an telling of you know this is what God wants God wants you to do it the way you said that this is a type of society can spill his blood for us in and you don't understand the sacrifice and the loss of life in any as he labored with his brother he was right but instead of Cain humbling himself to be ever notice that when you're talking with somebody and you got pictures and they know that one of the reaction is anger and keen speaking theories with his brother and in a diabolical rage this was the first real loss of temper by the way you lose your temper the devil finds it took a club or something and he bludgeoned his brother to death Naples were ostensibly worshiping the same God doing it different ways one was right one was wrong one was true one was false does it make a difference are you worship I still don't understand some researchers getting it a lot letters that say in other churches going over to have two services were to have the traditional worship service and it would have a more contemporary worship service was a cold words some people interpret that code as you have a boring worship service and what an exciting worship service other people interpreting code as were going to have a reverent worship service and were going to have a hootenanny and so I mean you know now there are churches that that I I would be careful not to overstate this because I know there a lot of churches of the key services because really they just have outgrown the facilities and there may be small differences that are not theological issues between the service you got me hi so I don't see any churches having two different kinds of services that they are automatically bad as I cleared everybody but generally you know what happens along the strictest the reason of having to services is not always because both services are packed it's because of this literature do not worship as a pastor and find you like Aaron from the everybody happy is awarded to different services will be one year away I will do one your way when you try to accommodate everybody you can't make everybody happy there is a true about worship that I do not live in doing new things as long as they don't contract conflict with biblical principles its mission sing the songs on the old songs that you single and snow in the right at some point get us in the song eventually we only does wait long enough you know one of my promises compared to many who grown up in the church I'm still a baby I'm Dennis is on discovering a song you guys were singing in the seventies I never heard them before and so I say you know I get this song is love and I was annoyed that I was not Wedgwood brothers rejoice that is the focus on the heritage in your classic and thought never heard before it's great to know that is on for me to present a new car wait what year is about nineteen seventy is surveyed and sold this idea just because of the new song is bad that's not difficult and I hear you some of you who believe in the more conservative traditional worship style and that's where I fall you hurt us by taking a biblical positions for instance I I could name names like I'm not exactly sure who was in some evangelist that was making a big stink about this is seen as your church against the hymn words on the screen it has become a celebration partner just kind him whether you're reading the words on the density wave your arms in the air as if the only handle ill keep you from throwing arms up as only him and here I realize that they don't handle in what is now the angular vision for the long put the words up on the screen and by the way biblically lifting your hands if you want to be a Bible Christian I am doing in a way that makes people stumble yet the reason is vital to slip up holy hands and I never feel quite worthy so on your English finances lift up holy hands Lord but it all Solomon lifted his hands in the number of people in the Bible you consider with the use of automatic lady not condemn someone around him I feel like with the president if they can looking her hands I see people to distract everybody around you know folks are trying to see the screen the other hand like this him so you don't does not want to be practical I love it when people say amen to preach but had a couple of brothers and sisters in the church in every word I said there was in a manner and it was just like any resistant it distracted me insult you and you need to be respectful and Reverend as you make these decisions about what's right and wrong in connection with worship so that both worship and one kills the other is that within half an elastase if you know how to worship here on earth I think I could template is how they worship in heaven go to Revelation chapter five please verse eleven Revelation fibers eleven him and him I looked and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders in the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice worthy is the land what is worship me worth ship and so when they are sane worthy is the Lamb they are ascribing worship to the land worthy is the Lamb who was slain else why to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing enormous preaching on the Solomon this last week and when Solomon was at the scene of the kingdom when he was so close to the Lord it talks about the riches of Solomon the wisdom of Solomon and Gloria Solomon the blessings of Solomon to Chris Solomon son of David he's a type of Christ so I simply point this style yet everything and glory and wisdom and riches and blessings in his kingdom Woodhead was spread wider than any other time in Israel's history that I found this person Revelation finds that all Solomons a type of Christ son of David Barrett his zenith of glory it's like when the Angels are worshiping Jesus the son of David worthy is a land was slain to receive power and glory and blessings and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea and all that are in them I heard saying blessing and honor and glory in the creatures are worshiping God blessing and honor and glory and power beating him he sits on the throne and to the land for ever and ever and the four living creatures that a man of the twenty four elders fell down and worshiped him who lives for ever and ever the park on that for just a moment you know what I wanted mine to give every question no sermon it's a number I will repeat it because some of you are thinking things I might be missing regarding the subject of worship and old union opinion that will distract me too much and and I'll try to answer questions when we pray posturing and prayer appearances they fell down and worshiped you'll find in the Bible that during prayer God 's people do just about everything from falling out flat on the ground like David when he was repenting to kneeling with their faces down to kneeling with their faces raised to standing solemnly pronounce the benediction on the people used that he blessed the people but when he prayed he knelt in prayer your your body language says something and it's his understanding animals understand what is it mean when two dogs meet in one rolled over on his back exposes his neck it's an act of submission maybe even an aunt in your stocking guerrillas if you make eye contact with some big old silverback in a charger because your posture is saying I think I'm tougher than you are but if you lower your eyes and your lawyer and they understand that it's an attitude submission enables us your body language says something and that's also true of humans but even talk to someone before you try to make a point that independence was something in the likeness is anything that I let like a good thing when they fold their arms entitling back they're basically saying below why I'm not so sure I'm taking that in a minute or I'm going to build a fort near and visit with a funeral and then it other people by their body language you know I've noticed that when when people are being interviewed some fanciful hands you listen like a posture of attentiveness and just a lot of things into your body say something about nowhere he ran what you think and how many of you remember in school he can tell you to set up your socks in your chair come on don't tell you anymore ISA slots so far that my neck was back on the bonus is an Abyssinian I does look like you're not interested so pay attention when I look attentive and when we pray and we address especially in our formal worship point I know I can understand churches now that will go through the worship service and they never at any point Neil forgot at some point you should get on your knees and the humble yourself with your posture and obviously it isn't some people can't kneel some are older we you know that's why some churches will say as far as possible what cracks me up I try not to giggle and sometimes I hear the elders on a platform six we please meals are possible position I think her prison to try to get down as far as I addressed in my opinion what they're saying is some people because of their age they might have some young hip or knee problems are what you know that they can't kneel down and while we're talking about a talk about this that we think about okay if you are an elder in the church or if you are leading a prayer up front keep in mind when you are kneeling to pray especially if the new year in ministry there are some people out there that are happy to kneel before God but it hurts don't get them on their knees five minutes when you become enamored with your prayer day because I've actually seen before or something sticking it back up and it really is a similar older members get a respective antenna the Bible says Jesus says it was the Pharisees that were hypocrites that longer pray long prayers so they could be seen of men you start timing I just was curious one time I began to time the prayers in the Bible Lords prayer lesson thirty seconds I know some people think prayer should be heartfelt and doesn't ever give you credit it is a great long as you credit he prayed well immediately to tell musician after some performance that was really great it was so long as anyone commended for how long the claim you commend him for how well they play and so there's no virtue in a long prayers private prayer should be long public prayer should be to the point I think about what you say cover the main points same because I think some people sometimes trying to impress a real help high as they are by the long person and it's tedious I read one time Dwight Moody was doing evangelistic meeting to try to get this businessman the comment in stay with them for four years and end up finally site came in it was just as one of the men on the platform was to pray in the note without any strain any training language and open sizes looking at his friends looking around and get restless and get ready to get up needless premises notwithstanding this and finally at language that up and said while our brother finishes his beautiful prayer let stand and sing this song is him so and use smart evangelist is akin to torture everybody to accommodate one person that doesn't have common sense and in so you know you corporate worship in each of the heartfelt should be to the point and that's all situate privileges was really talking about kneeling in prayer and when that's appropriate sometimes you might be praying while you dry and if you're sincere and we need to start a slide not rodents in Lord help me short prayer heartfelt and got answered your prayer him who isn't here he prayed my swimming arthritis with him towards a million so you can print all kinds of postures but you want to be read when you get tight what I get some of the things you're all offer and bring up a little than later what are we going to a story here in the Bible why were talking about this we got another twenty minutes terminated Exodus thirty two I talked about this chapter a little bit Exodus thirty two because I think it describes where we are right now as a people now when the people saw verse one that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain but the people gathered together to Aaron and they said to him come make us gods it shall go before us for as this Moses the man who brought us about the land of Egypt we don't know what's become of him while they were waiting during the time of delay when I thought the Lord will come where I thought Moses would come to Moses went up the mountain and tell exactly what is coming down the G1 am ready I'll come back we had what God wanted him to have a entire waiting and they started to compromise may gross gods and shall go before us as for this Moses the man brought us up out of the land of Egypt we don't know what's become of him member Jesus said that evil servant says in his heart my lord delays is coming and begins in print with a drunken fellows against the Fellowship of the world and smite his fellow servants the ones were still faithful it takes down and begins to persecute them in here and send them break off the golden earrings that are in the ears of your wives your sons and your daughters I thought that's interesting fifteen years ago he preached the sermon would have a talk about well twenty years ago he would talk about other churches fifteen years of easy-going talk about the daughter 's I can talk with the sons and daughters and they managed to collect enough during just getting there bodily jewelry to make a little golden calf and I've often thought that today's Internet that offering the typical church you could make a full buffalo you can get pays it just made it easier on God doesn't want us to hang all that stuff on our bodies are your body 's attempt the Holy Spirit Eagles on the inside solidity inward adorning and this is amazing to me in a one week do evangelism the new people that we baptized they usually don't have a problem with the problem once you reason the church 's original design excuses for dressing like the world and I'm not trying to condemn anybody here but I just only Bible Christian or jewelry let it not be the outward to the wearing of gold pearls costly array and a lot of evangelists have trouble a few years ago because they were so flamboyant unostentatious in their dress among other things someone even wrote a song would Jesus wear a Rolex and fifty makes fun of the event and hypocrisy that the world sees if ever there was a time when we ought to have a simplicity about a cemetery about us and you know well and success of community are well you know my earrings they and I does world and so what's wrong the little bit weird worship God with our bodies your bodies a temple of the Holy Spirit were to worship God by taking care of our bodies and the inside what it means in the juice if you brought up taking the Temple is environmentally what Temple was an abomination well really careful what were put in our temples were on the future blossom goes on the Temple your body is to be a temple of God is to be holy and there was a lot of along outside Nagel was on the inside and that people will often say let's is a little bit and let me share something with you that I used to pastor a church in New Mexico of Navajo Indians and I knowingly say this etc. said that if you can have a race of people that is born with a predisposition towards alcoholism they are where you might have one seven off across the board in the general population that have a disposition towards alcoholism among the Navajos yet one-on-one I lived on the reservation before I was a Christian my uncle lived there for years hairy bachelor I lived with my uncle on the reservation all my friends were Navajos and a member here telling after forty years operating a Navajo trading post that I've never met a full blooded Navajo legal bluebottle of alcohol have a drink and put it away anytime said they always drank until out of alcohol without money was passed out that's what Harry said so I come back years later as a Christian and Eurasia drink the Navajos is a terrible example to the lake and back letters missionary and I know what the promise and I hear these Christians it will bless a diagonal little bit of why I'm not alcoholic to drink wine once a week with my Sunday dinner and you know what was wrong without Jesus turned water into wine they got all these excuses and by the weakening bridges and and I thought what if I took that approach with my church if I told my Navajo church members the think you should drink and I only drink one glass a week I might be able to control it I might be modest and temperate measles arguments on which is defined as it was supposed to drink one glass of wine a week as long as the church members and point to me and say he is one plus one week because the psyche drinks and so I might be able to control it they can't and the Bible says Paul says if you really love your brother you don't do anything that's been a major brother stumble especially if you don't need to now some of you to stumble because light celery what a simple underachieving so you know what I say I I might need some you don't need to wear jewelry nobody's getting it before the Lord in the judgment day and got so you don't really like to what she and I can't find a more than aware of enough jewelry that you want a little more office will not proceed to drink enough alcohol to something source locus in which something is going on as well you might not have a copy of some people are very insecure about themselves don't feel good about the way they look and I try to somehow compensate by hanging valuables all over themselves to try to make themselves feel more valuable to get all different kinds of addictions people struggle with and you can open the door that much for them so they can control now I realize that you may not agree with one saying that it's American you have every right to be wrong self and him and said anyway how sorry arguments are the one who backed my story annexes sold eight six zero the goal of New Year's any receive legal maneuvers for Exodus thirty two and he fashioned it with an angry you will need a molded calf wire person would make how and what a worship it is still I've never understood and is maybe where you get the idea points out and then they said this is your God O Israel what an insult of war to liken God to account for yelling single line how this is your God O Israel who brought you out of land of Egypt souvenir and Saudi golden altar before less good at near native proclamations at tomorrow's a feast of the Lord whether you have a holy day then they rose early on the next day by the way he created a feast day you change the date of worshiper data got a number assigned to second S phase they claim to be worshiping the God brought them out of Egypt but the work they rose early on the next day they offered burnt offerings and sacrifices they gave they brought peace offerings that's all good but the doing it wrong on the wrong day the wrong way they sat down to eat drink they had a potluck and then they rose up to play now that word to play well you read a little further and says they were dancing Mozilla got says that Moses first seven get you down for the people you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves they turned aside quickly out of the way that I commanded them they made themselves a molded calf and worship it right after Dotson don't make images in the Lords and I've seen this people verse nine insisted people to let me alone that my wrap my burn hot against my will consume them and I'll make a nation of you this is another great actor worship and ultimately in the story Moses is reminding audiobook it's very people and one of the greatest acts of worship is when you're willing to say whether or not I'm saved your glory and your name is more important she will worship points away from yourself all of our lives are like compass compass is without a needle this is power that makes the needlepoint and certain direction and we were originally designed point outward towards God and that's where we find our greatest satisfaction great commandment is love the Lord love your neighbor as yourself first God then others then you someone said is like the acronym joy Jesus others you that see equation for happiness the devil flips the compass so that it was going south towards self we automatically think about self we become our own God which is ascending as worshiping the devil and all of our decisions based on what will this mean for me what's in it for me you really can experience true worship if you get the place of Paul and Moses when you say whether or not I'm saying is not the issue and you really have to have a deep relationship with the Lord when you can pray sincerely Lord save your people even if I lost my name out of your book the water that you think of your name got and it was totally selfless that's when you arrive when your worship is not about what's in it for me that what's happening in churches today in her prosperity preaching of Wesley that's the bull's-eye falls worship a lot of these dear people mixed up in it because charismatic churches are basically saying if you got enough faith God to make you healthy wealthy and wise and if you don't did you get sick is that he didn't have enough faith and even of money doing nothing and when you get monies you send it to our ministry plan to see make phase off rebound in the windows of heaven for you I have heard of Angels and not attend meetings and the different parts of America records some of these prosperity preachers and they were just telling people point blank you come up to the front you plan to see you make your offering to the Lord which mentioned them he needed to entrap today is your day you can get your miracle but he had to step out in faith some yellows in your house you need to make an offer Gosselin is to manipulate these people with fear and greed is all about what's in it for me to get me wrong careful when the sometimes arena where even tempted to fall than it takes some true principles condos open the windows of heaven were faithful in time but it may not always pour out money and bundled with Windows of heaven who knows what I'm talking blessed with an abundance of capital under the West so I want to jump down hereto verse fifteen Exodus thirty two fifteen then Moses turned and went down the mountain and the two tables of the testimony were in his hand the tablets were written on both sides on the one side and on the other they were written of the tablets were the work of God in the writing was the writing of God and engraved on the tablets and when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted he said to Moses there is the noise of war in the camp while there is a clue for you if the worship service starts sounding little bit like a war something 's wrong there is the noise of war in the camp and listen to what Moses said and this is a very important statement about underlying my Bible you might want to do the same he said it is not the voice of those who shout in victory nor is the voice of the will cry out in the feet and the voice of those who saying that I hear and are not obviously the right kinds of songs now one of the problems with the church in the last days he said I would that you were hot or cold but because you are lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth God is not sane I wish that you were saved or lost he would never say which you are lost hot means you're filled with the spirit here on fire you're working for the Lord called means you realize your weakness your humbling yourself before the lawyers seeking after the spirit one is seal working for God on fire the other is a spirited humiliation seeking after God wanting revival got work with either of those conditions both conditions realize their need of God one is the shout of victory signals is that it's not those who shop for victory the other is those who cry because of the feet and cold can God do something with you here like Peter you go on you weep bitterly because he failed to visit I wish you were that way if you knew your weakness if you knew how you thought I can work with water shouting for victory praising me and Europe conquering for Christ I can work with that but if you see what you're lost and your different in the war on your whistling on your way to destruction he's on to Steve Manuel these two extremes that allow you what I convince it that way these two things that will really these two opposites victory hot weeping because of the feet cold that the good but it's the weevils substitute genuine worship for it in exuberance of ceremony is a court here was if I can find this real quick somebody service sum this up in many churches around the world the concept of worship has been redefined and narrowed to mean the time when Christians come together to sing songs raise their hands dance around all excited about the Lord together in church for most of our younger postmodernist relativist generation the concept of worship is become a thing you do once or twice a week to exalt yourself of guilt the more you can work yourself up into a state of bliss and feeling like you're really achieving a state of worship by letting yourself go in the music and the rhythm and the worship time the more you can justify what you're doing the rest of the week when you're not worshiping God this worship then becomes an excuse and justification process whereby Christians can rid themselves of the guilt of not obeying the Lord with their lives he gets that while it is not written by Symbian 's were not the only ones that really sums wrong with what's happening in the church a lot of churches who work themselves into a frenzy of ecstasy of feeling during this church service will beat the drums they keep on -year-old building and fellow urges all worked up and we think that's all that we could we really worship in that that must mean almost all of my guilt I've been justified in his allusion that they worship God and they are basically free to do something another week to come back and Dana go through sort of the Catholic idea of you insane Hail Mary ten times repeat something times with your forgiven again is working to help counter beans in your forgiven again you go out and that's what real worshipers will worship the sun if one thing that happens all week long to worship God with your life and what is how does God say that he wants us to worship him young Johnny told the woman at the well those of worship when worship in spirit and in truth we worship him I followed truth without that we can do it better story here so it was first nineteen as soon as he came near the camp diseases and account that he saw the calf and the dancing Moses anger became hot and he cast the tablets out of his hand and he broken at the foot of the mountain and he took the calf which they had made any burned in the fire when Jesus comes as any common burn the works of men's hands is there to be the wrath of the Lamb is those who have lead others astray through false worship and it burned in the fire to ground into powder he scattered on the water he made the children of Israel drink it in all taste of our own doings and Moses said they are and what did this people duty you how to make sure you that you brought so great a sin upon an earnings course is scared to death Mrs. Dole and the anger my Lord become hot you know the people are set on evil for this and make us got to go before stress is Moses the man of promise about the land of Egypt we don't know what happened what happened to him and I was on was interesting so well is that silly book on figuring semi- cast in the fire in his chest came out it's like NIH all the gold the final pop this cat all by itself trying to absolve himself and he goes off on of course it says nobody put on his ornaments later easily break off your ornaments like to know what I shall do with you and it said that he made the people need outwards at verse piano first twenty five and Moses saw the people were unrestrained naked for you will restrain them to their shame among their enemies so this is sort of the picture in summary of what I see happening to our church not a Star Trek many churches are driving on the street was a Presbyterian Church is used to have very traditional worship service will say were offering traditional worship and were offering used contemporary worship what you have to go on you know what that means what can be one of the most distinguishing differences between those two worships in the music ring talk about that in our next session but I think it's also interesting don't forget the point that in the delay of waiting for Moses to come back the people became restless and they said let's maybe we were wrong and maybe we misunderstood what God was saying the devil will get you to start questioning how his ledger in the past but maybe you misunderstood what Moses was telling us after all he's been gone for a while now some people selling on our whitewash you probably had a rule but it's been a while and and there isn't really relevant anymore and we start to have doubts and the devil will guess the second guess our leading during this time of waiting and so we start the group about us and say what the other nations than how many worship when worship something were not sure what were going anymore and so automatically we start looking to the right and the left needs the looking up I would begin to mimic what the nations around the circular and all the nations around them back and were involved in idolatry bingo right away the strike involved in idolatry they were involved in these biggest worship styles that were all about busily other they worship the name they offered a sacrifice and a drink and a potluck him from not always struck me as interesting that they don't do any more years ago if there are some in the church and that they were guilty of adultery or no immoral behavior before marriage or something like that church is actually used to get together they consider this person 's name they say you know this person has a violated the Commandments of the controlled by the flesh instead of the spirit and we need to this fellowship them for this so that it sets an example for others of the holiness of what it means to be a member membership does have its privileges membership does need some innumerable days on an old Sony one oh one here are your considered online if you do that I've always wondered what it would be like if you had a church board meeting and someone said you know we need to consider the name of the brother 's midyear and what's the problem well brother Smith is is a glutton Naseem and potluck I guess the other thing about anyone else think Kyle 's three times more on his plate in the stomach designed to hold and any other week after week and you know we pray for him and we need to drop his name a lasting but think about what a person and I'm not saying the same thing from us understand what is much different when a person is overcome with sexual temptation what that is is the lust of the flesh by one person is a glutton was a plague is a philosophy I was in the flesh effectively with sex through the principles of the basis of the same hungry time this is also to all potlucks in there because it's vegetarian we think that we can somehow it signified bluntly right and people will know so they allocated him I might send out junk about it is that eventually you know where to worship they sat down to eat drink enables them to play they got carried away probably from all of that stuff fermenting stomachs they were drunk on down to turn when myself but I think you understand the principle of one same as a lot of things we do Jesus said there is that which is highly esteemed among men was an abomination to God and I think that the Lord wants us to be consistent and raise the standard of holiness what will worship us to worship him in our minds and spirits in our bodies and allies in everything we do I'll let all that has breath worship the Lord and so this is really a call and take a break your motive is a really call for us to all be consistent and worship in our next presentation will be talking a little bit about that Daniel chapter three of the golden image talk aluminum on music and some of those aspects of worship that one we do stand for a moment let's have a prayer and will try to session off father in heaven is we prepared to just take a break now and we consider these important truths of worship we prayed again your spirit will be with us and help us to take the things that we learned bring them to heart and that the communal revival among your people in these principles I pray it will apply the first relies and then led by our word an example they can be introduced into our churches that when you come your people that will be worshiping you in a way that honors nastiness price is will this is my audio person seem like a generation and I think you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net and dimes life that God is working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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