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Sebastien Braxton
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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • December 31, 2015
    4:30 PM


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This message was presented at the July see twenty fifteen conference called chosen and love of Kentucky for other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C web. Orgy. G Y C Do you love Jesus. Are you sure you love Jesus. And why do you love Jesus. B C for love me. That's the reason we all together. He's seeing love. Feet he be seen as the me. How many of you. That's why you're here tonight because you love Jesus Amen. What an amazing day. I cannot tell you how excited I am right now. I'm about to jump out of my shoes. I'm so excited. We have the privilege of coming together. From several countries from several states from several towns from several spiritual experiences. To seek. Jesus. At one time. In one place. Through his word. I want you to know that before we begin tonight. I must ask for a few favors who have. My first favor is. We must be praying. Through the entire sermon. Can you say amen. Can you do that for me. I want you to be praying through the entire sermon. Lord. Speak to me. That's the first prayer and the second prayer is Lord give me courage to do what you want me to do. Are you with me. Lord speak to me. And Lord give me courage to do what you're calling me to do. My second favor is. Is that if God speaks to you throughout the message or something resonates with your heart. We don't need to applause we don't need to clap we can just say Amen. Can you say amen. Now Amen is not a black word. It is not just for a black churches can you say amen. And for some reason people think of you say amen all of that that's the black church. No the Bible says that's going to be the last word. When all is said and done everyone will say amen. No was going to say amen amen. And so those are my only two requests. Pray pray and pray but before we officially begin. I want you to buy your heads with me and you can kneel as much as possible. Mighty God. Of a lasting father. We are here. Before you in the even. We have not come to this place for more of the same. We have not come to this place just to check off. Our list. Another G Y C that we have attended. We have come to experience something that will move the kingdom of God on Earth forward. And so we pray Lord that. Don't just speak to us in an average week. Lord just don't give us the same old son. We are praying that. At this moment. God would be in this place. And because we sense that God is here let every voice be harsh. And that the world when it has come to an end in you take over the affairs of this plenty. Made the universe look back in Louisville. And say that. Out of this little city. God had begun something that has started the domino effect of the final events of Earth's history. Father we are ready to go home. Revive a suggestion and help us. Above all else. To see. To know and to love. This is our prayer. And we trust that you will help this to be our experience. For we ask. In the mighty name of Jesus that all of God's people see. The title of my message. Is come back. Come back. I want you to know tonight that as we begin this presentation that beliefs. Lead to behavior. You see there is a story about a young men. Today was the day that this young man was going to finally approach. The prettiest girl in his high school history class. Sandro and invite are all in his new condo accord. For some food and fun. Beliefs. Lead to behavior. He believed that she was single and clearly waiting for the right guy to come along and treat her as she deserved like a respectful. Intelligent young. Seventh Day Adventists young woman. And he believed that he was the men. For the job because beliefs. Lead to behave years. As the class bell rang he hunted. Her down. Amidst the passing students as they left their classrooms for the last time that week. As she turned around. Startled by his hand. He politely apologize and began to start the small talk. Beliefs. Lead to be a viewers. As he finally came to his well crafted appeal for dinner and a movie. She smiled and said Well. My boyfriend has a football game this weekend. And I'll probably be spending it with him. He plays for the rival school's football team. But you're so cute. For asking. And I walked away. Devastated. Because beliefs. Lead to behaviors. You see since the dawn of time. This has always been true. Eve believed that the tree was desirable to make one wives. Her believe didn't make it true. And it didn't make it any less impactful on human history. And so she ate of the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Beliefs. Lead to behaviors. Came believe that he could be accepted by God through the sacrifice of his best. Through without blood. And so he came boldly. Before the Lord. Without that which God had requested and expected to be accepted by God because beliefs lead to behave years. Even in the dark ages. Luther believed that painful penance. Was required for forgiveness. So he crawled up the steps of an enormous cathedral upon his knees begging for God's mercy on every single step. Because believes lead to behave use. There was a man inside the K.K.K. that believe he was Sapir your to a black men. Simply because of the color of his own skin. So we hung the men. And his family from the highest tree in town. Because beliefs. Lead to behavioral. There was a man that believe that he was more worthy of voting. Because of his gender. So we instituted laws preventing women from voting. Because beliefs. Lead to behaviors. Hitler believed in the superiority of this people. So he systematically executed millions. That were different because believes lead to be hey viewers. Hutus believe that Tutsis were a scoured should to be removed from the earth. So they hunted them down with machetes and killed them a million in three months. Because beliefs. Lead to behave use the Japanese. At one point believed that Koreans were beneath them. So they turned their women into comfort women. Because beliefs. Lead to behaviors. There was a young woman. Last sheer sat on the phone and she could not praying. She could not study her Bible. She could not attend church. Why is it that these behaviors were so difficult. Well as the conversation went on. It also became clear that she believed that God hated her and she said Sebastian all on praying. Is that God doesn't hate me that God has not cast me off. Because I'm a Genex or I'm all about family life. When the Bible is all about family life. It doesn't matter your generation. But you see other people believe that we must have the courage to be. In other words. We must decide who we want to be. I remember growing up my father used to tell me that one of his favorite poems. Was the poem about Invictus. Captain of my own soul. I'm the one that determines. My fate my father used to tell me. Sebastian. When people hear the name. Sebastian Braxton you determine what comes to their minds. You see. It was already the seed planted in the soul to say you decide who you want to be. You must have the courage to be who you want. Take control of your life. Carve out. Your place. Out of the mountain of time and choose your position. And as this view sees it we all have the freedom. Yes. The terrible responsibility to be whatever we want to be. All it takes is courage and willpower. And we can actually. We are told. Invent ourselves. Other people believe that we are constituted to be. This is the be OK is in the acorn theory. In New Age mind says this view that sees each of us is not only having a soul. But also a soul companion. They call that this Guardian Spirit called a daming directs us. Even in the choice of our bodies and parents. So the secret of life according to these new age guru Suze. Is to read our life stories and glimpse the guardian spirit in action and give it free reign in our lives. Only so will the acorn become Be open and. Each of us grow to be the people. We were destined to become. You see each of these three positions. They contain a grain of truth. To some extent. We are constrained by our circumstances to become the people we are today. I didn't decide to be born in a Jamaican Family God decided that to some degree. We are constrained by our circumstances I didn't decide to be male. God decided that he decided what generation I was to be born. He decided what generation. We were to be born. You see G Y C. And I are the same age. I was baptized the year that you want to see started. So I tell people I don't know what the Seventh Day Adventist Church is without G. Y.C. in my mind. It is always been in my spiritual experience. But the reality is there are people who know what the church was like before she was. They remembered the burdens. And the fire that led to its birth and its creation. Because there were young people who were tired of being intertainment. There were young people who wanted the Bible and the Bible only. There were young people who are sick and tired of the fact that why is it. I can invite my friend to church because I'm not sure where my pastor is going to preach. Young people who recognize that while use it you gotta pull teeth. Just to get your church to do what it was created to do. Somebody doesn't know what I'm talking about. That is why do you want to see was started. We don't have to wait on others. We don't have to wait on some adult or deep pockets in order to do God's work. And to move the kingdom of God forward. We already have a father who has deep pockets. And so we recognize that we don't believe. Just being constrained to be. But we also have to recognize that to some extent. It does take courage to be a Christian. Courage to be our true selves to be authentic and to live an authentic life. You see. Live in a time where people are afraid to tell people their admins. I was sitting by the elevator. Just a couple days ago. And as I came around. Saw a young lady and I began to make conversation. She had a very interesting thing on her back. And I said oh what's that. She said oh you know I'm just here for a conference. So clearly she didn't know I was up and some like I know a competent if I can see it on the names. But I didn't say anything I just wanted to see if she would tell me that she was outed. If this was you I see. Because we all know the conversation. We start talking to someone and we beat around the bush. Or same to tell people why we're here we're saying to tell people on the boss. On the train up in the gas station. Oh well why are you doing this why are we a shrink. It takes courage to beat. There is no question. Someone has to decide. In their mind tonight. That I'm tired of being a coward. Because a Christian and a coward are not synonymous. You cannot be both. If you are Christian. By definition you are not a coward. And if you are a coward. By definition you are not a Christian. I am in this church was not born by people who were cowards. This church was not born by people who were afraid to be different. It was born by people who were dotted and laughed at when they sold their fields waiting for Jesus to come. Went through the disappointment and still stayed with the Louis. These are the people. That taught us it takes courage to be. Into some extent. We are constituted to be something. The Bible says that we were predestined to be conformed to the image of God's Son. But the biblical position is not being constrained to be. It is not the courage to be. It is not the Constitution to be. It is called to be. I want you to take your Bibles and go with me to the Book of Genesis chapter one. Genesis chapter one. We believe that we were called to be. What we were created to be. All the sudden this call comes but it's not coming out of nowhere. It goes all the way back to the beginning of time. When you're there you can say Amen. The Bible says in Genesis chapter one. In verse twenty six of verse so familiar to us. It says Then God said Let Us make man in OUR image. According to our likeness. And let them how dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. I want to make some observations about this text. The Bible says that dog when he was looking at making men. He did not look at something else this was not completely a unique creature. The Bible says. Let us make man and our image. In other words. Men cannot understand himself. If he does not know God. We must recognize that being made in the image of God must determine the fact that to understand who I am and who I'm called to be. Requires me to understand God. The least amount of knowledge of God will move us one step forward towards our own identity. Who we were created in call to be. But you see the text doesn't stop there. It says according to our likeness. And let them have don't mean over the fish of the sea. Now the important point here is twofold. Number one. The Bible doesn't say that they were born rulers. Know the Bible says. Let them have Domingue. You cannot give Domingue if you don't have Domingo. So in other words God. How damning in over the fish of the see over the fall of the air over the creeping things an account upon the earth. And he gave it over to other. But before he gave Adam Domingue in. He made sure that out of was like him. God is not willing to give dominion over to someone that is not like him. Before I give you don't minyan over this. You must be like me. So in other words if God is giving Domingue in over to Adam and Eve. He must conclude in his mind that because they are in the image of God. They will rule. They will exercise their Domin you know different than I would. They are fit Representatives. If that is clear. Let's say men. In other words in order for Adam and Eve to truly be who they are their focus must be to be one hundred percent representatives of Jesus. One hundred percent representatives of God. There must be no deviation. They should be able to say. If you see me. You have seen the Father. Because I am in His image. That's what they were created to see. That's what they were made to be. But of course. Something went wrong. And I have to make this point. Before we go any further forward to represent God to be God like to be his representative is what it means to be a human being. This is not just a church think this is not just all we need to be restored into the image of God. We fall and know the fall of humanity. So therefore to represent God is what it means to be a human being. Except that point. God had people throughout every single generation. Every single generation that he was calling to say. This is my representative. This is my representative. This is my representative. But every single time. Even when he had a nation. They failed. They came up short. And so just. Then when all hope was lost. There were God's people. The Jews. Supposedly his representatives on earth. Deep in darkness but the Bible says. When the fullness of time was come. God sent forth. His son who could be a better. Representative than his own son. I want you to go with me to the Book of John chapter one. John chapter one. In verse eighteen. John chapter one verse eighteen are you there king salmon. The Bible says. No one has seen God when. At any time. The only begotten son who is in the bosom of the Father. He has what declared he had. He has revealed him. He has made the invisible God. Visible. In other words when the Bible is talking here about Christ and saying. No one has seen God in any time. But up until this point. Jesus saw God. All the time. So when Jesus comes down and he says. No man has seen God any time. But Jesus has seen Gone. And he comes down and says But this men. This son who is in the bosom of the Father. He is in close communion. He is in close relationship with the father. He has the clear to him he has revealed them. He's made him no one but you see Christ recognized that as he came down to fulfill humanity's purpose. To eventually take us back and show us what is possible for a human being to become. What exactly is God's ideal for his children. What did he have in mind when he made. Men can't cry says I've come to present this idea. But Jesus recognized that he was not just coming down to brag and saying no one can represent God better than me. Jesus wasn't just coming down to say oh I've revealed god. Good luck I hope you get your act together. You know the Bible says that Christ was not content. Just living to represent God Himself. But he issued a call. I want you to go with me to the book of Matthew chapter fourth. Matthew Chapter four. Beginning in verse nineteen. When you're there you can say men. The Bible says beginning in verse eighteen. And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two brothers Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea. Because they were what they were fishermen. Then Jesus said to them. What to words. Follow me. With those two words. Jesus has changed the course of human history. You see we don't recognize that when Jesus spoke to Peter. And to Andrew. And eventually to James and John. The movement that Christ began by saying. I am living the life that God has called humanity to live. And I want to invite you into this experience. I want you to become my disciple. I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good Christian. I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good men. I'm not just going to teach you how to be a good believer. This is about what it means to be a human being I'm going to show you how to live according to God's ID And so he says. Follow me Jesus said and when Jesus said that he was saying stop living for your parents start living for your country. Stop living for your culture. Start living for prestige. For power and for pleasure. I need you to live for the audience of one man and that person is Jesus Christ. You see right here in this room. We may be at you why see. But it doesn't mean that we haven't lost our focus. People come to conferences. All the time. And Miss Christ. But I got to sit in listen to Mark Finley. But I got to sit and listen to this favorite speaker. But I got to get my questions answered on relationships. But did you get Christ. There are people in this room. That are going to leave the Y.C. delivered. People are going to leave this conference going on to do amazing things for the Kingdom of God because God was speaking for them because they were seeking Christ and Christ found them and Christ says the call is to follow me. But when Jesus said Follow me he was saying it's not about being a riginal. It's about following the original. Too many times were dying our hair. Were getting weird haircuts. Were buying the ladies shoes here and the latest that there. To make ourselves unique. You are never more unique than when you are following Christ. You want to be your true self. Stop following fashion. Thought Oh Christ. He says follow me and Jesus was saying stop all the diversion and the distractions of life and living. Come to a place of singleness of mind. We must come back to that place where we say look the very first thing we do in the morning is go to Christ. I watched a presentation in a man said. If you are between the ages of fifteen and thirty five years old the very first thing you do in the morning. Is grab your phone. Somebody in this room knows what I'm talking about. You may be out you I see you may be oh yeah we had a prayer session but as soon as you wake up in our hotel. Where's my phone. Nobody's saying where's my lord. Where's the audience thing. Where can I go to get my blessing I need to connect with Christ. First before you check your phone. Soon as people arrive that he wants see in a hole to how do you get on the why fun How do you get connected to Christ. Somebody better say amen. You know I'm telling the truth. Hey would you have the pass code do you have the password. Oh you've got an account can I use your account. Why so you can get on Instagram. So you can snap chat THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING A G Y C. Why we're out sending messages to others. Crisis sending messages to us. Not getting through. Jesus says. Follow me. Notice that for Peter and Andrew I want you to look at the text again. The Bible says that Jesus called them in verse twenty. They immediately left their nets and they followed him. This is so important. It was assumed that to follow Christ. Meant for seeking their nets. Jesus didn't say. Forsake your nets he just said follow me. But they assume because Christ called me to follow him. I must leave these nets. I cannot be a fisherman. And a follower. But you see too many of us are trying to follow Jesus without forsaking. We want to be Seven Day Adventists we want to worship on the correct day. We want to be at church we want to be blessed we want to be a Sabbath school. But we also want our worldly stuff to. We still want to go back to our worldly music. We still want to go back to our worldly dress. Why but you know we're so smart and we're so politically correct. Because we only wear those skirts when with our non adventurous friends. We only watch those movies when we're with our. None had been his friends. Because they won't judge just know. Because you won't be convicted. Because you know how to behave. Inside the church. But then you get unbelieving friend so you can do. The evil in your own heart. Jesus says follow me. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said. When Jesus calls a man. He beats him come and die. This is why we are resisting the call that Christ is giving. We don't really want to follow Jesus we want to do what the book of Isaiah says. When seven women take hold of one men say let us where our own clothes. It all on food but let us be called by your name. Jesus says so. Follow me. But you see. There are some of us who are for say King. But we are not following. You see we may leave worldly things behind. We may change our diets. We may give up Chryslers communities and painful habits. But a Christ like. Life is not. Is more than denial. It is decisive. It is devotional. We do not just shown evil we pursue good. You know some of us live in here. As if we're going to as if sin is a physical disease. As if it's something you can car can't hang around with those people. Because you see how they dress. Because they dress that way. That's the people you need to be hanging out with. Not because you're trying to become like them but because you're trying to wind them. Call them higher. But many of us live like oh I need to shun the. The community of these people and. I need to shine away from these things. How are you going to reach the heathen you're not with the heathen. How you're going to win souls you're not with so see. Everybody wants to be a missionary where they're not all I can go and go to Africa and witness but back in L.A.. I got nothing to sing. Anybody can pretend to be spiritual for two weeks. But Jesus says. Follow me C.S. Lewis wrote in the weight of glory. If you asked. Twenty Goodman. Today. What they thought was the highest of virtues. Nineteen of them would reply. Unselfishness. But if you asked. Almost any of the great Christians of old. He would have replied. Love you see what has happened. And negative term has been substituted for a positive one. And this is more than just a play on words. You see the negative ideal of unselfishness carries with it the suggestion. Not primarily of securing good for others. But of going without good things ourselves as if our abstinence and their happiness. Was not the important point. C.S. Lewis goes on to say I don't think this is the Christian virtue of love. It would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too sure ong. But to week we are house hearted creatures. Fooling about with drink and sex and ambition. When infinite joy is offered us like an you know in child. Who wants to play with in the mud. In the slums because he cannot imagine what it is a life when he is offered a holiday. By the scene. We are far too easily. Police searched. I don't want this point to be lost. You see whatever. We are struggling with here tonight. It is easy for you and for me to say oh lord. This loss that I'm struggling with this jealousy that I'm struggling with this this. Appetite that I'm struggling with the problem is my desires too strong just go without this. More fasting. More neglect. More abstinence NO NO NO NO NO The question is not. Why am I trying to eat this late at night. Why much trying to wear this. Why much trying to listen to this one much trying to have a relationship with this person. That is not the question. The question is Why are you so satisfied with something so cheap. We are too easily pleased. A sit down with the young girl one time and she said. You know Sebastian I'm in his relationship with this unbeliever. And I said listen. You know what you have to do. You're not coming to me. Think I'm going to rubberstamp your relationship. You and I both know you don't have one biblical verse to support what you're doing. And if we want to example let's go to Solomon. And let's see what I got him. She looked at me she said yeah but you know he's such a nice guy and he's kind and he's loving. And he's giving and he's faithful and all these different things I said system let me let me give you two options. You can have a young man who is kind and loving and faithful. And he cooks for you and robs your feet and all that all that stuff. But when it comes time to go to church. He's not interested. He may even be pleasant Haydock your religion. But eventually is going to get to you when you realize that you're praying with your girlfriends and they're praying with their husbands but you can pray with yours. Does option eight. Or you can have Option B.. He's kind. He's loving. He's faithful. He rubs your feet he does all that but the man is a man of God. Those are the options. So tell me which one would you prefer. Well I'd love to have a man of God didn't go after the man of God. Do not allow yourself to settle for this. God is able to give you much more Didn't this. Get off my nose. The Bible says. Follow me. Jesus says. Follow me and I will make you. Fishers of me. You see. Discipleship to Jesus is the practical living. Of the gospel. It is the Christ. Focus life. That experiences. The sole focus transformation. We do the following Jesus DOES THE MAKING A like that. Since the first time I heard it. I've always liked it. You do the following Jesus does the making. Don't try to do Jesus's work. You do the following Jesus. Does the making in these two words. We are being called back to what we were created to be. We're brothers and sisters. Among the most important things to follow Jesus is to follow him. And what he believed. You see I've come to a resolution. As we look at our identity as individuals and as a church that I want to believe what he says believe because if believes lead to behave years. And I want to behave like Jesus do you want to be like Jesus. Yes I meant. So it believes lead to behave years. Then I want to believe what Jesus believe can you say men. And let me just take you want to journey. Jesus believe that man show not live by and by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Jesus believed that there was one God that there was a father in heaven and out there was a holy spirit that proceeds from the father that he could send. And that Jesus also believe that he had glory with the father. Before the world was Jesus believed according to Matthew Chapter nineteen in verse four. That God who made them male and female in the beginning and instituted the institution of marriage. And believe that God had made them. Melon female. Not only in the beginning but he gave them the gift of marriage. And God says. And what God has joined together let not meant put asunder. God didn't believe in divorce. Jesus believe that men by nature is evil that he is the followed by the things that proceed from his heart. Gives us believe that when he was walking on the earth he told the disciples. I saw safe can fall like lightning. He told Peter Simon. Simon Singh has desire to. He believed in a great controversy. Jesus believed that his life his death and his resurrection. Would provide atonement for humanity. Jesus believed that no man could enter the Kingdom of God. Unless he was born of the water and of the Spirit. Jesus believed that the growth of the Christian is a process. First a blade. Then the ear then the full corn in the ear. Jesus believe that upon this truth. That he is the Christ the Son of God that He would build His Church. Jesus has a church can you say amen and up on this truth that he is the Christ the Son of the Living God. He would build His Church. And the gates of hell would not prevail against he believe that in the time. Near his coming. That his disciples. Should be giving meat in due season. That's called present truth. And he believed that he was the true shepherd. Of his fold. And he would bring his other sheep. In other folds. To his fold and bring them into complete unity. Jesus believe that the Sabbath was made for men. And he made it his custom to go into the synagogue on the Sabbath day. And he affirmed that the heavens and the earth would pass away before the law would pass away. Jesus believed in the gift of prophecy cuz he looked at His disciples. On the Mount of Olives and he said. And if. When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel. The Prophet. Jesus believed in profits. Jesus believed in spiritual gifts in ministries. Jesus believed that he was going to go to his father's house. And that he was going to prepare a place for us. And that he was coming back to receive us unto himself. That where he is there we may be also. Jesus believed according to John. Eleven that when his friend last a wrist was dead that God's a wrist was sleep. And Jesus believed according to John five vs twenty eight and twenty nine. That there were two resurrections. The Resurrection on to condemnation. And the resurrection on to life. Jesus believed that a venture Lee all who cling to sin in sin hit self would be destroyed. Just to summarize the book medical ministry page forty nine says. Christ was a seven day at been to all intents and purposes. You see what that means is if Jesus was alive today. The question we should be asking ourselves is. If he was walking around. What surge would he join but the prophet already told us he was a Seven Day Adventists So when you look at the gospels. And you're looking at the life of Christ. You're looking at the life of what a Seven Day Adventists should be living. You're not just looking at all that's just Christ. He's just a general Christian. No no no no no no no we believe what he says believed. But the problem is even though we believe what he believes. We don't live the way he leaves which tells me. We don't believe what he believes we mentally agree. It makes sense. But that's not faith. Because Jesus believed these things. He lived a certain way. And when you look at all the criticisms of unbelievers. You never find the criticism of Jesus himself. All people want to do in the world is redefine Jesus. Oh here's the real Jesus on the History Channel. He actually grew up in this village. This was. He actually wasn't really that poor. But they can argue what the man's life an impact. That can argue with the fact that you can't find his body. Want to believe what Jesus believed. So I go to my closing I want to read a quote. I'm going to ask my wife to come out as we go into our appeal. Dr James Allen Francis. He wrote these words to the first bout this union youth in one nine hundred twenty six. Under the title. The real Jews. He said Let us now turn to the story. A child is born in an op skewer village. He is brought up in another up skewer village. He works in a carpenter shop until you started and then for three brief years is an itinerant preacher. Proclaiming a message and living a life. He never writes a book. You never hold an office. He never raises an army. He never has a family of his own. He never owns a home. He never goes to college. He never travels two hundred miles from the place he was born. He gathers a little group of friends about him. Teaches them his way of life. While still a young man. The tide of popular feelings. Turned against him. The band of followers. Forsakes him. One denies him. Another be traced him. He's turned over to his enemies. He goes to the mockery of a trial. He is now out on a cross between two thieves. And when dead. He is laid in a borrowed grave by the kindness of a friend. Those are the facts of a human life. He rises from the did. Today we look back across. Nineteen hundred years. And ask what kind of a trail has he left across the centuries. When we try to sum up his influence. All the armies that every March. All the Parliaments. That ever sat all the kings that ever reigned are absolutely. Miniscule in their influence on mankind. Compared to this one solitary life. He concludes by saying I remind you. I ask you to pause a moment and think of this thing that Christians believe. We are talking about great adventures. I remind you that there must be a great adventure in faith. Before there is a great adventure in action. No man has ever done a great thing. This message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called chosen faith in Louisville Kentucky. U.I.C. a supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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