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2. The Message of the Remnant & Postmodern Youth - How Revelation's Message Resonates with Thinking Young People Today

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from Chosen in Louisville Kentucky. Other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C web. The TO were G.'s. Good morning and it's time to start our next session this morning. We are in a class called remnant a dented T. away studied who the remnant were in our last session. Looking through. If you missed that session we looked through the Old Testament. Discovering who the remnant were and. The concept of the remnant is a concept of a D.N.A. faithfulness a promise. Posterity that's faithful to God. Throughout the Old Testament we look at the fact that God pardons. Preserves his remnant he's always had a remnant that he's preserved. He pardons this remnant he gathered his remnant he purifies his run. We looked at Revelation Chapter twelve as well. Last session was a Bible study where we looked at our Bibles this session will be a will use graphics and go to the screen. Then this afternoon we talk about the shaking of Adventism and how to be sure that you're not shaken out. We will go back to the Bible in our last presentation back to graphics that gives us some variety in our presentation so let's pray. You can it will keep the lights on because of the many Bible text and references you want to write down. Remember you do have in the back of your. Booklet. You have some excellent pages for notes. The seminar. If you need to use them. Let's pray. Father as we approach one of the most significant chapters in all of the Bible. We pray that you would help us to have a deeper understanding of that chapter. And particularly as we think about the society that we live in in the United States and many of us Western Europe where. Postmodernism and psycho are as Ms grip the mind help us to see once again afresh in a new just how the message of the three angels. Speaks to this contemporary society and speaks to all humanity. So I pray that you would bless in a very special special way our presentation may your spirit be here may we we sense that. Now guidance in Christ name. Four chapters in the Book of Revelation that talk about a end time people that we have Revelation Chapter three. That describes the latest C.N.N.. Condition of God's people. We have Revelation Chapter ten. That describes the historic rise of God's people. As the result of studying the book of Daniel of the little book in the angels and that was sealed then opened in the disappointment. You know that chapter. Revelation Chapter twelve that describes the characteristics of the remnant. And then Revelation Chapter fourteen. Hopes grace filled and time. Message. You know in Deuteronomy six verse for the nation of Israel found their identity in this passage. Hero Israel. The Lord our God is one Lord. The Israelites called this the great show mom. They taught it to their children. This passage more than any other a dent of FIDE. Israel when he Bru mothers were rocking their babies to sleep at night. From the time that that child was old five three months old five months old the mother would rock the baby and saying to the to the baby. Hero Israel the Lord our God is one Lord. Throughout the centuries of their exile. When the Israelites were exiled. And they were no longer in Jerusalem but they were in Babylon. The chanting of the Shema reminded the Jews of the spiritual vision. In the path that united them as a people. They this Shema gave them the sense of vision that. That God is still our God. Jewish Mother is continually taught their young children to chant the show before going to sleep. So when the children are old enough to speak. Some of their first words would be the Lord our God is ONE low art and Israel. Mother isn't Jewish mothers to be rocking their babies and as they rocked. Their babies. The baby as soon as they could speak would begin chanting back to its mother. Those very words. Now during the Holocaust in one thousand nine hundred thirty thirty nine to forty five. Some Jewish parents in Europe. Place their children in christian. Orphanages to save their lives. The Holocaust was occurring. The German Nazi forces were taking Jews by the tens of thousands and putting them in prison camps like Raven's book and doco and. These Jewish parents were concerned about their children. So they put them in the orphanage is Christian. Orphanages. After the war was over. Many of the leading rabbis. Visited these Christian often it is because they wanted to secure Jewish children. See the parents of these children who had died. But here's the problem. If you were Jewish. Polish child. You would have a Polish name not a Jewish name necessarily the same was true with German Jews the same was jus true with swished use. Many times you'd have Jewish names. So the rabbis. Would go to these Catholic. Orphanages. And they would say we want our Jewish children and the priest would say there are no Jewish children here. Give us their lineage. Tell us who their parents were tell us. And because of course the records were destroyed. The rabbis couldn't do it. And so they said no we're not going to give you any of these children. One day two of the leading rabbis. Came to a major Catholics orphanages and said we'd like to have the Jewish children. And the chief priest said. Nothing doing there are no to which kids here. And the rabbi said Can I please come back in the evening during one risk visit a leading rabbi asked the priest in charge of the Often it's still on to return in the evening when that you were going to sleep. The priest and understand why I said sure come back in the evening. As he came into the orphanage he just began to chant the Hebrew words of the shame on the Lord our God is one. A child over here set up in bed crying. Mama mama. He said that's one of mine. Mama mama they begin to chant the shit mob back to the rabbi. He's dead. If I had every one of the Jewish children that way that orphanage. Because those children from their earliest ages. Had a sense of who they were as Jews. They had a sense of a dentity as Jews. They knew this Shem on the Lord our God is one Lord. And they would repeat the words of the Shema and it Dennis fide them. In that time of captivity now for Seventh Day Adventists. The three inches messages of in Revelation Chapter fourteen there are they are are rallying point. They define who we are as a people they describe our mission to the world. That's who we are Revelation fourteen describes Seventh Day Adventists So we're going to spend some time looking at that message we find our unique prophetic dentity outlined in Revelation fourteen verse six to twelve. And it's here that we find our passion. To proclaim the gospel to the whole world. It's here we understand the very foundation of who we are and why we're here. So let's read together Revelation fourteen verse six and seven from the screen let's read it. Then I saw another angel. Flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting gospel. To preach to those who dwell on the earth. To every nation. Tribe tongue. And people saying with a loud voice. Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour. Of his judgment has come and worship him. Who made heaven and earth. The sea and the springs of the waters. Now let's take a look at that message. Now Ellen White puts it this way she says in a special sense. Seventh Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman. In life bearers to them has been trusted the last warning for a perishing world. On them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God. They have been given a work of most solemn import the proclamation of the first second and third angels messages. Read the next sentence with me please. There is no other work. Of so great importance. Next one. They are to allowed nothing else to absorb their attention eventual page one ninety eight is the proclamation of the first second third angels message is that nineteenth century mentality that the church has now grown out of that has little or no relevance to the church today. Is that or is or are the three engines messages on the cutting edge of what the world needs it. Is why. The message of the three angels. Is specifically designed by God for this generation. Why it is the most relevant. The most significant. Message. In the history of humanity. And why God knew in advance the needs of this generation. And how he crafted a message to reach this generation. The message of the three angels. Is one specifically given by God for this generation. Now let's look at the message itself look at it phrase by phrase. And we'll see how that relates to contemporary society. Revelation fourteen verse six. Then I saw another angel. Flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel. Now in this phrase you notice and significant things. It says to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation. Tribe tongue and people. Here's what you notice. First the message is urgent. I saw another angel fly in the middle of heaven. So it's urgent. Second the message is eternal. It says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel it's eternal. Third it's universal. I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel. To preach to every nation. Kindred tongue and people. So here you have an urgent message. You have an eternal message. And you have a universal message. You have a message that is relevant for. Now you have a message that relates. If it's eternal it relates to the past the present in the future. If it's universal it goes to every nation. Now notice it says the everlasting or the turtle gospel. Now this phrase everlasting Gospel speaks of the past the present to the future. How does the Gospel speak to the past before the human race was ever created. The Father Son and the Holy Spirit. Met in an eternal council meeting in heaven. And they determined that indeed if necessary Christ would come to this world. They plan of salvation was not an afterthought. In fact he remembered Revelation thirteen. It says that Jesus was the Lamb slain from when the foundation of the world. So the Gospel speaks of the love in the heart of God for humanity. That is unbroken desire of ages page twenty two says the plan of our redemption was not an afterthought. A plan formulated. After the fall of Adam. It was a revelation of the mystery which had been kept in silence through times eternal Roman six verse twenty five. It was an unfolding of the principles that from eternal ages. Have been the foundation of God's throwed. This everlasting Gospel is a message of a god. Who took the risk in creating human beings that they would fall. But who loved so much that he would take the responsibility for their fall. When they fell. So the everlasting gospel. Eat that goes to all the world is so much different than Hindu ism. It is so much different then than it is one in human do ism. If you have ever traveled to to India for example. You will see the fruit offerings to God. So the Hindus. Must make offerings. Themselves to God. Christianity God made an offering for us. So. So here in Christianity. We find in unfolding of the principles for me turn away from them in the foundation of God's throat. A love that is so great a love that so strong a love that is so on parole can. That God would sacrifice himself for us to redeem us or save us. And this was not some afterthought. It was very part of the character of God. He is the Lamb slain. From the foundation of the world. Now to a generation star for genuine authentic love. The three inches message speaks of a god of unconditional love. Who go to any length to redeem us. Because he wants us with him for ever and we live in a generation that is looking for love. People that are saying. I want to find love they try to find it in so many different ways. In relationships at times that are so shallow that go through the hands like grains of sand or like a shadow that dances away. But that love that is authentic. That love. That is genuine is the unconditional love of God who loves me not because of what I do or don't do. But he loves me because He created me in His image and I have unique in all the universe you know somebody says to me but wait a minute. How can I be special to God. How can I have any worth to God. I mean if I'm lost God won't even know it. I mean if I was there is six billion other people. And he'll just forget about me. How many of you are parents anybody parents here. How many of you have more than one child. How many have more than two. How many of more than five dozen or more. OK. To provide a doesn't know. OK suppose you have a Suppose you have five children. And one of those children. Is hit by a car. They're playing soccer they kick the ball. It rolls out into the street. And they're running after it they don't see a car. You just come all on the front porch you hear the screeching of the brakes. You see that little body hit. And that child dies. So your pastor comes to me and says. Pastor Mark let's go over and counsel. This husband and wife whose child dies and maybe you can give them some good counsel. I said Sure let's go. So I get this brilliant idea. So we got him into the house and we sit down and you're weeping your husband's weeping and I say I have a question how many children do you have five but that one is not so you have four. Let's sing the doxology because many people could even have children and. Let's sing and praise God that you have four. And I got another idea too. Let's praise God for another reason you have for because now when you make a homemade apple pie everybody's going to get a little bit more. And now when you have to buy shoes you only have to buy or pair you know to buy five pair. I think you should be incredibly thankful. When you got to pay Christian education. It's pretty expensive you don't have to pay that fifteen thousand dollars or whatever it is now. A twenty thousand dollars or whatever it depends what level you're on I understand that you don't have to do all that anymore. What I mean if you should be so think what do mothers do with crazy American preachers who talk like that they throw out the house right. They throw out the house why because well that mother say. I may have four. But there is a place in my heart for Johnny. And the other four Don't make up for that. I may have four. But there's a place in a mother's heart a place in a father's heart. For that one. Nobody smiles like Johnny. Nobody hugs me like Johnny. Nobody kissed me on the cheek like Johnny. Will for make up for the one that died. The God that put it in a mother's heart to love five. Can love five billion for can love six billion. You see what is the message of the three angels. It starts with the everlasting gospel. A message of unconditional love. That speaks about the foundational principles of eternity. That speaks about a God who wants you and Evan more than you ever want to be in heaven. It speaks about a grace what is the gospel. It is the doing and dying of Christ. It speaks about his perfect life that atones for my imperfect. Life. What is the gospel. It speaks about a Christ. That pardons. My Past. Empowers my present and provides hope for my future. What is the gospel what is this everlasting Gospel. It's this incredible. It's incredible good news. You see in Christ were delivered from scenes. Penalty and power in one day soon will be delivered from sins presence. Now this is the hope. Grace filled message of the Bible's last book. The Book of Revelation. So does the world need today this assurance of forgiveness does that are people today riddled with guilt. Today. In our society. Is it true that prescription drugs for depression are going off the charts. Why is it that the message of the Gospel is so relevant. Because it meets the need of the human heart. The need for acceptance. The need for forgiveness. The need for life transformational power. So what does the Bible say. I saw a what another enjoy a message. Flying. It's urgent. In the midst of heaven. Having the what everlasting what the Gospel is the Gospel good news is it good news is it good news that we can be forgiven. Is it good news that our condemnation can be gone. Is it good news that the guilt of the past does go over. Is it good news that the living Christ can change us and make us over again. Is that the Gospel. Is that a message of the world needs. This is not some oppressive legalism. It is the essence of what our world needs. It's the whole field grace filled message of the Bible's last book. The eternal gospel speaks not only of the past and present. It's the basis of a future hope. It's speaks of living eternally with the one whose heart is aching to be with us forever. So Jean. What it John three Verse sixteen For God so loved the world that he was gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him. Shall not what. Perish but have what everlasting life. So in a world where we see. Syrian refugees fleeing into Europe with little hope. Desperate in a world where we see life. Regarded with astonishing in the indifference. In a world that we see. Individuals. Field with famine. Homes wracked by floods. We as Seventh-Day Adventists can say. There is a better world that's coming through Jesus and because of Jesus we can have what eternal life. This is the message of Revelation chapter fourteen. Now what does it say. I saw a quote with me please. I saw what. Another angel doing what. Fly in the midst of what heaven. Having the what everlasting Gospel to go away or to every What nation. Kindred tongue. And people. So here's a message it's got a whole world. Here is a mission so. Mission so gray and. So large so great so comprehensive that it's all consuming. This commission demands our best efforts and requires our total commitment. It leads us from a preoccupation with our own self-interest to a passion for Christ service. If young people want anything today. They want to be challenge with something that's a bigger and larger than themselves. They do not want to be narrowed down to getting up in the morning and wolfing down their breakfast. And going to work in sitting before some computer screen all day. And then coming home and eating supper and watching sports on T.V. Isn't life worth more than that is that the reason for your existence. Is that why you live simply to get up in the morning and work all day as a nurse as a physician. As a teacher as an engineer. And then simply come home. And then go to bed at night and do the same thing again and again and again. What is the three angels message do. It takes us out of ourselves. It shows us a big huge world for Christ. It calls us to give our lives for something that counts. And that is to share his love and grace and get men and women ready for all eternity. It leads us from the smallness of our lives to the bigness of God's plan. William. Kerry was a shoe cobbler. In London England. And he would put heels on shoes and souls on shoes any the big map of the world. In his shoe cobbling shop. And he said this. I cobbled shoes to pay expenses. But soul winning is my business. You may be a computer expert. But if you go there and sit before that can be Peter screen. You're praying for that May and it set next to sits next to you on the computer screen that you can share Jesus with them and. Some days going to come in and he's going to say. I'm trouble today because I have this problem my kid. I got this problem with my wife who's just been diagnosed with cancer. And as you do that you'll share. Jesus love and grace and support and prayer. With that individual. You may be a university student in a secular university you may go to the University of Michigan a universe or or here in Louisville. And you're praying for those students. And you're watching for opportunities. You may be a mechanic. And you've got some cursing swearing mechanics. Around you but you're praying that God will give you an opportunity. Because the three angels message demands our best efforts it requires our total commitment. It leads us from the preoccupation with self-interest to a passion for Christ service. In his book The Quest for more Paul David. Trip put it this way. Human beings were created to be part of something bigger than their own lives. Sin causes us to shrink. Our Lives Down to the size of our lives. The grace of Christ is given. To rescue us from the claustrophobic confines of our own self. Little self ocus to Kingdom and frees us to live for the eternal purposes and satisfying delights of the Kingdom of God. We live in a culture that is institutionalized sell focus and personal entitle me. If you look around it's very clear that we need to be rescued from ourselves. Things like debt. Addiction. Obesity divorce. Are the fruits of a culture of self ocus where we look for a meeting where meeting cannot be found there is freedom to be found in living for something bigger than yourself. Oh to me means living for the glory of God and the success of his agenda for the world he has made the three. Angels message is relevant for young people today. Because it also us to Christ agenda not our own agenda. It calls us to something it's big and grand in a large. Here is something worth giving your life to sharing the good news of Christ there is nothing more inspiring more fulfilling more rewarding than being part of a divine movement. Providentially raised up by God to accomplish a task far bigger. Far larger than any one human being could ever accomplish on their road. What is the appeal of the three. Message to a youth generation today. It is the appeal to look at a world that doesn't know Christ. It's the appeal to something large something great something gray and. It's the appeal to fulfill the destiny that you were made for to fulfill the purpose that you exist for. I'm simply not a cow. A mosquito or or it's. You know. Animals. Largely think of themselves they don't think of service very much. But you and I have been given. We create an image of God. With higher purposes. And more noble dreams. In the three angels message calls us to that revelation. Matthew twenty four fourteen says this gospel of the King it will be preached at all the world as a witness to all nations then the end will. Were called to usher in the second coming of Christ by being faithful witnesses to Jesus and sharing his love and grace with the world. Were called as an in time prophetic people. Seventh Day Adventists are not merely one of the of religious denominations that have come upon the scene of religious history. We are rather part of a divine movement raised up by God to accomplish something grand and great. In his kingdom. Now notice what the Scripture says. Revelation fourteen verse six says I saw a what another angel. Flying that's urgent. In the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting Gospel something eternal The good news. Of Christ forgiveness grace love and power. I saw another angel flying the midst of heaven have an everlasting Gospel. To preach of as a dwelling on the earth. Something big then it. Then this message in verse seven. Begins to look at some very interesting aspects of God's and type message. We want to look at those and see how they relate to this generation. Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come. Now we're going to look at the expression fear God. That word fear is a word. Respect to go. The Greek New Testament word for fear in Revelation fourteen seven is is fully both it is used here not in the sense of being afraid of God. But in the sense of reverence or and respect. Now is something that I did not know. I I knew of course it meant. Reverence and respect but until I looked at the derivation of the word. I saw something else in it that I hadn't seen before and that is it conveys the thought of absolute loyalty to God and full surrender to His will. This very word means reverence. In the sense of a subject to what. So the the. The subject of the society is giving reverence to the king. As a loyal obedient subject. It's all and respect. That leads to absolute loyalty and full surrender to His will. So here is an attitude of mind. That takes God seriously. Here is a God centered. Rather than a self centered of life. The generation that we are living in can spot a counterfeit. One hundred miles away. If there is anything that secular post modern youth. Long for its authenticity. Its authenticity. We want something real. We don't want something. No facade. Not something that is make believe. We want the real the genuine The authentic. The word fear God in Revelation fourteen verse seven. Is a call to much more than respect to God. It's a call to live a God centered life. It is an attitude of mind. That takes God seriously. It is God centered rather than self-centered. I teach a course at a course it's actually a seminar at a secular university in I'm in. In spite of international travel which I do in working for the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist and will tell you a little bit about this later my wife and I now are working with a group of a small group of Adventist a plant a church in a new community building a church a training center and at the end of me now to a little bit about that. But anyway. One day I was. Holding in that community. A seminar on Bible lands and archaeology. And we're trying to plant a new church in this community we had about one hundred people coming to it. And one day a man walked in and he sat next to me. And he said I know who you are but you don't do I am. Let me tell you who you are and then. Let me tell you I am. And eventually I discovered that he was the president of the Provost of the local university they have thirteen thousand students. And the Northern Virginia Community College actually has seventy nine thousand students but his college as thirteen thousand. And he said I'm reaching out to community leaders and I'm wondering if you'd help me. I'd like you to help me with my students I said What do you want me to do. He said well how much do you charge. And I said Well. You couldn't afford me. No no I didn't tell him that I said you're going to like the price because I don't charge anything tell me what you want me to do he said I want you to motivate my students to get better grades. So I teach a seminar each semester on how to improve your grades and. We teach them diet and exercise we teach of studying forty five minutes go out an exercise and we study about the human mind and so forth. So anyway. When I go in and teach those secular students. I am amazed. Because as I'm teaching him diet and exercise. As I come to the end of the course I just share my own experience. And I simply say you know what I found as a student that after I studied. When I prayed that God would help me to retain that information. And I told about how to take a walk and read the review the information your mind and keep repeating it over and going over the toughest stuff but as you walk to pray. I've had students. They will come up to you in the say you know I'm not too religious of this little. But they appreciate the fact that you are thin take with. Authentic with the three angels message. Calls us from all sham and all priest hands. A make believe Christianity is not going to reach the world. It's just not. Sham is not going to reach the world. The world has a lot of hypocrisy. If you have a hypocrite. Hypocritical Christian experience if you say one thing and live another way. If you if you if your life doesn't match. If you weren't still met your life. The world turns away from it. But if you who are authentic so what. What is this expression fear God It's not simply reverence. It's take God seriously. It's live a God centered life. Remember. It's living a life that is not for self. It is a call that's the opposite of what Saint was doing in Isaiah fourteen versus thirteen and fourteen say it says. Allison into heaven. Oh exalt my throne. Above the stars of God. I will sit upon the mount of the congregation the size of the north of us and above the mites the heights of the clouds I'll be like the most. So here you have he had I problems that's a problem say that I promise I will listen and I would solve my throw in Seattle thrown wasn't consent. With intent with his position. Set up on the Mount of the congregation. So he lived a self-centered life. The three inches message is a call for authenticity. And not to live self centered lives. When secular values. Have made self the center heavens appeals to turn from the tyranny of self centeredness. And the bondage of self inflated importance to place God at the center of our lives. And this is what the world longs for that long for people that are willing to serve people that are willing to bless. Recently I was at the United Nations. And I will not tell you a great deal of the story. But I met with the ambassador of a secular country. And atheistic country. But as far as we know there are no administrators and. No they're not they're not any administration. And as I sat with that Ambassador. Representing the advantage. I said to him. You may wonder how as a religious man. As a man of faith. I can work with you who you have told me you're an atheist and you have no faith in your government is totally atheistic you might wonder that. There's only one reason. Because we believe that God has created every human being in His image. And we come with no strings attached to serve your people and to bless your people at the end of that meeting. And atheist in Bassett or looked me in the eye and said. I want to work with my government to give you an invitation to come to our country. Why. Because they see the world is looking for a revelation of unselfish love and people that are ready to serve. That's one thing God is all about it shifting the emphasis from our self to God. It's a living not a self centered life. But a God centered life. It's authentic Christian experience this is the three inches message. Notice. Matthew six verse thirty three let's read together. C.Q. first the what kingdom of God and He is what righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. This is the fear in God the reverence and got the loyalty to God. Set your mind. Cautions three verse to set your mind where on things what above. Not on things on on Earth. Now. Fear God and give glory. Don't miss this one fear God speaks of our of our attitudes. Giving glory speaks of our actions. Fear God has to do with what we think giving guard a god has to do with what we do. Fearing God has to do with the inner commitment. In our heart. Giving glory to GOD has to do with a lifestyle that honors God. So in the expression fear God and give glory to him. One is speaking about attitudes the other about actions want to speaking about thought processes the other is speaking about what we do want to speak about in our commitment. The other speaking about a lifestyle that honors God. So it says. First Corinthians ten verse thirty one therefore where the eat or drink or whatever you what do do all to the what glory of God. Seventh Day Adventists have a message for the world. It is a message of the eternal gospel of the good news of forgiveness and freedom from guilt. It is the message of the empowering of Christ. It is a universal message to go to all the world. It is a message. Indeed. Of fearing God. Of a God centered life. It's a message of giving guard to God what we eat drink our entire lifestyle. I mean think about the evidence health message hasn't been co-opted catapulted into the forefront. Seventh Day Adventists to give Gloria would have to apologize for being vegetarians any more right. The world's running to catch up with us. Reducing our disease reducing the risk of cancer. I mean processed meats just came out recently on their cause a linkage with cancer and Seventh Day Adventists the blue zones. You know you look at the National Geographic the book on the Blue Zones and Loma Linda. In the spotlight. See giving glory to God in everything you do not with abusing your body through smoking drinking drugs alcohol etc etc. So what is this three angels message all about. It is a comprehensive message to prepare a people. For the coming of Christ. It gives us a sense of freedom from condemnation it gives us a sense of power in our lives. Gives a sense of purpose a big miss a message to go to the world. It gives us a sense of worshipping God not ourselves. It gives us a sense of living lives to the fullest. The most abundant possible lives physically mentally and spiritually. Here's now. It says Fear God give glory for the our vision judgment is come. How can judge MN possibly be good news. I mean I don't like to think too much about going before the judge. No like to think about that very much at all. I went before one judge in my life. That was enough. I will not tell you the story. You don't need to know about that. To go before a judge. I was almost ready to tell you. All right here we go. It was nothing serious. Was how we night and I did some stupid prank by throwing an egg out of a car window and somebody in the face. The girl I was with was trying to throw it was my wife now. The girl as was trying to throw eggs out the window and she was a bad shot but I was an athlete I knew I was a good shots like at the guy right in the face of the police didn't like it too much. So anyway. But that was a good. I was an athlete in the city so that helped me a lot. OK. Dear God give glory to Him for the obvious judge of what has come so judgment usually isn't good news not to be judge would be good news. The universe will finally see that God is merciful and just. He's loving and righteous. The judgment reveals God's character of self sacrificing love to Satan's character of selfish in Bishan see what's this judgement all about Revelation fourteen verse seven is a divine commentary on Daniel seven verse thirteen fourteen twenty six and twenty seven. Before awaiting world in a watching universe God reveals and heavens eternal judgment. These that everything absolutely everything possible to save all humanity judgement is passed in favor of the saints. Notice what the text says the are of whose judgement is come. The my judgment. They have whose judgment God's judgment here is what happens in the judgment. God reveals. Before the whole universe. That there is nothing that he could have done more to save you the records that come up in judgment. Are a revelation of God's actions. In every in attempts to save us and our choices. In response to those actions. So before the whole universe God is on trial is God fair in his god just in the way you said Minister of the universe in the judgment reveals that God is fair and just now. How does judgment. In the concept of judgment reveal to how does that. How is that relevant to a post modern generation. What is one of the cries of the post modern generation. If that one of the cries of a post monitor to ration is justice and fairness. Why is it fair for some people to have a child that's born dead. Why is it. They are for Syrian refugees. To come across the border by the millions and be starving. And you eat a good meal today. Because of a geographical accident to where you were born. Why is it fair for example for a young African-American to be gunned down in a street. Because he's walking down the street. See why is it fair. There's a lot. That's unfair. Or why is it fair for a cop to be sitting in a car be shot in the head. So why are those things fail or is it true that life is unfair. Is that true. Anybody that says to you that life is fair. Doesn't know very much about life. Right. Because life is not what I always say why is it fair for a baby. To be born of an AIDS. Inflicted mother. With AIDS HIV positive. Did the baby do anything. Is that fair. It's not fair. What is the judgement say. To a generation that craves fairness to a generation that wants justice. The judgment says all the life on earth was not fair God is always fair. And God will take all the unfairness of life. All of the Young Justice of life. And he will make it right through all eternity. Because in his kingdom there is only justice. In his kingdom there is only righteousness. And he will reign for ever and ever and ever and ever hallelujah hallelujah. Life is unfair but God is what they are. And he will reign for ever and ever so to a world that's cries out for fairness to a world that's in the middle of injustice. Seventh Day Adventists. Come with a message of justice and judgment. Fear God live God centered lives. Give glory to Him and live the abundant life here. The our vision judgment is come before the whole universe Christ is revealing his fairness and his justice in his kingdom will reign for ever and ever and ever. In the judgment or wrongs will be made right. In the judgment. Righteousness will triumph over evil as James Russell LOL the American poet put it so well. Truth for ever on the scaffold. Wrong forever on the throne. Yet that scaffold sways the future. And behind the D.M. unknown stands God. Keeping watch. Above his own. One day or wrongs will be made right. One day righteousness will triumph over evil. Now the Revelation fourteen seven ends with an appeal to worship the One who made heaven earth the sea and the springs of water. Who is the one that made heaven or at sea in the springs of water what are we calling. We call Jesus what else do we call it. We call him the Korea. Right so here's a call to worship the creator. In an age of evolution where people have lost a sense of self-worth. Where many believe that we are no more than an advanced animal that we are simply genes and chromosomes that came together some blob of amoeba. Creation is a powerful concept. It leads us back to the one who made us and gives us security and rest in His loving care. Worship the creator. What does the Sabbath say to a post modern culture. It says God created you and God made you. And you have worth. Because he made you. So what is the Sabbath. It's not a sign of legalism. It's a sign of rest not works. See. Sunday is the sign of legalism Sabbath is a sign of righteous by faith. How so you say. When human beings change Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. That is that God's work or man's work. That's man's work and all man's work is what. Legalism because it's righteousness by works. But Sabbath is a symbol of righteous by faith. Because Sabbath was created by God and Sabbath is God's work and not what. Man's work. So when we come to rest on Sabbath we look back to the one that made us. And we say. He loves me he created me. Did God have to create you. Are you a genetic accident. Let me ask you why are you not a fish swimming in the sea. Why aren't you a sweet potato that some is going to eat for lunch. That you choose than the EON for the past you know I don't think I want to be a human being I think I read me a sweet potato that haven't got a knife you know. Why are you a mosquito. Did you choose to be born. You didn't think you. In the divine drama of destiny. God brought you together. Genes and chromosomes. Fashioned you and shaped You brought you on to the scene of this or is history. Right now. You weren't born a thousand years ago. You will what were you you were you weren't born. Two thousand years ago. But he brought you now. As a generation of youth and adults. To worship the creator to recognize the value. You know when I often I take walks. And often I walk I say Thank You God for the joy of living. I don't know how many more years old live but thank you for the joy of living. You gave me the gift of life. And I want to use every bit of that give to serve and worship you. So creation is a powerful concept. It helps us to rest in the one that made us to rest in is security. Love and care. John looked up into heaven. And he said you are worth the award to receive glory and honor in power. Why is God worthy of Cory Why is he worthy of honor and power for you did what read it with. You created all things and by your will they exist and were created. Now notice. He created all things but they were created by is what will the many things to God create. Are you one of the things he created or your life an accident. So if he created you. You exist by whose Will you exist by God's will. Can you say that with me. I exist by the will of God. I exist. By the will of God together. I exist. By the will of God once again. I exist by the will of God. Don't you feel better than when you came in here. The God of the universe says you would. Craze God this is the three angels message every time you worship on Sabbath. You say I exist by the will of God God created me God fashion the God shaped me. Creation speaks of our value in God's sight. It's weeks are worth. To him. We are worth something to God. If we weren't worth something. He would not have created us. Jesus is worthy of our worship because He created us and He redeemed us in creation is at the heart of all true worship. See the heathen gods could not create in the Old Testament. So they were they made gods of wood in stone to them but our God doesn't need a god of wouldn't stone. Because he indeed is the creator. The Sabbath speaks of a creator's K. or speaks of redeemers love. Every Sabbath as we rest we rest in is love and care. So the Sabbath is designed for a generation. That's going crazy crazy over work crazy to make money. Crazy over lack of self-esteem and self-worth. But sabot speaks of a creator's care. It speaks of redeemers love. It speaks of resting from guilt. Resting from fear. Resting from condemnation. Resting from the toil of life. Revelations Last Day message calls us from the frantic pace of twenty first century living. Back to finding rest. In our Creator. Sabbath that's an eternal symbol of our rest in Him. Rather than an arbitrary legal list. Dick requirement. It reveals that true rest from righteousness by works is found in him. The Sabbath speaks of a God who has achieved. So we can rest in his achievements. True Sabbath Rest is the rest of grace. In the loving arms of the one who created us that want to redeemed us. In the one who's coming again for us. Sabbath this is a symbol of rest not works of grace not legalism of assurance not condemnation of depending upon him and not ourselves. Each Sabbath we reach Joyce in his love and praise him for the salvation that can only be found in Christ. Now let's pause for a moment. Before we summarize the second and third angels. Message of the next five minutes. I'm going to Angela's I go quicker short or long. First dangerous message. Why is it relevant. First because it's urgent message by God. Second because it's an eternal message by God. Third because it's a universal message by go three engines message why is it relevant. Because it talks about our past or present and our future. It answers the three great questions of life. Where did I come from. Why am I here where am I going hard to three inches message questions. In three inches message. Answer those where I come from I was created by God. Why am I here to give Him glory were my going to eternity. Broken down the three angels message speaks about the gospel. Forgiveness. Grace mercy. Freedom from guilt. It's speaks about a power to change our lives. Why is the three inches message relevant to you generation. Because it stretches us be on the smallness of our own lives and leads us to the big mess of God's plan. Why is the three inches message relevant. It helps us to dream God's dreams to Vision God's visions. Was the three inches message relevant. It leads us to fear God to give him respect the respect that's due to his name. It leads us to give him our absolute total loyalty to our total commitment. Why is it relevant. It leads us to give Him glory in our lives and to glorify him in what we eat and drink in everything we do to live the most abundant life. It leads us to understand that this world is not fair but he is in that one day is kinda will rain and I'll set everything wrong. Everything right. That was wrong and he'll right. Every wrong why is it relevant. That leads us to the one that created us it gives us a sense of self-worth. Why is it relevant leads us to rest in His love and care it frees us from tension and anxiety in Sabbath worship and Sabbath reminds us of the eternal day that will worship with him in Heaven forever. So it gives us hope. So it's relevant filled with hope. Now if you were the devil. That's not good if you were the devil. I mean. What do you think the devil might do it try to do everything he could to distort that message he has. What about the second angels message battle in his fallen has fallen. What about the mark of the beast. These expressions speak. In general terms we can go into the specifics but I want you to see the principle. They speak of self centered arrogance and human pride rather than self sacrificial love. In Daniel Chapter four verse thirty the king of Babylon never can as or arrogantly boast is not this great battle and that I have built. What is babbling babbling is a confused religious system that is based on the teachings of human beings. And the false hoods and to seats of Satan. Rather than the clear truth of God's word as articulated by the remnant. That's what babblings Babyland it represents the teachings of man and the confusion of those religious systems Babyland represented in the Old Testament the proudest achievements of man. It was a symbol of human works not God's grace. Human traditions not God's commands that Dylan was a symbol of religious pride and arrogance. God is leading a generation of youth and adults. From the confusion of religious Babylon to the pure truth of His word in a final generation. To give his final message to the world. The mark of the beast. At its very heart is much more than simply the change of the Sabbath. From Saturday to Sunday. Although it is that. And that will be the enforcement of the mark of the beast but the mark of the beast at its very heart is exalting the human above the divine. It's placing man's word above God's word. It results in replacing the commandments of God with human decrees. It leads to giving glory demand rather than going to God. So any time we exalt the human above the divine. That's the beast Prince. The beast principle. And why the Sabbath is so relevant in that. Why the Sabbath is so significant in that is because the Sabbath is a sign of the Creator God. It's a sign of the one that created us. The one that died for us. And the one that's coming again for us. So Satan is attempted to distort the Sabbath in the change of the Sabbath and started Sunday is the epitome of this oil exile Taishan of the human. Above. The Divine. But any time pride fields. Our hearts. Over human. Achievements. Any time. We become ego to Stickley proud of what we can do. That is the beast principle in our hearts. The epitome of that will be the ultimate exaltation of the human above the divine. Here. This is an amazing statement the exceeding great and precious promises given us in the Holy Scripture have been lost sight of to a great extent Ellen White says. Just as the enemy of all righteousness the sign that they should be. He has cast his own dark shadow between us in our God that we may not see the true character of God The Lord has proclaimed himself to be merciful and gracious longsuffering abundant in goodness and through several of written to me inquiring the message. If the message of Justification by Faith is the thirty inches message I've answered it is the third angel's message in verity why. Why because God's last day message. Describes a group of grace filled and time. Be leavers who are totally sold out and committed to Christ. Who the quality of Christ faith lives in their hearts. Flows out of their lives in witness for others. Saved by grace their hearts are filled with the faith of Jesus is faith motivates and changes them. It inspires and empowers them. It frees them from the guilt of the past to live or something bondage of sin in the present. That fills their hearts with hope for the future. George Frederick Hendra was a great musician. And he lost his health his right side was paralyzed. His money was gone. His creditors seized and threatened to imprison him. And Hendo was in a tremendous point of depression. Imagine at this great musician. Health gone. Paralyzed on one side. Money spent. Creditors seize him and they were going to him president but he began to read the book of Revelation. And he read three passages Here's what they were Revelation eleven there is fifteen. Kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord. In of his Christ. And he shall raid. For ever and ever. Revelation one hundred first six and I heard as it were the voice of great multitudes of the sound of many waters. And as the sound of money Thunder saying L.-U. for the Lord our God. On the potent radiance Revelation chapter. Seventeen. Verse six. Christ is the king of kings. Christ is the Lord of Lords. Can you imagine how hand it was so inspired. He composed the Messiah in twenty one days in the summer seven hundred forty one when he got to the Howly a car his assistant found him in tears saying. I did not think I did think I so I haven't opened and saw the very face of God. When handle wrote the Messiah. He says I saw the very face of God God was guiding me. Because one day Jesus will come. And one day. The whole universe will worship him as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. What is the essence of the three angels message. Some time ago. A college newspaper ran a survey. And in that survey. College students were asked. Define the word life. And the and the. The definition that one was this. Life is the penalty. That we pay for the crime of being born. Life is the penalty we pay for the crime of being born. When Shakespeare. Put into the words of his character in the Beth. The definitive life he said. Life is a tale told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The world that we live in is confused about what life is all about. And the message of the three angels. Gives us value and worth. Points us beyond famine and flood. Earthquake and war. Trial and trauma to the kingdom of God. Where they'll be hope and joy forever more. The message of the three angel in the message that Seventh Day Adventists have for the world is a message of incredible hope. It's a message that this generation has been called to share let's pray. Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the opportunity to study the word together to share. The message of eternal. What the world. Bless. As we continue our studies. To the destiny that you know that this message was recorded at the G twenty fifteen conference. 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