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1. How to Lift the Cross for Buddhist, Post-Moderns & More

Scott Griswold Dee Casper



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. Good morning everybody is running around trying to find their place that subtle. People come in and out. We want to get started right away. And most important thing we want to do is pray but we do want to lease a high before we rush into what we're doing. My name is Scott. And this is the Casper. And we are working in different places actually just met about three weeks ago we've been talking over the phone. Both doing something similar that we're very interested in and excited about which you obviously must be because you wouldn't be here when there's so many good seminars to be going to you. If it wasn't on your heart to you and we're going to jump into that in just a moment. But our backgrounds. We just wanted to share very briefly. I've been in Cambodia and Thailand for about sixteen years with my family. And so that's where my hardest love to go over there still gets a go there about three times a year. Because I'm working with a.s.a.p ministries. Which is an organization that raises money and person port for national missionaries Cambodians Thais Vietnamese Laotians Burmese Korean right out there in Southeast Asia where most everybody you meet is Buddhist and doesn't. Hasn't ever had a chance to know Jesus. So that's just a little little bit of background on. I worked in southern Illinois. With a church plant. On the secular university campus. And at the same time was helping to run a non-profit organization that had interpreters and eight different languages. For the families of the International College students for the migrant workers. And so on that we interpreted for the medical visits are legal visits and have lots of service projects geared towards the international population and we solved bunch of wonderful ways to reach their hearts. And so our burden this week is just give you guys opportunities to know how to take the heart the crisis giving you and making you like himself and how to find ways to. Use that hearts. Through means of service through means of instructions or means of preaching teaching. And whatever music I get you meant. The most important thing of all is that the Spirit of God be speaking to you. So it may have nothing to do with something we say it may be something like last night during Natasha's talk. It connected with what she was saying but the Holy Spirit took something you just put it into my heart. So deeply. And that's what he can do. He has brought you for this reason so whether you're here the whole time with us or you bump off to some other place. It doesn't matter what matters is that the Spirit of God Take you prepare you and send you back as his missionary closely connected with him so let's pray and let's let's start that way. Father God. This is your time it is holy time because you are here you are present. But we need you in our hearts we need that heart of flesh this morning the fresh and new Our hearts are like STONE FATHER We've been told that we're wretched poor blind miserable and naked. And that we don't even see it we don't even know it so this morning we asked for the Spirit of God to lay our hearts bare before you. And at the same time to show us a huge vision of what you want us to be of what we are in Jesus Christ what has happened for us out the cross. And what we can walk in not just for ourselves but for the entire world that you were loving that you were caring about. So right now Lord we open our hearts and minds to the spirit of the Living God. Take us reveal to us the cross of Jesus Christ so that we can be the channel. You need to finish the work in this world. Thank you in Jesus name in men and. Whenever I go anywhere in Southeast Asia and beyond. I am just overwhelmed by the people that haven't been reached. I grew up thinking in California. That I did not need to be a missionary I had no interest in going overseas. I figure Jesus was everywhere because misson spotlight had so does that the church was everywhere. All these baptisms Jesus was about to come. And then he opened up my eyes to see what is still left we have four thousand and seventy three completely and reach people groups. That's languages called Cers that do not have a significant enough amount of Christians to even give a serious witness. So we look at that is just overwhelming. The other quote that goes with that or the statistic is that includes three billion people. It's almost half of the world that do not have the gospel witness. So when you look at that. OK it's just a test. But I think of it as this little girl stream out. When we were in Cambodia. We cited to do you have a case in Bible school. We didn't know how many kids would show up. And so we just took the Church big open area on top of the roof and invited kids to come. And we had so many in the morning we had two hundred fifty kids cram into there that we decided to do one in the afternoon. Another two hundred fifty kids crammed in as many as you could come. We were coming from our house which was only like five minutes away with our Jeep with another truck just jamming the kids in because they wanted to. As we went back and forth. In the rush of it vs a guy who was working with me at the at towards the end of the day suddenly turned to be in said. Scott Where's my nice light. I would know. Out of five hundred girls and boys you know running around. And he says No where is my niece. You see in Cambodia at that time. There were a lot of kidnappings going on there were children that would just disappear and they would never be seen again one of the ladies in our church lost her daughter that way. And so he was panicked. He loved that little girl her parents didn't care about her she was just a you know. Just another kid but to be a Sanaa she mattered. And he was really worried. Well. We drop to our knees. Barely and jumped up and we ran in every direction trying to find her because she was gone. All the other kids had gone home and she wasn't around. And we searched and searched for forty five minutes of panic. And so finally be a saw found her way across the main street of town. Down a little road just wandering. Lots. No clue where she would go or what would happen to her. He was so thrilled even while he was shaking and crying and laughing. I could just feel the passion of Jesus Christ. For every person. When we wake up around the world every person every day Jesus sees every single individual and he loves them as if they were the only person in his life. So this is his passion. He is going to find a way to get the job done the question is how on earth is it going to happen. Well. He's got a plan. Right now we see two new legal immigrants. Entering the USA every minute. A million a year that's legal. Probably about another million. Illegally. One in five Canadians is foreign born. So they have a huge amount as well. It's not just those that are migrating. It's those who are passing through. Over one hundred sixty million. Tourist business travelers. Or students pass through the U.N. say every year. And this is not just America and Canada. This is every city in the world now. It's huge migration that's going on and many times it is the top leaders of the country or the future leaders because the international students we have about a million people in North America. Who are from overseas and will return to be the future leaders some even prime ministers presidents of their countries. So God has done something beautiful. The. The strategy we've even been told in advance clear back in the eighteen hundreds. Evangelism page five seventy. We should be able to see in the multiplying opportunities to reach many foreigners in America. A divinely appointed means of rapidly extending the thirty inches message into all the nations of or God in His providence has brought him into our very doors and thrust them as it were into our arms. That they might learn the truth and be qualified to do work we could not do in getting the light before min of other tons. There's too much in there. To pack in right now. But right down evangelism five seventy and look and see the other things that are around it. But it is just absolutely missing as we look at it. This is part of God's final strategy. This is his plan in advance this huge migration that people are stressed about and worried about and people are dying in. It's not only a plan that he has. But it's the next one there that it is his plan to do it rapidly doesn't have to be three or four generations from now. It can be as we're praying and talking about in this generation. Not only rapidly but to every nation of the year and we don't have all the in reach people groups here there's still a need to go to places like me in Mar where there are. One hundred fifty people groups in one country the church has been there over one hundred years. But there are still fifty people groups that have no Christians witnessing solidly in them. So there's still a need to go. But God is working to bring in many of those and we have huge amounts of the nations coming right here. That he can and will reach. He sees done this before. Think of X.. The Pentecost. Experience there there were do well in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven X. two five. And the Spirit came down. And they heard in their own language. And they went back to where they were and they took the gospel there. That's what can happen. Again that's what he's planning so when you're praying for the Holy Spirit. Stretch that in your mind to what does that mean it means what it meant the next chapter to that he will make you who is one of his disciples who is said to you take my gospel to every nation. It's not just for missionaries. Some missionary in your mind. It is for everyone who calls himself a disciple of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit. It can happen. Go ahead. This is a quote that I heard in a sermon that you I see a few years ago I wasn't here but I listened to it. Dave actually cure things and to censor the sermon was called stare which you got. But he said The greatest enemy of present. Action is future ambition. Some day I will do something for the Lord some day I will go into Mission work some day I will do something but. But first I need to whatever. And you get my education. I'd like to get married for me. Take a year off of marriage to say that for these like army you know take a year off first and then go do something. But the problem with that is with that mentality. When does something. Actually in that getting done because you start your schooling but then you have school debt. What do I do I pay off my school day and then I'll go to Mission work but then you have a family now you have children. The greatest enemy of present. Action when it comes to Mission work. Is future and vision. But God she says in his it divinely appointed means is bringing people to our very doors. There are people from every nation tribe telling people in this country there in your communities as migrant workers as international college students. As refugees. These people need the Gospel she says and they can even do a work in their own land that we could not do. But they need to hear the gospel so. Don't let your own ambitions. End up causing a hindrance to the Gospel. And it's going to all nations in the earth. Lay those plans before Jesus. If you can go and. So how's it going to happen. And in what way I mean when you walk down the street. And you see a Buddhist monk in an orange grove going to save head. Do you feel like you could just go up and start sharing Jesus with him. You know you can be really intimidating see someone in a turban and you think you're a little know what I'd say to him. We have these barriers in our minds let alone they have barriers in their hearts their minds. Their preconceived ideas of Christianity. Just a whole lot of things that we can just say wait a minute. Immigrants Refugees International students I don't know where to go with this. And so that's why we have these six seminars these six parts. To break it down ease not difficult. We don't really need six we just need the spirit of the Living God. But as the Holy Spirit comes he has specific ways of working and. There's Pacific things of the Gospel in the three angels messages that. Especially fit. Buddhists Muslims Hindus Jews. Post Modern secular people. And that's what we want to unpack with you to be able to say. Together and plan together to actually wrestle in talking about what if when you go back to your city. To your university to your high school. What if you stepped out and began to do something what would you do. And how can it be truly a fantastic success. For the glory of the Lord. So we want to start today with the most important thing. The heart the center of it all and that is the cross of Christ Jesus said If I am lifted up. I will draw all men to myself. I really struggled with that. For six years in Cambodia. Because it seemed to me that every time we talked about the cross of Christ. There was a blank stare. It was like a wait a minute one of my friends actually said to me have went into Vietnamese temple. When I was during the war and I fled into Vietnam and I saw in that Catholic church a big statue of of a man may on this piece of wood. And I saw people kneeling down were subpoenaed I said. How can anybody worship somebody with such bad karma. And I said to my Fred. Didn't they explain to you that Jesus was perfect. That he'd never done any sin his whole life. And he said Yeah but I figured it must have been a. The previous life that he done something terrible. So there is confusion there is a misunderstanding and I and I struggled to say. What is it about the cross of Christ that's actually attractive to a Buddhist. Today we want to pack that and I want D. to be able to share with you. His own walk in the deeper revelation of the cross of Jesus Christ. How many people here familiar with the debt clock I promise I won't get political on you this morning. How many people familiar with the U.S. debt clock there's actually a website. Please it look right now because you'll get terrified and distracted but the U.S. debt clock is basically a website that lists the current death of the United States government has right now. And it just it's just doing this it's in the. The trillions I can't count that high I don't have enough to even hands to do that it's a huge number. And it just keeps going up and up and up and open up. But I want you to imagine with me here this morning a magic in the debt clock of every sin that has ever been committed. From the fall of Adam and Eve all the way until current day and recognize that all sin is deserving of death right the wages of sin is death. Now that's one sin. That could be the sins that we classify as maybe smaller sins the sin of indifference to the suffering of the world the sin of selfishness. But imagine now the composite weight of the guilt of every sin that ever has been committed and ever will be committed until the second coming of Christ. And imagine that wait. Being heaped upon the shoulders of one man. At one point in time. Your savior in the garden of gifts him in the endured a way that no human can ever understand a lot of times what I fear is happening with the presentation of the cross is there's a high emphasis on the physical suffering of Jesus. But we don't talk about what actually killed Jesus. The weight of the sin of the world. That debt clock is terrifying. If you stood before your savior for one sin that you've committed before a holy God in a holy law. You would be rendered incapacitated. And yet Jesus faced down the gun barrel of every sin that has ever been committed and never will be committed. I can see it in your eyes now it does something doesn't. It's important. It's far different than just some man dying a physical death a friend of mine mentioned something that he had a guy come up to him and say Hey man why should I put my faith in Jesus and he mentioned a story about a guru that he had who went through worse physical torture than what Jesus went through the guy was weeping as he told the story to this preacher. It was no preacher then as a new convert. And he said Look what my guru went through is way worse than what your Jesus went through. So why should I put my faith in him because he didn't know what to do with it as a new convert. He always thought it was the physical death of Jesus that was it but what makes Jesus' death. More significant than the death of any modern history for a good cause. What makes his death more significant than Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The Mahatma Gandhi was the difference. The weight of the sin of the world. The on main gold wrath of the Almighty God was poured out upon his son. That's the difference. People can resonate with that. That's different. Now. When I came to understand that I realize that in the midst of Jesus's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane the he not only had this awful agony going on within his own heart and feeling the guilt. Jesus has never felt guilt as entire life. Ever for any sin. Word thought or deed he's never felt it. But now he's feeling the shame and the guilt in the inward condemning pointing at the finger. For every sin that's ever committed yes. But he's also having his emotions fail him in the garden abuse him and. Nothing's making sense to eat doesn't want to go through with it in his flesh. And at the same time. The only constant that he's had on this earth is the presence in the approval of his father. And even that is now gone in his eyes. Now we're told that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself God was there but Satan had heat. This dark cloud impenetrable darkness upon our Savior. And he couldn't see through the portals of the tomb we're told that gospel does something to the human psyche. Because we all can resonate with shame. We all can resonate with feelings of rejection. We all can resonate with these things. Yet Jesus went through that Jesus can relate to your feelings of shame of fear of rejection. All of it. That's a Savior that you can. Unashamedly proclaim before any nation tribe tongue or people that's why Paul said I'm not ashamed of the gospel for it's a power of God. That's it there's no reason to be afraid of that and when you know this truth and the price that Christ paid for you the value he paid for you. It makes Danny before people who have different views and you will have less intimidating. Because you know that what you found. Is the only thing that can help those people when they talk to talked about last night. Understanding this is what does that that's what awakens heart. We're told this breed of prophecy these only by love that love is away can't find me a better love the net. You won't. That's it. So this is what people are looking for this is the everlasting Gospel what do we do with this now how do we take this everlasting Gospel and apply it to our Buddhist neighbor how do we apply it to the lady we keep seeing in the library who wears this. This head covering that we don't fully understand and even. Maybe we view is some form of oppression or something else. How do we handle that. This is the beauty of the Cross The relate ability of Jesus's experience we're going to go through some steps now to explain that let's got go through those. Part of part of what happens with sharing with people of other religions. Is that we take one little piece of the cross that is really important to us. And that becomes everything. And for some people it's forgiveness of sins that's just that was so meaningful to them so important so essential. Because they felt so guilty. So that's all that they proclaim about the cross. But to the Buddhist person Hussein. What do you mean you Christians you you you say God can forgive your sins you just keep singing and you would look at the Westin is just so immoral but you call yourself a Christian country and the idea of forgiveness of sin that's just that's terrible. Seriously I mean that. That just closes the door many times and we share that aspect of the cross with certain people because they're coming at it from a different direction. So that's where standing back and looking at the cross and beginning to find out the many many different aspects of what really happened in Jesus' death and resurrection. We can begin to connect with people who have different struggles in their lives. So let's just take seven different human conditions different ways that people are look at them very briefly. And we have a study guide at the end they will hand out that you can explore more deeply on your own. Because that's what all make it really meaningful. But for a moment. Just just a glimpse a little bit. The first one. Let's go back to the one before that. The first one is the incredible grief the brokenness and suffering that people are going through. Everywhere and they can look just fine on the outside but almost every person has met. Pain and grief in some deep and significant way. And I have found that when I begin to share the story of Jesus on the cross including the physical suffering. Because it is significant. It is painful and powerful to simply tell the story of Jesus. But as you begin to move through it and say. There was Jesus. With his best friends. And he looks at them and says one of you tonight is going to sell me for money. Another of you is going to turn and be trained to deny me and say you don't even know me. And every single one of you is going to leave me. And these are his best friends. I mean we just read these stories with the tears of their in Jesus sides. And then it happens just like he says in his heart is ripped open. You know we're told that that Jesus beard was ripped right about the time to Peter's and I didn't. And it didn't hurt near as much as seen his his close one of his closest friends to that. So when people hear that and you say to them Jesus shows this. He watch into this knowing what was coming why because he wanted you to know that you have someone in heaven. Who understands. He understands and then you can go through the resume Jesus was stripped naked. They abused him they beat him they spit on him they mocked him. When you meet somebody. I think of. I think of my friend in Cambodia Julie my wife and I were there with a group of pastors and wives and after we had shared some things. The wife came up to us afterwards and she began to share with us out. She was in a home. That did not want her. And so her parents gave her away to the aunt and uncle in the same town. So she grew up in a home. Seen her family across the place. Being told by an uncle. You're too stupid to go to school. You need to stay home and do the cleaning. And she grew up that then she was molested. She was and she went through the war times and we she had so much pain she was carrying that she said I know what you're saying I found the love of Jesus I know he cares about me. But what about this pain. And we didn't know what to say. And we just began to pray and to share with her about Jesus on the cross. And she began to cry. And she began to weep and she began to say. He's telling me. I am his daughter. I am not shameful anymore it doesn't matter if I'm stupid he can give me his wisdom. Every pain that anybody goes through. As we lift up the cross of Christ. They can find healing and hope. And the love of Jesus and. We're going to tie these into the different world religions in a moment but first we have to feel them in the context of the pain of people. Many others are struggling with anger and bitterness and unforgiveness that. That rises up out of those difficulties that they face. Because they don't know what to do with it they do they haven't found healing. Jesus tells us any fees in chapter two verse fourteen and sixteen. Uncredible truth about what was happening at the cross. You see. He takes our sins there. And when he takes our sins and he separates us from that that it brings us together. And that amazing. That anger that unforgiveness as he forgave his enemies. But he did more than just give us an example of forgiveness. It says he actually has made both one has broken down the middle wall of separation. Having a volage in his flesh and that see the law of commandments contain an ordinance us. So as to create ins in himself and one new man from the to vest making peace. And that he my reconcile them both to God. In one body through the cross. Thereby putting to death. The enmity. In Cambodia there is a church now where C'mere Rouge soldiers the communists who did the incredible genocide in the seventy's. Are now worse of the next two government soldiers who also become seven they have been this Christians. This is the power of Jesus to take away that bitterness the anger the ugliness and bring people together. Another just simple human condition is distorted views of God. People don't see they don't understand who he really is they may think he burns people in hell forever. They may think all kinds of different things. Think of some of the Hindu gods that you've read about the different people the different ones. So part of the cross is simply and clearly showing the Father's love. D. is shared beautifully. That Jesus did not know if he was going to rise from the dead. That. That is a concept that many times. Really has not connected or clicked. That when Jesus was carrying our sins. He didn't just die the normal death. Or we wouldn't die that right. He died the second death from which there is no hope of resurrection. And so on the cross he made a decision looking at that and he said I'm not coming down from this cross. Even if I never exist again. Because I want you in heaven. That I've known since I was sixteen and it changed my life. But last night while Natasha was sorry and somehow the Holy Spirit did something deeper. I was sitting there saying oh you know I was a pretty good kid. I know I'm a sinner I know I need you but I don't feel that love like Mary had for having been forgiven so much. And suddenly in that moment the Holy Spirit just said to me. Scott you don't understand. It was your sin that caused Jesus to experience. Hell. On the cross. Your sin is big enough to separate somebody from the Father for eternity you would be without me I did side that for you I was really into you and I did die for you in that place. There is a depth of love in the cross that people can see. As we slowly share and open their eyes to see it. And in general for those that simply are looking for something they may not believe in God at all they may not be interested in religion a bit. But they are attracted by morality by true compassion by true love. And as you simply share the story of Christ weaving in the story of how he he looked at his mother. While he was in pain and took care of her. I sympathized with the women along the way. He cared for the thief on the cross. Just telling the story. Will dry and attract people fearful of evil spirits. Is that really a human condition. It is a huge reality. In the mountains where we walk in Myanmar and Cambodia and Thailand. This is life and death. For the people who know there are spirits out there who live their lives to peace them or to use them. That's not true in America. I don't think that so anymore. We have so many that have migrated here. And we have so many young people now who do not know the Living God and are searching for powers. The media's done such a good job of showing how you can access magic both black and quotes white magic that there is a huge amount of people know incredible growth in paganism Wiccan belief witchcraft various forms. And so today we are dealing with the people who are afraid of spirits or who are trying to use spirits. So what about the cross. The story of the great controversy that we have some of they haven't is especially have can be told in many ways but there at the cross. We are told that Jesus faced. Every single evil spirit. In the entire world. Can you imagine they they left America. Thailand the different places alone to come in there because they knew. If Jesus wanted to cross. They were Jews. And yet he fought them all off and overcame every one of them. So that we will never meet a single spirit. That hasn't already been smashed and overcome. In men. So this is part of what we have to share. See. But there's more. I think of. A time when just my son and I were on the train coming down from saying Mike to Bangkok in Thailand. And I was busy preparing to talk to share with the type asters about how to reach out to Buddhists and. He was busy being friendly. And he'd walk wandered around. Met up with a with a Buddhist monk who was sitting a couple rows. Couple seats up. And they started talking and decide shared with him a little bit from a little book he had. And he was pretty little at that time and. The man was interested he did took interest maybe just because he was young but for whatever reason. And then finally decided slipped up and he said Daddy. I think you better come now. I think you better take over. And so I got up with him and I went over and sat down we began to talk. And immediately I realize this young monk was truly open spiritually he was very interested. And he asked me that question why. Why do Christians say that God can forgive sins that seem so immoral. You just keep on sinning. And that's what Christianity is about you get it be forgiven and go right into heaven. And I began to share with him that hath the cross when Jesus literally took your sins and my sins. Because he exists in all eternity you can actually literally take my sins that he died with those that as it says in second Corinthians five fourteen to fifteen and seventeen. So that we could die. With him. And no longer live for selfishness but live for Him who died for them and rose again. If we are in Christ. We become a new creation. In which the sins pass away. And we now live like Jesus. If that's that's a part of another aspect of the Cross that it's not just about forgiveness. It is also about destroying selfishness. And that's everything a Buddhist a seeking. They're trying to deny good desires and bad desires. Trying to overcome all impurities of thought mind and heart. So that they can be free. And finally escaped. Reincarnation scape the cycle of karma. So in Jesus. We have the answer for what they're searching for. And of course finally we have forgiveness. I haven't been meaning to put that down. Just to put it in light of the other incredible beauty that we have to share. But let's look at what this can mean to some of the other world religions. So I say yes go ahead get in some of the seven things that we can see in the cross what we've covered now is the fact that Jesus bore my pain. The he removes unforgiveness from our hearts that he can reconcile this to the Father. The he demonstrates true compassion that he overcame evil spirits that he freed from selfishness in the he forgive sin. Now. We're going to show a picture of just different people groups and scouts and get him back into what these people groups believe. And we're going to ask you what are the answers that we can give them directly from the cross. According to what they actually believe. From this list here OK OK let's just think about Jews for a moment that's probably one of the easiest ones because we share so much in common right. We have the Old Testament Scriptures as we call them. And for at least a committed Jew though there are many many millions of secular Jews who really have lost faith. They're not practicing their religion much at all but think of what they have gone through over the centuries. The genocide in Germany. And beyond the pain as they look back of the centuries two thousand years and more than that of struggle and suffering in this world in which many of them have cried out. Where is God in all of this. How on earth would you share the cross. And what aspect you think would especially be appealing to Jews. To speak up as loud as you can so we can hear. If we want you to be thinking and processing. So that when you meet people. You'll have an idea to be where to begin. As the Savior. OK. In what way and how how can how can that connect for the Jewish people. So they're looking for meaning. And what in the cross. Would help them to find meaning for the suffering they have experience. Yes. OK So Jesus burying our pain. So that part of the cross where they actually can see him going through much of what they have actually experience. All right. OK. Anything else. That's excellent. Yes OK. So she said in the sense that Jesus was in a sense in his suffering that he had done nothing wrong and yet these things came on them. Can be a close connection between what many of the Jews feel in a sense of innocence that this is not fair that this should not have happened to them that they can connect with the innocent suffering servant of Isaiah fifty three. And he went else. I'm sure there is much there and I'm sure that I believe. I believe many have found Daniel Chapter nine. As a powerful. Incredible way to show the prophecies. From the scriptures that Jews hold in common. Showing the actual time. Of Jesus' ministry and death. Spelled out there in incredible detail that they can find and come to believe in the Savior knew many Jews have come to Christ through that picture of the suffering servant as they have fifty three. And the actual timing. In Daniel nine. Let's move on to another one for a minute. Behi. I'm not as familiar with the Behi religion. But I know that it started in the eighteen hundreds and eight hundred seventeen a specific individual was born in Iran. And as he grew up I can say is name properly you can look it up. But he he has led towards a religion that basically says. All religions are good. All of them. These religious leaders were ordained by God raised up to lead Mohammad of Jesus Moses various ones were raised up. And that we are to come together in units to seek one goal together of universal peace. We are to be living in harmony. We are to promote the right. Good moral values that we all share in common. To put aside violence to put aside our differences and come together. So how would you say about specifically Jesus. On the cross. In a way that you think would be especially attractive to them. Any yes. Amen amen So OK I've been trying to paraphrase and restated so if I don't quite say that you can always put up your hand again. She was saying that Jesus said. When I am lifted up I will draw. People to me. So there's actually a unifying power in him. That will do that that's really beautiful thought on that I hadn't ever put that together in my mind. The unity that text actually speaks about beautiful something else. Yes. OK a good question if somebody says that's what your bible sense. All right. So what do you say when they just say well that's what it says in your Bibles Oh you know you can believe that if you want but you know my scriptures differ in or. I don't believe the Bible. Sometimes there is a need to take time to demonstrate why we trust the word of God. And then there's definitely definitely different reasons from prophecy. Archaeology and various The unity of the scriptures that we can explain. But often in a moment like that you don't have time to talk. You don't have time to go through all those steps. And you can simply say. Your rights that's what my scriptures say. So you would have to check it out for yourself. To see if that's really true. But can I share with you why it has made a difference for me. And how it is helps me. And we'll talk about that some are we have four steps to not tomorrow. Next hour we'll be talking about four simple steps that you can share your faith with anybody of any background. And the. We'll get to that one but that testimony is powerful. Very powerful. Any other thoughts on the behind. Yes in the back there. Wonder if you will work to take the microphone to where they are. We want to try that or not maybe not go ahead and to speak out. OK excellent. So the the taking away of selfishness is what brings us together. Even. OK All right. So the reconciling to the Father the drawing should be drawing is together and that. And then that's excellent. In In fact I've met Buddhists who who have said to me when I am angry at somebody when I'm upset. I simply think about Jesus on the cross. And I was blown away to hear that that they. And they say and are angry just melts away. There is something so beautiful in the story. That it can be very attractive. When I think of Muslims. You know there's such a variety of thought and such a variety of Muslims right now it says such a hot thing in our minds. But the. The understanding of God is what I've been trying to explore in understanding what do they really believe about God and of course there's a huge variety in their thinking but from the Qur'an you have a picture of a God who is holy who is the Creator who is the only sustainer of life. Who is the Redeemer the forgiving one is just much in common that we have with Muslims from the Koran. At the same time. Those who have studied carefully say. The picture of an intimate father is not there. It is not. It is not presented in the same way and even the forgiveness or the love. It's spoken of as the love for those who love him. Not the love for those who are evil those who hate him. That's that's it. It's a different. In the presentation. So those some may understand that there are many many who do not understand that aspect of God in light of that. What would you share from the cross with the Muslim. Yes go ahead. Signs a case so the demonstration of His love. Yeah. You know. It's a it's even if there's somebody argumentative who says you know Jesus really didn't die on the cross as most Muslims believe that God took Jesus up to have been from the cross and he did not die body. To say to them simply. I know that's a common belief. But the Koran encourages people to read the Scriptures. And so let's just hear what the story says for a moment. And just as if it were true listen to to the beauty of the story. And to share and to let the Holy Spirit move to reveal the love of God through the cross as God intended. So I'm sure there's more we can explore Yes go ahead. Than a man work and we get the full Bible study on the surrender Islam meaning surrender. And this is the ultimate picture of surrender to the cross. To God. OK. If you can share that with me later. And I can put that it. Young. We have a website where you'll see it quite often is there at the bottom reach the world Next Door dot com has a lot of resources and we have a section on reaching world religions that were just adding more things to. So we can try to put that there. Let's go on to the next one here. Secular an atheistic people. Is there anything in the cross if they had no belief in God no belief and maybe even the Bible that you would share. If you were sharing and you actually got to talk about the cross together. Yes. That. The existence of a god. They do see justice. And the goodness and we can't share how I cry out to me is stablished man of the law. And I we are more able to tell the good from the bad and are more able to perform injustice and then even. So whether or not you get into the philosopher the philosophical side of it being able to share the beauty of the morality the character of Christ on the cross can be extremely attractive even to those who may not believe in God. The same way. Any other thoughts when in the back there. Well well well. I mean I think you all heard most of that that it's powerful to connected with the scientific reality of forgiving other people letting go of bitterness anger hatred. Makes an incredible impact honest not only emotionally and socially but physically. And that this is not only a beautiful for forgiveness model in Christ. But as he forgives our sins and empowers us to forgive others. Our entire lives are impacted and share something for me when it comes to the secular audience particularly it's not so much of there's a problem with the life that Jesus led in the type of person he was. It's what everybody is doing in the name of Jesus that they have a problem with right. Bad Religion the holy wars all of this foolishness has been done in the name of Jesus. One of the things that you can do is help to disassociate what people are doing in his name from who he is. And all seven of these are discussing what type of person he was and what he prescribe for the people who followed him. And in distinguishing these two things I found a lot more success than anything else in dealing with secular skeptical audiences and helping to separate who God is. From what people say he is like by what they're doing they're very pragmatic in the way in which the view that you want to go ahead and yet we don't have to cover all of these we've touched on different ones. Adam is pagans. Spirit says. Where would we connect that to what's up. Power over evil spirits that's kind of an obvious one but again I want to remind you this is a basic stereotyped generalization that we're talking right now right. We're going to meet a Buddhist who maybe has no interest at all in religion is not practicing their Buddhism. At all but they are interested in your ality where you may meet someone who says they're into witchcraft. But really all that they're concerned about is the latest movie. So it's knowing the people. It's understanding what they're dealing with and sharing. Good as we talked a lot about already. And connecting them. Especially with that power of Jesus over selfishness. And that ability to make us actually compassionate. And I I want to just conclude this piece of it with the the. The reality when we think of the fact that a Hindu believes that. Absolutely everything that they have ever done. Will be rewarded. Either the good. Or the bad. And with the possibility of entering hell for a time. Going to have been for a time and then being reincarnated back in some life for good or bad depending on what you have done with no possibility of forgiveness. It's not significant. So when we think of applying the cross to that. I think of the man who was sitting there at church that I had never seen before in Thailand. And as he was sitting there. He just walked in he had suffered in because he'd had a stroke. About half of his body was not working well and he was sitting there. When the sermon was over a lady came in approached him. She was a lady who I knew was not very going to be intact full with people. Was often in your face. And just ready to share whatever. Regardless. And so I thought oh no use just come this is first time she doesn't know about how to approach Buddhists and you know just thinking these wrong thoughts. And the Spirit of God begin to move and she just shared straight on with him the story of Jesus on the cross and him. He began repeat just crying. And I thought What's going on what's happening. And he gave his heart to Jesus and really say I don't understand was happening with the Holy Spirit was moving. Well we found out this man had been a pimp. He had been a trafficker. Of children. I can imagine almost anything worse. To be able to take children and to put them in that kind of abuse is so horrific and so worthy of condemnation and death. But the graciousness of Jesus is for even people like him and he could see that he believed his stroke was part of the punishment that had come on him. And that much much more was coming and see here the truth that Jesus how the power to forgive his sins and give him heaven as a gift. Was absolutely phenomenal. And way beyond anything he could ever have imagined his entire life. That is the gospel. That we have to say here. So whatever has been stirring in your mind whatever is stirring in your heart right now I want to just have a moment of quiet. We still have about ten minutes before we conclude here. One should have a moment to just say Jesus. What piece of the cross where you want me to catch a deeper glimpse of today. And how will that impact. How I share with other people. When we're done with that quiet would just have a prayer. And then we have a couple of handouts we want to make sure you have before. Before we go on and take a break. So let's let's just pause for a moment. And let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. And then all will lead in prayer. Fathers we reflect upon the beauty of the cross. In the experience of Jesus from disseminating onward. And what was endured in R.V. have even the hardest parts can't help but think fit. Maybe there is hope for me maybe there's something better for me father I think you that this story has the ability to transform. All lies were ever someone may find themselves in their experience. The blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient to cleanse from all sin. Past Present and Future. But I pray today that you would forgive the sins of all of us who are in this room and whoever may listen to the seminar that those sins would be forgiven today. That you would cleanse us from all unrighteousness. And that you would Phillis with your Holy Spirit that you would give us the burden that you have for these beautiful people of other cultures. If they would recognize the value that they have in Christ because of the way in which we treat them. And look at them and speak to them. Lord I pray that love for others would continually grow in our hearts today. That a love for self. Would fall by the wayside. Jesus we cannot do that but you can in your long to. And so we give you permission to day to make us like you in character in hard. And in action. But I pray that what begins in the seminar today will be fanned into flame in recognizing the needs of the peoples in this country that you have brought here in your divine providence that we would not ignore what you have done a moment longer. And that we would commit in our hearts today that we cannot allow this to continue. But there is a work to be done. And here. They can impact the world. Thank you for giving us the pit of inspiration for scripture. And for wonderful testimonies of your faithful isn't doing this type of work we pray that you bless. Every meeting goes on here. Blessed as we asked this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky. Q I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Thought oh or G..


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