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1. Risk Takers

Homer Trecartin


Homer Trecartin

President of the Midle East and North Africa Union (MENA)



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the July C. twenty fifteen come from. Cold. Chosen in lieu of a Kentucky. For other resources like this. Visit us online at W W W G Y C web or G. Alright I think it's about time we let our heads. For a prayer as we start. Dear Lord. Thank you for a good night's rest thank you for the spiritual messages that you've been giving us for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we're feeling already. And I just pray that on each of the seminars today. Your spirit will be poured out more and we wish we could all go to all of them. But we can't. And you've impressed some to be here and I pray that it will be a blessing to them that you will give us words to speak that will be an encouragement. And a support. And that will help to finish the work so that you can come that's our great longing to be with us now today we pray in Jesus name. Amen. Now I've heard several people say. Mini skirts mothers and Muslims is this only for women. No it's not a it's. It's. That's actually the title of a book that I'll tell you more about this afternoon. But it's about. It's about the culture. You know there's a huge culture clash. Going on in our world today and it's. It's probably greater than anything that's ever been experienced in the world before. Clash of various cultures. We in this seminar we're going to talk some about that. I'm going to tell a lot of stories and show a lot of pictures from men the Middle East and North Africa. Want to talk about the work that we're doing there the needs that we have there. About some of the amazing things that God is doing in a part of the world that we really haven't done much in this a church. In fact it's probably the greatest friend to or for missions that the church still faces. Is the Middle East and North Africa will. Will spend some time talking more about that I want to talk in a general way. About what God is doing around the world. The we as a as a movement. Have a goal. Last night Natasha. Mentioned to us the goal of the movement of Jew I see what is it. To take the Gospel to every person in our generation. That's really been the goal of the church. Ever since the early church. It hasn't happened yet but we're praying it will. We need to look at why hasn't it happen. And we'll do that in some of these seminars. Do we really mean that. Do we really mean that we want to take the Gospel to every person on earth. Do we how many believe that's what we really mean. We really mean. Take it to every person. What about ISIS. What about of God gave you a dream a few months ago before jihadi John was killed. That you were supposed to go in and share the gospel with him. Do we really believe that that. Everybody needs a chance to hear the gospel. We in these six sessions so I'm just going to give you a quick overview because in your. In your schedule it just gives you titles. Doesn't give a description of each one. We're going to talk today the one called risk takers. It's about safety and security because I guarantee you the first question in almost everybody's minds. For sure the first question in your family's minds. If you decided you wanted to come and help us in Mina. Would be wait a minute. All the bombings all the killings all the terrorists all the things that are going on over there. Well we're going to talk some about safety and security. Where is it OK to send missionaries. Is there some part of the world that we shouldn't send missionaries to. The second one the small arning will be called even them. Are there people that we claim. Can't work for or are there people that we shouldn't work for yet. Are they I have people in churches many times that tell me. There are parts of the world that God is going to have to win some other way we shouldn't try to work for them. Number three this afternoon miniskirts mothers and Muslims. How can we take the Gospel across the cultural divides that separate us. How can you reach out to your Muslim neighbor. Why is that we're not connecting very well with Muslims in this country or around the world. It's this will be a fun one the one the softer noon. They'll all be challenging I hope but the one the softer known will be a little bit fun as well. The last one the softer noon approaching footsteps. Does everybody have to hear our Adventist. Message. Why is it that God raised up the Adventist movement anyway. Do we have a responsibility to share with everybody. Or is it good enough. If others are sharing with them. We're going to look at that some the south are new and then tomorrow. The one is called Open your eyes. When will the Holy Spirit be poured out in places like the Middle East and North Africa. Or is it already being poured out and we just haven't opened our eyes to see it. And the last one on Sabbath afternoon small beginnings. I know a lot of us would be willing to make a great sacrifice maybe even give our life. If we thought in the process. We could bring hundreds or thousands of people to Jesus. If we thought that we could go and preach a series of meetings and there would be hundreds of baptisms at the end of it. Many of us would be willing to take a risk. What about. If. If we knew that we were going to go and work our entire life. Short or long whatever it might be and that we would die and not seeing a single result for our worse. Would we still be willing to make a sacrifice to do that. Today. I want to share with you a very personal and difficult experience. To start the discussion. Of safety and security. I've called at risk takers. In a way where all risk takers are only. What I want to share with you this. This experience that. Barbara and I went through. If I get this turned on here. It was April thirty two thousand and five I know some of you were just. Then others of you that was just a few years ago but. April thirtieth two thousand and five we were in China in Chattanooga Tennessee and Southern. Our daughter in law. Shannon. Had just graduated with her. Degree in social work there from Southern. And we were together with all of our kids our son Homer. Our son Terry. And our daughter Becky. It was and some of our grand kids. It was a wonderful time together at that graduation weekend. A week later. May seventh two thousand and five barber and I were out it. At the Middle East fellowship meetings. In California. There are more admin A Smith Elise to nurse living in California than there are in the Middle East so. It's a good place to go once in a while and connect with some of the folks there. We we were sitting in a meeting a wonderful time of sharing together. I see more people coming in and they're still see scattered throughout and. Even a few in the front row if you can't find anything else. We were sitting in the meeting. And somebody slipped in behind me and handed me this little paint note it says. Call your son or Beverly Warren and gave the phone number. Well I said. I whispered to the guy that handed it to me OK. When the meeting is finished I'll go make the phone call he said no the voicemail sounded really urgent. You better come now. Well that's not a kind of message you want to get and we slipped out shaking a little bit wondering what was going on why did we need to make this urgent phone call. I called my son. And he answered the phone Dad he said I don't know how to tell you this. But my brother. Terry. That's our middle son. Terry. Has just been in a terrible accident in Tennessee. And they don't think he'll live till we can get there. Well. All night long. We flew from airport to airport trying to get to. Chattanooga Tennessee so that we could go during our hospital some of you know. The College Hill area where Terri was. We were thinking about are. Our boys. Our kids. As we did that. Homer Jr working at. Twix would nursery in Berrien Springs some of you know where that is. He works there. Becky our daughter Vicki Munoz she is a teacher. And Terry Terry and Shannon. Terry had a master's in outdoor education. He was certified in high ropes courses he was certified nitrox scuba diving he was certified in cave rescue. I only thing to do with the outside he loved it. He was just. Heavily involved in outdoor activities he and Shannon did all kinds of things he was a volunteer diver. At the Tennessee Aquarium. You know where kids would stand at the glass and watch. And he did anything he could to Skerries mother. If we were on a walking if he could get a scream out of her that was wonderful he loved life. He loved the outdoors. He's a master guide they were heavily involved in Pathfinders. Lots of things going on in their lives on May seventh that day. He had joined a group of twelve hundred bike riders. On a charity ride to go one hundred miles. It was a beautiful day. He had a borrowed bike. That was an expensive bike that somebody had loaned him. For this ride in and about twenty miles into it the automatic cameras took these pictures you can tell he was having a wonderful time. But about eight minutes later. Nobody knows for sure what happened because he was alone on a corner and there were no other bicycles with him. As he but. About eight minutes later he hit a car head on going down the mountain probably fifty miles an hour they aren't sure because it destroyed the computer on the bike. So they don't know for sure how fast he was going. He. We don't know what happened if he lost control. Roller hit a slick spot or had a flat tire the next year in the same bicycle ride on the same corner. Somebody threw a handful of carpet tacks out on the corner another rider was almost killed. So we don't know what happened. But as Terry. The next rider came around the corner. He saw that something had happened he could see the car sitting there with the windshield gone and the driver just screaming through the windshield. And he could see Terri. Is crumpled by. Off on the side and. He was a paramedic he jumped off to try to do something but he thought there was no hope. The next three riders that came around were surgeons at earlier hospital. Fact one of them was a spinal surgeon who actually later operated on Terri. But at the time he thought there was no hope. When they. Helicopter came in airlifted him during or they gave him an eight percent chance of living. And that's when we got the call saying they don't think he'll live. To you can get here. And all night long as I would land. In an airport. I would pick up the phone and call and they'd say well he's still alive but we don't think he'll live till you can get here. The next day finally about noon. We walked into the hospital and. There was my boy. It was a difficult time. Couple of months that he was in a coma. At first the first few days. We expected him to die. The doctors came to Shannon as life. We had an annoying thing service and everything but the doctors came to Shannon and they said. You need to talk to your to your in-laws. Because. We think we're going to have to pull the plug. There's just nothing left. That we can do for him. But he didn't die. And after about two weeks the doctor said well maybe he's going to live but he'll never regain mental ability. Is back was totally broken. All of his ribs were crushed his leg was broken in several places his ear and the head. Severe injuries. They just said they will never regain mental ability. So at that point we were at Barber and I were living in Cyprus working in the Middle East we loved it. But we decided we needed to leave and come back to the United States and help. Shannon. Take care of Terri. So we went back to Cyprus packed and sold our things moved back to the US and you can imagine the. The trauma going on in our own hearts. Well. Little by little Terry started to respond. It was slow. At first we would say Terri can you. Can you hear us if you can hear us raise your thumb. And once in a while we'd see is hand shake and we thought maybe is thumb came up a little bit. And the doctor said well it's probably just coincidence. But keep trying he might respond to family. Finally he did it for a representative from Shepherd Center in Atlanta which is one of the nation's biggest. Spinal and brain injury rehab centers and so they said we think we can work with him. And they took him down to Atlanta that's his Terry's first memory. Is the ambulance ride to Atlanta. He doesn't remember anything else about the accident or during that time but little by little he started to recover. One day the doctor came into his room and said. Hey buddy what's your name. And he said. I can't remember. He said Well what's her name and he pointed it Shannon. She says. I can't remember. He said Well who is she said she is my wife. So he was. He was remembering some things. But not everything. This was his first meal they had to teach him to chew and teach him to swallow again and it was quite a while before they would let him Avril food we only ate a couple bites of it but he was thrilled and we were thrilled. To brush his teeth. He one day. Took him. Half an hour probably to tell me what he really wanted he said Dad you don't. Book. I said writing right. The child and he was trying to tell me you wanted one of those little books that you get in first or second grade you know where it teaches you how to make the letters A kindergarten now I guess but it used to be we got them in first or second grade and and. Little by little he would say to me Dad how do you spell. Well this day he was sitting here you can't read it but if you came up close you could he said Dad how do you spell dear. I said do you mean the kind that runs with antlers. No no person me said. I said Well D E A R So he had to find the letters and copy them and what he has written is. Dear Shannon. I love of you know what he's going to say I love you is his first letter that he wrote he was desperately wanting to learn to write again. This is his first Sabbath back in a church. In the Riyadh center let him out to go to his church and stand for gap. And. And he loved it and they loved it. But life has changed totally for Terry. He now lives with a wheelchair he's paralyzed from the waist down. He's alive. He loves God. He's active. Show you some of the things he's involved in but he asked ever rant for the house yes to have somebody help to get him dressed to. Life has totally changed. He still loves the outdoors. I give up mountains. Still he loves mountains. We've broken several wheelchairs. Getting him. Up places. He went back to the aquarium as a volunteer but now not as a diver. As a tour guide then. Hereis releasing butterflies and the kids just love him because he's down on their level instead of being up tall like an adult. Back in Pathfinders again. Actively involved they go camping on the camp reason I don't even go camping anymore but he and Shannon They have a tent. Roll into the tent get him on the cotton and. They're out all the time. As a hand bicycle that he's ridden up to twenty miles. I can hardly ride a regular bicycle twenty miles but he's been very involved they went. This was two thousand and ten general conference session. He was helping to coordinate the. Pathfinders that were collecting the offerings. And came there they fly all over different places. Love birdwatching barber and I love birdwatching and so do they and. And so we've met them in different parts of the country and. They even flew over to Lebanon. To see a couple of years ago and spent a couple of weeks with us. Picking blueberries and Michigan apples. You've been whitewater rafting and you can tell that Shannon is terrified but Terry is having a wonderful time. And I he's been water skiing they have to strap him on the ski easy can't. Course stand up he has no motion or feeling from the chest down. He's been scuba diving but they do have to have a couple of other divers to watch his legs and make sure they don't scrape on things that he's done quite a bit of that. One day one of his friends went out to the. See. Some of you know where that is the cave in the park there near Southern. There's a little cliff and one of his friends said Terry let's get your rope climbing gear on again and get you up the side of this cliff and so they hoisted him up the side. One day Terry mailed me and he said Dad I've found my motto. It's Psalm one eighteen seventeen I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. You know I I want that to be my motto to. Terry Terry. They're up and Barry and springs now Shannon this teaching at Andrews. They're in the social work department and. And Terry is a volunteer tour guide at the. Archaeology Museum he works at the Samaritans are I guess it's called neighbor to neighbor and. Always involved in something helping with pathfinders and just very involved. He wants people to know about Jesus. He took a risk that day when he got on the bicycle. But like us we don't think about those risks much. I didn't think much about the risk of walking over here this morning. And we take a risk when we eat in a cafeteria or restaurant don't we. We take a risk when we buy a gift for our girlfriend or our wife that maybe they won't like it will have to return it. You know what we take risks all the time. But we don't think about them usually. They're just part of every day life. But there are some people that take risks on purpose. Just for the thrill of the risk. I fly. Tens of thousands of miles every year. And I have no desire to jump out of an airplane. I'm fine to just stay in it. In the Middle East and North. The union is way way bigger than the United States. It takes me longer to fly across it. Than it does to fly from Lebanon to here. It's a huge territory. But in those airplanes I'm content to stay inside and yet lots of people for the fun of it. Jump out of airplanes. There are other people that tail and there are all kinds of risks that people take for the fun of it but there are others that take extreme risks. Extreme sports is very popular these days. You may have heard of people doing base jumping. Jumping off a cliff and opening their parachute or. Or down in Mexico they pay thousands of dollars to go jump into a cave. And pull their shoes at just the right time they have to count while they're falling. Because if they pull the parachute too soon it will it will tear on the rocks up at the top. If they pull it too late of course that's a problem also. I've got a short little youtube video. Of people doing that not for me. I am. I'm. My brothers and I were used to some. Play tree tag when I was little and I always lost because I was hanging on to the trunk of the tree everywhere we went. I couldn't move around much. There you can see the guy. Falling down and then as they come they pull their parachute open and. Once they get down far enough. They're doing that just for the thrill. The excitement. The fun and then there's another one called parachute chasing. They will stand in the door of the airplane and throw their parachute out of the door. And then count. And dive after it and the purpose is to try to catch the parachute on the way down and put it on. But I want to talk to you about peace and safety and security. You know we take risks for the fun of it. We take risks for business. Do we take risks for Jesus. Are we willing to take risks. For him. The first one ever I'm trying to talk to people about coming to men of the first thing that they or their families will say to me is. But is safe. And I need to talk with you a little bit about what it means. To take risks. For Jesus. You know not everybody is looking for. Risk just for danger. People asked me about being safe in Mina. Where is it safe. You know we could live in Paris or we could live in Loma Linda California where is it safe. There's no really no place safe is there. First US alone and five three he says for when they say peace and safety then. What. Sudden destruction. Comes upon them. Are we sometimes too worried about peace and safety. And maybe the sun destruction will come upon us. There's a passage in Amos that. I think of many times Amos five starting in one thousand. Verse nineteen. It says it will be as though a man. Fled from a lion. And a bear met him just for a minute I'm going to get. Mine open here so I don't have to keep turning around all the time. OK it'll be as though a man. Fled from a lion and a bear met him. Or as though he went into a house and leaned his hand on the wall. And a serpent bit him. Can you picture that. Scene with me for just a minute. Somebody is fleeing down the. Down the path. From a lion it's. Coming up behind him he's terrified and suddenly there in front of him is a bear standing up and. Now you're caught between a lion and the bear which one is the better one to go join. But suddenly he sees a little cabin or shed off to the side and he rushes into it slams the door in the face of the Lion and the bear and collapses in relief against the wall. Only to be bitten by a snake that was hiding there in the darkness. You know. Sometimes we feel like that in today's world. Is there any place that safe. We're running from one. Danger and we come to another place. And there's more danger there. The Bible's. One we say are looking for peace and safety. Then sudden destruction. Comes upon us. These kids live in Cairo they're part of one of our schools where we have. It's an admin a school with. About one thousand students mostly Muslim. And almost no admin a state years. Because we don't have administered to teach. In the schools. Do those kids need to hear the gospel. Is it safe in Egypt. Well if you look at the news you might be concern. Mindy and Philip would tell you. Ya it's it's it's pretty safe we go they are in and out of there all the time. But that's not really the question. Is it safe the question is do they need to hear the gospel. And if so who's going to tell them. If there was a fire. And your little sister was inside the house would you worry too much about whether it was safe or not. No you'd rush in to get or. No matter what the risks. These are your brothers and sisters. They long to know what you know. They need to know here. About Jesus as a loving Savior. But who is willing to go and tell them. So the real question is not. Is it safe or not but is that where God needs me to goal or not. You know I want to share with you. A story that you're very familiar with the body in first kings. Nineteen verse one. Jess a bell threatens to kill Elijah by morning. You know the story well we don't need to take time to read it all. Elijah begins to run for his life. Somewhere anywhere. Why. To find a place a safety wasn't. She had threatened him he was going to find someplace where it was safe. And as the terrified prophet begins to run a plan starts to take place in his mind. At first I don't think he really knew where he was running he was just running he had to get away he was terrified. But as he ran he began to think yes. I'll go to the Mountain of God to Mount Sinai. I'll go there where Moses was in the Israelites were in. And as he climbed that peaceful mountain. And there are given it's about whether it's in Egypt or whether it's in Saudi Arabia. I don't know where the real one is. But. But wherever it was the Lijun knew where it was and he was headed for that mountain. As he climbs that mountain he finds the cave probably the same one that. That Moses had stood in and. This is not Mt Sinai this is actually a picture from down near Petra in Jordan. But I didn't have a good one of Mt Sinai so I I stuck this one in. But there's. Going into the cave probably the same one that Moses had been in. When he said when he asked God to pass by him so he could see His glory. And I can imagine the peace that rushed over Elijah's he got into that cave and sank to the ground in the coolness he was out of the desert. He was finally. Safe. Probably for the first time in many nights he slept soundly. But. Early in the morning the Bible says a voice called out to him. It's in First Kings nineteen. Starting and I didn't put it on the screen starting in verse nine if you want to follow along in your Bibles First Kings nineteen verse nine. There he came to a cave where he spent the night. But the Lord said to him. What are you doing here. Elijah replied. I have zealously serve the Lord God Almighty but the people of Israel have broken their covenant with you they've torn down your altars they've killed every one of your prophets. I am the only one left and now they're trying to kill me too. What's he saying. He's saying My life was in danger God and I'm the last prophet alive and I had to come out here. Where it was safe. Verse eleven. God says go and stand before me on the mountain the Lord told him. And as he lie just stood there the Lord passed by and a mighty wind storm hit the mountain. It was such a terrible blast that the rocks were torn loose. Some versions say they were broken in pieces. But the Lord was not in the wind. After the when there was an earthquake but the Lord was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake there was a fire but the Lord was not in the fire. Just picture it with me for a minute if you will. The voice wakes him up it's the voice of God and it says Well good morning Elijah. What brings you way out here to my mountain and Eli has been rehearsing for forty days as he ran what he was going to say. And why he was going out here. Oh Lord. It's so good to find you out here on your mountain. You see back in Israel everybody's quit worshipping you. Not only that they've killed all the prophets. And now they're trying to find me and I escaped. Just in time. Finally I'm out here with you. It's so good to be here with you Lord where it's safe. Can you almost hear God chuckling. As he calls him out of the cave to stand out there. Safe Elijah. Out here. Just step outside a minute and let me show you something. And as the prophet stood outside the cave the wind hits him splitting the rocks in pieces. This was a supernatural when there was nothing that he had ever seen like that before. I'm sure he stumbled back into the cave for safety. But what was the second thing that started happening. An earthquake right. The ground starts to shake and the cracks are opening up in the cave and boulders are crashing down in front of it and. And he doesn't know whether to go outside and be crushed or stay inside and be buried. But before he can hardly even catch his breath suddenly a fire is burning up the mountain. I remember. It was. It's quite a barren mountain. But this is a fire like the one that burned the bush at the bottom of the mountain when Moses was there. It didn't need anything to burn. It was just roaring up the side of the mountain. And Elijah's in the back. Plastered against the wall trying to shield his face from the heat it probably felt like a piece of Middle Eastern bread on the side of an oven. Cooking. Inside the cave. After that. It was calm. Verse twelve says and after the fire. There was the sound of a gentle whisper. When he lied to her did he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. And a voice said. So what did you say you're doing here Elijah. And he starts all over again verse fourteen I have zero Leslie serve the Lord God Almighty and he goes through the same list of things. And I'm the only one left in. Now they're trying to kill me too. And I think as he finished saying it hit finally dawned on him how foolish. That was. He had come out here to find safety and God had just shown him. That there is no place. Except for gods and you and I say that again. There is no place. Except where God sends you. If he sends you to Mina. If he sends you to perish. If he sends you to San Bernardino California there is no place. Except where God sends you. Starting in verse fifteen God gently tells his prophet. OK lie John. Now you're listening to me. I'm here with you. I was with you on Mount Carmel. And I will be with you wherever you go. And then he sent him back to Israel. To commit treason. I told him to go on annoying to new king. Told him to go and anoint him prepare a new prophet. Both of those could have gotten him killed. If just a bell found out about it. But now he went without a whimper and did exactly what God wanted him to because he had learned the lesson. There is no place safe. Except where God sends you. If you believe that this is a mosque. Right across the road from Nile Union Academy on the Do they still light it up at night. The is is it safe. There in Egypt. If you watch the news you might think it's not. But you know I want to tell you. Just by way of comparison. In the Washington D.C. area right around the General Conference. Washington D.C. and Baltimore area. There are six to twelve murders that week. The news doesn't talk too much about them. Six to twelve a week. There are parts of Washington D.C. that. You don't go walking in at night. It's not a safe place to be and yet. We don't evacuate the G.C. But over and over the G.C. calls me up and says. Should we evacuate you all from the Middle East. We evacuated a bunch of people from Egypt once and then sent them back in a couple of years ago and. The insurance companies and lawyers were furious that we sent them back in but. Is it safe. Well. I don't know we haven't had twelve people killed all year in Lebanon. Maybe we have now in the latest bombing but. But we go months without having as many people as are killed every week in Washington D.C.. Out arm in a booth. We've got a number of people there who. Including some that are here with you and. We You're welcome to go and talk to them. Some that are living right there in Egypt. I I wanted to take a little bit of time and give a chance for some questions and answers. The main thing is that we need to know. Where is it that God has sent us. It is safe to go where he sends us and then if there's time I can always tell another story or two but. But I want to see if there were some. Some questions and answers before that I can. I you know I not asking you for answers although if you have answers we'd love them. Wanting to see if you have some questions. And we'll see if we can come up with some answers for them. You can always e-mail us at info dot administration a dot org I have a few of my cards up here by the projector you're welcome to take one of those. Would be glad to talk with you. We're not trying to get you to come to Mina. God knows where he needs you to go. We just want everybody to be willing to go where God sends them. No matter what because it's only safe to go where God sends you. Any questions. We've got a few minutes left. Yes. She's asking. I said there were not administrators whose teaching. We have. We actually have. But see two schools in Lebanon. Two and Jordan two in Egypt. Almost no administrators in any of them. They're mostly. If there are a few Christian teachers. Many Muslim teachers. It's simply an admin this building with administration the name. But no ad. Not much. Adventist. Influence on the students there. We have to have people that speak Arabic. Or in some countries Turkey a sure fire seer. Or French but. But we have to have people that speak Arabic to teach in there just aren't enough admin this. Prepared to teach and I'll talk a little more later about some of the reasons for that. Many Christians have left. The Middle East. Also for generations there's been animosity between Muslims and Christians. There's been a fear of each other the administrations in most of our countries. Don't want anything to do with the Muslims. They're willing to do business with them but they don't want to work with them. Spiritually they're afraid of what would happen if they did. They just don't even think about it. If you go and ask them what are you planning for outreach they'll tell you some things they're planning. But they have nothing to do with reaching out to Muslims in fact they will try to stop you. If you try to find something to do and so there just hasn't been a big interest. We have very few admin a snare anyway so out of that whole region. And I'll talk about this more nother talk. We have maybe three thousand administrators more administering the auditorium. Last night. Than we have in the entire Middle East North Africa Union. Five hundred million people. Way bigger than the United States. But we have almost no admin Astaire. Even if you count all of us foreigners. So we'll talk more but we need people to start learning Arabic and Turkish and Farsi and French. So that we can start placing them in schools and clinics and other things around the area. We in most places we would need them to speak Arabic if they're going to be able to touch the lives of the people there. Yes. Most useful language. Arabic is the biggest about three hundred thousand people. Speak Arabic. In Mina. Then. Then Turkish and far see. Have about seventy five million. French. There are a number of people in Lebanon and North Africa that speak French. So those are all valuable. Yes. There's like. Well what was that like is it like this is. When is OK. He's asking how do we determine that it's God's voice calling us to a place and that's a very good question. Mrs White says God leads three ways. He leads through the Word of God. Through providential openings and closings. And through the impressions of the Holy Spirit. Now the Word of God doesn't say the word of God says gold. It says take the Gospel to everybody but it doesn't say whether that's downtown Louisville. Or whether that's downtown Beirut or. Where it would be. The Word of God gives us definite guidance and principles I. One of our problems in the Middle East. We probably have a thousand or two thousand quotes Adventists. Working in Saudi Arabia. They come from all over the world. But they come for the money. We have hundreds of. Adventist students in Iraq Oh in Algeria in Turkey. In a number of universities coming from other countries to go to university there. But they come for the degree. Not for the mission. And most of them are not faithful admin us. Most of them are having problems with sexuality they're having. Problems with Sabbath. They come and they work on Sabbath. They go to school and tests on Sabbath. The. The Word of God would give us some guidance on that wouldn't it. If you had a job offer. And the job offer said. You're going to have to work. Every Saturday or every other Saturday. The Word of God would give you some guidance. It would say no don't. But otherwise the word of God isn't going to tell you which country to go to the second thing is providential openings and closings. Is there an opportunity. And we'll talk to you at our booth about opportunities. We have placed now about seventy. What we call wall then see in students in universities in. Key places. Around our union. Their faithful admin a swift told them. We don't care if you fail the classes. Because of not going on Sabbath. Our goal is to get you there to be a witness so. These are these are young people who want to degree. They may be trying to get a degree in medicine are a degree in nursing Brunow or a degree and. There's Bruno back there. From Brazil studying in Lebanon. Studying nursing. You can talk to him at our booth if you want. Bruno. Bruno. Came to learn Arabic. And I have to tell you Bruno has struggled with the Arabic haven't you Bruno. Than five years six years. Arabic is a tough language some people God gives the gift of tongues and they learn quickly but other people it's been a struggle but you know. God is used. That challenge that Bruno had. As an added witness. But Bruno had some Sabbath problems many of our wild N.C. and students have Sabbath problems. And if you fail a class your G.P.A. goes down doesn't it. So these young people that come are coming for the mission. Not for the degree they know they might lose out on the degree. But that's not why they've come anyway. We're. KING. For tent makers. Mindy is going to be at the booth talking about. Tent makers. Total employment we call it. And we'll talk about that more another day. But we are looking for tent makers that we can place in various cities that will be faithful admin this. OK So we have the first two. We have opportunities. You might have an opportunity to join us if you wanted that could be a providential opening that you were here and came to this seminar. The third one is the impressions of the Holy Spirit. We're a little bit afraid of those aren't we. We don't want to be. Pentecostal. We don't want to just follow the impressions of our hearts. And that's good we need to be careful I had a man come to me once and he said Pastor. The Holy Spirit is impressing me that I should meet leave my wife and move in with this girl. And I said no that's not the Holy Spirit impressing you. The Holy Spirit will not contradict the word of God. But when the Word of God. And the providential openings and closings are not clear. Maybe we have two or three opportunities. To go and work for God and be faithful for him. We need to listen to what our heart is saying. Where is it tugging. Has the Lord laid a burden on our heart for a particular country. God will guide. I once had an old pastor I was trying to make a decision in an old pastor said to me. Homer he said sometimes you just have to make a decision and go. He said. Home or he said you're young. Do you like driving a car and I said yes. He said which is easier to steer a parked car or a moving car. I said well a moving car. Much easier to steer. Back then we didn't have power steering and it was even more easier to steer a moving car than a park one but. But still you know that feeling. He said that's right in the same with God. If you start moving ahead you say God. I'm willing and I'm going to start going ahead. God can steer you in a different direction if he needs to. So be praying a lot. Talking to people that you counsel with and talk with us to look at opportunities. I often think of the Apostle Paul. It says that he wanted to go into Bethenny and. He kept trying to knock on doors he kept trying to go and what did it say. Said the Holy Spirit stopped him. And I don't know how he did that I'd like to know how did the Holy Spirit stop him but the Holy Spirit kept stopping him from going into that part of Asia. That part of Turkey really. And later. The Holy Spirit sent him to that very area but at that time it wasn't right. God in another place he needed him to go. Good question. We need to be thinking and praying and asking. God's guidance and where we should go. Let me tell you one quick story. Let's see what time I supposed to quit before nine forty five. OK. One quick story and then I'll take another hand back here there. It's a combination of three short. Illustrations there. There was a Brazilian. Veterinarian. That was contacted by the shake of Dobby. To come and work for him taking care of his horses. He he was a dedicated administrate he flew all over the world with that shake. Buying and selling horses. He said there's a hospital in Ob-La Da but right by the airport. For horses. That's nicer than any hospital most of you and I would ever get to go into. But he was dedicated and committed to doing what God asked him to do there was a man from Mexico. Who was an interior designer for jet airplanes. The shake. Of. One of the other Emirates. Contacted him and said. I want you to come and work for me. On my private fleet of jets. Taking care of the interiors of them. And he said I'm not interested in going it kind of reminds me of the story of bailing because the Shaikh kept sending bigger and bigger delegations to see him. And offering him more and more money and he said non. I'm not interested in coming. And they said look. How much do you want to come. He said I don't want to come. They said Well. Everybody has a price what would we have to give you. To get you to come he said Well I'm not coming because I know that the weekend. Is Thursday and Friday in the Sabbath. Saturday. Is the first day of work. And I'm not going to work on Friday night or Saturday. All they said come it'll be no problem middle if he said no. I want written in my contract. That I don't have to work for. Friday night and Saturday. They said Are you saying that if the shaykh want to Jew at the last minute to take a quick flight with him on Saturday morning somewhere you wouldn't do it he said that's exactly what I'm saying. Well that's ridiculous they said. He said I know that's why I won't come. So they went back and started talking to the shake and he sent them back with a bigger offer of money and a contract that said he didn't have to work on Friday night or Saturday. Flew all over with that Shaikh on other days. And that's the kind of people we're looking for who are willing to take great risks for God. But not willing to compromise on what they believe. All right another hand back here. Yes. Could. What he's asking is. Could one of the indicators of the will of God be with the greatest need is. Yes I believe that could be. And there are huge needs in another one of the seminars I will talk with you about how big the need is in men on. But that doesn't mean that God wants everybody to go to Mina. There are people here in Louisville that need to hear there are people in Berrien Springs. Filled with Admin this that need to know people in Loma Linda. Wherever God sends you. Is where you need to be we. I just want you to be willing to take a risk for Jesus. No matter what it is whether it's a physical or emotional risk or whatever. OK Any other questions are Shall I tell another story. Yes. Mina is the. Sorry I get rushing and I know what it means so I think everybody else does it's the Middle East and North Africa Union. I'll show you a map of it in another one of the seminars that. It was set up. Four years ago. In fact I think. What. Two days ago. It's been four years since I moved there. Soul. Yes Middle East and North Africa Union. Any other questions. Yes. All right. Good question because Arabic. Arabic is is. It's a massive language. It's very different from country to country. We've got we've got some Algerian Adventists. Whose Arabic is quite different from the Egyptian admin us. In fact. The Algerians can understand the Gyptian. The Egyptians have a lot of television programs and things. But the Egyptians often can't understand the Algerians. They tell me that it's almost like saying that. Spanish Portuguese French and Italian are all one language. They're not they're similar. But there are great differences between them so which one do you learn well. There's a classical Arabic or a modern standard. Standard Arabic that Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone and others use and. That's probably the best one it's the kind of. Arabic that they use in writing and reading a newspaper and television. And people would understand you. If you were using it. And you could quickly adapt to the Arabic that surrounds you. But it will be quite different. For instance in in Egypt where. Modern Standard Arabic is much closer to Egypt in Arabic than it is to Lebanese Arabic for instance in Egypt. I think you would usually say hair. For Good morning. In Lebanon they will often say some. OK It's similar but it's a different word then and. Lebanon. There's. French is the second. National language. And so they mix a lot of French into their Arabic. Sometimes put French endings on an Arabic word and. It's like Spanglish or or. Galaga in English mixed together or whatever it happens to. B. but I would just say if you can use. If you're here. Find what's available for you to study Arabic if it's. If you have a local teacher learn what Arabic they have and God will help use that and directing and where you go you can pick up the other Arabic. Once you get there but if you're going to buy a Rosetta Stone you'll be getting the modern standard Arabic. Any other questions. Let me tell one more story and then. I'll come back to that I think will still have time for that. We. Some of you might have heard this a few of you might have heard this we have a nurse. From South Africa. Working in one of our countries it's a closed country. I know they're recording this and they're going to put it online and so I'm trying to be a little bit careful. What I say. I won't say the name of the country but it's one of our big. Difficult countries. This nurse. Recently had had a lady come up to her in the hospital. And the lady said. Oh. I finally found you. I've been looking all over the city for you Do you remember me. Well you know nurses have lots of people that they interact with and she didn't remember the lady. The lady said Will Do you remember him and she pointed to a sweet little five year old boy and the nurse said No I'm sorry. The lady said Well five years ago I brought him into the hospital. As a baby screaming OK so I see some of you saying yeah you heard that. I've told it a few places. The baby was screaming constantly. And nobody could figure out what was wrong with him. They did all the tests nothing seemed to be wrong but he screamed constantly. Until one evening our admin a sinner spic him up and absentmindedly started humming to him like she did tour on kids. You know the song right. Jesus loves me. Well you're not supposed to do this in that country where she was. And that in the country where she is working. Women always have to wear a scarf and and the the full veil. Not full veil over their face but they call the whole thing a veil. Women are not allowed to drive. There's If a woman wants to leave the country. She has stabber husbands. Sign permits. In the letter leave the country. If. Barber and I were there Barbara has to wear it. If if Barbara wanted to leave the country without me I'd have to sign to allow her to go. She couldn't go shopping by herself I would have to go with her to go shopping now that might be a good idea. Of the men always have to go along shopping but. It's a difficult country. Our church is illegal there. They meet secretly. Sort of. But. But in that country. She says she's humming Jesus loves me to this baby. And he got quiet instantly. She says she was surprised she stopped coming and he started screaming she started humming again and he got quiet. For all night long she carried him around humming Jesus loves me to him. And he was quiet. The next night when she came back on duty the whole hospital was talking about it they said what did you do. To get that baby to be quiet. Well she didn't want to tell them what she did because it would have been illegal. Finally she picked the baby up and started humming again and he got quiet again. Well two more days or three went by in the hospital was discharging them they said we can't do anything for this maybe he won't be quiet. We can't find anything wrong with him. And the mother came to our nurse just pleading with her. You've got to help me. Nobody else can keep this baby quiet except you I don't know what I'm going to do when I go home. Would you sing that song into my cell phone. Well now she was really afraid because the lady's husband was a policeman in the country. But she finally after much begging went in the back and fearfully sang Jesus loves me this sign all for THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO. And then she expected to be arrested. She was sure that if she as she got home that night or if she came to the hospital the next day the police would be there to arrest her she had done. What you're not supposed to do. But they after day went by nothing happened month after month she forgot all. About them. Five years went by and now here was this lady with a sweet little five year old boy in two other little kids. And the lady said. He is a wonderful boy and it was because of your song that you sang for him that he's such a good little boy but she said I have a problem. I lost my cell phone. Would you sing it again into my new cell phone so I can play it for his little brother and sister. Well she went in the back. In this was an owl probably. Two years ago. She went in the back. And sang Jesus loves me. And she's saying. Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. And gave it to the mother. You know. I don't know that we'll ever see that family in church. But I believe we will see some of them in heaven. When Jesus comes. Because she was willing to go to a difficult country. And take a risk. And that policeman's family for five years has been listening to a song about Jesus loving them. And the Bible telling them. And at some point. That's going to click with them at just the right time. We just don't have admin this. In most of our places to meet with people. To sing to them. To share stories with them. Another question. OK. Says it's. He understands it's illegal to bring people to Christ in many of these countries do we have an underground church what is what do we do. Yes it is illegal in most of our countries to change religion. Any direct. And although they don't enforce it if you're changing from Christianity to Islam. But. But the other way. They wouldn't force it. Many times it's family. That would. That would enforce it would kill somebody if that happen. It's some of our countries have lots of freedom. We have. We have open churches in some of our countries in Tunisia we have had been a scum into our own. Muslims coming into our church to visit. In Turkey it's quite open. Algeria it's quite open. Other countries it's not we have a very open administration. In Egypt and in Lebanon. But in those countries a Muslim. Would rarely if ever come in in fact in Egypt there's a policeman. Outside many of our churches. And is there technically to protect us. But he is also there to make sure that the wrong people don't come into church. They make us. Put a cross on the front of the church whether you agree with that or not. If we have an Christian Church in Egypt. We have to put a cross on the front. Why. To warn Muslims from coming in so that they'll know that it's not a place they should go. We have underground churches we have secret churches we have secret believers we have some that are very open. And I'll tell you more stories about those. Over the next few seminars. Let's power heads for prayer. Father God. You took a great risk. When you came to live as a helpless baby. Here on Earth with all the disease with all the wars. But with the special attention of Satan trying everything he could to make sure. That this did not succeed. And yet you came anyway. And you lived among us. I pray that you will help each of us to be willing to take whatever risks you need us to take. Large you want to ask everybody to go. Some people you are asked to stay. Others you are asked to go. Whatever it is you ask us to do May we do it faithfully. Not looking for our own honor and glory not looking for excitement and adventure. But looking to finish the work so the Jesus can come. Lord where at the Jordan River it's time for Jesus to come. You haven't asked us to figure out how to finish the work you've just asked us to step in and get our feet wet. And then you will open up the river. We see that happening in men and around the world. We pray that soon. We will finish the work and come. She says. In this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called. Chosen. Faithful. In Louisville Kentucky. 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