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5. Open Your Eyes

Homer Trecartin


Homer Trecartin

President of the Midle East and North Africa Union (MENA)



  • January 1, 2016
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the July C. twenty fifteen conference called. Chosen. In Louisville Kentucky. For other resources like this. Visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. Dear Lord. Thank you for another year of life. Thank you for another year that. That we have to be able to live for you. And at the same time lord we're sorry that another years pass. We want you to come. We long for you to come and we pray that. That your De Lay. Will not be lengthened because of our inactivity. We asked that you will help us to be alert to your leading. Open our eyes fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we can do the work you need us to do in Jesus' name amen. All right this morning we're calling open your eyes we're going to be talking. Some about. Well why is it that we look around the world and in some places it seems like the latter rain is falling. We see the church. Growing rapidly lots and lots of baptisms you can go. You can go to certain countries and hold an evangelistic meeting and have hundreds of baptisms at the end of two or three weeks and. Why is that we see that in some places. But not in others. Is Will there ever be a day. When there will be a strong and vibrant Seventh Day Adventist Church. In the Middle East and North Africa. For instance where we're going to look today at every time that the Bible talks about people's eyes being open. And I think we'll see as we go through it there are lots of lessons we could look at but I think we'll see that. Often the problem is with us. Not with God and what's happening in the world around us often. Our eyes just are. Open. To see what really is happening around us. Run to look at what some of the possibilities are. But to start with. I want to share with you a little bit. From probably your favorite class in high school. Maybe not. It was my favorite class in high school I was geometry. Anybody. Geometry your favorite class. I don't know. I loved math. And I'm a biology major. And I've never used biology and I do very little with math and. Instead I've been passed during in. And working in the Middle East and other things. God believes in amazing ways sometimes. But I wanted to share with you an example. From from geometry from mathematics. And you may remember you might wish you didn't. But you might remember that a point. Is defined as having How many dimensions. I cheated and gave you the answer. No dimensions right no length. No Height no way it a point. Is mathematically something without dimensions. If you extend that point forever in both directions you're supposed to have a line right. And how many dimensions does a line have. One. OK. One dimension theoretically no way it. Just length. If you drag that one dimensional line up forever. You end up with what we call a plane. And you can imagine that plane as a giant piece of paper with length and width. But. But no depth. If if you have a simple two dimensional structure. That you draw in that. Two dimensional piece of paper. It would have four edges. And one foundation. Right. It's a little building built on that piece of paper for edges and one foundation I want you to remember that. Now it starts to get a little more complicated for most who are. Not mathematicians. We if you pull that two dimensional building up into three dimensions. OK we can. Picture that even though we were up late last night maybe. If you pull it up into three dimensions that. You have a Q. that cube would have four foundations. And how many edges. Anybody count them. How many edges that would have would have twelve. If you count the bottom two would have twelve edges and four foundations. Now we can picture the fourth dimension. In our minds were three dimensional beings we can picture it. But mathematically. If you expand this three dimensional cube into the fourth dimension. It would have twelve. Foundations. Do we know anything in the Bible. That has twelve foundations. The New Jerusalem right now. I don't know what that means that it's a four dimensional structure or if John was just having trouble describing it or what. But there are many mathematicians that believe that the New Jerusalem is a four dimensional at least structure. In fact there are a number of articles and books that have been written through the years by mathematicians who who focus on the four dimensional language in the Bible and there are a lot of places where they see the evidence of a fourth dimension in the Bible. But for today. I want to back up to something easier for us fourth dimension is beyond us and it's to hard think much about. I want you to imagine with me a two dimensional world. OK like a photograph. But a two dimensional world. In a two dimensional world. People couldn't pass. Are around each other they could only climb over each other because remember in two dimensions there is no depth so. So they can't come out here to go around the. They can only go over each other. If I Stay. My finger through their universe. What would they see. They would only see the outline of my finger where I poked it through their universe. And they would wonder where it came from and what it was all they would see is the outline of it. If they built a room let's say that they went in and built a room in. And that then they went inside and locked the door. OK this is a two dimensional room that they're building. They went inside and locked the door. Nobody could get inside that room without. Unlocking the door or breaking down the wall right. At least no two dimensional person could. They. But if. If I is a three dimensional person walked over to their little room that they've built. And I stepped inside with them. All they would see is my outline. And they would wonder how I got in there. Can I pass through walls. I mean what what miraculous thing did I do. To be able to step inside their. Locked Room. Maybe you're beginning to remember some stories in the Bible after Jesus' resurrection when they wondered how Jesus suddenly appeared in their room. They would be amazed. They would think that I had some sort of powers and could pass through walls. In a two dimensional world people couldn't see what was happening on the other side of the world. Their little eyes couldn't see down here they could only walk around and look but they couldn't see it cross the world. And none of them could see anything outside their two dimensional world. I could come over and stand right beside them. But because their two dimensional beings. Their eyes don't see into the third dimension and they wouldn't know that I'm standing right next to them. In fact there could be thousands of two dimensional universes stacked side by side. And they would never know it. All they can. See is within their own two dimensional universe. It would be very hard for them to understand the text that says he's coming with clouds. And every eye will see him. They can't imagine that how could every and every eye on our world. See him coming at the same time. But it's really quite easy to accomplish. All God would have to do is open their eyes. And let them see into the third dimension. And if suddenly their eyes were open. They could all see all of the other universes. And they could see me standing here. If their eyes were in the third dimension. All of them at once. No matter where they were in the world even if they had dug into a cave and were hiding. Even if they were in prison. They would be able to see me as a three dimensional being. Or see Jesus as he comes. All their eyes and mathematics mathematicians tell us that the same thing would happen. If a multi-dimensional God for five six whatever. Were to open our eyes so that we could see. Out of the third dimension. All of us on Earth. No matter what room or Ian no matter what prison no matter what cave we're in no matter where we are in the world. All of us. Could see him at the same time. No matter where we were. Today I want to think about having our eyes open. The Bible talks about it quite a few times. Not always applying to the fourth dimension. But it always means. Seeing something that we didn't see before. Or seeing something in a way that we didn't see it before. And sometimes. That's not a good thing. The first case of somebody is eyes being opened is in Genesis three. And verse one I'm going to read from the new. Living Translation. It says The servant was the. The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the LORD God had made in one day he asked the woman. Did God really. Say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden. Of course we made the fruit. From the trees in the garden the woman replied. It's only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said You must not eat it or even touch it. If you do you will die. Hugh won't die. The serpent replied to the woman. God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it and you will be like God. Knowing both good and evil. The woman was convinced she saw the tree was beautiful in its fruit look delicious. And she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate it too. At that moment. Their eyes were opened. And they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. You know it seems like we humans have always wanted to know something more than what we know right. But sometimes there is a blessing in innocence. And there you know we. We love gossip. Because we learn things we didn't know about people and things that are going on. Of course we don't call it gossip. But we all do it. We all hear it. We all say. And did you know. Did you see. Have you heard. And suddenly our eyes are open to things we didn't know before. But are we better off. Do we get along better with the people around us because we now know something we didn't know before. Is there more unity in the church. Because we now know things about people that we didn't know before. Are we better able to do the work of God because we know things that we didn't know before know. It be better off if we didn't know all of that. About them wouldn't. Adam and Eve weren't content with just. Walking and talking with angels and. Jesus. That wasn't enough. They wanted to know something more. They wanted their eyes to be opened. Like the snake said they could have you know what misery has been the result. It's not always a good thing. To have our eyes open to things that we didn't know before. The next time we see someone having their eyes open it is in Genesis twenty one versus eight. To nineteen. We have everything working OK. OK OK. Genesis. Twenty one. Eight to nineteen. When Isaac grew up and was about to be weaned Abraham prepared a huge feast to celebrate the occasion. But Sarah saw Ishmael the son of Abraham and her servant. GYPTIAN servant Hagar making fun of her son Isaac. So she turned to Abraham and demanded. Get rid of the slave woman and her son he is not going to share the inheritance with my son Isaac. I won't have it. This upset Abraham very much because Ishmael was his son. But God told Abraham don't be upset over the boy in your servant. Do whatever Sarah tells you for Isaac is the Son through whom your descendants will be counted. But I will also make a nation of the descendants of Hagar son because he is your son too. So Abraham got up early the next morning. Prepared Food in a container of water and strapped them on Hagar shoulders. Then he sent her away with their son and she wandered aimlessly in the wilderness of Beersheba. When the water was gone she put the boy in the shade of a bush. And then she went and sat down by herself about one hundred yards away. I don't want to watch the boy die she said as she burst into tears. But God heard the boy crying. And the angel of God called to Hagar from heaven. Hagar what's wrong. Do not be a. For a goddess heard the boy crying is the law is there. Go to him and comfort him. For I will make a great nation from his descendants. Then God opened Hagar's eyes. And she saw well full of water. She quickly filled her water container and gave the boy a drink. OK sometimes. We might be like Hagar. Caught in a really unfortunate situation. Maybe it seems like it's unfair. I mean what did Hagar do to deserve this. It was Sarah's idea it was Abraham's problem. Why should she be caught up in this. Sometimes we think we're in a situation that's not our fault. Maybe we think there's no solution there's no way out I mean if you're out in the desert. Come come walk with us sometimes in parts of our area. If you don't have water with you you could be in trouble. She's out there there's no water in the Boy you're going to die. We think there's no way but sometimes God can open our eyes to solutions we never thought were possible before. You know it's interesting that here. God saved. Ishmael. The ancestor of the Arabs God saved Ishmael. By providing a well full of water. And a few years later God saved by miraculously providing a ram. Both of those are symbols of Jesus. Aren't they. Jesus the living water. The ram the. The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. I don't have time to dig into that today. But the next story. There are several things that get opened. Let's read numbers twenty two verses twenty one to thirty one. So the next morning belum got up saddled his donkey and started off with them all by officials. But God was angry that bail him was going so he sent the angel of the Lord to stand in the road to block his way. And bail a minute as Bale a menace. As bail him and his two servants were riding along. Bail. Going in the road with a drawn sword in his hand. The donkey bolted off the road into a field but bail him beat it and turned it back on to the road. Then the angel of the Lord stood at a place where the road narrowed between two Vineyard walls. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord it tried to squeeze by and crush Balan's foot against the wall. So bail him beat the donkey again. Then the will of the Lord move further down the road and stood in a place too narrow for the donkey to get by at all this time that when the donkey saw the angel It lay down under bail I'm in a fit of rage bail him beat the animal again with his staff. Then the LORD OK the Lord not opening eyes here it says the Lord. Then the Lord gave the donkey the ability to speak. Open the donkey's mouth. What have I done to you that deserves your beating me three times it asked Bale him. Why you made me look like a fool Beilin shouted if I had a sword with me I would kill you so interesting. If he had a sword. He would kill him in just a minute we're going to see somebody else that has a sword right. By the sword with me I would kill you but I'm the same donkey you have ridden all your life the donkey answered. If I ever done anything like this before. No. Belum admit it. Then the Lord open Balan's eyes. And he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the roadway with a drawn sword in his hand. Belum body's head and fell that face down on the ground before him. But you notice. Belum still when did me. OK he's. Eyes were open he sees the. Angel he's heard the donkey talking to him in fact he's held a conversation with the donkey. Belum still goes it's just that the words he wants to say. So that he get the money that he longs for won't come out. In fact on his third try. Belum says this in numbers twenty four. Belum raised his eyes and saw Israel encamped according to their tribes in the spirit of the. Of God came upon him. Then he took up his oracle and said. The utterance of bail on the son of the utterance of a man whose eyes are open. Now God opened his eyes and Baylen recognize that. I wonder and God are also opened the eyes of the donkey or donkeys always see things that humans don't see I don't know it doesn't say that he opened the eyes of the donkey it does say open the mouth of the donkey. Opening eyes. Can sometimes change a person's. Immediate actions. But it doesn't seem to change a person's heart. You know. Opening the eyes of bail him change his immediate actions a little bit at least but it didn't change his heart. Often I've thought I'd like to have my eyes open so I could see my guardian angel. I would love to see my guardian angel. But would I really I mean what if I saw him standing there saying. Don't go there. No no no don't wear that. No here I want you to say this. What it what if my guardian angel was making motions and talking to me and I could see him. And he was telling me to do or not do things that I wanted to do or didn't want to do. Would I listen to him. Because I could see him any more than I listen. When I can't see him. Bail him could see the angel. And it still didn't change what he did. All over and second king. Strapped or six vs eight to seventeen would find the next story of eyes being open. You know all these stories but. Sometimes it's good just to read them and think about them again. When the king of Erin was at war with Israel. He would confer with his officers and say. We will mobilize our forces at such and such a place. But immediately. The man of God would warn the king of Israel. Don't go near that place for the Arameans are planning to mobilize their troops there. So the king of Israel would send word to the place indicated by the man of God. Time and again the law shall warn the king. So that he would be on the alert there. The King of Erin became very upset over this. He called his officers together and demanded. Which of you is the traitor. Who is who has been informing the king of Israel of my plans. It's not us my lord the King one of the officers replied. Of the Prophet in Israel tells the king of Israel. Even the words you speak in the privacy of your bedroom. King might not like that too much. Go find out where he is the king commanded so I can send troops to seize him. The report came back Eli says that doeth and. So one night the king of Aram sent a great army with many chariots and horses to surround the city. When the servant of the man of God got up early the next morning and went outside. There were troops horses and chariots everywhere. Oh sir. What do we do now the young man cried to him. Don't be afraid Eli she told him for there are more on our side than on theirs. Then they lie sure prayed. Open his eyes and let him see. The Lord open the young man's eyes and when he looked up he saw that the hillside around the lodge was filled with horses and chariots. You know sometimes. Wherever you're called to work. Whether it's in the Middle East North Africa whether it's in some city in the United States. Wherever it happens to be. There could be times when you're terrified. Maybe it's a security or health issue and you don't you just don't know how you're going to deal with this. Maybe. Maybe you've just landed in one of our countries and we've put you in a university as well dents in student in or a tent maker somewhere in. And suddenly everybody around you has moved a little bit a little bit and you can't understand a word of what they're saying and you feel afraid and claustrophobic. And you don't know what's going on they're looking at you and you're not sure if they're talking good or bad about you and you'll be in those kinds of situations. But if God would open our eyes. What would we see. There are more with us than there are with them right. We. See that in every situation. I want to read and a wonderful promise to you. It's from Volume eight of the testimonies. Go forth preaching the gospel to all nations the Savior says to us. In other words don't skip anybody. That they may become children of God. I am. I am with you in this work. Teaching guiding comforting strengthening you. Giving you success in your work of self-denial and sacrifice. You will meet with the opposition of say tannic agencies. But put your trust in me. I will never fail you think you not that Christ values those who live holy for him. Think you not that he visits those who like the beloved John are for his sake and hard in trying places. He finds his faithful ones and holds communion with them encouraging and strengthening them. And angels of God that Excel and strength are sent forth by God. To minister to his human workers who are speaking the truth. To those who know it not. They are there. All around us. Are those angels and chariots of fire. Whether or not our eyes are open. So that we can see them. Our next Bible stories from John chapter four. The story of the woman at the well. We are going to read the whole thing because of time but. Let's pick it up from verse twenty seven and this time I'm going to read from the New International Version. Just then his disciples returned and were surprised to find him talking with a woman. But no one asked. What do you want or. What are you doing with her. Why are you talking with her. Then leaving her water jar the woman went back to town and said to the people. Come see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah. They came out of the town and made their way toward him. Meanwhile his disciples urged. Have food to eat that you know nothing about. Then His disciples said to each other. Could someone have brought food to him. My food said Jesus. Is to do the will of Him who sent me. And to finish his work. Don't you have a saying it's still four months until the harvest. I tell you open your eyes and look at the fields. They are ripe for harvest. Oh that God would open our eyes to see that the harvest around us. Is ripe. We talk about how hard the work is in North America or how hard the work is in the Middle East and North Africa. About how hard it is in our neighborhood nobody wants to listen or at our workplace. But I think Jesus would sit there and say the same thing to us. Open your eyes and see the harvest. Is Right. There are millions of people around us longing to know what's going on and how the world will end that. They're frustrated. At what they see people doing in the name of religion. And they long to have the assurance that God loves in the accepts them. They want to make sense of what's going on in the world around us. Sometimes they'll always see are they frantic actions on the surface. And we think. They couldn't possibly be a candidate for God's kingdom. They're no interest. But I want to remind you that one of our favorite Bible characters is Saul of Tarsus right. Paul would he have impressed any of us as a potential candidate for the Gospel. I don't think so in fact he was acting a lot like ISIS. He was the jihadi John. Of Bible time. How many of us have prayed for jihadi John it's too late now. But how many of us were praying for jihadi John when he was slicing off people's heads. That's what Paul was wasn't. He was going around imprisoning and beating and killing everybody that he could find that was a. Follower of Jesus now. Jihadi John and ISIS were not just killing followers of Jesus they've killed far more Muslims than they have Christians. There's some e-mails going around talking about how ISIS is targeting Christians. And there have been Christians that were killed. But ISIS is targeting anybody that disagrees with them. Not just Christians and they've killed far more Muslims than Christians. While while Paul was doing that. There was a battle raging in his heart. That none of us would have seen on the surface. Have you ever wondered why God allows his faithful ones to be persecuted by somebody like Saul. If they're released. If we are really surrounded by angels then why do bad things happen to us. Why does God allow those things to happen if. If we really have those Chariots of Fire and angels all around us. In patriarchs and prophets page one twenty nine. Ellen White says something that helps me understand this a little. She says God permits trials to assail its people that buy their constancy in obedience that they themselves may be spiritually enriched. And that their example. May be a source of strength to others. To reasons why she says God allows trials. And suffering to come to us. So that we can be enriched. And so that we can be a source of strength to others. People need to see how we react when things are going wrong. It's through watching us deal with trouble. That their lives are often changed. If everything's going good for us. They would be glad to be a Christian. To get the benefits right. What they need to see sometimes is how do we react when things are going wrong. Muslims Buddhists Hindus. They have no problem with knowing how to deal with life when everything is going right. Their problem is. What do they do when things are going wrong. They don't have a savior to turn to does it make any day. When we have a savior. Do we react differently to persecution to death to suffering to poverty. When we know Jesus. Then when we don't. That's what will change people's lives. The woman at the well. Wasn't one that we would have chosen to be the first. The first missionary to that same area. Samaritan villages that. We wouldn't have chosen her. But Jesus saw something. And she was the one who opened the hearts of an entire village. How many of you wish that God would open your eyes. So that you could see what's going on around us. And the body. Wish that ever I think most of us have at some time or another. How do we get that kind of vision. How do we get our eyes open. I want to share with you a story that illustrates the only way I know of. To have our eyes open. Lilly astrologer. Was a missionary to Algeria. Many many years ago she gave up a career as an artist. Some fascinating books have been written about her. She she went and served her entire life in Algeria she's buried there she died and is buried there. One day. In Algeria something happened that made a powerful impression on Louis Trotter. Just outside her house. For months. There had been two bakers. I mean they didn't have a big fancy bakery. They had a little. Of in there on the sidewalk and they bake. They bake fresh bread and people would come and get it. But they needed their dough every morning with an interesting contraption that was sort of like a teeter totter. It was. It was something that they both sat on each end and they went back and forth and back and forth and. Somehow it was a mechanism that needed their dose of that they could start doing their baking for the day. It sent vibrations throughout the whole house. For that couple of hours while they were needing their dough. Constant just DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM. But nobody really minded because they love the bread that the Bakers baked right there outside their door. And. And one until one day. Nobody ever saw that there was a problem. They'd also there was a little bit of. Shaking in the lawyers but that was it until one day. Suddenly unexpectedly with no advance warning. One of the pillars that held up the roof of her porch. Right at the front of the house. Right beside where they were working. One of the pillars collapsed. And brought down part of the roof and part of the. Part of the. Overhanging. Porch there. Just just collapsed. Unexpectedly. Lewis Trotter. Wrote. Later. Using that as an example. She said prayer is our constant vibration. Which will bring down the pillars of Satan's kingdom. You know in that beautiful. Prayer. Send shock waves. All throughout. Everything that holds up Satan's kingdom. We may not seem to see the results. Day after day hour after hour year after year we're praying we're thumping where we're doing that constant vibration. We don't see it. And suddenly unexpectedly. It comes down. Stephen won't know till heaven. That his prayer transformed the life of salt. You know Sol stood there holding the coats. Stephen sees him praising what these men are doing is they throw stones at him. But Stephen's eyes were opened. To see into heaven. And his prayer Father forgive them for they don't know what they're doing. Struck a chord in Saul's heart. And only in heaven. Will Stephen see. What a difference that made them day after day we keep praying. And then suddenly unexpectedly. A portion of Satan's kingdom comes crashing down. I hope that you'll be joining us in praying that God will bring down the walls of the slum like he did the Berlin Wall many years ago. That's one of the reasons that we have set up. The first Friday of every month as a minute day of prayer and fasting. That's today right. I want to encourage each of you to join us throughout this coming year the first Friday of every month. What happens. On Friday. In the Muslim world. Or body goes to prayers right. We thought we would do this on Friday so that we could be joining them at a time when maybe they've left their business even just for a few minutes. And even though they may just be going through a routine. They're focusing some attention on God and we want to pray that God will speak to their hearts somehow. We also did it because back in the early Church days the Catholic Church was trying to get the day of worship. Changed from Sabbath to Sunday. And you remember one of the things they did. In order to accomplish that. They made Sunday a feast day. And Sabbath a fast day. And the children as they grew up. Grew to love Sunday and. Have bad thoughts about Sabbath. And so we said you know. Let's do the first Friday of every month. Now. I also want to remind you that fasting. Doesn't necessarily mean doing it the muslim way with going from sun up to sundown with no water. Not even swallowing your own saliva. No food. OK We're not saying that. In fact we're not saying that you need to go without food all day. Maybe in fact we're really just saying we want to Day of Prayer some will choose to fast some won't. It could be that you would skip one meal. Maybe you would eat just bread and fruit that day or skip desserts or maybe you'd fast from T.V. or or fast from your phone. Horrors. Can you imagine a day without your phone. Or whatever it is the purpose of the fast. Isn't to pressure God is it. We're not trying to show him how we're humiliating ourselves so much and we're going through so much pain. If we were we might as well do like Luther didn't take a. Take a chain and start beating ourselves no we're not trying to pressure God. All we're trying to do is to impress ourselves. With how much we value this time. It's to have a clear mind. It's so that whenever we feel those hunger pains or reach for the T.V. remote and we say oh wait a minute today I'm not doing that. It reminds us. Yeah. Now I'm praying instead and we can spend a few minutes. Praying. On a challenge you to join us in vibrating the kingdom of Satan with our prayers. But there's another purpose. Prayer is what opens our eyes. To the possibilities around us that we didn't see before. As we begin to pray over and over and over for a person. Or for a block or for a city or for a country. God can break down the walls and barriers. Or he can open our eyes to see that they're already broken down. And we just didn't know what I want to share with you one more illustration that Lily astrologer Drew. From her years of traveling up into the mountains of Algeria. Now maybe you didn't know that we have snow. In the Middle East. And we do we have snow in fact. I think it was two years ago we had twenty one feet of snow in the mountains in Lebanon. They're Squibb ski areas in Lebanon. They go skiing I have you been skiing chairman. And I am too old for that but. Some of the others Brian have you been once OK At least you're not as old as I am. So. But I know we keep taking groups up in the mountains to see the snow and we have some snow in Jordan we have quite a lot of snow in Turkey. In Algeria there's quite a bit of snow up in the mountains. And so Louis Trotter in her many trips up the mountains noticed something that was a powerful illustration to her. She talks about something that most of you are familiar with a vast expanse of snow. Unbroken no footsteps nothing it's just smooth white snow. And she says that to all appearances nothing is happening there. It's just frozen and cold but deep down under the snow. Silent miracle is beginning to take place. All through the summer. All through the nice weather. And unnoticed little green plant. Was storing up the sun's rays and energy and storing it in its roots. Silently quietly at work no fanfare nobody noticed it and then the snow came. And all through the cold winter it seemed to just be sitting there. Nothing happening the snow is just covering everything. But unnoticed under the snow that little plant begins to send up a stem a little chute. And as the stem comes it melts a cavity in the snow above it. Maybe you didn't know that but it begins to melt a cavity in the snow. And finally just below the surface of the snow. Buds begin to form on it and. Only when it burst through the snow in all its full maturity. Do we see it. To Lilly is that was just like God's work among the Muslims around here. She said and I would say it applies to everybody around us that we're working with our prayers and our work are planting seeds and storing up vital force that will one day. Suddenly burst forth. Unexpectedly. And in full bloom. We think we've got to build the work. God says step into the river. Plant the seeds. Open your eyes. See what I'm doing and suddenly unexpectedly. We may see. Entire families entire cities large people groups. Open to the Gospel. And accepting Jesus as their Savior. When it does. Who gets the glory of God does. Because it doesn't show the. The little work that we did. If we if we built it up. And we preach the sermons and we baptize the millions or hundreds or tens. We could. We could get the credit couldn't we. Often in these kinds of situations. God wait until it's in full bloom. And God gets the glory. Instead of us. So don't get discouraged if all around you everything seems frozen and cold. Open your eyes. Keep vibrating the kingdom of Satan with your prayers. Open your eyes and watch for the sudden explosion of beauty and color that signals the soon arrival of spring. The snow cannot hold the earth frozen forever. It will melt. Flowers will burst through. We need to open our eyes and see that the harvest around us is right. Even in Menna. See that there are angels all around us. See people. The way God sees them. Open your eyes. Let's pray. Dear Lord. So off. Our eyes are closed. We think that the work you've given us is too hard to do. We think there's nobody interested. There's nothing we can do. But if we could open our eyes and see it you can use a prostitute. To open the hearts of a whole city. That you can use. A jihadi John. To open. Millions of lives. Throughout that part of the world. Apostle Paul Lord open our eyes let our hearts be filled with your spirit help us to have the courage to do what you need this to do. Help us to vibrate the pillars of Satan's kingdom with our prayers. Whether or not we see the results. Let the glory go to someone else let the glory go to you as those flowers burst forth in full bloom. Where we thought. Nobody was interested. Today we pray that your spirit will fill each one of us. Jesus not. In Man This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference cold. Shows and they fall in love a Kentucky. Jew I see a supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be Bible based. Christ centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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