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2. The Seduction of Power, the Serpent's Force, & Egypt

Michael Hasel


Michael Hasel

Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Southern Adventist University



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen come from told. Chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. So we're going to get started because we just we ran out a little bit of time I was almost done with the last presentation. And you know this is what happens when preachers preach. Sometimes they get carried away a little bit in some details. We could spend so much more details on some of the things that I'm talking about here I mean there could be a whole doctrine the pyramids. Whole lecture on many of the things that we're talking about. By the way. I want to say this online through G.Y. sees website and I don't know the exact address and everything. But there are resources there for you for this seminar. I'm not passing them out here. But I have pub. I have a number of publications that I have worked on over the years if you want more detail and other publications that other scholars have written on this if you want more detail on what we're talking about here. And want to have the. The scientific evidence and all the footnotes and everything to go along with it. Please go to those resources online I have them available there is a P.D.F. so you can download them. Some of them will be pretty technical To be honest with you. I've got some scientific articles in there. Others. But many of you are very educated and I think that you can do well and looking through that so I just want to mention that let's have a word of prayer before we begin this. Second some in our Heavenly Father. We are tracing the history of Moses and the Israelites. As they have been in Egypt as slaves. As they leave Egypt. At the environment that they're in and Lord what we're interested in this seminar is this not only to ground the Bible in history as your word. But also to understand the challenges that Moses and the Israelites were up against by understanding the ancient world of the Egyptians. And to understand those challenges in the light of what we're facing today because they have not changed. The same religious intensity that Moses face the same. Deceptions that Satan has for us has not changed over time there's nothing new under the sun so what we're wanting to do is glean insights from the world of the Bible from the world of ancient Egypt from those first five books of Moses and to apply those to our lives today and we ask your Holy Spirit to be present here. As we do that in Jesus' name amen. So we had just gotten through a bit of the. If you joined us we're tracing tracing the history of Moses and how he might have fit into a Gyptian history. And we're doing that by looking at the eighteenth dynasty by looking at biblical chronology. And then trying to figure out from biblical chronology. Where Moses fits in to that because we as we mentioned in the previous seminar. There is no extra biblical evidence from Egypt or any and somebody asked me in the break. What about other countries. There is no extra biblical evidence that we know of currently for the Exodus. Outside of the by. There is there is no record that we have of that the Egyptians don't record it. And I explained why in the previous seminar. There's another explanation I want to share here with you. Archaeology is a science. It is an art. It is a young discipline. We have only been working in the Middle East for one hundred fifty years I say only because we're dealing with histories here that are thousands of years long. We've only. It's a young discipline hundred fifty years. We have made huge progress. Egypt is one of the most excavated countries in the world is rules one of the most excavated countries in the world but I can tell you this. Having worked there for thirty years. We have barely scratched the surface. We excavate a fraction of sites. I wish I had time to talk about some of the excavations that were conducting. Right now from so with Southern evidence University we're only barely scratching the surface. We spend thousands of dollars a year going over there. We work. We have the largest excavation by the way right now Southern in the Hebrew University have teamed up for the largest excavation in the Middle East we're doing it right now we've been conducting it for the last several years. We'll be back again this summer if you guys are interested in going. See me Julie went just a few years ago and it is an amazing experience talk to her if you want to know what it's like. My daughter is here my wife is here you can talk to them too. If you want to know what life on it. A dig it's like so anyway there are some seats in the front here of some of you still need seats. I think there one next to you there's a couple here in the very front row. If you want to get up close I tell my students the front row seats are the A student. Seats. OK All right. Yeah there's some hands raised over here for more seats as well. So we've barely scratched the surface so we don't know when something is going to turn up. Now. We the the other thing. The other thing that's frustrating for me as a as a historian. An archaeologist is that Moses in the Bible doesn't give us the name of the pharaoh. He doesn't give us the name of the princess that rescued Moses with that rescued him. Did he know those names. Absolutely. But he doesn't give us them. Does that mean he didn't care. No it just means he didn't give it to us. And what do we do with that. Well we have to guess. We don't have the names themselves so what we're doing is we're going back in history. Looking at how Egyptian history lines up with the biblical history. And then we're making suggestions today. As to who the pharaoh of the Exodus might have been who the. The the Queen and we started by saying that there was a huge dynastic crisis a huge dynastic crisis. That festered over three generations from top most of the first two did not have a male heir to had Shep's it and her husband thought most of the second. Did not produce a male heir. So he had a marry a secondary wife ice it. Who produced thought most of the third. But when taught most of the second. Died. Remember we had the picture of his mummy up there when Tut most of the second died. The big question was who was going to be king because most of the third was two or three years old because this father only was two or three years in office. And you don't want to three year old to be king of the greatest empire in the world at that time. OK. So what happens. Had chaps it asserts her dominance and becomes the first female pharaoh of Egypt. On her dog in Egyptian history. Unheard of in Egyptian history but she becomes. She does it carefully. She goes into a coal Regency you know that is where she and most of the third are equally king over Egypt. But of course he's two or three years old. So who's running the country at shepherdess OK. She's running the country. She's running the country with who is top most of the third to her if she's the half brother to top most of the second. What is she to him. Nephew and aunt. So weird family. Thing but by the way. This is not unusual in Egypt. It was not unusual for people to marry their brothers. To maintain the dynasty. By the way this happened in Europe too. In the middle ages right. And later on. What did they do to solidify power and to maintain power. They enter married. And guess what. Catherine the Great was German. And she was the first cousin to the Prince of Wales in England. They were all interconnected. They are still all interconnected. When World War two broke out it was a very awkward situation. Because the winds are the people who were who were ruling in England. Actually were German and heritage and that's why there were a lie and says that Hitler was trying to make. Not with Churchill. Not with Chamberlain. But with the royal family. Because of that connection. OK. So if you're interesting to look at history. We haven't changed much even in recent times. Now we cannot conceive of this today. But this is what. So had Chepstow then top most of the third become coal regions. And this is what I want to throw out to you today. Is it possible and I'm not the first one to suggest this in fact if you look at the S.D.A. Bible commentary. If you look at many other scholars that have been writing on this over the cent over the years. Is it possible that had chaps it was the princess that had actually rescued Moses that day that's what I want to throw out to you today that's what the S.D.A. Bible Commentary suggest and that's what I suggested in my commentary that I've recently written as well. Why would an Egyptian princess adopt a Hebrew slave child. If you ever wonder that when you read the story. Does it make a little more sense now. There is a dynastic crisis. She does not have a baby. This is a problem. She wants an heir her grant her father taught most of the first wanted in there she wants an air. Because it is the air that is going to ensure that that dynasty. That family remains in power in future generations. OK this is about power. This is about power. So much in the world today is about power. So I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine something. Not imagine it. Recollect it with me from scripture what happens. Moses is born he said for a while by Jack a bit his his biological mother right. And then. What's this doc about do. She makes a little ark for him. It's interesting that Ark isn't it interesting that Noah was also saved in an arc with his family. So she makes a little arc for him. And she places him on the banks of the Nile and she sends his older sister Miriam to watch over him there from a distance. Make sure no crocodile goes out and snatches him because they are crocodiles and I'll make sure nothing happens that's going to be terrible. And then who comes along. The princess comes to bathe in the Nile. And she finds she hears. Maybe she hears the baby screaming crying babies do that you know. And maybe she hears him. Maybe something else is happening but she finds that baby. In the are that his mother had made. And she the Bible says. Takes pity on him as he's crying with her. Takes pity on him and sees him do you think she knows that he is not an Egyptian baby. Yes ethnically she knows that. But he was found in the Nile. I want you to think about that for a moment. Happy. Is the God of the Nile. You see the nihil is not simply a river that supplies life for Egypt. The Nile is a God in Egypt. You see in the Egyptian religion in Egyptian religion. Some estimate that there were two thousand gods of their recent scholars estimate. There were thousands of gods up to twenty two thousand gods an inch in Egypt. Why. Because Egypt sions worshiped nature nature. Was their god. Everything in nature. Was deified. The animals were deified. The sun was deified the moon was deified the Nile was deified. All of these elements were deified and they came up with a labrat cosmologies of how these things came about when you read about it. GYPTIAN creation. Getting ahead of myself. Lets me. Let's move on so how pretty the God of the Nile is the God of the Nile. And suddenly what does she received from the Nile. A gift. A baby and to the throne it is the gift of the Nile. Just as Herat a just called Egypt the gift of the Nile. Now she receives a gift for the Nile. And it's interesting to look at what the biblical text says about this. It says. Moving on in time because remember she then gives the the baby. Back to Miriam who finds her mother and Jakob it becomes the baby's nurse right. The wet nurse of the baby which was very common by the way in Egypt to have a wet nurse. The child grew. And she this is Jock about his biological mother brought him to ferals daughter. And he became her what her son. OK. And she named him. Moses and said. Because I drew him out of the water. Now there is a a play on words here and Hebrew. And I believe there is also a very important. Egyptian connection here as well. Must sophs is the Hebrew. Term. To draw out of. It's the verb to draw out of my sauce Does that sound a little bit like my sophomore shaders So there's a little bit of a play on words here. But there. Moses is not a Hebrew name you talk to all the scholars out there whether they are Bible believing or secular. Whether they're Egyptologists or not. Moses everybody knows. The consensus is Moses and it's an Egyptian name it's messy. It means. Son of descendant of. Now people say we don't have Moses his name in Egyptian records but we do have Moses's name in Gyptian records. Not his direct name but we have his ancestors names. Most It was the founder of the eighteenth dynasty. Most It was the great grandfather of Moses and most that was the one that expelled the Hicks also out of Egypt. Ah means and we'll find this out in a later. Presentation of means what US means. The vital force. It's the spirit. He's the son of the vital force what is the boss. Thought. Everybody knows what RA is right. The sun god Ra. So RAM Aziz is the son of the son of raw. OK. These are deified kings who have parents and. And who identify themselves with the deities FOF was the god of writing uncommon. That's false. That's taught onc thoughts on a moon. Onc means life or breath. Flossed is the life of eternity. That was to Duncombe one's name. Thought is the life of attorney. So when Moses receives this name he doesn't yet receive the theophoric element the God element to his name. Because that was usually given. When a person became king of Egypt. OK. But he is called. Moses is called Moses by his adopted mother so. Moses was trained by the best teachers of Egypt. And if had chaps it was his adoptive mother. He grew up in the palace of Egypt. Ellen White tells us at the age of twelve that's the age when you became a man in Biblical times right. Twelve that's when still today. In Israel you have a Bar Mitzvah or a bot mitzvah. This is when you become a man and Moses when he was twelve. After his mother had reared him up to the age of twelve. Where did he go he went to the palace. And that is where he was trained. Are you with me to be the next king of Egypt. To be the next king of Egypt. Now let's look at this. Who was head chaps it. Well. She was a woman we talked about her ready. When she became king. She shows herself. Do you not see her as a woman here. Is this not clearly feminine features here. Absolutely. OK. She does not wear the beard in this particular sculpture of herself but she has the Nemesis headdress of the Egyptian pharaoh. And broken off the top of it is the striking cobra that we will talk about in a moment that chaps that was a great builder he built a huge monuments including her mortuary temple at your elbow Are you want this war to a temple becomes the model for temples in Egypt for the next four hundred years. OK this is the temple that she built for self. And as her death monument. And in that temple. On the side of that temple is the famous ha for. Chapel. And in that chapel there are scenes that legitimize had chaps that as the female pharaoh of Egypt. Let's look at that. Here we have a scene. I don't know if you can see it. But this is a giant cow. With a son dispute between the horns This is hot for the cow goddess and leading ha for is on one Ray. The chief deity of thieves and. This is basically a scene and this is how chaps it I don't know if you can see it. But she is gaining Noura shipment from the utter of her mother. Her mother ha floor. Is her divine mother. On one who is leading is her divine father. And this legitimation scene tells everyone in Egypt. I am the God given. Pharaoh of Egypt I am the son of one Ray I am the son of. I'm the daughter of hostile or. OK. This is very very significant. Here is another legitimation scene showing her with the serpent. As the King of Egypt this is Horus the king becomes Horus incarnate he becomes a god. And here you can see her wearing the double crown behind her. Is the sun dis with the serpent coming through the serpent has an uncle. Around its neck this is the symbol of eternal life. And she is given eternal life. For ever or get into this in the next presentation and. She made her monument to this is by the way this is the inscription found on the that is a wrecked it for her that she wrecked it car neck temple. This ways a minimum of three hundred and eighty tons. Solid granite. It was shipped up from the southern part of Egypt. From us one six hundred kilometers. To where it was finally placed in the car neck temple. And this is what it says. It says she made her monument to her father on one Lord of the thrones of the two lands Upper and Lower Egypt. The erecting to him too great to see there to. Those are hers. The erecting to him two great at the August gateway Aman great of majesty. Made with fine gold because they were covered originally in gold. If they illumine the two lands like the sun disk. Made for him. By the what the son of raw. Why does a woman take the title the son of raw because she is the first female pharaoh and this is what all the titles of the previous ferals had they were the sons of Iraq. So she shows her self is a woman. But she takes on masculine to chill areas for her throne name. OK. Because it began in the feminine she made her monument to her father on one OK then it says. Made for him by the son of Ron had ships it and then a mat given life. Like wrong. The son eternally. How by the way. This is a novelist can we just said in the previous presentation. What do we have standing in the Mall in Washington D.C. a novelist. Egyptian thinking and architecture continues even through modern times. Here is a a a a scene of her barge her ship that carries the list from six hundred kilometers south of the Nile. Or down the Nile I should say to thieves. Can you imagine moving something that weighs three hundred and eighty tons. You think the ancients were stupid. Were you know. Lower in the evolving process of humanity. The Bible teaches opposite. The Bible teaches that the ancients from creation. Were perfect. And that we have devolved ever since. It's a completely different world view than evolution that goes like this. The at one goes like this. And when you look at a Gyptian history. Don't underestimate the ancient cultures. Here is the tip of one of the that had ships it makes and there is almost a race did it on planet is thrown as King of Egypt. And here he Pless is his successor and his daughter. The pharaoh of Egypt touch ups and who is kneeling in front of him. So these are all found by the way you can visit still the quarry where these were carved and you can find one there today in southern Egypt you can find one of us one. Still in the Corrie it cracked in the process of of manufacture and they left it where they found it they decided not to finish it. It's still there today and you can see the tourists. You can see how big that thing is not as big as the Washington Monument by the way. By the way the Washington Monument is made up of pieces. These are one solid block of granite. One solid block of granite that's what we have going on in Egypt. So there's had shops are all right I need to end. At the court of Moses at the court of feral. This is from pay trucks and profits page to forty five. At the court of Pharaoh Moses received the highest civil and military training. The monarch this is now his grandfather this is had chaps it's father if this scenario is right. The monarch. Had determined to make his adopted grandson his successor to the throne. And the youth was educated. For this high station. I want to ask you a question. If you were Moses who are you. What is your destiny. Going to be. That's the question that we're asking here today. What is our destiny going to be you see we are created in the image of God but we are also created with the freedom of choice. And we have the power to choose. I believe our destinies. Moses was faced with an enormous choice. Who was he going to become. Think about it for a moment. Was he going to be identified as a slave or. Prince of Egypt. Was he going to be identified as the son of Jock a bed. Or the son of had chaps who becomes pharaoh of Egypt. Was he going to become identified as an Egyptian god eventually. As he becomes crowned King of the most powerful empire to rule I believe in history. Somebody asked me in the break. Well. How does Egypt compare with Babylon. How does Egypt compare with Rome. How does Egypt compare with all of these other empires. I don't know it's a very difficult comparison to make. Militarily. I don't know. All I know is this Egypt. Was around for thousands of years. Babylon the kingdom of Babylon as we describe it in Daniel was around from six o five to five thirty nine. Less than a hundred years. Persia less than a hundred you. Then you've got. You know then you've got Rome. Hundreds of years but it's demise Egypt. Was the father. Ideologically of all of the succeeding empires. That's why in the Bible. When you have the description of the antithesis to the ideology of the Bible what does that refer to it refers to Egypt and Babylon. Egypt and Babylon. They become the symbols. Of. Pagan thinking of spiritualistic thinking of the serpent's plan. And now we move to our next presentation I'm sorry. But we need to do that and I need to move through this one a little bit more quickly. I knew this would happen. But let's move to the second presentation. I've been titled this presentation the seduction of power. Egypt and the reign of the serpent. And I'm going to outline this is well. In this way I'm going to talk ask the question about the origin of evil where did evil come from this is a very important question. It's a very important question today. People are asking this question today. People are wondering. Especially in the Times in which we live. When we have evil taking place all around us in global scales in local scale. You know when I was driving up from Christmas vacation. We stopped in a little place just north of here because we went up to Michigan I live in Tennessee it was great that he was in Louisville because it's right in the middle right. So so. Five hours from my house and then five hours from where my mom lives in variance Springs Michigan so we run away to Michigan and we stop. We stop here at a little outlet mall now big outlet mall just north of here in Indiana or something like that anyway I don't know how to pronounce but in Edinburgh. Anyway we stop there. And as we were shopping my wife was doing a last minute some Christmas shopping and stuff. We were in a store in the lady comes to us and says. Are you guys which high school do you girls go to I've got to high school students that are here. And we said well we're actually not from the area we're actually in transit you know where we're from Tennessee. Oh she says My girls have the day off school and we're like oh good so it was so to our girls she says no they were supposed to have school today. But there was a bomb threat. At their high school. This is in the heart. Of Nowhere. Indiana. This is between Louisville and Indianapolis OK. And I'm like a bomb threat. Oh yeah she says they closed everything down. And for the last two days they've closed it down and they actually found bombs and schools. Wow. You know what we hear on the news is a smattering of what is really taking place today is a smattering of what is really taking place today. You know we had all this focus on the Syrian refugees for several weeks. Have you heard anything about it recently. No but I got an e-mail from my from my cousin who is a nurse in Austria. And she has been volunteering on a regular basis. In a tell large tent for Syrian refugees. They're still moving through Europe. They're still coming but the news has moved on to something else. This Earth today is in turmoil there is there is all kinds of things happening there is violence everywhere and. Where does it come from we're going to talk about a Gyptian religion. And the choice that Moses had to make so let's go forward. It's not a beautiful scene. Genesis one verse one says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And God saw. I'm skipping how to thirty one. God saw all that he had made and behold it was what very good he repeatedly says it's good all the way through the narrative and then he gets to the end and he says it was a very good. We go on to the next chapter and we read thus the heavens and the earth and all the hosts of them were finished. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done. And he rested on the seventh day. We have no hint. In Genesis one. No hint of evil. No hint of death. We have only God's declaration that everything that he planned in a systematic orderly way from the first day of creation through the sixth day of creation and by the way they were literal days. Those six days of creation. Those sixty's of creation. Were perfect. When they were done. This is what Ellen White says. In pay Truxton profit she confirms what the Bible says and page forty seven. The creation was now complete Eden. Bloomed on earth. Adam and Eve had free access to the tree of life. No taint of sin or shadow of death. Marred the fair creation. We cannot imagine that can we. Because everything that we know in our lives. Is marred with sin and death. Everything that we know we live. We die. Plants live. They die. Everything has a beginning and an end. Everything moves and. If we were just to understand things on the basis of what we see. And what we observe. There would be no hints of this. That there was not to be death. In this planet. From the beginning. Because everything we know is marred with sin and death. Think about that for a moment. If you were just to observe. And yes this is God's second book. But you were. If you were just to observe what takes place in our world. What would your conclusion be about the origin of evil and the origin of death. This is what the Egyptians were faced with. They were great thinkers by the way. Don't underestimate the ancients. This is what they were faced with. And what succeeding philosophers and thinkers were faced with. Without the Bible. So where does evil come from. So right we could have put a lot of different pictures up here. We could put children starving in Africa or even on the streets. Of United States. Cities. We could put a lot of things that exemplify evil here my family grew up in Nazi Germany during the Second World War and. And I can tell you many stories. Maybe I will have some time to do that during the seminar. But it was a very terrible time in Earth's history. Where does death. Come From. Well the Bible tells us. Paul tells us in Roman five Romans five years fourteen nevertheless death rain from Adam. Until Moses. Even over those who had not sinned in the likeness of the offense of Adam who is a type of him. Who is was to come. Romans five fourteen First Corinthians fifteen says. For as in Adam all die. So also in Christ all Shelby what made alive. PRAISE THE LORD FOR JESUS CHRIST. For the wages of sin is death Romans eight twenty three. But the free gift of God is eternal life. In Jesus Christ our Lord. What is the wages of sin. Death. So before there was sin. Was there death according to Paul. No. According to what we read in Genesis was there death no. It came after sin. Let's look at Genesis Chapter three. Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman. Did God really say. You must not eat from any tree in the garden. Last year seminar I spoke. On the principles of historical criticism in Biblical and scientific scholarship. And the third principle of historical criticism is methodological doubt. The way. Scientists are to approach the world around them to assess reality or not reality is critically. You've heard of the term critical thinking. With methodological doubt. It was not introduced by God. It was introduced by the serpent. Did God really say this. Doubt. Doubting God's word. Doubting the Bible. Doubting what has been handed down to us through inspiration through centuries. Doubting you know. It's very easy for us to doubt. We see this in the children of Israel it was very easy for them to doubt. After everything that they saw I'm getting ahead of myself I know. But what was the first thing that they began to do when they got into out of Egypt. Doubt. Doubt. And we do it too sorry what happened is no zero five. Did something here. All right. Listen to pay trucks and profits paid fifty three Satan shows to employ as his medium. The serpent a disguise well adapted for the purpose of deception. That's what he's all about deception. Doubt. And deception because through doubt. He can deceive. We can be easily deceived. The Bible says Jesus says. At the end of time. Even the very elects can be deceived and will be deceived. We need to be careful today. That we are not deceived. Satan shows us disguised to two to prefer his purpose of deception. The serpent was then one of the wisest and most beautiful creatures in Europe I cannot imagine that but that's what it says. It had wings. And while flying through the air presented in appearance of dazzling brightness having the color and brilliancy of burnished gold. Resting on the rich laden branches of the forbidden tree and regathering itself with the delicious fruit. It was an object to a rest. The attention and the delight of the eye of the beholder. I want to ask you today. Do we have things in our world. And in our lives that are capturing the eye of the beholder. Everywhere everywhere. We need to be aware. Because the same trick that Satan used in the garden. He has not changed he is using it. He's perfected it. Oh he has perfected it. But he is continuing to use the same principles today. We need to be careful. So here we are Satan. Now the big question that we have is this. And it is the same question that even. Adam and Eve had then. And that we have today. Do we trust in the word. Do we trust in Scripture. Do we trust in what God says. Or do we rely on the senses. Another way to put this is do we trust in the word. Or do we rely on our reason. And our experience. You know. It is amazing today. How Religion and the world is changing. We have been called the people of the book. But I'm afraid sometimes that. That emotions and experience. Are really taking over in unprecedented ways. Not only the Christian community outside of our church but even in many places in our church as well. We need to be careful careful to rely on the Word of God and to use our faculties of reason. Yes God gives us a wonderful experience. But we. It is not an experience. That does not constitute a continuation of what God is thank you sir for a shift that. So let's continue the ancient pyramids. Why do I go back to them we're not going to talk about the much. We want to just rip find ourselves that the Egyptians were obsessed with death. But they were obsessed with death. I believe because of something that God has placed in each one of us. It's one of us has a desire to live. You see. We were not created to die. We were created to live. We were not created to die. We were created and placed in a beautiful garden. To live. We had access to the tree of life. And as long as we had access to that tree of life. We had eternal life. And we are promised when we are in our heavenly home. We will again have access to that tree of life. And the healing. Leaves from its branches and we can have eternal life. The innate desire for us to live. Is the same for the Egyptian the Babylonian. Today. The Muslim. The Christian the Hindu. The Buddhist. It is the same desire. Because that is something that God has placed in our hearts that's how we have been created that's how we've been wired. We've been wired to live. That's why whenever death takes place. It is still foreign. And it confronts the lie that Satan has given to us that we will live forever. And that there is no death. This idea by the way that originated in Egypt. In the pyramids. Ecclesiasticus Solomon puts it this way in chapter three verse eleven. He God has put it turn it in their hearts. I think that expresses what we just described. And the pyramids and the. The world view of the ideology of the ancient Egyptians. Was seeking that life only. They were seeking it from the wrong wrong side. James P. Allen very famous Egyptologist. Now at Brown University president of the International Association of Egyptologists rights. That the pyramids provided the power for the reunion of the body the body in the car inside the circle off against it was a resurrection machine. To spew out it's. The individual the deceased. Into the eternal heavens to reign with RA as the sun set and rising in the cyclical. Moments of history. Here's the way National Geographic put it there is Horus leading a deceased individual out of his coffin you see if there. And what does the Book of the dead say. Raise yourself. You have not died. Your life force will dwell with you for ever. This is Egyptian teaching. This is not only Egyptian teaching. This is in many places in the world religions and even in Christianity the teaching your spirit. Since you die. It goes somewhere. OK. This is not Biblical teaching. Because in biblical teaching. The Dead. Know nothing in Biblical teaching we are asleep until he calls us on the Resurrection Day. In the biblical teaching we know nothing. And it will be a moment. And we will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. Here is what the book of the dead says. I come forth in daytime in my true form. As a living spirit. Do you see that. This is not our true form in other words and Egyptian thinking. This this human body in this form our true form is a spirit form. That's dangerous thinking that Spiritualism through and through. I come forth as a living spirit. My heart's desire is among the living in this land forever Well that's true maybe for human nature but how they arrive there is very very different. Let's look at the Egyptian soul for a moment there were three parts of the Egyptian So I want to go through this quickly. The first one is the I remember the first thing of the eighteenth honesty. Joining the definition is the joining of the stars. It is often translated as a spirit or spirit state. It's arise from the term radiant light. Written with the Crested Ibis bird this is the symbol for the. Here we have another part of the Egyptian idea of the soul. The Egyptian caught. Represented by the uplifted. Hands. The most succinct translation is life force. The cause was characterized by its transfer ability and commonality lifeforce if you heard about that is that around in our culture today do we talk about the life force. Maybe I shouldn't put this picture up here. Last week on Christmas day. On Christmas Day friends. Star Wars gross more money than any other movie in history Star Wars came out. Now look at the quote here from a previous episode and by the way I want to tell you I did not watch Star Wars when it came out and I haven't watched our words and I'm not planning to watch the Star Wars movie. And I would hope that many of you do not. Well maybe some of you have already I'm not going to go there. But I'm just going to say this. I'm just going to say this. We need to be careful because the same images that drew adamant. Adamant are Eve to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Have been perfected over the last six thousand years. And they are being used with greater intensity and greater directness today than ever before and I I have to admit to you when I was young I was in the amort by movies. I grew up with. I grew up with the television that we were not allowed to watch ever. Except for Little House On The Prairie. The Waltons. And sometimes Disney if there were no magic. Things in it like Old Yeller or something like that. So that's how I grew up and when I when I got to high school and my friend invited me over to study physics in his home. He had the Star Wars episodes. And I was in Nam high school. Seventeen years old they came out you know in the seventy's so I was alive when they came out. So look at what. Look at what. Sorry I'm going to refer to some names here they come back from my my past OK. Obi Wan Kenobi What does he say and one of the one of the previous episodes. When he faces Darth waiter. Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine if that doesn't send chills down your back. And what does he do in the following movies. He talks to Luke. Sorry if you don't know it. Don't watch it. OK. Just just sharing with you something here. What is the new Star Wars movie called this force awakens. It is more. I believe more directly aimed at this generation than ever before I just watched one preview and I'm not going to show it here because it puts chills down my back it it begins like this. I think it's one of think it may be Luke Skywalker speaking. But it says. My father had it. My sister had it. I have it. You have it. That's the that's the trailer. That's the trailer. You have what to the force. The force is within you. The force awakens. What force I want to ask what force. This is diabolical friends. You know in the past we always thought oh well. This is like the great controversy being played out in space that's what I thought when I was a kid you know I was like oh this is really cool you know I can watch this and it can be really cool because it's like you know. Satan and God and all. Now. Because the good force and the bad force are kind of the same thing only two sides it's kind of a young and young effect anyway I'm not going to go into that. I just want to share with you. This is Eastern mysticism. And it is going back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptian bodice the third part of the of the Egyptian soul the blah is the individual renown or distinctive manifestation. If you will the character of the individual with the full corporate old mode of existence. That means a body. OK with the ability for instance to eat to drink to copulate So this is another aspect of the afterlife OK The third aspect. And here is an Egyptian text. From a from this from this. Pirates here you can see the Bob Byrd above the mummy. Made it seem my corpse may at rest on my mummy which will never be destroyed or. I can't read the rest but it's only one more word. Anyway which we never to be destroyed. What was the importance of mamma for cation. It was so that the blob bird could return to the tomb and leave the tomb and could recognize the deceased and without mummify cation. Without the the preservation of the physical body. The ancient Egyptian would not live into the afterlife. That's why mummification was important. We're not going to go into all the aspects of occasion today. But I want to show you this image this is the first pyramid ever built in Egypt it's known as the step pyramid of Sykora they worked on building these pyramids until they. They were able to achieve what they achieved. What we saw in the previous presentation. And here we have the pyramid in the background and the temple that is dedicated to that pyramid. And on the crest of that temple What do you see serpents. This is the first pyramid folks. This is in Dynasty three of ancient Egypt not in the eighteenth dynasty when Moses is around. Not in the twelfth Dynasty when Joseph is around. OK this is in the in the beginning of Egyptian history. THE SERPENT. In fact in the pyramid text associated here at Sykora the serpent. Is everywhere. Why. Because it is dominant in Egyptian religion and thinking. At derailment. General bar of the temple of head shops if you go behind that cliff where the arrow is pointing. I was there some years ago with a group of students. That's us walking up. That's me right here actually I didn't take the picture walking up to the to the tomb of Tut most of the third. Yes you can go inside his tomb the same top most of the third that was called Regent with a chap so that we talked about. We were going up to see him. Top most of the thirds tomb. He was cold region. As we will see after had died he becomes fully King he rains for fifty four years on the throne of Egypt. And inside his tomb. We went inside. This was the first time a visit of the two might have very scary experience. We went inside the tomb. And this is the tomb has has this this elaborate. I mean there's a system of getting into the tomb. Where you're going through a corridor and then there's a so-called. This is what the tour guide told us a well of souls. Where this deep thing work. Where there's a little plank going over it and if you fall in there you're not going to get out I mean it's a very very deep deep part there. And then you continue going on and then you end up eventually in the chamber there's other side rooms and so forth you end up eventually the chamber it's a very large tomb. And this is the Brill chamber. And this is the sarcophagus out of road granite for top most of the third his mummy is not there. It's now in the Egyptian Museum. But when we were in there in one nine hundred eighty eight. I was still a student. Undergraduate Student. The lights went out. You know in Egypt you have. You have a problem sometimes with a lecture. City it's a third world country and so the lights went out. And I let me tell you don't want to be an Egyptian to me when the lights go out. You can't see anything. You can't see your hand in front of you. I mean it was and then you're in a tomb Now I do not believe as I just mentioned a moment ago that the dead or alive. Are you with me. But I do believe in spiritualism. And I did not want to be in that place at that point in time and I was luckily a few of us had thought ahead of time in our little backpacks we had flashlights we turn them on. We began to look around and our our aim focused on the scenes. On the side of the tomb. And what do you see as a central figure on the scenes on the side of the tomb. A serpent. And that serpent. Is leading a barge. That is a ship carrying the king. Through the twelve hours of the night. Into the afterlife. I want to talk to you a little bit about what this means the death rituals in the afterlife. It's known as the I'm do what we basically means the bowels. Not very nice is it. So the intestines. And why. Well. That which is in the underworld God's journey through the twelve divisions of the underworld. In other words in the darkness. To emerge again. In the light what does the sun do it rises in the morning and sets in the evening it rises in the morning it sets in the evening. And you have the cyclical. View of life. I think Disney called it the circle of life. Are you with me. That's what the Egyptians are talking about the circle of life. All the way around. And this is how they viewed it this is the Egyptian cosmology now. Don't focus on the nudity here that's just how they were. But that is the goddess. That is the goddess Newt she's the goddess of the heavens. And in the evening. She swallows. The sun in the evening as the sun is setting in the West by the way in the West. That is why you have the pyramids. All to the west of the Nile River. And the mortuary temples and the tombs of Egypt arch of the west of the nod river there not to the east. That's where the dead are burned to the west. All of them. You go to you go to thieves in the in the central part of Egypt. There in the West. The mortuary temples the valley of the kings were King Tut's tomb was found will talk about that in the West. The pyramids are in the West. Why because that is where the sun sets. That's where the deceased and tears into the underworld. That's where Newt. Swallows the sun. And who is the Egyptian king he is raw He is the son. He is Horus. I mean there's a lot of different. So. Swallows the sun. And then what happens during the twelve hours of the night you know that the day has about twenty four hours right during the twelve hours of the night that Sun is passing through the underworld. Passing through the body of newts passing through the body of Newt. The bowels. If you will of Newt only to emerge to be reborn in the morning as it rises in the east. This is sun worship. And this is central to Egyptian cosmology it was. It was it was convenient that the Nile ran from south to north. And so the Nile was part of this cyclical. Idea. It was part of this cyclical idea of the Nile was in the center of the sunset on one side and all rose in the other the Nile was part of that. Of that cosmologists by the way we'll talk about some of these other gods here in a moment. As we get on to other things. Now. Now look at this. I want to go back with you to Genesis. And I want to put some things together here and it may sound a little crazy OK. But I've studied this for a number of years and I am convinced that what we're dealing with in Egypt is nothing more than the continuation of the religion and ideology of the serpent in Genesis all the way through thousands of years of history. OK So let's look at this carefully. The serpent was one of the wisest we just read this in the passage a few moments ago right. I want to close up of the serpent above the serpent's head is the symbol. Above the head of the Serpent is the angst and bull. The Unc is the symbol for eternal life. In Egyptian mythology of the serpent was the guide. Into eternal life. Was the guide of the Pharaoh when he died. Through the twelve hours of the night was the guide into eternal life now there were other serpents. There were other the gypsies had this love hate relationship with the serpent they feared the serpents because of their poison. And they love the serpent because of its powerful protection. Because if the serpent was on your side. He would poison other people. But if he was against you. He would you know so you have this kind of situation. And so you can read this as time goes on the text. So here is this. Angst symbol. In the tens hour of the night you have this fascinating symbol here. This scene. I want to just go through this scene with you a little bit. You have a wing to serpent. On legs. You have the God which is the God of creation this is not. I'm sorry not up to him. Which is the God of creation. You have the eyes of of. You have the Eye of Horus your. You have a nother serpent over here you have ten stars which indicates you're in the tenth hour of the night. And you have and I'm not making all this up by the way. There. There are books being written on this by Egyptologists that have studied this for years. OK I'm not making this stuff up. But what is in front of the serpent here again. Eternal life. The serpent has the breath of Eternal Life Ok so I'm circling that here. And the serpent said to the woman. What did he say to her in Genesis Chapter three. You surely shell. Why not die. Was that a direct contradiction of what God said at direct contradiction. You will surely not die. And you. Understanding. You're going to experience something different than you've ever experience before. This was seduction. In its truest form. Professor months would look are of the University of South spoken Egyptologist in his book on the gods and symbols of ancient Egypt. Writes this The Hieroglyphics sign of the on communes life. And as a symbol points to the divine. The eternal existence. A god in this scene holds the uncle before the king's nose. Giving him the breath of life. What an antithesis to what God does in Genesis chapter two. When he stoops over the man that he has just formed and what is the do. He breathed into him. The breath of life in Hebrew Ruah. What an antithesis to that. By the way when my firstborn daughter was born. Tell you the story. It was a magical moment. Some of you have experienced that some of you are to experience that in the future. It was a magical moment. I shouldn't use that word. It was a god. Moment. You know how I'm using that term. It was an incredible moment. And they wrapped my daughter up. Cleaned her up a little bit I was holding my wife's hand still and then the nurse called me over to the little warming. Light and place where they were weighing my child to some of your nurses you've seen this many times for me it was a brand new thing and it was the first time I'd ever seen it in my life with my daughter. So here's this little newborn child. On this scale or whatever it was with this warming light above her and the nurse says I want you to stand right here. And I want you to look down. And I said OK. I'm doing what you told me to do you know when you're that situation you do exactly what the nurses tell you to do you know you don't you don't mess around with the nurses and the doctors you do exactly what they tell you to do so so I'm looking down. And I had no idea what she was going to do. But she knew what she was going to do. She had maybe done it many times with other parents new parents. She turned off the warming light. My daughter's eyes were tight shot with that bright light shining down on her. When the light went off in my mind she opened her eyes for the first. And she stared into my face now I know what you're thinking those of you were nurses. She probably couldn't see that far at first I don't know how far a newborn baby can see and how blurry my face hopefully it was really blurry Otherwise it would've been quite a shock for her. But anyway. It was her mother's face she was supposed to see first but anyway. So. So she she stares up at me and I cannot describe to you. The feelings that surged through my heart at that moment. So this is my child. This is a God given gift to me. The all the helplessness of this child is as she's gazing into my eyes and the responsibility and the humility that I felt at that moment. What am I going to do now. Totally new experience. I tasted for the first time. A little bit just a glimpse just a tiny. Maybe God wants us to experience this. Of maybe what Jesus experience that day when Adam. Opened his eyes first and looked into the face of his Creator God allows us to be part of procreation. Because he wants us maybe to experience. What he experiences. Maybe you know Satan didn't have that opportunity. That was part of his jealousy. About human beings and about God read about in the great controversy at any rate. So you have this breath of life. So you have this symbol right in front of her. But the text doesn't. Continues. For God knows that in the day you eat from it. Your eyes will be open. How long is this session going to in the day that you eat of it your eyes will be opened. OK. And you will be like God in knowing good and evil. I want to show you something here do you see the eyes on either side of this. I'm not going to get in I don't have time to get into it. The eyes of raw and Horus. There's these are Egypt ssion magic symbols. And I don't want you to do this ever. I don't want you to go on the internet and start looking up the a called but these symbols are everywhere in the occult. OK. And I haven't gone into depth in studying them I don't want to go into depth and studying them I tell you that right now. And when I study Egyptian religion I have to pray a lot because I am studying the occult. Firsthand. But this is the your eyes will be opened and you will see this is what Satan promises us as if we can see more with Satan. Then we can see through the inspired word of God. What a contrast. What a change. All right. And you will be like God knowing what knowing good and evil. I'm not going to go into all the symbology of this. By the way you will be like God. Knowing good and evil. Isn't that was Satan promises us. We are going to be our own gods. Isn't that what the pharaohs believe themselves to be. Let me tell you something. If you go into a religious. Setting or or philosophical thinking. Where you start worshipping nature. What happens eventually and Romans Paul mentions this in Romans chapter one very eloquently you will start worshipping what. Yourself because you are part of nature. And you will start going down that path. This is a very dangerous path to go to this is the creator god. Holding the wings of the serpent. Who is guiding the king. Into eternal life this is what in Egypt college is a very famous famous German Swiss Egyptologist writes about the conception of God an ancient Egypt this is published by Cornell University Press an Ivy League institution in the United States. And this is what he says about what we just looked at against a backdrop of scars. Stars stands a winged snake. With two pairs of legs. A caption tells us this is what the hieroglyphics are saying. Death. The great God who made. Gods and Men. Did you catch that. Death. The great God who made gods and men. Are you kidding me. Death is the God that made us. In a Gyptian thinking death and life are part of a cycle that has always been and always will be. And this is part of what they taught back then. I don't have time to go into all of this from King Tut. I will tell you this though in closing that throughout King Tut's tomb. The image of the Serpent is everywhere. In his in the shrine. That is guarded by the gods. When you have his Konopka jars where his livers his intestines. His lungs. His stomach were contained these are the organs of the king by the way the heart remained in the body of the mummy. OK the heart remained in the by the money but the intestines were taken out. The stomach and placed in the special can open jars. They are protected by the serpent. All around the shrine above them. The king's throne which was found in his tomb This is King Tut's tomb. Throne. You have his name. And on either side of his name you have his name on this side of his chair and on this side of his chair. And you have a winged serpents with his arms with his wings stretched out. Protecting the name. That is the be. Of the king. And he wears the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. Here you see a sign a symbol of it on the other side that's King Tut's name. There right there in another tune this is the tomb of said eve of the second. You have on either side this is leading into the Brill chamber there is the sarcophagus in above the Brill chamber. On either side you have a wind serpent. Shadowing the name of the King who is a god. Now if that is not reminiscent of something. I'm going to read it to you from his chapter twenty eight. You were the anointed cherub who covers. I established you you were on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created. Chill iniquity was found in you therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the Mountain of God and I just Royd you are covering cherub from the midst of the firing stones. Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. I cast you to the ground. I laid you before kings that they might gaze at you. Who is this a description of Lucifer. Lucifer was one of those covering cherubs. You think it's a coincidence that he puts a winged serpent on either side. What symbology do we have of the throne of God represented by the Ark of the Covenant sanctuary. The Mercy Seat where God should kind of glory rests. Has a covering cherub on either side and Ellen White describes the wings. Like this very similar to what we have here as well. I mean you look through the amulets found in King Tut's tomb. And it is amazing. Here you have Horace. Here you have the onc. And here you have the serpent on either side of the name. Protecting the name. Here you have a winged scarab with the sun the scarab creates the sun on either side of striking COBRA. The onc symbol. This is beautiful These are precious stones and solid gold. Here you have the king himself lifting up the Eye of Horus which also is represented the I have. I have RA representing the son on either side the serpent with the son disk. Above him. It's incredible to see this but this one is the scariest of all. Or the maybe the interim most interesting of all. To wing deity standing on either side. Here you have a serpent with the crown of Upper Egypt here you have a serpent with the crown of Lower Egypt. And here you have the King's name and in the center is a strange symbol with a sun above it. I want to read to you what the symbol means that is the Jed column. Associated with the spine and it represents. Something very important in history. It represents eternal life. And it represents the divine. And the spine of the Divine Being. So this is. This is the spine of the king resort the king in the center of all of this prior to this time. Here is his cartouche on either side being encircled by the serpent this is his name is a personal name. Here is the spine What does it have above it. The sun disk. Now I was presenting this said Evangelist meeting some years ago. In St Louis. And this is what happened I know I have to quit here in quit. This is what happened. A lady came to me after I presented just some of what I'm presenting here not all in the detail just some of it. A lady came up to me afterwards and she says I'm a yoga instructor. And you know what you shared was fascinating. I said Really. Why I don't do your guide. I don't know much about yoga. She says because we teach yoga. That there is a serpent within. And that serpent the goal of yoga is to erect that serpent. Along the spine and to create enlightenment. As a result of yoga. So I looked it up yesterday in the computer because I'm still going to tweaking this presentation. Or maybe it was two days ago I looked this up a look this up you want to see what it is here. Well let me tell you first of all what it's called. It's called In yoga theory primal energy or Shakti different. Spiritual traditions teaching methods of awakening. Me for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment. Connolly me is described as lying. Coiled. At the base of the spine representatives either a Goddess or sleeping serpent. Waiting to be awakened in modern commentaries. Could only need has been called an unconscious instinctive or light bit in the whole force. This is off the Internet. This is from a yoga website. What do you think. I want to show you two serpents and was at the top of the brain. OK I'm not going any further. Let's let's end with this. You can look it up on You Tube. Now I'm not youtube just Google it. All right. That's all I did it was easy I was I was there and in two seconds it's all over the web. OK very quickly. The Egyptian pharaoh. Had a serpent. On his forehead. Right. He would spit at his enemies. There is the king. King Tut as he was found in his burial chamber. And on his neck. Protecting his neck in his vocal choir. Was this wing serpent in beautiful gold. Fine gold. It was in an exhibit in Atlanta. Recently I took a picture of it. I want to just contrast with you that image and Moses and Aaron. Arriving at the court of Pharaoh. And what was the first sign that Aaron and Moses did before Farrel they cast down. Aaron's rod and what happened to it. It became a serpent Pharaoh was sitting on his throne. He has a serpent on his forehead as all the ferals crowns have he's sitting there on his throne. With the serpent imagery. He is the enlightened King. And God of Egypt and the serpent. Appears before him. If you're as all this is just magic this is no big deal going to bring on my own magick magicians in the magicians come and they throw down their their their staffs right. Listen to what Ellen White says about that the magicians also showed signs and wonders for they wrought not by their own skill alone but by the power of their god satan who assisted them in counterfeiting the work of Jehovah. But they could only counterfeit so much because what happened. Aaron's rod. Ate all the other snakes. Was that not a demonstration of God's power. It was absolutely a demonstration of God's power so what then was the rifting of the serpent in the wilderness. When all the snakes came out how do we explain that. It's kind of strange isn't it that Moses would be instructed by God to lift up a serpent and whoever looked at it would be healed. Of the snake bites. Well let's read about it in John fourteen three fourteen fifteen. This is by the way just before John three sixteen which all of you have memorized. Famous famous passage. And as Moses lifted up the serpent the wilderness Jesus is speaking he says. Even so must the Son of Man be lifted up. That who had so ever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. God took on all of the power of the serpent. At the cross for you and for me. He didn't die of his wounds. He died of the process of the sins of this world. From the beginning of the fall. All the way to the end of time. That is what crushed his hearts at the cross. He took it on all. He became he became. He was perfect in his life never sinned. But he took on all of that for us. This is what we read in closing in John sixteen thirty three. And just one twenty two and by passing over the ground which man must travel. Our Lord has prepared the way for us to overcome. It is not his will that we should be placed as a disadvantage in the conflict of Satan. He would not have us intimidated and discouraged by the assaults of the serpent. He says instead. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. PRAISE THE LORD FOR JESUS CHRIST. We do not have to be afraid of the power of the serpent. Today. Because we serve a more powerful God who created all things. And we're going to move into that topic next time so I went over. Let's take a break for five minutes and well. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. They for Louisville Kentucky. U.I.C. the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based priced centered and soul winning Christian. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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