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Spiritual Foundations of the Adventist Home

Israel Ramos Judy Ramos

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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yes for joining us we appreciate it so much we know that were probably the least qualified to be sharing audits on a topic like this we have a whole almost five years experience to get in the Mary's with thankful for your support all women try to do today and tomorrow is share of basic things that have happened to us that we've learned that we've been successful out of them we failed and I would find to conquer from our experiences are that we see the lies above others we have a letter that managers are friends and we just want to share that with you is not by any means something that that is a prescription as much as it is just suggestions okay so we do have awesome handouts in a way in the back if you want to get some millions on one yet you get them there and I know Doctor Mills if you stay for all three of a seminar season he argued he has a book we want to do some similar salute you guys on time one of the diocese father and I would so thankful that you understand what a family is all about and with thankful that out of all the people in the world you exemplified to us what a family is you given to us churches you given to as our own families and without us Lord to call you father which allows us to understand that we are part of a heavenly family please be with us now as we seek to understand basic foundational principles on how to have a effective avenues home we pray in Jesus name amen okay society is composed of societies composed of social groups and the most basic out of the social groups out of all social groups is the family unit is about right the family unit is the most basic and draw the circle here this is a family unit and it is a most basic of all social groups in our family there's four of us that's me as my wife that's my first son has my second son is okay the most reasonable family units this is a reason why families are important although we are one family of four what happens is that by for example I work salon part of another social group which is my work my wife she's a stay-at-home mom so she works to Venezia for the sake of this illustration she's a part of another social group which I am two for this group is called the church my kids are to grow up one day what am I can go to school the other kids can go to school and other immune part of two different social groups that say one with the school in California the other one goes to school in New York so this central unit at one point or another in one time another is to be divided off right there to be part of other social units what this means it is this that whatever happens here in the home locally has the possibility of impacting all around us this is why the family unit even though it is a basic unit the most basic of all social units it is the most important unit let's say in order to have a family you need to people right to the head of the home the boat the mom and the data wife and husband let's say that in our home in all my wife and I we go to church and my kids see our kids see that whenever we go to church the primary reason for us going to church vias for us to be to visit with our friends they see that we go to church were visiting with our friends are you doing were gossiping we hate the church were always complaining about a pastor how egregious boring sermons I is and that is enough etc. etc. etc. my kids listen to that what happens is when one of them Boston New York one one oh most of California we've automatically train and program them to be critical of authority or leadership they take at the literate in California the adventure to New York at what happens then if a God forbid one of them entered into some type of church leadership they affect the entire board and what happens the entire church is infected to guess what is him at New York is the part of the people that will also be scattered all over the place when people change jobs when people get moved to other places for other reasons noted and he moved all over the world and the influence of my son that he received while he was a little boy in some upper Peninsula small country is can it have a global impact no wonder no wonder Satan does all in his power to destroy the family unit has a lot of focus on today is three basic components of spot spiritual home the three foundational principles that we came up with that are necessary that are essential for us to understand and establishing a strong foundation for a spiritual home and there are three basic principles approved the first principle is every home has a ministry will never look at what is a ministry what does it mean to have a ministry and what does the ministry do as a ministry in fact every home has a husband and when I look at what the husband does with the husband ought to do about there not not to do and when the husband should be as a person we had to the same for the lively look at those three things a husband the wife and also the ministry of the home all right in any type of financing a home if Italy did I just wanted to share my cat I know it and I really believe that God gave created the structure of the home that parents and the children come in that family unit to really get a secondhand understanding of the gospel and I really wish that his ID once we're in that marriage relationship or have children at least certain fee for those those enhanced understanding that he's trying to get you he is desperately trying to show that when they like keeping abreast of my head is on whatever our friends understand and you probably hurt in either dermatologists and you look at UNC before at one thing that really hit us because the other children you think you know what children will never love there children can never outlive their parents and he said and because of that God we understand you that we can never Outlook got and I was so deeply because you don't actually realize that everything can you bluntly think I felt then we love this child film I think you even know you remember you can drink you think you know I got pregnant and united noncognitive but I think you know when we really contemplate what got attorney teaches you are myriads and three children it really enhances and develop a relationship with God in such a strong way to get involved everything I talk about is the first component we divided into components of the component component in ensuring the salvation of its members think and England is a unique opportunity to bring to share Adventism with others so if I understand it that created our family descent people and your lives your spouse your children because he wants you to ensure their salvation you're there to help each other naked the kingdom and he's a great different personalities together I never went when is my first got together been so interesting because you don't usually want to get together you know is so kind and nice event in LA trying to impress other person but I immediately does kind of like we do I realize dad badly neglected when you're remarking that he will competition like I'm part of an United being basketball whatever I wanted to know but I think that those are little by little electronic courtesy and photos are really letting loose and my filling it out and start to disappear in the wind is blowing and I and you feel you are getting really need to buy you know I get really different about you know what we are cleaning a more tightly such rhetoric in your monthly venue needs right now and the reason why that happened but we believe he is the foundation of the established that in a home in a split in the forefront of our mind in fact I'm dating you guys like to help but be made not to point out errors not to be critical to put people down the back we are not in competition take them to the entity that had been in a layout like I mentioned before and everything is not about equality and you did this life and I give this much is about helping each other so that practical example would look like this if we talk about cleaning the home and really effective cleaning the home and I like it I resided I want to be perfectly clean everything done and felt he had a couple of things that he will you and I have my legal list I gather you any week we naturally divided up because I think that's their right out it is nice than you do this much and I let myself go out and really tired and intended to think Mike is the accurately he didn't is build into their bathrooms are filler I think that I think they're doing inside like though not efficient I think all these different things when in reality I understand they were not help each other I still do his chores in my mind that the goal is in the common goal of the same we want the house clean for the fabric so understand you got any quality is about practicing Christianity in the home and most importantly you know you feel like we are found to belong to a bit we understand that God yielded that I thought belongs to God and ultimately and so is the child of the King even in my defense I would like the child of a diplomat how do we treat them as you know we become fearful of you know we only got again identified that anything negative you know but if we remember that I found the child of the King and you know we do not have free reign we cannot however he wanted to get their holy Angels who are recording everything and anything about that it's not a reality but it really is that every thought even as you know every action everything that we say is been recorded in heaven anything that the truth so we keep that in mind you know will deftly have a deeper sensitivity and a love and respect for our now the second thing that was salvation for four members of keeping that in ninth if anything if evangelism that were not talking about personal evangelism here because everyone to be involved in personal evangelism going to work right go shopping whenever I shall be looking for opportunity to evangelize right were talking about here is a unique uniqueness of any history of the whole unit how you can impact other now the most important ways we feel is the actual atmosphere in the home and out and out like a butterfly net income the atmosphere in your home when you invite people into your home when they see the interactions between husband and wife are between you and your children you know whether they realize it or not it's actually impacting them to think of a couple weeks ago there getting our friends at Justin and Stephanie Lamping and they're not married yeah Justin Jim and Stephanie quick answer is that the NHL is completely data-driven him at a disagreement about something is really getting that he'd you know where the finite and legalize NCV things differently from different perspective and we noted that all who center frankly I quietly like you like oh no it is ruined if you and I did okay I don't think of it like a native rate for our marriage he only does read like that and just and actually such a nice stock I think that you know it when it disagrees like Microsoft I start praying for you guys you know and that's what I realize the impact of that finding I didn't really think of anything I see but it was impacting other people in the atmosphere now cleans your home I see you nonbelievers are our friends are likely are you an easy way out the full of love and compassion into relaxing to get it glad they get a small glimpse of what heaven will be like that he bet it will kind in the world that just the way you interact with people it is very found by the end it once you have that everything you you you continue to invite people use your home is a ministry that can really only think how people relate with their own and even how they raised you want to raise their children Eric yelled positive or negative and so I decided showing an example to exactly it personally you know before we had kids we didn't really young know much about kids like Phil Nevin is reading everything about an parenting they were people that we had our friend Daniel Terry Mendez may be on my third child nine months before I and so whatever she was reading I got a hold of because she is if you know her she's the sweetest like me gets call me woman ever like I want to be on your reading child guidance and healing I never raise your voice like I do now that I know and I only think they immediately when you see what you know you are early after but I was trying to think that you know how in a mentoring program Peter Hunter and as you interact with your child out and he was so well behaved to eat out like mad I just wanted and tiling believe it or not when I was in interactions with my son with an annual many times you know he would say something and I'll think about what would what would Kerry and I will see refined enough and I truly believe that God put her in my life to make me a better mother you know will between your friend is really going to have godly friends to that you can even help each other and as you continue to integrate when you are ready down to listen with the nine avenues of the nonbelievers who you interact with your family can be a witness unwitting Windows uptime and four three five okay I want to talk a little bit about Hamas the rule of the husband as an almost abundant most of our thoughts are taken from the book at his home so most of our references would be taken from from from that book what is a need to be vetted on you don't wear when alive living in a culture usually where men or women have this all much easement type of approach right most people don't look at you we look down upon that usually but always a question about a monomer of every individual man or woman is a question of what is it mean to be the head alone now I just draw little bit of Allah but about that right now for some of the safest definition we can come up with as to what it means to be there at all Ms. to be little means to imitate God as he relates to the church that the safest definition is not right we imitate God the way he relates the church that's how we relate to our home so that's what it needs to be the head of the home I want to be do you want to review a couple of things here from from the from the blood that is on page two fifteen it is no evidence of manliness in the husband for him to dwell constantly upon his position as a family that's what's as we don't even be thinking about this all-time but as you goes on the bottom of the chart of the at the bottom of the paragraph you tell us what it means that every husband who claims to love God carefully study the requirements of God in his position first of all would it work with the responsibility is of a gentleman who is just getting married it was or was developing their home is number one we are to study make a responsibility make it are making our our our our desire to study exactly what God requires of us from that position secondly it says here that God leads are his authority is exercised with three major components wisdom kindness and gentleness what does it mean to be out of the home how can I be ahead of the home that is similar to what Jesus is we are heads of homes in this risk and disrespected by first of all being gentle by being kind and by being wise wisdom that only comes from about right secondly the Bible talks about God doing two different two two two main things a Bible says that he first of all love Richard and secondly he gave himself for the church the lot love what were the two components about love that a lot of talk about today are first of all love and its role as a leader and lot in his innards in its rules on Israel on requirements the Bible says it wanted tedious things about love it teaches us that love has requirements right if you love me the Bible says keep my commandments there is a requirement to the way in which we demonstrate love secondly the Bible says that love from us to God is a response we love God because he first loved us in other words love demonstrate in this case it demonstrates signs of leadership and it also demonstrates the components of requirements in order for us to show that we actually love God when we lost our spouses when we love our wife we love our children our family what we ought to do is first of all show the love that we have to our families by example of fine what we want our families to become exemplify what we want families to become we are leaders by example so we say if I want my kids to be patient then I show them that I show them how to be patient instead of telling them how to be patient when I look at my wife and I say Judy there's all these I have a big old list of things that you need overcome in order to be of itself what I do is insightfully to listen I say is a widely exemplified on this for them to see that what it means to be nano home to be that all means to be the leader in showing our families what it means to follow the requirements that we want them to follow secondly the Bible says that God gave himself for the church and so this do in the same way we are to give ourselves and for families to give ourselves for life so my thought is easy for us as as guys to up when we get married to actually do not get really married but actually just get a new roommate right and know we lived two separate lives we still have our little game boys whenever as we have now still have our television film up-to-date PlayStation 's I want to sound a little radio so you know I'm about so we want little whatever things we have our television we have our own little things you know your television might be my whatever else right but we are all little things and we lived lives that are separate from our families but guys those who are married those of us who are married and those of us who are not yet married this is the principle that for me has been groundbreaking when we get ourselves in marriage is not just the life was being given to the husband the husband is being given also to the like the Bible says God gave himself for the church this means that simply put the interests of the husband as the head of the home become becomes secondary to the interests of the rest of as members done many times where I come home after a long days work and thinking to myself my interest right now is to sit down on the couch and read a book laid on a bed with sleep by Luca Mindel and I see my kids their interest is we want to spend time with daddy my wife's interest is that I clean the bathrooms and I think you can immediately my challenges my challenges what are my interests first the life of my wife's interests first our wives are kids who do not roommates there the people that we are to show and exemplify the love of Christ that means in giving ourselves to our spouses and ignore stuff for families we put our interests secondary there's another component talk about which is how to help what was the first one is not into guys that wanted to help our spouses now all of us all a lot to say all of us probably all those who are between the ages of twenty five to thirty five are married are probably in this category the other guys are little in that they had this down already but for us what is getting to engineers and we had learned our lesson whenever our life we see that they need help we have a very good list of how to help them suboptimal my wife is having a challenge and I think to myself what you got and saw that properties want to sit down on the professional counsel to the minister suggesting acetaminophen counsel you or isolate somebody problems you tired out you tired out you work a lot gets limited you how you can adjust five simple steps streamline your schedule so you will have me doing the bathrooms anymore you can clean the bathrooms on top of the site as we have in our minds we have in our minds ways in which we can help our spouses ways in which we can have our spouses but actually make matters worse we make matters worse and his lumpy seven to seventeen this is what it says the husband should manifest is that we help our spouses the husband should manifest great interest in his family first of all we help them by showing interest in them then it's as we are doing we are to especially be very tender with their feelings this don't know life the wife whether he's at home or whether she's at work they come they come to the end of the day and their burden down and they are there they're looking for tender support from the husband 's and she says we ought to give it to them we are not to think about ourselves that we also need the tender interest and support but it's as though you give it to them be kind to be cheerful be encouraging energy says show acts of kindness and have encouraging words Mosley says here it says and these things will repay the effort tenfold tenfold so there's a lot of clean the bathroom I feel so much encouragement to my spouse and I'm so kind to her that it is overlooked agreeing the bathroom okay and it says we should encourage her to mean upon our large affections and direct them to heaven so what we ought to do the way in which we help ourselves away in which we as men help our lives is by encouraging them to lean on our support many times would work more naturally as far as I know them and I have friends that are guys I see the same thing and that something is or he is but naturally our instinct is listed don't give me any extra burdens already have my own but notices listen accept the burdens of your life as your own and help them through them by getting to work with them okay so these of it seal and how to help our spouses doing is the one the must do is sound Adams on page two hundred thirteen two hundred fourteen is one of the most thoughtful quotations that will read right now it says that it was says that the are you are you ready for this it says to all much all in your power to all in your power to make the life of your life pleasant and happy to all in your power to make the life of your life pleasant him and now I want to get I know I know you already get imprisoned on the ideal husband one outline for a little bit so you are not ideally a minimum of multiple steps away is what you'll I I I I know that my wives to do list is larger than mine did I know that she knows that and everyone knows his nose at I made a commitment and on very very very fortunate to have a God-fearing life I made a commitment because I realize that my wife has a bigger to do this because I realized that in many ways Herbert is vivid in my I realize that the least that I can do for my life is to do everything in my power to make her happy I made a commitment she knows it I made a commitment and I'm not on the same but I'm good at this member by continued to make this commitment that if there is anything that she wants if it is within my power I will get it for and if it is within my power my means that I will continue to try until it is and we do it is not just as a way of appreciating alliance with friends young husbands husbands to be and I'm sure that all the older husbands agree with me this is in fact the least we can do it should be our work to make the lives of our lives happy and cheerful fellow man I think okay let me start with you through this three things a week that we do without knowing that are bad okay there's three things the guys do that we do them without knowing them I've seen this for my grandpa I don't know my great grandpa to my dad to myself so much of your honey lies to all my friends were not in a married the registry bad things about guys that that I feel are natural within us are found also in this admin is home someone is still be peevish you know you go to work your tired your everything that everyone does just gets on your nerves nothing that people do is write and do your Ron in writing this just frustration and we as guys sometimes go through she says don't do that just don't be peevish choose to be happy choose to be made happy by the little things that people do sometimes you come home yet you cannot find the right page the color you wife's meal cannot be good enough at it everything is just not there as she says don't be like that could than those that want to be around you secondly don't overlook your life this is actually what he says don't overwork your wife a real book allies we will reward them by neglecting to do the duties that that we are asked to do the duty that he said I ought to do and and we neglect them by not only not doing the things that were not supposed to buy but by also adding on top of that Justin talked about this morning you know your capacity out there you hate watching as Okamoto house and then not only do not clean the bathroom for a verse out of cleaning I also did a cut as a Matthews article matches got a clean about them before they come to does look dirty so Donald with your wife and thirdly don't be selfish it is natural for us as guys usually and I speak is in general terms but it's natural social natural for us to be just selfish guys and on and she says you don't be selfish still though that these are found on on the father 's position avenues on to be peevish don't overwork our spouses and him be selfish and any sharing the third and last advantages important thing for wise to understand I think you should always do the first one is to respect your husband particularly for our generation I really is extremely hard to do this more so because we're so influenced by defending thanks for letting me know it are not like I didn't really think the feminine but I live you know because my theory that is only of and the Bible and you agree what it supposed to be like the realizing manual immediately I can do whatever he is really no different I don't need an and always I needed will the door for me he always means but the only good to bet that all the way we really can be happy and truly be happy I believe is as a respect everything and that that is the principle that anything easy when their respectable in a window I doing all the right thing and there in-kind hewing showing loving being a protector of but much more difficult when you know disagreement arise when there is conflict but this is the most important time to actually show that respect we are driving one in the car and we got lost and I think it's like you know taking away all the thoughts like not again the ship evidently you know the ninety second why didn't you just print out the map click map you know you know I have to definitely do not think you can sell it because he's so any and all the character trait you believe the theory can't call where waking gas right now driving around in an increase in the trash stealing in all things are waiting in your mind and I remember looking at him and him and him and him and him and you and is looking I think it's struggling to a kidney like to bring that in conflict that when people are the most vulnerable when they know they've done Robert regardless of whether whether or not any public entity validly and I think a minute you can looking to see how I would respond young and when I realized it went that way we need to be supporting each other the most you know and so as a general rule you get avoiding and preventing any embarrassment are put down you know any relationship there is no a no tolerance for that you know because I think that person to life and God called particularly of his life and I think we were really couldn't like to have with you don't you help wanting to draw anything that twenty more you know I come back on early side of the community but on data showing that respect your husband and it is self-control it really is that we need to learn to do that but we find that the respect her husband it's amazing you know I didn't even say anything you know in my mind are the only thing in Israel to apologize and I'm really sorry about this in a heartbeat I think I don't know what I would've that although you think you think you an apology that no it was conviction to get him know him so please show respect to our husband has been in the home automatically in refined niche allows anyone who doesn't like that Michael O'Dell even start the cycle you will be taught by the spiraling but later on another seminar but when it went arises don't even know what it really I don't even let us start you know what effective in combat I think what you were like we play the role of the Holy Spirit so if we think we should he shouldn't have done that made me think of you are so right thinking of you praise the Lord for him now for you to work that way you know by now I can fail to be told what to do anything is maintaining your individuality K after you get married maintaining your individuality not in a different and hello is anyone a very powerful one should fill the position which I'd originally designed for her actor husband equal we may safely say that the distinctive duties on a woman are more secret more holy than those of men that women realize the sacredness of her work and in the strength and hereby take up her life mission her individuality can not be merged in his she should feel that she and her husband equal to stand by his side she liked her post of duty and he met his a lifetime of what what happens or what we fear will happen to know that when I married again I want to get married apart like a party must die you know like we can never really fulfill what we always wanted to uniting you think that you have and it is a giving God does each one of us individually belong to God there is no way we can give your life the video our Internet individuality must be maintained and got in particular will for each person 's life you know he has a wealthy family but each written on life and it's important that we do not lose our identity who we are you are personality even some people yearly narrating like me can change you for your behind and everything is different they were themselves you know I think it's very important that we may maintain even a personal relationship with fiber into what he wants us to do separately from un- Cadillac lifetime and we had our family worship and a laughable deal you get it together but it's just as important to do your own thing verse you know in the morning you need to have that personal relationship to God only do they delete him throughout the day and then we have necessarily worship when he works there on that day and Edward were successful because not only if you are not in the ordinary life are even more intense and more him they wouldn't even separate in your family means to becoming line and nothing is one zero becoming even more because I together were more powerful and more powerful when you then the individual and the last point here is a power assigning the and and to choose to be happy about you to be happy in is just as difficult I think that using the love of the same concept you know you do not feel like being happy lifetime and something you know even though these were not married but you'll feel like you do not love your husband that he can break its Easter but he is struggling at the line struggling and that they struggle but you can choose you can always choose yourself and I bet that icon and they are is is related to the media I thought you guys can be to get him to I had a dream or something of that when I happy wife happy life him as I think that the defendant of the debate nor did you know we'll just be crying though I would what's wrong with this in Israel do you like I just need to be know as the belief and I think that's really all you want and you start thinking that is true all you didn't conflict usually something I get that first and then he gets upset about that like wanting to be happy and try to do things right but it's really sure that if the one and only talk about I believe she's in her book he talks about how the wife is like that inside of the home are the heartbeat of the home and heard her influence really into the whole family so cheerfully as wife to be happy no matter what even though you don't feel like that we can influence our whole home because when a husband comes home from work even know I had a horrible day you know the kids are acting out whatever what is really tired all the poly thing happen idea to get the drives are open and hang up it's really excited as I am tempted to think great land and I'm going go to Walmart which is what I need to do or whatever I say I was raining and it's used to be happy the company door exhausted note comes from board meeting and I I I I I let you know I'm so happy that your home we miss you all day but defending I did I haven't in your I think you'll feel you feel me heal you feel glad to come home and asked what we wanted we wanted our home in environment where everybody is happy now the freedom don't ever winning you don't have him in my dream is revealing all of my weaknesses is that I don't so I have an alibi that Avenue from quote to forty nine and is very bit better than children who find nothing attractive at home who are continually greeted by folding and Marine seek comfort in using away from home is now enough to scare me to be happy and not mad because we die we feel like our our lives are foolproof like we can continue adding and it's not affecting the other person know that I think I would add however because they left without a whole lot level and were dating or whatever but that's not true every single thing that we say is impacting the other person and so we now why children and her husband to come home to you what is really afraid of coming home because the ingrained bathroom you know I did anything on the chassis of handwriting like Andre I know she's getting to be mad at me because I told her I do this and I didn't know it shouldn't be like that so now I think that if you really need to ignore and I Kelly yet right Mike I can do that but finding a way to communicate you a refund of my favorite anti- bottom of the sun and the reader thinks is don't expect your husband to read your mind is made is now I obviously only guy candidate is something that you take a while to get in our unique understanding and even are hoping your mind that your husband is like you do certain things or your boyfriend will do certain things and they don't do it and you can feel like a man writing EV battery health agency temptations for bitterness and nagging case you wanted to do something are you like hold your hand for example are little things that he wanted to be more affectionate in public and that's what you want or to not be as affectionate in public you are are are open a car door you know especially when they were going to give them title you looking at a couple of you you're right unadorned open the door for her to be so sweet you think you know that you know I I I I realize what you are likely to even admit that you know what you deny that you but if you want to remind it doesn't hurt because he is he now went to open the door for me I'm certainly glad you your husband he really wants he will make you happy I really believe that is very good at interesting well-meaning and we also like to play mind games and with ourselves women do yell for an Apple music honoring each bit like my birthday is a tri- delegation and life maybe we just heard that really elaborate like engagement story like living Ivory story was also touching the Whiting video and we just heard that you like hee hee went all out you know and like our little burg they can happen if you are holding in your mind like you know he's planning to me I know he is and I like movies or whatever it is you know you get these ideas in your mind like my husband to get a great legal thing for me you know when a always happy for all that you did that whenever you get what you like all you know you're your own thinking like like birth and you will you basically any expectations like that at the same time you know you're loved you and you should be happy enough knowing the fact that he wants to be with you you he loves her family there to take care of you you know and all the extra expedition is minding upon ourselves it's not healthy and really isn't and the last point in don't let yourself go women play well it happened like in the very beginning when you get married don't you know you felt yourself at intelligentsia can you start going down he highlighted that there is divided into visit in the UV UV light my social life is going to Walmart it really is like we have nothing where we are aware way up north and is a con him as he is in life as well I really like you have heard me out and I realize he or he the role of the wife and the mother he intended to that ancient behavior will work out and you know you and your mother is no reason no time for anything I really feel like even right now is deciding a dignity and being able to be an effective mother and wife you need to care for yourself still and I'm talking about physically felt you know the way we dress and white the full section about being drunk I think I need a attractively and I'm not saying like provocatively a nice is that when people look at you Michigan wow look at that clean Christian woman you know she had herself put together genomics how we carry ourselves even necessary doing a narrator working whatever creating with educating ourselves in our mind guy you know and I really don't even want recommending to continue reading and all you can do is reunite for me I started reading in the evening in the ring if I thought I preserving the Bible you know about it in your mind sharp you know around your mind will die and you will not be able to be that healthy for your husband I feel needs you need you so silly even when you have time to go and do what you want to rock your conquering anybody for that and you when he realized it or not it is affecting you are and most importantly spiritually do not let yourself go you know when frankly have young children wake up when immediately got you know you go to sleep and the babies go down and it's like where you try to find a time for devoting an elevator ten minutes here and then you know something happened just coveting that time with the Lord for yourself because you need that so you know we always knew we always easy witnesses for Jesus I think that's the best way in which we can even help our husband and family and maintaining who we are and I have to say we tried as much as possible refer to the blue dynamism is our favorite book on on on on having an evidence of and we negatively to read into every year and it's been every every time we read we get something units very practical very good very effective for families of the encourage you to get that book as well the bottom line is this that the success of any family first and foremost is the success of the foundation that we set up and a lot of these things are there not new things that we've heard you've heard them all your life is going up little kids are not supposedly religious seminars we are in the many wages you want to hear and and and we've heard these things all along but it's especially been valuable to us I first our first five years of marriage things we want to share with you the bottom line is this that when we make Christ the center of our home and we make our first desire to be like him then we are prepared not just to be a witness to other people because were only family and because other people see reflection of Christ in our spirituality but that we are prepared to impact will the round because of the fact that we are has been fully of reflection of who Christ is using about the life of Moses and closing he was a part of a basic social unit the family unit his mom and his dad wanted to teach him basic principles of Christ likeness as Alisa Moses because God is our eternal excellency you need to strive for excellence because God is the God of morality you need to strive to be moral because God is a God of love of the law if you need to strive to be in these principles these Adventist principles these principles that Moses was given help them and set them up not just a impact one nation but the impact two nations the nation of Egypt the nation of Israel in our basic family units we don't know how many Moses there are but got to do something if we first take care of our own business which is making sure that this right here this right here is a reflection of Christ is our prayer that all of us grow toward that end enclosing will have a word of prayer and then after that if there's any questions we can have a little bit of a question-and-answer session okay when we pray for father Hannah were so thankful for the gift of Jesus with thankful for all that he is in all that he wants to mean to us we pray that as husband and his wife you would teach is what it means to be like him more and more with thankful Lord for our spouses and for future spouses people that you've given to us to marry not just so that we can find happiness in all the privileges of marriage has the morsels that we can find salvation through a person that you set up that you personally worked in Jamaica help need exactly for us Lord prepare us appear as fearsome return by helping us to be Christian matters most Christians in the home brain Jesus name and her room this is my audio or is he was a generation or you would like to learn more about you my recent visit to the life that God will work like this is an online service in WW audio verse


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