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God's Final Call: The Three Angels' Messages—Part 1

Charissa Torossian


A teaching graduate from Macquarie University in Sydney, Charissa is passionate about presenting on the Bible and its relevance in our time. She has spoken to audiences around the world, and is currently serving as the Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the North New South Wales Conference in Australia. She and her husband Justin are loving being a part of their conference evangelism team and seeing people join God’s end-time church! 



  • December 31, 2015
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew Y.C. twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot org. I welcome you to our very first of our three part series on the three angles messages. And this is the first one in our series and it's in title cigar and give glory to him. So let's open with a word of prayer. For those of us that are here. Loving Father in heaven float we just thank you for the time we can spend studying the Bible. And as we studied this first angels message. A prayer help us to be blessed and to understand what it is you have to share with us. We ask this in Jesus' name amen. Now I come from Sydney Australia. My name is surest of fall. And I live in a place that is very close to the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Probably have been some of you had one person has well. Sidney I'm going to spill. Every year has a Christmas tradition. And that is before Christmas time we have. Carol's by candlelight. On the lawn of the hospital. And I don't think you do that in America it's probably be cold. Around this time of here. So I have Carol's by candle light on the lawn. Anywhere. That's what we do. We have Carols by Candlelight everybody in the community come see Bring your candle you bring a torch. And you sit on the lawn and you sing carols and I love it. I love it because it's a family tradition for as long as I can remember. We go there is a family. And we enjoy these carols but my favorite part of the whole carols program is the ending where they play the holly a chorus. While the fireworks go off everybody stands we watch the fireworks and we have a Harley a chorus. Blaring in the background and I love it because it's like a little picture of what it will be like when Jesus comes again that's how I feel. And you know what. Handle right. The Messiah The whole messiah in twenty four days. It's of mazing. At the time that we are told he was struggling with depression. He was in deep debt. And yet this wonderful masterpiece came as a result of that and there's a little story behind the Harley of course. And it goes like this. One day. How it handles assistant was calling to him George George where are you there was no response to his it frustrated because this musicians but all of his time and his at his desk writing and that could be very it's not very social and they didn't talk much and so he's calling for him. There's no response and so frustrated. He gets up and goes looking to find handle. He opens the door to handles office. And there was handle sitting at a desk with tears coming down his cheeks and he says the looked at him and said What's the matter why you cried and handle held out the composition of the hull of your course that he had just completed. And he said I did see have an open. And I saw the face of God. Something to that effect. But that's how moved he was when he wrote this composition which is. I believe the crowning piece of all the works that he wrote in his career. And in fact. King George the Second. When he heard the Messiah play when it got to the heart of the a chorus. We're told that King George the stick and he stood to his feet. He wouldn't take that song sitting down he stood because he thought recognize that there was a king. That was greater than he. And as I think about that wonderful course. And I think about the second coming of Jesus. I believe that one day very soon we too. We will see the heavens are open and we will see the face of Jesus as He comes to take us home. I believe that that day is very very near in the very near future. But there is something that Jesus said had to happen. Before he returned. And we find he tells us about it before he says comes he tells us in Matthew chapter twenty four and verse fourteen. He says. And this gospel of the kingdom. Will be preached in Jamaica. It says all the world that's right. Witness to all the nations and then the end will come. So friends of the Gospel is something that is going to be witness. Not just preached it's not just going to be heard but it will be seen around the world. And then the end will come. And notice. Friends that when Jesus spoke these words he was very specific. He doesn't just say and a gospel. Will be preached nor the world he says this gospel. Very specific choice of language. And there is only one other place. In all the Bible where we find a very specific choice of language. Associated with the Gospel and that is in the Book of Revelation in fact there's only one other place in the whole Bible that talks about I got going around the world globally as well as internationally. I stole that line from George Bush. And that's in Revelation Chapter fourteen son. Be fully explore the three angels messages I would like to bring your attention to some context. There are three scenes that we see in Revelation Chapter fourteen. The first same is right here we see the hundred forty four thousand standing with the lamb on Mount Zion. Who are the hundred forty four thousand. The most important thing for you to know about one hundred forty four thousand. Is found in Revelation fourteen verse four It simply says these are they which follow the lamb. With us so ever he go with friends wherever Jesus garters. They are there. They are the reading. They are in heaven they are representatives of those who will be ready when Jesus comes. And this is a powerful and a very comforting picture for the faithful friends. Of Jesus because friends no matter what this life may bring to us no matter what we may meet in this life. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Fixed on him. The end goal which is eternity with him. That's the first picture. We find here the second picture we see is that John describes three angels and that's what we're about to explore the very first one here. With three messages that must reach the world. And then the third picture we see is a great harvest scene. And according to Matthew thirteen we know that this harvest scene is symbolic of the second coming of Jesus and. And it follows the messages of the three angels. So if we look at this picture right here. We can see that the three angels message is based on its context within the chapter. They must reach the world before the second coming of Jesus that clear. And the hundred forty four thousand. Are they are. Because of their response to this message. OK. So this is a little bit of background for us. Now back to one hundred forty four thousand this picture here is a powerful one. They follow the lamb. At the end of time. And according to the Bible as we will discover as we read through these messages. It's not going to be easy to follow the lamb. At the end of time. In fact Revelation thirteen eleven. It describes a beast that looks like a land. But it's speaks like a dragon. This beast performs miracles. Signs and wonders and because of this. He deceived the end habitants of the whole earth. He sets up an image in honor of the first piece. And he forces everyone to worship the image or they'll be threatened with with with a with death. And with the death the cream. No one can buy and sell. Unless they have a mock the beast. And so this first piece that comes up out of the water there's a second beast that comes up out of the earth and the second beast. Looks like a lamb. But it's beaks like a dragon it looks like a lamb so that people think they are following a lamb. When in actual fact they are following the beast to receive his power from the dragon. So this is a very dramatic picture that we see the end of time. How can we tell the difference between the lamb. And the beast. Can we tell by feeling. Can we even tell by motions that are we can't do that the Bible says He spoke as a dragon. We need to be led by the Word of God We need to follow the Bible for who can stand against the beast. The lamb. Stands. And I want to just point out to you this really good quote from great controversy is from the introduction. In his word. God has committed to man the knowledge necessary for salvation. The Holy Scriptures are to be accepted as an authoritative. Infallible revelation of His will. They are the standard of character. The revealer of doctrines and underline this I will add but test of experience. So we can even be led by our feelings we can be led by what we experience. We must be led by the Word of God and the three angels messages unpack for us what it means to follow the land in a world that is united in rebellion against him. The one hundred forty four thousand I said this before they are who they are. Because they heeded the three and Jellicoe appeals from heaven. And the great have a scene at the end of the chapter means we can safely conclude these messages. Prepare people for the second coming of Jesus and before I came to America. I asked some teenagers in Australia. I said tell me what you know about the three angels messages. And they answered me with silence. I said and I take a you can tell me. Tell me what you've heard people say. Tell me what you know. So one of them sheepishly spoke up and said. I think good or bad. And then the second one. That was brave enough to speak said can you tell us the story about the three angles again. I want to tell you the story about the first angel. Now. It's not a story but let's let us look here. Revelation fourteen verse six if you have your Bibles you want to follow along because I haven't got them all on the screen. Revelation Chapter fourteen verse six. Says. Then I saw another enjoy flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth. To every nation. Tribe tongue. And people. Now the word. Angel. Does everybody know what it means in the Greek. I put it on the screen. Thank you for showing you that yes you are absolutely right here. Means messenger. In the Greek. Now. What's this messenger doing here is one thing in the midst of heaven. This tells us two things. Instantly number one fly in the midst of heaven this is a a message of heavenly origin. And number two the Met The very fact it is flying means it is an urgent message there's a sense of urgency about the message that this angel must bear to the world. How fast to angels fly. Very fast like lightning and you thought your internet was fast. These messages. Flying in the midst of heaven. And I want to put a quote here on the screen. To selected messages page three hundred eighty seven. No one here is the voice of these angels. For their e symbol to represent the people of God who are working in harmony with the universe of heaven. Couldn't say it any better than that Friends. These angels represent. Heavenly messages that use human beings. And if you say she receive that's a little bit farfetched for me to accept. In the book of Acts. Acts Chapter six and verse fifteen I'll just read this to you because this is very interesting. Acts Chapter six. Verse fifteen. It says. And all who sat in the council. Looking steadfastly at him which is Stephen in this passage. Saw his face as the face of an angel. OK so this. These Angel messengers represent how the Gospel has been committed to human beings. By the way. Matthew twenty eight nineteen and twenty did Jesus ask me and just to preach the gospel. He committed it to us are angels help us. Now friends if you are excited about Jesus. You are fast. If you are excited about Jesus you got to tell everybody about Jesus the angel is flying. This message must fly and heaven. Gives this message wings. Notice the empire of our quote. The people of God are working in harmony with the universe. Of Heaven friends the end Jellicoe hosts. Anxiously wait to aid in the proclamation of this message that we are starting right now we're just not doing it like we should. So friends people in God's Church. We shouldn't be quarrelling with each other we need to be about our father's business we don't have time to be quarrelling. It's time to stop doing business as usual and start taking these messages to the world. And the Bible tells us that the angel has the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth. Now. This is the very first time in the Bible where we find the word. Gospel used by John. This time. This is the first time John uses the word gospel A-K. sorry. What is the gospel. Wise. Gospel you meant to say it's good news. But that's very good. That's what's her at it from a big cliche answer is usually the gospel is good news that's what people say. But it's more than that it has to be more than that because if you're part German. And when Germany won the World Cup That was good news for Germany. So has to be more than just good news good news for what and. My brother has already said it. So let's go over this look at some texts. Romans Chapter one Verse sixteen. Romans chapter one. First sixteen. Notice how the Bible describes the gospel. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to sell vacation for everyone who believes for the Jew first and also for the Greek friends of the Gospel is God's power to save everyone who believes which is what was said here. The gospel is something that is demonstrated it is something that is the splayed and seem not just stated. It is witnessed. It's the salvation that is offered to everyone because of Jesus. Full abundant rich and free. Save us from what. Matthew Chapter one Verse twenty one tells us very clearly Matthew Chapter one. Various twenty one. Says and she will bring forth the sun. And you shall call his name Jesus for He will save his people from their sins. Jesus came down from heaven to this earth to save us from San we are saved by his works. And not our own and any obedience which we have is merely as a byproduct or fruit of our relationship with Jesus as a Christian. The Gospel means that I can have victory over sin. Through Jesus God writes his Lauren our hearts therefore the gospel of Christ is the power of God to save you and I from the practice. Power and penalty of sin and give us a victory over the penalty power and presence of sin. This is what the a turning this of Jesus. Accomplished for us. Of Calvary a man and John describes that this Gospel is carried by a first angle and he places a word before that word gospel What was it. Having the everlasting gospel. What is the everlasting gospel. When I was in the Solomon Islands which is in the South Pacific. And I was there and it's very hot in the Solomons not like here. It's hot. You just you sweat in the shade. And I was preaching I got carried away on the Sabbath because there's so many people there. I preach for over an hour. And then the end they told me I was preaching the everlasting gospel. Well you know what. It's not that it refers to three things I believe the everlasting Gospel is everlasting because it has always been true. And it cannot be destroyed. Frenzy everlasting Gospel was talked about fifty years ago is talked about one hundred years ago or so about two thousand years ago. It was true and know as they it was true and Abraham's day. And it's true today. Is ever lasting Lee church. When I do this it means Amen. OK. Number three. Its effects its fruitage is everlasting. When we accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have everlasting life its fruits are of a lot of thing that's another reason why it's everlasting and number three the tremendous truth of God's love for humanity God's suffering for Humanity God's plan of salvation for the human race. Friends it's going to be study. For all eternity. As well so that's why this is called the ever lasting gospel. Now I don't know about you but do you like watching the news from people dying from people don't mind it. Whenever I'm watching the news. And I see those two words come up on the bottom of the screen that says breaking news. I just can't take my eyes off the screen because I want to be the first person to tell somebody about what's break. Problem is most breaking news takes like three or four hours to finally finish breaking say. But anyway. I watched the news. And I can tell you that still the best news that there is is the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. There's nothing better than the everlasting gospel. Amen. And it. All right let's read this together Revelation fourteen verse seven. Saying with a loud voice. Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come. And worship Him who made heaven and earth. The sea and springs of water. Now. If God sends an angel to bring a message. I want to hear it. I don't know about you but I want to hear. And when I was studying to be a teacher. One of the first problems I am counted. Was that when I entered a classroom. I would have a class full of high school students in Australia and I would give them instructions of what we were going to do. And nobody could hear me. Because my voice wasn't loaded. But in have a lot and I force. Well this angel doesn't have that problem. This angle speaks with a loud voice. And the whole world can hear it. And if someone speaks to a loud voice you know they want you to hear what they are going to say. And so friends in other words. We need to proclaim in the power of the Holy Spirit these messages with both hands. And there are three aspects that I see here in this message that I'd like to outline for you three essential elements of the first angels message number one is a respect for God. The message begins with fear God and give glory to him. The first two words out of the angels mouth. Fear God. Now before I started practicing is part of my high school teacher training. I knew exactly the kind of teacher that I wanted to be. I wanted to be the kind of teacher who walked into a classroom and everybody just was quiet. And just a baby would ever the teachers said. And I was thinking back to my time in high school and I was thinking back to those teaches that had better effect on everybody. And I thought about it and I concluded that the reason why some teachers were better than others. Was because of the way they dressed. And I figured that the way. Way to get people's attention. Was to wear a leather jacket. Because that would tell everybody that I had a farting. And so I went and bought myself a leather jacket and tried it and it didn't work. So it's not the leather jacket. That makes people respect you. But this message. This first dangerous message is that. Calling for the world. To Fear God and that word in the Greek actually means to reverence. Or to have a deep respect for someone discovered deserve our respect. Not based on a leather jacket friends God is the king of the universe. God is the creator of the universe and throughout history they have been many wrong pictures of God that have been given. You've had one extreme where people are so afraid of cod. You know they think he's someone to be afraid of rather than someone to be a friend of now today the pendulum has swung and you've got the opposite extreme. Which is now everybody things that God will just. He's so loving and serve for giving he doesn't matter what we do against him he'll overlook anything. So long as you believes something you'll be OK with now swung to the other extreme. But friends. If a person truly fears God. If they truly reverence and have a deep respect for God It means they have a relationship with him. It means that they trust him. And it means that they're fully surrendered to his will. When I think about this I realize that most of the reasons why people do what they do today is because they're afraid of what other people will think of them. But God says this has to change. We need to realize that God is our number one priority. And until we learn this we aren't Christians. Doesn't matter what other people say. It matters what God says. I meant. This is why every day we need to be spending time in his word. If we're too busy to even read out bibles and spend time in the Word of God then with busier than heaven ever intended for us to be. We're living in a time in earth's history when we are told that the world's population will be led to worship and glorified. The beasts. But friends I think about the Bible the servants of the Living God. Have often been referred to as those who feared him. I've got two examples here in my notes. The first one. Noah feared God. Durable what no it did that's why for one hundred twenty years. While the anti delusion world is hurling that Titanic. Insults at him. No I continued to build a bird. And he continued to do this why. Because he feared God more than he feared men. I think too about Abraham Abraham feed God. This is why he was willing to sacrifice his own son because he loved God so much that he would do whatever God told him to do. And John fifteen. Verse eight. If I'll just read it from my notes here it says by this. My father is glorified that you bear much fruit. So that you say you will be my disciples. Friends look at your life in your own minds for a moment. Are your words are your deeds bring glory to God. Matthew chapter seven wrist twenty says. Therefore by their fruits. Jesus says you will know them. And I want to read this because it's good when the child of God looks into the Word of God and sees the Son of God. He or she is changed by the Spirit of God into the image of God for the glory of God. It all starts when the child of God looks into the Word of God. And you know what is I think about this and I think about the first call of the angel here the first angel's message I recognize that this first call to fear God to give glory to him. Guess what. It touches on every aspect of our. Alive through the maze and it touches on what we sink. What we watch what we see think about television today. Television portrays sin and something beautiful. Adultery is something sweet. Drugs is something cool and violence is just the small thing but friends if we look at the Word of God. That's not thing that brings God glory right here. I have a friend who asked me. As I was preparing for this seminar. She said to me. Oh my boyfriend just went to see this latest star was that a movie. Movie. And she said three are going to what do you think about that. And she she asked me this question while I'm in the middle of writing this series in the first thing that came to my mind was this. Does this give glory to God I mean the question you should ask is you know what do I think. Is this work. Ask. Does this give glory to God That's the question we should have in our minds. And when I think about that question I recognize this touches what I listen to the choices of music I mean the world is singing about sin and they like to sing about skin. And I like to sing about selfishness. It touches what we do. First Corinthians. Is worth looking at First Corinthians chapter ten. First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirty one. Here the Bible says. Therefore where the you eat or drink or whatever you do do. All to the glory of God. So. It touches what we do how do I spend my time. What do I use my talents for. How do I spend my money. Even am I giving glory to God in these things. It touches. What we eat friends. I flick over the page to first Corinthians Chapter six. And verse twenty. Here. My Bible says and I actually prefer says nineteen and twenty. Says Oh do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you. Whom you have from God and you are NOT yard for you were bought at a price there folklore fi God in your body. And in your spirit which are gods so this is the health message. Alcohol clouds the brain cigarettes pollute the body temple drugs make it difficult for us to discern the voice of God. Without the help message right here in the first angel's message. Not only that but for this touches on what we where did you know that you and I can give glory to God by what we choose to wear. So friends. We need to be dressing. With modest simplicity with the same modest simplicity that characterized the life of Jesus. People should be able to look at us and when we when they look at us they should see us as men and women who dress to glorify God and not ourselves. Dress like men and women who give glory to God. So friends this is amazing. It's serve all encompassing this message right here. And not only that but it's so contrary to our human nature to do that with certain natural for us to glorify self. But here the angel says Give glory to God Why. God is with you. And when we get this right. We will discover what a wonderful privilege we have as since to bring glory to live in such a way so that we can bring glory to the King of Kings. The King of the universe. And you might think of is that mean I can't do this I can't do that. Friends God will never take away anything from us that we would not readily give up outsells. If we knew what he knew. So giving glory to GOD friends means we reveal his glorious attributes of character in our lives. It means that we are cold when the cold here is to fear God and give glory to Him We are being cold to faithfully represent God. In what we do. And what we think in what we eat and what we wear and. In all those things that characterize our lives. Because the true Christian. Is someone who when people look at them. We remind them of Jesus. That's a true Christian. True Christian is neither ashamed of the Gospel or a shame to the Gospel. They represent God of right and that's what God is looking for he's calling for his people to represent him a right at the end of time. Perhaps this is why the wisest. And some ways the most foolish man who ever lived. He wrote this and he cleans Yes these crazy ass these Chapter twelve. And it says here in versus thirteen and fourteen. Says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter of fear God and keep His commandments. For this is man's all for God will bring every work. Into judgment. Including every secret thing whether good or evil. And this brings me to the second reason of the second element of our message. The first angel's message. BE OUR of his judgment is come. This is the reason why the angel says we should give glory to God because the hour of his judgment has come. So this is a very interesting message this is a message. That is addressed to a planet in a state of probation. The angel he declares that the hour of his judgment has come. Present tense. Notice that the time of judgment. Coincides with the preaching of the everlasting Gospel which meets. Then as we see the Gospel. Being preached to the whole world. At the same time. Gaza last a judgment is also taking place in heaven. Are we saying. The Gospel being preached around the world today. Absolutely. Friends this Gospel is flying through space. Not only our But only three people like you and I but it is flying on the internet it is flying through satellite. It is flying through the literature the message is flying through print and Facebook even God's Word is getting out there. This means a right now. There is a heavenly judgement. Underway in heaven. Without the three angels messages we wouldn't know where we were in the timeline of History. Now. The Bible speaks of four phases of judgment. And I'll just put these on the screen for you as a pre-adolescent or investigative judgment that happens before the coming of Jesus. Then is the second coming of Jesus when Christ comes. And he rewards his faithful followers based on his prior judgment here. Them is the millennial phase of judgement where the books are open to the saints who live and reign with Christ for a thousand years in heaven. This is Dance of the saints can see that God's judgment has been fair and then finally at the end of the millennium we read this in Revelation twenty. God pronounce a sentence upon the wicked. Destroyed and sin is finally fully eradicated from the universe. Such. Since this judgment is taking place before. The second coming of Jesus because the first angel's message comes before the great harvest. We know that we are looking at an announcement about the pre advent or investigative judgment face. Question. When did this phase. Begin. Well. The Book of Daniel has a very important clue for us. Book of Daniel Daniel means what God is my judge. It depicts in Daniel Chapter seven and or some heavenly court saying. In fact in Daniel seven. We find Daniel he describes how after the reign of for universal kingdoms. That the little old rises. And rains for twelve hundred sixty is this Will and. If you study this and we don't have time to go into it now but I'm just going to go server and you can look at it later. But this time this twelve hundred sixty is it ends in seventeen ninety eight after a seven hundred ninety eight Daniel sees something remarkable. Daniel Chapter seven vs nine and ten let's look there together. Daniel Chapter seven vs nine ten. Actually I'm going to read verse eight as well just because it helps you with context. It says I watched sorry. I was considering the horns. And there was another horn. A little one. Coming up from from Monk them. Before him three of the first hall. Horns were plucked out by the roots. And they're in this hole and we're eyes like the eyes of a man and I mout speaking pompous words. And I watched Suddenly the same changes. And I watched to throne to put in place. And the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white a slur and the hair of his head was like pure wool. He's thrown was a fiery flame it's Will's a burning fire. A fiery stream issued in came forth from before he had a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand sued before him. The court was seated. And the books were open. So as Daniel is watching in vision he sees suddenly this court scene. Great court trial taking place in the heavenly temple. Now if you think back to the Old Testament. Century services there. There was a particular day in the Old Testament century service that was called The Day of Judgment. Day of Atonement. Or Yom Kippur. On this day the most holy place in the sanctuary. Was symbolically cleansed. It was a very solemn day. In Israel. It was a day of judgment. Well. Watch this. In Daniel Chapter eight. Verse fourteen. And again this is the tip of the iceberg. But watch this. We find another prophecy and here it says and he said to me for two thousand three hundred days. Then the sanctuary. Shall be cleansed. Friends the cleansing of the sanctuary. Can be same as shown to represent a work of judgment. In the heavenly temple. Two thousand three hundred days. Prophetic days is what. Two thousand three hundred years. Which can be conclusively shown to and in eight hundred forty four. This means that the heavenly court session which commenced in the year and eighteen forty four to over twenty two. It started then. And it will conclude at the close of probation. At the end of time before Jesus comes again. Therefore the fulfillment of the first angels message. It commences. In the year. Eighteen forty four. This is a very specific reference to the and to typical day of a target. Sorry. This is very important stuff. So I looking at this. These messages are not a trivial matter accepting or rejecting them. Is a life and death issue. Just to help illustrate this second Corinthians Chapter five verse ten second Corinthians Chapter five. Various ten says. For we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. That each one may receive the things done in the body. According to what he has done with a good or bad. And then if you flick over to James. Chapter two. James Chapter two verse twelve. We see here. This standard in the judgment of God's judgment says so we speak and sorry do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty. So there's nothing wrong with God's law absolutely nothing wrong with it his judgment is based upon it we fear God and give glory to him. When we keep His law. And lastly I just like you to notice first PETA chapter four and verse seventeen. First PETA. Chapter full verse seventeen. Simply says for the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God. And if it begins with us what will be the end for those who do not obey the Gospel of God. These solemn words. Now friends. God doesn't need a judgment so that he can work out who is guilty and who is not guilty. God doesn't need a judgement here already knows everything so why then is this investigative judgment necessary. The answer is because God must not only be just but he must be seen to be just by the watching. Universe and for the sake of humanity. And the angels and so he shows through all that those who are saved in His Kingdom at the end of time. Our worthy. Because of their relationship. To him. The judgment reveals that the Saints. Not only started as saints. But they're finished and have remained science. And you know what. While you turn to life is a gift it is also a gift that can be lost. We can reject the gift of eternal life. Million start the Christian life. But they fall away from Christ. But some of you may be married in this room. If someone is married and has written your will. Even if you are not married you will never this survey that they are is that getting married is a good thing and it's important. But staying married is equally as important as getting married. And you know what it's the same with Jesus coming to Jesus is important but it is equally important to keep coming to Jesus day by day. So is the judgement good or bad news is now. Very good. Well the judgment is excellent. Is to help illustrate this point. I just shared this. My dad's favorite television program in Australia. Is Judge Judy. He tells me all the time. Because I can be not as strong as I should be sometimes and he says you need to watch Judge Judy and how she deals with people. So I want you to imagine something this is a hypothetical situation but imagine you had to appear in court and you would judge this judge judy. Now you say Nash treats people. How do you feel I did about you but I feel a little bit nervous this could go either way. But tell you what. How do you feel of Judge Judy's not are the your judge. But she's your lawyer. March better. What a relief she's kind of defend me. Well you know what it's the same. In the judgment. God is not only Jesus not on the out Judge. But he's a lawyer in the judgment he's our advocate. And if that is the case and we have nothing to fear in the judge with the friends of Jesus have nothing to fear for he stands and represents us. And that's why and Daniel chap to seven in verse twenty two. It says A judgment was made in favor of the saints. Of the most high. And the time came for the Saints. To possess. The kingdom so this is why the judgment is included as being as part of the everlasting gospel. It is good news. You know what God suppressed people throughout the ages who have suffered incredible persecution. They have longed for and prayed for this judgment. This is vindication from their presses and their persecutors as it is portrayed symbolically in the plea of the modern science. Underneath the altar and Revelation six ten where they where their prayer is how long our lord of friends. The judgment. Hours signals to God's people but the good news is that they are nearing the heavenly heart that Jesus is coming soon and an eternity with Jesus is just around the corner. And that's good news and looking forward to an eternity with Jesus. I have think we should think more in heaven. The Bible says that Jesus said I am going to prepare a place for you friends he's had over two thousand years to be preparing that place it's going to be very good and not only that some translations say he's preparing mentions and other ones say he's preparing rooms. My Father's house are many mansions and the other one says many rooms. If it's a mansion price a lot and if it's the room guess what will be down the hall from Jesus. So either way it's going to be amazing. It's going to be just wonderful. It is no exaggeration really exaggeration therefore to conclude that a fresh grasp of the Gospel in this. N. time setting context that we find a revelation. Ten Revelation fourteen. It creates a new room that people are REM that is raised in this context. And in the preaching of the sin of the three angels messages. Pretty of the three just messages Seventh Day Adventists. We find explanation for how we even merged into the Rena of history. Seven they had risen. Tism didn't come into being because of some church split. So people to churches had a fight no the administrators board nor it is the result of God's leading the Seventh Day Adventists movement is a movement of death and heaven gone. Heaven blessed. And by God's grace. Heaven bound. God raised up this movement for such a time as this to preach the three angles messages to the world. To prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus and by the way. As a little side note right here just throwing this out there. Later to see a means what a people judged. So as another thing we need to go and explore in the context of the three angels messages. All right so those are the first two aspects the final third aspect that jumps out at me in this first Angela's message is a call to worship. The creator god. I don't know about you. But I can almost hear it live just starring appeal to the people on Mt cobbler's I read this message remember what he said if the Lord is God following him. But even bail and follow him. Guess what in the mid nineteenth century. A chain of discoveries in the field of biology and geology challenge the idea that God created this world that God could even create this world. And these discoveries with the beginning of a serious conflict between science and Christianity to the point where we have the development of the theory of evolution and amazing fact. I give you an amazing fact in the seventh. Mazing fact is this. In eighteen forty four dollar and began publishing his series of human evolution. And our agents. Eight hundred forty four. Minimizing. And at that same time. God's message is sounding to the world and I want you to notice in the first angel's message here. The direct allusion to the Sabbath that we fight Exodus says Exodus twenty verse eleven says For in six days alone made the heavens and the earth the sea. And all that is in them but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the law to bless the Sabbath and made it. Sabbath day and made it holy. That's what Exodus says almost these exact words I use here in Revelation for change. But link is unmistakable. Worship him. Who made the heavens the earth. The sea and springs of water that's what the angel say is also want you to notice. What God says an ex of this chapter thirty one. Exodus thirty one verse is sixteen and seventeen. It's said this right here. Exodus thirty one sixteen and seventeen. Therefore the children of Israel. Shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual cover. It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever for in six days a Lord made the heavens and the earth. And on the seventh day he rested and was refreshing. It is a sign. God says and this is this command is also a command that applies to spiritual Israel today friends the great. Side. Between the true believer and God Which demonstrates that we worship the creator is our observance of the seventh day sabbath. And this is going to become more and more important as we will see as we go throughout these messages second and third angel. That will fall or. Because we discover that the world is being wooed into false worship into worship of a beast and his image as depicted in Revelation thirteen in Revelation thirteen in verse eight the Bible says. All who dwell on the earth will worship him. Whose names have not been written in the book of life. Of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. So this is a life and death message it is so important. How this is an amazing fact as well. Revelation sixteen thirteen and fourteen which we will address again in out next presentation. It talks about three. Unclean spirits. Coming out of the mouth of the dragon. The based. And the false prophet. Reason clean spirits are what fallen angels. Coming out of the mouth meaning that they speak French This is amazing. But God has his story in just a go out to the world to prepare the world. To for the second coming of Jesus and to call the will to worship him. But then at the same time Satan has his own counterfeit three. Message that goes to the world. And through lives and lying one this. These these messages these false messages. Bring the world together in apostasy. Against God Isn't that amazing. This could count if it is all very remarkable. And so can you see why God is anxious for these messages to be preached to the world. Because he knows that Babylon is seeking to control the world. And so friends. We read again. In fact. I was going to repeat the first dangerous message. Revelation fourteen six and seven. Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven. Having the everlasting gospel. To preach to those who dwell on the earth. To every nation. Tribe tongue. And people saying with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come. And worship Him who made heaven and earth. The sea and springs. Of waters. We've got to we've got jobs to do regret a work to do because a message that must reach the world Amen. I sometimes wonder if the Lord had made that the gospel of secret. If he told us it was a secret maybe it would have spread more quickly. You know I don't tell anyone and we all go tell everybody. Well. We can't go home until the world has heard about Jesus. We can't go home and that's not a challenge. When you love him. Because when you love Jesus. It's a joy to tell other people about it. And I love to talk about Jesus. And I know you do too. Jesus is the best thing that's ever happened to us. Let's tell the world. About him. We don't have the power to do that but God has the power. We have the will he has the power. And he has promised us that he will empower us to give this message. And again. Thinking back to our context the Revelation fourteen it ends with that great. Harvest saying symbolic of the second coming of Jesus in Bible times. The latter rain. Prepared the harvest for being harvested we can made the harvest right. So to at the end of time we find that God will pour out His Spirit. And let it rain power and as the Holy Spirit is poured out. In this let it rain power God's people will be and pallid their witness. Of this three angels message to the world it will be amplified. And Jesus will come world will be prepared. And Jesus will come. Amen. I want to conclude with a story. And then. That's the end of this first message. There is a man by the name of here Rwanda. Nobody here probably knows if I said that right or wrong it's a Japanese name. But he joined the Japanese army. At the age of twenty joining the dark days of World War two. This into this on the twenty sixth of December nineteen forty four on Nanda a number was deployed to an island in the Philippines. When he was deployed there. He and his comrades were forbidden to take their lives. And they were promised a rescue as soon as the woman had it possible. So serious and under his comrades they found other soldiers on the island and they began to form a series of cell groups and they went about the island. Performing using guerrilla tactics against the allied forces. Then one day. In October one thousand nine hundred five. He and he saw groups after they sell group members after they had killed a cow. Of a local farmer. For Food. They stumbled across a leaflet from a local Islander to them it lying on the ground and it simply said this. The war ended. All this fifteen. Come down from the mountains. Long into the night. The group came back and they discuss this leaflet until at last they concluded that it was nothing more than allied propaganda material and therefore they would keep fighting. After all. How could you pan lose the war they hadn't heard about Hiroshima. And so for nearly thirty years is here and Nanda remained in hiding. Convinced his comrades in offices that he. They would be coming back with him as soon as the war permitted. During this time. He killed thirty locals injured a hundred others and destroyed. Various crops. On the tenth of March nineteenth seventy five. He finally surrendered and marched out of the jungle. At the age of fifty two. He'd been told the Wall was art of. Pay did not experience the freedom of this good news for thirty years. That's amazing. You know want to know are the first angels message you to know the three angles message is one thing. But the question is are we experiencing it. We can know about it. Miss it but we need to experience the three. Angels messages. We cannot share with the world what we don't have what we haven't experienced. We must not just preach the everlasting gospel. But friends we must have it. We must love it. And we must live it. You know order for this message to be true. Three Angels messages are not just academic. They are to be experience that when we truly end of check under stand there. I believe that these messages will change our lives which is why Jesus says it's in John fourteen in verse fifteen he says if you love me keep my commandments. That clear. That's the beautiful message I love that. Sorry but I was close with prayer and loving Father in heaven. We thank you Lord for this beautiful message. The first message the call to fear God and give glory to year for the are of your judgment has come to worship you. Or you are the creator God you made every think it is around us and you made us as well. You are worthy of our worship you're worthy of glory and praise and I pray that as we continue to study a word that you would help us Lord. To instant. In season when it comes to sharing Jesus with make us your messages and send us wherever the kingdom may reach the world. And then we ask this and we thank you for hearing the loving and. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen and Louisville Kentucky. U.I.C. supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price centered and soul winning Christian. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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