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The BATTLE for the BRAIN!

Lowell Hargreaves


The devil's primary target today, is the frontal lobe of the brain since this is the control center of our entire being.  This sermon describes the 4 blows to the brain that the devil is hitting society with, in his ambition to "knock out" the control center so that he can take control of our lives.


Pastor Lowell Hargreaves is the director of the new AFCOE Africa training center opening in Nairobi, Kenya.


Lowell Hargreaves

Lowell Hargreaves is a full time itinerant evangelist for Amazing Facts. He and his wife, Sandra, along with their two children, Teresa and Michael, have traveled all around the world with Amazing Facts. Pastor Lowell is also an ordained minister of the SDA church. Recently, his seminars have an added facet with his son Michael joining him in preaching prophecy to the public.


  • December 12, 2015
    11:45 AM
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Today I'd like to share with you a topic that I've been titled The battle for the brain this is for boys and girls and young people and moms and dads. Let's bet our heads for a moment of prayer before we begin our Dear Heavenly Father as we now turn our attention to your holy word. Guide our minds. We want that you be the victor in the battle for our brain. Because we ask in Jesus' name. Am him. During the first Gulf war with Iraq. The object of the Allies was to knock out the control center for so Dom Hussein's army. They succeeded in doing it in one not. The devil is also after our control center the control center of your brain is what the frontal lobe Yes. That science tells us is the control center of our entire being. It's the seat of more ality spirituality and the will. And whatever effects our frontal lobe affects our entire being physically mentally and spiritually in the devil of course he knows that. And so his object is to knock out the frontal lobe the control center. Today. Boys and girls young people are going to share with you for blows to the brain this is the devil's tactics to knock out your frontal lobe before we begin. Let me show you why this topic is so important. If you have your Bible turned to if Eason's six verse twelve we've been studying from this. This week. And this was our morning devotion every morning we were studying the Christian armour. If Eason six verse twelve. You had to see our children with their bibles up here. The Bible says in a fees in six twelve four we wrestle. Not against flesh and blood. But against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against fear it sure wickedness in high places. So we are in a fight. And the devil wants to knock us out. Now we're not fighting with fists and guns. If you have. If you're there in. If Eason's back up a little bit to second Corinthians chapter ten. And we're going to read vs four and five second Corinthians ten versus four and five and if you're taking notes today. Those of you have something to take notes on. Then write down the verse. Second Corinthians ten versus four and five says. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. But mighty through cog took pulling down of strongholds. Casting down imaginations. Imaginations take place in the brain. The mind. Casting down imaginations in every high thing that exulted it self. Against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity. How many. Every thought to the obedience of Christ that's when God controls your brain. There is another text that you can read with me it's in Romans twelve verse two. We have it on the screen. The Bible says in be not conform to this world don't be like the world around you. But be transformed by the renewing of what. Of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Your thoughts. Children. Your thoughts create your words and actions. Your words and actions they make up your habits. Your habits make up what your character. And it is your character that determines your destiny both in this life and in the next life so our thoughts are important. If you want to be a winner in the battle. Then it starts in the MA And that's why we're told in X. the Apostles those who would not fall a prey to Satan's devices. Must guard Well the avenues of the soul. They must avoid reading. Seeing or hearing that. Which will suggest. Impure thoughts. So you have to guard your mind. Proverbs for twenty three says keep by heart. With all diligence. And when it talks about the heart or said. The Bible says as a man thinks in his heart. So is he so where's the hard here as is the mind. Keep by heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. The New International Version says above all else. Guard your heart. For everything you do flows from it. The common English Bible says more than anything you go hard. Protect you are your ma and for life flows from it. When you came here today you had to pass the guards. We must go ard our MA and that's why it says we have to guard Well the avenues of the soul now tell me what are the avenues of the soul. Every fortress has some gates some entrances. And there are five avenues to the soul these of the gates of the soul what first is sight. Then you have sound. Then you have male. Then you have to pay and then you have touched. Five avenues to the sold and what's interesting boys and girls of those five four of them are right next to your brain your sight. Your smell your hearing. And your taste. Right beside your brain. All of those five ones which do you think is the main door to your mind. It is the eyes and less your blind if you're blind then you have another main entrance but if you have sight then that's the main entrance. And the devil has launched a relentless attack on the main door to the soul. The eyes. He did it all the way back in the beginning Genesis three Verse six boys and girls notice the Bible says and when the woman that was he when the woman what. When she saw that the tree was good for food. And that it was pleasant to the AH I was and it treed to be desired to make one wise. She took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also on to her husband with her and he did eat. Do you see House in came. It started where main entrance site first site then desire you see something you said. Oh I want that they had after desire comes. You take it. And then the end diligence. Sin. That's how almost all sin comes to every soul. And that is why we are told to guard Well the avenues of the soul What's the main door to your soul. Your eyes and I'm going to come back now to the the four blows to the brain the devil as a are at a let us attack on the main entrance for blows to the brain this is like if you get in a boxing match you shouldn't box but the devil he wants to knock out your frontal lobe. And that's why it says those who would not follow pray to saints devices must guard away all the avenues of the soul. They must avoid reading. Seeing or hearing that which will suggest impure thoughts. For blows to the brain. Do you have a notepad. Take out a piece of paper and mark down these four blows. Any one of these as a knock out to your frontal lobe. You're ready for knock out number one. It is take a deep breath. This might hurt. It is the television not talking about hope channel please you understand. We're talking about Hollywood with its rapid see every second or two seconds. They're changing the picture. And within thirty to ninety seconds of watching Hollywood. Your frontal lobe. Turns off. You go from Beda way where your brain is very active. To our full wave where you're sort of zoned out in somebody can throw a ball right over the television. And you don't see it. Because your frontal lobe has turned off. And that increases listen you older folks that increases your risk of Owls. Later in life which we don't want. Here's what Dr M. mere So A says. Watch last television because your brain goes into neutral. When your brain goes into neutral when your friend to Willow biz deactivated it. That has an effect upon your entire being here is a statement from and Tom Levey You know and Tom Levey is. Was he was the author of the say ten it bible. He wrote the book the say ten it bible. He said. Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new say ten acre religion that's why you're really don't want to watch Hollywood. Too much Satanism. The T.V. set or use say ten make family altar. Has grown more elaborate since the early fifty's from the tiny fuzzy screen do huge intertainment centers. Covering entire walls and servile T.V. monitors. This author of the say tannic Bible calls the television set low watt. They say tannic family altar. I don't hope you don't have one. What started as an innocent rest bite from every day life has become in itself a replacements for real life for millions. A major religion. Of the masses. The television. Now television since it turns off your frontal lobe What does that do to your body. Every hour watch this air free hour in front of the television boys and girls. Bring per day brings with it and eleven percent greater risk of premed tear death from all causes. And an eighteen percent greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease a new study finds. And the reason for that anything that turns off your frontal lobe is not good for your body because error free function of your body is controlled by the frontal lobe and when your frontal lobe is turned off. That's not good. Here is the study. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association the largest health insurance agency and America. And you notice it says. It's kind of small they're watching T.V. shortens lifespan study says shows. Researchers found a strong connection between T.V. hours and death from cardiovascular disease. That link fat was found not just among the overweight and obese. But among people who had a healthy weight and exercise. People who watch more than four hours a day you know how much people. Most people watch. Five hours a day. That's the average people who watch more than four hours a day. Showed an eighty percent greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease and of forty six percent higher risk of all causes of death. Compared to those who watched less than two hours a day so we want to recommend boys and girls. Watch less television. Better for your brain. Here's what N.P.R. News says watching T.V. could shorten your life. Now for you boys and girls here. We've got some fourteen year olds. Researchers that Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons concluded in two thousand and seven or example that fourteen year olds who watch one or more hours of television daily were add an elevated risk for poor homework completion. Negative attitudes towards school board grades and long term academic failure there. You want to fail school. But every hour you spend watching T.V. increases that's not. Not talk about hope channel. We're talking about Hollywood here. No Mr understand me. Now what we recommend is that you replace the television parents with family fun tie. In our home when our children were small in the evening instead of watching television we took our children outside and we prayed games together. And the children loved it. You like to play with your parents. Look at them nodding their heads parents do you have time to play with your children. Take time to play with your children. Turn off the television and spend some time with your children. Here's a picture of mom and dad. With their children I know our children are both in their twenty's. But they're still living with us. Never had a television in our home. All too well the longer we have been married twenty seven years. Family Fun time do something fun with your children and they won't even miss the T.V. The Lucy would not fall a prey to Satan's the vices must guard Well the avenues of the soul were talking about what we see here. Knock out number one was television. The Bible says more than any read with me. Can you read this wasn't girls. Read with me. More than anything you go. Pro-tax your mind. For life flows from and never looked at number one. Ready for number two this is another knock out right to the either T.V. is right to the eye this is right to the I hate to even bring this up in church. But it's a problem. Even for church members. And that's part of the Negat this is doctors eliminate the negative effects of pornography have been more consistently proven than the links between smoking and lung cancer. Not good for you Dr Hilton said brain shrinking. You want to shrink your brain no brain shrinkage has been the scene in drug addition. Diction such as Coke aid and meth and better mean. But also a natural addiction such as obesity and more recently sexual addiction. Studies are currently underway to examine shrinking specifically in part Nagar fee addiction. You know how many young people view pornography. Ninety per cent of eight to sixteen year olds today. View pornography on the Internet. That's disgusting. Is it having an effect upon our brain. What about the male brain because what goes along with pornography is those vicious habits. Those vices. Masturbation and so forth. How does that affect the brain. Here is from C.B.S. News gender gap boy is a lagging ad dragged you ace in ceremonies last June at Hanover High School in Massachusetts. It was the ninth year in a row that a girl was at the podium. As schools Olive Victorio top of the school. Ninth year in a row. Girls also took nearly all the honors including the science prize said the principal. So who's getting ahead here the voice of the girl. It's the girl. The school's advancement placement classes which admit only the most qualified students are often seventy percent to eighty percent girls. This includes calculus. And in A.P. biology there was not a single boy. Did you know that today. Last year last year more than seventy percent of all valedictorians in America. In both high school and college. Were women. Where the man. On the Internet. Wasting their mental energies in their vices. Girls so outperform boys in school right now one has to Titian said he took it out to its observed end point. And said at the present trend at the current trend. The last man to get his Basser secret will do so in two thousand and sixty eight after that they'll be no more men that have enough brains to get a bass or security. That's a shame boys. Boy listen to me boys. Stay away from those pornographic pictures. And from those personal vices a go along with it. If you want to save your brain that was knockout number two. What is our tax rate with me altogether. More than anything you protect your ma and for the life flows from it and we looked at number one. Were guarding the avenues of the soul was number one. The television. Number two was pornography with its associated vices. Now number three. Poise listen now. This is for you boys. Number three Knock Out to the AH. Computer games stunt. Teen brains. That's the Guardian News. Here's what it said. Computer games are creating a dumbed it down. Generation of children far more disposed to violence than their parents. According to a controversial new study. Now I'm not going to ask you boys to raise your hands but do you play computer games video games. Not good for your brain. The tendency to lose control is not due to children absorbing the aggression involved in the computer game itself. As previous researchers have suggested. But rather to the damage done by stunting the developing MA and so boards. When you play those games. It's exciting Yeah but it isn't helping your brain is making your brain not able to develop. And that's why the girls are getting ahead in school because the boy. Well they're wasting their energy and their vices and they're playing computer games. Most worrying of all this is the news most worrying of all was the. What part of the brain the frontal lobe which continues to develop in humans until the age of twenty. And more recent research tells us is the age of thirty. You children you've got a long ways to go before your frontal lobe is fully developed. Thirty also has an important role in play. To play in keeping an individual's behavior in check. The students listen. Students. The students who prayed computer games were where watt halting the process of Brady and development. Do you want to do that know turn off the computer game. Do something that's more beneficial for the brain. Those who would not follow prayed to Satan's devices must guard Well the avenues of the soul they must avoid reading. Seeing. We talked about seeing what was number one television knockout to the brain. Number two a knockout to the braid. Number three computer games. Knockout to the frontal lobe. But you also notice it talks about well be back up let's read our theme text here. Everybody all together. More than anything you go. Protect your ma and for life flows from it. Proverbs for verse twenty three. Now we talked about seeing. But you notice it also talks about hearing or hearing that which will suggest impure thoughts. And so we are ready for a number for knockout Number four this is not to the AH. The first three were to the eye the fourth knock out is to the ear. And that is that rock N roll. Does that affect the brain. This is say in a study that was done the summer of one thousand nine hundred three two thousand seven hundred fifty young people between the ages of twelve. We got twelve year olds here. And twenty six. From all fifty states and from Canada France Mexico New Zealand and the Netherlands and Russia. Were asked the question. Here's the question. Do you believe rock music can be addictive. What was in Ensor. Ninety nine point three said. Yes. These are the twelve to twenty six year olds. Oh yeah. It's addicting. If you don't believe that try quitting you fly doubt it isn't easy. Amazing discoveries back in two thousand and eight was documenting two scientists reckon Bergen birds. Research. Not only linked to rock like music to hippocampal damage. You know what the hippocampus is and but you know what the hippocampus is. That's the part of your brain that has to do with the memory. Being able to remember the Ensor when you're taking the test. So when you're listening to music that has us rock'n'roll rhythms. It damages the hippocampus. The part of your brain that has to do with memory. But that's not all they also found that it caused what. Frontal Lobe shrinkage. You shrink your frontal lobe. Will last month that was some of you may remember last month we were talking about the benefits of classical music. And I had several people asked me afterward. What is classical music. You know music. Real music has three parts. Melody harmony and rhythm. Classical music in its strictest definition is music that was written during the classical time period. The time of Bach and blur. And of Beethoven and Haendel. But industry broader sense classical music is music where the beat you don't notice in classical music the rhythm the beat is there but you don't hear it. So if the music you're listening to you can hear the beat. That's probably classical music. But on the other hand in pop music rock music the rhythm the beat is a distinct part of the music. You can't help but notice it. The rhythm. Main part. So that's the difference. With that understanding notice what does pop music rock music do to the memory. What does it do to the frontal lobe boys and girls. It shrinks before in a low. You don't want to do that now this is been documented. Here's a study done by a sixteen year old with mice. Sixteen year old David Merrill thought that the loud sounds of hard rock music must have a bad effect on his devoted fans. And he came up with a way to test the damage. Merril got seventy two mice how many seventy two mice divided in them into three groups. One to test a mouse response to hard rock. Another to the music of Mozart. That's classical music. And a control group that wouldn't listen to any music at all rock or classical. The young visionary got all the mice accustomed to living in a query as in his basement. Then started playing music ten hours a day that's quite common for a teenager to listen to his music ten hours a day. So the mice are doing that marrow put each mice through a maze three times a week that originally had taken the mice an average of ten minutes to complete. At the end of the maze. Was their lunch took them ten minutes to find their way through to the food. Over time the twenty four control group by Smen is to cut about five minutes from their maze completion time. So first it was ten minutes. Now they've cut off five minutes. These are the mice that don't listen to any music. How long is it taking them to find the food now. Five minutes. Limos are listening mice cut their time. Back eight and a half minutes. So they started to ten minutes. They cut off aid and a half minutes. How long was it taking them. One and a half minutes to get through the maze to the food. That's a smart mouth. One and a half minutes. The harder occupies an added twenty minutes to their time making their average maze running time three hundred percent more than their original average. Need we say more. Well maybe we do. Merrill told the Associated Press that he did tempted the experiment the year before allowing mice in the different groups a live together. I had to cut my project short because all the hard rock my skilled each other Merrill said. None of the classical mice did that. These are just dumb mice. What's the effect upon humans. Notice what do the hard rock mice do. It started ten minutes. Then they added twenty more minutes how much is that. Thirty minutes. You want to be smart. Then turn off your rock N roll. And listen to some classical. Because the Beethoven or the Mozart mice. They cut their time back eight and a half minutes. That's the benefit of good music upon your memory. Boys and Girls. So we recommend. Don't listen to rock N roll. You know sometimes it's even creeping into church. Here's what The Beatles said a long time ago our music is capable of causing emotional instability. Disorganized behavior. Rebellion. And even revolution. Beatle music. Well. Paul cancer of the Jefferson Starship classic rock band said. Our music is intended to broaden the generation gap. To eighty and eight children from their parents. Tell me parents is that what you aren't. Do you want the music your children are listening to to eighty in a them from you. Well then ask yourself what kind of music in my playing to my children in the car. As I drive around Nairobi. Music that will encourage rebellion or discourage it. Here's what Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones band said there is no such thing as a secure. Family oriented rock N roll Saul. No such thing. The rhythm. Creates rebellion. Now we're bringing it into church. Here's what a fifteen year old said This is listen fifteen year olds. A fifteen year old said this I was following the Lord wholeheartedly until we switched churches. And I was invited to the new youth group. I had a conviction against rock music. But as I was surrounded by it. My beliefs were corrupted. This music eventually led to what rebellion and moral failures. The Lord has gained victory in my life now but the music still brings on rebellion. If I listen to it. This is Christian rock music. Please. Fifteen year old this is a plead that he's making to his local church please get rid of this music and put melodious harmonic or play melodious harmonic music. I would agree with that fifteen year old. I don't know about you parents here. Bob Larson said the steady pounding can cause the mind to go into a state of daydreaming. In which it loses touch with reality. When control of the mind is weakened or lost. Evil influences can often take possession. That's why sometimes our young people become demon possessed. When that happens I say what kind of music are they listening to what's the tax a read with me altogether. More then anything you go pro tax your ma I for life flows from it. Now boys and girls. If you like some better music. You ask your mommy or your daddy to loan me their flash drive their memory stick and I'll put some classical music on that. And you can listen to some good music. That is good for your brain. We have today looked at the floor blows to the brain number one. Number two. Pornography. Three video games and floor rock music. We recommend replace television with family fun time no boys and girls tell me what are you going to do next week with mom. You got to make cookies right. Not for yourself. To him next week. You're going to get together with mommy and you're going to make some Christmas cookies. And what are you going to do with those Christmas cookies. Going to go visit the neighbor and take them some Christmas cookies. And you asked mom and dad. With those cookies. To supply you with a great hope. And you get to wrap it up. And you take that to an every one of your neighbors boys and girls between now and Christmas. You'll make some new friends. And there might even be people here new people in the church. As a result of your out reads. So do that that's your assignment for next week family fun time. It is time periods. We fight back. Last television. Nobody said a minute replace television with family fun time. No pornography replays fate with prayer. No more video games instead of video games boy is scripture type or. Ask your parents to download on that phone you've been playing games on scripture typer and start memorizing the Bible. And no more rock'n'roll replace rock music with classical music is it better for the brain. I want to ask you boys and girls. Now you're ready to make a commitment today. Last television. No pornography. No more video games. No more rock N roll. How many want to make a commitment or that me as a your hands. Let me see are the parents joining the Sea. Now boys and girls. If that's your commitment I want you to stand up stand up to show Jesus as your commitment. Come on don't be afraid. You're making a commitment last television. No pornography. No more video games. And we're going to replace rock N roll where the classical music. Parents. I appeal to you help your children to do are they have just committed to today. Are taxed. Read with us altogether more than anything you protect your mind. For life flows from meant. Thank you boys and girls you may be seen and God help us to that in a minute this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio for us or if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W audio or.


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