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Leading People From Health To Him, Part IV

Don Mackintosh

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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him ERI were honored to have written Susan Colberg with us and in the last few moments of the last class they can introduce with her to be talking about now when I look at the leading causes of death for a default the list is different than for you and as I was preparing for this do I seek a Prince I recognize that it might be well to deal with some of the leading causes of death for you the first one is the accidents preventable accidents usually frontal of McNaughton malfunctions later that bad judgment what not number two with homicide to those a lot of bitterness and anger and so people turn to different things that are very vital either homicidal or number three cause of death suicidal so many of these numbered things that I've read and research indicate that alcohol drugs very candid things that are all around us try and suck young people when and so I'm hopeful today that we can pick up some pointers Rich and Susan Kahlenberg also have a ministry called just as I am ministries .com to give you little book afterwards of some of the steps they lead people through I know that they run an effective group because they do it right down the road from everyday and I see cars pulling up and so thankful that they can be here with us let's is bar has announced the Lord be with us as we begin father in heaven were thankful today that just as we are you can come near us and help us and take us from the gutter most of the outermost and lead us so we asked to give here wisdom to Susan and Rich Kahlenberg is a shared today we thank you we come in Christ name comment and how many of you were here last last hour okay most how many new warrantless put it that way okay good what will you do then Islam and run it you don't modify run for the first five or six like the last time everything okay with that thought in good order to turn the lights down low every looking with her lights down low okay I do find the right one who got a little too low in the light person as you can see what either on or off this is in the in those days on the other was isolated on the other once they were going okay you work on it sorry about that very go perfect beautiful looking to buy choice and like I mentioned before some of the slides are going to be really graphic these first ones and there there didn't for a reason they're going to probably get your attention together they may may not make sense right now but they're going to make sense by the time we get to a few others like him and allowing us to go ahead and Hubert of the extreme house makeover home makeovers and extreme makeovers right well this is what you call an extreme myth make over the next couple of slides are to illustrate what happens when a person puts his chemical into their bodies in order to talk about the day and how we all chemical structure murmuring from the inside out to the applicable to indicate instructor or grant our brain we can do that by Sibley by what we think of so I don't know how long this to put on a couple of these like they do this is a young girl that's been on methamphetamine okay there's a reason why we use methamphetamine is illustrated methamphetamine affects the dopamine system like no other drug that mimics it it kicks the dopamine out into the synaptic cleft and it causes horrible horrible damage to the brain by over stimulation will get in all of that we'll talk about why this drug is so destructive business three and a half years later now Don brought something to my particular while ago we don't want you to think that after we have to we describe our life and what we went through everything that you can immediately go out and start with witnessing to some of these people because Susan and I have a ministry we will deal with these people and it's very difficult it's very taxing because they've done things in their brain and so it's very difficult to minister these people nothing that we can't but I just want to set that straight I think that it can be the more that that's that's been a be your mission okay three and a half years now this lady here this is after ten years of methamphetamine use this is where he started every year they took a picture day and by the time she gets down here she is totally blind she has no teeth the devil has finished his job that amazing as incredible as a reason why word where work initially we show you these things and because there is hope now notice this quote it's almost like he was looking down to the third quarter the time someone we found was have been so long be based that they will never again this life become one under more favorable circumstances the I then now she's telling us to do something Eric plant in their minds help with being a noble link thoughts let your what life make it plain to them the difference between life dark as in life and you're what example let them read what it means to be a Christian in your life let them read see when I finished why was a drug addict when I finished my drug addiction years I could no longer read I needed people whose lives were patterned after Christ to track the Christ Christ is able to live the most central and place them where they will be what acknowledged as children of God and joint heirs with Christ to the immortal inheritance is that good news okay one more picture this is a nineteen eighty one this is in nineteen ninety three cocaine methamphetamine marijuana barbiturates this is my wife Susan and God is in the business of extreme makeovers visiting is an incredible case this is my wife Susan and what you going to do it she's going to give you a brief testimony of her of her life I buddy this fixture is and illustrates what happens to me when I was in kindergarten and the teacher said please and when you want to be when you grow up I never raise my hand and said I want to be in affect for the next twenty five years and end up a three-time felon and end up in and out of jails and in institutions and stealing and lying and cheating but that's exactly what happened and I started from a very young age I started smoking and drinking I was ten years old and just kept going down the wrong path as I as I kept using it when I ever had God in my life and I didn't that was raised a Catholic and went to Catholic school but something 's happened to me when I was younger and I don't want to go into an item I'll I thought why did God allow this to happen to me and I kept on making bad choice after bad choice to the point that out I went down the road I got further and further from the place where God initially wanted me to be I was arrested at eighteen how is my first arrest I was arrested for felony and I spent some time in jail anyway I got to jail and I thought to myself how the world did I get here I was eighteen years old I grew up in a small town I was not doing anything wrong I was just surviving because I have this deep dark black hole inside of me from things that happens I was younger I thought that the only way that I can fill it was from the outside it was with the weather envy with drugs or alcohol I didn't realize that that whole each one of had that whole and God is the one who wants to come in to our hearts and to make us complete he is the answer for everybody and I just thought why in the world on the Internet if the police would just leave me alone if if my probation officer would just leave me alone all I'm doing is doing what I wanted to let my queue my stuff and that's okay that's my business event and I just wanted to be left alone to die because I felt that I was unworthy of unlovable and I just and so may things in my life that there was just no way back out of my life needlessly had me thoroughly and then that I had done but there was never to be any other path of life that being a drug addict was the only thing I was to be able to do in nineteen ninety three my father was the mayor of the city and was the largest ever in the county when he was the mayor and it happens at a house that he owns in with my brother and myself and my brothers girlfriend and I ended up in jail again and with more felonies and this time I was on their way to state prison for three years and they gave me a sentence that they said you know what if you can only do some drug rehab and you successfully complete even have to go to you have to do your prison time got into jail got on homograft didn't had dirty test was incapable of making the right choice I was incapable of making the right choice because after twenty two years of drug use that the only choice I knew that's all I nail and I just can do it and so finally for about three years I was in and out of the system entirely put me in jail I was there for eight months there was a woman that I met there and she said Susan why do you keep doing this to yourself why do you keep e-mail you seem like a smart person I don't know why I wake up in the morning and the first thing I want to do is use drugs and before I got to sleep at night I have to make sure that I have enough so that I'll be a litigant and the next morning they had to have it to survive and she said in a frame if you and I said sure I do not remember what she said to me all I know is that from that point in time I've never had ever had the session to use drugs again and that was twelve years ago and that started the miracle that city I guess he wanted go now ranks okay and the miracle happened and you knew what you know what I think everything had to change all my friends everything that I did everywhere that I went had to change and I knew one thing I knew that God was the one who saved me and I was into everything alike should find out who I really why do exactly what he told me to do so instead of chasing for drives away that I said I had to chase after God just as hard even doubly as hard because I knew my life depended on it I know if I go back out and I used today guess what happened I know I will die because I see here you can become an asset you if you stop using drugs they start using again if I do write back to earth this spot when you left off and so on go ahead and get this over to Rex and MSI 's historic this is the only picture I have of myself this is actually after I was two years clean and sober him and this is after twenty four years of drug abuse in it was very similar to her story Satan had me thoroughly convinced that that's the way I was to live actually that everybody was on drugs and that's what life is all about and I was than a dime the sooner the better we had me convinced that and so that I believe this is where I was I was in high school now I am an low self-esteem so I thought that if I was the best at everything that people would like me I wanted you like me now that was in an epistle I live that I grew up at all for God wasn't there and so am I trusted my childhood to sports music and academics and you know I was a four-year letterman classical Victorian senior class president Pedro Mertz stage band marching band concert band I did everything I possibly could to get people to like and I tried to excel in everything but in how got in my life and so when I got out of school I started hanging around the wrong playmates and things got bad they got worse and cannot so anyway I ended up trust in my mind to drugs and rock 'n roll once I got out of school I got into a rock 'n roll band in the construction and end-all I was talking to young men of the keys in your now put on ha ha earlier game he was saying that he has a friend right now they just smokes marijuana and yada yada yada he and I similarly look at here's here's what happens we don't like he says we don't raise our hand and say I want to be like that held a horrible metastatic right gap it happens like this series is insignificant seemingly insignificant small choices first I started drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes then I started drinking then I started smoking little bit of marijuana the next thing was cocaine the next thing with methamphetamine the next thing was cooking methamphetamine these one got worse and worse and worse it's just a series of choices that we make the leaders to appoint what we originally said I will never do that but that's how the devil gets a citizen and this is not my bedroom but it's exactly what my bedroom looked at LeBlanc right right before right line and I can remember now laying face down on my bed this is a little meth lab is what it is I can remember lying face down on my brick bed screaming at the top of my lungs for God to help me and from that instant live session to use drugs it's a good way on how he did it but it was a miracle because I was all that he got me on the shoulder and he said Rich your way hasn't worked you think you're pretty smart going to my city I think so goddesses look what your best thinking has got you might start looking around the boy you're right your way hasn't worked you have to try it my way or you're going to die but he didn't say it in a clear voice but you know how you just know that's what's going on so that's what happened and so I trust video near the end I was in constant fear running out of drugs like that I have to cook my own drugs and I had my opioid myopia is nearsightedness I can only see myself that's how bad a guide in character whose life I mowed through if you are in my truck and you probably what about twenty five to life for being with me because I have always chemicals the cook methamphetamine has taken a was is really foolish at the end but God brought me out of that praise the Lord soul one thing when you see one of these guys and this is a whole new mindset that have to start happening and that's what all of us when you see when these guys one eighty miles an hour down the freeway with the wheel up what's he trying to do is trying to kill himself visiting right and when you see a police officer with the siren going around behind them what's he trying to do is he trying to get him in trouble no he is already in trouble you see unless we realize were already in trouble because the policeman behind as we think God see him looking in my rearview mirror the whole time through my life thinking God was getting in trouble got to get me in trouble finally God said Rich you're already in trouble I want to get you out to the police but one for the guy over again in the out of that situation to save his life then God said if I could just get this guy pulled over long enough to save his life any day for both of us already in trouble so it took nearly twenty five years for us to totally mess our lives up now the key to it is restoration was good think more than just a few days okay and believe it or not the first seven are relatively easy compared to the last three he with me on that interstellar thought about since Gary is a towards the boat everybody know what it means when you're fishing what is amenable to get something turn towards the vote we advocate turned towards the bow and you know what happened then him we got on board the boat and then the fight against the fish display on a side when you real amend when the bill finds doesn't it exceed Jesus uses the analogy you'll be fishers of men what happens than this does this not lay on its side and let you real Amanda is a struggle there is a fight between the spiritual and carnal nature even though your turn towards the boat there's still that struggle when the turn towards the boat here's the key when he's tired when I was finally tired of doing it my way on my way hadn't work that one I turned towards about that one guy can real man years now I'm saying a lot of times we wonder why someone can't see what their problem is why they won't stop in their dead addiction for their bad behavior they're obviously not tired of it they don't think they have a problem if they don't have a problem you can help someone that doesn't have a problem it doesn't work that way so a new mindset from instant gratification do what's best for all its concern long-term revenue mindset the phrase long-term was not in either one of our vocabulary whether we were just interested in what was good to get us through the next twenty four hours and if the same thing with all of you we need to be interested in what the long-term effect of our actions are not just on short-term patient okay now our way and work and once we admitted that then came the struggle led ultimately to carry with you in this little segment is how difficult it was for us to let go of some things because a lot of times okay to let obsession for drugs used drugs with what was lifted right but what happened what else happened everything we ever had let go of it it had claw marks all in other words we do not want to let it go not saying and we let things go is in steps and you know even a music can be an addiction or model you realize that now I had to let go this was my favorite band with Led Zeppelin I learned every ripping out on the guitar every beat on the drum and bass parts everything that was my idol and what Susan did what he said you know what rich wouldn't even go by him nor I want to know after we became Christians actually one of my handle for because I was still like in the old music that some never do like those hands and this has been a real struggle for me because my whole life was built around music so I got offenders draft a martial lamp in the group unit in the background but I don't bring it out anymore because every time I bring it out he wants to play that bad music so if your arm of thing you know so I just don't go there right now and so the talent that was given him by God he is not the point able to use because it can't use them properly so even though God 's given them the year and he can play by ear he can be came up the guitar because of the right fact that old stuff that's how ingrained it is near Todd HG is so ingrained in their which is all get the victory one of the okay okay the double lattes of a latte had to go they had to go big enough gold for me to write right when I quit doing crank me they went to with Susan couple years down the road was a struggle for her to let go of coffee so different things for different people smoking same thing a year after I quit the methamphetamine at the tobacco cigarettes into the fireplace it was over with her I was in a maker quits I took her down to the trailer and say do not have any cigarettes for this this next three days and she went nuts she went bonkers she was smoking cigarette butts that you found on the beach you know what you do it was a difficult time for her are you sorry okay to me at least another year before I was able to quit me know what I surrendered to God I was not willing to surrender at the ones I started really praying about it then you know God gave me the answer and and I was finally able to quit all four have for hygiene habits we had to learn how we had learned how to be we learn how to write thirteen lead pencil he thought that's not my mouth but I got a whole new front grille sixteen in the front we got about forty thousand dollars energy is not yet a hydrogen twenty thousand and so as we now yet he has all her teeth I don't have on the social ER once again God is in the business of restoration because I want the last one I went into jail he saw my pictures my hair was falling out my teeth were falling out and I had doubts all of my body you are so much assuming the drugs were just trying to eat out of every place that my body exposure to damage safe and that she was like a Safeway chicken happened at and of course the swearing had to change that includes Expedia on flooring you don't beep beep when someone that's the same thing you are saying it's the same thing it's a release of anger via yacht so anyway so these these things the steps all the way down the line of they asked me to do Sabbath school soul but when we examine the church always had great scenes in holy tendencies they were just a mass we were just a mess we didn't know that hiking everything and so at one point we joined a church planting there was like six or eight people going and rates was falling asleep and so the guy said no we need to do you need to teach former school let's make you the summer school superintendent so I said well if I do that I got a worth so that I never wore a simple hassle you want someone by that significant hang in a closet in a bid hung in the closet for a couple months I could not put it on and finally I wore it to course one day the first day I were one of the Saints came up to me and say it's about time you started dressing right for church he will you know what we need to look at people do the eyes of God and recognize that you are in pain when their expert Neil is not to say that everything is okay we never know what's going on in someone's life at the van the crowd went against what it went to tofu on him in a first-time chief cook tofu she cried for three days everything in life is not saying that it was bad and it was this or read the horrible experience but we look back on it now will happen these the struggles that went through his and of course we had the place down at the beach and we feed oysters will they had to go to we turn them in the gluten right okay and what else are looking at another nice that we had the debate in by courts act that turns into textured vegetable protein doesn't it thought why not transition food on still want to have everybody on transition foods fill pockets legal right okay transition food yeah and one other thing can we make good food bad bad food good and the makes plain what I mean Susan 's mother the only thing we had in common with her after we quit doing drugs and join the adventure to change your diet this in that it always things the only thing we have in common with the with the meal was sued because I no longer constant along the sidewalks soap operas whether or not longer with outskirts of the casino to gamble we just had to smoke with her we just didn't do the same things anymore I was completely different the one thing we still had in common was food sale and we made thanks because we told her she call in sick when you come over for Thanksgiving we definitely have and she would say whatever turkey or ham or whatever we sounds are we only got instead of just simply going yesterday over and eat the mashed potatoes any of the string beans in the Sally not make a big deal out of it we are pendulum swung all the way one way and we blew it so we learn from that zone a long time to repair that was over I is a long time to repair that relationship come on yeah select comes to this box the perfection that we can all have as we go through our Christian experience we collect things in the good things their doctrine there's health principles and there's all the wonderful things that we collectively put in this box but this box does not apply to a lot of people because a lot of people are different areas of a Christian walk and will have a tendency and I have this tendency to look at someone and say while they're not doing that that map therefore they make the problem you see we get a problem doing that that block the perfection could be twenty years old twenty years with the good stuff going in there the first person on the street is not going to fit into that box another lesson learned is that it's not our job to be the Holy Spirit as a whole we pray in the Holy Spirit is the work on our work to be done okay and attics are very self-conscious I was working at a place in and there is a moment and then Annapolis I think all her life and she comments me I given my testimony and she cannot see me and she text me and she said I've never cut a prisoner before I was actually crushing sources and freaked out came home crying and I was horrible you know me we just need to be we need to recognize and should treat people with dignity regardless of where they've been what do you know I love on on your and our life in any him I said that the law and you can go and find the record that the jail that one thing that you are and who we need to recognize the men who now think that maybe that okay so we didn't feel like we fit in Sinaloa results that's what we whereat the Lord was telling us we needed to go to Bible studies so we would go to these people 's house in now in Lincoln and go to the Bible studies but they were so happy and they sang their songs and see this was new and expecting me he loved the bottle back into the car after and I would say i.e. those people I got nothing in common with him and it was a real struggle for me to work my way in to do the right thing we did the right thing because it was the right thing and God said so and in that and good things followed but he was a very difficult point my life because I was not used to be around people just because they were happy as I sometimes and you're working with people in your medicine what is wrong why don't these biases people responding in your job is to do your job is to continue to pray for them and don't push so hard just to be there pray for them and leave them by your example okay now here's where we get into what happened I transferred nation takes time why because of brain damage and this is well-written talk about in this this fits all of us believe it or not both by thinking dopamine will get the domain of individuals with the disease of the Plymouth phytochemistry supper not only from loss of pleasure from food sex and social context what is food sex and social contact those are the cornerstones of survival we must have those three could survive okay so individuals with the disease of the pleasure chemistry chemistry supper not only from a lot of those but from my the experience difficulties when the reward influence behavior is now worth a loose enjoyment interests motivation and find their experience of life not rewarding with methamphetamine this can be extremely reasonable than he is methamphetamine is a problem that we both had but it also is the most pronounced and so when we look at the most pronounced addiction you will find that this happened to a different degree in all the other addictions but it's so plain insulting clear with methamphetamine and you'll you'll be able to see while that was going on in the brain now it has to do with dopamine any addictive behavior or substance produces dopamine and that is what is the cause of the addiction any addictive behavior the neurotransmitter dopamine is the main brain chemical associated with the sensation of what pleasure do we like pleasure we like pleasure so it's interesting what happens normal pleasure get this now normal life later in other words I'm sit there and I'm eating a fruit salad K and I meeting it and it's producing a hundred units of the opening gay guy hundred units being produced in the brain okay sex produces two hundred units K cocaine produces four hundred units you ready for this met at the amphetamine produces twelve hundred units of dopamine flooding the reward pathways with the supra normal concentrations of the neurotransmitter now Morgan have a couple of diagrams here to show exactly what happens it's very interesting this is normal J and what happens is the the action potential comes down and it creates this dancing this is a presynaptic neuron by Attila Mazel for simplicity day and what it does is it it activates as to produce a certain amount of dopamine and is that this dopamine comes and sits in a receptor there and it goes down here and this is okay on satisfying the scene at the one hundred units that's the normal life later that's what we were created to feel and what not what happens when we abuse that it gets perverted it gets destroyed this is a substance this is any substance cigarettes any substance at all explain something here but what happens if this gets overstimulated methamphetamine mimics the dopamine it actually comes into the cell and six that dopamine out and then it locks quick to call reuptake in other words it won't let the cell let this dopamine back in so you have all this twelve times the normal production of dopamine and what it does you see what it's doing over here its camp and all over the place and it is over stimulating the cell and it's destroying the cell because the candy wasn't it wasn't designed to handle twelve times a normal amount of dopamine K and so this cell will love it says do it again it reinforces the very behavior that killing it the brain is telling itself to kill itself now what with cocaine 's a little bit different cocaine he just simply blocks the reuptake that's all it does is to trick their transporters on the on the outside of the cell and coping just blocks the reuptake Salida built me fly all over the at four hundred units the methamphetamine like I say it mimics the dopamine and block the reuptake any varieties these cells now what eats what happens you can no longer feel pleasure you know once you take a the first hit of methamphetamine actually anything new brains never been a be the same you'll never be able to field normal life pleasure again K now what happens is the receptors other parts of the north that for those little dopamine guys parked in the net in a reward pathways in the brain and receive the neurotransmitters and trigger the resulting pleasure as the receptors begin to die away and receptor function becomes disturbed due to overstimulation the brain brain 's ability to feel pleasure begins the readings when immediately now the brain needs twelve times the amount of stimulation to be normal because it's destroying itself so what happens this is what happens without in other words as the brain 's ability to feel pleasure at levels up to twelve times higher than normal is destroyed without stimulation to methamphetamine use the user experiences life is boring flat uninteresting unrewarding and on pleasurable never again see and I know because I used it I used the crash after doing that stuff and I will sleep for like two weeks in the same clothes and not he will be so tired K I had no desire to help gumption as a signal desire to do anything why my ability to feel pleasure had been destroyed the thing that tells you to get up in the morning haze can be a good day destroy the now this is a control subject has never done methamphetamine this is an help you don't mind us using methamphetamine as example but it's so pronounced that this happens in any event you believe it or not it's all about me chase it's all where my getting an exhausted earlier today where my to get my dopamine and I didn't get it from a good place or bad place okay this is a matter abuse of that abuse met for ten years and he was clean and sober for a month okay you can see this thread area is dopamine production he's not having a good time the green areas is low brain activity K green areas low-grade activity red areas represent dopamine production and reward pathway activity is not having the time is the PC that so what is the brain want wants more drugs or it wants more tobacco what about a guy that goes gambling for the first time K and he goes into that casino people that handle about four times and he wins a hundred dollar jackpot and he feels like he never has before right what happens when he wins that next hundred dollars jackpot does he have that same feeling is that first one no he needs a bigger jackpot Bethany and he needs a bigger one and he wants to get each chasing the ghost as they say he's wanting to get that original feeling of never getting the drug addict will never get the original feeling because once he took the drugs he destroyed his brain Daniel Chase that and that's what drives the addiction wanting to get that feeling back you never going to get it a hundred thousand dollars jackpot is not in it do for that guy with the first jackpot he will it just doesn't work that way and so that's what half so now this is this is incredible this explains us explains why we were the way we were for so long and still are still messed up this these are dead and gone and brain cells the rent is five percent the green is three percent K this is of this is a fried brain from ten years of methamphetamine use K Filson we can and I can literally call tell their heads because we killed eleven percent of our brain 's incredible is what does that tell about the restoration of our God is an incredible that someone could even have a life fund be able to read after they done this for their brain but the funny thing is as that's what the drugs do that's what the addictive behavior does it tells the brain to kill itself and reinforces the behavior that's killing it seemed that the devil has cooked up this recipe in all drugs that cause us to do that to ourselves okay so what we do interesting things of the good points on the pains me during the break and said what and why do I have this attitude my family what should I do feel like holder the best thing you can do is you can pray for that person in the next next thing you can do is you can start taking care of yourself because you know what a lot of times especially with family members we don't know what to do so you have to allow God to come into their life and to really work on them and see out the Lord to come in and do the work of the person for the first yeah sometimes all you can do is pray working with two people right now and they are a struggle in other takeout it's just it's zapping everything that we've got in a line so what is the type that she's also a cutter the other one was in isn't that she's also got multiple personalities and there's always the well we are not capable of handling that we've been working without it you need to know the right place the right people in a unique thing any good to send them to the right place because a lot of times if you don't know what you like we don't know and we got here then are the people who can tell exactly where thereafter at places like now where professionals can work with them and help them get we directed one throughout a real good home up in Canada and Italy on down south right yet so it's it's it's working out would be a human we have to know our limitations cannot don't get it we can get really wrapped up many who have been overcome by temptation are humiliated by their failures and they feel that it is in vain for them to approach in the God this thought is of the NME 's suggestion because that excuse again here if you talk to somebody that struggling with any kind of addiction any kind of bad behavior is I'm not good enough to come to God but that of the whose suggestion the enemy suggestion always remember that not all of any of you on your struggling with something that you just why can come to God with it at the enemy suggestion got to bring everything to me okay now I want to talk about this because I love you thought about this about inside your mind because what we've talked about is he is administering chemicals on the outside right right what you're thinking right now can actually change the chemical composition of your brain cells and the rest of your central nervous system did you know that what you're thinking right now if you're angry you're changing the chemical composition of your brain if you're coveting your changing the chemical composition of your brain your turning yourself into a certain five person any kind of bad behavior is the same thing what you're thinking and Alan White describes it as a mold of your mind is what she says that you change you become so used to certain behaviors that the mold of your mind becomes change and you can target distinguish between right and wrong between good and evil this is okay I laugh you questioned the same just think what he wants we've got some good students here what what has to happen we have to give ourselves over to him don't we annual the Bible uses exact same phrase speak and of the behavioral addiction more notes of the Bible says even as Sodom and the more and the cities about them I like manner what giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth anything as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire when a guy goes up down to the quick mark to buy a pack of cigarettes do you make the choice of the little cigarette make the choice that little cigarette disease given himself over to it you see once you give yourself over to any kind of bad behavior you've taken your freedom of choice away and you let that substance make a choice for you so what we do we got to give ourselves over to something or somebody else don't we could change the habits are to change those reactions in the brain were talking about one must make new choices right does this come by just mustering up enough people motivate nation to do it that we do it now because we had given ourselves over to somebody else now he must give ourselves over to something or someone else now right is that make sense to me Jesus is a CNET one I shoulder is it your way hasn't worked you have given yourself over the devil for forty one years give yourself over to me the work is that this might be new which also was in Christ Jesus therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation all things have passed away and behold how many things all things are become new God you know that God wants us to be addicted to him you know that you got any actually tells us that in fact in the King James the word of it it is there I urge you brethren you know the household is defined as that they have I didn't get themselves to the ministry of the things is that mean John called me one morning he was all excited about that he says that we want to get to know me that's what God had intended forcibly got our dopamine there were happy we lived forever but the Devils is not on all you want the short-term stuff you want that long-term stuff in all the short-term gain a short-term pleasure the instant gratification why is it so important that we do this nowadays got the last days are perilous times what does it mean by perilous times the boat would have to guess the Bible and Dallas lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God these are perilous times folks we have so much in front of us right now especially with young people I mean it is going on as it gets going on everywhere and the devil is sick digital linear digital domain your digital wingers think it all over the place looking here you got Internet gambling you got interop pornography you've got chaperones when a cruise win this win that it's all coming at us from all angles and it's all based on short-term gain and selfishness twenty four seven entertainment right anywhere you are right you got HDTV 's in Yahoo phase anywhere you want to go right to the oxygen bars leaving oxygen bar for Wii oxygen bars right now digital millionaires with the same in a massage parlor ice cream shops goals almost one Lincoln utilizes there is now at all I know I buy what you say something like that I'm coveting right now no a bank on every corner if you need to get try luxury cars driving with a little TV screen in there and he got me gotten just that the tactile senses theme parks right affiliates and dopamine there rock concerts let's just attacked the senses their disputes and dopamine there casinos online form you can go to the biggest foot another one up in the above sacramental and Indian casinos nightclubs attacked the senses that way you know the lights in this and that will look like a nightclub in here almost sporting events tax people land right they're going to get a charge out of things but it's short-term gain after the game was over what's up facility got to be another game right now with God but with the turn of the Estrella NASCAR now you got NASCAR dads and soccer mom they label and all these people with all the names of these are perilous times folks in with that is that the inside of a Hummer Hummer limousine who needs that you need that incredible though these are perilous times are day the devil is trying to get out as folks in these trying everything he possibly can to do it to find it were met here him and okay anything are not freedom or their boasting that we just showed their bondage but the devil hasn't disguised as freedom and especially when you can't live without their prison cell in order talking about what choices are we making right now and where are they leading us and I want to say something especially cute and I'm talking into his type especially to the young people you know you can look and you can say wow these look at her testimony she's was there and now she's here and she's doing this but you know what the best testimony that there ever was was to Jesus was Jesus testimony and twenties calling each and every one of you to have that same testimony you don't have to go through the misery that we've gone through you will follow after the pure example that the greater testimony than that that's what the greatest testimony that ever why so that's the testimony that you want to follow after anyone have this opportunity near how this opportunity to reach this generation for Jesus remember what it said in your life let them Marine what it means to be a Christian at such a high calling as an let them read what it means to be a Christian of that representation for now I think you bring much Don has some I think my wife has enclosing is it a blessing I want to thank Joe Rich and Susan for Jamaica dribbles like John and again their ministry is just as I am ministries .com they have little book that really get to you clean seven straps steps to freedom and how do you know someone this material unity is before anybody notably like that and I hope it's been useful to each of you in and what you want to avoid within also helping others and knowing when you can help and knowing when you can help when you need help helping you know I think it's important to a couple things disturbs of housekeeping number one mentioned that already a couple times but there may be some people here knew and Doug Masters giving away a book another person that was completely change was Mary Magdalene and were given away free books like this that are both combined fill out a card if you book also have to open for four day course for the busy professional or someone who can come for four months starts January twelfth you're welcome to sign up for that find more information in this and also before month starts at the end of January still some slots there though not many below you know about that tomorrow morning is good to be here Doctor Neil Natalie is get a kick it up a notch and talk about how to be intelligent easier to share some hot tips that really helps him and his life in terms of academic year here's own testimony but that very practical things that are backed up by science and also the spirit of prophecy on how to really excel not just academically the more important spiritually is to assure that testimony and after that presentation he's written a book called the lost art of thinking and he's be back serving that book but it has numerous strategies on our rates are regaining peak mental performance I discovered as I've read over that book I've also contributed some to that book upon the spiritual aspect that I discovered that a lot of things it took me to learn it until I welcomed to storing them now you discover those was a young man was very helpful to him I think it will be very helpful to you as well so those two hours tomorrow Doctor Nelligan and be sharing with us at that time any questions anyone has all one of the announcements of you ask where can you get presentational copies of the notes for today widened to have handouts don't you know this is America the land of free handouts well Barack and I are working on a notice giving the work will him to where I went to put out PDF forms of my notes on the website at amazing facts amazing facts .org go to the training section and then down under note civil site Macintosh notes would you guys be like a print as a PDF form you're not those notes will be up there as well and I asked Doctor Nelly do the same so you can get them at least the PDF files and you can have all the quotes from the presentations made in this room also a book and now what if you can't find it on amazing facts is going to Asko OIG I think it is my fiasco .com others after that or did you go together with the Air Force in the race are you up for dopamine Russ so really the best way to get your dopamine is witnessing leading people to the Lord the first person I saw baptized as a result of sharing the message with them in the light turnaround I submit what about the doing the rest of my life let's pray together and close father in heaven thank you so much for the fact that you given also that we can even have life every breath is a gift every thought is a treasure that even if it's a bad thought we can have it because of you but you want our thoughts to turn toward you because of your great love help us understand more of what it means when you said no to every human herds and said yes to every diviners on the cross on our behalf thank you for that and thank you for continuing to live to make intercession for us for praying for us right now for today I asked that she would mingle this prayer with more portly year prayer and that you would send us your power and your strength in our lives and we thank you become Christ name amen this is my audio arrest was a generation that is if you would like to learn more about what is a life that God will work like this is an online service is www. audio verse


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