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Addiction and the Glory of God

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • June 30, 2014
    7:00 PM
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Today. Addictions. And the glory of God. You know I was in the United Kingdom a few years back and I read a book called The outside verdict. And it was a book. Talking about how revival. Needs To Come To the kirk of Scotland. And it talked about the fact that Britain is basically a consumer driven head and mystic society. And it's said that the solution is have is to have the old Kirk. In the new Scotland. Because the new Scotland is completely devoid of Christianity and direction. And the idea. Written by this very popular newspaper editor. Was that there needed to be a revival and get this this is what he said. Let's see if I can remember a couple of boys. He said. Number one. The church doesn't need to be a saint of its mission and its message. All right so you don't think that was a good one I thought that was great. I mean I think. I think the administers news to hear that. Number two the church needs to preach about people like John Knox. And let people know. Of the great reformers. And the Reformation. All right. Couple of you like that one of the four people. Number three people in the church need to be distinct and different from the sub. From the culture they're in. When you look at them. You need to be able to see that they're different by what they eat by what they drink by what they wear. It made the point why is it that it's only the Catholics that they ask for to be profiled in movies when they're trying to depict. Religious people in the reason is because the Catholic priest. Always wears his little get up out in public and he has his robe and he has this clerical collar. And people know he's different. And he said. Why can't we have a people that look different. I think he's got oddness of them they're not going to hand out Catholic robes. But what I'm saying is should we look different. Not just to be different but because we are different. And then he said. We need to revive the spirit of eighteen forty four. I was jumped off my Coutts. Did you know that in Scotland. There was a split between the national church and reform churches in one thousand nine hundred four there was a revival. Wow. What we need is the old Kirk. In a new Scotland. What he said. I think that's what we need as well and especially when it comes to the idea of addictions I think we are addicted to so many things. Or addicted to our cell phones. And I'm over here myself on if I turn it on cost me a lot of money. I turn it up. I had like with drawl symptoms. I kept looking at it. Now I'm not turning it on. And I realise that I'm kind of addicted to this I think I might just put it in my kitchen sink. And then it will work anymore. It's kind of free man. You know. Actually did check my email the other day and. There were three hundred twenty emails it was great. That I didn't have to worry about them till I turn the computer on. Thanks to Pastor RAM and gave me a hotspot. Addictions who are addicted to all kinds of things. So we're going to talk about that today and then tomorrow doing good and the glory of God. What's the purpose of it all our brief time together it's been great to be here with you. Diction in the glory of God. Specifically Are there problems with addiction of course we know we're going to look at that. A closer look at addictive substances can the addiction cycle be broken and what is the most effective weapon. A weapon in haven't changed so we're going to look at those today. And let's just get into that. First of all how do you magnetize a baby. How many of you have a relative that has a little a little child or maybe you have your own and you want that little child to pay more attention to you. Well here's exactly how you do OK. It was the little guy. And let's say as age nine to twelve weeks of age you walk into the room you've never seen him before you sit face to face fifteen inches apart from him. You look right at him in the eyes you take one teaspoon of sugar you put it in one cup of water. You put his little Bankier is pacifier whatever you call that thing in it. And you put that in his mouth. And then you turn on a clock for three and a half minutes tick tock tick tock tick tock. And every single time this is what happened so here. Stem and I said opiate release there's an increase in double meaning that little young mine and he is addicted to you because he has bunted with you and he sees you either a cigarette daddy. Or the so your mommy. And he looks ready. And research is sound every single time you come into the room from then ott. I don't care even if his mother is in the room. He will look at you and he wants you to give him some love. But really what he wants is a main or us. Now this does not work with babies whose mothers are addicted to their cutting because they're already addicted. There they are in bliss. They really have had their first bus. So you're reducing squat crying in healthy newborns reduces reaction to he'll stick and circumcision. For those of you have not been circumciser he'll stick you don't know what that's about. No effect on infants will be addicted mothers. We live in a nation however of people that are addicted especially Americans. Americans less than five percent of the world population consume eighty percent of the global opium opioid supply. Those Americans are in deep trouble. I didn't have time to look at your statistics I'm sure they're just as bad. They consume ninety nine percent of the global hide record Kodo and supply. They consume two thirds of the world's illegal drugs most of that is in California know why where I'm from so is there a problem with addictions. And I could use. You folks as well. I'm sure those many great statistics showing that there's addictions. And almost every Western nation. Well let's look closer at the addictive substances and. What can be done about it. Let's see if you can help me. Which of these is addicting. How many of you are addicted to beings. I mean find a site craving for broccoli. I mean the only demonstratable problem we can find is this bite out of this watermelon but how many of you are just addicted to watermelon. My father in law love watermelon so much he thought he would make watermelon. Jam. He took watermelons and he boil them. For four days. And then he attempted to make jam out of that it was the most disgusting stuff. That's why there's no watermelon jam. But anyway. The addicting foods are of course. These foods right there and these are foods that will cause adults. To look just like babies. If you give the food for the adults. What's happening is the opioids are being released but we can't stop it we can give it to all. And it can go right there to that receptor site. And it can stop the opioids from going across that So nap tick. Or that membrane there and giving us the buzz. You can slip some vivid thrall in. We do it all the time and the hospital and people over. Dose of narcotics we give them something called an arc in when getting people to give up things that are addicting to them it's very hard. Surveyed several thousand people or twelve hundred people. Would you give up meat for a week. And they answered No they were so addicted to it. White Americans twenty four percent twenty nine percent black Americans Asian percent less than ten percent. All right that's in America I don't know if it translates here or not there is an addiction to not only substances of but to foods. You give O.P.'s blockade to a baby. They will be addicted to an adult they won't be addicted. If you give opiate blockade to people who are addicted to me meat is highly addicting. It will cut the meat. Addiction as well. If you give a Y.P. a book blockade. Decreases the addiction by ten percent for those that eat ham of course. I know none of you. He hand. So that has nothing to do with you. Salami very addicting. You have opiates it's down twenty five percent. Tuna. Give opiate blockade can cut the addiction to tuna. By fifty percent. You see. We live in a culture that has allowed us to for a Russ. We don't realize it but we're driven by chemistry. Good living by chemistry. And you thought that your mother was a good cook. C. is actually a chemical Maestro cigarette sugar. Alcohol fast food cocaine Why does the praying crave substance can that can destroy it and cause major damage throughout the body. This is a fascinating article I picked up on some airport somewhere. And as I read it was fascinating they looked at these various addictive substances who is this man. The only thing he could say was the word meth it's the most addictive substance that we know of. And you can see the addiction meter is all the way to the top. When he died at age thirty five. The only word he could say was a meth. Young man. Four years old addicted to nicotine the number one cause of death in the United Kingdom. Totally addicted. The rate of relapse for smokers is over ninety percent. It doesn't just affect the brain it affects everywhere in the body. And it's killing people in Great Britain. It's the number one cause of preventable. Or death of any kind and Great Britain. Caffeine we talked about of the other day. This magazine saw it also as very addictive. Right there in the middle of the addiction meter. It's one of the most frequently consumed addictive substances in the world that's why regular coffee drinkers. Tend to experience headaches nausea if they don't get their caffeine fix like I said yesterday. It only brings the caffeine drinker. Back to normal. I choose to be normal. All the time if I could tell that. I meant. Chocolat. It's a drug store. It's a pharmacy all of its own. It's got caffeine on board. That's got field bromine which I think is the best commercial for any addictive food Theosophy means God bromine means food the food of God who came up with that marketing. Said Finn will file a main is on born and then. If slows down the breakdown of on NAND my. I'm translating that right as I say it. And coffee of course has a little bit more. This is very addictive when we have people come to depression recovery programs will have ladies and sometimes men that show up with a purse or wallet although it be an interesting wallet full of chocolate. They eat it all day. And they can't stop eating it and fact. It is the way their medicating themselves. Because of their depression. And we have to help them break free from Chocolat. This one mostly affected me this man's mother had died when he was very young and. So he turned to food. As an addiction he's a largest man in the world he weighs eight hundred twelve pounds. How many stones with Abby. I don't know. Fatty foods have a high addiction potential. Every sausage every bite of pizza every potato chip reprograms ourselves to crave fat. The more we eat the more a brain craves says addiction specialist Paul Kenny and fact fat is highly addictive and it takes ninety days to get over the fat addiction according to the Mondale Census study. But you can totally get free of fat addiction. There been studies that show that a hamburger is more addictive than heroin. So we struggle with addiction. Not only outside the church but some of these things actually are it's not it inside the church. Sugar American Psychiatric Association classifies addiction. Addition diction into three pillars intoxication withdrawn craving cigarette meets all three criteria. Excessive consumption of sugar not and leads to a state of intoxication. It increases cravings like cocaine the sweet senior produces a veritable explosion in the same reward center. As cocaine. Wow. I'm going to can see that we've got some things that talk about how many of you here know someone that might be addicted to any of the thing I'm not looking now someone that might be addicted to any of the things that were mentioned here. See if you can point to them. I'm not looking. Why are you pointing at yourselves why my pointing. I mean the same things. I'm not done yet. I can tell by the sounds here that some of you might have a struggle you with this one. They used immuno histo chemistry to measure the expression approaching called Sci Fi OS a marker of neuronal activation in the nucleus of a cons of the brain's pleasure center Oreo's activated significantly more neurons then cocaine. What. Yes indeed Oreos. Actually can light up the brain more effectively than cocaine and you thought oh it's only Orioles what's Pardue eat first the center. Or the sides. You need the sensor you know why because it's the most addictive. Our research supports the theory that high fat high super food stimulate the brain in the same way drugs do. It makes plain why some people can't resist these foods despite the fact that they know they're bad for them. They can't resist and I was on the plane there they fly into New York. I was next to this guy and somehow. Amazingly. I don't know what happened but this lady comes and says. You can sit in first class. And I said finally summons treating me like I should be treated as a minister of the Gospel is always been parts guy. I don't say that but I thought it. So God said I sit down next this guy and I talk to the guy and I'm always trying to be highly questionable. That is question the people next to me says So what do you do. Goes. I'm a chemist. So really what kind of chemist a dietary Khamis really should hold my mom. Not that but I didn't say it. So it really will tell me about your work. I make foods that people cannot resist. Of really tell me how you do that. He went to this whole process of how he created foods. He says I'm a consultant. We we work with focus groups of kids are eighteen months old we try and figure out what will addict the smallest to the largest. We find out what is so with Dick thing in those foods they can't say no and were paid. He didn't tell me this I could tell he was in first class I'd never been in first class except passing through. Like the most holy place of the airplane right. By myself in the outer court. So. So anyway. He said you know he made big money. He told me the compass of Demi's name some of the company that worked where he goes. I said so would you say that you simply create foods that no one can resist. He says yeah that's what we do. That's our job. He goes What do you do. He said. Actually I do the exact opposite of you. I help people get off those fluence and very with God's help successful. Look to me said really. And he said something that I thought was great said. You must be a Seventh Day Adventists Amen. But OK. Back to the basics here. Another addictive substance. Yes. Oh you hate me now. You hate me. Call security. I told you to talk about this again nine hundred eighty one research done on cheese so that it had morphine and it. K. so more fins cows milk or the milk of other species. For that matter contains a protein called casing that breaks apart during digestion to release a whole host of opiates called K. so more fence. Couple cows milk contains about six grounds of case and casing Skitt skim milk a little bit more actually and casein is consecrated in the production of cheese. So there's that chemistry breakdown for those of you taking notes. Now moving on. So OK so more friends are peptides produced by the breakdown of the central nervous system at present present. Possess opioid activity. The term opiate refers to a morphine like effect which include signs and of sedation tolerance. Leap induction and depression. You know have to eat a high cheese. Meal you get sleepy don't you don't eat totally related to depression I showed you that slide the other day with chicken. And what was in chicken that caused depression or kind of a rack and onic acid. Same process here. Some of these peptides also have biological activities other activities such as him you. Modulatory effects anti-hypertensive activities that anti-bacterial activities. So in other words milk and cheese is to some extent. Addicting. Look in your Bible just for a minute. As I remembered something Psalm one hundred thirty. You know look I happen to be happy that these substances are addicting. Because the Bible tells me so. Psalm one thirty one Lord my heart is not hardy know my eyes laughing need to do I concern myself with great matters with things too profound for me. Verse two saw him one thirty one surely I have calmed and quieted my soul like a wind. Like a what. Child with his mother like a Wayne child is my soul within me. Interesting. This by the way is the foundation of addiction recovery in the Scriptures one of those texts. You see where the dicta to our mother's milk. How many of you can say man to that we are. How many you have seen a baby. That is yearning for its mother's milk. What are they do. They cry cry aloud they spare not the look of their voice like a trumpet. Writes. We've had now four children. My wife says that's all for living creatures the four winds of strife. But when they had to be weaned when they had to be addicted. I mean an addicted to their mother. She could not hold them or handle them she handed a mop to me. And it took a while but finally they were Wayne. And now they can sit next to their mother. And they do not ask to be breastfed anymore and neither do you hopefully. But let's make the point. The point is that they were addicted through the same mechanism which God ordained. And then they broke the addiction and other words one of the very first things you do in life is break in addiction. A small one. A subtle one. But it lays the foundation. It is possible. Hallelujah. By the way the industry has taken advantage of this pronounced case a morphine effect which is concentrated in season one that. And this isn't internal memo from the craft. Corporation where they said we need to trigger the seas. Craving. We want our integrated marketing program to do just that to trigger the cheese trading. The Dairy Management Incorporated in America realizes they have to sell a lot of cheese and so they. And they realize that it's addictive so they went to places like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell and all the places that you may like to eat. And they said what you do to make your brand. More money for you as you put extra cheese even if people don't ask for it I went into the Olive Garden which is as is a fake Italian restaurant in America. And as I went into this fake restaurant. With all kinds of fake food and fake wood and fake. Everything. They give me my pasta. And they give me my salad. And what do they asked me. Would you like some cheese on that. Why do they do that they have no clue but I do. It's because of this. So I always ask them I say. Really you would like to give me some extra cheese isn't that costly to you. Yes sir but it's part of our policy to offer extra cheese. OK Go ahead put some on. I just did this. The other day to demonstrate to some students. So they put some on and I said I'd actually like some more. Some more. Pretty soon the laces. That's too much cheese. I said But why did you offer me any. She goes. Because that's what they told us to do. And I said well why did they tell you to do that we don't know. Could I talk to the manager. Why do they give so much cheese. I'm not sure. I have to check it out. This is why. And you thought they loved you. US government at work. Adding extra cheese to all of these brands. Triggering the cheese. Addiction to pull this off. Will eat like kings. They realize that that addiction. Will drive the sale of their product. Doesn't matter if it's killing you. The high fat and cholesterol going to kill you. They want to sell their meals. And this is why cheese consumption it skyrocketed. This was discovered back in the one nine hundred seventy S. and look at the cheese consumption since that time in America. The Delta main effect no matter if it's alcohol marijuana cocaine crystal meth or even sugar and fat though all these substance have a very different effects on different regions of the by they trigger similar biochemical processes in the brain. It causes the brain to release. High levels of Delphin mean this neurotransmitter and term stimulates the brain's reward center. And here are the Delta mean awards What's the most addictive substance well marijuana's fairly up there America's now legalizing it. Alcohol two hundred percent increase in dopamine nicotine two hundred twenty five percent increase and this is the number one cause of death in Great Britain and you can see why. Using nicotine comes after alcohol addiction. Those two go together and you can see why you. Smoking a cigarette and drinking really increases it cocaine even more. And then crystal meth the highest called Chasing the ghost if you have it once you really can never stop. Most people never ever ever ever get free from it. And they die from it but what interested me in this list. Was what they put first I put it last just for effect. And that's fatty and sugary foods. Can you see why these seemingly small things lay the foundation for greater things. Can you see why it is that Helen White who warned against these things. She realizes there's a great controversy that practically plays out on your plate. The great controversy most of you deal with comes at meal time. Or in between male time. Amen. So is there a problem with addictions. As a been illuminated to look at the various addictive substances. But now can that cycle be broken and what's the most effective like a like we said you can give Mark and here's another a thing I found on the Internet. This reminded me not to use the internet too much when I found it. Here was a more useful list. And this more useful list. Start with a healthy breakfast by the way if you start with a healthy breakfast. It really cuts. Addictions if you can eat oatmeal steel cut meal. It will cut addictions by about thirty eight percent. What did I just say. Thirty eight percent. Breakfast. I didn't see most of you at breakfast. But maybe you were out picking used foods that hold blood sugar steady. Don't have food to that are quickly made into sugar. Processed foods of any time. Eight ten calories per pound of your ideal weight don't try and starve yourself in other words. Eat at least ten calories per pound of what your ideal weight is so if your ideal weight is one hundred fifty. He at least fifteen hundred calories a day. Don't go less than that because what it does is it allows something to be released called lept and. Which is very hard to fight against. And you end up eating even more at the end of the day. You do so get all day than about ten o'clock at night you eat like sixteen pizzas. Break the craving cycles understand what your cravings are and go about breaking those cycles you usually can't do that usually need to do it in a group. Break those craving cycles. We teach this all day and we see people do in our health program for a month program with students we've had students that have lost seventy pounds. When a Samoan who lost seventy pounds is now preaching to other Samoan churches that have a real struggle. And their subculture with diabetes and what not and he's completely free of the addiction that he had for years. He's a god might want to use you in that way as well. How many of you think there's addictive problems within the administration in the United Kingdom. How many think is best able to help break those addictions. The youth or the older folks. How many think the youth folks folks. The church needs you. If you can break this dicked of cycle in your own life. It's the key to unleash seeing the power. God's power in the great controversy. A man. Have regular exercise and rest fifteen minutes of exercise increases self-control exponentially. Only fifteen minutes. When people come to the depressing recovery program they're usually highly addicted to all kinds of substances which have all Tamil a first of all medicated but then depress them if they're addicted to any substance. We add exercise exercise exercise. If someone tells us they're addicted. We say to them you need to walk for three hours a day. Three hours a day. You heard me correctly. Because exercise is so powerful in increasing self-control. And in ten days time. They will break that addiction cycle and things begin to turn around. Use of course social support. And take advantage of other motivators. What are some of those other motivators that Neil Barnhart who's a psychiatry is and a secular psychologist who has a lot of good information but doesn't really get into the God thing he and I have talked many times. He still can't help but it meant that there are other motivators. Even though he didn't want to tell you about them. Let me show you what the Oxford university handbook of religion and health had to say of two thousand and twelve. The abuse of alcohol illicit drugs ranks among the leading health and social concerns of the United States today and also the United Kingdom we might say. Are systematic reviews have identified two hundred ninety one original research reports on religion spirituality and alcohol use and abuse. And one hundred ninety one on Drug Abuse What did they find of the two hundred seventy eight studies examine the association be repeating religion spiritual alcohol use or abuse two hundred forty or eighty six percent reported. Inverse relationships and of the forty nine perspective cohort studies even stronger studies. Eighty six percent so that baseline religion spirituality predicted lower. Use and Abuse in the future another wides. The research always so that if you access the religious or spiritual aspects of life. This is the key to overcoming addiction. Oxford University. This is why alcoholics anonymous. Which is a great place to go if you want to find people that are trying to finally be honest. In the great Conover see. Usually church is not the place people are trying to be honest in the great controversy. Did you hear what I said. And now it shouldn't be that way. How many of you want to be honest. But you know when I'm a new pastor in a new city Guess where I go to get bible studies. I go to hey. Because I know people there being honest they fit the bottom. Admitted to God to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs continue to take personal inventory one when we were wrong promptly admitted it does that sound spiritual saw through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we enter so the meditation and prayer by the way. Is an aerobics workout for self-control. Praying only for a knowledge of his well for us and the power to carry that out. That's the kind of thing you need to access. Whatever else you access that's got to be a part of it. So here's a great controversy. Pastor of Asia's been talking about the great kind of are C.L. me to show it to you here in a graphic form we struggle with sensual is a med feels good I want it. The less of the flash. Materialism. I have the money to afford it and eager wisdom I want to try the of life the pride of the eyes the lust of the Flies. This is all based on. Basically selfishness or the flesh. I want it. It feels good. I can afford it. And it's all about me. Had an ism. This comes as a result of genetic vulnerability. Visiting the father. The iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation like we talked about in our epigenetic stock. But also comes through cultivated and inherited tendencies. So we start to cultivate things look if I can say one thing to you at this age. You to fill in the vents a bull. But the habits that you're forming now are. Are so hard to break. Later on. You have no idea. They're so hard. But they're the easiest to break right now. Right now. If you make a decision. So we need to have the mind of Christ though. Let this mind being you that was in Christ Jesus. He was motivated by the Spirit. He was an anointed with the oil of gladness. More than all his brother because he hated the law listeners and loved rights of snice. And the Spirit fell upon him and can fall upon us and this is the other side of the controversy this is the good news. God has given us the ability to reason. Come let us reason together. Oh your sins be as they should be why this snow though they be. Read like crimson they shall be as. Wool the what's the next verse. If you are willing and obedient. You will eat. The good of the land. Interesting. Reasoning is directly connected to the issues we're talking about. Secondly Todd since the idea of knowing what's right and wrong how many of you know. Some of the things I've said are right. How many of you don't like it though. I know I know. But that's that Constance is still working. And then worship comes from the word worth sipped it's worth my time. We see this happen all the time and health of vandalism especially the more desperate the person is. They listen to the evidence that's that's that's that's pretty and I say that makes sense it's reasonable. I know what's right and it is worth my time. You know the biggest and amazing thing to me is sometimes people get so drug desperate they will pay for evangelism. Now come to our program and they'll pay thousands of dollars and we're just telling them what Seventh Day Adventists have known for and he says I think that's a great idea for evangelism if we just charge John maybe ten fifteen thousand dollars for people to come listen to you preach Are you open to this. Exactly that's what happened now look right in the middle this is the great controversy. Spiritual Nature versus the nature of the flash. Sensel is a materialism and ego ism versus reasonable isn't right and wrong and something that's worthy. Right in the middle is the key. That locks it turns of all around. Flippin students while them thirteen. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to. Will and to do is good service everything depends on the right action of the will and God has given us that this is not the will of man. This is not some way you work your way this is not the will of man. It is the will of God. And it's the power of God. And then what follows the will want to make a choice what follows it. The thoughts are weapons of our war for a not carnal but mighty and God for the pulling down of strongholds the casting doubt of imaginations in every I think that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ and then what follows that the feelings Unfortunately we live by feelings many times and let them lead. But they're designed to follow the choice. And the thoughts and. This is the key to breaking through in the great controversies we struggle with and whatever we eat whatever we drink whatever we do. Now this to me as one of the most hopeful text of Scripture. Look at it with me read it with me. But as many as received Him to them. Gay. He power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name was for born not of blood nor of the will of the nor of the will of. But of guy. Now how do you think that is the key promise. I'm going to desire power. How many of the of noticed today that there are some things that if you're going to break through you need God's power and. If you receive him he's promised it. By the way how does that work. Look at this fascinating research from two thousand and twelve. Queens University down in Australia. Thinking about religion gives people more self-control. Study participants were given a sentence containing five words. Unscramble some of them had religious words and some of them did not. After on scrambly the census participants were asked to complete a number of tasks required self-control to endure discomfort delay gratification exert patience refrain from impulsive responses. So look here's the theory in self-control theory they think you know I thought you only had so much self control then you ran out of the end of the day. They were trying to test that out in this particular experiment. So they'd always have experiments you know what experiments they always use our food. You Walk Into A Room. You go into the first room. And you're in the first room. And one table. There as a whole table of Toll House chocolate chip cookies. Warm out of the of it. That's wrong to do right before lunch isn't it. And then on the other side are radishes. One group is asked to eat the cookies. The other group is asked to eat their radishes. But that's only the first part of the test. Then they go to the next test. Which is an ego depletion test. That requires concentration. Which group do you think does better. Being able to concentrate longer. The group today could chocolate chip cookies. All the groups that ate the radishes wrong. Chocolate chip cookies because they didn't have to manifest. Any willpower. That's what they wanted to do. I'm not saying he chucked it so cookies in this situation are you with me. But what they're trying to do is deplete ego. Ego depletion. Right now look at this. This is what they did here. And then. Notice what they found two groups they got through all those eagle depletion things many times related to food. And then one group they said OK we're dry something different they're going to have the same ego depletion thanks. But we're going to have one group read something spiritual and one group. Not read it. What happens. Participants who scramble the sentences containing religious themes. Had more self-control and completing their tasks are most interesting finding was that religious concepts were able to refuel self control. After it had been depleted. How do you think that's helpful in the great controversy. Recent Pastor John could get through a church with five loaves and two fishes. Was because every night he was sitting in the bathtub with the great controversy in reading Scripture. And it helped him have self control him at. And when we listen to sermons and when we. And we come to can't mean it increases our self control when we have a divorce eleven increases our self control. It works. I just talk to the adults and gave fifteen ways to increase self-control. And they're all found within the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But they're being shared by Stanford University who is not aware that the only place you can find all of them is the administrators having a thankful for the room the church. In other words Mr rounding said even when we were predictable to be an able to exert self-control after completing the religiously thing task they defied logic. And were able to muster self-control and tell now he said I believe religion as a matter of faith people have little practical use for religion. Then he said this actually shows it has a useful function in society you better believe it does. The great in Great Britain the number one cause the death of smoking number two obesity number three is alcoholism number four a suicide HIV. Every single one of them has something to do with self control. There is no social network. In this entire Great Britain that can help with it because it's not tapped into the ultimate power it's only get to get worse. There's only one group of people that have the answer. It's you. But how many of you desire to have that answer. Displayed in your own life. So that other people know you have that name and. To be a testimony. SCENE. And a pistol. Known and read. This is why we can't be a saint of the Gospel brothers and sisters. Paul said it this way I am not a saint of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes that you first. And also agree. C.S. Lewis. I think pendent well when he talked about the head mystic society in Great Britain when. During his years. We are half hearted creatures fooling around with drink and sex and ambition. When infinite joy is offered to us like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he can't imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday of the sea. We are far too easily. Please. Have you been far too easily fleeced. Is the world far too easily fleas. So much as wait a minute. You know taking away all my joy I don't live for cheese. I live for what I eat I live for what I drink. And I don't think the Christian religion is one that takes away joy. I think it's one that gives all to mend joy. C.S. Lewis again saw this. If there lurks in most modern minds the notion that desire own good in Earnest Lee hope for the enjoyment of it is a bad thing I said Mitt. This notion has crept in and is not part of the Christian faith. C.S. Lewis is right. When you have Jesus and you have his joy and when you live his way. It is the ultimate joy. Every day every year. I meet with people after people from around this world. From this nation and other nations who come. Because they thought the world's way of eating drinking. Being in relationships would bring joy and their lives are broken and they come and they say. I need help. Pasco how to say this way there was once in man at True happiness of which now remains in I'm only a mark an empty trace. Which in vain tries to fill it from all his surroundings seeking from things absent the help he does not obtain in things present. There was this vacuum where these things are all inadequate because infinite. The minute a bit of skin only be filled by an infant and immutable object that is the say only by God Himself. Tell you this one story here. Because it comes to my mind now. One of my recent programs within the last couple years there was a young man who actually was from Great Britain a very well trained geologist who came through one of our programs. And he told me that he was so depressed and so angered by a life that he had thought about even blowing up his whole city which made me feel very nervous because there have been people that have done that. And I said you have those plans now. He said no so good. As we continue to talk he said you know but I have thought every day for the last six months of killing myself. And I have a gun. And I've taken it out many times and held up to my head. And he said you know when I don't like you of this program of all the aspects the physical the emotional the mental and spiritual I don't like you and I don't like your lectures because I'm an atheist. I said well why did you come in to see me then. And he said nothing else was working. I thought maybe I just listen to you to confirm that what you represent. Is of no value. I said Well. Have you confirmed that yet. He said no they really are it takes me. I said well what about it what did I say. That is causing you to stop he says not what you said. It's the singing. See a part of the depress recover for and we sing hymns. The old him. And those Him said struck him. Make a long story short. He said look I'm willing to try anything what so I do I gave him the Gospel of Mark to read I said right down to things. What does it say about Jesus or. What does it say about Jesus and what he did this write those two things that he came back on our half later with two Pad two about three pads full and he had made those list. Read them. More rapidly than most other people. And he came and he said where is this guy this guy could really help me. Where is this guy. How do I get in touch with this guy. I don't want to talk to you Don. I want to talk to this guy. I said you can talk to me because how you pray. Because how do you pray. And I taught him how surprised at the end of the week. He was smiling and singing Christian him and atheist from Great Britain. He had been far too easily pleased. A man. I like Jonathan Edwards the probably one of the most famous theologians in America. Side from. I believe Ellen White. God is glorified not only by his glory. Being seen by by it being a rejoiced in that see it delight in it. God is more glorified than if they only see it. God is most glorified and it's one where most satisfied in him. What I've seen as we work with people in our health programs in our whole school. Is that they think they've experienced true joy. Through their addictions. But they've never even experience a moment of. Here's Scriptures command Delight yourself in the Lord. Drink. Your fill of the abundance of your house. Give them to drink of the river of your delights your delights taste and see that the Lord is good. How sweet are your words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mouth is people find exceeding joy in him. The Almighty will be your gold and your press the silver. If I could just download to your minds. The scores of people that are multiyear millionaires. That I have talked to who have no joy in that. I wish I could. But when they find Jesus. Everything. What's the ultimate addiction. Here it is some sixty. Love this. And this is the ultimate clue an ultimate key I think to overcoming addiction. I have sat the Lord all is. Before Me. Because he is at my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad. My heart rejoices my flesh also will rest in help for you will not leave my soul in Seal nor will you allow your only one to see corruption. You will show me the path of life and where is the ultimate addiction if you will in your presence is full PNAS of joy and that your right hand are pleasures for evermore. God wants us to be addicted. Addicted to the glory of the guy. One story as I close here my last one minute. I was at church in California one day and I realized it was too expensive for me to live in California much longer. Everything was expensive I thought it was very expensive in California till I came here to Great Britain. I mean they even charge you to push in the water. An initial time in the cellar. Like Power cards and they then charge you to go to the bathroom and four bags over here. Anyway so I was at this moment realizing that I I couldn't really live there much longer I said to Lord Lord if you want me to stay in California if you want me to live here you're going to have to do something. And I know you can do it then. If you don't want me to live very obvious. And I had come to the place where I only had about a month or so left before I had to leave if I if I really looked at things seriously. I got up that day and I preached a message at this church I was attending and this man came to me afterwards and he said. Your sermon was such a blessing to me that I would like to bless you. I was a little concerned because Amanat said that before in Phoenix and it hadn't turned out so well that's another story though. And I said What did you have in mind in terms of blessing because I want to make sure I didn't get into a situation. He said to me. Well. What I want to do is give you a house to live in. I said Excuse me. Yes I'd like to give you a house. I said. Well let me talk to my wife. We went. We went to the house looked around the house. It was in the middle of a ten acre plot. There was a stream running by the house. There was a place for my kids to play. He said. If you would like me to build a playground for your kids. I'd be happy to do that. He said We have not yet remodeled the house. What color paint would you like. He took me through the ouse. My wife. Couldn't believe it. She goes. What is happening. I said. It looks like God is providing a house for us. I had told the Lord. The amount of money I could afford. In terms of rent. Because I couldn't afford a house in California at that time. And so I said to the man. I want to give you this amount of money. He said I don't want any money. But I refuse I gave him that amount of money. Now here's the interesting thing. That man and his wife had been totally addicted to crystal meth. The highest substance of dope and me. They had been totally addicted. They had spent time in the penitentiary. The lady had. He had not gotten caught. But he said of spent more time than his wife and. They had. Made a mess of their lives. When she had gone to jail. And he was there sitting there thinking he was on the run from the government for years. They realize they were in deep trouble and their life was falling apart and they didn't know what to do. She got out of jail after being there for five years got out came home and said. I have to clean up my life I'm not going back to that way and he was still using She said no you can't do that and they said we got to get rid of everything that will cause us to fall back into that we have to get rid of every addict thing. Possible. Trigger. And they were living out in the middle of nowhere because they had nothing there been abandoned by their family members and everybody else had written them off because all they did was work them because they were total attics. And they were in the middle of this abandoned house. That one of their relatives lives there were no furniture in it there was only a T.V. a little T.V. with rabbit ears. And then they were watching that T.V. and the lady said to the man we did to throw this thing away. And they were about to throw it away. When the amazing facts television program. And there was dug bats for talking about how to have power. For God to get over addictions. And they've been watching and they said OK. This is the only thing we're watching on this T.V. and they watch that every single day and then they want to talk about one day and Doug Besser was at Taco Bell. He was setting up talk about. I couldn't believe it is that him. He looks much shorter than he does on T.V. He doesn't look as. And they want to tell me are you. And he poked him. Are you Doug Basso Yes. They started going to his church. They begin to fill their minds with the Word of God they begin memorizing scripture. They start to go into that church they started singing they started rejoicing. And then their brain started to come back. They gave up smoking they gave up this they gave up that they look. They gave up everything that they had that was producing joy and replace it for that which was producing joy. The great Connery's the sifted in diet and drink and dress. And then they were baptized because they had died to the old. And then been resurrected to the new their family size. Both the mother of the Lady am the father of the Son and all their other children were completely addicted just like they were but they saw the revolutionary change. And they made out their will and the mother said when I die everything goes to Susan. And the dad said when I die everything goes to rich. And they both died. And those people who had been addicted and worthless. Now. Inherited. Everything. That whole ten acre plot. And that day when I went to church. They said got it so blessed us. We want to bless you can God change the addicted heart. Can he change the addicted life. Can he win the great controversy. Look he says these little controversies are significant hard thing. Does God want to give you everything has gone want to bless you. He's received everything. And what does he say to you. What does he say to me. Oh yes he can pray. I have medicine for you. A man. Let's pray. Father in heaven. Thank you that you are the God of the impossible. You entered into the great controversy one the great kind of her see end have the power to help us be addicted to the right things. May we exercise the will that you get to choose the joy that you have this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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