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God's Prophetic Call to Youth

Dwayne Lemon
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Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • June 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Let's turn our Bibles to the Book of Psalms one hundred twenty seventh Division. Psalms the hundred and twenty seventh Division. And I want you to see what the Bible says. As we consider the hundred and twenty seventh. Division. And we're going to look at the Word of God and let it speak to our hearts because I believe that it is imperative that you and I understand what Christ wants to accomplish in our hearts. The Bible says something very beautiful and sounds one twenty seven if you there please him in. All right. When Psalms one hundred twenty seventh division we're going to consider especially verses three and four the Bible says. Law. Children are and heritage of the Lord. And the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hands of a mighty men. It says so are children of the use. I want you to think about this God is speaking about young people in the mind of God. The Mind of God you will find is very different from the mind of men. There are some people that have already probably prophesied your future. They are people today that will tell young people that you are a loser. You are constantly doing wrong you. All ways every As I say you. All ways do that and they. They kind of put these turns on you that had this forever context it's like you're always going to be like this you've always been like this and this is how your life is going to close out. But while these words of discouragement often. Possesses the mind of the you. Here goes God giving us a very beautiful futuristic picture he says that when I look at children. He says I look at the number one. He says they are wonderful heritage but he also says. When I look at young people I look at them as arrows. Now if you know anything about warfare. You will know especially in these days. When arrows we use that was an attack weapon. Arrow was not something that you would use to defend yourself and arrows what you would use to attack the enemy. So when you think about God's view of young people got actually says I actually look at you as my attack with. So when God looks at young people he actually looks at you. He looks at me because I still consider myself young Amen Amen you better believe it. So you know. When God looks at us. He looks at us as instruments in his hands. That by His grace. If we are molded and properly fashioned. God says He actually looks at us as his instruments of attack against the Devils Kingdom. Any group. Testing. All right now. Any group. If you knew that there was a special. Attack force. That was coming up against you. Would you agree that you would give very special attention to that attack force and do everything possible to make sure they do not accomplish their mission. Yes absolutely. So there is for we need to understand that because of the fact that in the eyes of God. Young people are his prosthetic Lee designed attack weapon against the Devils Kingdom. That means that you become the Devils public number one target. The understand that you become that number one target now. Because of the fact and is standing. That you are God's designed. Weapon against the Devils kingdom you are the attack. Force. That means that you have merited Satan's hatred. I want you to understand that you have literally merited. Satan's hatred so whatever you think about the fact why is it that my life goes through so many trials Why is it that I go through so many problems in my life why is it that I am constantly faced with battle after battle after battle. One of the key reasons why that takes place is because God is trying to let you know. You have been raised up for a very specific purpose. You have been raised up to accomplish. A very specific work and Satan is the Hemant in making sure that you do not accomplish the very mission of why God raise you up as his precious you. So I want you from this day forward never look at yourself what you see in front of the mirror. Look at yourself to the prosthetic lens of what God wants to develop within you. If you can make that covenant with me and with God. Let me hear you say. So this is going to be point number one is that whenever you wake up in the morning you need to understand praise God. God has woken me up this morning to give me the privilege to be his arrow. Against the devil's kingdom. I often refer to the generation of used today. As God's arrows. Don't forget that that is your nickname. You got your name your first middle and last but at the end of the day your nickname is I am God's our. God has raised me up because he has a plan to destroy the devil and his kingdom. And he has decided to use me to be an instrument in his hands. So that we can attack his work. And by the grace of God. His work will be destroyed. Now. Understanding this I want to go to the Book of Genesis we're going to go to the Book of Genesis. And we're going to go to Genesis thirty five Genesis. I'm sorry Jensen forty five. Genesis the forty fifth chapter. And what you got to see in Genesis the forty fifth chapter I believe is very important. As we are seeking to understand some things that God wants to show us from his word Genesis. The forty fifth chapter and. When you get there just let me know by saying amen. You remember that the Bible tells a story about a man named Joseph now. When we think about Joseph. And we think about the things that you know God wanted to accomplish in him. Joseph was a young man that went through crisis is that right. I mean Joseph was a young man that went through tremendous crisis he was ditched betrayed by his brothers he was thrown in a pit. He ultimately ended up in prison he went to places of temptation specifically known as part of his house. He went through a lot of trial or a lot of challenges. And he went through it as a young man. But in the midst of all these challenges that he went through. I want you to see what was the reason why God allowed Joseph to go through these things as a youth. Why was it that God allowed him to go to that because correct me if I'm wrong. Even though I don't know you I can almost guarantee you one thing you have in your life are problems is that right. We know that to be so we know that we have problems we've got challenges we've got issues. There are things that face us. Every single day that we have to make decisions for right. Or for wrong. And as a result of that sometimes we get played with temptation we get played with overcoming and the challenges of life begin to beat up so hard on us that we begin to lose hope and lose faith. Joseph was getting beat up Joseph was going through a lot of trials. But in the end of it all when Joseph. And do it the trials when he endured the temptation. And when he made it through the crisis. Notice the reason. Joseph understood from the Word of God. Of why God allowed him to go through this. Were in Genesis forty five. The Bible says in Genesis forty five. And we're going to start at verse one. The Bible says in Genesis forty five Joseph now is in an exalted position. And he is now standing before the very individuals who betrayed him. And notice how he speaks to them as a release of the story. It says in verse one. Then. Joseph could not refrain him self before all that stood by him and he cried. Cause every man to go out for me and there stood no man with him. While Joseph made himself known unto his brethren. And he wept allowed in the Egyptians in the House of feral her. And Joseph said unto his brethren I am Joseph that my father yet live. And his brethren cannot answer him for they were trouble that his presence and Joseph said unto his resin come near to me. I pray you. And they came near and he said I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt. I mean literally Joseph is looking at them. And he's letting them know you were wrong you will foul you were the ones that was used by the devil. Saw sell me into Egypt. I am the same Joseph that you did so much wrong too. But notice. His further response as we look at the rest of the text. He says I am Joseph your brother. You were the ones that sold me into Egypt but watch this is says. Now therefore be. Not grieved. I like that my young brothers and sisters you must learn that. Even when people do you wrong. You must ask God to put within your heart and ability to pardon the individuals for what they have done wrong. Joseph had every right he was now in an exalted position. He had every right to say I have enough power literally by the snap of my finger to cancel every single one of your lives. He was in a full blown position of vengeance. But Joseph understood that Vengeance belongs unto the Lord. And you will find that when he demonstrated goodness. It actually recalls of conviction upon his brother's head. So he tells them he has been I agree. Don't worry. Because you can imagine you standing before your brother who you sold out. And now he's in a position where he can literally command Your death penalty. You would imagine you probably filled with fear would you not. But here it is he said and don't worry about that be not agree. But the reason Joseph was able to do that is because Joseph had a view of life that you and I mustered up. Notice how he had a view. Continuing a verse five. Now therefore be not grieve. Nor angry with yourselves that isso me hither for God did send me before you to do it to preserve life. JOSEPH. Kept a prophet view. Even through his trials. I want you to notice that you young people. And sometimes you go to the drama of life. And we begin to ask questions like why is this stuff happening to me why is it that I'm going to this why did my mother die. Why did my father die. Why is it that my girlfriend cut me off why is it that I'm going through this trial in school. Why why why and we begin to go through all these questions. In our minds. And sometimes in fact most times. We often will take the trials and persecutions of life. And we will fro the blame on God who said look at what you did why did you allow this. And then we try to take vengeance on him by saying you know what I'm leaving the church. I'm going to go ahead and go into full blown sin. And now I'm going to go through problems of life without you. Rather than go through problems of life with you. I got a question for you does that sound silly. In other words. Whether you're a sinner or saint. You are going to go through problems of life Name one person who is in the world that does not have problems. Name one person in the church. That does not have problems problems are going to come to every individual in every phase of life. Whether you're center or saint. The only difference is when I go through it with God or when I go through it without God. So brothers and sisters is very simple when you go through the problems of life when you go through the challenges of the trials of life. The goal is not that we are to say. Well you know what I'm a turn my back on God and still go and face problems. But I'm going to do without God. Would you agree that that's foolish. I would agree that's foolish you know what happens a foolish people go to the book of the police asked these. And I want you to see what the Bible says and Ecclesiastes the seven I want you to remember this foolish decisions. Have very serious consequences because you just agree. It is foolish to go through life and face. Its problems which are inevitable. You just agreed. It is fullish to do that without God. No matter what we're going to have what we're going to have problems but the choices. When I go to the problems of life. With got or without them. Now we agree. If you go through life without God. You still going to face problems and to do that is a foolish decision. Well let me show you the end result of what can happen. When we make foolish decisions the Bible says. In the book of Ecclesiastes these Chapter seven. And if you there. Just let me know by saying amen. The Bible says and Ecclesiastes the seventh chapter look right there verse seventeen Don't ever forget this. This is the end result of foolishness things and foolish decisions. The Bible says in ecclesiastic seven seventeen. Be not overmuch Wickett neither be thou foolish. Why should his Valdai what. Before that time. When we do foolish things. The Bible says you can actually die before your time. You see if you go back to a crazy ass these three and verse two the Bible makes very clear. There's a time to be born. And a time to die. Every single one of us have a time to die. If we're going to die there's some people that's not going to adding on to make it a C.G.S. come. And I'm trying to be part of that team how about you. Now in the event that I must die. I just want to make sure I don't die before my time. Now the Bible makes it very clear how an individual can die before their time. It is when they do foolish things. My nephew Charlie got broken didn't have any money he wants to go ahead make money. I'm dancing in the entertainment industry. I'm dancing with all the stars so I'm making thousands of dollars and I'm up and he says I want to go ahead. And I want to make money like my uncle. So he tries to get into the entertainment industry with me. He couldn't do it. This is obviously before I became a Seven Day Adventists and. When I was in the industry and I'm thriving I try to get my nephew in Charlie could make it in. Nobody liked him nobody acknowledged in the body paid any attention to him they didn't feel his skill sets were good enough. So therefore Charlie decided what I still want to be famous like my uncle literally I became famous literally I was on television dancing with all the various celebrities in the one nine hundred ninety S.. So as a result of this. My nephew said well I still want to get paid. I still want to make money like my uncle. So you know what happened. He decided. If I can't make money like my uncle in the entertainment industry. I will make money like my uncle in the drug industry. And he decided to go ahead and sell drugs. And the night. He sold drugs. Was the night he caught two bullets in his forehead and three in a stunning. The night. He sold drugs. My nephew Charlie did. A foolish thing. And as a result of him doing a foolish thing. I believe. He died before his time because he lived in a hospital for four days in a coma. And then he died. Nineteen years old brothers and sisters God is trying to reason with our hearts. It is not that you're not going to go through trials of life. We're told in a precious little book I Want You To remember this book is called messages to young people if ever there was a book that you all should be reading and understanding is that book called messages young people and. It is in messages to young people Page one seventeen that makes a very profound statement it says in messages to young people one seventeen. The trials of life are God's workman. It says revealing. Unto us. The roughness and impurity of our own characters. What does it mean that means that it is possible to come to church and say Happy seven. It is possible to come to church and join a choir. It is possible to join a church and to sing about Jesus and talk about. Great is that faithfulness. God is good all the time. All the time. God is good. It is possible to be in a church and to say all the nice Christian stuff. But as soon as a child hits us. The real you comes out all of a sudden the same God that we were telling everybody in the choir. TRUST JESUS have faith in Jesus. As soon as the trial comes to us. All of a sudden we say where is Jesus. How does that happen. It happens all the time but you know what we needed. We needed a child to reveal it. The trials of life are God's workman. Revealing. Unto us. The roughness and. Of our own characters. You understand that. So this is why Sometimes God allows trials. And that's why the next time you pick up Romans five. You make sure you read it carefully and you when you read Romans five. It walks you through those steps. It talks about how those who are justified by faith have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. By whom we have access by faith by which where we stand. And then it talks about tribulations. And it says tribulation. Posed to work. Patience and patience. Experience and experience. Hope and hope make it not a shame because the love of God is shared abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. Which is given to us. And that is what Joseph had Joseph had a right perspective. Even in the midst of trials. And as a result of that he was able to look at his persecutors in the faith. And in his face and say Be not Greece. Don't be angry at yourselves. He said yes you sold me out but as he said listen. But God was the one that sent me here did you catch what he said he said God sent me here. You were the puppet you were the one that was used. But he says but ultimately God's will was being done. And that's why. Go back to Genesis begin to Genesis fifty. Notice what the Bible says in Genesis fifty in Genesis the fiftieth chapter. Notice what the Bible says this is why. The Bible was able to make this point ultimately. And the more that you and I can understand its principle. By the grace of God will be able to stand more strong for the Lord. As we get ready to go through these final scenes of verse history. The Bible says in Genesis the fiftieth chapter. Notice what it says. As we consider. Genesis fifty. And now look at verse twenty this is. This was the perspective of. Joseph as he went through these various battles that he went through in his life. He says in Genesis fifty in verse twenty if you their police say amen. The Bible says in Genesis fifty in verse twenty but as for you. You thought evil against me but God meant it unto good notice that you thought. Evil against me. But God meant it and to good. To bring to pass as it is this day. To save much. People alive. Don't lose that point. The reason why God is allowing us to go through the various trials of life is because there's an ultimate goal. That God wants to accomplish. And it is going to actually realize. In the saving of many people's lives. You see I believe Joseph was not just a story in the Bible I believe Joseph was a type of God's people in the last days. And therefore when I look at Joseph I see one who went through this and I want you to notice this point here. From his peroration this is a very important point where you'll remember when Joseph was there and you know Farrah had the dream. And of course he wanted to understand a dream and as we just read here Joseph understood. Ultimately that got a lot all these circumstances of life to take place. Because he knew that it was going to result in to preserving life. A crisis was coming. And as a result of the crisis coming. God wanted to use this young man to help. Alternately work so mightily in Him and through him that it would preserve life. Notice what the quotation from inspiration says. It says in all the realm. Joseph was the what men. The only man that's deep because there was a lot of people. This is Joseph was the only man gifted with wisdom to point out the danger that threaten the kingdom. And the preparation necessary to meet it. And the king was convinced that he was the one best qualified to execute the plans which he had proposed. It was evident that a divine power was with him. And that there were none of the Kings officers of state so well qualified to conduct the affairs of the nation at this what. Crisis there was a crisis coming. And the crisis was coming and God wanted to prepare the people from a crisis. And from the years before the crisis hit. God already had a plan. And it was going to be revealed in a young man's life and God allowed Joseph as a young man to go through all of that because he knew in the end of it even though he got older. In the end of it. God knew. It is going to work out for the betterment of others. Now notice this balance I love the balance of these quotes. Look at what it says here. Joseph was given wisdom to understand two things not one thing. When you are used by God I'm going to submit to you that you are God's team that God wants to use to prepare the world for a Final Crisis. There is a final crisis that is gimmick getting ready to come to our world right now the world. And the church. Are grossly unprepared for this crisis. God wants to work through young people. So that they can be instruments in his hands to prepare the world for the crisis. The same way he worked through Joseph. To prepare his world. For their crisis. Joseph had to be a very consecrated man and when I come to our second session. We're going to talk about the consecrated life. We're going to talk about the consecrated life. And where it begins. But I want you to see this. When Joseph was used by God Notice he had two powers. Oh if we could understand this under the context of the third angel's message. It says. In all the realm Joseph was the only man get wisdom to point out the what. So part of Joseph. Work in inspiration. Was that he was able to point out the dangers that was good for the comes out right. But brothers and sisters. If all you know how to do is tell everybody about the danger that's coming. But you don't know how to do the second phase. After a while your warnings begin to sound like sounding brass and tinkling symbols. Notice the other element that it was imperative that Joseph had. So that he could really prepare the people for the crisis. It says. Not only did he point out the danger that threaten the kingdom. But it says. And the what preparation. Necessary to meet it. It is imperative that while God wants to work through you to let the world know that there is something coming that we are not prepared for excuse me and there's only one way that we can be prepared for it. God says it's not enough for you to simply know the danger. You must know the solution. You follow that your work. As God's instruments to prepare a church and a world. For the Final Crisis. Is that you and I must understand the danger. But we also must understand the preparation necessary to meet the danger. If you don't have that you become unbalanced. Is another word for it is called fanatical you follow that. So it is imperative that you understand is now. We can go through other stories you remember Daniel Daniel he was a young man two and Daniel was brought in the midst of a crisis in Babylon. He was about to lose his life. And all of those who are associated with him. Especially in the Kings rail. They were about to lose their lives. You remember that Daniel came and it was given unto him an understanding and it was given to him that from the beginning God has wrote to his people to bring blessings to the world. To the ancient Egyptian nation God made Joseph a fountain of light through the integrity of Joseph the life of that whole people was preserved. Through Daniel God save the life of all the wise men of Babylon. And these deliverances are as object lessons you see that the deliverance is that you read about in the story of Joseph. The deliverances that you read about in the story of Daniel. They were not recorded. Just so you and I could see what has a nice old story. God wanted to understand though that's an object lesson. Because we are living in the time right now with there is modern day Egyptian worship. There is a modern day Egyptian climate you see in the Bible. Egypt was known as something go to the Book of Exodus twenty notice what the Bible calls Egypt. And you tell me are we living in a modern age and if you look at Exodus the twentieth chapter look right there at the very first two verses. And you tell me if we're living in a modern day Egypt. The Bible says in the Book of Exodus the twentieth chapter. If you their police say amen. Now the Bible says In Exodus to twentieth chapter notice what it says as we consider Exodus twenty. And we're looking at verses. One and two. The Bible says an Exodus twenty one and two and God spake all these words saying I am the Lord thy God which has brought the out of the land of Egypt. Out of the what. So when you think of Egypt you think of what you think of bondage. You think about as the IJA was it was a house. Of buy everything about Egypt. Was bondage. So now we cause we understand that principle the question is are we living in a modern day Egypt today. What is going to Johnny and that's what our Jesus makes it plain. Jesus makes it plain. And John eight and you can understand that Egypt and bondage have a much wider bigger and broader understanding. And my question is do you and I understand that we are living in a modern day Egypt. And if we're living in a modern day Egypt. That means we need a modern day Joseph is that right. A Mensa notice where the Bible says. The Bible says in a book of John chapter Jesus is talking to his Jewish brethren. And as he's talking to his Jewish brethren. He says in John the eighth chapter starting right there at verse thirty one. And he says and John eight and verse thirty one. He says Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him. If you continue in my word. Then. Are you my disciples in deep and ye shall know the truth and what's the truth going to do. It's going to make you free. Now. In verse thirty three How do they respond. Verse thirty three they said we'd be Abraham's seed. And were never in bondage to any men. Houses that we shall be made free. We already free. That's why they thought their minds. So Jesus balances them out by helping them understand verse thirty four. He says in verse thirty four. Jesus answered them Verily verily I say unto you. Whosoever committed what sin is the servant of sin. Do you know another word for servant. Bondman as an. That's another word for servant. Bonderman. So Egypt. Represent a house of bondage and what kind of bondage was Jesus talking about John eight in verse thirty four. You know anybody struggling was in your hate Do you know anybody. Do you know any young people who are slaves to sin. I mean young people all the time. Do you know that having sex with a man or woman. Before marriage is wrong. Do you know that the Bible says and first this is only in chapter four. And verse three. It says. This is the will of God. Even your sanctification that you would flee from fornication. Do you know we have a generation of views that are not fleeing from fornication there running to fornication. Is that right. The Bible calls us in did you know that. So God was trying to help us understand there's a whole generation of you. Not just in the world. But in the church. And they are sleighs to sin. They are in a modern day. And if we're in a modern day Egypt then we need a modern day. Joseph Amen. The Bible also talked about Daniel Daniel was living in that when Daniel gave that prophecy there. He was living at what time. What kingdom was ruling when Daniel had to make this explanation and Daniel two. It was Babylon. There's a bible talk about a modern day Babylon. Yes it does Revelation fourteen eight. It's also on their front of another angle saying Babylon is fallen this fall and that great city because she made all nations drink of interest enough of the wine of the wrath of her. Fornication. So we are living in a time of a modern days steer ritual. Babylon. And if we're living in a modern day spiritual Babylon. The net means we need some modern day. Daniels. You understand that. So when ever you read that through Daniel God save the life of all the wise men of Babylon. And these deliverances talk about Joseph and Daniel. It says. Our object lessons you get it now. So God isn't really saying I am looking for I'm on a hunt I am seeking out. Young people like Joseph. E.O.M. people that are like Daniel. That Dare to be different. That have a love for Christ that is so strong that they wouldn't even lose some friends forward in the process let me tell you something brothers and sisters. I believe there's probably nobody in this room. That knows what partying. Was Like. Like I did. I grew up loving to go to the parties loving to go to the clubs loving to fornicate brothers and sisters. I defy old my body and my mind so much that it is a miracle that I could stand before you and even understand was written in this book. I know what smoking cigarettes. Cigars and weed is like. I know what it's like to drink alcohol. I know what it's like to party and club. All night long every day. I am a high school dropout. Didn't even finish school brothers and sisters. I had fights so much that once I got over to one hundred fifty five I just stopped counting. Got into fights all the time had gunshot shot at me bullets passing my ear that I could literally feel the wind. Passing my ear from the bullet. Beating up people going through all the trials of life and all these other things. And I understand. Fornication that was my first last and middle name brothers and sisters I lived and ate and drank in lived for sexual relationships. Because I was a child of the world. What I'm telling you is that God can take a mind that is so in feeble. God can take a body that has been so defiled. God can take yours in my life no matter what condition it may be. And if we are willing to lay it before God and say Take me all Lord is wholly done. I'm laying all my plans at your feet. Use me just today in your service and abide in the Vida mean that all my words to be wrought in you. If we are willing to do that God has this master capability of taking junk and making something precious about it. God knows how to do that and therefore the Lord says you can be his modern day Joseph you can be his modern day Daniel. And he not only wants it. He needs it. And the question is very simple of you and I going to be willing to be counted among cysteine you see go to the book of Matthew. The twenty first chapter. It meant visa twenty first chapter you going to you're going to notice this story here. That I believe is absolutely profound. As we are considering the work of Christ and what he wants to do in the hearts and lives of his people and especially as we constantly are considering the young. I love this. I love this brothers and sisters. I love working with my young brothers and sisters People always try to tell me now we're going to young people is hard. I disagree I believe working with adults are. Because young people for the most part. If you know listen. They're you. There's a state with a used to be said in business and is true in ministry in business it is often said. People don't care what you know until they know how much you care. All right some of the best businessmen are the people who understood. It is more about me demonstrated that I care about these people and providing them with a product or service that meets their needs. In comparison to just trying to sell them some so I can get in rich but this is the same principle that is true in the church. I have learned that if all I try to do is minister to my young people one day a week which is the center and I just go ahead and try to pile in all my ministry one day a week with young people. I'm telling right now that is a program of spiritual suicide. It will never work. You got to get involved in the life of young brothers and sisters I'm talking especially to the adults right now you got to get involved in their lives and you got to realize their lives go beyond Saturday. Their lives continue on Sunday through Friday is that right. So therefore you and I need to understand that if you can demonstrate a true love care and concern for the youth there cut something happens in their minds with this us and you know what this brother actually cares about me. We used to opening your doors and saying listen come by Miles let's hang out. And you go bought a house and you hang out not talking foolishness and sin. But you go ahead and try to be an inspiration you try to be an encouragement. You try to educate them. This is what happens brothers and young people their minds are opening. I've seen it happen. A thousand times. And I've dealt with gangsters and thugs all day long and I'm dead serious. I've seen it happen with my own eyes I've seen real rough brothers not a church and pulled the gun out some of them have guns right now back pocket. And you go ahead the citizen coming out and you go ahead you still have them in your house. You let them each of food you break bread with them at your table. You let them spend the night. And you minister to them for real for real those young brothers and sisters have no problem opening their hearts and saying you know what this person cares about me. And as a result of that. I'm one of the what they have to say. It's adults is the older we get is the more stiff necked we get. And it seems like was so unbendable a saw and moldable and we get to a place where we're so hard. So I respectfully disagree with the grand theme that young people are so hard to deal with I have not found that to be my reality. I'm not saying it's not difficult. But young people are far easier to deal with than is dealing with a lot of adults especially when they really educated. So I believe that God wants to do something special to all of your hearts you want to do something incredible in you through you. For His glory. And I want you to see the picture prosthetic picture. As we look at Matthew twenty one The Bible says and Matthew twenty first chapter starting right there. As we look at verse six Matthew twenty one. And we're looking at verse six and if you their police say Him And Jesus told them to go ahead get a donkey to usher in here's what he says this isn't as the disciples went. And it is Jesus commanded them and brought the ass of the cult and put put on them their clothes and they said in their own isn't a very great what. So there's a very great multitude spread their garments in the way. Others cut down branches from the trees and straw them in the way. And the multitude snow does that again the multitude. That went before. And that followed cried saying Hosanna to the son of David. Bless it is He that cometh in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. And when he was come into Jerusalem. All the city was moved saying Who is this. And then he says and the who. And the multitude said this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee. What did the bible classify the group. That was ushering in Christ as he was riding in on the donkey what they call the multitude. Very good now. We're going to go and look at verses fifteen and sixteen. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did. And the children. So who is still the multitude. Now is who is children. Is says. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did. And the children crying in the temple to sing. Hosanna to the son of David. They were so it is pleasing seven to him. Here is that what they say. And Jesus saith unto them Be A Have you never read out of the mouth of babes and sucklings that has perfected. Praise. Notice that. According to the text. The herald of Christ in his first advent started with a what do they call it a multitude. So the people who are sharing in Christ is start with a big multitude. But who finished. The Herald. Children. The question is why. Why is it that when Jesus is writing in on this donkey. And everybody away from the palm branches it cetera they're doing all these things they started with a multitude. But now it closes with children. Why is it because somebody has asked Why did you know. It was put there in the Bible on purpose. God put that there on purpose to help us see the Hosanna started with a multitude. But the Hosanna finished with children. Why is it that God put that there. It's for this reason. Inspirations this. When Jesus drew near to Jerusalem. Attended by the rejoicing multitude. That with shouts of triumph and the waving of palm branches heralded him as a son of David. The jealous. Tyrus E.E.'s call the point him to silence them. It says But Jesus answered that. All this was in fulfillment of prophecy. And if they should hold their peace. The very stones would cry out. The people here goes the reason why the transition took place. The people. Intimidated by the threats of the priests and rulers. Cease their joy for proclamation. As they entered the gates of Jerusalem. This is why it transition from a multitude. To only children. The more that the Pharisees who were jealous. There was so jealous of cries you know there's jealousy in the church today. It should not be but there's jealousy. And Jesus was ignorant men yet understand that he never went in every man in the sight of the Pharisees. Because he never went to the schools. So they were saying listen you didn't even go to our schools. So how is it that you know all these things. And she's aware that it comes from God. Here it is the he's pictured as an ignorant man. But now. The Pharisees a jealous about this and when the people are praising him. And heralding him in the jealous Pharisees began to say. You be quiet or will kick you out of the church. And you have to understand that this what this was a known thing. In Israel that the Pharisees would pervert the words of God and begin to exercise authority that God never gave them. So they got to a point that even if you confess Christ will kick you out of the church. And people unfortunately had a misunderstanding of the church the church is an instrument of Christ. But the church is not Christ. Itself or himself. Now why do I make that point. It's because there are some people that believe. As long as I have church membership. I am saved. That is not only Eroni is that is dangerous. And that's what was believed in the time of Jesus. How do we know this. I'm not going to have you read it right now but I challenge any of you just go back to John nine. And you read John nine and John ten. When you read John nine in ten you will see that there was a man who was born blind. And when the man who was born blind. He you know. Got Kubert. He got healed by Jesus. And when he was healed. The Pharisees was so mad that. This took place that. Literally they brought his parents in. It will get your mother and your father and he brought his parents in. And they asked his parents is this your son. They say Yep that's our son. They say was he born blind yet. He was born blind. He now can see yes he sure can see. And then they said unto him. They said OK. Explain this. How is it that he was able to see. And all of a sudden. The mother and father gave what appeared to be a very intelligent logical statement. They said he is an adult. Let him answer for himself. That sounds very logical doesn't it. But the next verse tells us very clearly that the reason they said that was because they were fearful of being put out of the synagogue. Can you imagine people were scared to confess Christ. Less they would lose the church membership. Brothers and Sisters Listen I am an elder ordained and part of God's organized body of seventy Adventists. But if anybody were crazy enough to try to tell me do a lemon if you keep preaching Jesus and His righteousness. And if you continue to do that we will sever your church membership. I will tell them you can have your church membership or give me Jesus. If you're going to put my back against the wall and make me say either serve Christ or serve us I'm serving cries What do you say. And so in a week to. Since it was a fearful people God can't work to none of you if you're going to be to feel fearful to stand for us true. You will disqualify yourself Year me. You've got to get to a place that you know that Christ and His truth is what is paramount. God can't use you if you going to allow fear to govern your hearts. The jealous Pharisees told those people. Shut your mouth. Stop your hair oh and the people actually listened. But there was a group that didn't listen. And I say praise God for that group. And I want you to notice what the gold quotation says next. It says. But the children so while the great multitude of the adults. While they stop. It says but the children in the temple courts. Afterward. Took up the refrain and a wave in their branches of Palm. They cried. Hosanna to the son of David. When the Pharisees saw it it is please seven to him here is that what they say Jesus answered yea Have you never read out of the mouth of babes and sucklings that was perfected praise. Now watch this last point. It's as God. Wrought through. Children. At the time of Christ what Advent first advent. It says so here on through them in giving the message of his Second Advent God's Word must be fulfilled. That the proclamation of the Savior's coming. Should be given to all people's tongues and nations. Now. This was actually speaking about the time period of the eight hundreds. There were a group of young people you're reading great controversy three sixty seven. But if you go back one page great controversy three sixty six. The people who are doing this these children. It actually says. They were called Child preachers. And it says they were as young as six and eight years old I want you to think about that. Young people at ages of six and eight were actually telling people fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. And God says the same way I did that then in the eight hundred. God says so it is that I want to do that now with my use. God wants you to understand. You are is arrows. The same way that there was a crisis in the days of Joseph. God says I'm going to use Joseph. The same way that there was a crisis in the days of Daniel. God says I'm going to use Daniel. The same way there was a crisis in the days of Jesus anytime Jesus is in your presence and you don't recognize who is. That's a crisis. Would you agree. Jesus is in their presence a gram a joy to the people don't recognize him. But it was young people that says you know what adults. You may seize your Herald. But the children said I remember when Jesus help me on his lap. They said I remember when he told me stories. They said I remember when Jesus healed me and helped me to see and to hear and to speak. And these young people had their own experience with cries. That they said. Even when the adults will cease their Herald. They said we'll just take their energy. And we will gather warmth from their coldness. We will gather courage from their treason. And we will take the strength that they once had and we will finish what they started. And that's what those young people did. And ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters my young brothers and sisters. Is one more crisis getting ready to come. This crisis is the one that's going to hit this world. And it's going to hit the majority of the people in this world as an over. Well meaning surprise. The Bible speaks of this great crisis called the mark of the beast. Which is the enforcement of Sunday law. And these agitations a happening all around us I don't know if you're paying attention was happening with Pope Francis in the ecumenical movement. I don't know if even pay attention as some of us know more about Kanye. And about Kim Kardashian then we understand about the movements of the papacy. And all these other things happening in our world. But if we can just ask God to wake us up listen to me very carefully. The devil wants you to pay more attention to the foolishness of the world than to the profit utterances of Jesus Christ because as long as we stay asleep. Satan continues to run rampant into unfit this world for the Final Crisis. God is looking for Joseph. God is looking for Daniel's. God is looking for little children. Young people that are willing to do what everybody else it would seem to be are fearful of doing. And that is to stand for the truth though the heavens may fall. And I'm so thankful that there are those you see I am young. But I am an adult. So there are times that I relate to my young brothers and sisters and I go and work with them. But I also understand that I'm going to die I'm forty three years old I mean that's that. I still I say forty three years young. But I do realize that I'm getting up there in age. And all I'm saying to you brothers and sisters is that we must understand that there are some adults that are getting on board. There are some adults whose eyes are opening and realizing the present truth the understanding. We are living in a very serious and solemn time in history and is a great work to be done and little time in which to do it. And as a result of that there are adults that are willing to grab the hands of the youth and say. May God use me to help and strengthen and so rightly train an army of youth. That they by the grace of God will be instruments in his hands to finish his work. And so it is that God simply leaves an opportunity before you I wish that the can't meeting like this could be the place for it but you need training. You need instruction. You need very serious hard core focus. Because it is Satan's plan to make sure you love pleasure more than you love God but I'm so thankful that God is raising up. People. Some of them a fisherman some of them are people that do not have any education. But guess what God is also using some people who do have education. But they use the education in a right fashion. God is making a call to say. All hands on deck. Because time is almost finished. And I know that some of us right now. We love hip hop. We love our and B.. We love the various points of entertainment in our world. I understand it because I've been there and I've done that. What I'm telling you is is that I marvel that God can take things you once loved. And he can cause you to hated. It is a miracle brother you don't understand I used to wake up in the morning just get up and just hit the play on the on the radio just so that I could just hear my boom boom boom boom. You know him a thumb and hear the music so I could just wake up this for the guy and they go I'm ready to just go ahead and start enjoying my day to my hip hop music my arm be called the boys up right where we're going to go. What's next and I marvel at how God can cause me to one day wake up. And now I love to hear him. Now I love to hear these songs that tell stories about experiences in people's lives. It's and miracle. What God can do in your heart. That the things you once love. You can hate. And the things you once hated. You can love with Christ. This is possible. But you're going to need some strong training. And so when I come back on our second session later this week. I'm going to talk about some special tools you going to need. Because you only some tools. And I'm so grateful because I know my dear friend my good brother. So that Braxton. I know that he's going to come to you later on today and he's going to enable you he's going to give you some nice tools. And I know his background too and I know the law has been using him so I'm very confident I believe he's going to do something special with you all throughout this week as well as Pastor Walsh and other many others who have been appointed to minister to your hearts throughout this week. I just simply want to play my part faithfully so when we come back together on Friday. We're going to talk about practical tools what you're going to need to finish his work. And where does it begin. That's going to be our focus when we come back. But if you heard enough today to say you know what I realize that I am part of God's prophet a team. God has a special work. That he wants to accomplish. And as he worked through Joseph and Daniel in times past. God wants me today to be his modern day Joseph. He wants me to day. To be his modern day Daniel. God wants me today. To be the modern day children of the youth as we have read about inspired history and if you believe that that's what God wants to do. And you're willing to comply you don't know the whole picture you don't know what is ahead of you you may not realize fully. What it is that you're about to get into. But you realize you know what this man has said enough and I've heard the word of God clear enough that I understand. I do have problems. But it's better to go through it with God than without him and therefore I am going to renew my devotion to the Lord. END. I am going to of veil. Myself. That through the power of a spirit. I can be part of his teen. That will finish the work in this final generation and there's history. If that is a covenant that you are willing to make with god for real. I want invite you to stand to see you standing to your feet because you recognize a covenant that I'm making with God. And I'm for real this in any brothers and sisters. I remember when I went over there to Edmonton. And when I went over there to Edmonton and London and I talked to those precious young brothers and sisters there. And I remember that we talked about some very serious and startling things from the Word of God. But do you know that I saw so many young people that responded to God's message they responded to God's truth. But here's where it got exciting. It was probably three to four months later. The devil has a way of coming in when the preachers leaf. And he has a way of destroying the work. That was accomplished. You have no idea how much it warmed my heart. When I heard from those precious you that Edmonton. And they said. Where the lemon. Was still holding on to the faith. And they started talking about the real changes in their lives some of the girls they change their dress. So don't realize you know there's a way I was dressing before that wasn't of the honor of God. But they made a change. They said I want to glorify God even in my body. Some people they change their diet. Some people they change their recreations they no longer wasting time. They started getting more involved in Avenger listed effort in winning souls for Jesus Christ. Some of them today. Are actually studying and preparing to go ahead and by God's grace. Be pastors missionaries and evangelists brothers and sisters that is the testimony that in evangelists want to hear. This is my hope my prayer for you that this is not an emotional decision. With This is something where you are making a covenant. God takes covenants. Seriously. And this is why you going to notice I don't know if you have this already but there's this little appeal cart. And if you haven't I want you to look at it carefully because there may be some of you this is listen. I've never even get my heart to Jesus I've been going to church. But I've never surrender the Christ I've never confessed Him as my Lord and Savior. And if you haven't done that then I want you to go and check that area where says I accept Jesus as my personal savior. Some of you. You're saying you know what I need to get fit. I need to get trained. Well there's a school here. There's a school that you can participate in that you can begin your journey. And that school is also reference here. Right on the page you can go ahead and say Let me see it how the Lord can work through me that he can use me. There are many things that you can see you check. Whatever it is that is a political to your life and your personal experience. And I believe the local bless we're giving these out now. So you go and you take these and prayerfully look through it prayerfully look through it every one of you you can take one. Prayerfully look through it and ask yourself. Where is the need for me where does it fit for me. And by the grace of God as a low space yard. And he gives you clear direction from his word. Go forward. Go Forward in Faith. Let nothing hinder go forward and be settled in being part of God's team that will go forward and finish his work in this generation. As you're filling these out is going to be some time that you're going to need to do it and think about it so while they're giving it out I'm just going to pause for a word of prayer. And then you can continue filling them out. And then after that we will progress with the rest of the days. Things that have been set for us so let's go ahead let's just by our heads a word of prayer. And as consecrate ourselves before the Lord I'm going to kneel to do that and if you can. Want to deal with me that's near together. We are taking this consecration very seriously. And I believe the best way to do that is on our knees Father in heaven. We kneel before you as your arrows. We recognize that we have been call to be your special. Attack force against the Devils Kingdom. There is much that could have been said but very very little time. But I pray the just the few Jim. That we have learned from your words of inspiration. Help us all got to take it take what we have learned and take it seriously. We know that the devil going to do all that he can through the friend through friends associations to boyfriends and girlfriends some of us going to need to make some serious decisions this some people are not allowed that need to be cut off. This and people and influences and that we need to just close the door of temptation so that we do not fall. Because we have made a covenant with the today. And we are serious about it. I pray that you will bless. Beyond our expectations. Every single one of my brothers and my sisters. Please help us that we will be faithful to the calling that you have placed upon our lives. We are living in a modern day Egypt. We are living in a modern day Babylon. And as a result of that you need some modern day Josephs. You need some modern day Daniel's Lord. We are willing please you. Be the one to make us able. And I'm thankful that we can put our faith and trust in you. So keep my brothers and sisters and help us to remember the precious words of the book of Jude. This is now on to him. That is able to keep you from falling and to present you fall before the presence of His glory. With this media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit.


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