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Holy Flesh

Phillip Sizemore
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Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • November 3, 2015
    7:00 PM
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You know one thing I've noticed about can I say it this way about you Adventist. I'm a convert back to Adventist young and old is one thing that we oftentimes miss that we oftentimes even scared to say. And that's talking about the assurance of salvation. Right. Like if someone gets up and says how many people here believe that they. If Jesus were to come today. Or if you were dropped that the day would be confident you've been the first resurrection. You know and many people are afraid if that sounds. That sounds a little almost presumptuous doesn't it. But you know the Bible teaches we can have that assurance. And the in the afternoon this time there are now. We're going to talk about the root. And when we talk about the fruit. Than a root or to talk about food again later this evening but the root of of set of our walk with Christ and the word how do we have the good fruit it's based on the good Remember remember Jesus says you know the tree Matthew chapter seven you know the tree by its fruits right. And what makes the fruit good or bad. It's what's in the tree. I remember one time. I tried gardening gardening. Some So terrible Gardner. You know you plant the seeds. They don't want to come up but we've come up all around them have you noticed that. But I had they had these cucumbers. Nice big cucumbers they were like this you know if you come here is right. And you guys are different over here I wouldn't I wouldn't. Yesterday ordered a milkshake at the little restaurant they brought me milk with with flavoring and that's not a milkshake. At most they have ice cream and stuff and you know that right. OK. So anyway. So I had these cucumbers. And I was so all these things are look so nice or so big and I started giving them away before I tasted them. And then I tasted want to so bitter. In my race you cumbers. You have to water them a lot. If you don't even know the fruit looks good. Listen to this. Even of the fruit looks good. They taste terrible. If you don't get a lot of water isn't an interesting. Lots of lessons learned in gardening about about how in other words. You mean having fruit may be looking pretty good but the inside maybe just bitters can be. So how can we be sure on the right track going the right direction. And we're going to learn this today from the Bible. And you go like this. How many people to study the Book of Leviticus. Who want to hand because if you know Leviticus wary. He tells it tells Aaron. Moses to put blood on the air and big thumb in his lobe of his right ear in his big toe you know to sing. You know to spiritual significance of that is neither do I So that's what's the fun in the benefits that we find something also very interesting Leviticus and something. Listen if you'll pay attention if you can. If you can do your whole life to not the cell phones just for like forty minutes or so and tune everything out you're going to find that you can have the assurance of salvation through the Bible through this message today. And it's this one that I have a burden to share with everyone young and old. And I think you're going to. You'll really appreciated if you can just tune everything out for front few minutes can you do that try to try to go along with me. Let's go look at Leviticus Genesis Exodus. And then book of Leviticus Leviticus and I'm going to out of my cell phone on but I don't get signal over him afraid to turn on the charge absorbent fees. But I have a for a clock so they almost said there for a clock it won't go off I promise. They cause I have it on airplane mode. So ten years on airplane mode if you leave it on and they have your Bibles right. Don't get interrupted here the devil's going to attempt somebody to call your text you while this is going on you know that right. I guarantee you'll be a POINT is coming that you that you need to hear. And you get the text. So don't let the devil use that as a distraction get rid of those. Can you do that. Don't be rebellious rebellion is a sense of witchcraft the Bible says. Leviticus Chapter six. Leviticus Chapter six. Verse twenty four. Says the Lord spoke to Moses saying. Speak to Erin to his son saying this is the scent the the law of sin offering. In the place where the burnt offering is killed. Shall the sin offering be killed before the Lord. It is most holy. OK now. I want you to understand what you're reading this sin offering this animal that sacrifice to help me out here what does that animal who who does that animal represent. Jesus right they were thinking that it was pointing to Christ Now keep in mind. Follow what I'm saying here. It says this animal. This offering for sin offering like if you sin you had to offer an animal percent offering. You would cut its throat. You'd catch its blood. The same would be transferred to the sanctuary but this animal would be representative of Jesus Christ to come in the future everybody has an understanding that very simple isn't it. OK And it says here that this animals flesh became most holy. It was holy Everybody with me. Now look what it says it was on the pre-show offer this for sin. And he shouted it in the holy place. In the court of the tabernacle of the congregation. What so ever shout touch the flesh there of shall be holy. Now you understand what's being said there. That animal sacrifice represents. Jesus Christ Now follow me here please follow what's going on if anything that flesh. Touched. Would then become holy Isn't that interesting so anything that comes in contact with that holy flesh. Itself becomes holy. And who does that flesh represent. Jesus in other words in time you come in contact with that holy flash. You to become holy Are you following that. Now is kind of interesting just so far isn't it. Now go with me to look ahead. You know where that's at go to Matthew and back up three books. Say I always like to hesitate there when you say go to some people like that's not a book in the Bible it really is. Chapter two. How many times have you heard any message preach. Out of the book of once or twice right. Like. Never never hear it reference but or something very interesting here in A then we're going to see how this applies to us. Stay with me here. Hey Guy chapter two. Starting in verse eleven the set the LORD of hosts. Ask now the priest. Concerning the law saying. If one bears holy flesh. In the skirt of his garment. And with this Curdie touches bread or pottage or Wiener oil or any meat. Shall it be holy. The priest answered and said no. Now before I move on any further think about being said here. What did we learn. Already in the book of Leviticus. The animal sacrifice became what. Holy flesh representing Christ. Anything come in contact with the holy flash. Became holy. Now that the priest. That he's asking Hey Guy question concerning the law. Let's say the priest took a skirt of his garment he pulled up like this he put the holy flesh. The animal in a scarred his garment. Is the priest holy. Help me out here come on give me an answer. Yes anything that comes in contact the holy pleasure comes holy right everybody with me. But then he asked the question now the priest walks by and touches the podium. Does Now the podium become holy because the priest is the answer is No it doesn't isn't that interesting and. In other words. No matter what the priest does he can't make anything else holy. The only thing that makes him holy is the fact that he's in contact with the holy flesh right now I want you to understand the Bible says by way all orders in the sanctuary. You know there's something very interesting taught right here in a sanctuary. And what you see how this plays out from the Bible just amazing remember those times when you said I start studying your Bible and you see something like you've never seen it before. Oh man I just could not wait to go tell people about this is so amazing. This is one of those times so maybe you'll feel the same way right. So the priest has the holy flesh he's holy. But anything he touches he doesn't make it holy Isn't that interesting in other words. Let's make an application here before move forward. Let's say that I'm very holy contact with Christ. I'm living for Jesus. I'm still with the Spirit of God. I want to I want to tell others about it. So I go find my friends I go find others I go find church members or non church members. And I get them I say OK now listen here's what you have to do you have to quit eating this. You have to quit going here you had to quit watching this. You have to start going to church on the Sabbath instead of Sunday. You have to get rid of all of your jewelry. Don't wear those short skirts make sure you wear them far enough. Stop doing this and you know by everything I tell you to do like you're the perfect walking talking converted Christian now right because you've done everything I've told you your holy no right no matter how holy I am. I can't make you holy by touching you and and fixing you and telling you take this off and put this on and don't do this and only that no matter how much effort I do to make you holy I can't make you whole they can I. But what how can I because after all if I'm holy. I should go to make you holy know the only way I can make you holy is the give you a the holy flesh right Representative yet you have to come in contact with Christ yourself. You have to come in contact with him. In other words Listen this. The good news is no matter how good you think you are. You're still not good enough. But no matter how bad you think you are. You're still not too bad right now on how holy I make you you're still not wholly right. The only thing that can make you holy is you come in contact with that holy flesh and what's really really neat about this is we're going to find out. No matter how the file you are the Old Testament the Elegy carries over into the new with Jesus right no matter how defiled you are you come in contact the holy flesh. And you to become holy. You can have the assurance the confidence that you're right because you're in contact with that holy flesh. Now look at this. No matter how good holy We are we can make other things holy. Look what it says in the next part of the here. Verse thirteen. Listen this verse thirteen. Then said hey guy. If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these shall you be unclean. The priest answered and said yes. It shall be unclean. Who wanna mess we are here. Listen to this now here's what it's saying. No matter how holy you are. How righteous you are. How exactly you're feeling up to all the principles in the standards. Right. Even if you're in contact with the holy flesh. In everything is perfect in your life you are like Ready for translation. No matter what you do you can't make anything else holy. But if you're the final the messed up. You can mess everything else up a lot of hope there in that I mean you're like you really feel really good as a human being doesn't it. Like all we can do is mess things that we can't fix anything. That's what God wants us to recognize to God wants you to recognize that you're basically scum. And the only thing that makes you good. Is Christ. He wants us all to recognize that it's difficult because after all we want to think of ourselves as really good people don't me. We're not as bad as the other people out there. But your felt that way I used to feel that way to learn says no no no no you're in your bad. You need me to become holy. That's what's being taught both in the Old Testament and the new now. Go with me back to Leviticus Chapter five. Leviticus the fifth chapter. Leviticus Chapter five. By the way and when you get past look at job on the way their job fourteen for says Can anybody bring a clean thing out of unclean. What's the answer. No not one. You can't make anything clean. That is unclean that's what we're told because Joe. Now Leviticus Chapter five who would have thought at a team youth conference would be studying book of Leviticus. You guys like he's boring me to death. Stay with me. You'll like it by the time we get done you'll understand. Even yourself. The depths of God's word how clear it is even even the matter how young or old we are right. Leviticus Chapter five verse two. If a soul touches any unclean thing now you know. When it says a soul touches any unclean thing it's not talking about. Like people think out the world some different body is talk about a person right here went to the way to the store and said there wasn't a soul there today. Right. That means that it was any people there and that's what the Bible's referring to here a soul touches an unclean thing. Weatherby the carcass of an unclean beast or the carcass of unclean cattle the carcass of unclean creepy things. And it's hidden from him. He shall be unclean. And then what does the Bible reference to that do. What's next word. And guilty guilty not just goes on if he touches young cleanness of them and what serve uncleanness it be that a man shall be defiled with all it's hidden from him when he knows of it then he shall be guilty. So in other words make it simple layman's terms of. If you come in contact with something it's unclean. When you come when it comes your knowledge you two are unclean in the Bible says. Guilty Now look what it says next. Or of a soul pronounces swearing. With his lips to do evil or to do good whatsoever. Whatsoever is that a man shall pronounce with an oath. If it's hidden from him when he knows of it he should be guilty of one of these. Now verse five. If you fall asleep wake up a verse five OK verse five says. And it shall be when he shall be guilt in one of these things he shall confess that he has sinned. In that thing. So according to the little bit of a law. The Old Testament walls. If you become unclean. It was associated with guilt and then associated with sin and then. What is described there after is how you had to go get the sacrifice and go to appear for cation or cleansing process in order to make clean again. Is it making sense. Now here's a question I want to ask. From the time I look at it this. Looking forward into the future. To the Messiah to come in the future. Could the Messiah. In the future every anyway become unclean and still be the Messiah. Can talk aloud help me out here. The answer is no obviously not right because if you become unclean the Bible would so she hates it with sin and guilt. Their body with me. All right. So you're sure that the Messiah can ever become unclean is to be the Messiah. You know follow me here. The Bible says if you do. If you comes on clean it's sin. Right now with the people. Teenagers. Adults middle age. Everybody in the time of Jesus Jesus coming on the scene. Would they understand this do you think like their whole economy their whole church system was based on this on a system here of Levitical laws right. It would be what it would be the equivalent. Equivalent of asking a Seventh Day Adventists which day is the Sabbath. They would understand that right you'll be able to say. Saturday is right. And so what we're reading about here is this. I'm clinging to the cleanest issue. They all know that the Messiah to come in the future could never become unclean and still be the Messiah. That making sense right now from there. Let's move for just a little bit a little bit of his chapter fifteen. We're building a foundation here you are understand in a moment you'll pay attention you've got to get this foundation here. Leviticus Chapter fifteen it says. Now I love this part of the Bible. All husbands enjoy it. Leviticus Chapter fifteen verse nineteen it says this. If a woman has an issue. Of course guys also in which ones don't right. Right now is not really talking about that is talking about the issue and our issue is that her flesh be blood she should be put apart for seven days. Whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. You understand it's being said there. So if a woman habits are issue right. And she cannot come in contact with anybody they did they would become unclean. Making sense right now if she touches them. I'm sorry if someone touches her. Now go to numbers nineteen Leviticus. Numbers the next one over number nineteen and verse twenty two. Verse twenty two of numbers nineteen. Whatsoever an unclean person touches. Shall be unclean. And the soul it touches it shall be unclean to evening they had go through a purification process so the Bible says this. If anyone touches an unclean person or one person touches them. They were big. They were be unclean and would have to go through the sacrificial process of doing the animal sacrificing cleansing. Themselves because they were unclean and what's the word. Guilty. Could the Messiah to come in the future. Ever become unclean and still be the Messiah. No couldn't. No because it would be socially with guilt uncleanness is guilt and sin right about a following. Now. Now we have a foundation go with me to mark five. Mark the fifth chapter. The fun part of the message will begin now because we're going to apply it start seeing how it applies to you me. You and I Mark Chapter five or twenty four G.'s have been asked to go to Hill. Darius his daughter right into the story on his wife verse twenty four G. is went with him and much people follow him and wronged him. People climbing all over Jesus he was being thrown. And then it goes on and says. And a certain woman which had issue. Oh oh blood twelve years and had suffered many things of many physicians is that a funny way it said. He suffered many things of many physicians. How many times do you go to the doctor even two thousand years later. And you go to the physician and you don't eat you do not suffer many things right. I got this. Earache will bend over in a stick a needle in you that you're at no matter what you have wrong you suffer many things that many physicians have you noticed that some things haven't changed in two thousand years of time. In other words though this woman and said she spent all that she had had nothing was nothing better but rather grew worse. Now follow what's going on here. The woman has this issue. She has terrible terrible problem with bleeding right. She can't get it fixed. She spent all of her money. She's been to every doctor in town in other words. Following she's done everything she could to make herself. Right. And couldn't do it. She tried everything to make yourself better. Wasn't getting him better it was only growing worse or you understand in the spiritual application here so far right she's trying everything she could do to make yourself right. And she couldn't do it the Bible says she heard of Jesus. She hadn't seen Jesus. She had seen what he had done she had heard of Jesus. Right. And she came behind in the press and touched his garment. And I just showed you from the Bible that Jesus could be the Messiah right. That I just say that. Then what do we learn from the Old Testament. If anyone's ever touched by an unclean person that person to become unclean. They have to go through the process of cleansing and repentance basically to get cleaned again writing following this. So when a woman with an issue touches Jesus. Then he can't be the Messiah because he's now unclean. What happens of something comes in contact with the holy flesh. It becomes clean. All right now follow me here. This is keep looking at this. Now I want to know what happens. For she said if I made it touches close. I might be maybe made home. Now. The Bible says verse twenty nine. In the King James and straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up now the word straightway means immediately. It wasn't three days later it was six months later. How quickly would just woman made whole. Immediately as soon as she come in contact with that holy flash immediately now. Let me let me draw this out just a little bit here. Just a couple of different things I want to point out Matthew's version of the same story in Matthew Matthew nine. And it's same version in verse twenty. It says that she touched the him of his garment. It now she touches him of the of his garment were she touching. At the very base right. So let's follow the mindless follow us follow the idea of what takes place here take alone once you get the picture the mental picture of this OK. This woman she doesn't have a name in the Bible can I give her a name. I want to give her a name. We're going to call are messy Mary Kay. Mary's are named. And she's in her life is a mess everything's a message Mary. Everybody in town knows or everybody in town avoids or why. Because you come in contact with messy Mary what happens to you. You become unclean right. So you could picture of you will. The Bible said the people were throwing Jesus so Jesus Jesus is walking along on his way to Darius's house. And people are throwing him there all over him right now. Upcoming behind Jesus is Mary. Now Mary sneaking up behind Jesus. Like this right here I can picture like this she's coming up. And she's gone like this like going. Get going after Jesus. In the crowd is parting like the Red Sea. Like no one was a touch you're right you know I get away. Now. Mary touches the him of his garment so she would have done something like this as a crowd part she would be like this are you following me. Touching the him of his garment so she's lying on her face there touching him of his garment. Now when she touched him what does the Bible say took place immediately she was healed did she know she was healed. Did Jesus Moshi was healed. So why does Jesus doesn't make a big scene out of this I think very interesting. I think there's several reasons but one reason in particular it's very amazing. If Jesus now that he knows that she's been healed. She knows she's been healed. If he goes on and doesn't say anything or do anything. He just as your eyes as house and you know how you how you. As I say. Extremely law abiding citizens of the kingdom are especially the ones that were that were trying to run Jesus. Down to try to nice messiahship he gets there. And they say oh I got a brother Jesus. You can't do anything right now until you go back to town to the temple and offer the sacrifice because we saw messy Mary touch you. Right. They could call him out and then he would have to say what she was healed. Oh yeah really. All right so so Jesus stops in a comic turns around he says who touched my clothes. Now I love the answer listen listen listen. But verse thirty. Immediately knowing a virtue is gone out of him. He turned about in the press and said who touched my clothes His disciples said to him. Lord. You're embarrassing us. You see the multitude touching you. Throng you and you say you touch me. That's embarrassing right as the sun getting to you. Everybody's touching you what do you mean. But this touch was different he felt virtue the King James says the word is Dumas means power we get our dynamite from right. Power had gone out from him. This woman was healed. Immediately and Jesus knew it so he stopped and oppressing turns around and he says Woman. The women are fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her came in fell down before him and she told all the truth. And he said in her daughter your faith has made you whole Go in peace and the whole of your play is not beautiful. Listen. When she comes in contact with Jesus. The holy flesh. He can be made defiled. She's made. Holy. She's made right isn't she now. Cannot cannot change the story just for a moment for illustration. Let's change the story for moment for illustration purposes. Let's say Jesus is going along. Walking down the road and. The woman now if it doesn't come up from behind in diving tends to him of his garment. But now she's standing in front of him and says Lord please make me whole Jesus says OK I can do that I can do that could he do it. Yeah. So he says to her. I want you to go. Change his clothes. I want you to quit watching this for a whole month. I want you to only be doing this for a whole month. Right. And I want you to I want you to eat. This way for a whole month at the end that time you come back I'll make you whole you think she would do it absolutely. But if you spent all of your money down everything you could make yourself whole. And someone comes along and says look if you do all this then you'll be whole would you try it would you do it. You know the emptiness that loneliness and you're like you're trying to find out what to do what to do make things right. And someone comes along and says if you do all this you'll be right. You know I'm talking about don't you. And so sort of Jesus tells her to do that let's suppose he does. And if she goes away for a whole month she does everything he told her to do perfectly. Now into the much she comes back. Says Jesus. I did it. You know me. You get that. So then she says. I did it Lord I do what you told me to do. And he heals are the she or him anything. How grateful is she in other words in her mind what is she thinking her mind. I did it. He owed me. I became good enough. He owed me. Is that making sense. But what happens is this woman die she Jesus. Owes her nothing he does nothing no in her in. If we're looking at this point of view as the story takes place. What did she deserve nothing. I mean by the way. By just going in touch me him of his garment if she's not healed. You have this young rabbi who's going through and healing people doing all these great things. You take a chance by touching him in the following him. At the very least that's going to happen to her. She's going get a tongue thrashing of her life. Isn't that making sense. Like if you go. You don't have this young rabbi years ago touches government you defile him. What if you're not healed What's the least is going to happen to her probably in that culture. Time trashing you know she will be in lot of trouble for touching this rabbi and the following him making among clean. But she had faith. She believed. And she recent She touched him. And when she did. He's not the filed. She's made clean. In brothers and sisters no matter what Jesus asked her to do at that point from then on. I guarantee you should be glad to do it why. Out of obligation no out of love. Because she got what she did not deserve. You know though. The Gospel story is tied up in it for pretty well isn't it. You don't you know that her justification is people have the drought turn around very difficult. That was justified right there justification. She deserved nothing but by God's grace she got everything. And out of that love for him now. Now she's the. She tried everything she could to make herself right and couldn't make herself right neither can you. No matter how good you are no matter how faithful one of the church. How faithful to the church you are how faithful to Jesus you are. How you're just doing everything just right. You're still not wholly. It's only coming contact with him that makes you holy. And you don't hear the good news. No matter how good you are you think you are you still need to come in contact with him and the matter how bad a messed up your life is. When you come in contact with him. You also be made perfect. No matter of you is raised in the Seventh Day Adventists and you and you live similar your whole life. To technically. Right right. Or if you've come out of the depths of the world like I came out of. No matter what direction you're coming from when you come in contact with Jesus. You are made home. Is not beautiful. Like here. Listen to this. If you're going to people like this. I know some you probably like this right here the crowd or the crowd this side some you thought it yourself. So but I just I just don't think Jesus will forgive me because I went so far. And then other people the church will. Will like almost hold these people up like they're some kind of holy people because they. They recognize how we could They are not just blasphemy. You know that's blasphemy because what I'm saying is now listen. If you're saying. I'm so bad he can't forgive me. That's like the woman coming in touching Jesus. And not being healed. If she's not healed what has happened. Jesus has become defiled if we come to him. And we reach out by faith and touch him ask him to make us whole. And we don't believe he's done it we're saying that he's not really the Messiah. That's blasphemy. Are you understanding this. Hey that's where the text says this first John one nine it was Arthur scripture reading First one nine. If we confess our sins. He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins and Clint's us from all unrighteousness you know what else. We're going to about in this mess us what else we're going to learn. If will confess our sins. He say from just forgive us our stamping Clinton from all of our righteousness to all of our righteousness. I'll show you that just a little bit from the Bible K.. So here's an interesting thing. He promises to do it now. It is going to sound almost presumptuous. When you reach out by faith and touch Jesus asking to heal your sense of forgive your sins. He has no choice but to do it because the Bible says so. Can God lie. How do you know the God can't lie because the Bible says so. Tightest one verse two says God who cannot lie promise these things right. So if God cannot line about because the Bible says so when you reach out by faith and asked to use to clinch of on righteousness and make you and make you whole make you right make you holy. Does he have a choice but to do it. Not according the Bible is God by His Word. Like what he says it for a reason doesn't any but the problem is we don't really believe this one. This woman had just heard of Jesus she just believe she went in test Jesus and she was made whole and so were you in that then that is a beautiful Alice ration there that of this holy flesh Jesus the Holy flesh now. From there. We're going to back up again. We're going to back up to Numbers Chapter nineteen back to numbers nineteen. We look at another illustration here. Another point of this. Numbers nineteen A love this one. Starting a verse eleven. Are you getting this as anybody here had a spark of confidence in their god come up in your heart like maybe you thought you've gone too far but now you're starting to realize. Maybe that little mustard seed of Fate of realizing if I come to Christ he'll make me clean. He'll make me whole that's wonderful news. No matter how far gone if I come to him. He will make it right. Because he can't be defiled. Jesus is that holy flesh. Listen. My actions all changed when I realized what Christ had done for me. And so all of ours. Our actions don't change we get Christ to do something for us our acts of change we recognize what he's done in us and for us. There's a big difference in the way we look at things. You don't have to become holy come to Jesus. You come to Jesus to be a holy. All right. Number ten thousand verse eleven. He that touch at the dead body of any man shall be unclean for seven days unclean but also equal what guilt. He shall purify himself with it on the third day and on the seventh day shall be clean but if he does not hear five self on the third day then on the seventh day he shall not be clingy whosoever touches the dead body of any man that is dead. I just love the poetry there are how that being said the King James who ever touched the dead body of any man that's that have you ever touched a dead body and it wasn't dead and is not purified himself. Defiles the tabernacle of the Lord and that so shall be cut off from Israel because the water of separation was not sprinkle upon the Emmy shall be unclean. His unclean this is yet upon him my understanding that is an interesting. Come in contact with a dead body your unclean. And if you don't go through the purification process you stay and clean your cut off God's people. This is the law. When a man dies in a tin. All that comes into the tent. All that is in the tent shall be unclean for seven days. Every open vessel which has no covering bound upon it is unclean. Whosoever touches one that is slain with a sword in the open fields or a dead body or a bone or of a man or a grave. Shall be unclean for seven days. And now and then that seven days of being unclean that seven days only depend upon you going through the ritual that print purification process of becoming clean again. That making sense. Right now to go back to the New Testament. Luke the fifth chapter. Luke Chapter five. Some people think our going to get a story of a Jesus healing a dead guy. When we might but we're going to something else first. This is for all of us here. How many here are children of the church. I mean great races in the administration who said that privilege. Oh about how many has not to see those hands we weren't raised in the church. OK so somebody must be either sleep or dead you have to have one of the other. Maybe not in the church at all you were raised in a church how many people would like to unite is not even I've been this. OK Interesting. All right. Luke Chapter five because we've been privileged if you've been raised in the church right. I wish I would've been raised under which I've been raised that way what a privilege. Luke Chapter five. Now let's start in verse seventeen it came to pass on a certain day. He was teaching and they were fair a seasoned doctors of the law sitting by would come out of every town of Galilee and Judea. Who was sitting by Japan tension. Who was it. Very sees. And doctors of the law. Would you say these guys are a problem the fast track to heaven by the most people point of view fair season doctors the law these are the guys that had a right. These were the ones. And the power of the Lord was present. To heal them. In the context of that who is that them that the power of the war was there to heal. Ferrous ease and doctors of the law. Now you know I standing by we saw that we like what do those guys need to be healed from right there healthy their wealth either there or lifelong second third if they change traits Traister gene. Genealogy all way back to Abraham. These are a lot of long Adventist of Adventism. Paul says I'm a keeper of the Hebrews remember that right. Some some people say you know what I'm an advantage of Adventism. And I've got it together. I know what's going on that's where these guys now that we should be that way we should have things going on the brothers and sisters that should not be a personal. Because of who I am on holy by pious attitude it should be because what Crisis done for me. All of us. Right. So these guys had it together they were they were righteous but the Bible said the power of God was there to heal them. And the question would be from what goes in to look at eleven. Listen to this. Have you ever read sometimes in the by when you read these things matter how old you are young you are right now right you read these certain things like what no world is that even mean. There was one it bothered me for a long time and to understand something in the Old Testament this very thing is found in Luke Chapter eleven listen what it says. Jesus said the verse forty four. What do you scribes and Pharisees. You hypocrites. For your like graves that do not appear. Men walk over them are not aware of them. Who is he saying there. Like you and I when I get that we read that. But the people standing around listening to Jesus talk to these religious leaders would have got it. It's like this. You guys are like Grace they don't appear. People walking over and not wear them in other words. If you walk over a grave according to the declaw if you walk over a grave. You become unclean. He tells them they're like greys with no headstones. People are coming in contact with them every day becoming unclean and don't even know what he's telling the scribes and pharisees they need to come to him to the holy flash. To be made right to make clean and they would not do it. Now isn't it interesting that the. Jesus has a makes a statement he says. You know want the public and centers. These people going to set the came of God. And you're not going to make it now why is that because like the woman that had the issue. Like like these people the Republicans and centers they recognize their need to be made claiming. And the rest of us in our righteousness don't recognize our need to make claim we're like we're like dead men's bones. When I grazing do not appear. We think we've got together because of what we're doing and how we're acting or how we got our lives together brothers and sisters we need to come to Christ. And when we come to him. And we recognize that we needed him to make ourselves holy. We need him to be holy to be righteous. We are thankful we're so thankful we will then act right. Is that making sense. The actions are not to get these are to Jesus to like me more to come closer to meet the actions or because I am closer to him and he doesn't love. It doesn't love me more he loves us all you follow I'm saying though. We reshape what he's done for us. These guys would not come to Jesus can you imagine that Jesus was right there near miss all they have to do is reach out to him by faith and ask if he were done it. He talked them away different they talked their body else did you notice that the image of the woman that was cut altering the very act. She brought to the feet of Jesus. He doesn't say you can grow. You hypocrite. He doesn't do that with her does it. But he's nice to her in that way you know he's like. He is softer with her because she recognizes listen she recognizes she needs she needs him. Do you. There is a two groups here that Jesus is always dealing with the ones that don't think they need him because they're scribes and Pharisees. They're very pious and I think they got it together. And the ones on the other side of things they can come to him cause I've been too bad and probably most of us in here fit one or two categories. Not everyone. Some people recognize what Crisis done for them and are living for them. Living for him. They get called maybe self-righteous They called these names. But by many people but they're closer to see this than ever before you follow. Not no one knows whether or not your affairs here not that's that's up to God Your relationship is making sense. They needed to come to Jesus to be cleaned. Now we will go ahead now to look at eleven. And you want to turn that we were in the living let's go look seven. Sorry. Luke Chapter seven of love the story. Luke seven. Starting a verse eleven. Do you enjoy Bible study like this. Does it help your mind expand a little bit in it isn't. God's word so powerful. Luke seven verse eleven says it came to pass the day after that he went into the city called name. And many of his disciples went with him and much people. Now when he came nigh to the gate of the city behold there was a dead man carried out. The only son of his mother and she widow. In much people the city was with her. And the look. And when the Lord saw her. He had compassion on her and said we cannot. He came and touched the casket. According to the declaw he's not the Messiah. If you're standing around you're watching the sane. He could be the Messiah was that anyone a touch of the casket or a bone or a dead body or anything like that themselves become unclean has go through the purification process that rather than SR LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. No matter how impossible the situation is when it comes in contact with the holy flash. He's not the filed the undefiled becomes holy. Now if you think maybe I'm just making this up don't you. I read or write all the Spirit of Prophecy I wanted to you in just a moment. Like I shouldn't wonder when you find out that some things that she writes. Might write some people like I know that people feel uncomfortable like to object to her and and reject her in this type thing. It kills me. You guys have such a blessing in a spirit of prophecy. And when you find something like this in the Bible. And you turn into the spirit prophet she says the same thing you know you're on the right track. This is exciting stuff so. So he company touches the casket. And he said. Young man I say to you rise. And he that was dead set up and began to speak and lived in his mother now listen to this right about desire of ages. As they draw near follow this story so powerful as they draw near the funeral train is seen coming from the gates with slow sad steps it's proceeding to the place of burial. On an open casket carried in front of the body of the dead. About it are the mourners filling the air with wailing cries all the people the town seem to have gathered to show their respect for the dead. Their sympathy for the bereaved. Have you have been to a funeral of a kid. The parents are still living. You know how terrible how painful that is. I can only imagine right. You know what I'm talking about this is what's going on here not only that this woman's husband was dead. Her only earthly support was the son you can imagine her grieving. You can imagine how painful it was for a mother. It was a sight to waken simply the deceased was the only son of a of his mother. She was a widow. The lonely mourner was following to the grave her so earthly support and comfort. When the Lord saw her he had compassion on her. She moved on blindly weeping. Not noting his presence. Even knows that when you feel like Jesus is the farthest away it's because they have our eyes close and not recognize he's standing right beside us. He was standing right there with her. He came in close beside her and said gently. We've not. Jesus was about to change her grief into joy. Yet he could not forbear this expression the tender sympathy Now listen what she says next. He came in touched the casket. To him. Even contact with death could impart no defilement are you getting that. In other words he can't be defiled. He's not only flesh now there's so much here is I just don't always have time to bring it all out. But I want you to think about this with me. You are the woman with the issue. She came to Jesus. And he made her. Impossible situation. He fixed it. Would you say it's pretty impossible the issue of blood twelve years done everything could make it better. How impossible is being dead right that's even more impossible not only that this dead guy didn't come looking for Jesus Jesus come in found him and let me tell you something I think he come to find him as are at their wrecked answer to that mother's prayer. Listen I know the parents are here right now. People are listening or watching their parents let me tell you don't quit praying for them. Those kids have left the young and old who have left in years like and what can I ever reach them keep praying. Even though they're dead to the Lord right now you keep praying because Jesus is hearing that prayer. He wants to come. He wants to touch them. He was the Hill them. He wants to make them whole again. So this woman she's praying she's crying she's lost her only son and she's she's walking along. She thinks she's all by herself even all the people around but Jesus is right next to her in the Bible says the bear stood still I mean I'm sorry that it's our ages the bear stood still. The limitations of the mourner ceased. The two companies gathered about the casket hoping against hope. One was present. Could banish diseases. Vanquished demons. Was Death subject to his power in clear authoritative voice the words were spoken young man I say to you arise that voice pierces the ears of the dead. The young when opened his eyes. Jesus takes him by the hand alyssum up his gaze falls upon her who been weeping beside him and mother and son unite in a long. Clinging joyous embrace. Isn't that powerful. What God can do. One touch of Jesus in the dead is made home by the way. Just as a little side note. That's getting ready to be repeated. Millions of times over very soon. When Jesus comes. The dead are going to rise. That holy flesh is going to come. And he's going to call forth. Those that are dead. And they'll be you know. Reunited again. I can't wait till it takes place. One more story. Luke Chapter five. You want to know what's worse than death. There is something worse and death. Leprosy. See death as kind of like you're riding. And you don't know what leprosy. You're riding in you do know which would you prefer. Leprosy no one could touch a leper. Everyone had to stay away from a leper it was that it was the most unclean of uncleanliness right. Not only what could you have to go through the process of being made clean again. If you end up catching the leprosy there was nothing you can do because it was impossible situation. You know. You know that Jesus deals with impossible situations like the worse your situation is the farther you think that you've gone. You've gone to the place where you cannot return. She says no no no no I'm the holy flesh you come in contact with me. You will be made whole. Mark chapter Chapter five Luke Chapter five verse twelve says it came to pass. When I was in a certain city. Behold a man full of leprosy. Full of leprosy. Who seeing Jesus. Fell on his face and beside him saying Lord if you will. You can make me a claim and Jesus backed up about twenty steps and said just they write their body. And I'll make you clean What does the Bible say did. The Bible says that Jesus said. Put forth his hand and touched him. Now I was reading the desire of a just L Y tell those already in this moment. The disciple sought to prevent their master from touching him because he would touches a leper himself became unclean Isn't that fascinating. So Jesus is early in his ministry here. This letter comes to him and the disciples see Jesus reaching out this letter in the like you know the slow motion thing on T.V. You've seen it right. Don't act like you're too posh you haven't watched television on the you have you seen the slow motion scenes haven't you no more because it does the cycles and it will read that in a moment and it was our bridges. They were trying to keep Jesus from touching him because he would touch a leper became unclean. Isn't that powerful. So this letter comes as Lord please kill me. Wasn't expecting. Jesus' message to touch him and he wanted to be healed and immediately. The leprosy. Departed from him. Isn't that powerful. This when you come in contact with Jesus when you come in contact the holy flesh it's not six months of doing good in everything we're right. It's not it's not one year. And you're following all of our rules for a year and you'll be OK then how quickly or you might claim. Immediately. No matter how far you listen you can't get any farther than a leper. A leper is like being alive while your dead are being a dead while you're alive. Like that right. That's what leprosy is it's terrible it's rotten is the most it was the worst thing you could possibly get. No one would touch of you had to go through town saying. Unclean unclean and I would stay away from you. No one could hug you no one could touch you this guy had it. He was made up with it. But Jesus touched him. The work of Christ in clinching the leper from this terrible disease is an illustration of his work in cleansing the SO from sin. The man who came to Jesus was full of leprosy. Did you know what it was said. It's an illustration of Jesus clinching us from sin. It's deadly poison permeated his whole body. The disciples sought to prevent their master from touching him. The whole of this when you're going when you're reading this and you realize that this is exactly what we know that this is the truth give you can imagine the scene if you can imagine the scenario if you could be there and put yourself in that position you see this guy. You hate him. No you do. You may not hate him personally but you don't want anything to do with him you would never talk to him he would never get close to him because of who he is and what he's what he is he's as far gone as you can be without being dad. That's what this guy is. And the Bible says that disciples sought to prevent their master from touching him for he who touched a leper. Became a self. Unclean. But in laying his hand upon the leopard Jesus received notify him and his touching part of life giving power. The leprosy was cleansed. Thus it is with the leprosy of sin. Deep rooted deadly. Impossible to be Clinton's by human power. Yet another impossible situation isn't it. The woman situation is impossible. The dead guy's situation in Temple impossible. Leprosy. Impossible. But Jesus comes. And it's my home. Coming contact with the holy flesh. You can be follow him he makes you write this it is with the liberty of Sandy pretty deadly impossible to be claimed by human power the whole head a sick the whole heart is faint. From the soul the foot even to the head there's no sound the sound of it wounds and bruises and putrefying sores. But Jesus coming to dwell in humanity receives no pollution. His presence brings healing virtue for the center. Who ever will follow this feat. Who ever will fall is the saying in faith Lord. If you will. You can make me clean. Will hear the answer. I will be thou clean. Come on that one a man from that. Just WHO EVER well. No matter how far you've gone to matter I'm righteous you are how far you've gone if you come across. He will make you claim. Right on your way to heaven how much more good news can you give than that no matter how far you've gone you haven't gone too far. Praise God for that and you know. The Bible says. And I say a sixty four six Listen to this now. But we are all as an unclean thing. All of our righteousness. Are as filthy rags. All over what is it. The filthy rags of our not unrighteousness. Not under I just miss but righteousness. I don't work study a little bit uncomfortable so what I'm going to say now because people get all upset this point. You know what to say is right there by the way. All of our and all of our righteousness is like filthy rags. You know the term filthy rags. It's from women's minstrel rag. That's what it means literally. That's what it's terrible isn't all of your righteousness is like the woman with the issue. Are you following me. All of your goodness is like I want is you how good is that the God How good is all of your holiness all of your righteousness all of your goodness to God How good is it that you know when you're. When you when you get you know the truth they say I'm going to do this I'm going to do this I've got I've got to do everything just right so I can be ready. So Jesus can make me whole many clean. I've got to do all this good stuff. God look at you and says. You're like that filthy woman. You're like Missy Mary you're a mess you're terrible your rotten. You're awful. That's how he has to look at us. All of our righteousness is as filthy rags. We still need to come to Christ. That's why I love first John one nine again. OK think about this. I won't change it just a little bit. If we confess our sins. Just to forgive us our sands and cleanses from all righteousness. Right. They need to cleanse us from all of our righteousness. Yes he does. Now. Now. So there's a both camps he's going to Clinton from on unrighteousness. We need cleanse but so do the righteous folk. We all need to come in contact the Christ. Brothers and sisters if we get an idea that somehow because we're doing everything just right we're going to make it. Crisis come to me or you labor her living. Heavy laden and I will give you give us. You need cleanse. Maybe some I need cleansing today you know there's there's there's likely here. Right now. Two different kinds of people. Three. Right we have those that think that they're the holy were right we got together. Because of what I'm doing. And we have those. We have those that think I went too far. And I can't come back. We have those that come in contact with Christ. And they recognize what he's done for them and living the life because of what he's done for them. You know I hated in the church that we do. We label their body than the two categories. Either extremely wrong in this way or the wrong this way almost like there's nobody in the middle. There's nobody that. That's accepted Christ now there is. I hate when altar call company. There's a guilt guilt and an altar call that you thought you had come for to even though. You know you feel like that you come to Christ already. But if you don't like a stand. People ought to think yourself righteous. It's not the case today. We see from the Bible. The route the route for all of our outward doings of things we're doing is based on how do we know our relationship with Christ. Have you gone too far as you come here today thinking you know it's want to come and hang out my friends I've already gone up just gone too far there's no way I could ever be you be made right. There's no way I could ever that Christ going to forgive me you don't know what I've done like I'm planning on going out this evening. And getting drunk. I don't know where people like that who think no way not here yes here. There's people plan on going out this evening. And just doing all kinds of rotten things right. Thinking I don't want to hang out my friends a little bit then go back and do my thing. I've gone too far. Have you gone so far that the touch of Christ can make even the whole Listen once you recognize how far you've gone. How lost you are and how much you need Christ when you turn to him. The emptiness this field. You're made whole. So I want to ask. Now. First of all. I know there's some people here with that idea. If you feel like you have gone too far in the past. Now is a hard one to stand it takes. Boldness On know if you've gone too far and you feel like there's no way you could have made it you're going to make it. And you want to come to Jesus man say well if it's true I want to come to Him by faith and touch him and be made. Would you like to leave here knowing that you've been made whole because you come in contact with that Christ that Messiah. Come in contact with him knowing that he claims you stand with me if it's you. You know if you go into for raising born again. There are people that are right they. They haven't gone too far they haven't. They have they don't. They have their relationship with that walk with Christ but you know who you are here's the thing about these these calls like this like God looks down and he sees this. The Angel are taking record taking the now the other class the other class and then I put this class oftentimes. I'm not at his class. I feel like I'm doing everything right. And I've got it together. And in some sense I hate to say this way I really don't need Jesus. Right you've got have I've gotten so whole I really didn't need him now I've now you've come the rows I said I need him more now than I've ever needed before. I'm more like the scribe in the various The young when I go that far because I was doing right. That he's going to heal me. Maybe I need to stand for that one. And say Lord please make me clean. Cleanse my righteousness. A man rather as a hard one to stand for. It's hard to admit we're self righteous is an it's painful. Praise the Lord. You know the angels are taking note of this they know that listen there's nothing we're hiding from God. Nothing were hiding in the Bible says he knows even thoughts of our heart intentions of our heart there's nothing were hiding. God sees the. God sees today. Those standing. Notes are being made in heaven. Praise God for you. Marie one thing while you're standing in the middle close of prayer every soul who has had the glorious experience of divine forgiveness and conversion. Knows full well that is accomplished. Immediately suddenly in now. And that is creation for we are as workmanship creating Christ and click. And the clean heart is the result of creation. Creation in me. Creating a clean heart oh god this the beginning of the Christian experience. Being as everyone knows immediately. Suddenly. And now. Now is accepted time. Now is the day of salvation. Brother sister just beautiful because when you make this stand right now. Immediately Christ makes you whole that's what the Bible promises. Praise God for you are standing others have word prayer. Father you see each one of us. Difficult situation to stand up front of Lord to either Mitt that we feel like we've gone too far in a Pastor or is so self-righteous that we don't need you in the past. To recognize now that we need you Lord and Father for the rest of us I know there are people maybe that are sitting very much have been trusting in you and loving you their whole life The Father we also know. We know that we need that contact with you the holy flesh daily. In order to be cleaned remain clean and Father I pray that you will put upon each of our hearts. Not just this day but every day for to have that faith in you that confidence and you know it knowing they were right with you because not of what we have done not because of our of our of our good works and doing everything right the Lord knowing what you have done. And being thankful. Now Lord that sanctification process of us. Getting rid of the things in our lives that you don't want. Not because we know you. Because we're grateful and we love you because we have that desire to love you know by you. Not in order to be saved but because of what you've already done. Thank you for every one of us and everyone is going to know your thank you for the blessings of the. I pray that will take this message and not just finish this thing back in our lives been you know be something we will go on to the rest of our lives I ask this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit the W.W. audio first or.


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